456-Episode 258 Let's Swimming

'Yes, one, two, three, poof!One, two, three, poof!

Soak your face in the water, walk three steps and look up.
Ginette, Norma, and Imelda are practicing breath control side by side.

It's surreal.

But all three of them are terrible at it.
Maybe they are afraid to dip their faces in the water, or maybe they are struggling to breathe, but when they raise their faces, they turn their bodies over more than necessary, and their tits squirm every time.Very good!

'Hey guys, you're looking good~'
'By the looks of that loose face, we're talking about something else.

Estella, who was supposed to be a swimming demon, shows up at the beginner's training course and starts messing with us.
What the hell?
You're bored because Natalia started swimming with Masha?

'......?What's that splash over there?
'Oh, it's Natalia and the others.

I turned around and saw a huge splash in the deep part of the river.
'Are those torpedoes exploding?

'Is it Natalia, Masha, Delia and Loretta competing now?
'I thought you couldn't beat Masha.'
'I heard the rule is that you can attack as long as you don't touch the body.'
'Ah, so they're splashing each other with water ......'.
'Right?You can see why I retired, can't you?

'I don't think a normal person could stand that stuff.

'I'm glad Magda's not in the mix.
'Magda doesn't like to get wet that much.'
'Huh?Is that so?'
'Yes. Even in the bath, he gets a little down after washing his head.''

Giggling, Ginette gave me such secret information.
I've never bathed Magda, so I didn't know.
Come to think of it, Magda doesn't go to wash her face even when I tell her to.
I wonder if that's because of the influence of the cat family?

'But he seems to like the big bath.
'Oh, he was soaking all the time.'

That must have been yesterday.
Estella and Ginette are laughing happily.
It seemed to be a very relaxing scene.

'I wish I could have seen it.
'You're not here for comfort, you're here for eroticism, aren't you?

Well, if I were invited, I'm sure I'd see a lot of different things.

'Magda doesn't like to get her face wet, does she?
'I don't like it much either.
'Actually, I'm also a bit scared of diving, unlike when I wash my face .......'

Most of the non-swimmers are afraid to immerse their face in water.
The obsession of not being able to breathe makes them feel even more suffocated.
So, if you are like these guys, you are afraid of the 'one, two, three, poof! of the 'Puck! of 'One, Two, Three, Pah!

Once you get used to it, you won't mind at all.

'If you empty your lungs and then open your mouth on the water, air will come in on its own, you know?
'That's what you say, Yashiro-san, but ......'
'It won't come in unless you inhale!
'It's very hard to breathe!

This type of person is often unable to snorkel.
They feel suffocated even when air comes in through the snorkel, and fuss when water comes into the snorkel after a short dive.
Even if they can't breathe for a while, they won't die.

'Is it true that you can't learn to swim unless you can dip your face in the water?
'That's not true. There's also the standing stroke.

There are many ways to swim with your face in the water.
Dog paddle is one of them.

'I don't know, I can't imagine myself being able to swim.

This is my second swim practice in a year. It's been so long since I've swam that my body has completely forgotten what happened last year.
She wants to try swimming, but she is not good at it.


'Well, let's try being a parent and child of a sea turtle.
'Sea turtle parents, huh?

Ginette's eyes sparkled at the cute sounding words.
Well, in short, I'm just going to carry Ginette on my back and do the breaststroke.

'I'll put you on my back, so you can experience the perspective of someone who can swim.
'What, you can do that?Won't I sink?
'The buoyancy of a person is quite amazing. You can carry at least one person.

In Ginette's case, she's going to have more buoyancy than anyone else!
Thanks to those two bulges!

'Here, piggyback.'
'Eh, um, but ...... it might be heavy, you know?'
'I'm fine in the water.'

'But, that .........'
'If you don't like it, don't say you can't.'
'Yes, it's not that I don't want to,......!

You'll find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.

Well, we're in close contact.
I can see why you're embarrassed.
So I won't force you.

'A long time ago, when I was still in my hometown, I went swimming with my friends.
'What's a friend?
'Well, friends, I guess.

I wonder.
It's kind of embarrassing to rephrase 'friends' as 'friends'.
Bad friends from elementary school. Friends weren't exactly the most polite thing to do.
We just ran, swam, and made noise.
I was an idiot in elementary school. All of us.

'And my friend's younger brother, he was too small to swim well.
'How old was he?
'We were eight, and he was four, I think.

He was always following his friends, saying 'big brother, big brother.
But because of the difference in physical ability, he was always left behind.

'And he looked so bored, so I swam with him on my back. He was happy.'
'Is that so?

Ginette giggled, perhaps imagining her brother's pleased face.

'Yashiro-san, you've been fond of children from such a young age, haven't you?
'Huh!That's not what I'm talking about!

That's not the point!
That's not what I'm talking about at all!

'But you must have missed him, right, little brother?
'Shut up, Estella. Take off the breast pads.'

I splash water on Estella, who puts her elbow on my shoulder with an annoyed look.
'Yip, yip, yip,' you say, right there.

'Then I'll ask you to do the same.

Ginette looks at me, hands folded.

'Can I have a ride, please?
'Oh, yeah. ......'

When you say that, it's like... Yeah, it is.

'Well, I guess I'll follow you. I don't want you to do anything wrong.'
'What am I supposed to do?
'To make sure you don't touch my butt in the middle of the night.
'I see!That's a good idea!
'No, you don't!Not anymore.

But if it was an ass, 'Yashiro-san would have touched her tits!It must be someone else! So he might not be a suspect!

'If it's not boobs, I might not be suspected!
'No, they'll suspect you. Even if the real killer is someone else, you're the first one I'm going to suspect.

What a horrible person!
He's like a condensed version of the world's malice.
I'm carrying Jeannette in the water under the watchful eye of Estella, who has such a crooked personality that it's like a giant maze.
She puts her hand on my shoulder and pulls me close to her in a reserved manner.

'When you start swimming, you can sit on my back.
'Yes, sir. Please let me know if you're ...... too heavy.'
'I'll be fine.

Jeannette is a worrier, and if she is left alone, she will continue to worry.
So, I quickly start swimming.
I kicked the bottom of the river and did a quick breaststroke.

As I lean back, Ginette sits on my back.
...... Side sitting?
You're a girl who rides on the back of a bicycle.
She is embarrassed to ride with her legs open.

'Don't fall off, okay?
'Yes, sir.
'You'll sink a little.
'What?Oh my God!

Because Jeannette doesn't want to be immersed in the water and is stretching her back, my body is sinking rapidly.
There is a fixed percentage of the human body that can go above water.
Therefore, if Jeannette doesn't sink her body into the water more closely, I won't be able to keep my face out.

Being careful not to submerge Jeannette's face in the water, I dive a little and increase my speed.


Ginette's hands tighten as she speeds up.

You'll be nice and snug and buoyant and stable. I think I'm okay now.

'Pfft, ...... are you okay?
'Yes, I was a little scared, but...'

It looks like she was really scared, and Jeannette is clinging to me like she's holding on to me.

'I'm sorry, but you have to hold on to me. You'll sink if you don't.'
'Is that so?So, ......, excuse me.'

Ginette apologized and leaned even closer to me.

My back is shaking and shaking.

'Yashiro. Fix my face or I'll flap my legs in front of you.

What a torture you come up with, you horrible lord.
As expected, Estella swam alongside me with beautiful form.

'You're a good swimmer, aren't you?
'Well, yeah!I'm good at moving my body.'
'I envy you. I'm not very good at exercise. ......'
'But you're swimming with me now, aren't you? I'm having fun.'
'Hmm. I'm cheating, though. But it's fun.'

The two of them smile at each other.
I'll give you a little service then.

'Estella, let's swim along the other shore.
'Oh, yes. There, the flowers are beautiful when you look from below.

On the other side of the river is a cliff with a large tree growing on it, its branches reaching up to the river.
The white, ladylike flowers were spreading their large petals, and I knew that it would be beautiful to see them up close.

I thought Ginette would love it.

'It's beautiful ......,' she said.

We passed under a branch that jutted out over the river.
The sunshine that had been pouring down on me was slightly blocked out, and I was sandwiched between the white flowers swaying in the wind and the water reflecting the light, alternately passing through light and shadow.
The scenery flowing slowly, enveloped by the sensation of floating, is truly magnificent.
On my back, Ginette was letting out a 'wow......' sound.

Estella, swimming next to me, changed her style to backstroke and smiled when her eyes met mine.
It's so peaceful, yet unrealistic.
I never thought when I first met ...... that I'd see a day like this with these guys, with this kind of view, with this kind of feeling.

They swim slowly, make a big turn, and come back to the shallows where they came from.
At this point, Ginette could find her feet.

'Hey, we're here.
'Afu....... It was a lot of fun.

Ginette lets out a failed sigh and steps off my back.
The moment her feet hit the bottom of the river, she sinks into the river as if her knees had lost their strength.


She stood up in a panic and wiped her face with both hands.

'I drank the water, sir.

When I saw her face, she looked like she was about to cry, and I couldn't take it anymore.


I laughed with Estella, pointing my finger at her.
'Oh my God, that's terrible,' she protested, looking somewhat embarrassed.

'But people who can swim are like that, aren't they?
'Yes, they are. When you swim slowly, not competitively, you look like that. When you swim competitively, you're more frantic.

Estella splashes the water and breathes on her shoulders.
Ginette laughs at her.

Oh, I feel like I'm enjoying summer to the fullest.

The sun will soon be setting.
This year's river trip will be over in a few hours.
Tomorrow will be a tough day, so let's call it a day at ....... But then I saw a line forming.

'I won by rock-paper-scissors, so I'll go first.
'I guess I'll be next.
'Wait, wait, wait!What's the line?
'You're going to let us who can't swim experience it, aren't you?

Yeah, what?
Do you guys want to do it too?

'Yashiro. It's not good to show favoritism among members of the same Oba Swimming Club.
'When did this club start?

I don't have any idea who's organizing it!

'Hey, Yashiro!Hurry up, I'm stuck in the back!

Paula shouts at the back of the line.
No, no, no. You can't just line up like that. You're just a bunch of church kids.

'Yes, this way to the end of the line.
'What's this head waiter of yours doing?
'It's not the first time, is it?

It's because you neglect discipline like that that your men grow up to be unrestrained!

'If you make me swim that many times, I'll fall asleep as soon as I get home. ......'
'Don't worry, Yashiro-san.'

Ginette says with an angelic smile as she gently stands next to me.

'We've already made preparations for the heavy snowfall season, so you can sleep in, Yashiro.

What does that mean, 'do it'?
Is Ginette a bodhisattva or an arhat?

I couldn't argue with my boss, who forced me to do something worthwhile with a smile on his face, and I had to do it again and again with the mother and child of sea turtles.
I couldn't do it all by myself, so I had Natalia and Estella help me.
Hey, Masha. Don't you stand in line too.


Magda shouted in satisfaction on my back.
It's no joke to swim with everyone on your back, so I assigned the role of turtle to those who were good swimmers.

Estella and Loretta were good swimmers, but they were not used to carrying others on their backs and sank quickly, so they were dismissed.

'My senses are totally different!
'I'm sure you'll sink!

She insisted that she was not a bad swimmer.

Natalia was--

'Hey, Natalia!Don't make any funny noises!
'But, Paura-san touched my 'very sensitive parts', so ......'.
'Please don't talk funny!You didn't just touch my back!
'Yes, I did. So, I seem to have a weak back.
'Stop that voice!

The board voted unanimously to fire Natalia.

Come to think of it, she's good at masking her presence and getting behind others, but she rarely gets touched by anyone.
He had an unexpected weakness.
Even if it is a weakness, you can't exploit it blindly, though.

So in the end, it was just me, Delia and Masha who could swim stably.
I mean, Paula and Nephrite can swim just fine, so there's no need for them to get on board.

'So, Derya-san, take your time, okay?
'Oh!Then let's dive!
'You're diving?

In the event that you're in a position to do this, you'll be able to do so with the help of your own personal computer.
...... Delia, you're good at diving. And they're fast. Millie, I hope you're not crying.

'Pfft!What do you think, Millie?Are you having fun?
'Mii ......!

Oh, I was crying.

'Delia. Swim her so she doesn't sink.'
'Really?It would feel better if you dove.'
'That's a professional feeling. We're all amateurs, so it's okay to be loose.'
'I see. I guess we shouldn't think like me and Yashiro. Yeah, I get it.

I'm not a professional, either. ......

'ugh...... ladybug, thank you ...... for your ...... keho, keho.'

Millie sent me a sincere thank you.
It seems she was really scared.
Well, from the way it moved in the water, it looked like a shark.

'Oh, I found the right place to hold it.
'Wait a minute, Regina?Where are you holding it?
'My tits.
'I wonder if you're Yashiro-kun? ☆'
'I'm sorry!
'You're the one with the disrespect, bikini pharmacist. And that's not fair, take over.'

I'm not sure what to do.
Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you're allowed to do whatever you want. ...... Oh, I'm sunk. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it'll help.

'......It's a long dive.
'...... Masha is getting right to the point.'
'Geez, geez!I'm not sure what to do.
'Did you reflect on that? ☆'

'No, I'm not sure about that.
'Then I'll dive twice as far as I already have...'
'You're kidding!I'm sorry!Please bear with me!

How can he joke in a situation where his life is at stake?
He's not the kind of idiot who would risk his life for a joke.

'...... Masha, who dresses more shamelessly than anyone else, is actually more incapable of taking such jokes than anyone else.
It's a sign that you haven't been poisoned by the 42nd district yet.

I mean, Magda.
Don't call me a disgrace. I'll cry.

'So, should we dive in too?
'...... If we do that, Magda will ...... sulk so much that Yashiro will have trouble.'
'Is that a threat?'
'......Bend over and sulk.'
'So you're going to pull your weight.'
'...... that's better.'

The hand gripping my shoulder is getting stronger.
I knew she didn't like her face getting wet.

'I'm cold and want to take a bath again today.
'It's a small one today. I'm sure I'll be using the big bath from tomorrow.

'Considering the preparation, cleaning and fuel costs, I can't just use the big bathrooms.

'...... I don't mind either way as long as I can go in with the manager.
'Would you be lonely if you were alone?

There was no reply, and after a few seconds of silence, he picked up a lock of hair near my nape.
'...... That hurts.

'...... I'm still not licensed to manage firewood.'
'Then it's safer with Jeannette.'

It's the best I can do to pretend that I'm not lonely.
You're right, even though it's for one person, it's a lot of space for Magda. Not only the bathtub, but also the bathroom.
It's a little lonely in there alone.

I think it's nice and relaxing. ...... I'm sure Magda doesn't think so.

'Do you want to make a toy that floats in the bath?
'...... bath toys?'
'Oh. Chicks, turtles, and such, where I come from, we float those dolls in the bath and take a bath with them. It's nice and lively.'

They're very popular with children.

'...... that's ............'.

Magda must have sensed that she was being treated like a child.
I want it, but I'm hesitant to welcome it with open arms.

'......The manager will be pleased.

Such is the distant urging.
Well, let's make one.
I'll have to figure out what to use instead of plastic.

'...... my parents'.

Suddenly, Magda starts talking about the past.

'......When Magda didn't want to take a bath, they made her a 'puffy monster' out of a towel. It was round and plump, and when you squashed it, it squashed into a ball. It was ...... fun.

Could it be a jellyfish made from towels, a staple of the bath?
Soak the towel in the bathtub and let the air in to make it round like a balloon.
If you submerge it in water, it will produce bubbles, and if you crush it with your hand, it will make a bubbling sound.

There's one here, too.
It's a tub bath, so you may not have submerged it in water.

'Maybe I can do that, too.
'Too bad I can't get into the ...... with you.'
'Well, I'll teach Jeannette.'
'...... Tell Magda. I want to entertain the manager.'
'Well, maybe we can sneak in some practice later.'
'...... That's a good idea.'

I'm sure you brought a sports towel with you, so I'll teach you in the river.
That's what I thought. ......

'...... Oh, I knew I couldn't.'

Magda suddenly changed her opinion.
She remembered an important promise that had lain dormant in her happy memories, and impatiently asked for a halt.

'...... I promised Magda that her mommy and daddy would teach her how to make Puku Puku Hexenbiest when she became a big sister.

Even though I didn't see it, the scene came to my mind.
They must have been having a conversation like this.

'Here, Magda. Let's take a bath together with a puffy hexenbiest.
'Magda wants to be a puffy Hexenbiest too!
'I'll teach you when you're a little older, Magda.

I guess Magda hadn't forgotten that promise.
That's a promise I can't break.

As a mother, she would have no way to lure Magda into the bath once she mastered it. She must have planned to teach her when she became a little older and could take a bath by herself.

Then, he couldn't teach Magda, who couldn't take a bath by herself yet.

'Then I'll teach it to Jeannette. It's one thing to learn by watching, it's another to be taught.
'...... Yeah. I'll learn from my parents.'

By the time Magda's a little older, you'll be back, I promise. I'll be waiting for you, Magda.

'...... Yashiro.'

Magda's voice changes color slightly.

'...... Have you ever been to Bao Kri Air, Yashiro?'

Thinking about how to answer that question, he ended up giving a safe answer.

'No, I haven't.'

It's a spice producing region, Regina's hometown.
And Baokri Air is where Magda's parents went on a guild business and disappeared.

Magda didn't say much, but she did say a few things that hinted at it.
As he investigated without Magda's knowledge, he got detailed information from Use.

An escort to protect a dignitary.
He should have been able to return immediately, but he did not.

Use's father was also with him and has disappeared as well.
The only reason Use does not claim to be a representative and take the position of branch chief is because he believes that he, like Magda, will return.

'Would you like to go?

The name of the place, Baokri Air, was mentioned by Magda.
The name of the place must have always been in Magda's mind, even if she never mentioned it.

He had once looked up the location of Baocuriea on a map.
I had the impression that it was a place where one had to cross deep forests and mountains to reach by land, and that it was a steep journey.
Regina had said that it could be reached by sea, but even so, it would be a great voyage around the continent.

It is not an easy distance to travel.
But it was also not an impossible distance.

After a long silence and much contemplation, Magda replied, '...... No.'

'......I've decided to wait here instead of going to pick you up.

These words were filled with Magda's thoughts.

'Stop picking me up,' he said, 'I was going to pick you up.
Before he met us, Magda had gone out into the forest alone even though she hadn't been successful in hunting.
Maybe that was his training to become stronger. Maybe that's why he only hunted magical beasts that he couldn't defeat without using the Red Moya.
Considering Magda's physical ability, she should be able to hunt any reasonable hexenbiest without the Red Fur.

So, maybe that was Magda's goal.

But now Magda chose to wait.
He may be frustrated, but he chose to stay here at ...... and he may be very lonely, but he chose to stay here.

'You've got a hell of a job,' he said.

Somehow, I wanted to tell him.

'It's a hell of a job, Magda's parents would have a hard time with. Otherwise, she'd be back with Magda in a heartbeat.'

I believe you, too.
Your parents are still alive somewhere and they'll come back to you.
That Magda's not the only one who believes that.

So praise them when they come back. Tell him thank you for your hard work and give him your best. You're good at that, right?You're good at that, aren't you?

Magda didn't say a word, but quickly put her little head on my head.

'....... I'm good.'

The murmur, so small that it was almost drowned out by the sound of the water, still sounded powerfully convincing.

'......I'm glad I talked to Yashiro.'

He exhaled a long, ...... breath, his voice light for a Magda.

'......I almost scolded my mom and dad when they came back,' Magda said.

'You're late! What?
I think it's okay to say that.

'...... But, like Yashiro said, I want to praise you. If it's been a while since we've seen each other, I'd rather see a smile on your face than a look of remorse.''
'Oh. Give him that.'
'....... I will.'

As we passed under the branches of a large tree overhanging the river, almost at the end of the circle, I asked one more question.

'...... what?'
'Is it going to be okay during the heavy snow?'

Magda was afraid of the snow.
Magda shivered in the cold and cried, consumed by the painful memories of the past.

Maybe it will happen again this year.
Of course, I'll try not to let that happen. ......

'...... fine'.

But Magda assures him in a confident voice.

'...... Magda has Yashiro and the manager.'

So I won't be lonely anymore.
For some reason, his words were easy to believe.
Magda had grown a lot in the past year, and I felt that she would really be okay.

'...... and Loretta too, by the way'.

Just before I reached the goal, I saw Loretta greeting me, and I couldn't help but be blown away by the words that were added as if they were an afterthought.

'By the way' suits you well, Loretta.

'Hey, myself. Can I have a word with you?

While I was teaching Ginette about jellyfish in the middle of the river, Regina came by.
Wearing an out-of-character crimson bikini.

'That's not what I'm talking about. Look up!

Water is splashed on my face as I stare at her cleavage.
Rivers are bad. Every direction is filled with water that can be used as a weapon.
However, you can't wear a bathing suit without water. ...... I see, this is the dilemma of cleavage.

'...... philosophy,' he said.
It's not a philosophy.

I'm not here to talk about that.

This is a 'jellyfish'.
Magda says it's a 'squishy beast' though.

'Can we talk about something serious, please?
'Oh, well, I'll leave you to it.
'Oh, no problem. Can you ask the manager? ...... You'll probably need it.'

A slightly downcast expression appeared on Regina's face, and her gaze went to the riverbank.
If you follow her gaze, you will see Magda resting on the riverbank with Loretta.

'Are you talking about something related to Magda?
'Well, not directly, but ......'.

Right now, there are only three of us in the middle of this river.
Some are swimming, some are diving, some are resting, all are spending their time in their own way, but only this area is deserted.
They may have been aiming for the right moment.

'I heard that the parents of the tiger's daughter are in Bao Kri Air.

Regina asks, her eyes serious and stern, not unlike her own.
Is this really so serious?

'I don't know for sure, but I heard that they went to Bao Kri Air.
'And you're not coming back, are you?
'...... not yet, no.

It doesn't mean he's not coming back.
As long as Magda believes that, I'm going to believe it too.

'Well, ......'

Regina muttered, thinking.
Ginette and I waited for the next words.
The only sound that reached our ears was the chuckling of the jellyfish.

'I heard that you were heading for the Bao Kri Air in a very serious manner?
'I heard you were guarding a dignitary. So Magda's parents, who were good hunters, went with them.
'By sea?
'That's what they said.

Magda once told me that her parents passed through the city gate of District 35.

'That was about thirty years ago, right?
'No, of course not. It was when Magda was a child, so it must have been four or five years ago.

And then he falls silent again.
What the hell are you trying to say? ......

'Is there something wrong?It's a dangerous journey, so you hired a good hunter to guard you, right?

We hired a hunting guild to guard us when we were building the city gate.
They're good at what they do, so we can trust them.

'You're right, I wouldn't be surprised if we took the overland route. The forest on the way is quite dangerous, and there are casualties every year when crossing the mountains.

Is it really that steep? ......
That would mean the price of spices would go up.

Even so, it's a road that can be traversed by anyone who knows how. The merchants must have formed a caravan and hired mercenaries to come to this city.
'Is it safer to go by sea?
'Yes. It's expensive, though. About eight times more.'

100,000 things will turn into 800,000 if we use such an import route.
That's why the merchants come by land even if it's dangerous.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the most out of it....... He was traveling alone with a squire, wasn't he?
So, what is it?

I'm not sure if you've ever had to ask a hunting guild to escort you on an itinerary where you can run it alone.

Wow, that's scary.
What you don't know is what you get.
I wouldn't mess around with such a dangerous guy now, I promise.

It's scary just to think about how ...... you could get pissed off by tricking Medora.
It's not just Medora, but even Alvaro, Gustave, and Ursse are dangerous, to the weakest of us.

'Well, nowadays, caravans also serve as carriages, so ordinary people can come and go relatively safely.
'Then that's a relief.

Ginette breathed a sigh of relief that the safety of the road had been secured, even though no one was going to Bao Kri Air.
'I'm not going, not over that dreadful road.

'The sea route, on the other hand, is a leisurely journey with no forests where demonic beasts appear and no steep valleys. And it only takes about a quarter of the days.

That's amazing.
You can get there in a week instead of a month.
You can get there in a day if it takes four days, in six hours if it takes a whole day.
That's eight times the fare.

'The sea route is safe, isn't it?
'They check your identity so bad guys can't get on.
'Then I can't take it.
'Are you planning to do something so evil that it will be heard in Bao Kri Air?You'd better behave yourself.

He chuckled, then quickly tightened his expression.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.

Regina said that up until thirty years ago, a huge sea monster had appeared in the sea route, but it had been killed by the allied forces of Baocliere and Allbloom and the elite mermaids.
Since then, the sea route has been safe, and although soldiers have been stationed there in case of pirates, there have been no major accidents or incidents.

A safe sea route.

The hunting guild's best hunters were sent out there.
And none of them have ever returned.

'Baocuriea has been in a dispute over succession for more than ten years now.

There are two princes in Baocliere, and they are divided into two factions, the First Prince and the Second Prince.
The hard-line First Prince's faction is a little stronger, and the moderate Second Prince is in a somewhat disadvantageous position.
However, the balance of power is about 52:48, and it is not so strong that it can be overwhelmed immediately.

On the other hand, it would be difficult to reverse the situation.
Such a stalemate has continued for more than ten years. It's a very stinking country.

If you've asked the best of the hunting guilds to protect such a key figure in the country...

'So it's not Hexenbiests they're worried about, but the opposing forces.
'Probably so. If he was assassinated in another country, he could blame it on Allbloom, and if he was the first prince of ......, he could use that as an opportunity to tell Allbloom to invade.

The way she said it, I knew Regina was in the Second Prince faction.
Regardless of whether she belonged to the faction or not, she would be emotionally agreeable to the Second Prince.

'I'm sure the hunting guild took all possible measures to prevent that from happening.
'Magda's parents have kept the peace in this city, haven't they?

What Ginette said was not an exaggeration.
If the assassination plan had been carried out, it is highly likely that a war between the two countries would have started.
The fact that this did not happen means that the assassination was prevented.

'But if so, ......'
'But if that's the case, you've been spotted. 'A distraction.'

Ginette gasped.
What had happened to them after they'd completed their protection and delivered the dignitaries to safety?
No matter which faction you are, nearly half the country is your enemy. It's hard to get out of the city without incident.

'Fortunately, the king is still alive and well. As long as he's around, the princes won't be able to engage in any fierce battles. We'll just have to sneak around behind his back and try to undermine him.'

It's quite a feat to be trusted by Regina, the king.
From the tone of voice, I'd say the King is the one Regina trusts the most.
Maybe the king is the reason why Allbloom is still at peace.

The royal family of this city is likely to take the brunt of the beastmen and the lords of the outer districts in the event of a war. ...... It's going to happen for real.
I hope you live a very long life, King Baokri Air. I don't care if you live longer than my son. No, please do.

'Whatever you do, I hope ...... the tiger's daughter's parents are okay.

Regina glanced at Magda.
You're dealing with something far more dangerous and terrifying than a hexenbiest.
Seriously, I hope you're okay.

Or else...

Otherwise I'll have to go abroad and dismantle the royal family.

'Thanks for letting me know.
'I'll leave it to you to decide if you want to tell the tiger girl about this. I couldn't have made that decision myself.'

But maybe...

'We'll talk about it when the time comes. Mr. Magda has a right to know.

It might just make her worry.
It might make you anxious.
Still, Magda is stronger now. ......

'If I don't let her know, she'll be upset later.

'That's tough. A sulking Magda is cute, but it's hard to get her to change her mood.

Even Jeannette has a hard time with sulky Magda.
You should talk to her and help her sort out her feelings.
Fortunately, tomorrow is the heavy snow season.
There's plenty of time for you to stay close and talk to her.
I'm sure Jeannette will spoil you ............ at best.
That's not my job. That's not my job. That's Jeannette's role, yeah.

'Anchovies!I'm cold. Treat me to a bath!'
'Hey, who's that? Did you tell Lucia about the baths?'
''Hmph. It looks like the bathhouse is going to be a big hit today too.''
'...... I'm sure the water will get cold by the time we get back to District 35.'
'Why don't you dry your hair thoroughly before you leave?
'Haha ......, well, you're on your own.

Even if you catch a cold, it's the heavy snow season anyway.
It won't matter if you stay in bed for a few days. I'll let him do what he wants.

'Well then, I'd better get going.
'Yes, we should. The sky is starting to take on a more subdued color.

It's not red yet, but it will be soon.
'Oh, so this year's bathing suit will be the last.

'I can't wait to see what kind of bikini Regina will wear next year.

Regina dips her shoulders into the water and hides her swimsuit.
Only the top of her neck is exposed, and she mutters with a slightly red face, looking resentful.

'Next year, I'll wear one that doesn't show my belly button.

Ginette and I looked at each other and couldn't help but laugh.
Oh, I see.
You're going to participate next year, aren't you?

We got out of the river, cleaned up, and left the 'one last swim! and we returned to the sunny pavilion.