204-Later Tan 32 Hanazono Theater

'I am Sirach . I am Sirach, a swallowtail butterfly of the human race. I've been separated from my beloved for so many years. ...... The sun is so bright and shiny, but my heart is so lonely. If I continue like this, my ...... heart will get lost. ......'
'That voice is ......'
'I've come for you on a white horse, my little lost cat.'
'You look wonderful, Orkio ......, like a prince ......'
'This is what you deserve when I come for you. My own princess.

...... What's this uncomfortable feeling, like my back teeth are about to fall out.
I want to clench my fists tightly and 'boom' my temples. I want to give her a fist pump to the temple.

'That's nice ......'.
'Yes ......'.

The flower garden in District Thirty-Five. An old man and an old woman are putting on a little play in an open space near the garden.
The play is about a beautiful girl who has been separated from the man she loves and is surrounded by beautiful flowers to cover up her loneliness, when the man she loves comes riding in on a white horse to pick her up.
Well, in reality, it is not a beautiful girl who is unhappy but an old woman who is on the verge of fermentation. ......

It is not allowed to come to the flower garden by vehicle, but the lord has given a special permission as a way to attract the audience.
That's right. This is a play to show the insects in the garden.

'...... (Shirapin.) In front of everyone, I'm 'Orkio-san'.
'...... (Because Orkio-san is Orkio-san.)'
'...... (You're so cute, Shirapin!)'

They seem to be in a good mood.

'But will this really reduce the friction with the Bug People?

Lucia asks me with a stern look on her face at a distance from Orkio and the others.
But you know what, Lucia? Take a good look around you. ......

'The insects in the flower garden, they're all looking at the two of you with rapt attention.

It seemed that Orkio and Silaha's love play was more effective than I had imagined in attracting the love-struck girls in the flower garden.
The eyes of the girls standing in line, glued to the play, were moistened without exception.
And the members of my 42nd district also ......

'Sirach, you look happy .......
'I'm glad to have met you. ...... I'm weak in this kind of thing. ......'
'Estella-sama. If you'd like to use a handkerchief soaked with my tears, please do. ...... Uruuuuu'
'Ugh...... Shiraha-san, you're so beautiful......'
'Yes. You have a beautiful smile. ......'

............ I'm crying.
I don't know where ...... I'm crying, this short comedy?

'Sure, it'll work. ............ I've almost cried four times. ......'
'So much!

So, where should I cry, you short comic?

By the way.
I've been making other people do small plays for me, but I didn't write the script this time. I came up with the idea, but the content was based on Siraha's ideal, and the girls decided on it through lively discussions.
It's a love story filled with the dreams and ideals of young girls.

Thanks to ......, we had to prepare a white horse in a hurry and allow the girls to ride to the flower garden, which was an unnecessary hassle. ............

'Sirach-sama ...... is beautiful ......'
'Oh, ...... we've been mistaken......'
'Two people who love each other so much shouldn't be separated. ......'

I'm not sure what to make of that.
...... I don't think I understand the sensibilities of the people who live in this city. ............ Also, how can you recognize that as Sirach? It's a different person, no matter how you look at it. No, it's him, but he looks like him.

But it's simple.
The Bug People seem to have an extremely straightforward and honest ethnicity.
Kaburiel and the others who obey Lucia's orders, and Nikka and the others who put Sirach first.
Wendy and Milly are also good-natured people who don't know how to be suspicious of others.

And the swallowtail butterfly people who were taking care of Sirach, other than Nikka, were also like that, as usual.

I went to Sirach's house once for the script conference and persuaded the Swallowtail tribe, but they readily understood as Nikka had said.
When they saw Orkio and Silaha stuck together, and saw Silaha's happy face, they changed their minds.

In the event that you're not sure whether or not you're going to be able to get the best out of it, you may want to take a look at the following. It's just a matter of whether or not it fits the plan, you know, public opinion.

We had a meeting for an hour, and another hour to prepare.
Then, after having lunch, we had a small play in the afternoon sunshine.

'My friend Yashiro'.

As I was watching Sirach and his friends perform, I heard a calm voice behind me.
Gilberta was the only one who maintained her composure in the midst of all the girls who were making a fuss.
It's a relief to have such a guy around.
They're all overly empathetic. Too much, anyway.

'We're in trouble.

'Is it the heat of the crowd?'
'No, ...... my neck area.'
'Your neck?'

I turned to see Gilberta sobbing. With a blank expression.

'What's wrong?

Her face was soaked with tears and snot, not to mention her neck and collar.

'I'm kind of nervous, I can't ...... stop my heart, I'm crying and sniffling.
'Oh, God!You too?

In the end, this guy is the same as the other maidens.
He just can't express it properly.

'Here, don't move. I'll wipe your tears and stuff!
'I feel sorry for you, I do. But I can't stop the pounding.'

I'm highly sensitive, or maybe I'm just easily influenced. ......

'Since you're the head waiter, you should take a lesson from Natalia and train your mind to be normal.
'Master Yashiro. I'm grateful for your appreciation, but unfortunately, I'm not exactly normal either.'
'Yeah, ...... you too, ......'.
'Yes. When I look at those two, I feel ...... horny in my chest .............'
'You should take a look at Gilberta and get back a little more purity in your heart.'

No. ...... This guy is seriously ill.
It's too late.

'Come on, Siraha. I want you to come with me!Let's live together!
'Yes, Mr. Orkio!

The play reaches its climax, and the audience erupts as the two huddle together on the white horse.
It is a scene that exudes the feeling that they are leaving this place and heading for a new world.

'This concludes the first performance of Orkio Sirach's Theatre of Love.
'The second performance will be in two hours. Please invite your friends to come and see it.

Hey!You ruined it. You ruined it!
Don't go back to normal!

But the audience is applauding wildly.
Curtain call? ......
The audience seemed to be enjoying the performance as if it were a play.
What is the second performance?How many performances are you going to do?

Orukio and his friends were coming toward us, pakarang pakarang, hissing.

'Well, that was embarrassing.
'Well, it's embarrassing, isn't it?
'Eh, you guys have always been like that.

If you feel embarrassed by that, you should be a little more careful.

'But it's not embarrassing. I'm 'Mr. Orkio' during the performance.
'Hmm... I get nervous when I'm with Orkio, so I accidentally...'
'Hahaha. You're so cute, Shirapin~'
'What, aren't you embarrassed about that?

I think that's a much more embarrassing event.
I mean, get off your horse! How long are you going to stay on your white horse? Don't look down on me.

'I want to take you back to the 42nd district like this.
'Well, it's a love escapade.
'No, we're going home.'

For Orkio, it was just a way home.

The white horse slowly walks towards the audience in the garden.
Fan service?It's a nice touch.
...... You just want to show off your wife, don't you, Orkio?

'If only I had a white horse, I'd be ...... dazed.'

No~...... maybe it's not the white horse you're missing.

'Anchovies. Sirach-sama is going back to the mansion, so you guys can take a break.

Nikka, also from the back, lands in front of me.
Well, she was only about twenty centimeters above the ground, but...

'I'll call you back when the second performance is near, so you can kill time wherever you want.
'We'll go back to the pavilion and have a smoke, too.
'Then I'll at least offer you some tea. Yours is just out.'

Nikka smiles coercively at me.
This guy is ............
When I glared back at him, he stuck his tongue out at me.
It seems that he still hates me, but he no longer rejects me.

Rather, he started to talk to me about this and that.
He respects our opinions on arrangements, and comes to check on every little thing. Even though everything is for Sirach's sake ......, this is quite a change.

'Do you have any monks?
'No. It's easy and helpful.
'Hmmm, ...... death.'

He looks unhappy, but he doesn't seem to be too angry.

'......I've never seen such a happy face before.

That is, of course, a reference to Sirach.
Nikka and Karl are still young.
They have been by Sirach's side since he was a child, and they have been taught by their clan members how to treat Sirach, and they have done so without question.
For many years, he has been the closest to Sirach and has lived for him.

But I have never seen her smile from the bottom of her heart.

'Did we make a mistake in ......?
'It's up to you to decide that for yourselves.

There is no 'if' in life.
You can't turn back the time that has passed, and you can't erase what you've done there.
If you turn away from reality by lamenting that your actions were 'wrong', then the past was a waste.
However, if the past is connected to the future, if we can think that the present exists because of ...... that time, then even if we have done something wrong, we cannot say that it was a mistake, can we?

There is nothing you can do about the past, no matter how hard you try.
You can't erase it, you can't cover it up.
Then at least use it as sustenance for a positive future. If it helps, failure is not a waste.

'How did you feel when you couldn't see Mr. Orkio, Sirach-sama?

Now that their well-meaning actions have been overturned from the bottom up, their footing is wobbly and unstable. If they are not careful, they may never be able to stand up again.
We can't leave them with that kind of anxiety by Siraha's side.

When Siraha sees that these people are beginning to think that it would be better if they weren't here, she feels guilty about her own happiness.

That's not good, you know.
They all need to be happy as can be.

We're trying to make a wedding work.
The people involved in this have to be happy from head to toe without exception.
Weddings are supposed to be the happiest time of the year, that's what they're supposed to advertise.

I'll confiscate your unhappiness for my benefit.

'I don't know the right answer, but I do know one thing.

Nikka's eyes blinked as if they were on the verge of breaking as she turned her head toward me, her antennae waving.

'The time I spent with you guys, Siraha was not unhappy. That's for sure.'
'Na ...... how can you say that?You've only met me for a short time, so don't talk to me like you know what you're talking about. ......'
'Then let me ask you, has Siraha ever been hard on you guys?Have you ever been treated badly?Have you ever been shouted at?Have you ever been ignored?
'No, that's not true, not once!Sirach-sama is not the kind of person who would do such a terrible thing!Sirach-sama is always kind to us and treats us very well!
'Then that's the answer, isn't it?
'People can't be kind to someone who makes them unhappy. Aren't you doing this not only for your role, but also because you love Siraha?'
'Yes, that's right ....... We all love Siraha-sama ...... and want to be useful .......'
'I know that, so Siraha was happy to have such people by her side.

A drop falls from Nikka's eyes.

All day today, ever since she met us, Nikka has been busy running around.
It was probably because she was forcing herself to move around so that her brain would not think of unnecessary things in order to protect her heart, which would otherwise be overwhelmed by anxiety.

We may have made the people we love unhappy. I couldn't get rid of that anxiety.

'That's ...... it's ............ I don't know death ...... because I don't know what Sirach really thinks. I don't know what you really think ...................'
'You're too insensitive to the favors of others.
'Nah, why not?That's not true!
'You don't even notice the likes and dislikes beamed at you from this close up, do you?

I glanced at Carl and saw that he was in a panic, crossing his arms with an 'X'.
I won't tell. I'm not going to tell you, and no matter how much you smell it, he's not going to notice.

I'm not sure if it's a ...... or a ...... person liking me or ............ something like that. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you get through the day. ......
'Then what is it?I'm not sure what to do, but I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure. I'm not sure what to do.

It's not like I'm confessing to you.
I'm just saying that you can feel it in the air.
Haven't you ever felt that kind of atmosphere that says, 'Oh, this person must like me?

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
'You can ............ do it,.............'

This guy is a pain in the ass.

He has a personality that is a condensation of the troublesome nature of the Bug People.

I have a feeling that if I can convince ...... this guy, I can overcome the prejudice they have against humans.
So this is a model case.

Let's try it.
The simplest way to communicate without words.

Once he gets a feel for it, he'll understand.
That you don't need words to convey your feelings.

'Yes. What is it?'

Sirach and Orkio are coming towards you on white horses.
They're not going to get off now, are they? Do you really hate it so much that we're leaving for a bit?
I don't care if you're on horseback.

'Nikka's been working hard behind the scenes.
'Oh, my. Thank you, Nikka.'
'No, no!I deserve this much ......,.......'

I'm not sure if my guilt is showing on my face, but Nikka has turned her head away from Siraha.

Come on, eat up, Siraha.
You can't help but bite if you see this reaction right in front of you.

'Oh?What's wrong, Nikka?'

So, Nikka. You make a humble statement. Wouldn't you, given your personality?

'...... No, it's nothing, Desuyo.'

Mm-hmm. Bugs, you're so easy to deal with.

'I'm a little tired, you know. I've been running all day. See?'

I hugged Nikka's shoulders and looked into her downcast face.
She glared at me with a very scary face.
'What do you want, you? It's written on his face.

Everything is as it seems.
What do I want?
I'm trying to make you understand.

Well, don't think about it, just feel it. Just take it for what it is.

Here it comes.



Siraha's small hand is placed on Nikka's prone head.
She gently strokes the soft hair. Nikka's antennae sway along with her hair.

'Don't strain yourself too much. Thank you for everything, Nikka.'
'............a............... ...ha, ha............, okay, Death......'

A film of water forms over the eyes that have been staring at me.
I'm not sure if it was embarrassment that I was being watched, but Nikka pushed my face away with a taut hand.
I can't go over there, because Siraha is there.
So she had to push me away.
I understand. I get it.
I just didn't anticipate the power of the ...... stake. Learn to adjust. See?

'Oh, ......?Nicca?'
'I'm fine.'

Sirach gives Nikka a worried look as she turns her head and shakes her shoulders.

'This guy just experienced his first time.
'First time?
'Yeah. Getting feelings from people.'

With that, Siraha felt something and seemed to understand everything.
He's not getting any older.
This guy has been exposed to a lot of emotions for a long time. He's probably had to stifle his feelings a lot.
That's why he's so sensitive.

'Well, ...... well, ............ I've only ever been given things, haven't I? I'm sorry.
'No, you're not. ......?
'Thank you, Nicca. I love you guys.'










'这个...... 温暖的...... 瓦特希,我知道............ 我知道。 ............'.

相反,他们非常关心我们。 ......




'哦,我的上帝,...... Orkio'。

西拉赫的手一碰到她,尼卡就瘫倒在地,转过头来,又开始...... 哭。


'嗯?...... 哦,是的'。











'当然,我很孤独。...... 这是很痛苦和艰难的。...... '我一直不擅长独处,'他说。从我还是个小女孩的时候,我就一直有西拉宾在我身边。








'我仍然记得它。我仍然记得吱吱呀呀的门声,...... 店里的咖啡味,老人平静、阳光的声音。......'


Faintly, Jeannette sniffed.
I guess she remembers too. The sound of his voice, his smile, the touch of his hand on her head.

'He's never outspoken, but he's always there, always welcoming. If it weren't for ...... the Sunlit Pavilion, I'd probably be a mess. ......'

The deep wrinkles on Orkio's cheeks curve into a figure.
I can ...... relate to that feeling a little bit, me too.

'...... He was my one and only best friend. Zelmar and the others are good people, but he's special.'

Ginette tears up as she hears others talking about her grandfather.
But she has a smile on her face and a satisfied look on her face, like a little girl who has just found out the ending of a storybook.

'So, Ginette, ............ I was, properly, happy.'
'...... Yes. Thank you, .............'

'Thank you for thinking so much of my grandfather.

It was the kind of thank you that could be followed by words like that.

'Haha. ...... It's kind of embarrassing, isn't it?
'Yes ......, you're right.

They looked at each other and smiled shyly together.
Orkio stroked his moustache, then moved his horse forward.
He wanted to be alone for a while. We head for an empty place.

Jeannette stands in front of me, her eyes following Orkio's back. He turned his back to me and remained silent for a while.
Perhaps she is having a conversation with the old man she sensed in Orkio's memory.


With her back turned, Ginette called out to me.


Short reply.
I felt it would be unwise to say more than that.

'I like the sunny pavilion.

I'm not going to joke about the big-boobed waitresses now.

'I want to go home soon. To the Sunken Pavilion. I feel like I haven't been back for a long time.'
'That's true.

I want to go home soon, too.

'Magda's waiting for you.
'Yes, he is. Magda-san is a ...... little spoiled brat, you know.'
'A little, huh?'
'Uh-huh. ...... add a little more.'

A little bit and a little bit more, maybe.
Still, that's a very lenient assessment.

'Yashiro-san is .......'

The sound of his voice changes.
Slight tension ...... Slight anxiety ......

'...... Are you happy?

Ginette doesn't look at me.
But Ginette's ears are bright red, a true indication of her heart.
It's easy to answer ......, but...

'Do you want to hear it?

Sometimes it's better not to say.

'............ No.'

Ginette turns, her long hair shaking.

'It's fine, after all.

The reddish, embarrassed smile on Ginette's face was filled with a kindness that was somehow relieving.
This is the face that symbolizes the present-day Sunlit Pavilion.

Are you watching, old man?
You should be happy.
The Sunken Pavilion has been safely taken over by Jeannette.

'I like the Sunken Pavilion too.
'Are you sure about ............?

A dazzling smile spread across Ginette's face like the light of dawn.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
Rather than moving forward, she seems to be leaning forward uncontrollably.

'Oh, I'm so glad. I'm so glad that you said so, Yashiro-san!

Come to think of it, I've never explicitly stated that I like her. ............
I guess there are things that make you happy when you say them out loud, even if you can sense them in the air.

'It's calming, the food is good......'

I say clearly to Jeannette, who is getting closer and closer to me, until she is right in front of me.

'There's a waitress with big boobs.
'Mmm!Please repent.'

He punched me on the bridge of the nose. Not a painful punch at all, just a gentle breeze.

But soon after, Jeannette laughed hilariously.

That's right, that's it.

That's why I like you so much-- the sunlit pavilion.

Well, I wouldn't say that even if I had the nerve.