471-Episode 273 Turns Woe to Woeful

The repair of the table was completed in a few minutes.
It took a long time to check the table, but after careful checking, Umaro gave his OK.
Now, the table would never be in trouble again.

'Well, I didn't expect to reduce a nail there ......'.
'There's a risk of injury from the nails in case of damage, so we reduce them as much as possible.
'I learned a lot from ...... about digging grooves in the wood at the joints to interlock them.
'Hahaha. This is the basics, so if I get a chance, I'll introduce a different process.
'Are you serious?By all means!
'In the meantime, if you have any ideas on how to prevent corrosion from the sea breeze, please let me know.
'If that's the case, leave it to me!We're good at building in the ocean!See?

They're getting along.
And Umaro has a slight advantage.
I wonder if this is how he absorbed the carpenters from other places.
The eyes of the carpenters in the 35th district are sparkling.

'...... Umaro, the popular one.
'...... Magda, who is very popular with Oumalo.
'Don't try to get to the top.'

Is this a flag for more magda disease patients?
If there are too many of them, it'll be annoying.

'Has it been fixed already?That's what the carpenters are for!That's great!
'No, no. We were just taught by .......'
'If that's why it's so perfect, it's even more impressive. My brothers said that Mr. Umaro is very strict in his instructions, and if Mr. Umaro, who never compromises, gave his OK, it proves that your skills are good.
'No, not so much ......?
''Hee, hee ...... hee.''
''No need to be modest!It's amazing!I'm sure the best people have a good foundation, so they can take it in quickly. Now we can cook with peace of mind. Thank you, everyone!
''Oh my god, what's with this girl?She's so cute!

The number of patients with Loretta's disease has increased!
I remember this guy was a carpenter killer.
He's not flattering, but he's just admiring, so I guess he's a bit of a jerk. Carpenters usually get yelled at more often than not.
Especially when you're under the thumb of a scary, uncompromising master carpenter.

'...... Loretta. Good at what she does.
'That guy's got a natural talent for it.'
'...... Hmm.'

As the carpenters of the 35th district stare at Loretta, Magda walks up to her, taps the mended table, and mutters.

'...... Magda is looking forward to cooking at this perfectly mended table.
'Haaaaan!I'm thrilled to have lived up to Magda's expectations!

Magda's tail wagged in satisfaction as she received cheers that were more passionate than the cheers of the three carpenters from District 35.
Don't compete with me, you sore loser.

'Hmm. You're all good friends now. Gentlemen.'
'Well, once you've done the job, you won't care about rumors from unknown sources. Your own eyes are the most reliable.'
'It's a result of Mr. Umaro's tireless efforts and personality.
'Well, I do have skills.'

Why are you laughing?
I'm just stating a fact.
...... d*mn.


'Good for you. You got it all straightened out.'
'Yes. I think so too.'

Umaro is smiling.
I felt strangely relieved by that.

'That's what you call a turn of events, isn't it?

Lucia gazed at the lively carpenters and muttered to herself.
Lucia's goal was to establish a good relationship between the carpenters of the 35th district and Torbek's construction company. She had achieved her goal.
In fact, the situation was not as serious as he had feared.
However, without this meeting today, the construction of the port might have been greatly affected.

This alone made the trip worthwhile.

I like seafood.
Gori is delicious, but I also want to eat yellowtail and bonito. That's my honest feeling, having been born and raised in the island nation of Japan.
I want the carpenters of the 35th district to work with all their might.

'I'll work them as hard as I can.
'Oh. You should give them a good rubbing.
'I'm talking about the carpenter!
'...... Tsk.'
'Yashiro-san . ...... meh.'

Jeannette pokes me in the side of the head.
'Stop, that tickles.

'Ohba-sama. Thank you so much for saving my Lord.'

Donnis's butler bows to me.
Just when I thought he was bowing to Estella, now he's bowing to me. The butler is busy with too many lines of communication.

'It's okay. If Donnis gets hurt and it becomes apparent that the carpenters in District 35 are in danger, the construction of the port in District 42 will be delayed.

It's best if there are no accidents.
The second best is that no one gets hurt in an accident.

'Thank you for your concern.

He bows his head deeply, then turns a gentle smile towards me.

'You have solved Donnis-sama's long-standing problems, saved our district's finances, which had been stagnant due to the rules of BU, and brightened our future by creating a new specialty. You have always been a great help in relieving Master Donnis's worries.
'Stop it. I don't feel good when you exaggerate.'
'You are the second most important person in my life.'
'Stop it. It's disgusting!
'Yashippi, ...... love.'
'Yashiro. In moderation.'
'Tell that to the other side!

He glared at Estella, who was saying the wrong thing, and then pushed the butler, who was giving him a strangely passionate look, back to Donis.
I don't care if I'm thirtieth in the pecking order.
And don't put me above the next heir, Filman. That's rather scary.

Mr. Manager!It looks like the glutinous rice has been steamed!
'Yes, sir. I'm coming.

Loretta called me, and Ginette greeted me with a 'See you' and ran toward the steamer.
It's time to pound the rice.


I beckon Gilberta, who is standing quietly behind Lucia, to come over.
Gilberta turns her head slightly down and approaches with a reserved air.

'It's no one's fault, so don't worry about it anymore. Let's have fun making rice cakes.'
'....... I'll take that, I will. I'll take that as a kind gesture from my friend Yashiro.

An accident due to lack of confirmation.
Gilberta seems to feel a great deal of responsibility.

If something happens, ask someone who can. It is one of the abilities of a person to have someone to rely on.
'Rely on ...... Yeah. I think I understand, I do. I'll rely on you, my friend Yashiro.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm not sure what to do.
It is more important to reflect on what you have done, change your mind quickly, and look forward to the future than to drag it out forever.
You should be bold enough to think that you are lucky to have made a mistake in such a situation where mistakes are allowed.
I'm sure Natalia would have done the same.

"Miss Gilberta.

The trusty head waiter's mentor. Natalia steps forward in front of Gilberta.
Estella must have instructed her to do so. She stands a little apart to watch.

'The stigma of your work must be redeemed by your work.
'To redeem, to stigmatize.
'I'll redeem it.
'I will, I will.'
'So, for those of you who have given me grief, you know what I have to do now?
'Yes. I do, I do. Do it, and do it quickly.
'I'll help you.

As if to say, the two head waiters walked quickly and moved to a place where all of us could easily see them.
Then, they turned to face us, side by side, and suddenly--

'Mmmm,' she exhaled, 'I'm'.

--I struck a s*xy pose.

'What are you two doing?
'We're healing, everyone's heart.'
'You can't heal me!
'Muhaa!Gilberta, you're so cute!It's so cute!
'Please don't have a seizure, Lucia!
'...... I'm sorry for your eyes. ...... flicker.'
'Don't look through your fingers, Mr. Donati!And stop twisting around, Natalia!

Estella is having a blast by herself.
You're in perfect harmony, head waiter. Am I to be commended for this?

Well, it's made the place more comfortable.

'Gentlemen!We're about to start pounding rice cakes!

Ginette waved her hand and called us over, announcing the start of the mochi pounding contest.


Loretta's cheerful shout echoed.

'...... Estella.'
'Magda, don't say anything you don't have to!

Magda swung the pestle down in rhythm.
He and Loretta breathed perfectly, and it was probably because they were so well-matched that he felt a little bored.
I can understand why you would want to say that, yes.

'Oh, you do this kind of processing?

Lucia and Donis were watching the rice cakes with rapt attention.
Gilberta mimics Magda's movements as she makes the air mochi.

'...... done'.
'Big brother, the first batch of rice cakes is complete!
'Alright, Ginette.'

Once the rice cake is pounded, it's up to me and Ginette to take over.
We wet our hands and quickly cut the rice into bite-sized pieces and roll them up.
This is very hot. But we have to finish it while it's hot, so we hold back.

'Isn't it hot, anchovy?
'It's very hot.
'But it's okay once you get used to it.

What, seriously?
You're amazing, Jeannette!

I feel like crying if I don't cool my hands with water often.
Jeannette was rolling the rice cake with a smile on her face all the time.
I wonder why. When Jeannette is rolling rice cakes with a smile on her face, they look so delicious.

'It looks delicious, Jeannette's rice cake......'

Estella seems to have had the same impression.
Maybe this is a kind of conditioned reflex.

After the rice cakes were rolled, it was time for the long awaited seasoning and tasting.
Magda and Loretta also participated in the seasoning.

'I'm all about sugar and soy sauce!
'...... Magda recommends anko.
'Kinako is also delicious.

Each of the three sunny girls recommended a different flavor.
Each of us dipped our chopsticks as we pleased.

'Hmm!It's so good!Look how it's grown!
'I know you're having fun, so eat properly. I'll drop it.'

Lucia stretched out the rice cake with a 'mochi-un' motion.
Gilberta is also quietly stretching the rice cake.

'Donis. In my hometown, at the beginning of every year, there are a lot of accidents where many elderly people choke on rice cakes. ...... 'Be careful'?

I'm a pioneer!
You can go down in the records as the first.

'Mmm. This is delicious. I can eat this as much as I want.

Without choking on the rice cakes, Donis is chomping down on them.

Even the carpenters are gobbling it up, as recommended by Umaro.

'If you are tired of sweet, try this grated radish.

The rice cake with grated radish is also delicious.
I wish they had natto (fermented soybeans) and nametake mushrooms, but I haven't seen them in this town so far.
There may be some if you look for them, though.

'Mr. Manager, big brother!We've sold out the first batch in no time!
'...... is completely empty.

The seemingly large amount of rice cakes had been completely devoured.
There are more servants in Lucia's hall than before. They've come to eat.

'So, Gilberta, would you like to try pounding?
'I'd like to try, I do!

It's too dangerous to let Lucia do it right away, so I'll teach Gilberta first.
After that, you can take turns pounding a few times, just like you did when you taught the kids.
If we need more, we can use carpenters to mass produce them.

'Then, I'll make a different menu with the dried rice cakes until the next one is ready.

That was actually what Ginette was looking forward to the most.
She started to cook the different kinds of rice cakes with excitement.

'Ginette, what's that?
'It's a spring roll skin.

Homemade spring roll skins are made by dissolving flour with salt and oil into a thin layer and baking it in a frying pan.
Wrap the dried rice cake and bean jam in the skin and deep-fry it.
After frying, sprinkle roasted sesame seeds on top to make sesame rice cake sticks.

They are crispy, chewy, sweet and savory.
The taste is truly addictive.

'I didn't know there was such a way to eat them.
'Freshly pounded rice is delicious, but dried rice cakes are also delicious, aren't they?

Ginette likes dried rice cakes more than you might think.
She likes the crispy texture of the rice cakes when she bakes them over a charcoal grill.
He also said they were cute when they swelled up on the net.

'What are you doing, anchovy?
'I'm grilling them.
'Mmm!That's seaweed, isn't it?That's right, go and inspect the seaweed in my district!And give me some advice too. And when it's done, present it to me.
'How dare you?
'I'm sorry, I'm a big man.'

Lucia puts her elbow on my shoulder and gives me a smug look.
Donis and Estella are looking at me with a look of 'so that's why I'm not ...... touching you at all'.
It's Lucia's fault this time, right?

This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment.
...... d*mn it. You should have told me first if you had a shichirin. I thought for sure you didn't have one, so I brought one. I brought four of them and they were heavy. ...... Well, it was Umaro who was pulling the cart, though.

You brush soy sauce on the surface of the rice cake and turn it over.
The smell of burnt soy sauce is irresistible.
The smell was so fragrant that Natalia and Gilberta, who were pounding the rice cakes, pushed the mortar and pestle to the carpenters of the 35th district and came to the seventh wheel.
...... Oh. They've got it all under control, these guys.

Look, carpenter. Go ahead and smack the rice cake before it gets too hard.

'And while you're at it, make some gohei mochi.'
'Yes, sir. Magda, Loretta.
'...... I'll take care of it.'
'Leave it to me!

Gohei mochi is similar to rice cakes from the 35th district.
The rice is mashed and squeezed, then dipped into a bamboo stick.
The surface of the rice is seasoned with soy sauce or miso, and grilled on a shichirin, giving off a savory smell different from isobeyaki.

'Gilberta. The dinner party is canceled. I don't think I can eat it.'
'No, we want to eat dinner as usual!

We've only eaten rice cakes all day!
Let us eat meat and fish!

'Here, some seafood.
'Isn't that seaweed?

Lucia offers me a piece of grilled seaweed.
Coming to a city famous for seafood and eating nothing but rice cakes makes me feel like I'm missing out.

'If you want seafood, shall I bake you some rice crackers?

Ginette said happily.
I know you want to bake them, but don't put them in the category of 'seafood'.
But yes, you're right.

'I'm going to have to teach it to the neighboring wards in the 35th district.
'Hmm?What are you talking about?

'On the way here, I told the lords of the thirty-eight to thirty-six districts. Lucia should teach me the new recipe.''
'I didn't hear that, anchovy!
'That's why I'm going to teach you now.

For those districts that will be affected in no small way by the opening of the port in District Forty-two, I have provided them with new recipes using seafood.
The rest can be easily copied by actually watching how to make them.

'It's a little hard to prepare, but once you have the ingredients, it's very easy and very tasty, so please learn it.
'Mm, mm......'

Lucia couldn't argue with Ginette's full-throttle smile.
She glared at me with a grudging look, but her eyes could not hide her interest in the new recipe.

'First, I'll grind the rice into powder with a millstone.
'Rice, huh?
'Yes. I'll give you the powder after it's been ground, and you can try to make it look like that.

The rice we usually eat is called "Uruchi rice" and it is ground into powder with a stone mortar.
The rice ground from glutinous rice is called glutinous rice flour or gyuhi flour.
This time we will use joshinbako.

In this way, the ground rice powder is mixed with the dried shrimp powder.
'Cherry shrimp?
'Yes. This is a small shrimp that Marsha gave me.
'This is what it looks like before you grind it.

These small shrimps are familiar in Japan, but they are not in demand in Allbloom.
Well, there's nothing to eat.
They are tasty when fried, but it seems that the people here couldn't come up with the idea of cooking them all together.
Why didn't they think of sun-drying cherry prawns when they had slime and mezashi?
Well, we didn't have seaweed either.

'Isn't this food for big fish?
'It's different from krill.'

Well, it looks like it.

'Here, try some.

When I offered her a dried cherry shrimp, Lucia picked one up and brought it to her mouth.

'...... Hmm. It's fragrant.
'It's delicious, isn't it?
'...... Well, you know?'

She ate one and said, 'What is this?It's so good! It's not like that.
Well, that's true.

But if you knead this powder with joshin flour, roll it out, and fry it in oil, you get ......

'It's done. Shrimp crackers!

On the way here, I gave this recipe for shrimp crackers to the lords of the 38th to 36th districts.
In addition to the shrimp, the rice cracker is mixed with sesame oil, salt, and green laver.
It's very flavorful and delicious.

'Hmm!It's crispy and delicious!
'My favorite flavor, this is mine.
'Oh, it's also savory and light on the palate, I can eat as much as I want.

It was well received.
Lucia, Gilberta and Donis are all snacking on the freshly made crackers.

'I'll let you know if I come up with another new recipe, so make sure to tell the neighboring lords to cooperate fully with the port of District 42.
'Hmph. You gave them this recipe, didn't you?If that's the case, I'm sure the profit-and-loss-conscious bastards won't complain.

That's how good the shrimp crackers are.
I'm sure that old men and women from every ward will gather at the nostalgic bar in Donis, and if we sell them there, they will sell well.

'Can't you make it without seafood? ....... Palm Pippi, is there any rice cracker that we can make in our district?
'We can make kakimochi if we have rice.
'Kakimochi?Can you make it now?
'Yes. Then I'll actually make it.

Ginette is good at making oysters since Grandma Mum was into them in District 42.
As an application of this, she tried to make kakimochi by frying thinly sliced rice cakes in oil.

Soak them in soy sauce and season them well.
Add sugar to give it a sweet and sour taste, which Loretta loves.
If you sprinkle some pomegranate on it, Magda will be very happy.
I'll just use salt and soy sauce.

'Hey, guys!We've been pounding rice cakes all day!
Can't you also be interested in this?

The carpenters of the 35th district are in tears, having been left alone.
I'd like to say that I'll eat your rice cakes too ......, but I'm afraid they'll be dried and processed into kakimochi.
The lords are very interested in them.
I wonder if they'll mass produce it.

Let's go!

Lucia swung the pestle down with a cheerful shout.
The pestle hits the rice cake and makes a 'flopping' sound.

'Shut up, anchovy!This pestle is heavy, it can't be helped!
'You can't make rice cakes without that weight.
'Even Estella can't make it, can she?
'No, Miss Lucia. I'm confident in my physical strength.

Estella took the pestle from Lucia and changed her partner to Natalia to pound the rice.

'Pett...... oops, sorry'.
'Shut up, Yashiro!

I was trying to take care of you!

Estella is an admittedly healthy child and a good athlete. She's also reasonably strong.
Estella is a healthy child and a good athlete.
Not to mention Natalia. In her case, it's harder to find something she's not good at or something she can't do.

'You're good at that, aren't you?
'Isn't it?
'I'm not shaking at all.
'Natalia, you're annoying.
'I'm not shaking at all.
'Yashiro is annoying.
'...... at all'
'Magda, you're annoying.
'The following is the same sentence!
'Please tell me I'm annoying too!

Estella's turned her head and started bullying Loretta.
Bully her.

'Hmm, you're right, it's hard to shake.
'That goes for you too, Lucia-san!

Estella puffs out her cheeks, not her breasts, and pushes the pestle to the carpenter in the 35th district.
She doesn't want to do it anymore. How selfish of her.

'Okay, then, Ginette is next--'
'I gave it to the mens so that I wouldn't let Jeannette-chan do it in this fashion!

To not show the disparity between you and me!
Is it because you can't admit that the reaction of the people around you is cloudy!

'...... Yashiro. The manager is not allowed to make rice cakes.
'That's right, big brother!The manager was the only one who fell on his buttocks when the children of the church participated in the mochi pounding!
'Oh, that was just a bit of a stumble!

Oh, that's right.
I think I fell backwards when I raised the pestle.

'In order for everyone to return safely, the manager is in charge of cooking!
'...... fixed'
'Ugh...... I like to cook, but I can at least make rice cakes, but no one will let me......'

That's it. I'll do it with a small mortar and pestle for kids.
I'll ask Umaro to make it next time.

'So, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you guys.

The Lord of Smiles smiles and works to cover up the milk disparity.
It seems he's trying to drag an innocent carpenter into being his accomplice.

Unaware of this, the carpenters picked up the pestle and took on the task of pounding rice cakes.
In this way, anything that is inconvenient to those in power will be erased from the world.
While I was biting back my grief, the carpenter lifted the pestle and stroked its handle.

He lifted the pestle and stroked its handle. 'It's really been carefully sanded, hasn't it? No matter how many times I hold it, it always fits comfortably in my hand. The finish impresses me every time I hold it. It's such a simple tool, but the attention to detail is just ...... magnificent.'

That's what the carpenter says with the pestle in his hand.
He seems to be impressed with the finish of the pestle, even though he had been swinging it up and down a while ago.
I wonder if he feels the same way because he is a carpenter.

'According to what you said earlier, this pestle is also used by women and children, isn't it?
'Yes, well. Or rather, it was invented to entertain women and children, in the 42nd district.

And then he turns his gaze towards me.
That's not true.
It's not something I invented to entertain kids, okay?
It was originally invented in Japan, and I had it made because I wanted to eat rice cakes.
The kids in the church have unlimited physical strength, so I just let them pound rice cakes.
They and you are just having fun with it.

'Thinking about the feelings of those who use ....... That's amazing. Torbeck Engineering.

It's just a thin stick and a thick stick put together.
To put it bluntly, it's just a tool, but it's so simple that it seems to be difficult to use, and the professionals feel that Umaro has superior technology.

'Well, we are going to learn a lot from the construction of the port.
'We've learned that we're not ready yet.
'Trubec Engineering is one of the best!

A carpenter from the 35th district bows to Estella.
I thought I should have told Umaro himself, but Estella smiled happily and said in a booming voice.

'Right?It's amazing, my lords.

It's an unguarded smile that almost makes you fall in love with it.
It's very Estella, and not like a lord in any way.
But that's Estella.
Hee hee, so you're happy that the people of your district are praised. I get it now. Don't be smug.

'I hope you can teach them a lot of things they don't know. I hope this construction will be an opportunity for both sides to build a better relationship.

He said in a lordly tone--

'I look forward to working with you.

--At the last moment, he smiled a pretty smile.
It's probably something he'll never have to deal with in his life.


A carpenter from the 35th district opened his mouth and let out a faint sound.
It sounded like a step, so he probably wanted to say 'yes'. I was expecting something like that.

'''Ka...... is so cute'''

The three of them were all talking nonsense.

''Ah, as expected of the Lord of Smiles.
'I can't believe I got to see the Lord of Smiles smile in person.
'I don't care if I die now!
'No, let's live!The construction of the port is about to begin!I'm expecting a lot from you guys.''
'''Yes!I'll work like hell for you!

What's that, Tracy's disease has broken out in District 35.
How infectious. Wasn't there someone in close contact with her?
Well, the one who had the most close contact with it was none other than Estella.

'...... And then, Loretta's popularity was easily snatched away.
'That's not true!You all like me too, don't you?
'''Hmm?...... Hmm, well...''
''It's a blatant tone down!It's kind of sad!'''Muu!'''Mmm!
'''Ah, Loretta-chan is also cute ......'''

It's amazing, Loretta.
In just a few hours of meeting her, she's already secured her position as a tease.
She's a genius in a way.

''Sometimes I'm an anchovy.

While Loretta and the others are making a lot of noise, Lucia asks a question in a natural way.

'How long do I have to dry this rice cake before it can be made into kakimochi?
'Well, let's see. I'd like to dry it for at least three or four days.
'Can't you do it in one night?
'No, you can't.'
'I brought a lot of rice cakes I made at the end of the year, so don't worry.

Lucia's eyes glittered, as if she really liked the rice cakes.

'All right, I'll use the rice cakes at the unveiling party, then.


'And Ginepuyo. I want to make a lot of shrimp crackers, do you have enough ingredients?
'Well, I think it would be difficult to make a large quantity ......, especially with cherry shrimp.'
'Gilberta. Contact the sea fishing guild and find out who might have sun-dried cherry shrimp.
'Yes, I will. I'll take action, right away.

Hey, wait a minute.
I had a bad feeling when I saw Gilberta running at a very high speed.
Not to mention Estella, even Ginette seems to have a twitch in her cheeks.

'Just for the record, what is the ...... unveiling party?'
'It's obvious. It's a party to show off the mochi pounding to the people of our district. DD has donated a lot of materials, so we can hold a grand event.''
'I didn't hear that!
'I just told you.'
'You have the right to refuse, don't you?
'Of course, if you refuse, I won't stop you, but ...... the children are looking forward to it. You can't say no, can you?

What the hell is wrong with this guy?
I don't care what some random kid is expecting, it's none of my business.

'...... can't be helped if the child is taken hostage.
'My brother's nature has been thoroughly investigated.
'Mr. Yashiro would never do anything to make his children sad, would he?

'Not at all. Is your big brother attribute inexhaustible?
'I don't have any of those attributes!

What a surprise.
Not only Lucia but also Ginette, Estella and the others are mistaken.
I don't like it.
I don't want to be woken up early in the morning, scrambling to get ready, being worked over at the unveiling, rushing back to the 42nd district before dark, and then immediately opening the store to deal with the rush of customers as soon as I get back.


Natalia whispered to me as I thought about how to say no.

'There's a rumor that there's a legendary creature called "Lolita Big Tits" in the 35th district--'
'You think you can catch me with something like that ......'
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.
'............ hmm'.

Lolita big tits 'gyuu'. ......
That's not bad.

'...... would make it easier for Yashiro-sama to make excuses, wouldn't it?

...... Natalia. You too.

'All right!I'll do it, the unveiling!

You're all going to do it, aren't you?
Do what you want.

'But I'll make one thing clear!I hate kids!
'Hmph. I'll spare you the 'judgment of the spirits' just for today, anchovy.

That's not what I meant!I'm sorry!

After that, Umaro and I used all the carpenters in the 35th district as our jaws.
My jaw was going to crack from overuse! So much so that my jaw is going to crack from overuse!Hmph!