457-Episode 259 A good swimmer

'That was a good bath!

Lucia, steam rising from her body, is contentedly drinking a glass of chilled milk.
The milk was chilled in the ice vault.
Originally, the ice storage was placed in the backyard to keep the sun away. Now that there is a bathroom there, the ice storage has been moved to the back of the stall in the front yard.
I couldn't carry it very far, but Magda and Gilberta made light work of it.
It is about the size of a large safe, and will be returned to Assunto at the end of the heavy snow season.
'If you find it useful, we can get it for you at a reasonable price. If you'd like to use it, we can get it for you at a discounted price,' he said. ...... d*mn, I think I'll buy one.
You can use it as a refrigerator, of course, to store ice.
d*mn you, Assunto. So clever.

'I'll have a bath of this size installed in my villa.

In order to disrupt the majority rule in BU, I hatched a plan to build a port in District 42.
Lucia, the lord of the 35th district, who had been enriched by the existence of the port, naturally objected to the plan.
So he proposed to build villas in the New Town in return for the construction of a port in District 42.

In the end, the majority vote in BU decided not to impose any sanctions on the 42nd district, but this did not stop the construction of the port.
No, it stopped once, but Masha pushed very hard and it started again.

Because of this, Lucia's vacation home project, which was once scrapped, has also been revived. ...... This guy doesn't seem to want to give up on it at all.
...... d*mn.
I'll definitely build it on the other side of the river from Loretta's house.
Hammaro is in danger.

'Do you need a big bathtub in your villa?
'Yes, we do. We'll all be in it together. ...... Mwah!'
'Then, I'll consult with Gilberta and decide.'
'Wait Estella!I'm the master!
'But Gilberta is the one who has common sense and decency.'
'Ugghhh ......, isn't that what you've come to say, Estella?

I'm not sure what to do.
The more time you spend with them, the more they'll treat you like crap.
If you don't like it, think about what you're saying and doing.

'Okay, here's what I'll do. Let's pretend the villa never happened.
'If all you can say is nonsense, shut your mouth, anchovy!

What nonsense? That's a good idea.
As long as your villa goes back to the drawing board, the peace of the Forty-two districts will be preserved.

'The villa in New Town is in return for granting the construction of the port. You may use all your money to build a luxurious and splendid villa worthy of me.'
'How about a building that looks like a pervert from the air?
'Oh, if you can do it, you can do it!I'd rather live there!

It would be hard to live in a house like that, though.

'Well, that's ......'.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.

'You're not doing anything weird to Miry and the others, are you?

This perverted lord rejected our request to go in alone because he is a nobleman and said, 'I won't go in or leave unless I'm with Millie! You're one of the aristocrats.
If you're a member of the nobility, don't hesitate to expose your skin to the common people!
She may be a woman biologically, but she's an old man inside, so she should be put in the men's bath.

'If only I could go in with him, ......!
'Hey, who would take a mixed bath with you!Shame on you, sardine!

What kind of mouth is that, sardine?

'Dry your hair properly, I think. Your hair, Lady Lucia.

Gilberta comes out of the kitchen with a towel.
Natalia follows her, wiping Gilberta's wet hair.
The towel is wrapped around Natalia's head like a turban. That's what girls do after a bath.

...... Natalia, you have a s*xy nape.

In order to prevent Lucia from getting out of control, I sent the two head waiters with her to the baths, but did they prevent the crime?

After that, a group of girls came to the floor after taking a bath.
Hey, guys... Go to Jeannette's room instead of this one.
Then dry your hair and come down when you're ready to show it to the guys.
I think they're all so excited about the bath that they've completely lost their minds.

'Gah!I'm not sure what to do.It's too hot!

You know?
There are even perverted raccoons like this.

'......, Percy. Was there a Percy?
'Yes, he was!I've been playing in the river all morning!Didn't I have a funny incident at the barbecue when a shrimp shell popped and flew into my face?

I don't remember any of that.
Was this guy there?

I'm not sure if you're still here or if you're planning on taking a bath too.

You extravagant bastard.

I'm taking a bath with these guys again.
I wonder when I'll be able to relax on my own. ......
That's two days in a row with Becko.

'By the way, anchovy. Where's the fox master?'

Oumalo hadn't come back after Goozja had called him.
There seemed to be some kind of trouble, and he might have been busy dealing with it.
I hope it's nothing serious.

...... No, you see. If he's in trouble, I can't ask him to do anything.

I'm worried about him.

Ginette, who hasn't bathed yet, raises her eyebrows anxiously.
Because there were so many of us, we couldn't all go together, as expected.
Since they had to leave in time, they let the guests in first.
Ginette and the others said they would be the last to enter.

Loretta was planning to go home today, so she should have entered quickly, but she wanted to enter with Jeannette and Magda.
Don't stay here today, okay?
I'm sure Hamko will be worried if her eldest daughter is not here on the first morning of the heavy snow season.

'Well, let's go in as soon as we can.
'We've been waiting for you, Anchan!
'Thank you for the company again, that you are!
'Oh, wait. Anchovy.

Lucia stops me when I'm about to go to the bath.
She sits on a chair and lets Gilberta wipe her hair. Natalia is wiping Gilberta's hair and they are lined up vertically. That's an interesting picture, man.

'You're going to send Miry-tan to her before the bath.
'Huh?I don't mind, do you?
'What are you talking about, Millie-tan?Millie-tan after bathing is a favorite of ...... criminals!

I think it's dangerous, I too, if my friend Yashiro is not with me. I'm going to send, Lucia-sama, My Angel Milly.
'What's My Angel, Gilberta-san?
'I mean, why are you trying to send her, you pervert?
'Of course it's for the sake of smelling Millie's good scent in the carriage.
'Please don't do anything offensive to my people. You'll start a war.

Lucia is smiling arrogantly and without regard to Estella's cold gaze.

'If it's Milly, I'll take her home.
'You can't say that, Delirin.

Don't give every beastman you like a strange nickname.
You can't say that, Delirin.It doesn't seem to matter if they're beastmen or not.
But you should at least improve your sense of style. ...... Well, I don't have any concrete alternatives right now, but...

'That's not true,......, is it?
'But we have to go home early to prepare for tomorrow, don't we?You've been so focused on taking care of the flowers that you haven't taken out your warm bedding or woolen pants yet, have you?
'How do you know that?
'I looked it up, I did.

Don't so easily look into the affairs of a private home. You're a spy.

'I heard that last year you were so tired from playing in the river that you fell asleep immediately after returning home and caught a cold.
'How do you know that?
'Because I got to know the guild leader!
'Oh, ......, the guild leader, you're so chatty. ......'

The head of the guild, whom Millie consults about everything, is a trustworthy and good-natured old lady, but like the big ladies of the flower arrangement guild, she loves to gossip.
The news that Millie had caught a cold, a topic that stirred her protective desire, would have been immediately shared. And people must have sent her gifts of sympathy.

'Go home before that happens.
'Oh, it's ...... all right. Well, I'm off, aren't I?
'So, I'll just--'
'Doesn't Delirium have a meeting tomorrow for the sleepover?
''Eh, manager. Was there something wrong?
'Well, I was going to ask when you would be coming. I'm sure your houses need to be cleared of snow. I also wanted to know how many breakfasts you had .......'

Ginette glanced at Lucia, and they all looked at her.
With a look of astonishment.

'Did you know about this, Lucia?
'Hmph. Who do you think I am? I'm not the leader of the 35th district. You should know that exposing plots is a fundamental part of being a lord.

You found out.
Well, I guess you can't hide anything from the soft-hearted people of the 42nd district, really.

Well, if they know, so be it.
It's a bit of a hassle, but I'll give up.

'So, are you coming too?
'Sorry to make you lonely, but I'm a lord. I can't be away from my house during the heavy snowfall.
'...... Ugh.'

In the event that you've got any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with me, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I'm not sure if it hurts your ears or not.

'I'll give you a big welcome at the mochi pounding contest, so don't cry if you're lonely, anchovy?
'Which one is it?
'And then there's .......'

Lucia beckoned with a wry smile.
She can't move because her hair is being wiped.
I have no choice but to go to her.

'Take that for trying to hide it.

A chop to the carotid artery.
I stopped breathing, stopped for a second.
...... You son of a b*tc*.

When I glared at her, the wet-haired Lucia smiled triumphantly.
You look so happy, d*mn it. Get the hell out of here.

'My dry hair, Lucia-sama.

Gilberta wiped off Lucia's hair, which hadn't been sitting still at all, with dexterity and a look of satisfaction on her face.
It's really smooth. That's great.

'It's dry here too, Gilberta.
'Thank you, I think. I say thank you, Natalia. Her fingering is so gentle, I'm mesmerized. I'll learn from her.

It feels so good, Natalia's wiping.
Maybe I'll have her do it next time.

'Well, now that my hair is dry, I'd better be off.
'Miss Lucia. If you want me to take Yashiro, I'll--'
'Good. Enjoy your bath.''

She stops Estella with a slight wave of her hand and turns her gaze to me.

'You have the honor of being my companion. You should be grateful, anchovy.

Her eyes spoke volumes.
'I need to talk to you. Follow me.'
Estella must have realized this, because she quietly withdrew.

'Then, I will come and greet you when the heavy snowfall season is over.
'Mm. The end of the year and the beginning of the new year will be busy, but once the construction of the port begins, we will have more opportunities to meet. There's no need to be so formal.'
'No, sir. I just want to meet you personally as a friend.
'Mm......mm. Well, if that's the case, do as you please.

Lucia has lost it.
Not for me, though.
Not the perversion she usually shows, but a shy, shy, girlish dere.
Not for me.
You should dere for me once in a while.

'Come on, Milly. Let's go home together!Today, we're going to ride in a small carriage, so you can sit on my lap...'
'What the hell are you doing riding in a luxurious six-seater carriage?
'Normally it's an eight-seater, Lucia-sama's carriage is. I didn't tell any lies.

But that doesn't change the fact that you don't need her to sit on your lap.

'Milly. Was it all right for you to bathe with me?Did they do anything weird to you?'
'Mmmm, I'm fine. ...... giggle'

It's a great way to get to know the people around you.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

He told me secretly.
Was it cute?
I'm sure he'd love it.He'd be like, 'Ooooh! I'm drinking with the beastmen! I'm sure he'd have a field day with that.

'I always take a bath alone, so I don't get to see much of other people's ............'.

She was embarrassed by the words 'naked' and 'nude' and slurred her words.
I wonder why that is. My cheeks are getting loose. grin.

'Don't look so tight, anchovy. I'll squeeze you.'
'Don't you dare invent a novel punishment.

Surprisingly, Lucia was embarrassed both to see others naked and to be seen naked.
If that's the case, why didn't you tell her to go in with you?
...... Well, if you go in alone, it's no different than going in at home, and I'm sure she missed that.

'The one who was the most excited was ...... Paura-san.'

Millie pointed at Paula with a troubled face.
'What did you do, Paula?

'Yes, I did. Paula wants to touch people's breasts immediately.
'Because it's not every day you get a chance like this.You have to touch them!
'Yes, I know exactly how you feel!
'You see, Paula. You're just like Yashiro. Be careful.'
'...... Yeah. I'll be careful.'

What's that supposed to mean, man?

Well, it's best if Miry and the others weren't harmed.

'Well, I've got the order of the lord of the other district, so I'll send Millie off and see Lucia and the others off.
'Um, Yashiro-san. When are you coming back?
'Soon, Ginepu. There's no need to worry. I'll make sure they get here.
'Then you're safe. Your body will be tired after swimming, so Lucia-san and Gilberta-san, please get some rest today.
'You too. Thank you for your help.
'I'm looking forward to the mochi pounding contest.
'Yes, sir. I'll see you again.'
'Yes,' I reply, 'I will.

That's why I go out with Lucia and the others.
Estella did a good job of keeping Delia and the others at bay.

Well, let's hear what they have to say.
You want to take me all the way out for a little secret talk.

The carriage moved along the street at a slow speed.

'That's right. Since the party in District 24, I've been getting frequent letters from DD asking for nectar. ...... Hmm. I told her, "You come and drink."'

By the way, at the party in District 24, I gave him nectar as a welcome drink, didn't I?

'I'm sure Filman will be happy to go.
'If you're a candidate for the next lord of the 24th district, you're a frequent visitor. He brings his girlfriend, a malted rice maker, with him.'

That bastard's going on a date with a flower garden?
He didn't even ask me! What a jerk!

'Why don't you just break up with BU now that your troubles are over?
'Hahaha, don't say things you don't mean, anchovy. I heard that you worked very hard to bring them together.

That's because it was necessary to get him to withdraw the absurd reparations imposed on him by BU.
Otherwise, who would willingly get involved in other people's love affairs?

'There's also the matter of Sirach and Orkio. And Wentan and the others.'
'Your jealousy of Theron is ugly, Lucia.

Wendy's not yours.
Don't come barging in here and obsessing over it.

'You're the kind of person who can't stop going around hooking up with every man and woman you see.
'That's a terrible misunderstanding.
'But, Nikka-san also said that she was able to get married thanks to Ladybug-san, didn't she?

Nikka is a swallowtail butterfly who used to be Sirach's companion, and if anything, she's not very friendly to me.
I'm sure she's in the same position as Lucia, who swears at me every time she sees me, and Sophie, the sister of the 24th Ward Church and sister of Rebekah. ......
I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

'Then you won't hold a grudge against me if I divorce you.

The matchmaker is like a parent!
What the parents say is absolute, right?

Wait, wait, wait.

'The matchmaker is like a parent. ...... Is it natural for a parent to take a bath with their daughter?
'It's not natural, is it?I'm sure you'll agree.

So why do you have to be like a parent?
There's no benefit.

'But I'm glad you like Nectar.
'Hmm. Thanks to Millie-tan, the 35th district has become even more gorgeous.

'Miri, I didn't do anything. It's thanks to you, ladybug.'
'No thanks. You've expanded the possibilities of flowers in the 35th district. The decorations ...... at the banquet, the flower arrangements ...... were wonderful, I heard. DD complimented you on it.
'Really?Wow, ...... that's sweet.'

Donnis is a romantic.
Maybe he's into the whole 'me loving a flower' thing.

Oh, right.
Mahr's hobby is gardening. That's why he's so interested in flowers.

'And the flower guild is forming a union. It's all thanks to Miry's efforts.
'That's not true ......!I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you out.
That was the start of the project. There is a great possibility that flower arrangements will be used at weddings and celebrations in the future. When this happens, the flower arrangement guild in one district may not be able to provide enough flowers. At such times, a system of cooperation among the flower arrangement guilds of neighboring districts was born. This is undoubtedly due to the achievements of Millie Tan, who was the first to do so. You should be more proud of it.
'Oh no, Miry is ......'.

Miry glanced at me with a red face.

'Because Ladybug-san helped me. ......'
'Millie's hard work has paid off. The anteater brothers would have been turned away.'
'giggle...... that's not true.'

No, no, no.
If I were you, and anteater twins came in saying 'Hi! I'd close the door and lock it tight. I'd close the shutters, too.

'After the carpenters, the flower arrangers' guild has also formed a union. The city is going to change a lot again.

Lucia says with a satisfied look on her face as she leans back in her seat.
The carpenters, or rather the civil engineering guild, has also formed a union.
Basically, individual carpenters take care of their own work, but when there is a major construction project, such as the construction of the city gates and roads in District 42, or the construction of the site of the gluttony contest and the lovely Yann Avenue in District 41, they gather carpenters from neighboring districts.
In such cases, the guilds of each district join the union and share the reputation of the carpenters in order to dispatch reliable workers.

Therefore, Torbek's construction company is often approached by other guilds from time to time. They are good at what they do.

In the past, Umaro was asked to repair the mansion of the lord of the 30th district by name, probably because he was selected based on the data of the union.
It seems that they sometimes hold bidding.
In such a system, a carpenter who has the know-how of sewage work is selected by offering the cost and period of work.

Trubec Construction Company, with its expertise in sewage construction, is the most popular carpenter in the world.
I don't think it's a good idea to use a carpenter from such a company to build a large bathroom, but since Umaro wants to do it, it can't be helped.
There's nothing wrong with me.
Rather, I'm giving him a job.I'll try to be as kind as I can be.

'The nectar candy was well received. I bring it as a gift to other lords when I meet with them and they are always pleased. There are so many people who want to trade with us that we are in a bit of trouble.

The nectar of the garden is not to be used for commerce.
He has no intention of changing this rule, and says that the nectar candy will remain as a gift only.

'I'm really grateful for the fact that we've been able to provide jobs for the insect people who had no jobs before. Thanks to Millie's invention. I'd like to express my gratitude again.
I just wanted to make everyone happy,...... and the reason why I thought of nectar and asked the bug people to make nectar candy was because they were all ladybugs,...... '
'Our 35th district is run by a system where the anchovy's achievements are naturally canceled out.
'Wow, so I'm not going to cooperate with any of them in the future...'
'However, it has been decided that the anchovy will be obligated to cooperate with me. It was a majority vote in my district.
'You're a petit 'BU', aren't you?

Don't impose your arbitrary decisions on me.
Millie shook her shoulders as she watched me being forced into an absurd situation of power harassment by an arrogant lord with power.
Do you enjoy my misfortune so much?Is Millie a bit of a dosser?

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.
I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.
I'm not having any fun at all because of Lucia, though.

As the air in the carriage lightened from our idle talk, Lucia suddenly opened her mouth.


Lucia smiled at Millie with a kind smile that she would never give to me.
She looked at Milly sitting on the other side of the room and asked in a calm voice.

'Aren't you afraid of riding in a carriage anymore?
'Yes, ......'.

Millie used to have an aversion to riding in a carriage.
This was due to the atmosphere of discrimination against sub-humans that had prevailed in this city for a long time, and she had been very reserved even when we were the only passengers.
I was trembling just to ride in such a luxurious six-seater carriage.

Now, he looks much calmer.

'Oh, ...... it's because everyone, even ...... Lusia, has been so kind to me... ...ah ...... thank you, right?
'Okay, I'll take it and go!
'I know what I'm doing. I'm going to use the hand acupuncture points from my friend Yashiro.

It's quite painful when you rub your thumb as hard as you can between your thumb and index finger, near the bone to bone area. It's a pressure point for tired eyes.

Do you know the acupuncture points on your hands as well as your feet?You're a sardine!
'What's that preserved food?I've never heard of it.

The acupuncture points are filled with sardines.
If it's not dry, it'll go bad soon.

'Millie is too cute!It's only natural that you'd want to take her home with you!
'I know the feeling.
I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not, but I've heard of it.
The shy appearance is like a forest fairy living deep in the forest.
If you encounter her in the forest, definitely bring her home.
I'll overhunt it.

'The Bug People of District Thirty-Five have suggested that we rethink the nature of the flower garden.

Lucia says with a happy, itchy expression on her face and a loose mouth.

It's not a place of sanctuary for the insects, but a place where anyone - human, insect, beast, noble, or commoner - can come. ...... They took a big step towards me. That wedding must have had a big impact on them. And then there were the stalls at Hanazono.

Until now, the garden had been mostly reserved for the insects, and humans had to be very careful when entering.
The Bug People have offered to stop that.

'They are interested in interacting with humans,' he said.

Sirach, who was considered a symbol of tragedy, sincerely wanted to marry the tragic man. And she is still living very happily today.
Such a situation must have changed the hearts of the Bug People.

'Some of them even want to have a wedding. The sisters of the 35th district are coming to ask Sister Bertina to teach them. Please give her my regards when you see her.

These words were all directed at Milly.
At the time of the wedding, he had taken Millie to the 35th district for some reason.
Millie was deeply involved with Lucia and the 35th Ward at that time.
She's probably thanking me in the guise of thanking me for that time. That's just Lucia's way of being dishonest.

Why don't you just give that stuff to Milly and Estella?

'Will you act as a bridge between humans and insects again, Milly? Your flowers and smile have the power to make everyone around you happy.
Hmm. Anything you can do, Miry.

Miry seemed to have realized that Lucia's gratitude wasn't just for her, and she seemed to have accepted it with a lot of ease.
She giggled when she saw my face.
Don't stare too long, or I'll take you home.

'I'm going to go play with the ladybug again, aren't I?
'Yes, I'll be waiting. And welcome. Just Millie.'

I looked at Lucia, who was sticking her tongue out at me. And seeing Lucia's tongue, Millie held her mouth and started laughing.

Then, the carriage slows down in a friendly atmosphere.
The carriage seems to have arrived at Millie's house.

'Then, thank you for giving me a ride.

Millie gets off the carriage and bows her head.
At Lucia's insistence, Millie refrained from using honorifics, but her thank you was in honorifics.
However, the smile she gave to Lucia was the same as the one she gave to Estella and us, and such a small thing must have made Lucia very happy.

'I hope you don't catch a cold. If Millie catches a cold, I'll have to fly from the 35th district to take care of her.
'Then, for the sake of everyone in the 35th district, stay warm and go to bed, okay?

We smiled at each other and watched Millie enter the house.
She looked back at me several times and gave me a small wave.

...... Well, well...

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

This is where Lucia's main point comes in.
You may have been planning to say thank you when you had the chance, but I was called away for a short time to travel the short distance from here to the sunlit pavilion.

Is it advice, a complaint, or an order? ......
Let's see what they have to say.

The carriage begins to move slowly.

'Have you come to your senses yet, anchovy?

That was the question that started it all.

'For what?
'My marriage to Estella.

This guy, ...... again.

'Are you still talking like that?

After Theron and Wendy's wedding, this guy asked me that question.

He wanted me to adopt him as my brother and become Estella's son-in-law.
That way the 42nd and 35th wards would be firmly connected.

'There's no such thing in the slightest.
'You lazy bastard.
'I'm just not as unscrupulous as you.

Besides, it's not a problem that can be solved by me saying it one way or the other.
You didn't bring Estella here because you want to talk about this, did you?

'Why do you want to bring me and Estella together so badly?
'It's to protect the 42nd district.'

Protect it?
By me and Estella getting married?
I don't understand.
Are you talking about a declining birthrate or an heir?

'The 42nd district is making remarkable progress thanks to some idiot who is wielding his skills with great vigor.'
'Hey, hey, you're calling Estella, even if she is a lord, a fool.
'Hmm ......, that's a bit silly.

Shut up.
It's not like I'm developing the 42nd district.
This is a byproduct.
I'm just doing what's in my best interest.

Occasionally, I brush off some of the flames.

'New road, new port. Many other unusual specialties are springing up. That sewer will soon be heard of by the royals. Anyone with any brains will know exactly what it's worth.

It would be easier if they thought that it would be more beneficial to establish friendly relations with the Forty-two districts, but ...... the world does not always run in peace.

'The 42nd district is now like a big tree that produces money. I'm sure BU and the people in the outer districts see it that way.

We are working with District 40 and District 41 on various projects.
We are also cooperating more and more with the 35 wards.
I have also made acquaintance with the lords of the 36 to 39 wards that exist in between, having proposed business to them during the wedding parade.
Those districts have benefited to some extent. What do the BUs think of our involvement with District 42?

I don't know how the BU's feel about that.
I'm sure they're hoping that the new road and the new port will bring in more tax revenue through tolls.

'The guardian of the golden tree is still a young novice, and she is a female lord. Do you know what this means?
'That you'll be licked if you're easily manipulated?
'Hmm. If you're even slightly familiar with the situation in the 42nd district, you'll understand that there's a troublesome gatekeeper standing in your way.

Is that troublesome gatekeeper, by any chance, referring to me?
Well, if Estella is about to be deceived by some idiot, I'll step in and prevent it from happening.
I can't let some idiot stir up this 42nd district.

'We don't need to set a trap, if the lord is a woman, we can take the right approach.

A female lord takes a son-in-law and leaves an heir.
If Estella takes some nobleman as her son-in-law, he will become the lord.
Or he may stay as her assistant and move Estella around as he sees fit. If he knows Estella's popularity, he will have less friction with the people.

Anyone who would even think of getting into Estella's good graces would be able to think of something like that.
...... Hmm. I don't like that.

'Even if you don't become her son-in-law, won't it be easier to take over Estella if you make her useless?There are no blood relatives of the lord in the 42nd district now.
'That's true for you as well, isn't it?
'My career is different from Estella's.'

'Well, Lucia can probably handle most things on her own.

'I was messed around with a lot when I was new too. A string of suitors and a relentless assassin.

They're both disgusting.
I almost feel sorry for them.

'And a pack of thugs who planned to trample on my innocence and dignity as a woman and render me useless.

I couldn't help but let my emotions show on my face.
I'm aware that I've released a small amount of deadly energy.

The fact that this guy is talking to me like this now means that such a plot was prevented.
Otherwise, he wouldn't be talking about such an important matter that could be a stain on him.

And he's the head waiter to prevent such an incident from happening.
Gilberta is strong.
She's got an innocent, honest heart, but her skill is top-notch. You can trust her on that.

'...... Huh. Magda and the others aren't exaggerating.''
'What's that?
'You sycophant.'
'Just say .......'

Lucia lifts the corner of her mouth in triumph, a thin smile on her face.
Hey, don't look at me.

Lucia was shaking her shoulders and giggling for a while afterwards, wondering what made her happy.

The carriage shudders, and in that instant Lucia's mood changes.

'Don't let your guard down, even though the trusty head waiter is sticking close by. Estella has a fragile heart that makes me a little worried.''

'Tell that to Estella herself or Natalia.
'A good lord works for the greatest effect with the least amount of effort.
'I see, you're incompetent, aren't you? I'm sorry.

You think you can tell me and expect me to do anything?
I don't even have the right to interfere in such matters.

'For example, I've had strange women on the street say, "Whoa, what's with that dress?Dumb! Estella would lock herself up in her mansion if she was gossiped about by strange women on the main street for three days in a row.
'Stop it. She's going to get really depressed, isn't she?

I can easily imagine. I can easily imagine Estella wrapped in a futon in her underwear and depressed because she can't wear any clothes.

'If I were the enemy, it would be easy to destroy the 42nd district.

Well, the Forty-two Wards aren't fragile enough to be crushed by such a thing.

'If Siegenthaler is serious, he can trample Estella's dignity with just five of the best men from the hunting guild, right?

Even if it was Natalia, would it be difficult for her to protect Estella against five skilled members of the hunting guild?

''Even if she doesn't, she can destroy Estella just by using that head waiter as a consolation prize.
'...... What are you trying to say?

I'm starting to feel sick.
There's no way Ricardo would plan something like that, and Medora wouldn't let him help.
Absolutely not.
Even knowing that, this story makes me sick.

'All this will be over if you just get a grip.
'And then, won't I be targeted by assassins?
'Hahahaha!You're not going to be killed by an assassin, are you?

No, I'm sure you'll be killed quickly.
I'm weaker than Estella, you know?

'Well, there are many people who use not only love but also various other tricks. And Wishart, the lord of the 30th district, is that kind of man.

Wishart, the lord of the 30th district, who interferes in the construction of the harbor.
That's the kind of man he is.
If Estella continues to ignore his demands, we don't know what he'll do to someone he doesn't like, someone he thinks is lower than him.

Estella has many weaknesses that a newcomer, a woman, a sweetheart, or an unsavory nobleman might exploit.
She must be a nasty opponent who would exploit those weaknesses.

'The lord of the thirtieth district is a stinky man. You should be very careful.
'Hmph, is there any lord who doesn't have a stink about him?
'There is one. He's naive, defenseless, and so good-natured that it makes me nervous to look at him. It's useless to be wary of him.
'Yeah, I know that guy, too. Right?The Lord of the Cliffs or something.'
'Well, that's strange. I thought I heard 'Lord of Smiles'. ...... Well, I'm sure it refers to the same person.

They smiled at each other as the carriage rocked.
In other words, this guy decided that it would be more efficient to tell me to protect Estella than to advise her to be careful.
It's said that a good lord will work for the greatest effect with the least amount of effort.

'You've become very kind, haven't you?
'You say that?Your eyes look different from when we first met.'
'Oh, so that means my deception technique has improved. I'm good at pretending to be a good guy.'
'The only thing you're not good at is lying to hide your embarrassment.'

That's bullshit.
There aren't many men as good at lying as I am.

'My advice to you was only necessary for my own good.
'Oh. What benefit?'
'That's obvious. If some other noble were to mess with the 42nd district and even gain enough power to influence the 42nd district, I wouldn't be able to build my villa. It is impossible for a lord of another district to build a villa in another district and enter it, based on common sense.
'I'm surprised you're aware of this. Then why don't you refrain from doing something insane?
'You're a fool, you are. ...... Insanity is what makes love burn.
'I wish I was charcoal, only you.

If some idiot wanted to use Estella to gain effective control of the Forty-second District, he wouldn't have allowed Lucia's villa.
A lord of another district. And it's Lucia Suarez who has a reputation for being sharp.
She'd be too scared to let him near her.

So you want me to protect Estella?
No one's going to break a bone for you.

I'll only move if it's in my best interest.

'Well, don't worry. Estella has a lot of friends who care about her.'

If Estella is troubled, Natalia will be able to detect it and share the information with her in no time.
If someone appears, Delia, Norma and most of all Magda won't be able to keep quiet.
If he wields the power of a nobleman, he can bring Medora and Javier into the fray and strike back.

No one, not even the royalty, can touch Estella in the 42nd district.

The people in this town won't let him.

If he's going to get married someday, it's got to be to someone he's made up his mind to stand next to.
There is no other way and I won't allow it.
The lord represents the people. I'll override his objections.

'Hmm. That's true.'

Lucia crosses her arms and looks at me with an annoyed look, as if she wants to say something.

'You seem to have a very meddlesome person by your side.

She's staring at me so hard.
She's staring at me.
Don't look. I'll charge you a fee.

'...... hmmm...'
'What are you doing?I'll break your jawbone, anchovy.'
'Give me a fee to see my s*xy face.'
'Just as well. It'll make up for the mental anguish you've just suffered. You've made a fortune, anchovy.

That's some tongue you got there.

'Oh, we're finally here.'

It seems that the slow-moving carriage has arrived at the Sunken Pavilion.

'Boring times seem so long. Get out of the carriage, anchovy.
'Hmm. ......'

I stared back at Lucia's provocative smile and patted Gilberta on the head.

'You're tired today, aren't you?Get some rest.'
'Ohhhh!I'm delighted, I'm suddenly rewarded.
'I'll look forward to seeing you after the New Year.'
'I think so too, I am!I want to see you, my friend Yashiro, again soon!
'Yeah, anchovies!Don't touch my Gilberta!You're a disgrace!
'What, are you sulking?Do you want me to pet her?
'No, thank you!Don't give me that indecent smile!I'll make you eat hot stewed food without blowing, anchovy!

No, it's a fine line between torture and reward.

Before Gilberta could even stand up, I was kicked off the carriage and was greeted by the people from the sunlit pavilion.

'You guys really get along well, don't you?

Estella put on a dumbfounded face.
You're annoying. I've been summoned all the way here because of your story, here.

'...... delay your marriage.'
'What?I'm not sure what to say.I'm going to get married at a reasonable time.
'I don't know about that. Life doesn't always go as planned.
'Don't put any weird pressure on me from behind, Norma!

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
I'm going to get a curse just looking at that evil face ....... I'll just look away.

'Norma, just looking at her now, I think I'm going to get a curse that will delay my marriage ......'.
'Hmm~, what's that, Loretta?Do you want to sleep in the same bed with me tomorrow?Sure~. I'll sleep with you to my heart's content.
'I'm sorry!Please don't do that to me!
'Then, Loretta, will you give me that right?

I extended my hand to Loretta, and she gently wrapped it in both of her hands.
Then, I was forcibly pulled and turned around.
Ginette's smile was right in front of me.

'Welcome home.
'Uh, yeah. ...... I'm back.

I wonder.
This is the most powerful 'welcome home' in Ginette's history. This may be the first time I've ever been greeted with such a soothing welcome.

'You didn't have to welcome me with so many people.
'I thought so, but...'

Ginette's shoulders cowered and her mouth relaxed.
Her grumpiness flies away in a flash.

'I thought I heard a horse-drawn carriage, so I went outside and saw that it was running very slowly.

So, when Jeannette didn't come back at all, people gathered to ask 'what's going on' and 'what's going on'.
He was running so slowly?

'So long, everyone. I'll look forward to seeing you again. And be careful in heavy snow.'
'Yes, sir. Take care, Lucia-san.''

The two lords exchanged greetings and Lucia's carriage drove off.

It's a good idea to keep your eyes on the road, but it's not always easy.
It is possible to pay a little attention to them.