20-Episode 18 For a Smile

The Sunken Pavilion is currently undergoing a complete renovation.
Estella is standing at the entrance.

She is holding a package in her hand and takes a deep breath in front of the door.

'...... Don't worry. You'll do fine.'

She murmurs, then smiles.
But if he didn't like it, he tilted his head and made a difficult face.

'......This is the same as usual. ......Good!

And then he smiles even more than before, his dazzling white teeth peeking out.

'......Something's different............, let's add some lines.'

The time is early morning. The people from Torbeck Construction Company, the contractor for the renovation work, have not yet arrived at the site.
Estella is the only one at the door.

'Hello, Yashiro!

Estella smiles at the door in the middle of nowhere.
Of course, the door of this store does not have the name 'Yashiro' on it.

'Yashiro, I've brought what you asked for!

Estella smiles at him, but he doesn't answer.
The door does not speak.

'Well, I went to a lot of trouble. I hope you appreciate it!

Estella, smiling.
Door, mute.

'......Something is different ............'

I think everything is different.

'......There's something wrong.'

You're the one who's crazy.

'Yes, I am!Let's try to imitate Jeannette.'

Then I'll have to grow some boobs first!

'Yashiro-san!Good morning!Nikko!

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm fainting from the discomfort I'm feeling.
He's crouched down, face down, shoulders shaking.
Even his ears are red.

I wonder, what does he want?
He's standing in front of this old door that's welcomed so many visitors over the years.
I'm sure this damaged wooden door, destined to be taken down soon, never thought its last job would be as a practice for Estella's smile. Good job, you too.

And that's me, Obayashi, peeking out from behind the store while Estella is in agony in front of the sunlit pavilion.

'What are you doing?

When I called out to her, Estella turned to me with an astonished expression, and when she saw me, she jumped backwards with more speed than a shrimp at full force.

'Hey, hey, why are you here, Yashiro?
'Why are you here ...... on your way back from the toilet?
'No, no, no, no, no, how long have you been watching me?
'...... Don't worry. I'm sure you'll do fine.'
'You're the first!If you're there, call out to me!

I stepped out from behind the building and walked up to Estella.

'No, what. I've been a little worried about you because you haven't been well since the day before yesterday, but I'm relieved to see that you're ............ enjoying yourself so much.'
'No, no, I'm not happy!If there was a hole, I'd get in it!

Once the hole is filled, I feel like I'm going to jump out and say, 'What are you doing? Estella vents her anger as if she's about to jump out of her skin. You're taking it out on me.

'So, what did you want to do, you hundred-faced bastard?
You're a man with no sense of decency.You're a man with no sense of decency!
'I don't want to be told by a man with no breasts.
'You don't have delicacy, do you?
'I can live without delicacy.
'I can live without breasts!...... Who's got no breasts?

He looks like he's having fun this morning.

'You're ............'.

Estella, who had been full of anger, looked a little like she was about to cry.
...... I've never seen a face like this before.

'......My boobs tell me it's not Kayday, so ......'.

Your pits aren't kaidee at all.
It's more like 'no day'.

'I was rather confident about my smile ......, but you denied it with all your might ............'
'Oh ......'.

I see.
So this guy thinks that his 'smile' was called 'not nice'.

'Ahhh, no, you know what, Estella?
'What is it?Are you still trying to humiliate me?

It's a bit of a navel gazer.

'There's a misunderstanding about that ......, or rather, that interpretation is just Ginette's own assumption, and that's not what it really means.'
'...... What do you mean?'
'I can't tell you the details!
'Huh!...... Is that right?

I'm going to use force here.
I can never tell you what it really means.

But anyway, I didn't mean to disparage your smile or deny it. Please trust me on that.'

I appeal to you with all the sincerity I can muster.
I'm sure you'll be able to understand that I've hurt you in some way,......, and I'm sure he'll still be useful in many ways. It is not advisable to make the relationship worse.
It's a good idea to clear up any misunderstandings.
Trust is important to a con artist.

'......Trusting you is like telling a fish to fly, isn't it?
'...... you'.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

'So, let me ask you this: ......'.

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you may want to take a look at the following.

'What do you think of my smile,............?

Ugh ...... Oh no ......
For a moment, I thought it was cute.

But there's no way I can say that to this guy.
If you show such weakness, you never know what he will say.

'............ no comment'.
'I'm leaving.
'Wait!Just leave that luggage!
'70,000 Rb!
'You look great, Estella!You've got a great smile!
'I've never heard you say anything so phony in my life!

No, I'm serious, I think it's lovely.

'Okay. Then play 'Judgment of the Spirits'.
'What ............?
'You can see for yourself if I'm lying about what I just said.

It's true that I think it's nice. It's just that ...... I said it at the wrong time.
So I'm 100% sure I'm not going to turn into a frog.

'Come on, do it.'

I'll hold out my arms.
You can come over anytime.

'No, ...... is fine.'

But Estella did not activate the Judgment of the Spirits.

'Well, that's not the realm of the Judgment of Spirits in the first place.

Oh, I see. You can't judge what you think or don't think with the Judgment of Spirits.
Hmm, that was a mistake.

'But ......'.

As I was regretting my poor choice, Estella let out a mutter.
I looked at her, and our eyes met as she looked at me with a softer expression than ever before.

'If you say so much, I'll believe ...... you,' she said.
'Are you sure?Fish can't fly.'
'You really are a mean one, aren't you?

Estella laughed happily.
At any rate, I'm glad you're in a better mood.

'Let's go in anyway. It's cold in the morning.'
'Yes, it is. Oh, but could you go ahead and do that?
'Just go. Here, take this. This is what I asked you to take, so go ahead and take it.'
'It's ....... Oh, the bathroom.'
'You really have no sense of decency, do you?

He opened the door and pushed me in the back.
I was thrown into the room as if I were trapped in front of it, and as soon as I turned around, the door was shut.
...... I feel like I've been locked up.

I'm not sure if I'm really that violent ............ over a toilet.

You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
I peeked out through the crack. ......


Estella was grinning as she stared at the translucent board floating in the air. ...... Wow, that's scary.
So I closed the door quietly so as not to be discovered.

The translucent board is a Conversation Record?

I don't know what I was looking at. ......

Well, I'm sure he'll come in on his own when he's done.
With that thought in mind, I picked up the luggage I had received and headed for the room on the second floor that would be my temporary living room until the renovation was finished.

I walked through the courtyard to the second floor and opened the door to the temporary living room. ......
Ginette was looking at the Conversation Record and smiling.

Ginette, you too. ......

'Huh!Yashiro Sasa Sasa!
'You bit the funny part.

It's rare for someone to bite in the second half.

'What are you doing?
'Oh, no, ...... its ............ just trying to remember something I don't want to forget... ...'

Oh, ......
I see. So the Conversation Record can be used as a memo, too.
Certainly, it's a reasonable way to use it, since once you say something, it's recorded.

'That's great, Ginette. That was a blind spot. No, you taught me a good lesson. Thanks.'
'Huh!......Yashiro-san praised me. .................. I'm so happy!

No, no, no. If you're really happy like that, it makes me seem like I'm usually a cold person.
I'll give you a compliment where I can.
It's just that there are very few things that can be praised.

'...... Magda knows.'
'Ooooh!...... You're here, Magda.'

Before I knew it, Magda was standing right behind me, snuggling up to me.
There was no sign of ...... the cat family .......

'......The manager has been reading Yashiro's words here over and over again.'
'My words?Did I say something?
'...... "What do you mean, ...... no, you're cute, but?"'
'Magda-san!How do you know everything?
'I saw .......'
'When did you see it?God!'

Jeannette covered Magda's mouth in panic.

............ Oh, I might have told you, when you asked me if I looked good in an apron dress.

It's not that I don't like it, Yashiro!It's not that I was happy to receive a rare compliment, or that I'm rarely told I'm cute by men, or anything like that, it's just that ......, I mean .......'
'It cheers me up to read ...... again.'
'Yes, but!'Yes, but please be quiet for a moment, Magda!

Jeannette is half-crying.
I don't know what's ...... making this noise.
I'm embarrassed that ............ my words can cheer you up.

I'm not sure what to do.

In the meantime, Estella comes to the temporary living room.

'Wait, wait. You need to get out of the habit of suspecting me first. The underling is Magda.'
'Magda is ......?
'...... about the fact that the manager was grinning as he read over the Conversation Record.
'Magda-san!Please don't spread it any further!

Magda's words damaged Jeannette even more. ...... At the same time, Estella also turned her face away. Her ears were red.

'Well, rather than that, why don't we discuss our plans for today?
'Yes, of course!Let's do that!Let's be constructive!

...... This response.

'Hey, Estella. You were out front just now .......'
'By the way, how did it go, what did I bring you?Is it going to be useful?

Forcible change of subject......I knew this guy......

'You've been reading up on the pornographic conversations you've been eavesdropping on, haven't you?
'...... Can you please stop looking at me like that?

In a moment, Estella's cheeks, which had been peachy and pale, instantly returned to their natural color.
Ah, so this is what it means to be rejected. She's looking at me coldly.

'Let's go with a solid strategy today. We had a disappointing result yesterday.

Ginette reassembled us and we sat down at the table in the temporary living room.

The day after we sold the Bonacon meat to the hunting guild, we visited a rice farmer.

After vegetables, fish, and meat, naturally the next step would be rice, so I headed there with great joy. ......

'We don't have any rice to sell to you. We're going to throw it away and buy it back"?Don't be ridiculous!You can't throw away the rice you've worked so hard to grow!We're on the edge of production!If you've come here to talk about such nonsense, then go home!Don't come back!

--And Homer, the rice farmer from the Camomos tribe, turned him away.
This made it difficult for us to get rice. ......
In the event that you've got a lot of money to spend, you're going to want to make sure that you've got it in your pocket. ...

You're a rice farmer, you're a rice farmer, you're a rice farmer, you're a rice farmer, you're a rice farmer. ...
Let's put him on the list of people we wouldn't mind smashing. ...... d*mn.
Anyway, I'll tie that sucker to my back next time I see him.
A real duck onion. You'll be exploited, just like a duck!

I was surprised to learn that the duck people are rice farmers.
In Japan, there is a method of duck farming where ducks are released into the rice fields to eat insects. ...... It's a different world. ...... I didn't know that ducks were doing all the work from start to finish, not just removing weeds and insects. ......
By the way, the duckling called Homer was not a green-faced mallard, but a brown-faced duck with a white pattern.

Now, what kind of duck was it that carried a leek ......

'That Yashiro-san...... face is scary, isn't it?
'No, it's just a little reminiscent irritation. If you go over the limit, you may take it out on them unfairly, but don't worry about it.
'Okay, then, please don't take ............ it out on me, okay?

Jeannette shrugged her shoulders as if frightened and distanced herself from me.

It's a shame, but it doesn't matter how hard you try, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
You need to take a different approach ......, but we can't spend all our time on rice. But we can't just spend all our time on rice. After all, we need all kinds of different ingredients in the cafeteria.

So, when the rice came up empty, the next stop was the chicken farm.
...... Yes. It was the home of Nepheli, the chicken-faced woman I had met on the morning of the first night I spent in the 42nd district.

As soon as I saw her again, I thought, 'Oh!The harasser from that time! When she pointed her finger at me, everyone looked at me coldly. ...... Ginette was the only one who said, 'It must be a misunderstanding, right? I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding.
...... Well, it's not a misunderstanding, though.

If a chicken-faced guy has eggs, you'd think he laid them, right?
That's s*xual harassment,............, and it's hard to do in this world.

And so, putting aside the past troubles, we began to negotiate for a regular supply of eggs.
Eggs are a versatile food that can be used in many dishes. We'd love to have some. And a certain number every month. A steady supply.

But despite our best efforts to negotiate, we were unable to make a difference.
We struck out.
Yesterday was a bad day.

'I didn't know chickens stopped laying eggs. ......'

Estella sighs.

There are nearly two hundred chickens in Nepheli's house at any given time, but about three quarters of them stop laying eggs after about ten months of age.
Therefore, there are not enough eggs to supply the peddler's guild, and we were refused.

'That's a problem. You'll need a lot of eggs. ......'
'...... Tamagoyaki, delicious.'

Ginette let out a troubled sigh, and Magda drooled with a blank expression on her face. 'Hey, Magda.

'I heard that chickens that don't lay eggs are immediately slaughtered and turned into meat.
'However, thanks to the hunting guild, delicious meat is now available, and you said that sales are not so good.

In fact, the meat of Hexenbiests is delicious.
In fact, the meat of Hexenbiests is delicious. It is incomparable to the meat sold in Japanese supermarkets, and it tastes like something from another dimension.
I have to admit that the other world wins in that respect.
Therefore, the meat of abandoned chickens that can no longer lay eggs cannot compete in the market.

In this city's poultry farms, eggs are what make the money.

'I guess the only way to get more eggs is to increase the number of chickens. ......'
'But that makes the chickens look disposable and ............ a bit pitiful.'

I don't think there's anything pitiful about livestock. ...... Well, maybe if it's a ginette.

'That's why I said I'd help you out.

After the negotiations, I heard about the situation, and in the heavy atmosphere of the poultry farm, I asked the troubled Nepheli ......, well, his face was completely chicken, so I didn't get much of a sense of the trouble. ...I made a suggestion.
We'll give you a hundred chickens that no longer lay eggs, and when they start laying eggs, you can sell them to us. --That's the idea.
Rather than buying eggs to be thrown away, the idea is to temporarily borrow chickens to be disposed of and have them lay eggs.
This must be another example of the "buy something to throw away" garbage collection guild.

However, there was no place for us to keep a hundred chickens, so we asked them to leave them at the poultry farm.

In other words, we paid the money and Nepheli took care of the hundred chickens for us.
We would not be able to add new chickens because the coop would remain empty, but Nepheli, who was originally against slaughtering chickens, agreed with us.
But he didn't believe that chickens that stopped laying eggs would start laying eggs again.

'But I never thought Yashiro would take the initiative to help others.
'Because half of me is made up of kindness.

Isn't that amazing? It's like a headache pill.In fact, I've got a little more than that.

'You think it's in your best interest to come forward there, don't you?You're being kind to yourself, aren't you?

....... Well, that's true, but...

Estella deciphered my mind with a confident look on her face.

'Yashiro had an idea why the chickens stopped laying eggs and was confident he could remedy the situation. He traded that knowledge for exclusive rights to the eggs.
'I'd like to see it called preferential trading rights.
'It's the same, isn't it?
'It sounds different. The word 'monopoly' sounds too s*xual.

Of course, I don't mean it sounds naughty.
I signed that contract with a purer heart.

'But if the chickens start laying eggs, Mr. Nephrite will be happy, and we will be saved, so it's a good thing.

Oh, yes, Jeannette. That's what I meant.
I knew that Ginette knew exactly what she was talking about.

'...... Yashiro loves Nephrite so much that he s*xually harasses him.

No, I have no such ulterior motives, Magda.

'............Yashiro, don't tell me you're ...... aiming for Nepheli's ...... ......'

So, why should I believe you, Jeannette?
You're a girl who knows what she's doing, right?Right?

'So, what do eggs have to do with this garbage?

Estella says, tapping the package she just brought herself.
Knowing what's inside, Estella seems to be curious about what this has to do with it.

'What is this?

Ginette and Magda stare at the package with great interest.
Well, it's not something I want to waste my time on, so I open the package and check the contents.

What came out of the package were countless shells.
There were oysters, scallops and clams mixed in with the shells.
...... exists in this world, too.

'Yashiro-san, what is this?
'Estella went out to catch fish in the sea, right?I asked her if I could get some through her connections. ...... This is a harvest beyond my imagination.'
'I have no idea why you're so happy about it.'
'Yes, I do. ...... What do shells and eggs have to do with ......?'
'The ...... shells are inedible.'

Magda says, picking up an oyster shell with her finger.
Well, you certainly can't eat the shells.

'People, you know.
'Oh, you mean this one at ......?'
'Yes. We feed it to the chickens.
'Don't abuse them.

'You'll get it stuck in your throat.'
'...... bird,teeth,no.'
'Who said I'd let you eat it whole!We're going to smash it to pieces.'

'We'll smash them to pieces with a hammer.

'But are you really going to eat the shells?
'Yes. Of course, we'll give them to Nephrite, along with whatever he has ready for us.'
'Do you have something prepared, too, Mr. Nephrite?
'Oh, yes. It's a special feed made of rice bran, fish scraps, and chopped up scraps of vegetables.

Until now, Nepheli's poultry farm had mainly fed rice.
Cooked and mashed rice was the chickens' favorite food, and they ate it well.

But there was a pitfall.

When I was in Japan, I overheard something about this: ......
When I was in Japan, I heard that chickens do not lay eggs if they are raised only on rice.
Also, warmed starch can cause inflammation in the chickens' digestive tract. Therefore, it is better to avoid cooked rice.

With that in mind, I gave Nepheli some advice.
Use rice bran and fish scraps or scrap vegetables to make food.

'Shells are a good source of calcium. And calcium is essential for the production of eggshells.

If you mix crushed shells with their food, they'll start laying eggs again someday.
I'm sure Estella has a good source of scrap vegetables that she can borrow from Mormat and his friends. ...... or Estella. If you have a partner like that you should introduce me. I want a sea fish.

'Hey, Estella. Can you introduce me to someone from the sea fishing guild?
'Hmm~ ...... I don't want you to meet him.'
'Why not?
'I hope you can guess.'
'............ your boyfriend?'
'What?You're an idiot!I don't have a boyfriend.
'So, ...... girlfriend?
'What?Isn't my suspicion of men completely confirmed?

'Then why don't you let me see her?

'I won't be so rude as to ruin your face, will I?

'...... I'll think about it if you let me trust that word.'
'Does this look to your eyes like I'm telling a lie?'
'I can see . Redo.'
'Have I ever lied to you?'

It's as if you don't trust me.
Disappointing ......

'Well, we can talk about the Sea Fishing Guild later. For now, it's eggs.

If we feed them as I say, they'll start laying eggs again in a few days.

'I hope they'll start laying eggs soon.
'Mr. Yashiro, you look very happy.'

Jeannette looks at me and smiles.
I wonder if I look happy enough to be contagious to Jeannette.
Well, it can't be helped.

'We're raising creatures, even if it's for a living. I'm sure Nepheli and the others would like to take care of them to the end if they could, instead of slaughtering them.'
'That's true. I know exactly how you feel.
'If they keep laying eggs, we won't have to turn them into meat we can't sell.
'Yes!Mr. Nefari, I'm sure you'll be pleased!

Ginette, smiling heartily.

'I have a feeling there's more to this than meets the eye. ......'

Estella, on the other hand, is looking at me with suspicion.
I guess this is where the beauty of the heart comes out.

'......Yashiro is a good person'.

Magda is a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart.
But it's dangerous to assume so, so be careful.

'...... He defied the hunting guild for Magda, despite the risk of assassination.

............ Hmm?

'......The Hunting Guild sometimes ............ cracks up at negotiators who don't work out.'
'That's scary, dude!

Are they really doing that on a daily basis?
It's not like they're real people after all!
It's a miracle that the Usses didn't think of it at that moment. ......

I don't want to be a good person, I want to value my life. ......

'Well, I'm okay with that.'

Estella is being irresponsible.
If you're just making random statements with no hard evidence, I'll keep rubbing your A cup until it turns into a G cup, okay?

'A beast with its tail between its legs can't bite its opponent.
The snake will snap at you.
'Well, if it's a creature of nature, it will. ...... If anything happens to you, the hunting guild will all turn into frogs. I'm sure they're well aware of that.''
'I hope it's .......'
'If you're so worried, you should get more allies.'
'Yes. You need to increase the number of people who will help someone with 'sincere good intentions' like this egg and become your ally. If you do that, you'll find it much easier to live in the 42nd district.

...... Are you saying I should get to know my neighbors better?
It's not like we're in the countryside somewhere. ......

'You'll be fine'.

Ginette, on Miss No grounds, says confidently.

'Yashiro-san is already well-liked by everyone.

Oh, I'd like to know the details of this 'everyone'.
I'll vouch for you in case something happens to you.

'In the meantime, the good guy, Yashiro, should be mindful of activities like this one. Don't try to deceive anyone, but help them and ask them to return the favor.
'...... What a malicious line, man.

Estella giggles hilariously.
Go ahead and say it.

'Anyway, tomorrow is Magda's hunting day. I think we should take a break from negotiating and all go with him one more time. Because there might be some disturbing movements in the hunting guild after the last results.'

For example, raiding in the woods and stealing their prey.
Magda is defenseless when she's hungry.

'So, let's spend the afternoon preparing for tomorrow and take these shells to Mr. Nephrite.

That was the end of our discussion, and we took the shells to the poultry farm.
When we arrived at the poultry farm, Nepheli was preparing the bait that I had taught him.

'Oh, Yashiro.

Nepheli, the girl with the perfect chicken face.
She didn't seem to have a good impression of me at first, but as we talked, we gradually got to know each other.

'I'm making the bait you asked me to make, but I'm not sure if it's okay.Can you take a look?
'Oh, it's no problem.

I stirred the rice bran, which was packed tightly in a large barrel.
It's freshly filled, and I can see fish scraps and scraggly vegetables.

'It's all right.

When I said yes, Nepheli patted his chest in relief.
I wonder if it's because she has pigeon breasts that her breasts look a little bigger.Oh, chickens.

It's a lot of work, isn't it?
'Isn't raising a living thing an accumulation of such difficulties?
'That's true, but I've been doing it for ...... so long that my back is sore.'
'Do you want me to rub it for you?
'No, no, no, no!Yashiro's s*x!

With that, he taps me on the shoulder with his right hand.
Her left hand is holding her pale cheek.
It's a very girlish gesture. ......, but her face is completely chicken-like, so all I can think is, 'What is this bird doing? It's a pity that the only thing I can think of is 'what is this bird doing?
Yeah, that's a shame.

'Why don't you mix some of this into the bait and feed it to him?
'Oh, is that a clam?
'Don't feed it whole, okay?Break it into pieces with a hammer.'
'No, no, no!I know what I'm doing. ...... Yashiro is a funny guy.

It's like a coming-of-age movie with a Showa-era flavor, but with a ...... chicken face. It's very surreal.

I'm still a little skeptical, to tell you the truth.

Nefari is holding a package of shells and muttering something like that.

'I don't know if it's really going to lay eggs ......, but it's not that I doubt Yashiro ............. I believe in ...... miracles, and my expectations have been betrayed at every turn.

I wonder if he was praying for the abandoned bird to lay eggs again.
But that will not make the chicken lay eggs.
They must have been sad in this way many times before. Nepheli had a very sad look in his eyes.
............ Just a chicken. ............

'You don't have to believe me, you know.
'You just have to trust them.

He points with his chin to the chickens in the coop.

'I'm sure they'll lay another egg. You just have to trust in that.
'Yashiro ............ yes. I believe.'

Nefari strokes the corner of his eye with his finger.

'Heh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to show you this face.

Does this face mean I'm a chicken?
You've been exposed for a long time, haven't you?

'I have to be strong, don't I?Otherwise, everyone won't be able to lay good eggs.

She then mimics making bumps with both arms.
If you want, why don't you give birth?

'Well, we're leaving.
'Yeah. Be careful. Oh, and thanks for the shells.

We finish our business and leave the poultry farm.
Well, just watch. You're about to be surprised.


At the poultry farm, Jeannette, who has been watching the chickens all day, walks up next to me.
She had been saying to the chickens, 'Let's do our best.

'Good luck, egg.
'It will.

I assure her, and Jeannette smiles.

But then her expression clouded just a little.

'Neffery-san is a ...... cute guy, isn't he?
'After all, do you like ...... that type of person, Yashiro-san?'
'I guess so. ......'

I crossed my arms and thought.
Now that's a nostalgic memory from Japan: ............

'When it comes to curry, I think chicken was my favorite.
'Eh......, what are you talking about?'

Isn't it about whether you like chicken or not?

The conversation didn't seem to be going anywhere, but Jeannette didn't ask any more questions, so I didn't say anything either.
So maybe there's no curry here. ...... Did I make a confusing analogy? No, it's difficult, another world.

The day ended with such trivial discoveries.

The next day, I spent the whole day hunting, and earned quite a bit of money.
The next day, he spent the day hunting and earned quite a bit of money. ...... But, well, most of this money went to pay for Magda's food. ......
I've made some projections and calculations, and it looks like Magda earns about 100,000Rb a month, and food costs about 99,000Rb. ...... Well, it's better to be positive.
If you catch a high value fish like Bonacon, you can increase your profit a lot, but it's not often that you get lucky like that.

It looks like our income is going to be completely in the hands of the sunshine pavilion.

I'll have to go to Momat and Delia's next time to ask them to increase our stock. ......

Another day ends with me thinking about this.
A few mornings later, the good news came much earlier than I had expected.