23-Episode 21 I don't hate the struggle to do it.

Today's weather in District 42 was unfortunate.
It had been raining heavily since last night, and all the roads in this world without asphalt were soaked in muddy water.
Perhaps it was because District 42 was a city of the poor, but the drainage was also poor.
It was hard to go to the bathroom. After all, it's outside. ...... won't overflow, will it?

I'm really tired of it.

'...... Don't catch a cold.
'Mwah!Of course I will!You can't catch a cold and give Magda the willies, you know!

No, don't come to the store if you catch a cold. You'll be a nuisance to everyone around you.

Early in the morning, the sound of rain is getting heavier.
The three idiots from Torbek's construction company were at the sunny pavilion for breakfast.
It's been a week since I've been feeding them. They have been coming here every day without missing a single person.
It's not normally business hours, but in order to serve breakfast to these guys who are based in the 40th district, I have to open the store at this hour.
It's four o'clock, four o'clock.
After we turn them away, we start prepping the donations for the church.
And normal business starts at ten.

'I'm sorry, Miss Jeannette. You didn't have to come this early for us.'
'No, sir. It's our way of repaying you for making the store so nice.

Ginette, a morning person, brings us breakfast with a smile.
It's a warm bowl of miso soup that will soothe your rain-chilled body. I'm so glad there is miso in this world. If it weren't for that, I would have developed it at will.

'.................. Hmm~, it smells good. It looks delicious.'
'It's true~ ...... Ah, it smells like Jeannette.'

Does that mean that Jeannette smells like miso?

Yamboldo and Gusuya seem to be crazy about Ginette.
It's probably more of a fan psychology than a romantic feeling, though.

'Breakfast while watching Goddesses and Angels...... is the best!

Goozuya's whimsical tone of voice from when we first met her has completely disappeared, and she now speaks in the "masumasu" style. It seems that Oumarro has been giving him a thorough makeover, starting with his attitude towards life.
Well, he was a habitual eater. I can't complain about being reprimanded.

I just think Umaro is really good at taking care of people. I wouldn't want to be bothered with that.

'...... a little sleepy in the morning.'

...... Well, it seems that he is currently suffering from a serious illness.

'Hey, you guys. Eat a little more quietly. You can't sleep.'

I complained, raising my head from where I was lying on the desk.
I'm sleepy too.

'Um, Mr. Yashiro. If you want to sleep, you can stay in your room and sleep.You too, Magda. I can do it by myself.

You're a fool, Ginette.
There's no way I'm letting a slow witted big tit like you loose in the midst of these hungry hyenas alone.
You've been eaten alive too many times in the past.
You don't know what could happen if I don't stay with you. I'd be too worried to sleep.

'...... Goozuya said. I'm sure you've heard of it. If the ...... angels disappear, they'll be sad.
'Angels don't mean Yashiro-san!I'm not sure what to say.And Ginette-san is a goddess!
'Oh, no. I'm afraid that I'm a goddess, .......'

No, Jeannette. So you're surprised, you thought I was a goddess?

It's probably because of the praise, Ginette hides her face with a tray, looking embarrassed.
............ You don't need to show that kind of gesture to someone like Goozuya.

'Goozuya. Go run three laps around the front.'
'Why would you do that?It's raining hard, out there?

So what?
I'm the one who's annoyed, so you can't blame me for giving you a hard time.

'There are goddesses, angels and demons in this diner ......'.

Goozha is being very rude. I'm the generous one who let the frog go.

I'm sure that shows how small you are as a human being.

Everyone. Here is your lunch for today. I'll wash the containers here, so please take them with you.

Ginette brings out three lunch boxes.
The Trubec construction company works in various districts. That's why they don't have time to come here for lunch. It takes several hours just to travel.
So we decided to have lunch only.

'Ginette's bento is really delicious, isn't it?
'.................. I'm looking forward to lunch.
'At first I thought it was a cold meal, but as expected from Ginette. This idea is a great one.

Apparently, the lunchbox was well received by the people at Torbeck Engineering.

'Oh, um... Yashiro is the one who invented the lunch box, and I'm just making what he told me to make. ......'

Ginette, who is not used to being praised, is immediately humble.

'......Yashiro thought of this for Magda.'

Magda says, proudly and for some reason.
Yeah. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
Umaro is delirious when Magda hands him his lunch. He doesn't seem to have any particular feelings about Magda's comment.
Oh, by the way. If you so much as lay a finger on her while she's handing it over, you're banned. My girls aren't that cheap.

Well, they seem to be happy just watching.

'Are you going to do any carpentry work on a day like this?

I ask Umaro as he receives his lunch.
I thought he might be absent during heavy rain.
If there was no work to be done, we could just let him eat here, and there was no need to make lunch.

'I'll do it, of course.

Are you going to work?

'Trubec Engineering is open 24/7, no matter what the weather is like, typhoon or blizzard!

No, take a day off during typhoons and blizzards. ...... There will be deaths.

'...... hard work'
'Mom, Mom, Magda is worried about me?I'm glad I'm a carpenter.

Cheap, your fulfillment.

'Hey, guys. If you don't mind, I'd like to talk to you about .......'

Jeannette speaks up quietly.
...... That's the face you make when you're trying to get yourself into trouble. What are you going to say?If he's about to say something strange, I'll have to stop him.

'Why don't you have bento for breakfast as well?That way, everyone will be able to sleep more soundly and won't have to struggle to get here on such a rainy day.

What a surprise. ......
He's not going to say, 'I'll deliver it every morning', is he?
I'm not kidding, it's such a pain in the ass!
Who's going to deliver it?
Ginette?The Forty-second Ward is a dangerous place before the sun comes up. Even I'm on the verge of tears. I can't let Jeannette go in there alone.
Magda, then?No, I'm not sure I'm ready for my first errand.
In the end, either I'll go ...... or if Jeannette and the others go, I'll have to accompany them because I'm worried.
No matter what happens, I'll have to deliver every morning.
No kidding. If you want to eat, all you have to do is get up early and come here. If you don't like it, don't eat it!

You're not allowed to deliver it to me.
We have to stop Jeannette at all costs.

'If you'd like, I can deliver it to you every morning at .......'
'Ginette, pants!

Ginette let out a strange scream and squatted down, holding her skirt.
What Jeannette immediately held was not the back side where I was, but the front side where Umaro and the others were. In other words, it could be taken as an indication that if she wanted to show her pants, she would choose me. That's a good idea. I'll show you next time.

'Did you see that?

Jeannette squats down and turns her reddened face toward me.

'No, I didn't see you.'
'What?Then what was that all about?
'I just wanted to say something.
'Don't be tempted to say it, it's so confusing!

Pfft!--Ginette puffed out her cheeks.
But if she hadn't done this, she would have made a terrible promise. Just in time.

'Jeannette. Come here.'

I helped the crouching Jeannette to her feet and led her behind the counter.
I go into the kitchen and nail Ginette, careful not to be heard by Umaro and the others.

Even if ...... opposes it as it is, it is obvious that this guy will say something like, 'But I'm sure you're all in trouble,......,' and burst with the power of a good person.
So, I'm going to attack with a different pitch.

'No breakfast delivery.
'Why not?I'm sure you all have a lot of work to do.

Look at that.

'I'm just trying to do you guys a favor. ......'
'If you want to help them, don't deliver anything at all.
"What do you mean?

Jeannette's eyes widen.
She doesn't seem to understand that it's in their best interest not to deliver, and she's asking me to explain.

'Look at their faces, ......'.

I sneak a peek at their faces from the kitchen as if I were looking into the seats.

Umaro is talking to Magda about something.
His expression is still relaxed. He looks like an old man with a cute niece. ...... He is so delirious that if he were in Japan, he might be reported.
...... If the disease gets any worse, we'll have to consider a restraining order against Magda.
Nevertheless, it looks like a lot of fun.
The other two are also smiling as they enjoy their hot breakfast.

'...... Looks like you're having fun.

Seeing this, Ginette smiles happily.
She gazes at the scene as if biting into her happiness.

'It's fun, actually.

I stand behind Ginette and look over her head at the audience.
Despite the fact that it was still early in the day, the dining room was bustling with activity and happiness, creating a warm atmosphere.

'Don't do anything to take it away from them.
'Take away ...... it!

Ginette, startled by my words, turned around quickly.
But she was more surprised to see me standing right behind her, and let out a cute little scream.
I was also bending forward a little, so our faces came close to each other.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't think you'd be that close to me. ......'

'No, no, no, I'm sorry, too, ......'.

I was just about to kiss you.
I should have ...... bent down a little more. ......!

'Well, ...... what was it ...... that I was trying to do,...... that's right!Is what I'm trying to do a negative thing for Umaro-san and the others?'
'Yes, it is. Certainly, it would be easier if they could have their lunch delivered. We can sleep better in the morning. But ......'

I poke my finger at the tip of Jeannette's nose.
Ginette leans a little closer and stares at my fingertip.
...... What's with the face? That's kind of funny and cute.

I'd say it's a disadvantage not to be able to see this face.

'I won't be able to see you guys.
'I might be able to see you for a moment when I hand you your lunch, but I won't be able to ...... eat while looking at you, will I?'
'Is that such a big deal ......?'
'It's a big deal.'

He really doesn't know what he's talking about, does he?

'If you want to sleep, just go to bed. It's not a big loss if you don't eat. If it's just lunch, one of us can come and get it on behalf of the others. But they go here every day, all three of them, without missing a single person. ...... Why do you think that is?
'......You're saying it's because we're ............ here?'
'That's right.'

Ginette tilted her head in disbelief, or rather, unconvinced.
This is a woman who underestimates herself to no end.
Let me give you a simple example.

'If I say, "Jeannette must be tired from getting up early every morning. If I said, 'I'll take care of the donations to the church, so you can sleep in,' do you think you'd be happy to sleep in?
'No, I don't!I'm happy to eat with the sisters and everyone at .............'
That's what I'm talking about.

It's not uncommon to learn more about someone by thinking about them in terms of yourself.
Even if the situation is not exactly the same, there are things that can be seen if the emotions are even slightly linked.

'Umaro will definitely come to see Magda even if you tell him not to. The same goes for Goozja and Yamboldo. They will come to see you.

Sleeping only gives you a very small personal satisfaction. If you keep getting it, you won't get even that little satisfaction, that's all.
After all, "sleep" is the first thing to be cut off when we are absorbed in something. That's all it is.
There are many more important things in the world.
Even if it is something like "going to see a beautiful girl with big tits every morning".

Well, since that's the case, don't even think about the hassle of delivery for them. In a way, this is helping people, right?

'But, but ......'.

I thought this was the solution ...... to this story, but Jeannette still seemed unconvinced.

'I understand why you want to see Magda-san. I also feel energized when I see Magda, and her outfit looks really good and cute,......, but I don't care if I see her,.......'

This guy is serious?
How low do you think you can go?
You might think that everyone on the street is looking at you with avoidance.

Look, people don't hate you that much just because you live a normal life.
It's usually just paranoia or overly negative thinking.
If you are one of those people who think that people will feel bad if they talk to you, I would like you to make sure that you greet people every morning. Even if they ignore you or give you a bad look, don't be discouraged, just keep saying 'good morning' every morning.
You will notice that the way they look at you will change.
Before you know it, they have lost their bad feelings toward you.

The reason why there are no more people who fall for psychic sales or dubious religious solicitations is that people have a habit of looking favorably on those who try to get involved with them. It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for in a person. ...... Well, that's when they take advantage of you.

This is true even for people who have a negative start and are shady.
If you are a beautiful, harmless girl like Jeannette with big breasts, it is no exaggeration to say that there is no reason for people to dislike you.

However, no matter how much you tell such "I'm not like that" thinking people, they won't believe you.
What is effective against this type of person is the 'I am' argument.
If you talk to them in a tone that they can't deny, such as 'no matter what you think, I think this way' or 'I would do this way', you can make them understand that 'that's the way it is' for the time being.

Therefore, in such a case, it is effective to say.

'If I were you, I'd come to see you even if I had to lose sleep.
'I'm sure you'll want to have dinner with me.

In response to this, I can't say, 'Yashiro-san would never think that! I can't say that.
If you force him to affirm it, the stubborn 'I don't care' will fall down surprisingly easily.

'Do you feel ...... happy when you see ...... me, Yashiro-san?
'Of course.'

A quick answer to an anxious question will do.
This is because it has the effect of letting them know that what you're worried about is not a big deal.
If you want to add more, go to ......

'I'm not good at mornings, but I wake up early every morning because I want to see you.

'--and that's not an exaggeration.

It's good to say something as over the top as this.
If you take it seriously, you will be able to have confidence in yourself, and even if people take it as a joke, you can just laugh and say, 'You're overreacting.

'So, then, ...... that ............!

So ......

'Yashiro-san. From now on, no matter how sleepy you are, please try your best to wake up!And please come out to the store with me!

Jeannette is so desperate to ......

'I also ...... feel very happy when I am with Yashiro-san!

I never thought I'd say that.

'A ...... ahh ............ that ......, then!

In addition, I never imagined that he would turn red and run out of the kitchen as soon as he finished.


I never imagined that I myself would feel so embarrassed at being told such a thing.

'Well, well, well, ...... now the lunchbox delivery has been cancelled, so ............ it's all good, isn't it?

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

...... d*mn.
You're too pure.
It's a bit sobering to my worn out, dirty mind.

I'll be careful.

A helpless scammer who has cheated people and hurt and tormented many people for money is ......
There's no way that you can be calm and happy ...... after all this time.

The world is too different for me and Jeannette to see.

It's just that ......

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with your work. ...d*mn. ......'

It's okay to enjoy this kind of bewilderment.

One day, when Umaro came to the sunny pavilion, he told me this story.
The following is the story.

It seems that the three idiots from Torbeck Construction Company, who had started bringing their own lunch boxes, were eating together at the site.
...... Are they good friends?

Then, gradually, more and more people began to show interest in their lunch boxes.

'What are you eating?
'That looks good.
'Give me a bite.

Such comments from carpenters at other work sites and fellow workers at Torbek's construction store began to attract the attention of the Umaros.
Originally, there was no such thing as a bento culture in this town.
It was common to go to a local restaurant or go home for lunch, and the Oumaros who stayed at the site and ate their lunches outside must have stood out.

In addition, when the work was over, the people at the site seemed to be particularly interested in the wu-maro who started preparing to go home quickly and excitedly.

'You guys rush home every day, where are you going?
'You guys seem to be having fun every day.
'You're hiding something from us, aren't you?

I'm often pressed.
But in their greed to monopolize the goddesses and angels, Umaro and the others stubbornly continued to hide the truth.

That was a bad idea. --And, Umaro said.
If you ask me, it was just as I had planned--just as I had hoped.

After work, Umaro and the others were secretly followed by those on the scene, and finally their tails were grabbed.

In other words--

'Whoa!What a beautiful girl with big tits!
The food is good too!
'Magda, you're a real angel!
'You didn't know there was a restaurant like this in the 42nd district, did you?
'I'll go there every day!I've already decided!

Newcomers were pouring into the Sunlit Pavilion.

'Ugh ......, it was just a place for us to relax... ......'

Umaro said with tears in his eyes.
No, no, sooner or later this would have happened.
After all, this was the purpose of getting you to come here every day.

When people see a happy-looking person rushing out, they become curious about where he or she is going.
Especially if it's every day. Moreover, if they keep it a secret, it's as if they're asking you to reveal it.

I promised them a month's worth of food in exchange for the renovation, and used them as 'free advertising' for that period. Thanks to Jeannette's kindness, the free meal period was extended to two months, and as a result, the free advertising continued for two months.
Moreover, if Umaro brought his friends to this place, a huge procession of carpenters would cross the forty, forty-one, and forty-two wards.
The residents would be intrigued by what they saw.
And some of them will follow it and end up here.

This is the real reason why I paid for the free meal pass.
It was a strategy to attract people to the hopelessly poor location of the Sunken Pavilion!

The most effective way to advertise a restaurant is by word of mouth.
If someone frequents a restaurant, they will want to go there too.
Then they get to know the restaurant and become regulars.

Once that happens, the customers rarely leave.

'Mr. Yashiro!That's great!It's been years since we've had more than half of the ...... seats filled!

Ginette, for example, was in tears of joy.
I guess you could say that the publicity was effective.

But we still have a long way to go.
We can't get carried away by a transient prosperity. From now on, we must focus on retaining customers and continuing to attract new customers.

But, well, ......

'Yashiro-san. I'm very happy right now!

I think it's okay to be happy for now.
Ginette is also looking so happy.

Seeing her face, I'm ...... having fun, too.

Ten days after the reopening.