22-Episode 20 Opening of a New Clothes

--Allbloom, a huge city on another world.
--In a corner of that city, there was a diner with a certain problem.


--The problem this diner faces. It's ............

It's a diner where you can't eat in peace.

--The floor creaks, the chairs rattle. The floor is creaking, the chairs are shaky, and it's pitch black even during the day.
--The owner of this restaurant said.

'That's right. It's getting old. ...... I'd be happy if it could become a comfortable place for customers.

--In response to the owner's earnest wish, a man rose to the occasion.
--The master of renovation, Umaro.

'What's the matter, Mr. Yashiro?What are you talking about all by yourself?
'In my country, when it comes to remodeling, this is the one'.
'I'm not sure, but ......'.

Umaro, the carpenter, looks puzzled.
Well, I don't know, do I? We don't even have a TV in this world.

And so, the renovation of the Sunlit Pavilion is finally complete!
Let's take a look at the whole picture!

First of all, the exterior has changed completely.
A large window was installed in the first floor of the store so that we can see the restaurant from outside. This allows sunlight to enter the store, making it much brighter. Above all, a sense of openness has been created.
Being able to see the inside of a restaurant from the outside is often a positive thing for a restaurant.
Picture it. Think of all the restaurants in town. You can usually see the inside of the restaurant through a large window.
On the other hand, don't you find it difficult to enter a restaurant where you cannot see the inside, such as a traditional coffee shop?Well, there are some stores that dare to raise the hurdle like that and value the atmosphere of the store. You can choose which one you prefer depending on the store.

'It's not every day you find a restaurant with such a sense of openness.

Ginette really liked the big windows.
Glass is expensive, after all. It's a luxury we don't even have in our room.
Even the bars on the main street are not this open.

But the openness of this place goes up another notch!

'Yes!Come on, everyone, let's see what you can do!

At my signal, Umaro began to 'store' the wall with great enthusiasm.

'What the hell?

Ginette shouted in astonishment.

He had made a doorway, which was familiar in Japan, but rare in other worlds, perhaps the first in the world of the Sunlit Pavilion.
This is the kind of thing that keeps shutters next to the windows.
However, the door bag of the Sunlit Pavilion can hold an entire wall.

The upper half of the wall is made of glass and the lower half of the wall is made of wood, and it is a kind of window.
The structure is similar to that of a full-length window on the porch of a house.
Incidentally, there is also a storm door stored in the door bag, which is used after the store is closed. Glass is a precious commodity in the other world. If it were to be broken, it would be unbearable. If the shutters are closed, the security is perfect.
And if you open up the window, it becomes an open terrace.

'It's like the store has become bigger.

The openness of the shop made it look visually like that.
Ginette walked around the restaurant, touching the neatly arranged tables one by one.
I wonder if she is imagining that she is carrying food in a crowded restaurant.
His steps are so light that he looks as if he is dancing.

Magda, on the other hand, can be seen at ......

'...... can be reached in three seconds'.

...... You're working in the wrong direction.

'The counter is now easier to use'.

The old counter was a little too high for Jeannette to use.
So we raised the floor inside the counter by five centimeters. Now, the height from the customer's side remains the same, and the ginette can use it more easily.

'The kitchen is beautiful, isn't it?

Ginette was most pleased with the kitchen.
Previously, the sink and stove had been placed along the wall, but this time, the kitchen was changed to an island type. With this change, the work space became much larger, allowing two or more people to work together.
I can at least cook, but I could not help in the previous kitchen. Not only was the work space too small, but when we were lined up side by side, we had to walk behind each other when we moved, which was very distracting.
In the future, as the store becomes more prosperous, the number of staff may be increased. We made the island type in anticipation of that.

'I'm still amazed by your ideas, Mr. Yashiro.

Umaro seemed to be satisfied with the renovation and was in a good mood the whole time.
He said that it was interesting to see designs and innovations that he had never seen before.

'Well, it's not my idea, it's what's used in my country.

I have no talent for design.
I just interjected, referring to a remodeling program, 'I want to use this dead space for storage.
I think it's the Umaros who have successfully recreated an amateur's idea.

Thanks to this, both in terms of appearance and function, the restaurant has been upgraded several notches.

'Now you'll be able to please your guests.
'When the guests come, huh?
'I'm sure they will.

With that, Ginette jumped out of the open window.
Then she turns around and looks at the roof of the store.

'It's so beautiful.

Yes, yes. There's another very important change.
I've installed something that didn't exist anywhere else in the world.

'The main restaurant of the Sunlight Pavilion!

Yes. A sign.

Every store had a metal plaque at the entrance, but no signboard - especially not a clear signboard with the store's name on it.
Ginette seemed to like this sign very much and looked up at it many times.

'But why the 'main store'?

Ginette asks, tilting her head as if to ask again.

'The main store is the main store, right?
'That may be true, but when I see 'main store', I feel like there's another 'Sunlit Pavilion' somewhere else.
'That's what they're aiming for.

When the famous drugstore opened its first store, it did what it did to gain the trust of its customers: it named the store 'Store No. 21'.
By doing so, they made it seem as if there were many stores, and made customers believe that if they had opened that many stores, they would be safe here, thus compensating for the shortcomings of the first store.

Based on such a story, I deliberately named the restaurant "Honten" this time.
It's not a copy of ......, but a reversal of thinking.
By adding "Honten" to the name of the restaurant, I not only gave the illusion that there are "branches" such as "No. 2" and "No. 3", but I also placed importance on giving the restaurant a "dignity".
It would be great if people would think that the main store, which unites all the branches, is more secure and superior to the other stores.

Incidentally, "head office" is a word that assumes that there are multiple stores, but it also refers to the meaning of "main office," so it is not a lie. In the unlikely event that this is the case, you can just say, 'The name of the store is the main store! Then, you can use it for effect.
Then, it's better to use it for effect.

'...... Yashiro, what do you think?

As I was looking around the remodeled store, Magda appeared in front of me wearing an apron dress, the uniform of the Sunlit Pavilion.
It was the same design as Ginette's, but in a different color. '......They're identical, though the structure around the chest is very different.

'...... Magda also reformed.
'No, it's not a remodeling.

It's true that the form has changed, but...

Speaking of changes.
Magda's hair has calmed down a lot.
It used to be wild and unruly, but Ginette had been running a brush through it every night since we came to live at the Sunlit Pavilion.
Thanks to her efforts, Magda's hair had become somewhat more manageable.

I also cut off some of her long hair, which was almost as tall as she was. It was too long.
I'm planning to tie my hair into a ponytail when I work at the restaurant.
Cleanliness is important in a restaurant, you know.

'Oh, Mr. Magda. I see you've put on your uniform!You look very pretty!

Magda's ears twitched as Jeannette complimented her.
And then she turned to me with a smug look on her face. ...... What is it?What are you trying to say?

'...... immediate ability'.
'No, you need to learn the basics.

It's too risky to use Magda right away.
I'll teach her the ropes of customer service first.

'Look, Magda. When you're wearing that dress, the greeting is 'Welcome home, master.

It's the basics of being a maid.

'...... Welcome home, master.'
'You're abbreviating too many things. Say them all properly.
'......Welcome home,......NasaiMase,......NasaiMase,...... '............Go home.'
'Don't send me home!Let me in!

He's gone off the deep end.
If you're in the hospitality industry and you refuse to serve customers, you're denying the entire hospitality industry.

'If it's too difficult, just say it slowly.
'...... okaeri, nasai, mase, goshujin, sama?
'It's so katakana!And don't use the question form!
'...... Welcome home, master.'
'Oh!You've done it!Great job, Magda!

When I praised him, Magda poked her head out quickly.
Cats sometimes make this gesture.
It's an invitation to be petted. Well, I'll at least pet him.

'Um, Yashiro-san, ......?

As I'm petting Magda, Ginette calls out to me with an apologetic look on her face.

'We've never had that kind of greeting at the Sunlit Pavilion. ......?'
'That's a vexing problem.'

'What?Is that so!
'Try me out and tell me.'
'Huh?Eh?Well, .................. is .......'

Ginette gave a small cough and straightened her posture.
Then, with a perfect smile on her face, she said the words of welcome with perfect manners.

'Welcome home, master.
'I like that!

I couldn't help but give him a thumbs-up and a good job.

But it's not a greeting you can use in the sunlit pavilion.
But it's worth remembering.

That's what it says.

Now, it will be a while before I can get Magda to work as a shopkeeper, but I can start the business tomorrow.
We've been going around to the guilds and securing ingredients, so it's a good time to start.

'I know I've made you wait a long time, but I'm satisfied with what I've made.
'Oh. I have no complaints about it.

Umaro holds out his right hand to me. I shake it back, and we shake hands.
Now the renovation is complete.

'Goozuya was really into it this time.

At the entrance to the cafeteria, Goozuya scratches his head in embarrassment. Next to him is a huge horse-faced Jan Bold.
Only three people could complete this much renovation on time. ...... These guys are real pros. I'm impressed.

I'm impressed. Gold or silver coins, either is fine.

Umaro smiles at me.
So I respond with a big smile on my face.

'It's not worth the money.

The atmosphere hardens.
The restaurant, which had been so lively and festive earlier, became silent.

'What about ........................?

Umaro's smile gradually falters.
By the counter, Ginette is looking at me with a troubled expression. Magda, too, is watching the proceedings with her usual vacant eyes.

'Is that ...... some kind of a joke?
'I'm not kidding. I don't have any money.

'Um, ............'.

Crunchily, Umaro scratches his head.

'Yashiro-san, you promised ......, didn't you?'
'Promised me what?'

Finally, the smile disappears from Umaro's face.

'You've got to be kidding me, right?

One of his narrow fox eyes opens and stares at me.

'You let the carpenter do all this work and now you're going to overcharge him?It's true that we caused you trouble at first.But you've already settled the matter, right?And yet, ......, is this an allegation?I'm sure you'll agree.

Umaro snapped his teeth together.

'Oh, come on, don't be annoyed.
'Then I want you to pay for the remodeling as soon as possible!
'That's why I don't have any money.
'I'm requesting to see the Conversation Record.

Umaro tries to grab me, but before he can, I call up the Conversation Record.
A translucent board appears in front of me, and the contract I made with Umaro is clearly shown in writing.

I understand. You can agree to pay for it.
Are you sure?
But there's a condition.
Really, there's a condition. ............?
Actually, I'd like you to renovate this cafeteria.
"No, no, no, but ............ you can't offer 640Rb in exchange for remodeling the restaurant. ......
"I'm not asking you to do it for 640Rb. I'll pay you exactly what you deserve for your labor. But I'd appreciate it if you'd study a little.
Yes, of course!I'll give you a discount!
So you don't have to accept the 640Rb, do you?Ginette.

This is a conversation with Ginette, so I'll skip to the next part. Scroll down the screen and stop at the conversation with Umaro.

I'm not rich either, so I'll give you the best deal I can. ...... I'll make sure you all don't have to worry about food for a month.
"A month is ...... that's three people, .................. ......Yes. I'm not sure what to do.It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything that might help you.

"Then let's call it a done deal.
"Thank you very much!

He and Umaro look over the contents of the Conversation Record.
Umaro has a suspicious look on his face.
Didn't you notice?

'I didn't say anything about paying for it, did I?
'That's a crappy theory!
'It's not a quibble, it's not a complication, it's not a lie. There should be no flaws in the contract, right?'
''If it's ...... like that, then how are you going to pay us?If the three of us don't have to worry about food for a month, we can go to ......, ............ and ....... ............'

Umaro's ending is disappearing.
He seems to have noticed.

'I'll give you guys a 'free meal pass for one month at the main restaurant of the Sunlit Pavilion!
'Huh, free pass ......?
'So, come and eat here for a month.'
'No, that's not true. ...... I've already had lunch and dinner prepared for me. ...... Does that mean you're going to maintain the status quo?
'No, not at all.'

I'll show the disgruntled Umaro the beauty of this reward.

'You can eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
'Isn't that just more breakfast ......'
'Up until now, it's been 'meals on the table' for the waitresses, but from now on, I'll offer 'products'. I'll treat you as a special customer. I'll treat you as a special customer, and if you want, I'll let you try new products as soon as they're released.
'Hmmm ......'

Even so, Oumarro didn't seem convinced.
Jan Bold and Goozja's expressions were also cloudy.

'Furthermore, since you are a customer, naturally, our signature girl will bring you your meal.
'What ......?

At this point, Umaro finally showed his reaction.
Well, it's not hard to understand.

To tell the truth, Ginette hadn't served any of the meals so far, because she had to go out or something. Ginette only cooked the food, while Umaro and the others served the rice in the pot by themselves, and the three men ate it.
It must have been a very tasteless meal.

'From now on, Ginette and Magda will make your meals more colorful.
'...... glamorously ......?'

Umaro's mind is beginning to waver.
This is a good place to start.

'......And look at ...... that uniform.'

Whispering in his ear, Umaro's gaze falls on Jeannette and Magda.

I'm sure you'll agree.In the midst of the angelic innocence and cuteness, there is a casual inclusion of "eros. ...... Honestly, I could eat three bowls of rice with that uniform alone.

I'm not sure what to do.
This guy is so immune to women that he can't even talk to Jeannette face to face.
I'm sure it's exciting enough just to watch.
I'm sure he's starting to realize how attractive that environment is.

Okay, one more push.

'After a hard day's work, you come to this store at night, filled with a sense of fulfillment and a comfortable tiredness from a good day's work.

I speak in a slow, calm voice so that he can easily imagine this scene.
Umaro closes his eyelids and lifts his chin slightly. Looking upward at an angle, Umaro is probably picturing the scene in his mind as I lead him.
I looked up and saw that Yamboldo and Gusuya had closed their eyes as well.

I beckoned quietly for Ginette and Magda to come over.
I put my index finger to my lips, signaled 'shhh', and quietly put them in position.
They are about one and a half meters in front of Umaro.

''Well. You've done a good job today,' 'I'm starving from all the hard work,' you say as you slowly open the door of the restaurant. As if to illuminate the darkness, a soft light shines from inside the store, and a good smell and gentle air welcome you tired people. And ......'.

I signaled to Ginette and Magda with a glance.
Magda seemed to understand my intentions, and nodded her head.
But Ginette looked puzzled and tilted her head.
Oh, he's such a bastard, isn't he?

Just as I was about to go explain, Magda moved.
Magda stretches and asks Jeannette a question.
Ginette looked surprised for a moment, but then nodded her head in understanding.

Come on, let's finish this.

'And this is the first thing you'll see when you open the door.

As he said this, he gave Umaro a light push on the back.
Umaro opens his eyelids in response.
Yamboldo and Gusuya open their eyes at the same time.
Ginette and Magda are standing side by side in front of them, looking slightly embarrassed and shy.
Then, they both bowed together and said these lines.

''Welcome home, master.

Okay. Fall in.

''What is it?Is this heaven?
''The fatigue of the day ...... will blow away.''
'It's not good!Ginette, your destructive power is unbelievable!

It's very popular.
This could be good!
"Sunlit Pavilion Maid Cafe Project!
You can get about 5,000 yen just by drawing a face on an omu-rice and saying, 'Be delicious!

Just when we were almost there, Umaro began to sulk.
Yeah, you're a pussy. That's when you should make a quick decision!

'Besides, I ...... can't even look at it properly anyway. ......'

I'm not sure what to make of that.
I'm not sure what to make of that.You're not a man if you shirk that!

'Why is it ...... shaking?You're not shaking enough?Should the floor be made more pliable and shake more every time Jeannette walks? ......'
'Yashiro-san, you can hear it in my voice!You can't risk the floor like that!

Ginette hid her strongest weapon (her boobs) with both hands and hid behind the counter.
d*mn it ......, just one more push. ......


Suddenly, his gaze fell on Magda.
Magda was staring at me with eyes that seemed to be trying to tell me something.
I tried my best to decipher Magda's true intentions from her empty eyes, which were hard to read her emotions. ......

'...... (leave it to me)'

--He seemed to be saying.
'Leave it to me' ......

'(I can't do it with your chest!)'

--and a look.

'...... (I'll raise them in forty seconds)'

--The reply came back.
No, don't be absurd!
So, that anime about getting ready in forty seconds isn't on here, is it?Coincidence?Or did the 'forced translation magic' play a trick on you again?

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to get the best results, you can contact us at .......

When Umaro was about to wrap up the conversation, Magda stood in front of Umaro.


'...... Come and have dinner.'
'Yes, but ...... I have a life ...... too.'
'......Have dinner with Magda and the others. ............You don't like it?


An invisible blade pierced through Umaro's heart.
Magda quickly followed suit.

'............ Magda, I'll do my best, okay?

A straightforward eye, filled with anxiety, catches Umaro.
A small head tilted back. A strand of hair falls down and sways in front of Magda's face. Her cat ears sway sadly.

'...... Ugh.'

Umaro clutched his heart and took a step back.
'This is a ............ good idea?

'But ............ we're professionals too ......'.

d*mn, you're stubborn!
Then there's the secret to corrupting the wavering consumer (or sucker, as the scammers call them): ......

'You got it now, Magda?

Everyone in the room gives me a strange look.
No one understands what I'm talking about. Of course not. It was an ad-lib.
But if you start from here, ......

'You can't do customer service, after all. Didn't you see how they reacted?'

Magda didn't answer when I spoke to her.
He just stares at me with his usual vacant eyes.

But to someone who doesn't know Magda well, her expression looks as if she's depressed because I'm blaming her.

'Okay, now take off your uniform. Go change into your regular clothes.
'Oh, sir!Yashiro-san ......!

At my strong tone, Umaro interrupted me as if he didn't expect it.

Welcome to the field .......

Do you want to take off your uniform or is it impossible......?
'Hmm?Oh, no. Magda says she wants to be like Jeannette,.......'

'I'm not lying.

'She said herself that she wanted to work in customer service. ......'

This is also not a lie.

'As you can see, this guy has trouble expressing his emotions. That's why I think it would be difficult for him to work in customer service.

Well, ...... it's not a lie.

'No matter how much he wants to work hard, we are in the customer business,.......'
'Oh, so ...... she's ...... not going to be able to serve customers, Magda?

Magda-chan. ...... Yeah, yeah. Good, good, good.

'You don't want to eat while looking at this expressionless guy, do you?
'No, not at all!

I got a bite!

'Ma, Magda-chan is, let's see ......, very cute!I get so nervous when I see women that I can't even eat. ...... But if it's Magda, I think I'll feel more relaxed or ...... be able to eat better!
But it's not worth as much as a silver coin. Then, as a customer business, ......'
'Yes, there is!Magda-chan's uniform is worth a hundred silver ...... coins, or even a hundred gold coins!You can even go to the store just to see her!

I can't believe it.

'So, how do you pay for the renovation?
'Yeah, ............, no, that's not the same thing as .............'

Oh, that's frustrating!
Be a man and say, 'It's for Magda!I don't need the money! That's why you're not popular!That's why you're unattractive!

While I was trying to figure out how to woo this backward carpenter, Magda stepped in between me and Umaro.
As if to protect Umaro, he faced me and looked up at me with vacant eyes.

'...... Yashiro. Enough.'
'...... Carpenter, you poor thing.'
'Ma...... Magda-chan......'

Magda's unexpected comment caused Umaro to let out a few words.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm about to burst into tears.

'......Please don't bully her.
'Magda is a real angel!

Umaro fell.

'Yashiro-san!I'll ask you to do the same!I want you to let Magda be a customer service representative!I'm sure Magda will become the number one waiter in the 42nd district!I'll support you!
'Then, the price for the renovation is .......'
'Yashiro's idea is fine!You're going to come here every day anyway, so we're in this together!

Good job!
That's the carpenter!A man among men!

'Then, please let me extend the ...... to 'two months' at least. I'm really sorry about that. ......'

It seems that Jeannette, who had been retreating behind the counter, sensed the mood for a discussion and came out.
......This guy is willing to ............ do himself a disservice again, but this time it's for the best.

'That's very kind of you, Jeannette!
'I'd rather have big tits too,......!

Goozja and Yang Bold's eyes began to sparkle.

'Oh, I'm all about Magda, you know!
'Thank you .......'
'He thanked me!Mwah!

Umaro seems to have developed some kind of ...... disease. I'm sorry to hear that.

But that's okay.
In the world of salesmen, there is a saying.
"Don't sell the product, sell the emotion.
People don't want things, they want the stories that come with them.
A band that was previously unknown achieved a million sales by simply saying, "Sell XX copies or break up immediately! There is an example of a band that was previously unknown and achieved a million sales by simply saying, "If you don't sell XX copies, we'll break up immediately! People like to buy such a "story behind the product".
It can be called added value.
The disappearance of mozuku vinegar from supermarkets as soon as a TV special was aired about the product's ability to help people lose weight, which was not a big seller before, is another example of the "value behind the product" being bought.
It is the same as a used straw of a beautiful woman is erotic.
But I'm not the kind of pervert who finds value in that kind of thing, so I don't understand that part. ...... But if it's a straw with a beautiful woman with big tits holding it between her cleavage, I'll pay up to 50,000!

That's the way it is with products.

And this time, it was Magda's genuine desire to do her best as a waiter that raised the value of the sunlit pavilion. It was this desire that raised the value of the restaurant in Umaro's mind.
It made him think that it was worth supporting.

Likewise, Ginette's kindness has somewhat resolved the unacceptable contract imposed on me by the "bad guy". This, too, was an added value that was etched in the minds of Goozja and Yamboldo.

There is not a single person in this room who feels that they have lost anything.

Everyone is happy.

Well, peace is wonderful.
It's worth it that I dared to be a villain, hahaha!

'Well, Umaro. So be it.'

I held out my hand, and Umaro grasped it back strongly.

'Yes, sir!

Thank goodness he's a simple man.

'I'm sorry, ......, for being so reckless.'
'What are you talking about? It's too late for that now.

And after making them accept a contract that they can't fully accept, we should behave in a stern manner. If you do this, the other party will think, 'Well, it can't be helped,' and you will be intoxicated with the satisfaction of having forgiven him.
If you add one more step here, ......

'Magda, I'm sure you're happy. I don't know if you can tell from my lack of facial expression, but I think ...... I'm grateful.'
'...... Is that right? Hahaha ......'

Umaro sank.
Umaro has been upgraded to a "customer".

In Japan, there are idols called underground idols who work on a small scale.
It is these people who support these idols.
In other words, they are motivated by the psychology of 'I have to support them! In other words, they are dedicated fans who are motivated by the psychology of 'I have to support them!
The closer they are, the stronger their feelings become, and their support turns into adoration.

A person with such a fixed audience is ...... strong.
Magda ......, you're pretty good. ............ I can smell the money.

I'm not sure what to say.Come eat with us every day starting tomorrow!
'Please come. I'll do my best to make you a delicious meal!
'...... Magda will do her best, too.

At the call of all the members of the Sunlit Pavilion, the members of the Torbeck Engineering Shop ......


They nodded vigorously.

The renovation of the Sunlit Pavilion -- ''Two months' worth of free meals for three people'' -- has been paid for!
The budget is practically zero Rb, since we'll use the money from our regular business.

And there's one more trick to this contract: ...... Well, that will come into effect soon.

For now, let's celebrate the fulfillment of the contract.

'...... Yashiro.'
'...... Magda, good luck.'
'Oh, good luck.'
'...... Many things, teach me. How to serve customers.'

Magda is a very ambitious girl.
But then again, ......

'...... What?'

'I have nothing more to teach you!
'............ hasn't taught me anything yet?'

It's okay.
Magda is Magda.
You've got a fan now, after all.
Just keep acting like you are and you'll be fine.

'Treat your customers the way only you can, the way only you can.
'.................. Yeah. Okay.

Thus, Magda became a licensed customer service agent.

And now, finally.
The main restaurant of the Sunlit Pavilion will reopen!