452-Episode 254 Another job for the snowy season

''Ughhhh!My head ah!''

On the main street, a bunch of kids are eating shaved ice and writhing with the usual headache.
It seems that even beastmen can't resist the headache that comes from chomping down on shaved ice.

'Ahhh!This is cold and sweet, it's the best, Yashiro!

Delia had also heard rumors about the food stall and had come to eat.
Satisfied, she twitched her tail and took a mouthful of ice with strawberry pulp on it.

'I wonder what flavor I'll try next~'
'Don't eat too much at once or you'll get sick to your stomach.
'Don't worry!I'm invincible!
'If you get sick, you won't be able to participate in the river play.
'U...... that, I don't like that.......'
'You should have at least one a day.'
'Hmm, I see. ......Okay!Then I'll limit it to three a day!

You don't get it, do you?
Well, it won't be a problem if you eat them after a long time.

'I'll have another one!
'Have another one after lunch. You'll ruin your stomach.'
'Yes, sir.

The children of the forty-second arrondissement obeyed their parents, even though they didn't seem to like it.
I explained the risk of headache and stomachache to their parents when I bought the product.
We warn them to be aware of this and to give it to their children.

It would be unbearable if they were told that their bodies had been damaged by eating the food from the sunny pavilion.

'Please call Becko-san!

It seems that some unfortunate young lady bought all the food at once with her money.
She took one bite at a time and chose the kiwi.
The rest was handed over to the attendants. They seemed to be used to it, and happily ate the bites of shaved ice.

'You guys are so healthy.
'No, I'm not. We are grateful to you for being the first to offer us new sweets in this way,......, and for your short-sightedness and curiosity.
You can see the malice in your carelessness, head waiter.

Imelda's head waiter is modest but rather venomous.
I guess it's hard to be Imelda's right-hand man without that.

'I'm sure I'll be taking care of you again this year.
'Oh, so you're planning to stay, Imelda's ......'
'I've been excited about it for six months now.
'It's too early to tell. ......'

You've had a few events in the meantime.
You've got to be satisfied somewhere. ......

'We waiters will be waiting in the hall, so please call us if you need anything. We will help you in any way we can.
'Then tie Imelda up so she can't get out.'
'I'll help you if I can.'

Is it impossible for you to keep Imelda in the house?
...... d*mn it. It's going to be another busy snow season.

'You guys~!

Loretta gave instructions to her sisters.
At Shop No. 7, Loretta is in charge of shaved ice, and her sisters are serving customers.
They set up a stall near a big tree, and take turns to stay in the shade to keep hydrated.

I've told Magda's second store to do the same.
After all, shaved ice sells best during the hottest days of the year.

'Well, Loretta. I'm going back to the sunny pavilion~'
'Yes, sir!I'll make sure to sell everything I can, so keep your eyes peeled~!
'You, too, get some rest!
''Yes, sir!
''Shaved ice, I'll take over!
''No, you can't!This is an honorable job only allowed to regular waitresses!
'''Boo-hoo!It's so easy!

Shaved ice looks easy, but it's surprisingly difficult.
Forming a mountain requires a certain technique.
Keeping the right hand and left hand moving in different directions is more difficult than you think.
I don't think my sister can handle it yet. I think she can do it with two people, though.

My sisters said, "Not so good! from my sisters, but it was popular with the guys who don't like overly sweet things.
The refreshing aftertaste and the rich aroma of matcha seemed to be popular among them.
However, the sweetness is still there, and even some children like to eat it.
The matcha azuki is a bit more expensive, though, because of the azuki and the white bean. +5Rb.

'Yashiro. If you're going back to the Sunken Pavilion, I'll go with you.'
'Aren't you busy?'
'Oh!I've already done the work for the river fishing guild.'
'...... Are you ready for the heavy snow season?'
'Yashiro ...... actually, I need to talk to you about something ......'
'You're learning the hard way, aren't you? 'Okay, I'll tell Jeannette.
'Really?Thank you, Yashiro!

He probably hasn't done anything to prepare for the heavy snow season.
He seemed to be enjoying himself last year. He must have been thinking of going to the sunny pavilion again this year.
But suddenly, she thought, 'What?I can't just decide on my own, can I? She must have realized that and decided to ask me.

Otherwise, there's no way Delia would have said the words 'I need your help'.

Rather, I would have asked her, 'When do you want me to stay? In fact, I was expecting her to ask me in the usual way.
I can appreciate your attitude of asking properly. ...... I'm not giving it much credit, though.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it. I'm happy to be with you again.

If you let Jeannette hear you say that, I'm sure the sleepover set will come out immediately.
Oh, by the way, Masha said she was going to join the river play. ...... Masha is going to stay too.
Do you have enough room?

Ginette, Magda, Loretta, Delia, Imelda, Masha, Norma ...... Well, we can make it work if we share rooms.
I'll tell Estella and Natalia to stay at the mansion this year.

...... If we're not careful, Lucia might say she's coming too. In the worst case scenario, I'll put her in Estella's mansion.

'Oh, by the way, Natalia said that she might cry if she was left out.
'Why through Delia?

He's getting more and more clever in his attacks. ......
If it was Millie, I could have said, 'Well, can you tell her to go cry somewhere where she won't be disturbed? I could have said.
Then Millie would have said something kind and comforting and told her I was rejecting her.
But not Delia.
Delia, who has never been known for her teeth, would have directly hit the person with her stinging words.
...... You've read that much into her. Natalia.

'You're a coward for using a naked Delia!
'Huh?I'm wearing clothes.

Oh, don't worry about it. It's about the teeth.
You've never been clothed, so I'd say you've been naked since birth. No, I'll go ahead and say that.

Ahhh. I'll have to sleep on the floor of the sunny pavilion again this year.
It's hard to take a bath. ...... I took a bath in the kitchen, but it's rather cold there.

I'm sure Umaro and Bekko are going to be there anyway. ......

'Umaro, do you think you could sleep in the snow without worrying?
'Come on, why don't you ask them?'

I don't have to ask. ......
I don't know, this kind of conversation is barren when dealing with Delia.
Let's just go home and play with her, shall we?

While I was disgusted by the large number of curious customers who were coming to the store, I felt slightly light-hearted, probably because the shaved ice was selling well.
Well, there's no point in resisting them, so I've given up early.
After all, our landlord is ready to welcome them.

It seems that last year's heavy snowfall was a lot of fun.
He's planning to revive the snowman cult again.

'I'm looking forward to it, Yashiro.

He gave me a carefree smile, and I thought for a moment before replying.

'...... Well...'

After all, it seems I'm looking forward to it too.
It's not going to make me any money, though.
But I'll get some profit out of it.

'Haha~!There's nothing like shaved ice after a good sweat!

As I jumped into the store to avoid the hot sun, a sweaty Umaro was eating shaved ice as if he was bathing in it.
At the sunny pavilion.
Not at the second store with Magda, but at the Sunlit Pavilion with only Jeannette.

'What's the matter, Umaro?Did you finally change your route to big breasts?'
'What are you talking about?I'm all about Magda forever and ever!

Perhaps they heard the rumor of shaved ice, there were relatively many customers in the store, and Jeannette was shaving shaved ice at the counter.

'Welcome back, Yashiro-san.
'Oh. It's a busy place. How's your arm?'
'Yeah, I'm fine. I'm a little tired, as expected.

'Well, manager, I'll take over for you!Just tell me how to do it.'

Delia ran over and took over the place with Jeannette.
I've got a sister to help me, so we'll have to make do with two horsepower.

'Is that the second daughter?
'Yes. Loretta brought her here in anticipation of today's crowds.
'And the third daughter?
''She's taking a break right now. It's hot today, so we're taking frequent breaks.

Well, that's good.
The second daughter is polite, quick to learn, and intelligent, but her personality is too wild and difficult to control.
It is a pity that the third daughter, who is a strong person, is the only one who can fully demonstrate her potential.
In terms of simple skill and growth rate, she might be a superior talent to Loretta, but her personality is much more like Hammaro's, so it will be a long time before she can stand on her own.

'Oniichan~!Welcome home~!
I'll watch you.' 'All right, get to work. I'll watch you.

He's got long arms and legs and looks like he's about to join the ranks of adults, but he's Hammaro on the inside. ......

'I'm a watchdog for the uninhibited second daughter!

Hammaro was there too.
You can't be the watcher, you know.

'Oh, little brother~. Yaho~'

No, you know what I'm talking about!
Huh?Did Hammaro have amnesia?Was there an episode like that?Am I overlooking something?

Delia is chipping away at the ice.
The second daughter is taking the ice and shaping it into a beautiful mountain.
Hammaro takes the ice from his second daughter and pours syrup on it.
Yes, the three of us could take over for Ginette.

'You should take a break too.
'Yes, sir. I will.'

The usual seat was occupied, so I sat down in front of Umaro.

'You're in my way.
'Come in, please.
'Sniff, sniff!
'What are you doing?
'You're in my way!
'I didn't think it was physical!

No, you have to do it just in case, you know, in the spirit judgment.
Ginette shakes her shoulders, giggling at the exchange between me and Umaro.
Ginette is sitting next to me, diagonally across from Umaro.
As usual, Umaro keeps Ginette out of his sight.

'So, why is Umaro so sweaty?
'Oh, that's the thing.'

For some reason, Ginette answers Umaro's question.
She claps her hands and looks happy.

'They put a roof over the courtyard.
'A roof?'
'You promised me that at the bakery, didn't you?

Oh, yes.
Didn't I ask you to put a roof on the courtyard when I sold unleavened bread to Umaro when I taught the church the recipe for soft bread?
I forgot all about it.

'I've been busy for a while, so I apologize for the delay.

I forgot all about it.

'But I'm glad you made it before the heavy snow season. Now we don't have to shovel the snow early in the morning to get to the kitchen.

Last year, even the path from the second floor to the kitchen was covered with snow, and Magda was shivering in the cold in the meantime.
I wonder if that bothered Ginette, too.

'Has the whole courtyard been covered?'
'No, just wide enough for two people to walk side-by-side down the stairs and across the building.

There was also a field in the courtyard, so they didn't want to cover everything with a roof.
They covered only the area where we would walk, so that we could come and go.

'Can I go and see?
'I'd like you to see it!

Leaving Umaro writhing in a headache after gulping down a bowl of shaved ice, Ginette and I headed for the courtyard.
We greeted the three girls who were leisurely eating shaved ice in the kitchen, and went through the corridor to the courtyard.

'Oh, ......, this is amazing.

A roof supported by solid pillars had been built.
The roof of the courtyard, which was carefully designed so as not to disturb the sunlight, extended to the top of the stairs, which had previously been bare.
With this roof, there would be no need to use an umbrella on rainy days.
It was scary when the stairs were wet, wasn't it? I was afraid of slipping.

'There are glowing bricks built in here, so it's bright and safe even at night.

It is said that there are small glowing bricks in the top and bottom of the pillars supporting the roof.
As long as the sun rises, they will illuminate your feet at night.
As expected of Umaro, they are very skillful!

'You made all this in half a day?
'Yes, I did. So, that ...... shaved ice is a service ......'.

'So you gave them something in return for selling bread that wasn't for sale?

'Then you need to make something more ......'.
'Oh my god, Yashiro-san. I'm sorry to hear that.'

He chuckled and patted me on the shoulder.
I know, I know.
I'm surprised at how good it looks too. I'll buy you a shaved ice.

That's what I was thinking.

'I will!Please tell me anything you want!I'll make you a lot of ice cream!

Umaro, who had recovered from his headache, caught up with us and gave us such a promise with a big smile on his face.
Oh, I see.
I guess it's too late for you now. ......

'Ginette's sycophancy and workaholic spirit has infected ......'
'No, sir!Umaro-san is a kind person by nature!'

Ginette is desperately trying to deny it, but this is a terminal symptom of Ginette's disease.
I'm sure there's nothing we can do. Oumalo, I'm sorry.

But Umaro was all smiles, all smiles.

Yeah, I get it.
You can come stay during the snow season, you know.
Enjoy your time under the same roof with Magda as much as you can.

It wouldn't hurt to be rewarded for it.

'Big brother, I've got a great idea!

After selling out the shaved ice at Shop No. 7, Loretta returns, drenched in sweat.

'You're all sweaty, big sister!

The third daughter shouted when she saw Loretta. She immediately went into the kitchen to get a towel. She is a thoughtful girl.

'You're covered in sweat, you smell like sweat!

The second daughter, on the other hand, picks her nose, points at Loretta, and laughs.
She is wild.
Loretta is silently chopping her second daughter in the midsection.
That's extreme, you sisters touching each other.

'You're covered in stinky juice, my sister!
'It's sweat!Don't call me that!
'I didn't say that!You didn't say that, did you?

Loretta is a little unsure of herself.
Yeah. I guess you sisters and brothers are at that level, all of you.

'Yes, sister. The manager has worked hard to wash these clean towels. I know I'm going to make it dirty, but let me use it, even if I have to bother the manager again.'
'It's really hard to use!
'Um, it's okay, just wipe off the sweat. You'll catch a cold.

Ginette took the towel from the third daughter's hand and wiped Loretta's face with it.
The third daughter is a bit too reserved, or she tends to think that she might be bothered by something. I'm not saying it's only Loretta.
I'm not saying she's as good as Loretta, but I think she should be a little more brazen.

'Hey, sis. You can't just wipe your face! You have to wipe your body as well!
'Whoa, whoa, whoa!Don't pull up your clothes like that!

The second daughter tries to take care of her sister.
But she's getting angry when she tries to pull up Loretta's clothes in a store full of customers.
I can't help it. ......

'Loretta, you're being selfish!
'I'm not the one who should be scolded, am I?

Don't waste my second daughter's kindness!
Oh my god.

'Then go wipe yourself and change your clothes in the back. She said she had a good idea, but I'm not going to listen to her because it's probably just a stupid idea.
'No, no, no!Listen to me!I've got a really good idea!

Loretta grabbed a damp towel and closed in on me.

'What is it?Are you saying that you want to auction off the towel soaked in your sweat and contribute to the profits of the Sun Goddess Pavilion?

'I'm not talking about that!
'One thousand Rb!
'Yeah, fifteen hundred!
'Don't compete, carpenters!

'Mwah!The terminally ill (old carpenters) look at Loretta with smiles on their faces.
Hey, boss. You're responsible for disciplining them.

Oh, no.
The boss has the most severe symptoms.

'So what is it?
'I thought there might not be enough room during the heavy snowfall, so I've been thinking of a way out of it.'
'I see. I'll ask around.
'You can ask Mr. Umaro to build another building!

It's only about a week until the heavy snowfall season.
It's going to get hotter and hotter, and you want me to build another building without a break?
Did Umaro kill your parents or something?
Why are you trying to cut down the life of Umaro to the point where you can see it?

'After all, we all love the Sunlit Pavilion, so I thought it would be nice to have a room where we can stay at any time!
'The Sunken Pavilion isn't a ryokan.
'Ah!That's a good idea!A guest house called 'YODAMARI-TEI'!That's going to be popular!
'Um, Ms. Loretta. I don't have any experience in running a guest house. ......'

If we start something like that, we won't have enough manpower no matter how many people we have.
You can't build something so ostentatious just to accommodate you.

'......We're on the edge of time. ......'
'Why are you trying to build it, you master?

What's wrong?
Has the heat seriously damaged your brain?
Or have you been around Jeannette so long that black looks like a light gray?
Pull yourself together. The place you're about to step into is a completely out-of-the-box black company.

'Why don't you clean up your grandfather's room so he can have a little place to sleep?
'You don't have to go that far. Just tell them not to come if they don't want to sleep with us.

In the first place, we are not asking you to come.
They are begging to stay. They are begging us to stay. There is nothing for us to concede.

'Umaro. You're on the floor again, aren't you?
'What?Can I come and visit you again this year?
'I can't believe this is coming from the guy who barged in last year and almost died at the entrance.
'Hahaha ...... sorry about that...'

Although Umaro shows signs of being reserved, he will be lonely and unconsciously come to the sunny pavilion during the heavy snowfall season anyway.
His withdrawal symptoms are at the level of being too late.

'Because I can't let the sunny pavilion become an accidental property. Get indoors before you die.
'Thank you!This means we finally have to consider building an annex, right?
'I told you we don't need an annex!

Why do you want to work so badly?
Why don't you go out for a while? It's hot as hell!
Loretta's drenched in sweat after just a few hours outside selling food.
She'll dry up sooner or later.

'But you see, big brother. I'm sure it's pretty cramped since Paula and Nepheli are coming too.
'Why are they supposed to come too?
'I passed by Cantarchica and saw you two together, so I called out to you.
'Don't call me!

This may be your workplace, but it's not your house!
If you want to call me, call me at my house!

'...... Actually...'

In the event that you've got a lot more than one of these, you'll be able to take a look at a few of them.

'Last year, Magda-chou collapsed in the snow. We talked about it before. I told him that I wanted to help him in a casual way if something happened to him.

He's been doing that?
If something happens to Magda out of my or Jeannette's sight, the more people who can help her, the more secure she'll be.
So you were forming a safety net without telling Magda.

He said, 'If we all have fun together, we won't be lonely.
'And they're coming to stay too?'
'Yes, sir. But they said they can only stay one night on the first day because they're planning to have a Kamakura Bar in Kantarutika this year.

The first day of heavy snowfall is the coldest.
The first day of the season is probably the coldest, when the temperature suddenly drops and the world is painted white, stirring up a sense of sadness.
If you can get through the first day, you will feel somewhat calmer from the second day onward.

'Well, I'll have to teach you how to make a good kamakura.
'Paula said that's essential.

Is it possible that Paula is also trying to stop being reserved with each other by indulging me? Is that too much to think about?
Well, whatever it is, ......

'It's going to be small this year.
'It's fun to sleep in a huddle.
'Well, I'm sure your brothers and sisters do. ......'

We're not hamsters, you know.
Ginette chuckles as I let out a sigh.

'I'm sure it'll be another fun snow season.

I suppose that smile is an excuse.
It's a way to persuade someone who is bothered by it.

If we are all together, we won't be lonely, will we? I guess it's an excuse to make "someone" who always makes excuses to himself think, "I can't help it". ......

I have no idea who that "someone" is, though.

Hey, hey.
Why don't you just come and stay as long as you want?
I have the landlord's permission.
And if you can get them to help out with something, the cost-benefit deficit will be lessened a bit.

'The sunny pavilion has become like a camp.
'Hmph. It's fine if it's only once in a while.

'Once in a while' means once every few years or so.
If it happens two or three times a year, it's called 'often.

'Then, I'll get the other building ......!
'Calm down!

Umaro wants to work for some strange reason.
What is it?Did you have a bad day at work?
Are you feeling the urge to build a house to take your mind off things?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.
'No,......, it's not like that,.......'

He lays his ears down and gives an uncharacteristically sanguine expression.
What, is he in a slump?
I thought this guy's job was all smooth sailing. ......

'I've got some free time on my hands right now, so I'm just trying to improve my level.

Yeah, you're kind of stuck.
And you're feeling the urge to do something crazy.
Well, I get it.
When things don't go well for me, I sometimes just try to do a few things to get my bearings.

Sometimes the error is so small that it's hard for others to see, but that 'little bit' makes a big difference to you, and it keeps bothering you like a small bone stuck in the back of your throat.

Not many people would want to build a house in the heat of the summer when the heavy snowfall season is just around the corner, and it's probably true that he has free hands.
Then I'll let him build something. ...... But not a separate building.
If we build something like that, we'll have people coming to stay here all the time.
If Lucia or Javier get eyes on me, my peace of mind will crumble with a crash.
That's not allowed.

So I'd like to see something that's not too much trouble, but something that would be nice to have in the sunny pavilion, something that can be used effectively in the future, and something that would be inconvenient without. ............ I'm sorry.

'No, but that's as good as it gets. ......'
'What is it?What do you have in mind?

The eyes twinkling wumalo.
...... I'm sure they'll make it for you.

'Ginette. Excuse me.'

I beckoned to Ginette and asked her quietly.
I asked her if she could make something like this for me.
This is Ginette's store and her parents' house.
To build an addition, you need permission from the landlord.
And if maintaining it is a burden, it's better not to build it.

--and that's what I was worried about.

'It would be great to have that, but isn't ...... too much work?

Ginette's concern for Umaro was palpable.

'What about you?Doesn't it get in the way?
'It's not a hindrance. If you use it only when you need it, the burden will be minimal, and I'm sure there will be many people who will help you when you need it.

Ginette smiled happily, thinking about the time she would use it.

That's right.
If we use our guests as chins, we can enjoy using it.

I've been wanting one of these for a long time, and I've often felt jealous of Estella and Imelda.

Well then, maybe it's time to make one.

'...... Magda agrees.'
'Ooooh!How long have you been here!
'...... since the moment Yashiro's mind thought, 'I want to meet Magda-tan'.'

I wonder when that will be?
But I was thinking of waiting to hear Magda's opinion before making a decision.
I got an unexpected response.

That's two yeses. Or three.

So we're good to go then?

I looked at the people here and they all nodded their heads.
I don't know why Loretta nodded.
...... You don't live here, you know.

'Well then, Umaro. Can you do me a favor?
'Yes, sir!So what do you want me to make?


'A large bath, please.

A bath where you can soak your shoulders.
I've been longing for that.

The bath was to be built in the backyard, near the area where the randomly cut logs were placed.
There was not enough space in the courtyard, the front yard would be a problem for the eyes of passers-by, and we were hesitant to have the bath near the entrance of the sunken pavilion.

The result was the backyard.

At the moment, it's just a place where I keep an ice storage box for a while, and it's a place I usually visit when I'm working.
There used to be a smuggled stone kiln, but ...... it's a bad memory, let's seal it up.

'Can you make a door in the corridor leading to the courtyard, so that I can go out to the backyard?
'Yes. It's not good to go around in circles after a bath.

Have a door to the backyard installed in the middle of the corridor leading from the kitchen to the courtyard.
This way, the distance between the living space and the bathroom will be closer.
Well, you can't deny the atmosphere of an old man's house in the countryside because of the outside bath.

'Just in case, make sure you can go out from the bathroom to the backyard as well.

Since we don't know what's going to happen, we'll keep a flow line.
But make sure the door is locked from the inside of the bathroom. This is to prevent prying eyes.

Build a hut to serve as a bathhouse, and build a high wall around it.
This will prevent prying eyes.

'And I'll build a hidden passage that only I can sneak through ......'.
'Umaro. Make sure you submit all your completed plans to me. I'll be checking them very closely.'

The red-haired demon was standing behind me.

'Estella, how long have you been there?
'Since you started playing tricks on me.

d*mn it!
I was having a secret meeting with Umaro alone so that no one would find out!

'How did you end up here?'
'This is your usual special seat in the sunlit pavilion, isn't it? I walked here just like normal.'

d*mn it!
I was so engrossed in our little chat that I didn't see my surroundings!

It was past fifteen o'clock, and the number of people in the restaurant was dwindling.
That's why I didn't notice.
When the store was crowded, Estella almost bumped into someone and said, 'Oh, I'm sorry. I don't have as much cushioning as other people, so it would hurt if I bumped into you.

If a seat becomes available at ......, I tend to sit in my usual seat.

It's a good idea to take a look at your own personal life.
'Yeah, yeah. I think I can trust Umaro.''
'Is that so?He's the one who's so blatantly averting his gaze.

Just for the sake of it, I'll avert my gaze as much as I can and say something nice.

'Estella. You shouldn't be peeking at me!
'Why don't you look me in the eye and say something?

Look at me!
There's nothing trustworthy about words uttered while looking away!

'It's okay that Umaro's always been sick.
'It's favoritism!There's even a chance that I'm a pure-hearted boy!
'Hahaha. Not at all.

You just denied it outright.

'Is this the blueprint?
'It's still tentative, though. I'm thinking of discussing it with Yashiro-san first, and then asking the manager and Magda-tan for their opinions. I want you to tell ...... and Estella-san.''
'Oh, it's okay, Umaro, I can hear you fine, just keep talking.

Estella and Umaro are talking without looking at each other.
Are you two a mature, masked couple?

'At first I asked you what you wanted, but you said, "I'm not familiar with baths, so I'm not sure.
'That's true. After you use it, you'll find some inconveniences, right?

They'll let you make it and then say, 'This part isn't very good. You're a nasty customer. Just tell me first.
Well, there are no amateurs who can do that.

'That's why I show you a certain shape at first.
'But there's a good chance that you'll say, "Well, that's it then," so I'm going to make it up as I go along.
'Then, will you take my opinion into account?
'Why are you interrupting me?
'Because I think there's a high probability that I'll have to use it.
'Go back to your house and get in.
'I'm planning to go in with Jeannette.
'You idiot!I'm the one who's going in with Jeannette!
'I'm the one who's going to do everything in my power to stop that.

d*mn it!
Do you have the authority to do that?
I think so, d*mn it!

'Hmm?You're making two of these?And isn't this one ...... bigger?'

Looking at the blueprints, Estella raises an eyebrow.
I say to the eyes that look at me.

'You guys want to go in there with everyone else, don't you?

The small one is for everyday use and the big one is for 'everyone'.
It's called a big bath.
It's big enough for about five or six people.

That's too good to be true!I'd love to see that happen!

It must be very difficult to fill and boil water for such a large bath, but we can let those who want to join us help with that.
Carrying heavy water would be a piece of cake for the beastmen, right?
I'm sure they'll be willing to chop wood.

'Do you think we can use the water from Momat's reservoir?
'It's fine. We just conducted a water quality survey of the canal the other day, and the water in that reservoir is so clean that it's safe to drink. There were killifish swimming in it, though, so please be careful when you fetch water.

Well, it's pretty clean, isn't it?
Then it's relatively easy to fetch water.
If the need arises, you can use water from a well, but ...... well water is not infinite.
You will have to go and fetch it.

During heavy snowfalls, you can also collect snow and boil it.

'Is Estella's bath a Goemon bath?
'It used to be, but we renovated it after your father fell ill.

I was a little surprised that Goemonburo was understood.
Goemonburo is a type of bath in which the bottom part of the bathtub is made of iron and wood is burned underneath to heat the water.
Because the entire bathtub is not made of cast iron, which was called the Choshu-buro, there are fewer accidents involving serious burns from touching the bathtub.
However, since the bottom of the bath is made of iron heated by an open flame, a wooden board is submerged and placed on the bottom.
The Goemon-buro is too cramped because it cannot be made very large due to its structure.
Also, it is better not to touch the bottom or the wall, so you have to shrink into the bath.
I didn't think it was very relaxing.

I don't think it's a good place to put a sick lord.

'There are two bath tubs. One kettle boils the water. You transfer it to a large bathtub, dilute it with water and soak in it.

This way, the bathtub does not get too hot, and you can stretch your legs out and rest your body in the bathtub.
If the water becomes lukewarm, add boiled water. If it is too hot, add water from a bottle placed in the bathroom.
There is no need to keep an eye on the firewood while bathing because the water temperature can be adjusted by the person who enters.

You've got a pretty nice bath, don't you?

'It's just that we built two bathtubs in the same space, so it's a bit cramped, isn't it, my bath?

Is it small because we crammed two tubs into a bathroom that originally had a Goemon bath?
I guess that's partly unavoidable.

'Well, this is a new building. We can make it as big as we want.
'I've always wanted to soak in a bath with my legs stretched out, just once.

Estella was already ready to take a bath.
You should renovate your own bathroom, then.

'It's just that the Goemonburo makes the bath higher, right?

Because of the nature of the Goemon bath, the position of the bath is inevitably high.
This is because a space for burning wood is needed under the bath tub.
And the wood is burned outside the bath.

'My ideal is a bathtub that can be accessed from the hallway, so I don't have to go outside to heat the water.

If I have to go outside to boil the water, I'm sure Jeannette will take care of it.
I can't accept a bath that would add to his trouble.

On the other hand, I don't like the idea of having to be the one who fires the bath water every time.
After all, the coming heavy snow season will be so cold that I will freeze just by being outside. It's no joke to be forced to guard the firewood for a long time.

'That's why I'm going to make a teppo bath.

In contrast to the Goemon-buro, in which a fire is made under the bathtub to heat the bathtub, the teppo-buro consists of an iron cylinder installed in the bathtub and a fire is made inside the cylinder.
When the fire is lit inside the iron cylinder, the iron becomes hot and the water that touches the iron eventually becomes hot water.
If you leave the chimney outside, you don't have to worry about ventilation as much.

In addition, there is no need to use iron for the bottom of the bath tub, so there is no need to worry about burning your buttocks.

Well, to make it even safer, I'm going to make it a two-layer bath like Estella's place.
We'll boil the water in the gun bath, fill the tub with the water, and dilute it for bathing.
In this way, there is no need to go out and burn wood in the kiln, even if the water becomes lukewarm.
If you make a small window and pile up firewood at the end of it, you can reheat the water as much as you like.

'Wow, I like that.
'I don't know if it'll work yet, though.
'No, I think it will. If we make a chimney here, and a small window here, and enclose the area like this, it will help prevent moisture. ......'

Umaro's engine started and he started to write down his ideas on the blueprints.
Estella's face is gibberish, and even I can't follow some of the things he says.
Still, Umaro seems to be having a great time.
Listening to him, I have a feeling that it's going to be a good bath.

'Kwaaaa!Working with Mr. Yashiro is really stimulating!I forgot everything I hated!

You're a happy guy all year round, aren't you?
Is there anything you don't like?

'So, about the bathhouse...'

Here, I'll elaborate one more thing.

'Can't we make it like a half open-air bath?
'Half open air?
'Yeah. Open up the forest side wall and the ceiling a little bit, so that you can look at the scenery outside while taking a bath.
'No, but if we do that, ......'
'Think about it. When the heat wave is over, it's time for heavy snowfall.Snow falls in the deep forest and it's a silver world. You can look at the freezing scenery while soaking in a warm bath. Your body is burning, and all you can see is white snow. Don't you think it's elegant to float a tray in the bathtub and gaze at such a fantastic view while sipping a hot sake?
'That's very nice!Yeah, I like that!

Estella, who seemed to like baths, took the bait.
If Norma had been here, I'm sure she would have agreed with me without a second thought.


That's the kind of thing you need in a bathhouse, I think.

So, Umaro. I'd like to talk to you about something. ......'

Stealing Estella's eyes as she contemplates the fantastic scenery of the bathhouse, she asks Umaro for another job.

'Could you add a single window to the upstairs corridor?I don't want the landlord and the lord to find out about it.
'You're still trying to peek in from the second floor, aren't you?
''All right!You just happen to be able to see them!
'Were you planning to do that, Yashiro?

It's a crime for outsiders to peek in, but it's fine for insiders!
It's like you're one of us!

'Umaro. Can you make the roof and walls stronger than before?
'That's the plan all along.

The carpenter and the lord try to communicate without looking at each other.
...... Tsk.

But well, if you can make a bath like that, I'll put up with a peek.
If you use it for a long time and love it,......, the walls might break down when it gets old.
Yes, by all means, let's love it!

And so the "Sunshine Pavilion Bathhouse Project" began, and the "Sunshine Pavilion Lust Project" came to a halt.