454-Episode 256 Preparation and Announcement

According to Natalia's forecast, tomorrow would be the last day of the heat wave.
The first day of the heat wave was expected to be another day longer, but it seems that the temperature has risen faster than expected.

In order not to repeat last year's mistake, we had planned to go swimming tomorrow, when each of us had finished our work and there was still one day to spare before the heavy snowfall period. ...... Tomorrow is the last day, the same as last year.

I guess I'll just have to swim less this year and be careful not to fall asleep.

'So, I'm going to make a good plan.
'That's a good thing.

The time is now night.
The business of the sunny pavilion is not over yet, but the number of customers has died down, and only a few people are rushing in to eat dinner.

At any rate, I called up those who had announced that they would come to stay during the heavy snowfall.

Here we are, myself, Ginette, Magda, and Loretta from Team Sun-dari-tei.
Then there's Estella and Natalia, Delia and Imelda, Umaro, Becco and Hammaro, last year's sleepover group.
And Norma, Paula and Nephrite, who are joining us for the first time this year.
Masha is not participating today because she has to work until tomorrow.

...... Are this many people really going to stay?

'Paula and Nephrite are only staying for the first day, right?
'Yes, they are. This year, we're going to have a 'Kamakura BAR' in Cantalucia too!
'I have to take care of the chickens. It's a pity. But I think I can come and help with the Kamakura.
'Hey, Neffery!Come help me with the Kamakura Bar!We're all experienced...'
'Yes, even if it's .......'
'Then I'll give you that one-of-a-kind fur coat!
'I'm in!

Nefari's motivation visibly spiked.

'What are you talking about?
'You see, Mr. Ukrines made a very cute and fluffy coat for the heavy snow season. It's a prototype, so there's only one, right?'
'Yes, yes. It won't be officially on sale until next year's hot season.

Paula added to Neffery's enthusiastic talk.
I mean, why a fur coat in the hot season?...... Oh, I see.
It is unlikely to be worn outside of the heavy snowfall season, and fur coats and other fluffy things.

'That's why you're the only one in town who's wearing that fur coat this snowy season!
'I wanted one too, but Paula bought it for me by the skin of her teeth.
'I'm faster than you, you know!
'You should borrow it and wear it together.
'Of course I will. Right, Neffely?
'Yes. But 'lending' and 'borrowing' have completely different meanings in the world of fashion. Do you understand?

No, I don't.
I just don't care.

'If you want a fluffy one, just carry Hammaro on your back.
'It's a natural heating device!

I didn't say anything about wanting to wear fluffy clothes, but Hammaro climbed on my back on his own and turned into a crying old man.
...... It's heavy. No, it's light.

'Oniichan, Oniichan!
'...... Hammaro?'

It's you!
If you don't learn how to say 'Onii-chan', we'll be inclined to say 'Onii-chan? I'll be tilting my head!

'Mmmm. You look warm, Yashiro-san.'
'Fine. I'll lend it to you when it snows.'

Ginette made a joke, so I'll make a joke in return.
By the way, it's not warm at all.
If you stay still, the ground might get warmer, but this thing doesn't stay still at all. It's moving all over the place. Hey, if you're going to beat me, at least calm down!

'So, back to the point.

Reflecting on the fact that last year we were in a flurry of activity due to the lack of various things, preparations are already underway.

'The bedding and firewood have already been brought in. The bedding and firewood have already been brought in, and Imelda is providing them as she did last year.
'Thank you very much!

This is why I can't refuse Imelda's stay.
Sponsors are scary when they're angry.
Even though there is a full complement of waiters in the palace.
...... Well, I'm sure the servants need some peace and quiet once in a while.
You can stretch your wings as much as you like.

By the way, you've been asking Ginette for recipes for various dishes.
Oshiruko, Daikon potatoes, and so on.
I guess she's planning to have a sweet party. While Imelda's away.

'Also, the food was provided by Mormat.'
'Heh. Is that what they call 'providing' where you're from?'

Excuse me.
It was in return for making better sledges and sandals than last year for the farming guild.
I did scare the reluctant crocodiles into doubling their supply, but that was because of the bond that Mo'amat and I have developed over the years of spending time together.
It was not robbery.

'Mo-Mat was very happy when I told him that he was invited to the mochi pounding event at the church at the end of the year.

Ginette was a little nervous when I took a lot of vegetables, so I invited her to a mochi pounding contest at the church.
Mo'amat, who was in love with Bertina, would have been happy just to be able to eat rice cakes while watching Bertina.

'So you like rice cakes, Mr. Mo'amat. I've never heard of it before.
'No, Ginette-chan, ...... that's the thing, the way Yashiro said ............'.

Estella glanced at me with reproachful eyes and let out a sigh.
What is it?
I just said, 'Bertina is glutinous. I just whispered in his ear, 'Bertina is mochi-petticoat.
What he imagined with that onomatopoeia is none of my business. It's all his fault.

Unlike Estella, Bertina isn't flat-chested. I'm sure she didn't imagine anything indecent.
But if she's a 'glutinous flattie,' ...... can't vouch for that.

'Donations to the church are already in place.

Last year, we just brought the food and let the matrons do the cooking.
But this year, we've prepared meat marinated in sauce and fish processed to last longer.
They are stored in the ice storage room, which has become empty due to the huge sales of shaved ice, so they will not get damaged.

This will save you some time and effort in cooking.
Besides, we can enjoy the taste of ginette even when we are snowed in.
The kids and Bertina will be happy.

'We'll bring the preserves tomorrow morning. They won't have the energy after playing in the river.'
'Then I'll come and help you!
'Then I'll help you, too.

That's reassuring.

'Well, you two. Come in your swimsuits so we can go play in the river.'
'Yeah!All right!
'You don't get it, do you?I can't have you two walking around town in your bathing suits in the morning!
'I guess not. Okay!Then let's get Ginette into a bathing suit too!
'You're supposed to wear normal clothes!Already.

Apparently, swimsuits can wait until the river.

'Oh, and the river play starts at noon.

In the morning, the pavilion is open for business as usual.
Since it is just before the heavy snowfall season, we are expecting some customers to come to buy lunch boxes.
Also, old lady Mum will come for coffee tomorrow morning.
I remember she came last year, around this time of the year.
I'm sure Jeannette will be working hard to make coffee jelly early tomorrow morning.

'If you don't have any business, you can start ahead, but the stall at the sunny pavilion won't arrive until after noon, so be prepared for that.

If you're hungry before noon, we're not going to stop working.
I'll have to remind Bertina of that.

'Also, this is the most important thing, so I want you all to listen to it carefully: ......'

The most important thing to keep in mind when you're out on the river tomorrow. That is--

'Don't mention anything about staying overnight during the heavy snowfall in front of Lucia, okay?Don't even hint at it.It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.
This is also the order of the lord.

'If anyone tells Lucia about this, they will not only be banned from the Sunken Pavilion during the heavy snow season, but they will also be responsible for taking Lucia away, so be prepared for that!

It's impossible to keep taking care of something like that in a space closed off by snow.
Your heart will wear out and wear out.

''Um, Yashiro-san. Don't you think that's a little pitiful?

What are you talking about, Jeannette!
There's no need to wear out your own life to serve someone else!

'Are you trying to make Lucia sleep in the mess hall?
'No, that's not .......'
'He has a fine mansion, and many servants to serve him. It would be more comfortable for him to stay in his own mansion. More importantly, I don't like the situation where the lord can't return to his house because of the heavy snowfall. During heavy snowfalls, the whole town is buried in snow, and you never know what kind of accident might happen. Wouldn't it be a problem for the people of the city if the lord is not at the mansion?That's when a lord should stay in the manor and be prepared for anything. Hey, Estella?
'Hmm, no comment!

You can't argue with that, but Estella turns her head away, showing that she wants to stay in the sunlit pavilion at all costs.
You, too, should stay at the mansion just in case.
The waiters will take care of you and make sure you're well looked after.

'I'm sorry, Master Yashiro. All the servants at the manor have plans to spend time with their families and loved ones during the heavy snowfall. If Estella declares that she will stay at the manor now, it will cause a riot.
'Did you all send out your vacations at once this year too ......'.

Don't tell me this is going to become an annual event.

'Come on, hire a cook, your mansion.
'It doesn't matter who you hire, you can't surpass Jeannette's taste, so it's the same. I'm going to stay in the sunlit pavilion!
'Are you sure you want this guy as your lord, District 42?

What a selfish lord.
The people are crying. Hmmm...

'In a way, no one but Estella can be the lord of the Forty-two districts.
'I guess so. I wouldn't like it if it wasn't Estella.
'Hey, everyone, ......!
'It's easy for you to take care of the troublesome procedures.'
'...... Well, I'll take that as a favorable opinion.

In Estella's case, she would probably ignore the incompleteness of the documents because of the person she was dealing with.
'It's wrong here, but she doesn't have bad intentions, so I'll fix it'.
It can also be called falsification of official documents, though.

I, too, have thrown all my paperwork to Estella since we first met.
Starting with the establishment of the Garbage Collection Guild, registration to the residents of the district, and so on and so forth.
I guess that's why they don't grow up. We need to get Delia to do it and pass it on within the guild. ...... Well, we can do that in a little while.
Estella is still a new lord. You'll learn a lot about that in the future. Together with the people.

'So, that's all I have to say on the matter. ...... You guys are too preoccupied with other things.

While we were talking about the river play and the sleepover during the heavy snowfall, they kept on fidgeting.
Ah, yes, yes. I know, I know.
I know you're curious.

d*mn those new-fangled wards.

Let's go show it off. The sunny pavilion, the large bathhouse.

There was a cheer and the tour group started walking towards the kitchen.

The bathhouse was built in the backyard of the sunken pavilion, further away from the firewood storage area.
This was the place where many logs had once been cut.
In the past, we used to cut those logs to repair chairs or to use as firewood, but lately we have been asking Imelda to give us wood, so we don't need the log yard anymore.
Therefore, all the remaining logs were used up for the construction of the bathhouse this time.

And the bathhouse was born with a bang.
There is a door to the backyard, but you cannot enter from the backyard side. The door can only be unlocked from the bathing area.

To enter the bathhouse, you have to go through the door to the bathhouse that has been newly built in the corridor leading to the courtyard beyond the kitchen.

'Watch your step, please.
'What?The corridor doesn't creak anymore, does it?
'Yes. Mr. Umaro fixed it too.
'...... and the door to the courtyard.
'It doesn't creak at all anymore!Great job, Mr. Oumarro!
'Hahaha ...... not so much.'

I'm not sure what that was ...... about, but it's the result of a loan I got back. Maybe I did something to make Umaro happy, yes.

'Umaro-san, you're being a little too favourable to Yashiro~'
That's right. If that's the case, I wish you'd fix my stairs too~'
'No, no, no, this is a give and take. ...... Well, if you have time, I can consult with you.

I'm sure you'll be able to have a conversation with the girls. I didn't see her face, though. But that's progress.

'You've grown up, Umaro.
'It's a very small step.'

Don't say that, Estella.
That one small step could cure his disease. ...... No, it won't. No, it won't.

'So, this is the bathroom.'

Ginette leads the way and opens the door to the hallway.
Beyond the door is a short hallway with a sliding door at the end.
Open the sliding door and you will find yourself in the changing room.

'Wow, pretty decorations!What's this?'

Neffery and Paula shout when they see the curtain on the bathroom door.

There are two types of noren. One is a simple curtain with a red cloth and the other with a blue cloth and the word "hot water" written on it.

In fact, I wanted to use "men's hot water" and "women's hot water," but this is an ordinary household bath.
There are no men's or women's baths.

'There are two doors, you know?
'Is it divided into men and women?

I'm sure you thought so because I'm also in the sunny pavilion, but that's not the case.

'This is a single-person bathroom.

I could have let Umaro explain this, but since there are so many girls, Ginette, the landlord, is doing the explaining.
She seemed to be enjoying herself.

From the back of the room, Umaro is enjoying the reactions of the others with satisfaction.

Ginette opens the door to the one-person bathroom.
There is a single-person bathtub made of luxurious cypress.
Even though it is a one-person bathtub, it is spacious enough for me to stretch my legs out, and if it were filled, it could hold three people.
Even two men can soak in it.

'Hey, hey, Jeannette. Why are there two bathtubs for one person?
'This smaller one is for boiling water.

When asked by Paula, Ginette began to explain about the gun bath.

'Wood is burned in this iron kiln to boil the water in this smaller tub. The chimney disposes of the smoke outside the room, so it is safe.

The Japanese gun baths did not have a chimney for smoke discharge, but Umaro said it would be better to have one, so I installed one. Rather than making everything the same, I decided to make use of the wisdom and technology of the people here and keep it original to the 42nd district. It's our people who will do the maintenance.

...... Oh, you mean 'the ones to do it'.

And look out!This is the waterworks!

Delia smugly brags about all the places she's been involved with.
Delia had been in this one-person bathtub before.
When she checked the water supply.

So she's a little better at it than the rest of us.
Well, I haven't shown her the big bathroom next door yet.

'This is the new technology, isn't it?
'I'd like to get some water out of it.
'Okay, but don't waste it, okay?

Imelda twisted the faucet when I gave her permission.
The water starts flowing vigorously, and a cheer goes up.

'That's great!
'I want one of these!

It may be true for everyone, but it is not possible in places far from the river.
New technology and wisdom will be needed. I'll get to that later.

Incidentally, there is an extension canal under the water supply, which can be used to draw water from the water supply into the bathtub for boiling and into the bathtub for bathing.
If you do not want to fill the bathtub, you can pour the water into the washing area.
It can be used for any purpose.

If you have a bathtub, you may want to chill a whole watermelon in it.

The faucet is turned on tightly, and Paula and Nephrite get into the bathtub with their clothes on.
They look like they're having fun.
I wish they could take their clothes off.

'Put your clothes on ......'.
'Oh, no. I dropped my knife.'

Before I can say anything else, the knife falls to the ground at my feet.
You'll be questioned right away in ...... Japan for carrying this around. You dangerous man.

'There's plenty of room for two of us.
'Magda can fit another.
'Then I'll go in!
'No, Magda's fine.
'Why not, Mr. Paula?I want to go in with you!
'If Loretta goes in, we'll run out of hot water!
'There's not even a drop of hot water in there now!

Well, if I take a bath with Loretta, the water will run out at a very fast rate. ...... She's going to go crazy.

'The bathtub has enough room so that you can stretch your legs.

Nefari sits on the edge of the tub and Paula stretches out her legs. That's a lot of room. Of course it's big enough for me to stretch my legs out.

'Do you think I can stretch my legs?
'I think you'll be fine.

Norma and Delia are itching to get into the tub.
It's going to take a while if we're all in here. ......

'Hey, Jeannette. Over there.'
'I'm afraid the water's already hot.'
'I see. ......'

Apparently the bathrooms are already filled with hot water.

'Well, Delia and Norma, take off your clothes and go to .......'
'Let's have them take a bath here.

With a smile, he interrupted me.

Tch~ .

'Why don't you come in, Norma? It's a good opportunity.
'Are you sure?
'Okay, I'll go first!
'Hey, Delia!...... Come on, let's take over.

Paula and Nepheli get out of the tub, and Delia gets in.
Her long legs are stretched out. They're really long, aren't they?

'Oh, I can stretch them out, my legs!

She lifts her outstretched legs to show off.
It's the kind of pose a Hollywood actress would do in a bubble bath in a unit bathroom.
Perhaps it was because it was a bathtub, but it looked a little s*xy in spite of Delia's blandness.

I glanced at Umaro and saw that he had his back to me. He was embarrassed.

Delia left and Norma entered.
Norma is shorter than Delia, so of course she can stretch her legs to get in. ......

'Oh, ...... this is going to feel so good.

It's so fragrant you'd think there was hot water in it!
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
Her breath is so s*xy!
It's so s*xy!

It's even warmer if you drink it on a tray with hot sake.
'That's a good idea. Maybe I'll ask for some during the heavy snow season.

Norma was in a good mood, thirsty and happy.
Be sure to have a chaperone with you when you do this.
I'm afraid of getting hot and drunk.

'In my hometown, we call it an open-air bath, where you can soak in hot water, drink hot sake, and look out at the open landscape. The snowy scenery would be great.
'That's nice. I'd like to experience it myself.
Right?So, please fill out the petition to remove the wall in the bathhouse--'
'You haven't given up yet, have you, big brother?
'...... The idea has been scrapped and will no longer be reconsidered.
'Yashiro-san. I'm sorry.

'd*mn, no.' ......

'Oh, by the way, Imelda is very quiet.'
'...... If you ask me.
'I have a bathroom in my house too. I'm interested in the waterworks and this gun bath, but a bathtub of this size is not much different from the one in my house. Our bathtub is more magnificent than Estella's, you know.
'Shut up!It's only natural that they were built after us!Besides, unlike your building, my building was not designed by Umaro. ...... Maybe I should rebuild it.

Wow, the trust in Umaro.
It's a brand now.

'Well, I'd like to join you for a drink, that I would.
'Then let's go next door...'
'Mr. Yashiro!
'There is no demand for your pseudo-bathing scene!
'I have no intention of supplying it, but!

Are you trying to ruin Norma's s*xy pseudo-bathing scene?
Don't show me anything strange until it's burned into my memory. What if they get mixed up?

'Are you sure Magda and the others are okay with this?They seem to like this kind of thing.'
'...... Magda and her friends have already been through this.'
'I even flipped over in the bath next door!

The members of the Sunlit Pavilion have already enjoyed it.
Well, no one has taken a bath yet.

This is just a warm-up before we see the real thing, the big bath.
If we can make it easier for people to take care of themselves, the baths will spread throughout the 42nd district in no time.

Such thoughts crossed my mind as I looked at the excited faces of everyone.

After the explanation of the new technology of the 42nd district, the gun bath and the water supply, the group enjoyed the new bathroom, stretching their legs in the tub and trying to get in together.
This alone would have been satisfying enough, but ...... the real work was yet to come.

'Now, everyone, this way.

Ginette led us out of the changing room first.
Then, when all eyes were on her, she said something unusual.

'This one's a little bit amazing. You can count on it.

Ginette doesn't often brag about her baths, but apparently the baths are different.
Maybe she doesn't even know it's her own bathroom?
The only thing in his mind might be 'Let's all take a bath together during the heavy snowfall'. ...... I'm starting to think so.
It's your house, right?

And then you go out to the changing room, and finally the door to the big bath is opened.

'What's this!
'It's huge!
'This is amazing.

Paula barked, Nephrite stunned, Delia marveled, and Norma's eyes twinkled.
In Norma's mind, she's probably already soaking in the bathtub and pouring herself a hot drink. Her cheeks are relaxed.

'Be careful not to spill hot water on the floor, it's a slippery slope.

The floor is made of Japanese cypress.
Be careful not to slip and fall. Also, if you don't clean the floor often, it will become slippery.
You have to be careful not to overload the ginette.

The large bathroom is already filled with hot water.
The water is colorless, clear and clean.

It's not as good as a public bath, but it's probably as good as any dormitory bath.
It is large enough for four people to stretch out their legs side by side.
If you bend your legs, you can fit eight people in it. ...... How many people are you planning to fit in there?
I'm sure it's big enough for one person.

This is a luxury bath that is only used when guests are staying.

We usually use the one-person bath.
Of course.
No matter how much time you have, it's not enough to fill and boil water in this huge bath every day. It's also hard to clean.

However, a bath for one person is luxurious enough.

Ginette pokes her tongue out with a wry smile.
Even the one-person bathtub is bigger than the one in Estella's house, and almost as big as the one in Imelda's house. It's on the level of Estella's and Imelda's, in other words, the house of a nobleman.
It was luxurious enough.

'Mr. Manager!Since I didn't get in the bathtub earlier, I'll get in here!
'Hey, Imelda!The water is already hot!You'll get wet!

Imelda rushes forward, but Loretta stops her.

'I don't think it'll be a problem as long as you take off your clothes.
'It's the taking off of clothes that's the problem. You must understand.

Estella is having a difficult conversation.
Let's ignore her.

'Whoa!This is impressive, that it is.
'Yikes!Becko is peeking into the girls' bathroom~!
'Wait!Mr. Yashiro!Please refrain from saying anything that might cause misunderstanding, that you should!

It's true.
There's a girl in the bathroom and you're peeking in.

'I'd like to go into ...... this, you know.
'Me too!

Well, I'm sure you will.
I mean, that's what you guys are here for, right?
The river play and sleepover meetings are secondary.

I've made all the preparations.
And your bath sets.
You can go in. Bathroom's ready.
I'm sure that's what Ginette had in mind when she filled the bathrooms.

Everyone's face is glowing with anticipation.
It will be fun to soak in the big tub, stretch out our legs, and have fun together.

But it doesn't end there, that's the quality of the sunny pavilion.

Look at this one.

I take out a packet of powder from my pocket and show it to him.
It's a light yellow powder, and because the tub is so big, there's quite a bit of it.

'Um, Yashiro-san. What is it?'

I haven't told Jeannette and the others about this either.
While bathhouses and waterways are being constructed here and there, I secretly went to Regina's house to research and develop this.

'This is a bath salt that you put in the bathtub and enjoy.

Naturally, it is made of safe, natural ingredients that are completely harmless even if discharged directly. There is no problem even if you pour it directly into the sewer.

There are a variety of scents to choose from, including quince, lavender, and chamomile. ...... This scent is a good one to start with.
When you put the bath salts into the bathtub, the water quickly turned yellow and a refreshing scent spread throughout the bathroom.

'Yuzu......, isn't it?
'Oh. It's a bath salt with the scent of yuzu.'
'Huh~, it smells great!
'...... I could drink it all in one go.'

Don't do it, Magda.
It doesn't have any flavor.

'So, Jeannette.'

'After all, the landlord has the right to the first bath.

'You go in first.
'No, no!I don't mind being last after everyone else has finished.
'What are you talking about, Mr. Manager?
'...... The manager should take the first bath with Magda.
'I want in, too, in that circle!
'But if it's the first bath, I'll give it to Yashiro-san at .......'
'I want to enjoy the hot water left over from Jeannette's use!
'Yashiro is going to use the tub over there, Jeannette.'

Estella interrupted me and did something unnecessary!
Is she an enemy?Is she an enemy?

In the meantime, everyone in the room was persuaded that Ginette was the best, and to her great dismay, Ginette offered an answer.

'So, then, please join us all together.

This is a very Ginette-like answer, and all of us relax our faces in relief.
I, too, would like to agree with Ginette's idea.
So, I'll give her a big push.

'Alright!Then let's all go in together!
'It's girls only!
'Idiot, Estella!We're here to make Jeannette's wish come true. Let's all work together.
'Put down that raised fist!

What a surprise.
Even though it was obvious, it was rejected.

'Boys are not allowed to come in here from the kitchen, you know.
'That's all right, Miss Estella!The dressing room and the door to the hallway can only be locked from this side!
'...... We've taken all the necessary precautions against Umaro. Umaro is a smart boy.
'Haaaaan!Magda gave me a compliment.

d*mn you, Umaro.
You betrayed me for a woman. ......

'...... I'll be friends with Becko next time.
'Meh, no, Mr. Yashiro!I'm trying to keep Mr. Yashiro from becoming a criminal.
'What a fishing opportunity for me!I'm glad I came today, that I am!
'Becco, don't get carried away!
'Just get out of here, will you, boys?The water's getting cold.'

Estella and Natalia pushed us back and threw us out into the hallway.
The door closes and locks tightly.
With a bang.

Oh no, the door's shut tight.

Oh well.

'So, shall we proceed with the plan for the public bath?
'I've never heard that story before, that I have!I want to hear the details, that I do!
'Why are you being so carefree? You've got a lot of work to do.
'Then I would have liked to have been notified in advance, that I would have!I still have some work to do...'
'Then, no thanks. I'll ask someone else.
'I'll adjust, that I will!Mr. Yashiro's project has the highest priority, that it does!
'Oh, I'm glad. There was no way Mr. Yashiro could get along with Becko, was there?
'That is not true, that it is not!I and Mr. Yashiro are good friends, that we are!Isn't that right, that Mr. Yashiro?
'Eh?Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking about my boobs and didn't listen.
'Mr. Yashiro~!

We noisily returned to the floor and made plans for the public bath.
Estella had given us the go-ahead, and we should get started as soon as the heavy snowfall season was over.
We don't have much time.

After all, the construction of the harbor would begin at the beginning of the year.

'We don't seem to have much time, so we'll do as much as we can when we can.
'Yes, sir!The motto of Torbek's construction company is to meet deadlines.
'I have a little confidence in my speed too, so please feel free to ask me anything.

In spite of what I say, I might be a newcomer too.

I'm pretty excited right now, despite my busy schedule.
Now, what kind of bathhouse shall we build?

As if we were playing a conspiracy, the three of us put our heads together and talked about this and that.
We were so enthusiastic that we didn't feel the girls' long baths were long enough.

In addition, Hammaro has been attached to my back for a long time, and is now breathing soundly in his sleep.
...... You really are a crying old man, aren't you?

I'm not sure what to say.

Estella is wiping her hair on the floor with a red-hot face.
I don't know if it's okay for a daughter of a nobleman to be exposed to men after her bath.
It's not just me, Umaro and Bekko are here too.

'All right. As for Yashiro, it's too late for that.'

I'm not sure that's a good idea. ......

'What about Umaro?'
'Umaro's not looking at me anyway.'
'What about Bekko?'
'What's your problem with Bekko looking at you?'

Wow. ......
Becko, you don't count as a man.
I mean, aren't you excluded from the human category?
Well, okay...

'Mr. Bekko. You should make a food sample of your bath!
'It's not food first, Imelda!

Imelda bends her chest arrogantly, her face flushed after her bath.
...... Was it good, the bathhouse?

And then the girls come out to the floor in droves.
Oh, I've already closed the sunlit pavilion.
Since the manager and the waitress had taken a bath, I decided that it was no longer possible to serve customers.

'Mr. Yashiro. I took your hot water first.

Ginette came in front of me, holding her wet hair with a towel.

'How was it, how's the bath?
'Yes, sir. It felt really good.
'Did you all wash yourselves before taking a bath?
'Yes, we did. It's good manners.

As a native of a hot spring country, I gave them a lesson in minimum manners, but it seems that it was passed on to them.

One, wash your body before getting into the bathtub.
Two, don't soak your towel in the tub.
Three, bathing in your clothes is outrageous!
Four, it would be nice if we could have a mixed bathing day once a month.

That's the rule I've set.

'Everyone obeyed the rules except for the fourth one.
'The fourth one is so important!

The common people of Edo used to take mixed baths for granted!
I wonder if the Tokugawa Shogun will ever appear in this city?Come back to Edo!

'Would you all like to join us?

Ginette calls out to Umaro and Bekko as well.
'......, are you asking me to join these guys?

'No, but it's getting late.
'Well, it's certainly a ...... tempting offer, that it is, but ......'.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll be able to understand.
...... If you want to join, just say you want to join.

'During heavy snowfall, we'll probably be on the small side. I'll enjoy it.'
'Then, I'll be your companion!
'I'll do the same!

After all, even old men are interested in bathing.
Especially you, Umaro. You've worked hard, so you should get rid of your fatigue.

I'm going to check the temperature of the water. I've made it a little warm.

It was probably Magda who made the water too warm.
Children don't like hot baths.

'Leave it very hot.
'Yes, sir. If it's too hot, please use the water from the water bottle or the tap.

The amount of water in the tap cannot be adjusted.
So, when I wanted to fine-tune it, I used the water from the water bottle.
There were ways to adjust it, such as opening the cock halfway, but the water bottle was more reliable.

'Well, you'd better go home early. It's still hot, so you may not get cold, but your hair will be wet, so be careful. Also, it's night time, so watch out for drunks.

Paula and Nephrite took the main road home.
It's dangerous for a girl with wet hair to walk unprotected after a bath in a street full of drunks.

'I'll give you a lift, won't I?
'Then Norma will get cold feet.

Above all, Norma is the one most likely to be targeted by men.

Norma is also the one most likely to wander off at .......

'Can't help it, I'll ......'.
'I'll be fine.'
'Yes, yes. You worry too much, Yashiro.

Paula and Nephrite stopped me, laughing.
'No, I'd say you're worrying too much. ......

'Besides, most of the drunks around here know each other.'
'Me too. I know a lot of them because I help out at Paula's store, so, you know?I'm fine.'
'But you know, ......'.

It's too late for that after it happens. ......

'So, shall I take you home?
'Natalia has to send Estella!
'Then I'll do it.'
'Then I'll do it.' 'Home, just the opposite!

You've had enough of hot water!
If you even sneeze, you'll be banned from playing in the river tomorrow!

'Whose father are you?
'Shut up.'

Estella laughs at me.
You guys are too incapable of crisis management!
It doesn't matter how many beastmen there are, if a man gets serious, it's dangerous!

'Don't worry. If he tries anything, I'll tell Delia and Norma.
'Then, please include me in that.'
'Wow~ ...... I won't be able to live with Delia, Norma and Natalia staring at me in District 42.'

I wouldn't feel comfortable with that. ...... Oh, so it's blackmail.
Okay, okay.

I'll be right back.

I write quickly with a thick brush on a large piece of paper.
And I put them on the backs of Paula and Nephrite, and Norma and Delia and Imelda.

Beauty after bath
Entrance fee 500Rb
Payment window, Obayashiro.

'Wow, ......, I'd turn away from that in a heartbeat.'
'It looks like they're going to collect money from the bottom of hell.

The girls giggled at the words I had written.

'Hey, hey, you're beautiful.
'So that's what Yashiro thinks, huh~?

Nepheli and Paula look at us teasingly and laugh.
Ah, yes, yes. You're beautiful, so be careful on the streets at night.
...... Would you have preferred 'beautiful chicken', Nephrite?

'If a man comes near you, tell him, "Chaleen, Chaleen."'
'Wow, it's every second instead of once a visit. ......'

Estella's cheeks twitch.
Of course not.
We can't do business if 500Rb takes up the whole day. Every second. Smiles are extra.

'Well, you're safe now, right?We're leaving.'
'Yashiro, take a bath in peace.
'I think I'll go back and forth to the main street to earn some money. Mm-hmm.
'I'm going to put this paper on the river tomorrow, too.

No, leave it there.
It's disposable, you know.

'...... Yashiro is very sweet.'

Shut up, Loretta.
I'm sure you'll have a great time.
I'll take a bath.

I'm going to take a bath.I'll be beautiful too!
'What's with you and timing?

I was about to hand her over to Loretta, but Hammaro woke up.
Let's give him a bath too. It's a big place.

'Well, we're leaving then. I'll take the blueprints for the bathhouse.I'll take a good look at it.'
'Yeah, suit yourself.

It's just a prototype we threw together.
It'll be useless until we brush it up. Look at it as much as you like, and think of some requests you'd like to make.

'For now, no mixed bathing.

He erased the words I wrote with an X.
d*mn it!

...... Well, I knew that.

Natalia stands in front of me as the girls begin to prepare to leave.
She straightens her back and gives me a reverent bow.
Her hair is wet and shiny, and she looks strangely s*xy.

'Don't worry, even if you don't bother to write it down, I, a beautiful woman, will be responsible for escorting Estella-sama to the mansion.
'Yes, without that, I could praise you with open arms.

The beautiful women who had just finished bathing were leaving the Sunlit Pavilion one by one, greeting each other as they left.
They gave each other their impressions of the bath, and looked satisfied.

We've confirmed the demand for the bath, but we've also come up with a number of pending issues.
We'll have to consider this.

The residents of the forty-two districts are all harmless and good-natured, but they are also somewhat stupid, have a weakness for beautiful women, and all love breasts.
By building a public bathhouse, beautiful women after bathing will come and go outside.

'It's a crisis of tits after bathing: ......'
'No, in that case, Yashiro is the one who should be most warned. ......'
'I don't have any objections either.

What are you talking about, catching a gentleman like me!
I'm fine, I'm a gentleman.
It's the non-gentlemen who are the problem.

'If we build a public bathhouse, should we have vigilantes standing in the street at night?

It would be a shame if crime increased.

'Or make it compulsory to wear a Medora T-shirt to ward off evil ......'
'Yashiro-san is starting to say something scary and outrageous: ......'
'Don't worry, there's no man with that much guts in the 42nd district, that there isn't.'
'You don't know that, do you?
'No, no, no. There aren't many people in this city who have the guts to go up against Mr. Yashiro, that there aren't.'
'...... Why do I come out, there?
'Why, again, you wonder.'

Becko rolls his eyes behind his round glasses.

'It is obvious that if anything happens to them, Mr. Yashiro will move without a second thought, that there is no one who plans to do anything wrong, that there is.

When you say that, it sounds like I'm a jealous man with a beautiful woman around.
That's not true, okay?
It's just that I think that a bastard who hurts the people I'm close to will be dealt with worse than death.

'But more and more people are coming from other wards, so I think Yashiro's concern is justified. I think the girls are too used to the peaceful 42nd district.

That's right!
That's Umaro!
That's what I wanted to say!

'I think you should talk to Estella-san about that too.
'In connection with the public baths.
'I think you're worrying too much, that I am. ......'
'There's a difference between having a loved one and not having a loved one!

What are you talking about, Hammaro?
I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I'm not sure what you're talking about. ...... d*mn it, I was going to grab him and give him a head start, but he got away.

'Do you want to take a bath, Hammaro?
'I want to sleep now.
'Then go to your room with Loretta and go to sleep.

Let them have a bath tomorrow.
The kids will be in bed by now.

'Oh, that's right. Magda and Loretta, you can go to bed now too. We have an early day tomorrow.'
'Yes, sir.'
'...... got it.'
'I feel like I'm really sleepy today.
'...... It's because I'm warm.'
'Then go back to your room, Magda.
'...... Loretta, piggyback.
'Good luck getting to your room,......, you're already asleep!

Loretta carries Magda on her back, who seems to have fallen asleep.
Then Hammaro walks up to her.

'Onee-chan, give me a hug~'
'What are you saying in this situation, Hammaro?
'Then, piggyback~'
'You're over capacity!
'...... Shobon.
'Oh, dear.Well, I'll just hold on to you.
'Mmmm ...... mmmm ......'

With Magda asleep on her back and Hammaro clutched to her chest, Loretta bows to us and disappears into the kitchen.
As if to replace her, Ginette returned to the floor.

'Yashiro-san, everyone. The water's boiling.
'Thank you. Ginette, you can go ahead and rest.
'No, sir. I'll just clean up and wait.

'Don't get tired of waiting and take a nap, okay?If you catch a cold, I'll cancel the sleepover during the heavy snow season without question.''
'That's a big responsibility. Then, I'll be waiting for you to prepare for tomorrow.

Don't you have the option of going to bed first, in your mind?

'Well, let's get in quick.
'I'm invited.
'I'll go with you, that I will!

The three bastards, who were neither gorgeous nor s*xy, went into the changing room and started changing without locking the door.
No one comes to peek at us, and we don't mind being peeked at.
Looking at the basket in the changing room, there were already enough towels for the three of us.

Unfortunately, there were no spare underwear.
I'll have to get some next time.

'Ho-ho!We've got the bathhouse all to ourselves, that we do!

Use those words when you're alone, that you should.
And don't stand naked on your knees. I'll pull the mole hairs out of your ass.

'Becco, sit here for a minute.'
'I thought the rule was to wash before bathing. I understand, that I do.

Becko sat under the tap as I told him to.
Then you opened the faucet.

'It's cold!I thought my heart was going to stop, that it was!
'Oh, that cold?Well, let's try again during the heavy snowfall, shall we?
'That would kill you for sure, that it would!Please don't do that, that I do!

I pour hot water on the noisy Becko to shut him up.
I quickly wash my body while Becko stumbles.

There's plenty of hot water, and I can use it all at once.
Normally, I had to wash my body little by little so as not to spill the water in the tub.

I scooped up the hot water in the tub and splashed it over my head!

'Haha~...... feels good!
'That looks good!Then me too!
'Me too!

Umaro and Bekko follow my lead and cover themselves with hot water.
The rest of us lathered up and washed our bodies with Regina's improved quality soap.
I don't mind lathering up so much.
After all, the amount of hot water is huge!

'I've never washed my body so vigorously before.
'It's the first time I've bathed in a river since I was poor, that I have.
'Hey, Becko, don't destroy the environment.
'It's not that polluted, that it is!

I jumped into the bathtub ahead of them, saying something like.

'I'm the first!
'No, no, I was just going to give up first.
'Yashiro-san is very childish in this way.

You know what?
It's okay to be first.
Above all--

'Well, excuse me, neighbor, that I do.
'I'll come in too.
'Sweet!Water guns!

You can attack anyone who comes near the bathtub unprotected.
It's a bath staple, a squirt gun where you hold both hands and let the hot water fly between your thumbs.
My aim is unerring, you know?Even a gunman in a western movie wouldn't be defeated by a water pistol in the bath.

'You're a child, that you are!
'You're the youngest!
'Oh, that's right, I'd forgotten all about .......'

The physical age, that is!

'''Ah~............ very easy very easy'''

Three men lined up, leaned their backs against the bathtub and threw out their legs.
This, combined with the feeling of floating, is the best ......

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with your family.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

'What is it, Umaro? Are you going to be more of a corporate animal than you already are?

It seemed like a joke to me that Umaro, who was working hard every day somewhere, was going to work even harder than now.
But Umaro's expression sank for a moment, and then he smiled.

'I have the most fun when I'm in District 42, so I want to work as hard as I can.

Something almost welled up in me.
But my thoughts were interrupted by the voice of the optimistic Becko.

'That's right, that it is!During the heavy snowfall season, there will be kamakura, and when that is over, there will be a public bathhouse, and after that, we will finally build a port, that we will!I will do my best with all my heart and soul, that I will!

'Yes!With our own hands, we'll make District Forty-Two the best city in All Bloom!
''That's right!

The men on either side of me shake hands tightly.
With the firm handshake being exchanged in front of me, I--

'Well, then, I'll just climb over your corpses and take your profits.

I gently laid my hand on his.
They shook me off shortly after.

What kind of people are these?

Turn around and face away.

I guess I'd just had a bath and loosened up.
I would later regret that I should have thought more carefully about what I said.