470-Episode 272. Those Who Gather on the Third Day

At the beginning of the year, I had to go on a business trip to the 35th district.
We are also busy with our regular business and the construction of the port.
It's best to get rid of the troublesome things that need to be done as soon as possible.

Therefore, I told him that if he wanted to invite me, he should do so early in the New Year, and he decided to leave on the second day of the New Year. We stayed overnight in the 35th district and returned in the afternoon of the third day.

'As expected, I'm tired of seeing Umaro. ......'
'It's true that I've been staying with him a lot lately, but I don't want him to get bored!
'Umaro's stay with us is at Lucia's request. You don't have the right to veto it.
'Well, well, Mr. Yashiro. Isn't it more fun with more people?
'That's right, big brother. I'm having fun with Umaro-san!
'...... Magda is also fun to be with.'
'Muhaaaa!Magda said it was fun!I'm thrilled!I'm glad I came!
'Wait, Mr. Umaro!I said the same thing!In fact, I said it first!I don't like the way you're saying that!
'Out of sight, out of mind!
'Shut up, Hammaro!

The group pulled their stalls and made their way to the 35th district.
The group consisted of me, Ginette, Magda, Loretta, Estella and Natalia, and at Lucia's insistence, Umaro and Hammaro.
As for Millie, she will be very busy in the New Year. I'll just have to bite back tears this time. So the next time I go there, I'll do my best to make sure she's all right,' or something like that, so I quickly tore up the letter and threw it away. Because of that, I haven't checked what was written in the latter half of the letter, but I guess it's OK.

New Year's is a busy time for us at Yodari-tei.

'Ah!A food stall!

On the way, we were spotted by the people of the district we were passing through, and were surrounded by kids several times.
Since the wedding parade, the kids in this neighborhood seem to have a deep-rooted perception that a food stall is a fun place to store.
I guess it is similar to the unconditional excitement they feel when they see a stall at a festival.
All the kids who run up to the stalls have sparkling faces.

''We'll open the store for thirty minutes in the square ahead, so hurry up and call your parents.

The kids scattered to the side as fast as they could.
They shouted, ''Here comes the stall! while shouting.

''It looks like we can make a fortune in the 36th district.

Ginette said this with a happy, smiling face.
Even though she used the word 'make a fortune', she looked at me with a face like 'Yashiro-san is so kind to children'.
I'm not doing this because I want to.
When I was swarmed by kids in the 41st district, you said something like, 'Can't we open a store for a while? That's why we're in this mess.

Estella seemed to have anticipated that Ginette would do the same and went to the trouble of asking the lords of the districts for permission to sell in the square beforehand.
You guys are all set to sell and I'm just along for the ride.

'That's why Yashiro-san had you make so many stocks for the mochi pounding.
'Big brother, I've been thinking of dishes that would please the kids since the day I decided to go on a business trip.
'...... Yashiro's concern for his children surpasses even his blood ties and the district he lives in.'

I've been thinking about it.
Don't make up your own stories. That's a fabrication, that's a fabrication.
I was just thinking about how to consume the mass-produced rice cakes without wasting them, because the kids in the church would be so happy to pound them. I wasn't even thinking about the kids in the other ward, who I've never seen before. ...... ...... Hey, don't you all look at me!Don't look at me!

I'm not sure what to do. Today we're going to reach District 35 while the sun is still up.'
'Yes, sir.

Last time, we spent a good amount of time in each district to promote the stall sales.
Because of this, it was night by the time we arrived at the 35th district, but this time we plan to arrive while there is still daylight and quickly make mochi.
This time, I'm planning to arrive while there's still daylight and make mochi quickly.
Saving time and energy is a must.

'Come on, come on, there are two menus, but they are both excellent mochi dishes!
'It's chic to buy a set of .......'
'Please try them!

The three girls' voices echoed in the square.
The menu consists of two items: Abekawa Mochi (rice cakes covered with soybean flour and sweet bean paste) and Okaki (bite-sized oysters). Each set contains two different flavors of mochi and okaki. If you buy them as a set, you can enjoy four kinds. What a bargain!

You'll be able to go to any of the districts and sell your products without any confusion or trouble, thanks to Natalia's ability to keep the crowds in line.
Oh, the lords are coming to see us.

The lords of the thirty-six districts aren't exactly in favor of building a port in the forty-two districts.
Some of them are worried about the loss of revenue.
Perhaps it's because of this anxiety that I've come to visit.

'Estella, let's go.
'Yes. The response was good in both the 37th and 38th districts, so I'm sure the lords here will be pleased.''

For those districts that will be affected in some way by the opening of the port in District 42, I'm going to provide them with a special new recipe.

Estella made the decision on her own. I wonder if she understands how much money can be made from ...... unknown recipes. It's a shame.

'Thank you, Yashiro. With this recipe, there will be no complaints from the outer districts. Thanks to your suggestion.'
'Don't force me to be a good guy.
'Yes, yes. 'A way to shut up those annoying lords who might try to mess with me', right?Either way, I'll be a big help.'

I brought this up because if the completion of the harbor is delayed because of petty squabbling like the lords of the 30th district, the seafood will be lost and the goodness will be lost.
I don't give a d*mn whether you're saved or not.

'I'll buy you a drink when the port is completed safely. You can look forward to it.
'Okay, silk pants, please.'
'All right. I'll buy you a new pair and give them to you.'
'Are you kidding me?
'That's my line.'

I get a light blow to the side. That tickles.

'You two are as close as ever, aren't you? I'm smiling.'
'Oh?Are you declaring war?
'No way!That was not my intention!You understand, don't you, Lord of Smiles?
'Then would you please change the way you call me?

Among the lords in the vicinity, the 'Lord of Smiles' has completely taken root, and ...... rumors that Estella and I are on very good terms have also taken root.
There are some lords who, seeing us, said, 'Now the outer districts are safe.
I did pull out his nose hairs, though. All four at once.

The lord here is looking at us with a good look on his face.
Let's give him what he wants and get out of here.

'Here's the recipe for the new seafood, and here's the real thing.
'This is for your help in building the port.
''Are you sure?

The lord of the thirty-sixth district is a relatively quiet-looking man, his face oozing with the hardships of 'Oh, he must have survived being stared at by Lucia for years.
However, he also has a shrewd side, and his sense of profit is quite impressive.

'Anyway, have one.
'And now, if you'll excuse me, ............ is delicious!What the heck is this?I could taste a hint of shrimp!
'I'm sorry, I don't have time to talk about it in detail. I'll tell Lucia-san about it, so please arrange a time with the lords of the neighboring districts to hear the details later.

The lords of the thirty-sixth district pressed in closer and closer.
Since the response has been pretty much the same up to this point, Estella is quickly getting ready to flee.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.We'll treat you with our specialties! I'm sure you'll agree. ...... Or perhaps that's what happened and I'm running away.
You can't do that for many nights.

You'll be given a new product and a recipe, and then you can try out the prototype and get a lecture from Lucia.
With Lucia in charge, I'm sure she'll be able to keep the lords in the area in line.

'Mmm ......, another lesson from Ms. Suarez. Sometimes I wish I could be in the opposite position.

You can't look at me with such greedy eyes.
It's more important for District 42 to stop Lucia's belly button from bending than it is for you to be in a good mood.
It's troublesome when Lucia gets upset.
We'll sacrifice you with a smile on our faces to avoid that.

After all, I still don't remember your names!
Lucia and the neighboring lords are enough for me, these guys.

'Yashiro-san~!It's sold out!

Ginette waved her hand in front of the stall.
Around her, customers are happily munching on rice cakes.

After the road trip was over without any problems, we finally set foot in the 35th district.

'Welcome, my friends. A bonus anchovy.'
'Wow, to be welcomed by Lucia-sama, Yashiro, I'm so happy...'
'Yashiro. Between the eyes. You've got a lot of wrinkles between your eyes.'

Lucia also has wrinkles between her eyebrows, so it's mutual.

'Lucia-san. Thank you for inviting me. First of all, I'd like to greet you on behalf of all of us...'

'Good, good. You must be more tired than that.I've prepared a footbath for you. Everyone get some rest.
'I want you to come this way.

When Gilberta called me, I went to the place where I had seen the big raft before, and steam was rising from the hot water.
The only difference from the last time was that there were three men standing there, whom I had never seen before.

Who are they?
Their clothes and posture were too crude for the guards of Lucia's house.
In the face of these strangers, Natalia quietly stepped forward to protect Estella.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
...... You're scary as hell, head waiter.

'Don't worry about it. They are the carpenters of my district.'

It was Umaro who let his voice trail off.
He couldn't imagine why the carpenters would be ...... at the lord's mochi pounding, except that Lucia had planned it, but he was still a little surprised.

'You, I'm sorry, but the lord of another district is soaking in a footbath. Give us a moment.'
'Oh, I'm sorry!Come on, let's go.

A short-haired man who seemed to be the leader of the group hurriedly called out to the other men and left the place.
Although it was in the garden of the mansion, there was a blindfold on the wall, so he must have taken care of Estella and Jeannette.
I guess the carpenters who made this screen are the ones who made it.

'I was looking at ...... Umaro.'
'Yes, sir.'

Magda and Loretta are looking at the carpenters' backs with a bit of fear in their eyes.
It's true, they've been staring only at Oumalo since we arrived. It was a hostile, hard stare.

'I'm sorry. Please forgive him, Magda-tan, my sister-in-law.

The lord apologized on behalf of the carpenters for their rudeness.
Lucia also wants to do something about it. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's interested in your company.

I'm not going to do it.
I'm not going to do it, Hammaro!

I'm not sure what to make of that.

Gilberta and the waiters offer us each a chair.
There are tubs and towels next to the chairs.

'I'd love to join you, but they're here too, so I'll sit this one out.

The carpenters of this district would not be amused if the lord of their district was soaking in the footbath with someone who was having a little trouble.
'Is the lord on their side? If they say, 'Is the Lord on their side?
So, he is going to keep himself neutral.

We've set up the place, so you guys can handle it?
That's a lot of throwing around, isn't it?

'Take your time. In the meantime, I'm going to take a bath with Hammaro in our house.
'Guards!Come and get the servant with a sturdy rope right now!

Before I knew it, Hammaro had been kidnapped, and Loretta took him back and held him tightly in her arms.
This lord, with a straight face, is committing a terrible crime,......, why can't he be prosecuted?Are the laws in this city functioning properly?

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
You will be chastised.
Corporal punishment?
No, it's a love whip.

When she got out of the footbath, the waiter tried to wipe her feet, but she didn't need him to do that. In fact, I feel a little frightened, so I decline.
Ginette and the others are also wiping their own feet.
...... Ah, I thought Ginette was in a hurry, but she went to wipe Magda's feet.
Magda seems to have been waiting for her.

Taking care of Magda is one of Ginette's hobbies.

Natalia, who had finished wiping her own feet more quickly than Ginette, was wiping Estella's feet.
You're the best, head waiter.

'I'm sorry, sir. Could you stop by the 27th district on your way back?
'Don't you dare try to make a little money!
You're confiscated!At all.''

Natalia was planning to sell the towel with which she wiped Estella's feet to the lord of Estella Mania. Her ambition was shattered.
I'm afraid that Tracy would offer her a gold coin with a straight face.

And Hammaro, who was jumping into the footbath tub and splashing hot water all over the place, was secured by Loretta and had his whole body forcefully wiped.
You've been through a lot, my eldest daughter.

In the midst of all this, Umaro was quietly staring at the impulse stand alone.

'What's the matter?Are you looking for something?
'No, I'm not!

I thought it was because I was looking at the work done by the carpenters of the 35th district, but it seems it's not.

'Look at this.

Somewhat excitedly, Umaro pointed to a part of the partition.

'This can be folded compactly if you remove the bar here, I bet.
'Oh, that's right. If you look closely, you'll see that the stopper can also be rotated.
'This way, you can fold it up and store it when you're not using it, and when you need to repair it, you only need to replace the broken part.

He gave me such an explanation with his sparkling eyes, pinched his own chin, and muttered praise without reserve, 'You're doing a good job.

'The idea is great, but the sanding and the processing of the corners are very careful, aren't they? This way, you won't injure the lord by any chance.
'If he was chasing Hammaro, he wouldn't mind crashing into this place, would he?
'No, I'm talking about within the scope of ...... common sense usage.

You're responsible for your own troubles when you get sick.
I'm sure Umaro will take that into account when designing the product.

'What's the score from your point of view?
'I can't give you a score.

I say firmly.

'This is a technology we don't have. I honestly respect you. I'll learn from you.

Because he's like this, I'm sure he'll continue to grow.

'Okay, let's get this and go home to study it.
'No, you can't!
'Don't worry. They won't find out.'
'Of course they will, anchovy!

'Of course they will, anchovies!' 'They'll notice if we lose this big one! Lucia comes over, her shoulders heaving with anger.
Then she puts her body between me and the wall and orders the waiters to 'hurry up and put it away'.
d*mn you, you stingy bastard.

And then, as the servants remove the partition...

Behind them stood three carpenters from the 35th district, standing in a row.
For some reason, they looked uncomfortable as they turned their heads away.

'Lucia. There's a peeping tom in here, isn't there?
'What?No, no!We're not peeping...?
'Smell demon. The smell of a bath with a beautiful girl in it is strangely erotic, isn't it?
'I've never even thought about it!
'Can you stop it, Yashiro?'

Estella grabbed my straightened arm.
No, you know what?
You must have thought about it at least!
If you pass by a house and smell a bath, you'll think, 'There's a beautiful woman in here with all her clothes on! It's a wonderful fantasy!You know what I mean?

'You know what I mean, Boys and Gentlemen?
'Oh, okay. Don't worry about what he says.'
'Ha, ha. ......'

The carpenters glanced at me as if they were looking at something unfortunate and hurriedly averted their gaze.
'Oh no, our eyes almost met,' was the response.
I'm sorry!

'Eros is a sublime thing that can be felt with all five senses.
'...... At any rate, while the girls are bathing, Yashiro should be banned from entering the kitchen and backyard.'
I'll tell you what.I'll let Norma and the others know when I get back.
I'll let Norma and the others know when I get back.'' 'Oh my God, Yashiro, .......'

What's with all the blame on me?
Even though the suspicion of Eros is the carpenters of the 35th district!

'Oh, you know what? ......'

A man who seemed to represent the carpenters of the thirty-fifth district spoke up, sounding as if he had some difficulty saying--

'...... No, it's fine.'

He eventually stopped speaking.
His eyes glanced at Umaro.

'What is it?

'Are you embarrassed by Umaro's praise?You're a bunch of old men.

With a red face, the old carpenter glared at me, his footsteps rattling as he walked away.
It's not a pretty face.

Umaro's eyes widened and he pouted, then he said, '...... haha' and patted his cheek in embarrassment.

It's only a matter of time before the misunderstanding is cleared up, I suppose.

After the footbath tub was cleared away, we spread out our tools in the yard.
Preparing for mochi pounding, of course.

Apart from the food stalls, Umaro and Hammaro took turns pulling a cart full of mochi pounding equipment.
A mortar and pestle. A steamer, a skewer, a mortar, a pestle, and so on.

The cart was also loaded with a lot of sweet bean paste, which had been cooked at the sunny pavilion.

'The glutinous rice is ready here. Jinepu, give me instructions.

'Yes, sir. Then, Mr. Yashiro. I'll go steam some glutinous rice.
'Oh, please.'
'Natalia. You'll be assisting Ginette.
'Yes, ma'am.

It takes time to steam rice.
Ginette will take care of the other side, and I will prepare the rice cakes and seasoning.

'Hello. I hope you are well, Yashippi.

While I was checking the tools I had prepared, a tall old man with a sturdy body for his age came in, shaking the single hair on the top of his head.

'Hey, Chororin. It's been a while.'
'Yashiro!Sorry, Mr. Donnerty. As rude as ever.'
'Ha-ha-ha!I'm not going to complain about Yashippi's attitude now. Let him do what he wants.'

What a generous old man.
The lords of BU are one rank above the lords of the outer districts, who are known as the fifth class of nobles. Among them, Donis Donati is a heavyweight with outstanding ability, dignity and power.
He's a pure-hearted old man who's in love with Mahr, the tragic lord candidate of District 29.

'Has Ma'ru already invited you to his old tavern?
'What are you talking about, Yashippi?I didn't build that place with such intentions--'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what you think. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.
...... Your love interest is already known to everyone.

I'm not sure what to say. Yashippi likes sweet sake and tofu. How about it?I'll invite you over if you like, but why don't you invite your close friends to come and play with us?Invite your superiors who are usually taken care of, you know?Hmm?
'Why do I have to go all the way to District 24 to eat Ma'ru and tofu? Invite them yourself.'
'...... You're in trouble because you can't do that!I'm sure you can think of some good ideas.

You're too old to be talking about something sleepy.
All you have to do is write a letter saying, 'I've made something interesting, come and see it. If Ma'ru had been a candidate for the lord, he would have been familiar with the local specialties of each district, and he would have missed the sweet sake and tofu.
I don't know if he likes them or not.

'Oh, by the way. I heard that Ma'ru took Fluffy's earmuffs away from me during the heavy snowfall.
'Fluffy earmuffs?I'd like to hear the details!
'On a different note, Rebecca's Mirin is really good. ......'
'I'll send you as much as I can cram into a crate!Do you need some soybeans?I'll send you a crate full of rice and beans.

He shoves an envelope into my hand.
When I opened it, I found free food and drink coupons to be used at a nostalgic tavern and an accommodation coupon for the high-class (laughing) inn "Moon Cradle" in the 24th district.
There were six tickets each for me, Jeannette, Magda, Loretta, Estella and Mahr.
Oh, no. Estella and Mahrul will each bring their own head waiter, so there won't be enough for Magda and the others.

Well, I'm not going either way.

I'll give the six to old man Zelmar.
Grandma Mum, old man Zelmar, Bobba, Frodo, and Orkio and Sirach, that's six cards.
They don't have to go together. Orkio and the others can go another day. I'm sure they'd be happy to travel together. Well, from District 35, it's pretty close.

'...... Yashiro is invincible no matter where he goes, isn't he?
'As for me, I'm so nervous every time that my heart can't take it anymore, so I want you to learn your limits as soon as possible. ......'
'......Yashiro, so it can't be helped.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

It's a good idea to take what you can get and use what you can.

If I can get some glutinous rice and red beans, I might as well cook some red rice.

'A winter coat made of hexenbiest fur. Put a fluffy cushion on each ear.

When Donis covered both ears with his hands, he must have imagined Mael wearing fluffy ear cushions. He let out a loud snort.

'It's still going to be chilly in the mornings and evenings for a while. You said you'd make use of it.
'As the lord of BU, I'm very interested in the construction of the port in District 42, and I've been wanting to visit there. From early in the morning!
'That's right, Estella.'
'...... I want you to be responsible for handling the day.'

Yeah, ...... why me?
It's the lord's job to take care of it.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to make the most of it.
Put it to good use. You.

Not me, you.

Mr. Yashiro. We've started steaming the glutinous rice.'

The glutinous rice is prepared, and Jeannette returns.

'Ah, Mr. Donis. It's been a while.'
'Mm. I'm glad you're doing well.
'Thank you for the food you prepared for us.
'No, don't worry about it. Your food is delicious. I'm expecting the same this time.
'Yes, sir. I'll leave it to you.

Ginette seemed confident in her new rice cake dish.
She's itching to make it soon.
Even if it's a new dish, it's still an arranged dish.

'Well. While we wait for the glutinous rice to be steamed, I'll show you the 'mochi' that is usually eaten in our 35th district. Gilberta.
'Very well, I am. I will not disappoint you, Lucia-sama.

At Lucia's signal, Gilberta and the other servants brought the pots out into the garden.
Intrigued, Ginette and Magda crowded into the work area.

A sturdy wooden table was set up in the garden.
It's wide enough and long enough to be stable. We can cook on this table without anxiety.
When I wondered what they were going to do about the cooking stove, a shichirin came out.

'Hmmm. Wentan recommended it to me. I bought a lot of them.
'Ah, Theron is very proud of his work.'
'Lucia. Wendy's not for you.'

You're too jealous of Theron.
He's trying to erase you completely from his memory, isn't he?
I'm not gonna do it, okay?
Don't try anything. See?

'Glutinous rice is cooked and wrapped around a bamboo stick.'
'Mm-hmm. It is then dried, boiled or grilled and eaten.'

It was just like kiritanpo.
Kiritanpo is not made of glutinous rice, though.

'If you dry it too much, it cracks like this, but this is also the real pleasure of mochi.

The costume Lucia wore on Halloween was described by me as a 'cracked rice cake'.
Even if there was no "mirror rice cake", the "forced translation magic" must have translated it into "rice cake".

The cracked rice cakes are placed on the wire net above the shichirin and baked.
Some of the rice cakes were cut with a knife into pieces about two centimeters wide and put into the pot of soup.

'Come on, let's taste it.

Lucia recommended that I eat the 35 rice cake dishes prepared by the waiters.

'Hmm, it's delicious.
'Isn't it?

The taste was different from what I had imagined, but it was still delicious.
However, the texture is more like dumpling than rice cake.

'This is a seafood soup, isn't it?
'Yes. It is a specialty of my district. All the people in this city grow up drinking this soup.

Lucia really likes the 35th district.
She looks so happy when she brags about it.
It's probably comparable to Estella's love for the 42nd district.

'Here, anchovy, baked rice cake. If you're jealous, you'll get cannibalized.'
'When did I ever get jealous of anyone?

He gave me a baked rice cake with a thick sauce on it.
It looked like uncooked doria.
So that's how you eat it. It's more like a preserved food than a rice cake.

'It has an interesting taste.
'But it's not enough.
'Is that so?I like it a lot.

Ginette said modestly, and Estella seemed to like it.
As for me, I still have a strong impression that it's a doria that hasn't been cooked.

'It's very interesting because we don't have this kind of eating style in my district. I'll definitely have to try it.

Donis seemed to like it and asked his butler to get the recipe for him.
The butler runs to Gilberta.
The butler runs to Gilberta and Donis puts the empty plate on the table.

At that moment, the legs of the table came off, and the pots and cakes on the table tilted.


Hot soup flew out from the overturned pots and pans and flew at Donnis.
He hurriedly pulled Donnis by the arm to evacuate him.

Just before a catastrophe could have occurred, Natalia and Magda prevented it.
Natalia supported the tilted table, and Magda caught the tilted pot in the air. Magda caught the tipping pot in the air. The soup that had flown through the air was caught by the pot without spilling.

'Everyone, are you hurt?
'Yeah, I'm fine, but ...... Jeannette?'
'Yes, I'm fine. I'm fine.'
'I'm fine, too. I'm just a little surprised.'
'Magda, are you hot with the pot?
'...... is fine. The handle's not hot.

We weren't hurt.
But it's not a situation where you can just say, 'I'm glad you're not hurt.

'Sorry, Mr. Donati, and Ms. Creamona!
'No, I'm fine!Please don't be so formal, Miss Lucia!
'Hmm. I'm fine too. No need to worry about it.'
'That's not how it works.

Lucia bows to Estella and Donis.
Gilberta follows her master's lead and bows to the heads of the serving staff on both sides.
All the servants in Lucia's manor followed their lord's lead.

The fault at the mansion is the lord's fault.
This is going to be a big deal. ......

'Let's just get this over with.

Natalia, standing at the table, suggested, and Lucia instructed her waiters.
Lucia has a strange expression on her face.
But even more pale than that are the carpenters from the 35th district who have been invited.

They probably made this table too.
They made the lord bow down to them because of a flaw in it.
It would not be surprising if they have an ongoing hole in their stomachs.

'I'm sorry for the ......!

A man who looked like a representative of the carpenters thrust his limbs into the ground and rubbed his forehead against the earth.
The other two carpenters followed suit and got down on their knees.

The carpenters' apologies were directed at Lucia.
They want to let him know that Lucia is responsible for the situation, but that the fault lies not with her but with them.
But now is not the time to do that.

'What are you doing?

Umaro runs up to the kneeling carpenter, grabs him by the collar and forces him to stand up.

'You need to take care of it first before you apologize!Check the other parts!And we'll make sure it doesn't happen again!
'Yeah, ...... no, but ......'.
'Hurry up!If anyone gets hurt, we'll never get it back!
'Yes, yes!Hey, you guys!
''Hammaro. You can help too.
''I'm on it!

The waiters quickly removed the items from the table, turned the empty table upside down, and the carpenters all started checking.

Natalia stays with Estella, and the butler stays with Donis.
It was unlikely that any more accidents would occur, but they were on high alert to make sure that the Lord would never be in danger again.
Donnis's steward must have a terrible sense of self-loathing, since the accident happened just as he was leaving Donnis's side.
Donnis's people, they all love Donnis.

'Mr. Donnerty. Ms. Claremona. I'd like to apologize again.
'Oh, no. ......'
'Well, wait and see, Ms. Creamona. It's the kindest thing to do at a time like this.'
'You're right. It doesn't make me feel any better if things are left unresolved. I hope you will accept my apology properly, and if possible, let us be close friends again.'
'Yes, sir. Of course. I have no intention of destroying my relationship with Lucia-san. I have no intention of destroying my relationship with Lucia.
'Thank you, .......'

He bowed deeply, then exchanged a glance and smiled.
Lucia looks like a decent lord.
She must have had the idea of apologizing when she was rude.

'Are you also not hurt?
'Yes, sir. We're fine.

'I'm fine too.'
'...... Magda is fine too.'
'I see. Thanks for the pot. Thanks.'
'...... Magda is good at that kind of thing.'

Magda was a little embarrassed when Lucia thanked her.
The tip of her tail is wagging from side to side.

'...... Also, even if you get into trouble, Magda is still cute, so you can call her Magda-tan.
'I see. Thank you for that. I'll take you up on your offer, Magda-tan.
'....... Okay.

That Magda guy was happy to be called Magda-tan.
I never knew.
Before he came to the Sunlit Pavilion, he was ostracized by the hunting guild, and there weren't many people who would be willing to show him this kind of affection.

It means that Magda's number of important people is steadily increasing.

'And then--'

Lucia's face turns to mine.

'What about you? ............ Yashiro-dono.'

Oh my god!

What the hell?
The moment this guy called my name, I felt a shiver run down my spine!

'I think I'm going to catch a cold from the gap between this and my normal ......'.
'Sh, don't be rude, Kata ............ Yashiro-dono.'
'Stop it, you're making me sick!I'm fine, just carry on as normal.
'There is such a thing as discipline.'
'Then switch it up and go back to normal.'

He gently stroked Lucia's cheek.

'I don't want to see your sorrowful face anymore. Just keep smiling like you always do.

Then, with gentle eyes, Lucia moved backward at a great speed and rubbed her arms on her arms with such force that she said, 'If you do that, you'll catch fire! She howled as she rubbed her arms with such force that it seemed as if she was going to burst into flames.

'Come on, you sub warts!You're going to freeze me to death, anchovy!
'That creepy feeling is what we're all feeling right now.
'No, ...... I didn't feel that much chill.'

I've never heard Lucia say anything about feeling chills, but Estella says something awful about me, assuming I must be feeling chills.
Would you like me to do something similar to you?Hmm?

'I feel like I just caught a glimpse of the source of the rumors that have been leaking out from everywhere, Yashippi. Be a little more careful.

Donnis is looking at me with a sour look on his face.
It's okay.
Lucia herself said she didn't care about the rumors about me. 'Just let her say it,' she says.

'Gilberta, hit that man in the back of the head with rock salt!
'What kind of big salt are you going to use? Keep it to sprinkling, there.

Lucia showed a backstep that was worthy of being called the queen of the lobster world.
It's a little farther away than before.

'Yashiro-san. You're being a little too playful.
'Ah, well, ...... it's uncomfortable to be bothered by it all the time.'
'Hmm...... that's true. But you shouldn't do that to women too often.''

Jeannette scolded gently.
She seems to understand my intentions, and does not condemn me.

'You know, you might hurt her feelings if you're not careful.
'No, it won't. It's Lucia, remember?No.'
'............ already. Yashiro-san.

In all likelihood, Lucia will never be serious about me.
So, I don't think she's going to hurt you with her seductive attitude. ............

'...... I'll apologize later.'
'Yes. Please do so.'

If Jeannette scolded you, you'll have to do that.
I don't feel comfortable in the confessional.

'Yashiro-san, I found out the cause.'
'Hmm. Then tell that to your lord.

Why are you coming to me first?
Tell Estella or Lucia.

'No, because ...... I can't talk to beautiful women.'
'Huh, ...... Lucia is only beautiful on the outside, you know?'
'Yashiro, is that a compliment?Is that a compliment or a put-down?

'I'm dumbfounded.
'Well, how do you think he'll take it?

Estella cowers her shoulders.
Well, Lucia is easily embarrassed by a little compliment. Especially her face and style.
Why don't you get a boyfriend or something?

'So, what was the cause?
'I had to reduce the wood at the base of the legs to make it foldable. It seemed to be solid at first, but it seems to have worn out from being folded so many times.

To make it movable, you need to reduce the amount of wood in the joints.
If you don't want to move it, you can fix it firmly, but if you want to fold it, the joint must be fixed at a single point. If all the load is placed on it, it will wear out quickly.

This is where today's event comes in.
The joint must have become unbearable due to the large number of heavy pots and seven rings on it.

'Can you fix it?
'It's possible if you have the wood, ...... but...'

Umaro glanced at the carpenters of the 35th district.
If Umaro were to do it, he would be able to repair it quickly, but this is the 35th district. They're the ones who built this table.
He may be a little hesitant to go out there.

'Good. Kitsune no Muneyoshi.'

Lucia, the queen of the lobster world, walks up to Umaro.

'What went wrong and how can we make it better, can't you lend them your wisdom?
'No, no, no, but, um, I, um, I, um, ah, ah, ah...'
'I trust your skills and your heart. Please, will you do me a favor?

She opened her eyes, straightened her back, and looked Lucia in the face and nodded her head clearly.

'Yes, sir!If you say so, I'll use my knowledge and skills to repair this table to perfection!I'll borrow your carpenters for a while.
'Hmm. Good luck.'
'Yes, sir!

The anticipation must have made him happy.
Umaro looked at Lucia's face and answered happily.

Come to think of it, when he had asked to use the cave that Loretta's younger siblings had built when they were in trouble because of the flood, he had looked at Loretta and sincerely asked her to let him use it.
Umaro seems to temporarily forget his nervousness when it comes to carpentry work. Very rarely, though.

'Well then, carpenters of the 35th district. I'm sorry, but I need a little help.
'Oh, no. I'm counting on you, too. ...... No, please!
''Hahaha. We're carpenters, let's get along. Hammaro.''
''You can help too.
'Cheap, please!

Four carpenters and an apprentice gather together and begin to discuss the repairs.
I watch them from a distance and think to myself, 'Oh, it's going to be okay.

When my eyes met with Estella's, she seemed to be thinking the same thing and smiled at me.
Ginette next to me and Magda on the other side. They were watching the carpenters with a somewhat satisfied look.
Only Loretta looked worried that Hammaro might do something to her.

'So that's how we'll fix it. Well, let's add some more wood.

Umaro, who had been giving the orders quickly, suddenly clutched his chest and crouched down.
What's wrong?
What's going on?

This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time with your family and friends.
I'm not sure what to say.

The carpenters from other districts are all surprised.
Oh, I'm sorry. He's sick like that.

And so the table was quickly repaired, making it sturdier than before and leaving behind the gimmick of folding it properly.