455-Episode 257 The hottest day of the year

The riverbank is full of bikini tits!

'I'm going to gouge your eyes out, anchovy!
'I'm gonna gouge your eyes out, anchovy.'

My legs, wrapped in pareo, stretch out and kick my ass.
I look back and see Lucia.

She's wearing a yellow one-piece bathing suit and a green pareo.
The color scheme looks like a pineapple.

'You're not a pouty pineapple.
'All right, let's sink her. Gilberta, help me!
'It's hard now, I... Now it's my turn for the masonry game.'

Gilberta was wearing a bikini in a subdued shade of brown.
Despite her childish stature, Gilberta's 'well-done' breasts look great in a bikini.
It has a lot of frills, which emphasizes her cuteness.

The stones that had been piled high and swaying unsteadily collapsed.
It seems that the rule is to pile up the pebbles on the riverbed and the one who collapses them loses.

'Yes, Gilberta will be punished.

When her opponents, Paula and Nephrite, told her, Gilberta seemed to have made up her mind, 'I don't have a choice.
She then ran to Delia, exchanged a few words, and was thrown into the river by Delia.
...... What kind of punishment game is this?

I'm not sure.
'Yeah, yeah. I saw Delia doing it to the ham kids, and I thought it would be a good punishment game.

You're doing something dangerous like that, Delia.

'I made it back, I did. I was scared, just a little, when I fell.'
'It's okay. Delia's good, she'll throw me where I won't hit anything.'

I don't need that kind of trust.
Then you shouldn't have done anything dangerous in the first place.

'Okay, then I'll throw Paula and Nephrite in too!
'No, we're not ...... doing anything... Hey, Delia!Wait, wait, wait!Wait ......!

Paula and Nephrite were punished even though they had not lost the game.
'It's because you let Delia do that.

'Do you want to play too, Yashiro?
'No, thanks.
'Don't be shy.
'No thanks!

Leave that kind of thing to the kids who have inexhaustible energy.

'Aaah!It's the first time I've lost at swimming!
'ugh~☆ But Loretta was fast too~'
'I'll ask you one more time!

Apparently, Loretta, the wild Kappa, lost the swimming race.
That's true. She's up against Masha, a genuine marine creature.

'I don't think you can beat her without a handicap, Loretta.
'Oh, big brother.
'Did you see that?I won~'
'You're not afraid of fresh water, are you?

I wonder what kind of structure this thing has in its body.
Can it breathe through either its lungs or its gills?

'What kind of handicap can I put on it to win? ...... That's right!Take one of its fins!
'Ouch, ouch~☆ Impossible, impossible☆'
'Mmmm ......'
'Then how about you take off my bra?You'll have to cover it with both hands, and you won't be able to use both hands.'
'That's a good idea!Masha-san, I'd love to!
'Loretta, you're being manipulated...'

I guess Loretta's begging power didn't work either. d*mn.

'If Yashiro-kun wins the swimming race with me, I'll let you spend the whole day in a hand-bra...'
'So, what are you going to make me do if I lose?
'Confiscate your sea pants~'
'Wait, Masha-san!That's more of a problem for us!
'Hmmm~☆ This is my usual payback~☆'

I don't think I'll be able to bare my butt until later this evening.

'I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline.
'I see~, sorry~'

If I were to take off my swim trunks right now, you'd be running for your life.
...... No, I'm not taking them off.

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm sure it is.

Norma and Imelda lounging on a chair bed by the river, just like last year.
It's very s*xy.

'What do you think, you two? Do you want to practice swimming this year?
''Why, you don't know how to swim!

No, you guys didn't go near the water at all, so I figured you couldn't swim, right?
I'll give you a lesson with Jeannette after dinner.

'Mr. Manager, why can't you swim with those breasts?
'It looks like it could float.

That goes for you too.


Bertina and Milly walked up to me in a friendly manner.
This year, too, Bertina is wearing a rash guard, but ...... the hem is actually about an inch shorter than last year's!
So, the line of the rashguard is more visible than last year's,......, and it is more aggressive!
It's a great idea, Ukrines!
It's our Ukrines!

'Ginette wanted to see you.
I'm going to help you with that.

Until the fire in the stall was warmed up, I went around to greet everyone.
The sunny pavilion had been working until mid-morning, and we had arrived late.

By the time we arrived, most of the people were already there.
Percy and Mormat were there too, even though we didn't call them.
And Becco was snooping on Norma's tits from behind a rock.

'What?Where's Oumaro?'
'Umaro, Guzuya called me and said he's going back to work.

Is there some kind of trouble?
Goozuya would have bitten Delia's bikini without a second thought.

'Delia. Did you talk to Goozuya about anything?'
'Hmm?No, I didn't. We didn't talk about anything.'

That's funny.
Is this really an emergency?
I'm curious about .......

'What's going on, sir?'

Bertina looks into my face and raises her eyebrows in concern.

'Oh, no. I was just wondering if something was wrong.
'Mm-hmm. You've really become overprotective, haven't you, Yashiro-san?
'What kind of information is that?
'There are rumors all over town.

Lies are rampant in this town.
Eventually, the spirit gods will come knocking. I hope the spirit gods don't come barging in saying.


Ginette called me from behind the stall.
That's right.
Masha had brought us eels today, and we were going to cook them.
It's not the Ox, but it's summer, so I thought I'd try some eel.

'If there's a problem, I'll talk to Estella about it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Bertina laughed, and next to her, Milly laughed with a similar expression.

'Yashiro-san. It's written on your face that you need to consult me first.''
'Oh, really?Doesn't it say 'Bertina's pure white thighs, woohoo~'?
'Mwah!You can't joke like that anymore.

Her cheeks turn red, and she tightens her thighs and hides them with her hands.
Even your embarrassment is the best hidden flavor.

'Millie, you should wear a monokini next year.
'No, I can't. ...... I'm not as stylish as you, Norma. ......'

This year Norma is wearing a bikini and Loretta is wearing a monokini, but I guess Norma's monokini is still vividly remembered.

Magda is wearing a tankini and Ginette is wearing a halter-neck bikini again this year.
Both bikinis are the latest designs from Uclines and look very pretty.
Ginette's look is very embarrassing.

The other girls are also wearing new swimsuits.
Although there is no increase in the variety of swimsuits, each one has been designed to make the most of its characteristics and is more gorgeous than the initial designs I provided.
After all, it's better to leave such designs to women.


Estella popped out of the river with a bang.

'Yashiro~!Are we about to eat?'
'I'm about to make it. You'll have to wait about ten more minutes.

It's a barbecue full of seafood, so you can eat it while it's cooking.
The eel will take an hour, though, so it'll be much later.

This year Estella is wearing a simple one-piece swimsuit like a swimming suit.
It has a navy blue base, white flanks, and a vivid red line between the white and navy blue, making her waist look slimmer.
And the high legged swimsuit makes your legs look long.

High legged swimsuit!
I never thought I'd see them again in another world!
High-legs and thongs are all the rage!Just like in Japan's bubble era!

And then, diving past Estella, Natalia comes zipping up out of the river. Both arms raised in the air.

'DADd*mn!Boom, boom, boom.'
'Where did you see that?
'It's an original gag I created while drinking at home with Norma-san.

Didn't you use that to create 'Dachuno' before?
I wonder if we have the same taste?Back in those days in Japan...!

'Now that Estella has overwhelmed you again this year, let me help you with your meal.

When Natalia came out of the river, she was wearing a swimming suit with a similar design to Estella's.
It is because of the similarity in design that ......

'The disparity is ......!
'Can you not cry on your own, Yashiro!

Because this one is so plump and firm.

'Oh, it's painful to my chest. ......'
'Then why don't you change your clothes!I know you've brought a bikini!

'I see.
Natalia had changed her swimsuit at the last minute.
You're risking your life to make fun of ...... Estella.

I went back to the stall with Natalia, who offered to help me.

The ingredients had been prepped and were ready to be grilled.
When I looked next to the ingredients, I saw a hand-rolled sushi set on the table.

...... Hand-rolled sushi with wet hands?
Barbecue and hand-rolled sushi?
No, I can understand how you feel, because there's a lot of good seafood in there.

'I treated the eel as you asked.
'Oh, I'm sorry. Did I keep you waiting?'
'No, sir. I'm sure you all wanted to show off your swimsuits to Mr. Yashiro.

Oh, is that so?
Then I'll go look at it.

'But please refrain from ungentlemanly glances.

She pinched my nose as she said that.
I was just looking at her breasts lifted up by the halter neck.

'Well then, let's get started.
'What would you like me to do?
'Well, just strike a s*xy pose around the corner.
'That's not going to do you any good, big brother!
'I know it's useless, but I started doing it!
'...... I accept your challenge.'
'Don't accept it, Magda!Get ready for lunch!

Preparing food in a lively atmosphere.
We moved our stall to the side of a huge flat rock, known as a 'table', that the river fishing guild uses to eat at the riverbank, and proceeded to make various preparations.

Ginette announced with a big smile to the people who had gathered.

'Now, let's have lunch together!

The one who replied most cheerfully was, of course, Bertina.

The eel is delicious!

'Whoa!What's this new kind of spicy?

Loretta's writhing under the pepper.
You put too much. I told her just a little is enough.

'Sansho, oishii......'

Millie, who brought me the sansho, smiles.
Isn't this the way they eat?

'Hmm, well, do you put it on meat and roast it?
'Yes, I do. There are some meats that taste better with sansho because it takes away the smell.

If eel becomes popular, will the demand for sansho also increase?
...... I wonder if it will grow that much?

'It's quite a feat, even for a fake eel!
'I told you it's not fake!

Lucia still does not recognize the usefulness of eels.

'I think it's delicious, I, Anakyu.'
'Mmm!That's what a conger eel is!I'm impressed that it goes well with this kind of food!

When I asked Masha to order eel, Lucia got riled up and brought me conger eel.
So I made a thin roll of boiled eel with cucumber and made anakyu maki.
The sweet sauce was superb and it was delicious!
The only thing that annoyed me was Lucia's smug disregard for eels.

'Ah, there it is!

Just as each of us was about to eat our fill of the food, we heard the voice of an unexpected person.

'What about the manager?
I'm not sure what to do.
'''' Regina? ''''

A few of us shouted in astonishment.
Well, if you saw Regina on the riverbank in the daytime on such a hot day, you'd be surprised.

'Hey, Regina!Are you all right?

Nephrite and Paula ran to greet Regina as she came down to the riverbank.

'Won't it melt?
'We're not on ice, you know.

Although she was wearing a parasol, Regina was wearing her usual black robe, which made her look uncomfortably hot.
Couldn't you have worn something a little more appropriate for the season?

'You're always dressed like that, aren't you?
'Isn't it obvious?

Well, in that outfit, no matter how far away I am, I can always tell it's you just by glancing at you.

'It's useful because I can dash to hit you when I have something to do, and dash away when I think you're thinking of something stupid.
'Huh?I'm not sure if the only thing you need from me is a complaint.I'm not sure what to do with it.

That's why I'm running away.

'So, what's up with you today?You wanted to see Jeannette?'
'No. Here, take this.'

He takes out a wooden box from his bag.
Checking inside, he found several colorful papers folded into small pieces.

This scent is ......

'Is it bath salts?
'Yes. I heard you said you had a new bath at the sunny pavilion.I've been researching to see if I can get more kinds of bath salts. I came up with a good one, so I brought it to you.

The bath salts were made by me and Regina.
For now, we had finished yuzu, quince, lavender, and chamomile, which was fine.
Did you add more scents?

'I'm sorry to bother you in this hot weather. If you had called me, I would have come for it.
'But if you're going to ask me to come and get it, wouldn't it be faster to bring it to you?

Well, it's nothing but a double effort to come and ask for it.

'Besides, tomorrow is the heavy snow season. I thought I'd better do it before then.
'Thank you very much.
'Don't worry about it. I'd be happy if you use it and let me know what you think.'
'In that case, I used yuzu.'
'Oh, really?So, how was it?
'It smelled really good, and it warmed me up.
'Really?If so, it seems that the heat retention effect also worked.

Regina's bath salts are not only fragrant, but also have a heat-retaining effect.
Even after you get out of the bath, your body will feel warm.

'I was able to sleep well after taking that bath!
'...... I slept well.'
'Sayaka. I think I'll keep the ingredients like that. I think it would be fun to add more scents and colors.
'Maybe we could float flower petals or something.'
'Oh, that's a good idea. Rose petals and scents would be nice.'
'Oh, maybe I can help you with that, Miri.
'Then, when the heavy snowfall is over, can we talk?

If you build a public bathhouse, Regina's bath salts will be popular.
If the scent changes daily, there might be fewer people trying to 'save money on baths'.
Fashionable women would love a rose bath.
Imelda is said to be taking rose and lavender baths with real petals, but with bath salts, you can experience aristocratic luxury at a reasonable price.
If we advertise it on the Avenue, some people from other wards might come to take a bath.

'Yashiro. Your eyes are turning into gold coins.

What's ......?
No, no, no. I've started counting the money.

But I'm sure Estella is interested.
Public baths are built at the initiative of the lord. It's directly related to tax revenue.

'So, what kind of scents do you have?'
'The demon god of boobs said that the scent of flowers and fruits would be good, so I tried to use whatever scents I could extract around here.

Then he took out a colorful paper package and explained the fragrance.

'This is lemongrass, peppermint, jasmine, and vanilla.
'Haaah!The vanilla smells sweet and nice!'
'I wish I could smell the ...... honey.'
'Oh, yeah. I'll try it next time.'
'...... Magda believes that Regina is a girl who can do it.'
'Oh no, that's too much praise for a girl who can do naughty things.'
'Rejina-san, that's not a compliment!
'And I didn't say that, did I?
'Regina has bad hearing.'
'I did it on purpose, Delia.
'Oh, my God, Regina, .......'

Norma, Delia, Paula, and Nephrite are dumbfounded.
And Bertina is smiling quietly, beckoning to them. Ooh, Regina's whole body is starting to pretend she didn't see that!

'And then there's the fruit ones, sweet orange, strawberry, apple cinnamon, men's fruity.'
'Wait, Cora!That last one's old man sweat, isn't it?

I'll never forget that nightmarish incident at the hardware guild!

'Kussa!Men's fruity, it's disgusting!
'Throw it out!Throw it all away!
'No, you can't dump that in the river!
'Oh, no!You brought all that crap with you!

Regina laughed at us, looking at the mess we were making.
This guy has changed.
In the past, we never laughed at each other like this. ......

I'm not going to get sentimental about it!
You've got to be kidding me, man!
I could sprinkle it on your body and make you smell like an old man!
Let's be kindred spirits with the maidens of the Hardware Guild!

'Oh, that's fun. Well, I'll be back after dinner.'
'Wait, wait, wait, come on!
'What is it?Is there a charge for this?

Regina puffed up her cheeks in disapproval as she looked at the delicious looking food in front of her.

'No, no. It's a thank you for the bath salts. Please eat as much as you like.
'Thanks a lot~. That's the manager! Big!Oh, I made a mistake. I love it!
'The way you misspelled it makes me feel bad.
'It's not a ...... mistake, it's on purpose.

Regina reaches for the seafood, trying to keep Bertina out of sight as she smiles and beckons with her smiling face.
She catches her hand firmly.

'What is it?Let me eat my food~'
'Oh, you can eat as much as you want. If you want, I'll add a sweet dessert.'
'It's just, ......, Regina. Look around you.'

While holding Regina's arm, I pointed to the people around the table.

'Do you feel any different?
'What's wrong?...... What, have you grown up again, woodcutter girl?
'No, it hasn't.'
'Well then, ...... finally, come on .......'
'Why are you looking at me with such pity in your eyes, dear?

Estella with a pale face.
Okay, now Estella will be on our side.

'You're the one who's uncomfortable, Regina.

It's not.
You're beginning to realize that you're not, aren't you?
Estella and Natalia notice, and they smile.
Then Norma notices, then Magda and Loretta. And Nephrite notices and gives Paula an earful.

Lucia shifts her gaze from Millie to Regina, gazing from head to toe and letting out, '...... I'm looking forward to it.

You'll be able to see the sweat on Regina's forehead and on her wrist, which I'm holding tightly.

'I don't like it, guys. You should keep your jokes to your face, okay?
'It's not every day you're as much of a joke as you are, is it?
'Who's a joke?That's enough. I'm going home now.
'Well, don't say that. Since it's a good opportunity, why don't you have dinner with the others, Regina?
'That's right, Regina-san. Together with you.'

Estella and Natalia stand between Regina and take her by the shoulders.
With a smile.
It's a beautiful smile.

'You like matching too, don't you?
'That's a shame. I'm more of a one-of-a-kind kind of guy.'
'Well, don't be like that.'
'No, no, no, no, it's impossible.I know what you're thinking, but we're not allowed to do that, okay?
'That's called pretending, isn't it?That's what Yashiro often calls it.
'No, it's not!It's not the same as pretending not to push.
'Well, there is a changing room over there, so let's change before we eat.

Estella and Natalia held her arms and took her to a simple changing room built on the riverbank.
That's right, of course.
Since everyone is eating in their swimsuits, we should all wear matching ones.
Hey, guys?

You can't do that!We didn't bring swimsuits in the first place!
'That's okay then. I changed my swimsuit at the last minute, so I have one left over that I haven't worn.
'You can't do that!The head waiter has bigger boobs than me!You'll catch a glimpse!
'That's okay too. Estella-sama has plenty of breast pads.
'I didn't bring that many!I only have three more sets for emergencies.''
'What do you think you're bringing in, lord?
'Come on, let's go change...'
'No, no, no!You can't do that!Aaaan!

Regina disappeared into the changing room with a scream.
A few minutes later...

A few minutes later, Regina took off her pitch-black robe and emerged wearing a bright red bikini with a dark face.

'...... I'm not getting married anymore.

I've been doing that for a long time.

The people on the riverbank rushed to catch a glimpse of Regina, a rare creature in a crimson swimsuit.

'Regina-san, look at me!
'...... Fanservice is a must.'
'Shut up!Don't you dare look at me!
'If you hide your face like that, you'll look like a naughty store girl.
'I'm the only one who's really annoying. Why don't you go and do your penance?

I'm the only one who gets the cold shoulder.
Are you going to be unfair too? If anything, you're on my side.

'Gentlemen, I'm happy to be able to play with Regina-san.
'You don't look happy. She's definitely amused.

Regina tangled with Jeannette with tears in her eyes.
The girls all looked at her with sly grins.

'But it's amazing.

Delia stares straight at Regina and mutters to herself.

'Estella's breast pads, I can't tell at all.
'Shut up!It's a high quality product from a good store!Of course it is!

I don't understand what you're upset about.
I mean, when you're my level, it's obvious where the fake ones come from.

'I'm desperate!I'm going to eat you!

Regina bends over and gobbles up the barbecue on her plate.
However, it was obvious that she was doing this to cover up the fact that she was too embarrassed to look up, and the faces of the girls watching her became even more relaxed.

'The air is so bad here!Are you opening the window?
'I'm outside!

You've been cooped up here for too long and your senses have become stupid, haven't they?

'I don't care who you are, let's talk about something fun!I'm going to eat dinner without saying a word for a while!

Regina's embarrassment must have reached its limit, because her face was bright red with tears in the corners of her eyes.
I want to torment her even more, but I think it's time to stop.
Ginette is giving everyone a look. It's time to stop.

'Well, well, well, may I tell you something I'm looking forward to...'

Masha raises her hand, sitting on a rock instead of a tank.
The one thing Masha is looking forward to is ......


Talking about sleepovers is strictly forbidden in front of Lucia!
Didn't Masha get the message?'Estella, you're out of your depth!

'It'll be the end of the year after the heavy snow season starts tomorrow!
'Heh?That's right, isn't it?

Masha's eyes rolled back in her head as the topic of conversation was suddenly snatched away from her.
It was a close ...... call.

'Are you looking forward to the end of the year, Ma-tan?
'Hmm, I mean the end of the year...'

'Don't bring it up again, Lucia!

'It's not the end of the year, it's the beginning of the year, Masha.

Please, notice me!
I'll give you a wink.

'The construction of the port in District 42 will start at the beginning of the year.
'Oh, yes!That's right. I'm really looking forward to it.

The construction of the port will begin at the end of the year.
After a long and tedious process of laying the groundwork for the construction of the port, it will finally be built in District 42.
The lords of the 35th and 37th districts, which already have ports, have already agreed to the construction.
Masha personally promised that the amount of fish landed at each port would not decrease even if the ports in the forty-two districts were opened.
There would be no decrease in tax revenue.
In the first place, the ports in District 42 are going to be really small, and they are meant more as a shortcut for Masha to come and visit District 42 than for the landing of fish.
I emphasized this point and convinced him.

Well, I'll take the fish, too.

Since the majority vote, the BU guys have been able to hold proper talks.
There was some dissatisfaction from the 35th and 37th districts and the adjacent 25th and 26th districts, but with the birth of the New Road and the increase in tax revenue due to the increase in bean production, they agreed.

They have learned their lesson.
They have learned that it is in their interest to get along with the 42nd district.

That's why the BU was relatively easy to deal with.

The most difficult was District 30.

They didn't take kindly to the birth of the New Roads, and they kept asking me in a roundabout way how I would take responsibility for the loss of tax revenue caused by the 42nd district.
Or rather, they are still complaining about it.

In fact, the tax revenue should have gone up due to the increase of new merchants who came to New Road.
This information comes from the lords of the 29th and 23rd districts, which are adjacent to the 30th district, so it must be true. Clearly, the number of merchants is increasing.
There are also more merchants in District 42 that I have never seen before.
Many merchants are buying glowing bricks, and profits are falling in District 42.
...... Perhaps they don't like it.
It's not that you're going to lose your own profit, but you're going to feel like you're losing money when other people are making money, and you're going to have a problem with that.

They are the ones who say, 'I don't like the way he stands out.
I'd like to tell you to make an effort to improve yourself before you kick others down.

What was out of control was the fact that the construction of the port required cutting down a little of the cliff below the 30th district.

Outside the forty-second ward is a deep forest, and to the west is a cliff.
It looks like there is no ocean anywhere, but in fact, there is an ocean under the cliff.
Masha said that the bottom of the cliff outside the 42nd district is like a limestone cave, and the inside of the cliff is a rather large hollow.
It is a little narrow for a ship to enter, but if it is widened a little, it can be navigated.
The exit, however, is narrow. That is why no one has ever realized that there is an ocean there.

That's the only part that needs a lot of work.

And that's where the lord of the 30th district comes in.
Are you sure that the cliffs won't collapse?' 'Is it true that the cutting is outside the territory?Is it true that the digging is outside the territory?

The digging will take place about 200 meters away from the city gate of District 30.
So, even if you're wrong, you won't be digging underneath the 30th district. ...... Well, in short, he's probably trying to suck out as much profit as possible by making things difficult.

He's a real pain in the ass.
As long as BU is attached to us, I don't think he'll do anything unusual.

Well, let's see what happens.
For God's sake, just be quiet.

'It's weird to have a port on the opposite side of the ocean.

Loretta draws a poorly drawn map on the table with a stone.
'Are you going to ...... all bloom?

'I don't really understand how a port can be built on the 30th district side when the 35th district has the ocean and the 30th district is land.
'That's true~☆'

And Masha takes the stone from Loretta and overwrites Loretta's poorly drawn map.
Perhaps she is used to drawing nautical charts, but her drawing is quite good.

'Loretta, do you know what a peninsula is?
'No, I don't!
'It's a landform that looks like it's growing out of a continent like this, sticking out into the ocean.

Allbloom is located near the base of the peninsula.
The north side of the city is surrounded by the sea, and the southeast side by high mountains.
The city is surrounded by the sea to the north and high mountains to the southeast.

This peninsula is surrounded by a mountainous area that surrounds the 42nd district and juts out into the sea.
Open your hand and look at your right hand.
The empty area between the thumb and index finger is the sea. At the base of the thumb is an all-bloom.
And think of all your thumbs as peninsulas formed by high mountains.
That's what it looks like.

It goes from the base of the thumb to the life line and then follows the life line to the wrist.
That is the path that most merchants take when they come to Allbloom.
From the wrist, go toward the elbow, and you will find Bao Kri Air at the right nipple.

The land of nipples, Baocli Air.

No, it's nothing. Forget it.

'So, halfway down the peninsula, there's a big cave. If you go into it~......, you'll find that it's connected to the forty-two districts~☆'
'Really, that's amazing!
'Eh huh☆'

A proud Masha.
Well, it was Masha who discovered the route.

'When the port is built, I'll come visit you more often than now~'
'No wonder, I'll come with you.
'Hey, someone stop Lucia.

I don't know what 'can't be helped' is, and I don't want to know.

'I thought I informed you that the condition for allowing the port in District Forty-two was that the amount of landings in District Thirty-five not be reduced and that Ma-tan's visits not be reduced!
''Oh, that wasn't a joke, was it?
'You idiot, Estella!That's what I'm talking about!

No, securing the district's main source of income should be the main priority, common sense dictates.

'I'm going to visit my sister Lucia's place as well!
'Yes, I'm looking forward to it.
'And then I'll come visit you in the 42nd district☆'
'Okay, I'll make my schedule!
'I'm seeing you more often.

Don't follow me.
You're not a bad boyfriend who's too tied down.

'Oh, by the way, anchovy.'

Lucia bites into a crispy piece of anakyu and looks at me.

'What did you hide just now?'

This guy's so sharp!
It's easy to forget because of the perverted nature of the man, but he's a very skilled lord who has walked alone and proudly in the world of lords, where women and young men are often underestimated.

If you underestimate him, you will get burned.

'What are you going to do before the construction of the port starts?Hmm?

Huh. ......
It's no use.

'At the end of the year, we're having a mochi pounding contest at the church.

Let's sacrifice this one.
I don't want to stay overnight at all!
For my sake and the sake of the people of District 35!

'Mochi'?Mochi is rice cake made by grinding and drying rice cakes. Isn't it different in the Forty-second Ward?'

Come to think of it, when I said 'cracked rice cake costume' on Halloween, it made sense.
It seems that there are already rice cakes in the 35th district. However, it seems to be more like kiritanpo than mochi as I see it.

'We pound steamed mochi rice together, make mochi, and eat it together. The rice cake is delicious when it is dipped in soybean flour.
'...... Magda also likes bean paste.
'I can't leave out the sugar and soy sauce!I can't get enough of its savory aroma and sweet and salty taste. ......
'I'm also looking forward to making mochi. I'm also looking forward to making mochi.I can't wait to see what they do.
'Sister Bertina. Is that a group to tease Estella?
'No, and I don't need you to tell me that, Lucia-san!
'It's a lot of fun to cook together and eat together.'

I'm not sure what to say, but I'd like to know what you think.
Lucia, who saw the smile and muttered, 'Hmm ......', lifted the corner of her mouth in a grin and glared at me.

'It's a shame you couldn't hide it, anchovy.
'Huh, ...... are you coming?'
'I'm not that busy.'

I see.

Good. At least you still have a sense of responsibility and common sense to fulfill your duties as a lord.

So, come and do it.'
'Don't be silly, Kola.

I don't have time for this.

'Why don't you all come back for a night? Everyone except anchovies are welcome.'
'Who'd go to a place where they weren't welcome?
'I see. ......'

He muttered, grinned, let out a deliberate sigh, and stroked Gilberta's hair.

'Poor Gilberta,......, you're the only one out of the loop. I've heard that everyone enjoys pounding rice cakes, but you will live the rest of your life without knowing what it looks like or tastes like. ......'

What is he talking about?
You can't move me with such a transparent crying trap. ......

'...... that,yashiro-san'.

I'm not sure what to do.
It's not me he wanted to move, it's Jeannette.
It's a very nasty woman who's accurately exploiting my weak point!

'Brother, Gilbert, I feel a little sorry for you.
'...... Magda can stay at least one night with you.'

They've been taken for a ride too. ......
I'm sure Ginette will be the first to forgive ...... you for taking another day off from the sunlit pavilion, d*mn it!

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Quietly, Gilberta opens her mouth.

'It's fun, just listening to you. So, have fun, and tell me about your fun memories. That's enough, I'm ......'
'All right, all right!I know you want to go!

It's not fair to use Gilberta, Lucia!
It's not fair to use Gilberta, but Lucia! If she shows me her tentacles hanging down like that with a 'sorry ......' look on her face and says 'I'm straining', I can't tell her to put up with it!

'Instead, you'll have to prepare the materials yourself!We're not going to pay for anything!
'Hmm. If you want mochi rice and soybeans, I'll talk to DD in District 24.
'...... Why rice cakes and donis?
'Yashiro-sama. The rice used to make sake using the malt from District 24 is produced in District 33, so I'm guessing the mochi rice is there as well.

Natalia's information convinced me.
Koji and rice must be coming and going between the 24th and 33rd wards.
All right. Then maybe Donnis and the others will come to the mochi pounding contest we haven't seen yet.

...... So Lucia won't even have to pay for the materials, right?
Oh, dear. You're a clever girl. That's nasty!

'You're a nasty woman, you are!
'Not as bad as you.
'You're no better than Regina from the land of nipples.
'Who's from the land of nipples?

What?Was I wrong?
Didn't someone say that Bao Kri Air is the land of nipples?
I wonder who it was. ...... Oh, it was me.

'Well, that's fine. You can go teach him how to make rice cakes.

Estella taps me on the shoulder.

'Gilberta is happy too.

Gilberta raises her hands in joy.
Well, it's better than letting a child watch you pout, I guess.
...... Gilberta is an adult, though. I'm not sure what to say.I'm sure it's the kind of thing you'd call a Zashiki-Doh in Japan.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'We were able to cover up the story about the heavy snowfall period.

Because of that, I'm going on an overnight business trip.
d*mn it.

'But if you're going, it'll have to be after the New Year.

We can't cancel the mochi pounding contest in District 42 just because we're going to District 35.
I don't care about the kids, but Ginette and Bertina will be sad. I'm so depressed.
When they're down, the whole west side of District 42 gets depressed. It's a bad economy. All the money you can make is going away.

'It's more convenient for us to start at the beginning of the year. Gilberta, arrange a date.'
'I'll take care of it, I will!

The look on Gilberta's face convinced me.
Next year is going to be a tough one, right from the start.

I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun.

I sighed at the people of the 42nd district who were so lenient with others, and I gorged myself on a sumptuous seafood barbecue.