458-Episode 260 tears of joy when I talk about next ye...

The world was covered in silvery white after a night's sleep.
...... It's raining more this year.
It's the same as last year, when the cold woke me up before the sun rose.

'...... Well... Let's make up our minds.

I'd like to stay under the covers, but ...... I'm still cold after all.
Last night, Jeannette brought out a thick futon for the heavy snow season, but when I went to bed, it was still very hot and sweaty from the heat wave.
But when I went to bed, it was still hot and sweaty with the remnants of the heat wave. In addition, I felt tired after swimming and fell asleep.

Therefore, it is impossible for me to use such a sophisticated technique as adding a futon when it gets cold.
When it's hot, you unconsciously kick off the futon, but when it's cold, your unconscious mind doesn't pull the futon back. It's an inflexible thing.

The comforter, barely warmed by my body heat, is no longer enough to keep out the cold.
Ginette might be able to wake up when she gets cold and pull the covers back on for another sleep, but not a normal person.

Magda is probably the same type as me.

I left the room, carrying a thick futon for myself.
A piercing chill spread through the corridor.
Is this the inside of a refrigerator?

'Ugh ...... it's cold.

Magda's approval had been obtained in advance.
Or rather, it would be bad if I didn't go and check on him when the climate changes like this.

'Let's go in.

I open the door and tell him in a quiet voice.
There is no reply. It's obvious.

As I approached the bed, I found that the thick comforter had fallen under the bed.
He probably kicked off the comforter that had been placed under his feet.
It was too hot and in the way.

And it's cold with only a thin comforter for the hot season. ...... is the same as last year.
Magda slept buried in the straw of the bed.

'It's ...... cold. ...... cold ............ bury me.'

He said the exact same thing to me.
I feel nostalgic, I really do.

'......Shoveling snow?
'No, it's too early. Go back to sleep.'
'...... This year is sweet.'
'Now that we have a roof over the courtyard, there's no need to rush in the morning. The food for the church is already there.'

Magda helped me set up the stove yesterday.

'Since you worked so hard yesterday, you can sleep in this morning. I'm just here to cover you.'

I'm just here to pull the covers over you,' I say, pulling my covers over you and Magda's warm ones over you.

'Isn't it heavy?
'It's ...... warm.'
'I see.'

I give Magda a pat on the head and leave the room.
She's probably still trying to sleep.

'Well, I'll call you when the stove warms up.'
'...... Yashiro.'

Just as I was about to leave the room, Magda called me.
I turned around and saw Magda looking at me with only half of her face showing through the covers.

'...... Magda, I'm fine now.'

I guess she thought I was being nice to her because of what happened last year. He came up with that excuse.

'Oh. I understand.

I'll believe you when you say you're okay.
I'm not being nice to you because I care about you.
This is, well, ......

'Magda's pretty when she's awake, Jeannette said. If you let her sleep twice, you get twice the fun, right?'
'...... Hmm. That's a good point.

You have a point.

'...... If that's the case,...... you can come back and wake me up later,......'

Magda dives under the covers, making a noise like a straw.
Well, I guess I'll just go turn on the stove. It's too cold.
I'm not wrapped up in a duvet.

I leave Magda's room and walk quickly down the hallway. Just as I reached the stairs leading down to the courtyard, the door to Ginette's room opened.

'Good morning, sir.

The breath that escaped from Ginette's mouth instantly turned white as she greeted him.
It must be very cold. It seems to sink in when I see it visually.

'It's early again this year.
'No, you're a late riser.

I'm still in my nightgown.

'You'll shovel the snow after dinner this year, right?You can stay in bed if you want.'
'No, sir. It's a good chance to see Yashiro sleepwalking.

What's with the worthless chance?

'I'm crisper than you right now, aren't I?

He smiles happily and stretches out his arm, gripping the front of the stole around his shoulders tightly.
Ginette's fingertips pluck at my hair as it passes by my cheek and then by my ear.

'It's Mr. Sleeping Habit.
'...... Don't even put 'san' on a sleeping habit.'
'It's a sleeping habit, sir.'
'That's not what I meant. ......'

Ginette stretches out her arm and pokes the top of her head, poking down on her sleeping habit.
You can't fix that no matter how much you poke it.
Yea, it's so hot.

'I'm going to go put a fire in the wood stove, come down in a little while.
'No, I'll come with you.
'You're in your nightgown.
'You're in your nightgown too, aren't you, Yashiro?
'No, I'm in my pajamas.
'Where do you plan to go in your loungewear?

Ginette giggles.
I slept in my normal clothes, which were a bit softer, so that I wouldn't have to change clothes in the morning when it was cold as hell.
That's what I call efficient.

'Actually, ......'.

Ginette pulled the front of her stole together coldly, her cheeks relaxed, and she exhaled a white breath.

'When I was a little girl, I was a sleepyhead, and even shoveling snow during heavy snowfalls was done by the time I woke up.'
'You're a powerful grandfather, .......'
'Yes. When I think about it now, yes. But when I was a little girl, I took it for granted, and I would walk along the snow-cleared path, sleepy-eyed and carefree, thinking, 'Wow, it's beautiful...' on my way to the kitchen.

This is the story of Jeannette who overslept in the morning, which would be unthinkable now.
It's very cold, but strangely enough, I want to listen to it a little longer.

'Then, in the dining room, there was a wood stove burning, and it was very warm, and my grandfather said, "Good morning," and offered me warm milk. I remember that, and I'm feeling a little nostalgic right now.

Your grandfather was doing for Jeannette what I'm doing for Magda.
I know how you feel.

'Even before I officially became a child here, I used to come to stay during heavy snowfalls. I wanted to help out. But, ...... hmm, in the end, my grandfather does it all.'

That made Ginette happy, and she must have liked her grandfather.

'I haven't been able to help you at all.
'No, I think you were helping.

That's what I'm doing now, too.

'Because you were here, I was able to shovel the snow in the morning to get the stove on.

Otherwise, I would have slept until the afternoon on a cold, snowy day like this.

'Because of you, Grandpa, I think he even enjoyed shoveling snow.
'...... because I'm here.'

He looked surprised, squinted a little sadly, and smiled.

'Then I'm glad.

I was able to help my grandfather.
That must have made little Ginette more happy and proud than anything else.

'This year, for the first time in a long time, we can go to the kitchen without shoveling. It's just like those days.

Thanks to the roof that Umaro had put up, the path to the kitchen was clear.
It would be possible for me to go to the kitchen in my nightgown with sleepy eyes.

'Well, go back to sleep. I'll go fire up the wood stove.'

Then you'll be closer to those days.
It's okay to spoil him today. That's what I thought.

'No, no. I'm an adult now, so I'm in the position of waiting for you to warm up the room.

No matter how much I tell her, she won't back down.
You're an idiot. It's only cold if I go now.

'If you want, Yashiro, you can go and have another sleep.

...... Oh, I see.
So this is how you feel.
I'm sure you're feeling this way, even if I said it with the best intentions.
I understand now.

I'll pass. I lent Magda a futon, and I don't think I can sleep in the cold. Besides, it's rare to see ...... Jeannette in her nightgown, so I'd like to see her a little more.''
'Le, rare is ...... not worth anything, right?
'Hmm?Then let's worship it so it can be used as a foil.
'Please don't. ...... God.'

He patted me on the arm as if he was patting me.

If neither of you is willing to give up, then let's just go downstairs and light the wood stove.
I don't care which comes first, I just want to get warm as soon as possible.

'I'll take care of the wood stove, Ginette can you get me a hot drink?
'Yes, sir. I'll take care of it.'

We'll take our roles, and we'll both go out to the stairs.


A cold wind hit my body as if I had been hit with ice.
What kind of grudge do you have against the people of this city, spirit god ......, it's too cold.
I'm not sure if you've ever heard of the words 'moderate' or 'moderate'?

'Mr. Yashiro. There's no snow on the stairs.

If you ask me, it's a matter of 'you should at least take care of that as a matter of course', but the fact that there is no snow on the stairs, which until a few days ago were in a state of wilderness, gave us a little impression.

We walked down the stairs with no need to watch our step, no need to worry about slipping, no need to worry about stepping off.
We can see the ground.
There is a snow-free path along the wall of the sunlit pavilion.
The roof, wow!

'Usually, it takes about an hour to finally get inside. Last year, though, it took a little less time.'
'Is that right?Didn't it take about five hours?'
'It didn't take that long. Loretta and the others also came to help.

Oh, that's right, that's right.
Hammie came, and we had the road done in no time.
And I was making sandals in the meantime, right?

'It's easy this year.
'Does that mean it's a good thing I taught the church to make fluffy bread?

'The roof of the courtyard was made by the right I got in exchange for the fluffy buns.

''Hmm... I suppose you could say that. Then, let's thank Yashiro-san for teaching us how to make the bread, Oumaro-san for making the roof, and the Spirit God for bringing us together.
'You don't want the Spirit God. ......'

The church is a 'tell us who you know! The church only took the technology as a donation from the top.
That's how they made their profits, right?
Aren't the priests and archbishops making a killing now?

'I'm sure the preserved food for this year's heavy snow season is gorgeous.
'The priests and sisters of the church don't have such luxury.
'I don't know.

They might be indulging in greed, getting alcohol, meat, gold, silver, treasure, and everything else behind the believers' backs.

'Speaking of which, ......'.

In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a number of things you can do.
...... No, that's why. Why don't you wait until we're inside to think or remember?The wind is cold, you know?

'Mr. Umaro, will you be here today?
'I'm sure he will. Come on, let's go in.'
'No, but you didn't come back yesterday after all. I was wondering if you ate your dinner properly. ......'

So you're Umaro's mother.
She's a grown woman too. She didn't skip dinner just because she couldn't eat at the sunlit pavilion.

'I'm sure she was eating preserved food. I'm sure he's got at least a minimal reserve.

It's hard to imagine that they haven't made any preparations, no matter how much they plan to stay at the sunny pavilion during the heavy snowfall.
He is still the leader of an organization.
I'm sure he has that kind of planning ability.

With that in mind, I had a bad feeling, so I opened the front door of the sunny pavilion just in case before I lit the wood stove.


A man with a fox face was lying on the snow with a dying message.

I saw that last year, too!
I mean, Ginette's prediction was right on the money, and while he was scrambling around in trouble, night fell and he searched the house, but he didn't have any food stored up.

That's why I shouldn't have unconsciously written "Magda-tan......".

I dragged Umaro inside and lit the wood stove as soon as possible.
Ginette, who was trying to relax and watch the wood stove heat up while drinking warm milk, said, 'I can't dress like this in front of Mr. Oumaro,' and quickly went back to change her clothes.
Oh, no. Umaro, you should apologize to her later.

I mean, ......
You can't show Umaro your nightgown, but you can show me yours.
I'm sure the line is ...... whether you're an employee or not, I'm sure. Yeah.

'Haaaa......, I'm alive again~'
'So you were dead until just now?
'I saw a beautiful riverbank full of Magda-tan'.

Don't add more.
How surprising is the Sanzu River?
It's usually a beautiful field of flowers. ...... What?'You're like a beautiful flower to me'?I'm jealous.

'Mr. Umaro. I've got a few things on hand, but you can have breakfast first.'
'Oh, thank you, Mr. Manager.'

Umaro, who's stuck to the wood stove, thanks me with some tears in his eyes.
He keeps his face turned away.

Go get scolded by Bertina.
You know.

'After all, we should at least have some preserved food.
'Then, shall I teach you how to make delicious dried meat?
'Well, ......, if you could give me the finished product, that would be much appreciated. ......'
'But it would be useful to remember it in case of emergency, wouldn't it?
'When I can't come to the Sunlit Pavilion anymore, that's when I'll die.

That's heavy, the way you lean on me.
There's a possibility that Magda might quit the Sundaari-tei, and there's also a non-zero chance that the Sundaari-tei will go under.
If you don't die then, you'll be turned into a frog.

Well, there's only me and Jeannette here, so I guess you're just being careless.

'So, did you manage to get yourself into trouble?
'Huh?Ah, well, ...... it's not easy.'

Apparently, it wasn't solved.

'But there's no point in panicking now, so when the heavy snow season is over, we'll remember our original intentions and start from scratch.

What is it?
Did someone make a big mistake?
So you've made your client very angry. ...... Well, it's possible.
I'm sure Gooziya overlooked it because he was too familiar with the work.

It's a pity that the master of the building was brought in for this.
I wish I could have seen Magda in her bathing suit more often.


Ginette laughed out loud as she sat at the wood stove with Umaro.
'What?Was there anything to laugh about?

'Mr. Yashiro. If you're worried, why don't you ask her?'
'I wonder what happened? 'I wonder if he's okay? He looked like he was wondering if there was anything he could do to help.
'Is the lighting too dark?You can't see my face clearly. Do you want me to turn on the lantern?

There is now a light fixture made of glowing bricks in the room.
It's a simple structure, just a glowing brick in a lantern-like container.
During the day, the bricks are hung from the eaves of the roof to absorb the sunlight, and at nightfall, they are brought inside for illumination.
If the light gets in the way, he puts the whole lantern in a black case that covers it.

This type of light-storing brick is more powerful than the light-collecting brick, which collects light even in dim light. There is a difference between main lighting and indirect lighting.
In addition, yesterday was a very hot day, so the glowing bricks should be shining brightly, but they seem to be dim to Ginette's eyes.

'The sun will be up soon, you won't need a lantern.

She shook her head with a happy face.
Well, during heavy snowfall, daylight hours are short, so we have to rely on lanterns for night lighting.
We should save oil as much as possible.

'Well, it's really not a big deal, so there's nothing to bother you with.

Umaro smiles with his troubled eyebrows, waves his hand and says in a cheerful voice.

'This is something that can only be reversed by showing our skills, so we'll just face each job steadily and sincerely.

It sounds simple and obvious, but it is the most difficult thing to do.
Even more so if you want to sustain it.

'That's true. I'm still making a lot of mistakes, but I try to make each dish delicious for each and every customer. That's what I'm trying to do.
That's what I'm trying to do. In terms of technical work with customers, I and the manager are in similar industries, so I can sympathize with you.
'Yes. We're the same, aren't we?

Umaro's expression softened.
Perhaps it was because the wood stove had raised the temperature inside the room.
The tense expression he had just had looks much calmer now.

Really, maybe it was just a small mistake.

Well, Umaro says he's okay, so I guess he's okay.
I'm sure he'll say something if he needs to.
There's no need to go out of your way to stir up the internal affairs of Torbeck Engineering.
Well, I won't bother you anymore.


Ginette starts laughing when I get even a little quiet.
She must have misunderstood something, but it's stupid to point it out to her every time. Go ahead and laugh at yourself, hmm.

'So, Umaro.
'What is it?
'What will you make me in return for that 'special breakfast' that was served even before the restaurant opened?
'Oh my God, Yashiro-san.'

Ginette gave me a 'touch' on the shoulder.
I'm not sure if a pat on the shoulder is the right word.

And, as usual, Umaro says, 'Is this really worth that much?I mean, I just built a big bathroom, didn't I? He'll probably make a comment like that.
He's a cliché.

I was thinking of ......, but no reply came, no matter how long I waited.
Umaro, are you asleep?

'Well, ...... then, why don't we remodel the second floor or something?

A dazzlingly fresh smile was looking at me!
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no!

This is a joke!
Even if Jeannette's food tastes great, it's still only 50-60Rb if you put a price on it.
You're remodeling the upstairs for 500 to 600 yen, even DIY video streamers don't do that nowadays.

'Don't take my jokes seriously. I'll back off.
'That's right, Mr. Umaro. The patio roof and bath are enough. We'll have to serve Mr. Oumaro for a while longer as change.'
'Then I'll give you the right to free unlimited water.
'That's not a right, Mr. Umaro.

In the midst of this exchange, Umaro stared at me - I know he can't see Jeannette's face, so I'm the only one he can see, but don't stare so hard - and raised his eyebrows a little. .

'The reason we were able to make such great strides was because of the renovation of the sunlit pavilion, so I thought maybe we could go back to the beginning.

Initial thoughts......
I wonder if I was too proud.
I don't think it's anything to be concerned about. ......

I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out as soon as you get moving.

'Umaro. You've got a big job ahead of you, don't you?
'What is it?
'A public bathhouse. Make sure it's done perfectly before the port is built.''
'Oh, ...... that's right. I'll do my best!
'Well, I'll start after the heavy snow season.
'But we can work on the blueprints, can't we?There's also Yashiro-san, ......, and Bekko!I'm sorry. ...... It looks like the fox lady is here too, so this is a camp!I'm not sure what to say.

What's that?
I mean, a camp is ......
I'm not sure if you guys are staying here, but I'm at home, okay?

'Speaking of which, where are you planning to build a public bathhouse?
'I'm thinking near the city gate would be good.
'Is it near Imelda's house?

If there's a public bath there, we can expect demand from those who have worked outside the gates.
I think it would be very attractive for those who have worked in sweat and mud to be able to take a bath right beyond the gate.
Besides, there is a river nearby, and fetching water is relatively easy.
If we can use the water supply well, it will be a great help for our business.

But Estella said she wanted to build it closer to the main road on the east side.
Although it is far from the river, there are vacant lots on the east side, and the demand for alcohol by those who have finished bathing is expected.
He also said that the people who use the city gate stay in the 41st district, and considering that they have to walk to the inn after bathing, it would be better to stay as close as possible.

However, since there is no river on the east side, it is difficult to fetch water.
He said he would like to think of some way to do that, such as somehow pulling in a water supply or building a new waterway. ...... I wonder if he will come up with a strange idea.

'In my opinion, you should build it either way,' he said.
'We don't have enough money and construction time.

If you want to build a public bathhouse, you have to build a men's bathhouse and a women's bathhouse.
I thought it would be better to separate the bathrooms in the same building like Japanese public baths and hot springs, but Estella, Imelda and Bertina were against it.

However, Estella, Imelda, and Bertina objected to this idea. They said that it was not good for men and women with wet hair to come out of the same building after bathing, and that it was morally wrong to show their appearance after bathing to an unspecified number of people of the opposite s*x. ......

So, are the girls who were exposed after bathing in the sunlit pavilion sluts?

Well, I guess the "unspecified number" is the key.
When I told her that she would be seen by many people on her way home, she replied, "No, I don't think so.When I said, "Won't they be seen on their way home?

They say it's because they don't know what people are doing inside. ...... There will be people inside, though.
It's not that easy to spy on people or have secret meetings.
If it's that easy to peep, ...... I'm ...... I'm ............!

And so, it seems that the public baths will be built in separate buildings for men and women, some distance apart.
If they are too far apart, it can be expected that there will be complaints of unfairness, so they will be built a little farther apart.
Then, why don't we just build the same building?

'I guess we can't have both. We can't build two sets of three buildings.
'Hmm?Two buildings, right?
'What are you talking about? There's a men's bath, a women's bath, and a mixed bath.
'Two buildings. I'm looking forward to its completion.

Ginette blocked me!
These skills are usually learned through Estella.
That flat-chested girl, she's always doing unnecessary ...... things!

'By the way, there's also the idea of building it in New Town.
'But in New Town, there aren't that many people on the street, are there?

That's why there's a strategy to build it there so that people will gather there on purpose.
Above all.

'If it's a new and fashionable town, and there's even a public bathhouse, the land price of New Town will go up!If it is perceived as a luxury residential area, it can be sold at ...... a high price!

Land has to be sold at a high price.

'Indeed, the waterfall will make it easier to run a public bathhouse.
'Then, Loretta and the others will be happy.
'Why is that?Loretta's house has a bath, right?
'Yes, there is.

Loretta's house was renovated during the development of New Town, and Umaro and the others built it as a luxurious three-building mansion.
In the main house, there is a large bath where the younger siblings can bathe together.

As expected, they cannot all bathe together, but there is enough space for the older generation to bathe the younger ones.
It's an old-fashioned one, heated in a kiln.

'But they hardly use it.
'What?Why is that?
'Their younger siblings go to the river to bathe.'

You don't use them? What a waste!

'It's mainly used by Loretta and her older sisters.
'I heard that the younger siblings wash their clothes in the courtyard in a big tub.

Oh, I think I've seen a glimpse of that.
...... Oh my god. I can't believe there are people who have baths but don't know how to use them.

'Can't wait for the heavy snow season to end.

Umaro muttered to himself as he stared at the fire in the wood stove.
It seemed like a casual remark, and I didn't reply.

It happens all the time, you know.

When Umaro had finished his breakfast and the floor of the sunlit pavilion was sufficiently warm, Ginette went to wake Magda.

'...... Good morning.'

Magda was in Ginette's arms, wrapped in a stole.
You've been spoiled big time. I'm sure it wasn't that unbearably cold, outside.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea to wake up on a hot day when you're too full of yourself, but when you wake up on a cold day when you're shivering and shrinking, you look pretty cute.
It arouses the desire for protection.
Even a wolf in the wild would unconditionally take him under its protection.
No wonder Umaro was sunk by a single blow.

'...... warm'.

When I give up my place in front of the wood stove, Magda rolls over and takes a special seat by the fire.
He puts his hands out in front of him, facing the stove.

'Are you okay, Yashiro-san?

I'm definitely cold too, but not as cold as Magda.

'With Magda next to you, maybe Umaro's problems will go away naturally.

Umaro is an easy-going guy.
He has a positive attitude that makes him forget about the things he doesn't like as long as he is exposed to the things he likes.
His skills are real, and he can quickly forget about minor problems.
Even if you have a bad reputation, you can get rid of it if you work diligently.
The things that time can solve are also the things that can only be solved by time.

It's useless to think about it.
Believe in your skills and in the people who say they are good, and keep doing what you can. That's all we can do, human beings.

Ginette laughs next to me, 'chuckling ......'.
I say nothing more. I don't want to hear anything else.
I'll just give her a little poke in the side as a sign of protest.

'Hyah ......'

He lets his voice out, glares at me lightly, and then smiles funny again.
It's a lazy morning.
How peaceful it is.

The morning light enters the sunlit pavilion.
The sun is rising.

Looking out the window, the world was covered with a huge blanket of snow.
The snow had stopped, but the air was filled with a white haze, whether it was the cold air from the snow, or some kind of fog or mist.
Glittering grains, bathed in light, blended into the air and made the world shine.

It was small enough to be called diamond dust, but it was fantastic enough to be admired from inside a warm room.

'Ginette, look outside.
'Heh?...... Wow.'

Ginette gazed at the grains of light glittering in the white haze and let out a gasp of admiration.

'It's beautiful. ......'

Ginette sticks to the window and looks out.
Her cheeks are faintly red from the cold.
As I watched Ginette gazing out the window, her eyes suddenly turned to me.

'It might be even more beautiful if you went outside.
'You're looking at it from inside a warm room, that's why you can afford to say that.

When you go outside, the only thing that comes out of your mouth is 'It's cold! is the only thing that comes out of your mouth. You can't say, 'It's beautiful!
Beautiful scenery can only be enjoyed in a comfortable environment where your own safety is secured.
The best way to enjoy the beautiful scenery of unexplored areas and the mysteries of nature is to enjoy the fruits of the tireless efforts of a few special photographers by using a TV or a computer.

Putting yourself in a harsh environment is just not possible. ......

I'm sure you'll have a great time.

Yeah, ...... you'd say that, wouldn't you.

'It's cold ......'.

'But it's beautiful.'

That's not an argument, and the 'but' isn't even alive.
If I tell Jeannette to go to ...... alone if she wants to, she'll probably really go alone. And you look a little sad about it.

Oh, crap.
I guess I hit the wrong bush again.

...... Well, I'm afraid of a whiteout.

'To the garden, man.
'To the road ahead, please.'

It's a little farther!

'...... Let's get our cloaks on.'
'Yes, sir. I prepared it for you yesterday.

Our cloaks are hanging on the cloak hanger in the counter.
I guess we were really prepared this year. ...... d*mn.

'Magda and the others are ......'.
'...... keeping an eye on the stove.'
'Then I'm staring at Magda's.'
'......, right?

They don't care about our convenience, do they?
Hey, hey. We'll go on our own.

...... We'll be back soon. I'll be back in a second. Let's do it.

I put on my cloak and walked out with a happy-looking Jeannette.
Oh, ......!It's cold. ...... No, it hurts.

'Are my ears shredded?
'No, it's fine. They're still attached.'

Ginette gently cradles my reddening ear between her hands.
A woolen glove covers my ear, making it a little warmer.

I remember that Ginette made me an earmuff.
Unlike the earmuffs we are familiar with in Japan, this earpiece is made of woolen yarn and is shaped like a headdress.
It covers the right ear, the top of the head and the left ear, and is secured by tying a string under the chin.
Because the shape reminds me of Gothic Lolita fashion, I didn't really feel like using them. ...... This may not be the time to say anything about it.
I'll make use of it this year.

'Oh, Yashiro-san. Look at this.'

Ginette beckons me with glittering eyes, as if she has discovered something.
Oh, the woolen gloves are leaving my ears. ...... It's cold. It's cold.


Ginette exhaled loudly in front of me.
The breath that comes out of her mouth is white and spreads like a cloud into the cold air.
In it, a glimmer of light reflects.

'My breath is shining.

I wonder if the water vapor in my breath has frozen in an instant.
That's cold.

Ginette, her cheeks reddened by the cold wind, exhaled her white breath happily and looked at me with a smile.
What is this cute creature?
Winter, is this your first time?
I'll take you home.

But ...... you need a little more.

Yes, there are a few items that are essential for a beautiful girl in winter.
Or rather, they are items that add to the cuteness of the girl.

Muffu-muffu gloves, mufflers, knit hats.
And earmuffs.

Earmuffs made of fluffy fur can increase the cuteness of a beautiful girl by 40% without exception.
However, it is difficult to procure fur.
You can't make them by hand, as you might expect. ......

Come to think of it, I don't remember hearing the word "fur" recently. ......

I believe the latest item that Paula bought and gave to Nephrite in exchange for his help with Cantartica was a fur coat.

That means that Ukrines has a fur coat.

You'll need to negotiate a little with them.
Even though it's ......, it's not like I'm going all the way to the main street during the heavy snow season.
Well, maybe next year.

'I think I'll do some inside work this year.
'What are you going to make?

Ginette, who had been enjoying the glitter in the air, became more interested in making things.
This guy likes to sew and knit as well as cook.
The heavy snowfall, when there are no more customers, is a precious time when he can spend his time on such things.

'Scarves, knit hats, gloves, sweaters, ......, although the heavy snow season may be over by the time you can make them.

The heavy snowfall season lasts about ten days.
By the time you get your full gear, the snow will have melted away.

So, we were not fully prepared this year either.

I was so focused on the fact that I couldn't go outside during the heavy snowfall season, that I might have forgotten that it would be cold when it snows.
I thought it would be enough to put out a wood stove and prepare a cloak.
Simply put, the more warmth you have, the more warmth you have.

'What's a 'Nittobo'?

Haven't you heard of it?

'Well, the heavy snow season isn't very long, so winter clothes haven't evolved that much.

Stoles for chilly days are popular, but mufflers that you wear around your neck all the time are not so popular.
Basically, thermal gear is mainly for indoor use.

The only winter gear for going outside is a cloak and gloves.
In this city, where it is always spring, that is enough, and in severe winters such as the heavy snow season, people do not go outside for long periods of time.
In other words, mufflers, knit hats, and other outdoor winter gear are not that useful.
If they are not used, they will not evolve.
Since there is no prospect of sales, research and development expenses cannot be spent that much.

Even so, Ukrines created the fur coat because he could afford to do so.
It's not only for Ukrines himself, but also for his customers, the residents of District 42.

'It's a warm hat knitted from woolen yarn. Would you like to try knitting it later?
'Yes!Let me know.

Even if you knit it now, you won't be able to use it until the end of the heavy snow season. Maybe next year. ......

'Well, you can just make it for next year.

The yarn won't rot if you let it sit for a year.
It won't go to waste.

Ginette gasped at the words he said with such a feeling.
Then she smiled and somehow tears appeared in her eyes.

'What?Oh, hey, what's up, Jeannette?

I was confused by the suddenness of the situation, but Jeannette wiped away her tears and smiled, saying, 'No, it's nothing. ......
It's not nothing.
What is it?

'I'm sorry, it's just .........'

He covers his mouth with a glove, his cheeks reddened by the cold, and says something like this.

'I'm kind of happy that I was able to talk to Yashiro-san about next year's heavy snowfall season.

Ah ......
That's right.

It was about this time last year.
That's when I started to feel uncomfortable about being here.

It was around this time last year that I started to feel uncomfortable about being here, hesitant to make plans for the future, confused about staying here, and started to avoid talking about the future.

'I'm no good, am I?

He smiled and wiped the corners of his eyes several times.

'I decided to trust Yashiro's words, but I still feel uneasy sometimes. ...... I'm sorry for showing you this face.

I've decided to stay.
That's why I quit my job as an employee, which was bound to me until I paid for my escapades, and went back to work at the Sunken Pavilion.
This time as an ordinary employee with no strings attached and no time limit.

Ginette believes me when I say that.
But I guess she still feels uneasy at a moment's notice.

Magda and the others sometimes show signs of it too.

Convictions don't go away.
The anxiety I've caused them won't go away with a little bit of effort.

I guess I'll just have to make up for it over time.
And I'm going to take it in stride.

It's okay.

But I'm not a good person, so I can't honestly change my mind.

'I'm not going to leave here until Ginette shows me her homemade woolen pants next year during the heavy snowfall.
'I can't let her see you like that!You're going to have to repent.'

You won't show me.
So until that ambition is fulfilled...

I'm gonna stay right here.