453-Episode 255 Sweat in the Kiln of Hell

Sweaty men are crowding around the sunny pavilion.

'Wallboard, you haven't finished the canner yet?How long is it going to take!
'It's done now!
'Boss!The sewage work for the ham squad is finished!
''Then tell Yangbold to start working on the canal!
'''Yes, sir!
''Wait, Hammy!You wait until you're told to!
'''Yes, sir!'''
''Oh~oh~, it's quite lively here.
''Ah, Yashiro-san. Hello.''

The one who came to greet me was a long, thin Goozuya.
Today, for the first time in a long time, the people from the headquarters in District 40 are gathering.
It's a shame that even Yang Bold and the like are here, but it looks like a gorgeous group.

'Anyway, why don't you make a waterway from the waterfall in New Town through the forest to here? That way, it'll be easier to fetch water.
'Haha. Even if you build something in that forest, the animals will destroy it.'
'Well, I'm sorry, Goozja, but we need to get rid of the beast. ......'
'You can't!I'm not good at that kind of thing!

What the hell!
I'm sure Delia can do it in half a day!

Well, I don't think they'll give us permission for anything related to the ecosystem.

'What are you talking about, Gooziya?Just build a waterway that won't be destroyed and all will be well.

Umaro, who is sweating more than anyone else, says with glowing eyes.
...... Oh, he's really trying to make one.

'Oh, no, Umaro. I'm just kidding. If you want to fetch water, Magda's here, and I can help. ......'
'It's a pity that Magda has to fetch water all the way in the snow!Then I'll make an ironclad waterway for you!

Wow~...... looks like I've hit a hell of a thicket.

'Estella ......'.
'I think you misspoke. But well, if we make a canal from high up on the cliffs, alongside the forest, it won't be in anyone's way, will it?'
'Wouldn't that be a great long distance?
'You know, I'm sure the Torbek construction workers will do their best.

Estella, who was too excited about the new baths at the sunny pavilion, had come to observe the construction as soon as it started.
She's a curious one, preferring to go out in the heat of the summer.

'It would be better to get permission from Delia, just in case. It's about the river.
'What about from the lord's point of view?
'For the sake of the bath at the sunny pavilion, I'll put my stamp all over it.
'...... abuse of authority'
'Heh heh. Joking aside, there are a few other places I'd like to let you use if I can get proof that the waterway can be operated without problems.

In fact, there was a secret plan for a waterway to carry water from the waterfall.
However, no one had ever done it before, so it was difficult to predict what problems might arise, and the plan had not progressed very far.

'So, if Yashiro will take responsibility for the operation and identify the problems, I'll give you the first waterway!
'What are we, monitors?

Test operation.
It's a necessary step.

We don't want to build too many channels and take away too much water.
We'll need to adjust the size of the canals and the amount of water flowing through them.
We also need to make sure that the water does not overflow when it is not in use.

It's not like a hot spring where the water keeps flowing.
I want to be able to run the water when I need it and stop it when I don't need it.
It's hard to clean, and I can't keep burning wood. Firewood also costs a certain amount of money.

It may not be as convenient as running water. ......

'We'll build a channel over the river and build a tank over the river.

While the water is turned off, the tank will be filled with water.
Make a hole from the middle to the top of the tank, so that water above a certain level will flow down to the river.
In this way, the waterway will not be overflowed and the water from the waterfall will be returned to the river.

When the lid of the outlet is opened, the water in the tank will flow out and fill the bathtub with water.

However, there is no way to avoid the drawback that water only trickles out after the tank is empty.
This is not a water supply, but a waterway.

Well, unless you change the water several times a day, you won't have much trouble.

'Umaro~. Is it possible to set up such a big tank on the river?
'I've already done it with a filtration system!
'I've improved it even more. The water flow is much better! It's much better!
'Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about, but you did good, Yambold.

Perhaps you've improved your performance.
They're taking the technology I taught them and improving it on their own. That's very encouraging. Improvements are out of my hands.

'After that, let the fox lady build an iron fence to protect it, and we'll be fine.
'Wait a minute!Why are you talking so selfishly?

Norma, who was also working in a sweat, came up to Umaro with a hammer in her hand.

'We've been forced to make a new product in a very short time because you've been running amok!I'm not going to let you do whatever you want with it!

You're right, it all started when Umaro agreed to make a bath. The construction of the bathrooms began with Umaro's approval, but Norma was completely caught in the middle.
However, without Norma, the gun bath would never have been completed.

'Sorry, Norma. I didn't mean to be rash.
'Oh, no, I wasn't talking to Yashiro. I just don't like the way this fox carpenter is ordering me around like an idiot. I'm just saying I don't like the way this fox carpenter is ordering things. Now everyone can feel like an aristocrat.

Norma smiled and narrowed her eyes.
Maybe you'll be the first to install it in your house, Norma.

'Then make a fence without saying a word.
'You're so annoying!I don't need you to tell me what to do, I'm telling you!

They really don't get along, do they?
But when you put them together, they become very complete.

Oh, and the fox carpenter. The hole in the chimney is too small, make it bigger.
'Huh!Why can't you make it to order?Are you still a professional?
'Don't be silly!The dimensions you gave me are too small for the chimney to function safely!
'Considering the thickness of the steel plate, it should be just right!
'I'm sorry to hear that!We've developed a chimney that reduces thermal conductivity and won't burn you if you touch it!This is the bathroom that Hammy and the manager use.It's only right to make it too safe!

Oh, they put Jeannette in the same category as Hammy.
I think I'm going to get burned by touching the chimney ...... accidentally.

'Is it okay if Magda gets a chimney burn on her back?
'That's absolutely not safe!It's absolutely safe, isn't it?I won't forgive you if there's any danger at all!
'That's why I told you to widen the chimney hole!Get on with it!
'Yeah, I'll do it right away!Just give me the measurements!
'The dimensions are written on this paper, so get on with it!
'Then I'll give you the paper quickly!
'Hmm, ...... something, the homophobia here is ...... fierce.'

Estella is disgusted.
This time it's not so bad.
This time it's not so bad.

'Well, well, well, both of you. Thanks to you, we can stay warm during the heavy snow season. I'm grateful for that. Both of you.

Why is Estella going to stay warm now that there's a bath at the Sunken Pavilion?
Stay in the mansion, .......

'When it's finished, let's go in together.
'Oh, I can't!
'No, I haven't told ...... Umaro, so it's okay.
'Of course not. I don't know what you're thinking. 'Erotic fox.

Oh, no!Norma sticks her tongue out at Oumalo.
I wonder. From the side, it's starting to look like they're flirting a little.

'Hmmm ......, well done.'

I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it.

'Sweat rash is a big problem. I'll wipe it off right away!
'Yes, you're caught red-handed.'

Estella tightly restrains my arms.
Let go of me!
I'm wiping up the sweat puddle in my cleavage!

'I'm going to have to put up an iron fence at a rapid pace from here ......'.
'No, seriously, you don't have to work that hard.You'll collapse. You're going to collapse.'
'I'll be fine.

Norma says with a weak smile, slightly clammy from sweat.

'It's the heavy snow season anyway, when all our men are in bed. There won't be any work.'
'Don't assume they'll fall asleep!

It's a pity!

''Yashiro-tan is our savior! I think it's fine if the old men in the back of the room go to sleep in moderation, but...''

''Gonsuke!Do you have a stock of iron fences to keep out animals?
'Yes, we have some, but it's probably not enough, you know?
'Well then, we'd better mass-produce them as soon as possible.
'No!We'll die if we fire up the furnace on such a hot day!
'That's fine. The workshop will be cleaner with a little less.'
'Mmm~!Norma's demon!Devil!You're too slow to go to ......!
'What were you going to say about ......, now?I'm not sure.
I'm going to go mass produce an iron fence!
'''We too~'''

The bearded and muscular maidens fled in packs under Norma's killing intent.

''...... I'll bring you some shaved ice later.''
'You're kind to more than just beautiful women and children, aren't you, Yashiro?
'f*ck you, .......'

It's not a good idea to wake up dead because of the bathrooms in the sunny pavilion.

'Well, they took care of me at the party, didn't they?

I even had them make me a cotton candy bowl.
Thanks to them, the party was a great success. I was able to make a strong connection with the 24th district, and I was able to turn down the meddling from BU.
They deserve a prize for their service.

'Don't be too hard on Norma. You'll collapse from heat stroke.'
'I'm fine. I work out differently than those soft men.'
'The best way to deal with heat stroke is to move them to a shady place and expose their chest to the sun so that they can breathe easily. and cool the head and armpits.
'Is that really the right treatment?

Covering her chest with her arms and her armpits with her hands, Norma took three steps away from me.
It's really, really, really the right thing to do.

'Well, then, I'll get some rest so I don't fall down.
'Oh. Tell Jeannette I'll have Umaro take a break in shifts.'
'I'll leave it to you...'

With a flutter of her hand, Norma heads for the front of the cafeteria.

'I'm going to make a hole that's exactly the right size and make that fox lady squeal!Goozja, work hard!

It's the middle of summer, with brilliant sunlight.
The backyard was very lively today.

Hardware Street was a scorching hell.

'What's the heat?
'This is ...... terrific.'

I had just walked through a heat wave and was exasperated, 'f*ck you, how hot is it? But the ...... heat is so hot that it makes the heat wave I just experienced seem like a lovely thing.
If I stay here for a long time, my body will be steamed, won't it?

'Isn't this heat affecting the main street as well?
'It's only one street in, we can't be sure it's not ...... here.'

We haven't even entered the workshop yet and it's still this hot. It's not 'hot' anymore, it's 'hot'. I'm being burned, my skin!

'The ice is melting. ......'
'Then let's hurry up and get them there. I'm sure it's even worse for the people working in there.

It was evening.
I'd like to sell shaved ice all day long, but the kids are so hungry they're willing to go hungry, so I've decided to keep the shaved ice sales to daytime.
Magda and Loretta also received several complaints, or rather, consultations.
Magda and Loretta have received several complaints, or rather, requests for advice, such as, 'My child is too noisy, can you please refrain from selling shaved ice after dinner?

As you can imagine, eating a mountain of shaved ice three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, would make him sick to his stomach and might even catch a cold.
One of the difficulties of customer business is that you have to earn a moderate level of favorability.
If you are the type of business that gobbles up profits and then quickly quits, you can just get away with it no matter how many problems you cause, but if you are the type of business that sets up store and tries to get along with the neighbors, you cannot do that.
Reputation can easily destroy a store.
It's not enough to just sell. Sadly.

That's why the stalls are empty in the evening.
We pulled the cart to the hardware guild. ...... I can't believe there are living things in this scorching hell.
Isn't everyone melting down?

'Let's go to the casting workshop for now.
'Yes, we should. That's the place to go for mass production.

Pulling a stall, Estella and I stepped into the boiling hot street.

Magda and Loretta were too busy helping out in the store to come with us.
The carpenters who worked until they collapsed in the backyard were coming in droves. It's going to be crowded for a while.

Not only the food, but also the shaved ice was selling well.
Also, iced coffee and iced tea with ice were selling like hotcakes.

Maybe we should think about building an ice house. ......

'Yashiro. I'm in trouble. The ice is already starting to melt.'
'No way!

I thought it would be hot, so I brought a very large ice cube, but the ice is losing its shape due to the unimaginable heat.
I'd better hurry up.

I picked up speed and headed for the workshop.

'Ugh, it's so hot!

When I entered the workshop, it was filled with a very sour smell.
Sweat, sweat, sweaty ......!

'And to think that it's the sweat of muscle-bound men,......, makes me want to kill them.
'You have to be patient,......, I'm trying my best to be patient.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
'You may not be able to stand it because you have a smell fetish, but I'm 100% sure it's just pain, okay?

'Aren't you having a little fun, you smell fetishist?
'Don't even joke about it. ...... I'll stab you.'

He glared at me with tears in his eyes.
It's a really strong smell.
It's enough to make a midsummer kendo club look cute.

'Oh, Yashiro-tan, ...... welcome to .......'
'You look like death!Are you okay?

An old man, probably named Gonzalez or Dodriguez or something like that, greeted us in a daze.
He seemed to be taking a break in shifts, and there were several muscles lying around in front of the furnace room.

...... It's not cool at all here. Do you want to rest?
I'm not sure what to say.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

The muscles that had been lying on the ground sprang up and rushed to the stall.
What's that smell?
The smell of sweat is coming along with your body temperature that has been abnormally raised by the heat.

'Hey, guys!Yashiro-tan sends his love~!
'It's from the Sunshine Pavilion!It's mainly from Jeannette!
'''Oh no, that's our Yashiro-tan!
''I told you it was Jeannette!
'''Yashiro. It's not constructive to devote your efforts to useless resistance. Why don't we just call it a gift from you?

You idiot!
If you're nice to them, they'll miss you!
If you were to use a love simulation, their sensitivity would rise as soon as you bumped into them at a turn on the way to school, and the happy ending would begin!I'm not sure what to make of that.

'What is it?'
'Would you rather be the one who scrapes the ice while the old men stare at you with expectant eyes, or the one who treats each old man individually and hands him the shaved ice?
'I'd rather be the one who quietly watches Yashiro from 40 meters away.
'Then you'll be the syrup man.'
'Yeah, ............, okay.'

I'm exhausted from the heat.
I don't have the energy to waste on talking.
In the meantime, Estella and I are starting to sweat.
This is a tough place to work.

...... can't be helped.
You guys should at least be rewarded now.

''It's better than melting it down, so I'll give you a big serving.
'''Yes!Yashiro-tan, you're so handsome!
''Okay, let's line up in order of beauty.
''I'm the first!
'''Aaah!You've got to be kidding me.
'''Aaah?Are you going to do it, Gor?
''I'm the best, aren't I?
''I'm the one who's talking!
''Keep your jokes to your face, eh?
'...... Yashiro. Why did you even bother to drop the spark?

Maidens shedding their maidens and cursing each other with the thick voices of males.

It's so powerful.
Even wildebeest in the savannah wouldn't be this intimidating to each other.

'Here you go, your first cup's ready!
'...... Who should I give it to, really?

I can't decide who's the best so I can't get any orders.
Estella quickly gave up and put the shaved ice on the counter with the appropriate syrup.

'Eat it before it melts~'

She threw it all away.
Well, I'll follow suit.
If you make the shaved ice so fast that there is no time to fight, they will start eating it on their own.

From that point on, I mindlessly churned out more and more shaved ice.

I'm not sure how much time has passed since then, but my nose went on strike due to the violent smell of sweat.
I could no longer detect any rich fruit aroma in any of the syrups.
It's supposed to smell so good, this syrup.

Slender men emerged from the workshop and returned to their shaved ice skin.
Isn't this ice actually frozen elixir?

'Ah~, I'm coming back to life~'
'I see. That's too bad.
'Yashiro. You're losing the brakes on your mental voice from fatigue.

Idiot. I'm just not going to let it.

'So, are you going to make it?
'Yes. We'll make it in time for the heavy snow season. It'll probably be last minute, though.'
'Well, I'm sorry.'
'No, I'm not. Despite what you say, we're happy to be of service to the 42nd district. If this goes well, it'll come in handy again, right?

Well, I guess so.

'Maybe your houses will be equipped with baths.
'Oh, that's wonderful!

They're probably boiling water and wiping themselves with a tub, just like us.
It must be hard to do that with such a big body.

'But my house is a row house, so it might be a little difficult. ......'
'That's true. You can't put it in the dormitory.

The members of the hardware guild basically live in a dormitory prepared by the guild.
It was built like a row house, with thin walls and a small area.
It's as small as a one-room apartment.

Norma's house is large, but it was originally a women's dormitory too.
If you consider that four or five people live in that house, it is indeed small.
You can't put a bath there.

Even if it could, it would have to be a shared ...... room. Or is that still too tight?
The only space you'll have is next to the kitchen in the dirt floor. ...... A bath next to the kitchen is also ...... hard to get into, and even as a kitchen, you'll want to frown on the hygiene aspect.

It's a good idea to have a bath, because we sweat a lot at work.
'It's tough when you smell like sweat every day.

It's a pollution level.

'Oh no, not again!Yashiro-tan!Don't talk like that to a girl!
'No, I'm talking to the old man.
'This is not the smell of sweat. It's men's flavor. No, it's men's fruity.
'What's fruity about it?

There's no such thing as sour fruit!

'When the baths are ready at the Sunlit Pavilion, let's go get some hot water.
'Yes, let's do that.
'Hey, stop it!We're a diner!

You're interfering with our business!
Then why don't you just go to ............?Oh, I see.

'Estella, why don't we build a public bathhouse?
'A public bathhouse?You mean a common bath ......?

I've never seen such a thing in this city, but if we build a public bathhouse, even people who live in small houses like tenements will be able to take a bath easily.
If all the people in the city take a bath, the level of cleanliness in the city will go up by one.

'There's a hot spring in some district, right?
'Not in Allbloom. Yashiro is probably referring to the hot springs beyond the mines. We've talked about it before, haven't we?

I don't remember when, but I think we talked about it.
I would like to go there, but I remember thinking that it would be inconvenient to go outside the effective range of the Conversation Record.

'We're going to build a big bath, so that anyone can take a bath every day for a reasonable fee.
'But you can't go in with other people .......'
'You go to a hot spring with other people, right?
'Well, yes, but ......'

It's okay. We can separate the baths for men and women if we have to.'
'No, we'll definitely separate them there, no matter what, as a matter of course.

Why not?
You could have chosen not to separate them!

'Well, I don't think we can ban the kids because they're here.
'Oh, that's right. I've heard that mothers and fathers sometimes bring their young children into hot springs. I've never encountered it, though.
'But we'll still have an age limit.
'That's right, of course.
'For now, let's just say no one over eighteen.
'Why did you make yourself just barely safe?I'm under seven!
'You're under seven!...... By the way, what about rounding off to the nearest tenth?
'You're not allowed!

Oh, my God. ......
If that's the case, I might as well ban it altogether.
I'd kill to have a man who can go into a women's bath that I can't.

'But wouldn't that be dangerous, since there's a guild leader who'd be 'wow'ed' by a six-year-old girl coming in?
'When that person comes in, you can ban all ages.'

Yeah, right . Let's do that.
Yeah, let's do that.

'Also, we can tell Regina to make a medicinal bath for us.
'Yakuyu?What's it good for?
'Well, it's supposed to relieve fatigue and warm the body from the core.
'I like that!It's like a simple hot spring.

This guy must have been to a hot spring before.
He looks like he's having a great time.
Maybe his nose is so stupid that he can't smell sweat anymore.
The human body's defense instinct is so precious.

'Hey, you guys.

I say this as a pep talk to the maidens of the Hardware Guild who have been working so hard.

'Look forward to it. I'll give you a present of extreme happiness.

Perhaps because they were so happy with the bath, all the maidenly males slumped to the ground with their hands on their cheeks.
Well, a big bath feels good, doesn't it?
Enjoy it as much as you can.

It was early in the morning of the next day that I found out that I was mistaken in thinking that .......

'Yashiro, is it true that you've declared your intention to mess with my men?
'Of course it's not true!What kind of acrobatic misunderstanding is that?

Before the sun had even risen, Norma rushed into the sunlit pavilion and said something terrible.
Who would dare touch that thing!

'But that's what they said. 'But they said, "We'll give you the greatest happiness."'
It's a public bathhouse.
'After all, ...... Yashiro, the smell of your ...... men's sweat made you horny. ......'
'No, I didn't!
But you just said 'body odor lust'!
'It's a public bathhouse!

From then until the sun came up, I carefully told Norma about the bathhouse and told her to make sure she was persuaded before they came here today.
I told her that any old man with strange misconceptions would not be allowed near the sunny pavilion, and nailed him to the wall.

It's been a while since I've said that.
"Forced Translation Magic", don't play with it.

As the heat wave continues and the temperature rises day by day, the maidens of the Trubec Engineering Shop and the Hardware Guild sweatily run around in the forest and finally complete the waterway.
In order to check its operation, I came to inspect the waterway in the forest together with Torbek's store, the Hardware Guild, and the members of the River Fishing Guild.

The structure was more solid than I had imagined, and would last for ten or twenty years.
The flow of water was perfect, and we could use it without any inconvenience.
In addition, the large tank that Yamboldo is so proud of is equipped with a filtration system that will return any fish that wander into the river without harming them.

According to the members of the river fishing guild, the structure is designed to take advantage of the ecology and characteristics of fish.
As a test, Omero threw three fish into the tank, and all three swam out of the water's outlet in good health.
It is safe to say that they will not be knocked to the bottom of the river when they fall.

'Looks like you've learned your lesson, Yamboldo.
'Omero, the blister.'
'Huh?Ah, ah, well, I guess?

Sounds like you've got a crush, Yangboldo.
Well, it's impossible for even a spirit god to truly understand you.

'But your enthusiasm was great. He stayed here for three days and three nights asking about the ecology of most of the fish in this river. After all, everyone you know has guts.

Omero praised Yangbold, saying: ......
You're the one who knows me, and you ain't got no guts. You're still too scared of the guild leader to speak up. You'd better get used to it. I thought Delia had mellowed out.

Nevertheless, the tank is now complete.
Delia is in a good mood now that she knows it won't affect the river.

'But, if a Nushi-class fish in such a big river gets mixed in, where will it come out?
'If a fish of that size gets mixed in, the channel will break first.

Delia, assuming a fish that is bigger than you, indicates its size with both arms.
If a fish of that size were to fall from the waterfall by mistake, I'd give up and send personnel to repair it.

'Ya, Yashiro-chan. No, Yashiro-chan!

I don't understand why he rephrased it at all, but the maidens of the hardware guild (muscled and bearded) gather in front of me.

'The fence to keep out the beasts is up.
'I worked so hard, I sweated a little.
'But that doesn't mean you can't be a wolf, Yashiro-tan!
'What, what?This urge to bite off your throat, is it showing on your face?

This feeling, it's the will to kill.
It seems that Norma's stern orders to re-educate the males did not work.
...... I think I'll quit the bathhouse.

'Hey, Yashiro. Do you like the smell of sweat?'
'I don't like it.'
'But Estella told me that Yashiro has a smell fetish.

That sniffing girl!
You're trying to use me as a scapegoat to cover up your own s*xuality!
What a guy!He's a hell of a lord.
He's a horrible lord with the makings of a demagogue.

'This year's swimsuit will be a triangle bikini, let's do it.

It should be simple, unadorned, and emphasize the languidness!
Unlike last year, when swimsuits were not popular, cute swimsuits have already become civilized!
No matter what your objections are, I'm sure everyone will wear their new swimsuits when they play in the river!

I remember that Ukrines asked Nephrite and Barbara to model for her new swimsuit.
Uclines is a mild-mannered old lady, but she has a man in her heart.
It's a clothing store that loves "cute" and "revealing".
...... I can hardly contain my anticipation now!

'Will Delia be wearing her new swimsuit?
'A river trip?Yeah. Uclines gave me a new one for you. She said, 'It's good publicity for you to wear it.
'Yeah, ......, as usual, your imitation is so unlike me that it makes my temples itch.

You're not capturing any of the features, but you're exaggerating them.
It's a real mystery what you're imitating.

'Well then, let's see if there are any problems with the water supply.

The channel that sends water to the bathroom is called the water supply.
This is to distinguish it from the waterway that sends water to the fields. Hammaro came rushing in saying, 'The waterway is a disaster! so that when Hammaro comes running in, he will know which one you are talking about.
Well, it's so shabby compared to Japan's waterways that I can't help but think 'waterways are ......', but I'm the only one who feels uncomfortable about that, so it's okay.

'I'll go back to the sunlit pavilion, open and close the door, and then come back and see if there's anything wrong with the water supply.
'I'll take care of it, Miss Delia!

Goozja replies to Delia, even though I asked her to.
This guy seems to be happy just having Delia around. He can work three times faster than usual.

'Yashiro, can I come and watch too?
'As you wish.
'Then I'll come with you!
'No, you stay here and watch the waterworks, Goozuya.'
'Delia's expecting you. See?
'Yeah. I'm counting on you, Goozoo ...... ya?'
'Ahh!Delia-san finally said my name?Yes!I'll do my best!I'll be sure to do what she asks!

I thought I'd be able to convince Delia, but she's cheap, these guys.
And I probably still can't fully remember your name. It was a question at the end.

'Well, we'll be on our way-- Omero.
'Oh, what's up, bro?
'I need you to wash those old hardware guys.
''No, Omero, you're so naughty!
''Hey!Wait a minute, you're defaming me!

You like to wash, don't you?
Take care of it. What they call 'men's fruity', wash it down to the roots.

'Hey, Delia.
'Oh. I don't know about you, but I'm counting on you, Omero.

'Aaahhh!This sucks!I'll never be able to say no again!

Omero looked up to the sky with his head in his hands.
Would you rather suffer the psychological fatal wound of washing the maidens, or the physical fatal wound of breaking Delia's orders?Now, take your pick!It's dead or die!

'Whichever you choose, I'm dead. ...... d*mn, I wish I could have eaten oshiruko at Kamakura this year. ......'

Omero cries quietly, holding his eyes.
What were you looking forward to, you big old man? I mean, you don't even like sweets that much. You don't even have anyone to share it with.
I didn't know the name "Kamakura-za" was so popular.

d*mn it!I'm desperate!Hardware Guild!Whoever wants to get washed should come forward!
''No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
''Omero is going to buy us a bowl of soup at Kamakura-za for everyone who gets washed.
'''Yes!We've got the hottest sweets!Wash up, raccoons!
Oh, dear, oh, dear.Don't chug it!One at a time!One by one, ......!

A hot day.
There was a great splash in the river in the forest.
Delia and I made our way to the sunken pavilion as a raccoon, trapped by a pack of fierce muscle maidens, washed up on the riverbed.

'Oh, look, look!There's water!Hahaha, that's awesome~'

Water came pouring out of the tap in the bathroom built in the backyard of the Sunken Pavilion.
It was a great success.
You did it!

'The fact that ...... Yashiro is more refreshing than necessary means that ...... Omero or Goozuya must have been sacrificed in the river.
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.
'...... may he rest in peace.'

Estella made a sharp point, Loretta made a terrible accusation, and Magda prayed for Omero's soul.
Hmm. There is no such thing as my responsibility.
Even if it did, it would be so small that a pretty Yashiro-chan smile would make up for it.

'Do you want to try it, Jeannette?
'Yes. Do you think I can do it?

Ginette sits excitedly in front of a tool she's never seen before.

A 'tap' that brings water to the Sunlit Pavilion.
A faucet was attached to the end of it.

It is a simple device that closes the faucet when it is perpendicular to the tap, and opens it when it is parallel to the tap.
Since Norma's screw had improved its performance considerably, I tried to make it, and it worked well.

If I can make some gaskets, I may be able to make an iron water supply.
If so, the size of the water supply can be made more compact, and durability can be increased.
That's a matter to be discussed. If you want to make gaskets, you can use rubber or resin. ...... If you ask Javier, he might be able to introduce you to such a craftsman.


Ginette twisted the cock fearfully, and water flowed out vigorously.
The water stops flowing when he returns the cock.
So far, there was no indication that the valve would be broken by the water pressure.
For now, we can consider it a success.

'How's it going?
'Yes, it took a little effort, but even I was able to open and close it easily.

Following Ginette's sense of accomplishment, Magda, Loretta, and Delia tried to open and close the door.
We test its durability by opening and closing it roughly on purpose.

If Ginette and Delia can use it without any problems, then surely anyone can use it.
Just be careful not to use too much water and you should be fine.

'It's surprisingly easy to fetch water now.
'It's equipped with a filtration system, so it's safe to drink.

After passing through the filtration system, the water will only pass through a completely enclosed passage.
Nevertheless, wells are safer for drinking.
This is only for when you are thirsty after taking a bath.
The river is clean, so you can drink it without any resistance. People drink it in the river.

'Now, if I can just get creative, the bathhouse will be complete.

I didn't think that the bath would actually be ready in less than a week.
Moreover, it's a functional and stylish bathhouse that Umaro and Yambordo paid a lot of attention to.
If they build a public bathhouse, this will definitely be popular.
Let's bring in Becco to decorate it gorgeously.
Maybe we can get Imelda to join us. She's got excellent design skills.

As I was thinking about this, Umaro, who was working harder than anyone else on the bathroom, tilted his head.

'What do you mean, "one more idea"?

The bathroom of the Sunlit Pavilion is almost finished.
Although the wall has been temporarily removed in order to bring the water supply into the bathroom, this wall can be re-installed immediately.

So, it really only needs one more effort to be completed.

'Just make a secret hidden passage that only I can sneak through and it's done!
'Now, all I have to do is reattach the wall and reinforce it firmly, and I'm done!
'Wait, Umaro!If we can't make a loophole, at least make a peephole, or a small window!Yes, a small window for ventilation!
'We already have a small window for ventilation. And it's a window with the latest technology from Torbeck Engineering, so you can see out from the inside, but you can't see in from the outside.

You idiot!That's only visible from one side due to the angle of the diagonally mounted boards!
That's a standard technology that's been used in Japan for a long time!
What's the latest?
What's the latest? It's no big deal, let's just change it to a regular lattice window!


The normally obedient Umaro didn't listen to me at all.
He's a ...... rebel, isn't he?

When I consulted Jeannette about what to do, she gave me the oft-heard scolding words, 'Please repent.


I think I'll take a bite of my food before serving it to Umaro next time.