21-19. Goodwill of Cassilo

Early morning.
We were awakened by a violent banging on the door of the sunny pavilion.
It was Neffery from the poultry farm. He looked very excited and took my sleepy-eyed hand.

'I've given birth!I've laid it!I've laid an egg!
'...... Congratulations?Congratulations.'
'It's not me!If you s*xually harass me, I'll poke you!'

The chicken-faced nefari turns her cheeks and points her beak at me .

'You mean you'll give me a passionate kiss?'
'Huh!No, I'm not!No, no, no!Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I'm not sure what to do.
...... Ah, I can't moan at all. I can't get over the chicken face. ............

I'm not sure what to say.I want to show this to Jashiro!

He pulled my arm forcefully and took me out in my nightgown.
Ginette and Magda followed me, dressed only in their nightgowns and jackets.

When we arrived at the poultry farm, Nepheli's family was dancing around, mocking each other.

'...... What kind of ritual is this?If a child saw this, they'd be too traumatized to go to the bathroom at night.'
'Excuse me!To my family!

If I see chicken-faced parents dancing around, I'll more or less sense an abnormal atmosphere.
It's as if they're sacrificing themselves to black magic.

Nephrite walked past the ritual and went into the chicken coop.
Nephrite soon came out and carefully came back in front of me as if he was carrying something important.

'Look at this!I've laid such a magnificent egg!

In both of Nephrite's hands was a freshly laid egg.
It was a magnificent egg, perfectly sized and shaped. The surface was rough and looked fresh.

'All thanks to Yashiro!Now those kids ...... can live longer ............'

Tears formed in the corners of Nephrite's eyes.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it.
It's not like you're going to accidentally crush her,.............

Thank you!You're a good man, Yashiro!

I wish a girl in my class had said that to me when I was in middle school. ......

'Hey. I'd like to share this technology with other poultry farms. ...... No?

Innovative technology is valuable on its own.
I don't know if there's a patent on it, but you could claim the rights and ...... well, for example, you could create a 'chicken reclamation guild' and charge a fee for the use of the technology.
But ......

'Do what you want. If you can get a lot of eggs from it, we'd appreciate it.
'Thank you, Yasiro!I love you!

Nefari is hugging me with great emotion.
Wow, this is the kind of thing I wish a girl in my class had done to me when I was in middle school. ......

'Ah!I mean as a person, not as the opposite s*x!

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with that. ...... I'm not going to misunderstand you.
Don't look so red. You're making me nervous, like I'm being boiled.

'Anyway, I'll let everyone know right away. Anyway, I'll let everyone know right away, and the eggs laid by the abandoned chickens will be sold to the Sunshine Pavilion on a priority basis. Is that okay?
'Oh, that's good.
'I'm sure everyone will be happy.

With that, Nephrite spun around with a smile on his face.
Then he began to join in the strange dance his parents were doing. ...... So, what's the ritual, this chicken dance?

'Oh, yeah.

I'm going to warn you about one very important thing.

'As I told you before, don't give them raw rice. In my country, we were told that it would stop them from laying eggs.
'That surprises me, but if Yashiro says so, I believe him!I'll tell everyone about it.

That's a lot of trust.

'Yashiro-san, you seem to be very happy.

Jeannette puffs out her cheeks when she sees me.

Huh?Isn't Jeannette's happiness contagious?
The last time we were talking about eggs, she was smiling along with me.
Is it hard to get excited in the morning?

'...... yashiro'.
'What is it, Magda?
'...... Magda, pretty?'
'...... Why this timing?'
'............ Enough, enough.'

I don't know.
What does he want me to say? ............ I'm scared. It's like he's trying to get me to say something.
I'll try not to say anything.

So we left the creepy chicken farm with its mysterious chicken dance and returned to the sunny pavilion.
Gradually the sky begins to turn white. ...... We have to prepare for the church's donation.

It's a busy morning for us.

'Aaah!It's your sister Magda!
'Hey, sis!

When we arrived at the church, all the kids flocked to Magda.
In the past few days, Magda had become very popular among the kids.

'Do that thing again!
'...... got it.'

Magda grabbed a handful of kids and threw them up into the sky with a pop.
He then threw the kids near him high into the air one after another.
He throws them in a circular motion, catches the falling kids, and then throws them again ......, just like playing charades.
It's chilling to watch, but it's a big hit with the kids.
Magda seems to be able to do this kind of trick literally for breakfast, and she also seems to be happy to be called 'big sister' and takes the initiative to play with the kids.
I'm just relieved I don't have to deal with them. ...... It's a real pain in the ass to have to deal with those kids every morning before dinner.

'Oh dear. I've been completely robbed of my children.

Estella comes to stand next to me, shrugging her shoulders.
This is where I meet her every morning.

'Not so long ago, she was very popular with 'Estella big sister, Estella big sister'.
'Because kids that age like to play powerful games. No one can compete with Magda's power.
'That's true. So, have you made any progress?

'Yes . Because little Ginette looked so happy.'
'You always base your decisions on Jeannette, don't you?
'Of course. I'm Jeannette's best friend and fan.'
'Then I'll make some ginette goods for you to buy.
'I don't want any unofficial merchandise without your permission.
'Even scantily clad pants?
'...... You're the only one who'll be happy with that.

I've been getting a lot of reluctant looks in the morning.

'Yashiro-san, Estella-san. Good morning.

The sisters of the church, the extremely beautiful elves, Bertina.
She's as beautiful as a goddess today. ...... But she's scary when she's angry.

'Mr. Yashiro. Did something happen to you this morning?
'I'm sorry, sir?
'No. ...... Ginette is ......'

Bertina raised her eyebrows, letting out a breath with an anxious expression.

'She was dancing a strange dance in the kitchen just now, saying "mock mock mock". ......'
'...... What's that guy doing?
'That's what I wanted to ask you, but you don't seem to have any idea .......'
'No, I have an idea. ......'

It's probably the chicken dance of the Nefari parents.
What the hell is he doing?Was he that impressed with them?

'Whatever, Yashiro-san likes that kind of thing. ......?
'It's a terrible misunderstanding, no, it's an insult. I'd like to sue you for defamation.

What is it with Jeannette forcing this bird-loving character on me?

'Maybe she was influenced by the chickens she saw earlier.

I sincerely hope that the ritual didn't infect you with something bad.

Then we ate Ginette's homemade breakfast in the common room of the church.
As we ate, I told Estella about what had happened at the chicken farm this morning.

'But you did well, didn't you? I'm sure they'll be able to sell the eggs at a lower price than the peddlers' guild.
'Ha-ha-ha!You should repay the favor you received.
'Moreover, if the amount of eggs we sell to the peddler's guild doesn't decrease, the peddler's guild won't be able to argue strongly with us. I'm sure you can think of a lot of ways to screw them over.

'Call it a "strange idea that will make people smile."'
'I guess you could say that.'

Estella looked a little pleased, despite her hateful tone.

'Anyway, I'm glad for you. I'm glad to know that you do some good once in a while.

Are you my homeroom teacher or something?
You sound like an untrustworthy teacher who only says 'sir, I believed in you' after the results are in.
Don't smile so briskly next to me. By contrast, it makes me look like I'm not smiling.

Okay, I've decided. Today I'm going to ruffle my hair more than necessary for no reason and show off my freshness to the fullest.

'Mr. Yashiro. You can't mess with your hair while you're eating. ...... You can't mess with your hair while you're eating.
'...... Yes. Sorry.'

Sister Bertina rebukes me with a smile.
...... with an icy cold smile.

She's a real pain in the ass when it comes to discipline. ......

I was in the mood to do so.

'It's fun to take a walk in the morning. It's hard to do that when the cafeteria is open.

Ginette smiled broadly.
She was in a bit of a bad mood at the chicken farm, but she seems to be in a better mood now.
Magda seemed to be enjoying her morning walk, as she was walking in a daze and wobbly as usual, but she was leading the way.

We were walking aimlessly when we overheard an argument in front of a farmhouse.

'Huh?What's all the noise?Is there something wrong?
'...... What's with that deliberate line?

Estella raises her eyebrows at my natural acting.
That's why poor breasts are so ......

If something is about to happen, the hero should lead the people involved to it. 'I can't be with a murderer! It's just as obvious as the next victim being the one who leaves.

Anyway, with my clever guidance, we all headed that way.
And witness.

'Wait, wait!No way, sir!Hey!Then how are we supposed to live in ...... from now on?I'm not going to be able to do it.

In the crisp morning hours, the sorrowful voice of Homer, a duckling of a rice farmer, is heard.
Homer sits on the ground, nodding his head. As if ignoring him, he moves away from the scene, presumably a member of the peddlers' guild.
Perhaps they came to inform him of 'a decision related to the sudden abnormal situation'.

'What's going on?Let's hear what you have to say.

Ginette rushes over to Homer, looking worried.
She lends a hand to the crouching Homer and helps him to his feet.
Homer barely stands up, wobbling on his feet like a newborn fawn.
His face is that of a duck, though.

'What's wrong with you, sir?Your face is very pale.

I think it looks brown to me.

'Oh, ...... you are, I think, .......'
'I'm Ginette from the Sunlit Pavilion. I paid you a visit the other day.
'Oh, ...... I see. ...... No, I'm sorry ...... for showing you such a disgraceful place... .........'
'That's not true,......, but what's the problem?
'Ugh ............!
'Mr. Homer!

At Ginette's words, Homer covered his face and began to cry.
Ginette was frightened.
Magda is also staring at Homer.

'...... Actually, ............ just now a merchant from the peddlers guild came to ...... us and said that he could no longer buy our rice. rice can no longer be bought. ......'

What? !
--Ginette looked at him.

'Why is that?Because, until the other day, they were in short supply. ......'
'That's because ...... our rice was bought mainly to feed the birds, but ...... all the poultry farmers have said they won't buy rice anymore... .........'
'Yeah, ..................'

Jeannette's face was rapidly turning pale.
Then, with the awkward movements of a rusty puppet, she slowly turned her gaze toward me.
Magda and Estella are also staring at me.

Don't stare too much.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ............ But there are few people who eat rice. ...... ...... This will cause the rice guild to collapse ...... or be destroyed ...... no, no, no, no, no... It's ......... my downfall. ...... I'm ...... done for... .........'

Perhaps his knees had reached their limit of strength, and Homer fell to the ground again.
This time, Ginette did not help him up. I guess Ginette doesn't have the strength to do that either.

It's no use, really.

'Mr. Homer'.

I place my hand on Homer's shoulder as he crouches on the ground.
Then, with a heart of mercy, I extend a helping hand.

'There's a lot of that extra rice ...... that we, the Garbage Collection Guild, can take care of, okay?
'......E............ you......'
'Although we use the name "trash", the products we purchase from other guilds are all first-class products that are no less than a commodity. Your rice's name will not be tarnished. In fact, the rice from here could be our best brand. The world will know that Homer's rice is great after all.'
'...... will you accept my rice from ............?'

With his muddy hand on the ground, he grasped my left hand as if to hang on. He wrapped both hands around it, firmly.
I put my right hand on top of his hands and wrapped them around him.

'I told you from the beginning that I wanted your rice, didn't I?
'Ah ............ ah ............... ...I'm sorry. ...... I'm sorry for the way I treated you the other day. ...... And you, ......... .........I'm embarrassed ......'.
'Don't worry about it. Anyone would be hesitant to entrust their most precious possessions to someone they don't know. Besides, we understand that trust is not something that can be gained overnight. I don't blame you.
'...... You .................. are a good man.'

You think so?
Do you really think so?
Mmm-hmm ......

'So, would you be willing to sell us some of your rice here?'
'Ahh!Of course!The peddler's guild once told me they didn't want this rice. I'll give it to you for a reasonable price!
'That would be great. I look forward to working with you for many years to come.
'My pleasure!

Homer and I squeezed each other's hands once more, and that was the handshake of our contract.

In this way, there was a steady supply of rice to the Sunlit Pavilion.
New rice, all you can eat!

The story has a happy ending, and we are on our way back home in high spirits.

As we left Homer's farm and neared the Sunken Pavilion, Estella approached me.

'You've been after this, haven't you?

When I turned around, I saw that she was looking at me with a very grim look in her eyes.

'What are you talking about?
'So the kind advice to the poultry farm and the free offer of technology were all foreshadowing for this!

'What are you angry about?The Neferis didn't have to dispose of their beloved chickens, and their egg production went up. Homer was only sold to the Garbage Collection Guild instead of the Peddlers Guild. It was a peaceful ending that did not tarnish the name of his rice production and did not hurt his self-esteem. Is anyone being disadvantaged?
'...... Certainly, no one is being disadvantaged, but ............ you are benefiting.'
'That's because you're a good ...... day-to-day person?
'...... What will the spirit gods think of what you just said?

I'm sure he'll agree with you with all hands.
Good fortune will naturally come to those who are virtuous.

'Well, I'd like to confirm ....... ......'

Ginette raises her hand modestly and asks with a worried expression.

'This one is not ............ making anyone unhappy,......, is it?
'Of course.

I just took away the chicken's food.
Well, if anything, Homer's income has been reduced just a little bit.
But, well, he was saved from going to zero. It's a win-win.

At present, rice is mainly used as bird food, but I can remind you of how foolish that perception is.
I will show the potential and usefulness of rice and make it an indispensable commodity in this all-bloom. It will become a threat to the bread that currently dominates the market.
If the demand increases, the value will increase. If this happens, the once-depressed income can be regained in no time at all.
It is important to have a long-term perspective on everything. Therefore, you should regard the present as an incubation period to gain huge profits.
And what awaits you after enduring is a glorious future.
With that in mind, there is no room for Homer to complain.

'So, ...... is ...... a happy ......?
'No problem.'

I said firmly, and walked into the sunlit pavilion I had arrived at at that moment.
Hmm. It was a good business meeting.
Rice and eggs.
We've got what we came for.

'...... I wonder why. I don't feel like praising Yashiro honestly. ......'
'I'm curious, ............ but you did your best for everyone, didn't you, Yashiro?'
'...... for myself.'

I could hear the three girls talking behind the door, but I decided to ignore them.