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'Handsome con man, Obayashi knows ......'

Dabada~ da~ba~ dabada~ dabada~ dabada~♪

In other worlds, modern technology comes in handy, and ......

Japanese food sells!

Or, more accurately, the food that Japanese people are familiar with.

And it doesn't have to be something ostentatious.
As long as it's what's called 'unusual', customers will bite like crazy.
Curry, hamburger steak, spaghetti napolitana, and so on.
However, there is no need to be so particular. The important thing is how to catch their attention.

So, here's what I'd like to recommend!

Tete, tete, tete!"Rabbit apples"!

Easy to make and cute too!
It's easy to make, and it's cute too! Just put it next to your lunch plate, and women and children will be crying out for it.
No matter where you are in the world, cute things sell!

And so, after I finished my donation to the church and returned to the sunny pavilion, I was hard at work making rabbit apples in my room. I left the preparation of the lunch to Ginette. I'm sure Estella and Magda are helping too.
I brought two large apples and made them into rabbit shapes. One apple makes eight rabbits, for a total of sixteen rabbits on the plate.
I think it's perfect. Super cute. In the style of a high school girl, 'Isn't this really dangerous?
Even I, a person of 16 years of age physically and 36 years of age spiritually, can't help but fall in love with this cutie.
This will sell well at ......!

If you make a ladies' plate and add a little rabbit apple, you can easily catch fashionable girls. It'll be a big hit.
And it's so easy to make that anyone can do it once they learn how. In no time at all, it would create a huge movement in the 42nd district, and the fame of the head temple of the movement, YODAMARI-TEI, would soar. The number of customers increased and profits skyrocketed.
The rabbit will save the diner!

Just as I was about to stand up to unveil the new restaurant, there was a well-timed knock at the door.

'Mr. Yashiro, your lunch is ready.
'Come on, why don't you help a little?It was your idea, wasn't it?'
'...... Magda, I helped.'

The three girls came pouring into my room.

Hey, hey, hey, you can't just walk in here. This is a private area.

'So, what were you doing?

'You weren't playing, were you? Estella's eyes stare at me.
Of course not.
I was creating a savior to save this diner.
If I get a patent on this, I'll be a rich man, right?

Look at this!Look at my masterpiece!
'...... Oh.'
'This is .......'

Ginette smiles, Magda exclaims in admiration, and Estella observes with the keen gaze of a connoisseur as she sees the rabbit apples lined up in a row.

'I cut the apple into the shape of a rabbit.'
'That's great!It's very cute, Yashiro!
'...... cute.'

Hmm, the response was positive. I was right on target.

'So, what are you going to do with these apples?
'Don't you think it would be a hit with the ladies if you served it with your lunch plate?'
'I think so!I'm sure they'll be delighted with how pretty they are!
'...... I want to take it home with me.'

Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. Don't you think so?

'At ....... So, what are you going to do?'

Only one person, Estella, looked unconvinced.
It's not that she's unhappy, it's just that she doesn't seem to like it. ...... What, you don't like apples?

I'm not sure what to do, but I usually eat them.

As soon as he said he was going to eat it, the air in the place that had been so lively froze.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.

I'm not sure what you're talking about.
It's an apple.
You're going to eat it.

'Eat ............?This?

'Oh, oh. Huh?You eat apples, right?

You don't eat apples in this town?They don't say 'because it's red' like salmon, do they?
The rabbit picks up an apple to try one for now.


Ginette and Magda let out their voices in unison.
''...... What's the matter, I was just trying to eat an apple.

''Ah, um, Yashiro-san ......, that rabbit ......, are you really, really going to eat it?''
'What?It's an apple.Don't they eat them in this town?'
'No, we eat apples. They are very tasty. But ......'

Ginette said with a serious face and a funny word.

'That rabbit is very cute, isn't he?

I want to say ...... so what.
I don't know. You're getting too emotionally involved. An apple shaped like a rabbit. ......

I ignored Ginette and Magda and bit into the rabbit apple. ............ No, I tried to bite into it, but I couldn't.

'............ What are you doing?'

Estella's knife was at my throat.

'That's my line,' she said.
'No, that's our line.'
'No, that's our line.'
'No, it's our line.
'It's this one!
'This way!
'Oh, hey, you two!Why don't you try saying 'se-nando'?'


'I'll go! Se-no!
''What are you doing?
''Yes. Well done.''
''No, what is this?What's the point?

It was a complete waste of time.

'I mean, what's the matter, Estella?Do you want to eat too?'
'There's no way I can do that, is there?

She closed her eyelids tightly, turned her face away and said as if to spit out.

'I love pretty things!

...... What are you talking about?

'No, it's a ...... apple.Look at it.
'No, don't let it near me!You'll be moved!
'I understand, Estella!

No, you're overreacting. And don't you get it, Jeannette.

'If you say you're going to eat that rabbit, ...... Yashiro, I'll kill you and die too!
It's heavy!

What, is this apple your child?

'Look closely!It's just an apple!Here, take it!Look at it!And eat it!
'Stop it!If you pet it, you'll never let it go!But I know what I'm talking about!An apple can be ...... good the next day, or discolored and ............ rotten a few hours later... ...!

No, 'What? It's an apple!

'If I wanted to be that sad, I wouldn't have ...... gotten used to each other in the first place!
'So, you're overreacting!

Oh, man.
It looks like the rabbit apple was a mistake. It's not good for business to be overreacted to like this.
I put my fingers on the rabbit apple to tear off the ears that make it a rabbit.
Magda gently squeezes my hand.

'...... Don't be cruel to the creature.
'You're the one who danced and ate a raging bull!

You're the only one who can say that!

'...... Rabbits are cuter than cows.
'You're being very harsh with that statement.

It's the cow I feel sorry for.

'What's with the ...... I thought I could use it to attract customers to the sunlit pavilion. ......'

This is a disaster. A huge failure.

'Oh, that ......!

Ginette calls out to me as I'm feeling rather seriously depressed.

'I'm really glad that you worked so hard on this, Yashiro-san. And it's not that this is a bad idea in itself. ...... In fact, I think it's a very nice idea. If we do this, I'm sure the customers will love it.
'But you're not going to eat it, are you?
'That's .......'
'Apples are food. You can't make food inedible. Isn't it common knowledge in this city that it's not good to play with food?'
'Sure, ...... but ............'.

You're trying to cheer me up somehow, but without results, it's meaningless. And if it doesn't make sense, I'm not satisfied with it myself.
So that's enough.
I'll enjoy this apple later. Where they're not.

'Don't worry, I'll take responsibility for disposing of this. I'll never make ...... again.'
'Oh, sir!

I was about to take down the plate with the apples when Jeannette stopped me.
She looked determined, but with a look of anxiety on her face.

'I'll eat my ...... me ............!

Then he clenched both fists and said in a strained voice.

'I don't want to quit ...... without even considering the idea that Yashiro-san has thought of for so long!So I'm going to eat!

So I'm going to eat it!' He said, taking an apple from his plate.


The rabbit stares at the apple and chokes on it.
It's probably not because he's feeling 'delicious', but because he's extremely nervous.

'At ............, then, ............... ...Gosh,...... ouch,...... ouch,............ I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry if this hurts,......, but I'll take it!
I'm sorry.Don't push it!

Finally, Jeannette began to shed tears.
It's not worth the effort to eat it.

I took away the rabbit's apple and patted Ginette on the head for trying so hard.

'You did a great job, ......'.

I'm not sure if this is the scene where you say.

'......I'm sorry............ I just couldn't eat it......'

'Well, I can't help it.

I mean, rabbits are usually eaten, right?
It's the rudimentary prey of hunting.

So, why are Estella and Magda applauding Jeannette?
Nice fight?I'm jealous.

I've spent a lot of time and energy on unnecessary things.
I thought rabbit apples were a staple for lunches, but they're dead. I think I need to gather information on the hobbies and beliefs of the people of this town, what they are attracted to and what they avoid.

I'm faced with a new challenge, but I'll get to it later.
For now, we hunt.

And so we came to the gate of District 41 with a large amount of lunch boxes in our hands.
There are no gates in District 42, and the nearest one is the gate in District 41.
Installing a gate would have the advantage of collecting the entrance tax, but it would cost more money, time, and effort to guard and maintain the gate.
In addition, gates in unattractive places such as the Forty-Two districts do not attract much traffic, and thus cannot be expected to generate income.
Outside of the 42nd district is a forest, which is another factor that reduces the amount of traffic. Few people travel on foot, and most of them use carriages to go in and out of the city. If this is the case, well-developed roads are necessary. It is nonsense to drive a cart through the forest.
After struggling through the forest, you finally enter the 42nd district.
I'd probably lose my temper and tear the gatekeeper to pieces.

That's why District 42 is one of the few districts without gates, even though it is located in the periphery of All Bloom. It is said that there are other wards without gates, but they must have their own problems or reasons.

The gates of the 41st arrondissement can be found at ....... Well, the 41st arrondissement is not a very big city either. It's a little better than the 42nd district.
A large wooden gate over 20 meters high is surrounded by a sturdy stone gate. It's okay to go to ......, but it's a bit too old. A few dozen people could tear it down if they wanted to.
Will this gate be able to protect us from animals?Wouldn't it be open to burglars?

The gatekeepers are probably the vigilantes of the 41st district. The dozens of soldiers are all wearing the same type of armor. A flag with a lion's emblem is fluttering beside the gate.

'I don't understand why the permit of District 42 is effective when passing through the gate of District 41?
'Well, that's just the nature of our relationship. If something happens, we'll be flexible, so you'll have to tolerate it.

Estella took this for me, my initiation permit. Rather than a permission to enter, it's more like a temporary resident card for the 42nd district. It serves as my identity card.

Incidentally, it is said that it does not cost any money to go out of the city.

Bringing things out of the city is also tax-free.
It is only when you enter the city that you are charged money, and you are also taxed for bringing things in.
If you take a lunch box out of the city and bring it back without finishing it, you will be taxed, as in this case. ...... What the heck. It's safe to say that the container is not subject to taxation.
Most of the food they take out is bread and dried meat, which they sell. If we don't tax them, people can claim that they are leftovers and bring bread and dried meat into the city without taxation. If this happens, bakers and butchers in the city will suffer losses. This is a measure to prevent that from happening.
...... I mean, you can't sell lunchboxes for food, can you? Well, if you start saying that, the line between the two will become blurred, and things will get messy.

The entrance procedure was surprisingly simple, and we were able to leave immediately.
It may seem like a lot of trouble to get in, but getting out is easy.

'It costs 1,200Rb for the three of us to get in.

That's what the vigilante said to me as we left the gate.
Magda is not counted as a member of the hunting guild because she has a membership card.
The peddlers' guild, the hunters' guild, and the sea fishermen's guild all pay a yearly introductory tax to the guild because their work requires them to go outside the walls frequently.
Therefore, as long as you don't have anything that would be subject to the tax, you won't be charged on a per visit basis.
However, if you are not a member of one of those guilds, you will be charged every time you enter.

'If you don't have 1200Rb, you shouldn't leave. You won't be able to leave.'
'Don't worry. I've got everything ready for you.

Estella replies a little unhappily.
I thought this old soldier was a nice guy, but he was just being ...... sarcastic, 'How many people in District 42 have 1200Rb? He was just being sarcastic.

'Well. Well, I'd better get going. It's a waste of time to be selling oil in a place like this.

Estella led the way with a tone of voice that could not hide her annoyance.

Hmm ......
After about two steps, I stopped and looked back at the gate. I saw the old soldier yawning like he was bored.

'Yashiro-san, what's wrong?

As if he noticed that I had stopped, Jeannette rushed over to me and asked me a question.
As if to follow Ginette, Magda, who still has a blank expression, and Estella, who still has an angry expression, also turned back to me.

'I thought I could get through for 500Rb.

When I told her that in an aloof tone, Estella's eyes instantly fixed on me.

'Don't tell me you're going to make counterfeit coins to make up for the shortage.

Hey, don't overpay for me.
You can't make counterfeit coins here without any preparation.


'Then what do you think you'll do?'
'What do you think I'll do?

Ginette's eyes were too innocent and vulnerable, and I dared to ask her a question in return. I had a pretty good idea of what she would say, but I wondered how she would answer.

'Hmmm ......, I guess so ......'.

After a moment's pondering, Ginette's expression suddenly brightened. After a moment of consideration, her face suddenly lit up.

'All right!I'm going to help the vigilantes and earn what I need!

Boom!...... is the face.

I'm sorry you're so confident, but you don't understand a thing.
It's not like you're going to get through with 500Rb, and it would be cheaper to pay the regular price than to put in the effort to do so.

'So you're selling me something of value?

When Ginette's comment was dismissed lightly with just a look, Estella now came up with her own answer.

''So, that would be a violation of the condition '500Rb is enough', right?

If you make up the shortfall with something else, it's the same as cutting yourself in the end, and that makes no sense.
...... No, wait. If you can make up for it with something else, it's no good.

'Estella, that's a good point. Okay, Jeannette. Give me the see-through pants you're wearing right now.

Ginette's face instantly turned bright red as she let out a strange voice.

'How can you tell?Yashiro-san, did you see it?
'No, I'm just guessing, but are you wearing those right now?

It's the one that left the biggest impression on me when I saw it hanging out in the courtyard.
I couldn't help but glance at Jeannette's waist.
And then, Jeannette put her hands to cover her waist and stepped back to distance herself from me.

It's not every day that you get to go outside the walls,......, so you're suddenly fired up.Please repent, please repent!

I see. So Ginette is the kind of person who wears pants to win.

'But you see, Jeannette. You're dealing with that old man. If it's those see-through pants you've taken off, not to mention the introductory tax for three people, you could double that amount .............'

I suddenly felt a cold sensation on my neck as I tried to persuade him.
I unconsciously sensed my own danger, I stopped speaking and turned my gaze towards it.
A knife with a blade of 20 centimeters was thrust at my neck. And Estella, holding the handle of the knife, asks me slowly with a look of madness in her eyes.

'Would you rather do penance right now or be beheaded right now?I'll give you three seconds.'
'I'm sorry, sir!

As quick as a reflex, I said my apologies.
I'm scared, scared, scared!You're too scary to be serious!

'You're right. Don't joke around too much or you'll get hurt.

That's what I want to say to you as you put the knife away in your pocket.
Even if you're joking, don't pull a knife on someone. Especially if you're serious.

No matter how many lives you have, you'll never have enough like this. ......

Suddenly, my cuff was tugged a little.
I looked and saw Magda, who had grabbed the sleeve of my clothes in a reserved manner, staring at my face as if peeping at me from right below.

'Hmm?What is it?
'...... Magda's pants...... you there?'

Both Estella and Jeannette shouted accusingly.
I haven't said anything yet!

'Sorry, Magda. In my country, you can be arrested for possessing anything belonging to a girl.

The way she tilted her head was adorable, despite her expressionless face. But it's clear that there's no point in explaining further, so we'll leave Magda alone for now.

...... Oh, wait, wait.
I'll ask Magda about it too. I'm curious to see what kind of wisdom this guy can squeeze out of him.
Sometimes, the ideas of a dullard like him can break through a difficult situation with a sharp edge.
If his ideas are useful, I'll make good use of them in the future.

'Magda. What would you do?How do you get through the gate for 500Rb?

Magda folded her arms and pondered.
Then he looked up and gave me his answer in a voice with no inflection.

'............ I'll do my best.'
'Yeah, okay. I'm sorry.

I was a fool to expect anything from him.

I'm going through a period of intense reflection that I haven't had in years.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of me. ...... I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of me. ......

I'm going to demonstrate it to you right now, so just sit there and watch.

I left the three of them there and walked over to the soldier's man.

The old man was still looking bored as ever.
The other soldiers were not so different, but the old man seemed to be particularly absent-minded.
He seems to be the oldest among them, and perhaps that is why no one is blaming him for it. That's why he can behave in such a rude manner.
If I were to target him, that old man would definitely be the most appropriate.

'What, did you forget something?I'm sorry, but once you're outside, for whatever reason, you'll have to pay an entry tax when you enter.

I let the old man's comment pass for the moment, smiling wickedly while feigning kindness, and then I broach the subject.

'Actually, I have a question for you.

With that, I move my index finger a little, signaling him to lend me his ear.
The old man did not show any sign of wondering, and put his ear close to mine.

I'm going to plant the seeds of depravity in him.

'I'm talking about ----.'

When I briefly told him the gist of the story, he didn't change his expression, but I could see that the color of his eyes had clearly changed.

'How about it?500Rb for the three of us. Can you let me through?'
'Well, well, in that case, ......'
'Wait a minute!

Just as the old man was about to nod, Estella shouted to interrupt him.
I looked and saw that the three of them, including Jeannette and Magda, were standing behind me.

'What were you talking about just now?
'Hmm?So, I was asking if you could let me through here for 500Rb. ......'
'That's why I'm asking about it.'

Estella puts her hands on her pockets.
All right, all right. I'll tell you everything. Don't stare at me like that. And don't take that knife out.

'Not at all. I'm just asking if I can wrap up 500Rb and sneak you through. It's only three of us, we'll just pretend we didn't get in, right?

All we have to do is blink a little slower as we pass through the gate.
And pretend that you've written it in the ledger, and no one will notice.
That's all it takes for this guy to get 500Rb in addition to his salary.
We get off cheap and he gets extra income.
This is what a win-win relationship is all about.

'You shouldn't take this so seriously, soldier. Introductions to the wrongdoers are punishable by execution with no reduction. The person who helped you is just as guilty.
'I know, I know!

Estella pointed out, and the old soldier was visibly upset.
Oh, this is no good. He doesn't know how to lie.
If he takes a bribe, he'll either brag about it and dig a grave, or he'll end up being questioned by a suspicious superior.

'Oh, really. You really do come up with a lot of nonsense, don't you?
'It's just that there is such a way.
'I guess I'll have to keep an eye on you.

Estella glares at me sharply.
I was just using a metaphor. ...... Well, it's a method I wouldn't hesitate to choose if I had to.

But this has planted the seeds of depravity in the soldier's mind.
When a person learns that such a method exists, even if he knows that it is wrong, he will suddenly become obsessed with the sweet fantasy of '...... if I do it.
The rest is up to the mind of the man.
If his mind is weak, he will be involved in the evil. If he is strong, he won't. That's all.
It's none of my business if this old man gets involved in evil and becomes corrupt.

Well, it's just a little revenge.
If you look down on others too much, you'll miss the fact that you're the one who's starting to fall.

We passed through the gate, dropping such sparks.
There was a whole plain.
I guess there are few horse-drawn carriages here. The road is not as well maintained as a street, and there are few ruts.

'...... This gate is mainly used by the members of the hunting guild.'

Magda explained to me simply.
There are men here and there dressed like that, if you ask me.

'...... Most of them work in parties of about five.'

So said Magda, carrying the Masakari, and began to walk.
He walks in front of us and we follow him.
After walking for a while, Magda said to ......

'...... It's been a long time since I've walked with someone like this.

He muttered these words.

This guy has been out hunting alone so far?
But if it's been a while, it's probably not the first time.
Considering his age, he was probably referring to the time when he accompanied his parents.

Magda's ears twitched as she walked in front of us.
It's as if he's listening to the sound of our footsteps behind him.

'...... I'll do my best today.

The intonationless words, muttered to no one in particular, sounded somehow joyful.

However, ............ you'll get eaten for your hard work.
Moderation is best.

After a short walk, simple tents began to appear here and there.
I wondered if they were securing a place to base themselves as the forest grew closer.

'I see. They can't go any further because they have to cook their meals.

Estella reasoned.
Considering the travel time, the cooking time, and the time to turn back, it would be most efficient to set up the tent around here.
Unless we stay overnight, we can't travel that far.

'So, shall we pitch our tents around here, too?

That's what Ginette said. But ......

'No, we'll go further.
'Yes, we are. We don't need to cook thanks to our lunches. Besides, if we go where no one goes, there will be plenty of prey.

Estella is right.
You can't succeed if you do the same things as others.
We must take the initiative to do what others will not.

When the hunters noticed that we were heading ahead without setting up our tent, they pointed at us and laughed.
They say things like 'greedy people miss their prey in the end' and 'reckless idiots' and whatever else they want.

Ginette takes these words seriously and shows a worried expression.
But ignore those words, ignore them. Only those who say such things dig their own graves by easily imitating others after they have succeeded.
If you believe that you are doing the right thing, you should ignore the voices of the outside world.
But only if you can accept the premise that you can't blame anyone for your failure.

'...... In the forest, there are beasts that sell for a high price.
'So let's target that one today.

We're not looking for a steady income, we're looking for a big one.
After all, there's the invincible Tigers over here.
They are a little difficult to deal with, but if you can master them, they will become your strongest earner.
It would be foolish to shun them for being difficult to use.
In the case of fighting games, the strongest players are those who are difficult to control. It is difficult to master, but once you have it under your control, you will become a force to be reckoned with.
However, those who don't put enough effort into it become half-hearted.
Half-heartedness is the worst. If you are going to do something, do it all the way. That is the basis for making money.

That's why we're going into the forest without hesitation.

We proceeded through a deep forest.
It is said that this forest extends to the forty-second district.
Can't we just climb through the ...... trees and get past the outer wall of the city?

'Illegal entry is punishable by death.
'...... I know,' he said.

How did you know what I was thinking, Estella? You're kind of scary, you know that?

'What you're thinking is showing on your face. You're easy to understand, aren't you?

That's not true. I'm a genius con artist.
I'm a genius swindler.

'...... Shh!

Suddenly, Magda's feet stopped.
He lowers his posture and puts his index finger up to his mouth.

'.................. I'm close.'

Magda's cat ears twitch.
Well, tiger ears, to be exact.

We all stifle a gasp, and the forest falls silent.

We all stare in the same direction, following Magda's gaze.
Protected by Magda's back, we focus our attention on the depths of the forest where Magda is staring.

The silence is deafening.
It's hard to breathe. The air feels thin.
And sweat is pouring out of my body.
...... hot.
It's as if I'm being burned by a flame.
This is the tension of the hunting ground. ............ Hot. ............ Really hot.
What's hot?Hot ............ hot hot hot hot ......!

It was so hot that I turned around.
Then, ...... right behind me, there was a big cow with her whole body covered in flames.

'............ Oh, that's you.
You're not very good at sensing things, are you?

It's taking my back as hard as it can, and it's getting really close!


For some reason, the cow that was engulfed in the blazing flames was not burned by the flames, but stared at us with lively eyes.
They are the eyes of a beast aiming at its prey.

'Is that a Bonacon?

Estella says a name I've never heard before.

Is there such a thing as a cow?

'It's a magical beast that lives in this forest: ...... In layman's terms, it's a monster.'

Is there such a thing?
No, it's a different world where there are beastmen, so it wouldn't be surprising if there were!

'...... Be careful of the Bonacons, when they get excited, they send out flaming poo.
'Too disgusting, that attack!

While I was saying that, Bonacon started pointing his butt at us.
I'm gonna get poo-pooed!

'Magda!Do something!'
'...... I'll take care of it.'

As soon as he says that, Magda's whole body is enveloped by a "red, fuzzy, shiny thing" - my abbreviation for "Red Moya".

And with a flash...

In the blink of an eye, the fight was over.
Magda approached Bonacon at a speed that was difficult to follow with her eyes, and easily swung her giant Masakari to cut Bonacon's body in half.
With the absolute difference in power, Magda finishes Bonacon with a single blow.

And here's the main point.

'Magda!Have some patience!I've already started eating my lunch at ......!

Without waiting for the lunch to be served, Magda bit into the flesh of Bonacon, whose flames were still flickering.

'Ginette, hurry up!The Bonacon will be devoured!
'Ha, yes!Wah, wah!Wait, wait, wait!'

Ginette almost dropped her bag in her haste.
He busily takes out his lunch box and starts preparing his meal.

'No, Yashiro!You've already eaten sixty percent of it!
'd*mn it!Stop, Magda!

Even though I know it's useless, I jump at Magda and get thrown away as usual.
I can't even hold it for a tenth of a second.

'I'm ready!Magda-san, dinner is ready!

Magda, who had been gnawing on the Bonacon, reacted to the lunch box that Ginette had taken out.
I see.

Bonacon is raw meat, so it's not that tasty.
Magda knows that Ginette's lunch is better.
That's why he reacted to the lunchbox even though he was losing his ego due to hunger.

'Magda-san!It's fried chicken!
'...... Eat!

Magda threw away the Bonacon meat and pounced on the fried chicken.
...... No, don't throw it away.

It's a good thing I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
It's still a little hot. It's still a little hot, but not so hot that you can't hold it.

'I'd say the loss is more than 80%.

Estella hands me a rather large cloth bag.

'It's a cloth that can hold the flesh of monsters with magical power. It's strong enough to withstand the flames of Bonacon.

So it's an item born in a world where magical beasts exist.
I don't know how it works, but it's better than putting it in an ordinary bag.

'How much do you think Bonacon's meat sells for?
'I don't know. I don't know what a fair price would be, but I'm sure it would be a good deal.
'What's your reasoning?
'Because Bonakon is a high-class food that you can only find in the very best restaurants in the Central District.
'Is that so?
'Yeah. I think only aristocrats and a few wealthy merchants have tasted it.

Magda gobbled up such precious meat without even tasting it. ............
You need discipline. You'll have to be rather strict.

But it's a very expensive food. ......

There's about 10 kilos of meat left on hand.
I can't wait to see how much it's worth. ......

I'm going home now.

I can't wait to get home.
I think the idea of having Magda carry my lunch might work.
I like the fact that she was unknowingly attracted to the lunch box.
Even if she comes hunting alone, she can avoid eating her prey if she has her lunch box out from the start.
Considering the entrance fee, we can't just come along with you. You may need to accompany us until you get used to the lunches.

'I know you're in a hurry, but why don't we have dinner first?
'Sure. I'm hungry, if you say so.'

We're celebrating a victory.
Let's have a toast to the victory with the lunch box I made for you.

And then I looked back at ......

'............ I'm full.

'Oh,......, Magda's appetite was unstoppable,......, and I couldn't stop her.

............ Really?

We've walked a long way to get here ............, and we'll have to walk the same distance to get back to the city .......

In the deep, deep forest.
We ran out of food ............ and cried as we roasted some Bonacon meat to share.