205-Later on, I did my best.

'...... Mwah!'

Magda is happy to be sitting on my lap.
He's in a very good mood, and his tail has been standing up She's in a very good mood and her tail has been standing on end. She doesn't mind that her skirt is up and her shorts are showing. She must be very happy.

Magda is not on my lap .............

'Permission to ...... pat her head.'
'Huh?Eh .......'

I slowly nodded my head as anxious eyes looked at me.

'So, ...... excuse me.'

When the base of his ear was plucked, Magda squealed loudly, 'Mmm! Magda squealed.

'Oh, that ...... is kind of embarrassing, isn't it? I've never done anything like this before.
'...... Today is special. ............ for two days.'
'Yes, it is. It's been a long time since I've seen you, and more importantly, while I was away, you worked hard as an assistant manager.
'...... praise is good.'
'So. Good boy.'
'...... Mwah.'

Magda has been acting like this since a while ago.

After returning from the 35th district with Ginette, we arrived at the Sunlit Pavilion after the sun had set.
The peak of the evening meal had passed and the restaurant was filled with a calm atmosphere.

Delia and Norma, who had been helping out today, and Umaro, who had been working like a cart horse, were lounging at the table.
In the midst of all this, Loretta cleaned up the store quickly, and Magda jumped on the ............ ginette.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
When her face was pressed against his lower abdomen, Jeannette looked troubled, but ...... Magda was probably crying.
I felt a little bad for Jeannette, but I left her alone for a while.

And ever since then, Magda has been attached to Ginette.
She even tried to follow me to the bathroom, and I could feel her strong will that she would never leave me again.
The vectors she's facing are different from Orkio's, though.

'What's the matter, Magda? You're such a spoiled brat, aren't you?
'It's a reaction to being lonely and overwhelmed. Let her do as she pleases now.'
'Haaah ......, spoiled Magda, you're a real angel!

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand. --and the usual critical patients.
It's true that it's rare for Magda to indulge herself in public. And to Jeannette.
I'll just watch this rare sight for a while longer.

'Big brother, manager. Would you like something to drink?I'll get you something.'
'Oh, in that case, I'll go to .......'
'...... Loretta, a cold drink for the two of you.'

Jeannette tried to sit up, but Magda clung to her like a crying old man and wouldn't let go.
Jeannette. You should give up and become Magda's personal valet for today. ...... Oh, you're a hooker.

'Well, then, big brother. What would you like?What would you like to drink?'
'Sure. Something other than coffee, then.'
'Alright!I'll go make some coffee!
'Wait!You don't have the skills to make coffee yet!Get another one!
'Then I'll have Loretta's original blend coffee!
'That's the worst choice!

Enough!I'll do it!
It tastes better if I make it myself.

'You just sit there.
'But you're tired from the long trip.
'You're also tired after working all day, aren't you?Get some rest.'
'No, sir!

With her chest heaving, Loretta puffed out her nose.

'It's only natural for a shopkeeper to work all day!I'm not tired from this at all!

It's true.
Compared to Delia and Norma, Loretta seems to have a lot more time on her hands.
I guess it's just a matter of getting used to it. ......

You're right. You're a full-fledged waitress now, aren't you?

When you praise him honestly, he makes a funny noise.
That's probably just a specification of this guy. You should get used to being complimented, you know. ...... I'm not that complimentary, am I?I'm sure you've seen it.No, ...... wait, ............ compliment ......... I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
'No, not that much!That's really an exaggeration, isn't it?
'Yashiro, what's wrong?Did you eat some kind of strange salmon?
'It's a sign of a natural disaster. ......'
'No, no!I'm pretty impressed with Loretta, aren't I?

Even Delia and Norma looked surprised.
You're not that uncomplimentary, are you?Not at all!

'There's nothing to admire about Loretta, is there?
'That's terrible, Norma!I have a lot to praise you for!
'That's right. Loretta is just plain awesome.'
'Don't say "normal", Delia!

Well, you know.
It's Loretta's fault that she's always in the teasing position with everyone.
And you, Umaro, don't take part in all this shouting and screaming.
Are you only interested in Magda?Is that so?Well, I guess you're right.

'Oh, come on!I'm going to make a nice cup of coffee and show everyone what I'm capable of!You can watch and review!
'Loretta: ......'
'Look forward to it, big brother!
'......'If you waste even a single coffee bean, you will be under house arrest for a week.
'..................'Gentlemen, may I have some water?

I'll buy your effort.
Your ambition is great, and your spirit of challenge is admirable.
But not everything is good as long as you work hard.

Especially in Loretta's case, the effort is going full throttle in the direction of 'not that way! Especially in the case of Loretta, her efforts often go full throttle in the direction of 'not that way!
I'm a man who values results the most.

'Totally ......'.
'Oh!Please sit down, big brother!

I get up from my chair and Loretta rushes to press her hand against my chest.
I think she's trying to push me back to sit down. ......

I'm not sure what to say.No, no, no, no, no, no!

I opened my hands and moved my fingers, and she moved away from me at a great speed.
She guarded her breasts with both arms and puffed out her cheek pouches.
Hmmm, I want to push her from both sides and make her 'puff! from both sides.

'There will be no more customers today. Everyone relax.
'Huh!Big brother's in the kitchen!

Loretta is getting impatient, as she wants to make her own coffee no matter what.
It seems that her reason for making coffee is no longer to help me when I'm tired, but to prove that she's a capable girl.

'Loretta. Follow me.'
'I'll teach you how to make coffee.

Loretta froze, her voice an octave higher than usual.
She looks like a pigeon that's been hit by a pigeon gun.
It hit her body with a 'thud! I looked at her and said, 'Oh, I wonder if that's a bean ......' and she said, 'What?A pigeon? What? It's more surprising than a peashooter.

'It tastes a little different from Jeannette's, but my coffee is pretty good, too.
'Can you tell me about ............, please?
'Only if you're serious about learning.
'I will!I want you to teach me!
'Then follow me.
'Yes, sir!

She runs happily, bouncing up and down.
You're really energetic. It's almost the end of business hours.

'It tastes different from the manager's. ............ This could be a big seller!
'Few customers order coffee, though.
'Still, it's good to have one specialty dish!

Cooking ......?

I want to be a reliable waiter like Magdacho, who can be trusted to be the assistant manager.

Loretta said these words as she entered the kitchen.
It was a decision that she hadn't told Magda or anyone else.
She's got a lot on her mind, doesn't she?
I'm not sure what to say,......, but I've grown up. I guess he always had a strong sense of responsibility.

'Okay!Then I'll teach you in earnest. But be prepared for this.I'll be tough on you, okay?
'Oh!Big brother's got serious eyes.
'I'll check the taste every day, and if the taste degrades even a little, we'll start over.
'Mmmm, it's tough .......'
'Once the taste is stable, you'll get your license. Will you do it?
'Yes, sir!

He answered immediately.
It was true that he wanted to be good at cooking.
Magda has popcorn and takoyaki, but Loretta has nothing like them.
Maybe she was a little lonely?

If this gives her confidence, and if that confidence gives her motivation to work, then she should take good care of her.

'Okay. Let's start with the grinding part.
'The mill, right!The manager who runs it is kind of cool, and I've always secretly admired him!I'll do it!

At the Sunken Pavilion, there is a mill that used to belong to my grandfather.
It was quite old, but thanks to Norma's maintenance, it is still in use.
At that time, I showed him the structure of the mill, and he made a new mill for me.
This time, I will use this new mill. I don't like the idea of practicing with my grandfather's mill.

'When I turn the handle like this, I feel like I'm getting smarter.
'Haha, that sounds like a dumb idea.
'Why not, d*mn it!

Her cheeks puffed up, but she didn't stop grinding beans. You seem to be enjoying it.
Sometimes inspiration comes to me when I think while doing simple tasks like this.
Perhaps Loretta's fantasy is not so far off the mark.

'Yes, the middle grinder!
'Oh. You know that word too?
'That's what the manager said.'

I see. ...... Ginette half-heartedly taught him, so he just followed her example and made a disastrous failure.

'Is there anything else that Ginette has taught you?
'Brew with love, and it will taste better!
'...... You only put love into it, so it failed.
'If you put your heart into it, it will taste better!No matter what it is!

It's not just anything.
I'll teach you the basics.

Sunlit Tea House's coffee is made by the flannel drip method using cloth filters.
If I could get hold of some glass, I'd like to make a siphon. ...... Unfortunately, I don't know any glassblowers.
Well, that can wait for another time.

'Once you put the powder in the filter, soak the whole thing with hot water and let it steep for about 20 seconds.
'Why?Can't I just make a quick brew?
'It's to let the hot water and beans soak in. That's how you get the best flavor out of it.
'Oh, I see.

Now, slowly add hot water and extract the beans. Pour in more water before the bubbles settle down, and do it quickly, gently, and carefully so that no miscellaneous flavors are mixed in.

Don't pour hot water directly onto the filter. Also, don't take too much time.
'M, it's difficult ...... to do, I need you to be quiet.'

Loretta lifts the cloth filter so that the tip is not submerged in the coffee, and pours the hot water gently into the filter.
It's a great concentration. ...... You've got some really close eyes.

She finishes brewing two cups of coffee with a sense of tension that chokes her.
Loretta's forehead was glistening with sweat.

'I'd like you to try it,' she said.
'Which ......'

I'm going to taste it first before I serve it to Jeannette.
............ Hmm.

'Well, it's not bad.

If you get the basics right, you should be able to get a taste like this. It tastes like .......
It's not bad.
You can start with this taste and work your way up.

'Good job. I'll have a drink.'
'Yay ......, I did it!I've been accepted by my big brother!

Loretta raises her hands in glee.
Don't go crazy in the kitchen. It's dangerous.

'Take it to Jeannette.
'Yes, sir!

Loretta puts the freshly brewed coffee on the tray and leaves the kitchen with a lively gait.
...... Don't fall on the steps of the counter.

'Thank you for waiting!

It looks like she made it.
I grab my share and head back to the floor.

'Did you make this, Loretta-san?
'Yes, sir!I ground it right from the beans!
'Wow, that's amazing.
'Now the only question is how it tastes.
'It's delicious!My brother gave me a pass!

Delia and Norma are also intrigued by Loretta's coffee and approach her.
So, Umaro. You've only been looking at Magda. I'm not going to say anything because I don't think you'll ever recover from that.

'So, let's eat.
'Here you go, sir!'

Ginette reaches for her cup happily.
Magda picked up the cup before she could.

Magda, holding the coffee, stares at Ginette.
And then, without hesitation--

'...... Manager. Ahhhh.'
'No, ......, that's as good as .............'

You want to do something about it,......, but don't. It's dangerous.

He took the hot coffee from Magda, blew off the steam twice, said 'Itadakimasu' again, and Ginette sipped the coffee.

'.................. Yeah. It's delicious.

After tasting it slowly, Ginette smiles.
Instantly, Loretta, who had been leaning forward to see Ginette's reaction, pulls back her hands and makes a gutsy pose.

'I did it!

I'm sure it's a sweet assessment.
Even so, Loretta is jumping around Jeannette happily.
Ginette follows Loretta's gaze and smiles at her funny.
It's not often that I'm asked to do something like this.
Ah, so this is like ............ Mother's Day.

'Good for you, Mom.
'What, what, all of a sudden?You're freaking me out, aren't you?

She doesn't seem to know she's a mother.
Well, maybe not.

'How good was it?Did it make you shout?The manager's spirit of wasshoi wasshoi has been ignited!
'Well, ......, am I really that wasshoi wasshoi?

Or rather, that's all you've been saying.

'Well, ...... 'wai wai', is it?

Too bad. There didn't seem to be as much excitement as 'wasshoi wasshoi'.

'Noooooooo ......, next time!It's the next time!

It's good to be positive, but ...... it's hard to be that impressed by coffee in the first place, you know?
If Loretta is motivated, that's fine.

Magda, on the other hand, is ......

'...... whimsy'.
'That's not true!I'm already able to make a proper brew!

She seems to have sulked a little at Loretta's praise.
She wanted to be pampered by Ginette today.
She must have missed Ginette a lot the two nights she was away.

'Then, why don't you cook him some takoyaki?

Ginette hadn't eaten any takoyaki this time. I'm sure he'll be happy to have it.
It's ......, but...

'I've had enough of the ............ sauce smell.
'I don't want to smell it for a while, either. ......'
'I'm so full I haven't even eaten. ............'
'Oh, I'd ............ and eat myself to death if Magda Tan cooked it. ......'

In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.

And Delia laments as if she were saying.

'I want to eat salmon!
'That's a good idea!I want some too!
'For the first time, I can relate to Delia's love for salmon. Isn't it good, salmon?
'............ Delia. Adopted.
'If Magda says so, I'll eat salmon too!

Delia's 'salmon is good' comment, usually ignored, is being praised today.
You guys ...... really don't like powdered food. ...... I'm sorry, seriously.

'If that's the case, I'll go make a grilled salmon set meal .......'
'The manager can sit down!
'But, but ......'
'...... Magda is determined to stay on the manager's lap.
'Oh, Magda-san, ......I'm glad you feel that way, but I have to get ready for the salmon ......'.

Today is Pseudo Mother's Day.
It's a pseudo-mother's day. ...... I've been taking care of you too.

That's it. I'll make you some chan chan yaki here.'
'I agree, Yashiro!I want some!I want to eat chan chan!

A bear was caught at great speed.
When the sunny pavilion was being remodeled, we had a barbecue on the riverbank to get to know the river fishing guild, and I had made something there.
Delia seemed to like it very much, and kept saying 'Let's do it again! every time.
Normally, the preparation and cleanup would be a hassle, but ......
The teppan for okonomiyaki is also available, so it's good timing.

'But Yashiro-san just came back from the 35th district, so you must be tired. ......'
'Don't worry!Yashiro is invincible!What?
'No, he's not invincible.

Delia, who really wants to eat chan chan yaki, takes her place next to me, ready to crush any objections.

'If it's ......, Magda will make it.
'Magda, stay on the manager's lap!If the weight is lost, the manager will fly away!
'...... That's not good. We can't retreat here.'
'I'm not that light, am I?

Delia's desperate for some salmon.
She looks at the three men in the sunlit pavilion who are trying to get me to rest.
It's okay. It's not that bad.

'Delia, Norma. I'm sorry, but can you help me?'
'Yes!I'll take care of it!
'I can't do much more than cut up fish, can I?
'That's all I can do.
'Oh, um, Yashiro-san!What about me?Don't I have to do anything?
'Hmm?What are you talking about? Of course you can't. Work hard without being told.'
'Oh, ...... I don't get the feeling that I'm sorry, that's why my name didn't come up earlier. ...... It's just like Yashiro-san. ...... '

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.
I headed back to the kitchen with Delia and Norma.

Fillet the salmon, chop the cabbage, onions, peppers, and carrots, and trim the beans from the bean sprouts and the pith from the shimeji mushrooms.
Mix miso paste with sake, soy sauce and sugar to make miso sauce. Sprinkle lightly with sesame seeds.

'Okay, now all we have to do is grill.

Thanks to Norma's familiarity, the preparation went smoother than I expected.
While I was chopping the vegetables and Norma was filleting the salmon, Delia was talking about how healthy the salmon was swimming in the river. ...... Help me with this.

'The griddle is heating up.
'Oh, thank you. Do you have a lid?

It's a good thing I ordered a lid of the same size when I made the teppan, because I thought I could use it for various purposes, such as keeping warm and avoiding dust. The chan chan is steamed and baked.

'It's so exciting to have a meal prepared for you, isn't it?

With Magda on her lap, Ginette looked at us with a smile.
I'm usually the one cooking.
Today you'll have a full meal. We won't be full while we're cooking, not today.

'Umaro. Oil on the griddle.
'Yes, sir!

'Then, Delia. Put the salmon, skin side up, in the middle of the griddle.'
'Here we go!
'Be careful, the oil will splatter.
'Don't worry!I'll avoid it.

No, you can't.

The salmon flesh is being burned with a buzzing sound.
It's a nice sound. You know it's good just by listening to it.

'Norma. Turn the salmon over and put the vegetables around it.
'My job will be the most difficult.
'I don't blame you. I'm the best cook in the group.'

Aside from Ginette, Norma is the best cook.
She hasn't been training to be a bride for very long.
Norma is meticulous. She rarely makes mistakes in cooking. In addition, she's very good at what she does, so you can count on her.

'Well, if it's ............, I can't help it.

Norma hummed happily as she turned the salmon over.
The vegetables are arranged around the salmon in a balanced manner.

'You know... It's the simple things like this that show how good a cook you are.
'Why, even Delia. Praising her won't get you anywhere.'
'Why is there no one to marry me?
'Shut up!It's not that there aren't any.I'm just not here for a while.

But you don't have any plans yet, do you?
The vegetables, which had been neatly laid out, were then thrown into the air.
It's good to be dynamic, though, isn't it?

'Here, add this miso sauce .......'

There was the sound of water splashing, and the scent of burning miso permeated the floor.

'Aaah!I can't stand it!
'Miso and sake have a nice aroma, don't they?
'Oh, I'm getting hungry at .......'

The maker's team is in agony, completely covered in steam.
I want to enjoy the aroma a little more, but I'll cover the griddle and steam it for a while.

'It looks delicious. I'm looking forward to it.'
'I'll feed it to you at .......'
'Then I'll let you eat it!
'Well, ...... let's eat it ourselves, gentlemen.'

The team at the sunny pavilion seemed to be starting to get excited.
Oh no,......, I should have cooked some rice.
It's okay if you don't have it, but it's even better if you do. ...... I regret that.

I'm not sure what to do.Then I'd like to have a drink. I'll take it out of your part-time pay.
'Then I'll have the salmon!

No, you're eating salmon with salmon. ......

'What do you say?

It's a little early, but it's time to close the restaurant.
I think we should ask for the opinion of the person in charge here.

'Yes, that's right. ......'

Ginette clenched her jaw as she wrote on her face, 'Let's close up now. He seems to be thinking about it.

'Jeannette. It's not you.'
'The one in charge today is the assistant manager there.'

Magda curled up on his lap.
I told you yesterday and today Magda is in charge of this store.
For today only, Magda's opinion takes precedence over Ginette's.

'Oh. You're right. I was careless.'

Ginette sticks out her tongue happily, then looks into Magda's face and asks again.

'How can I help you, Assistant Manager?

He crossed his arms arrogantly and held his chin with his fingers as he pondered.
'...... You already know the answer.

'......I understand how you all feel.

It's a great way to get the most out of your time and money.

...... Is Magda's internal clock incredibly accurate?

Like some warlord, he tells Umaro to turn the "OPEN" on the table over to "CLOSED".
Umaro goes out to the front in joy at Magda's instruction.

'All right!Let's eat it while we can!
'Wait a minute!I'll be right back!I mean, I'm done!

He turns back in a big hurry.
This guy has a really good reaction that's worth messing with.

'......I'm afraid that Yashiro-san is going to do it, and not just jokingly.

You can't eat this much in a second.

When you open the lid, the aroma of slightly burnt miso spreads.
Then, drop in the butter and melt it.

'Wow, the aroma is getting deeper.
'...... I can't wait to eat it.
'I'll go get a plate!

While Loretta is waiting for her to return, I break up the salmon meat and mix it evenly with the vegetables.
Every time I stirred, the aroma of miso came up, and my stomach growled with each stir.

Then, let's eat!
''''' ooohhhh! '''''

Delia, Norma, Umaro. And Magda and Loretta scream.

'Bon appétit.'

Ginette clasps her hands together in a polite manner and prays to the spirit gods.
I'll put my hands together, too. I'm not going to pray.

Each of us takes a portion as we please and begins to devour it at the appropriate table.
Yeah. The miso sauce gives it a nice flavor.

'Another plate!

Delia quickly picks up a plate and runs to the griddle.
Eat as much as you like. There's plenty.

Magda and Loretta also walked over to the griddle and poured another plate.
They must've been hungry. They're disappearing fast.

Ginette catches her breath as Magda steps back from her lap.
She was a little nervous because she wasn't used to this.

'Are you okay here?
'Yes. Please.'

With his permission, he sat down across from Ginette.
He took the salmon and vegetables into his mouth at the same time, and writhed in agony, holding his cheeks, 'Mmm.
Is it that good?
You're smiling so much.

'It's been a long time since we've all had dinner together.
'Yes, it has.

Apparently, that's why he was smiling.
Maybe we should make time to have dinner together like this even when we have a restaurant. Maybe not every day, but once a month or so.

'Yashiro!Can I stay here today?
'I ate salmon and don't want to move anymore!

What kind of feeling is that?

'I'm definitely staying at ...... today, too. ......'
'Hey, Norma. Are you drunk?'
'No, I'm not drunk.

Oh, no. I'm out of order.
Norma must've been very tired to get drunk so quickly.

'All right. You can stay here.'
'I want to stay here too!
'Why not?Think about the number of rooms!
'No!I don't want to walk anymore!
'Well, well, Yashiro-san. It's fine. If you split up your stay between my room and an empty room, you can stay in ......'
'...... stop the manager.'

Magda puckers Jeannette's lips.
Wow, that's so soft! I want to pinch it.

'...... Magda will be sleeping with the manager today, so you can use Magda's room.'
'Huh?But is that okay?I'm more comfortable in my own room. ......'

'............ together,sleep'.

Magda clings to Jeannette with a muffled sigh.
She buries her face in his big chest.
Wow, they're so soft! I want to cuddle~.

'Yes. I'll join you.'
'............ Mwah!

I want to bury my face in Jeannette's chest and say, 'Mmm! ......

'Magda. Can I have Loretta with me?'
'...... Loretta too?'
'It would be a pity to let Delia and Norma sleep in the same bed, wouldn't it?'
'...... Hmm.'

Magda glanced at Delia, then at Norma, and nodded her head.

'...... It's tight to sleep with big tits.'
I'm not sure what to do.

If I had a bed that big, I'd want to sleep in it.
In the middle, of course.

'...... Good. Permission granted.
'Yes!We're all in this together!

Loretta's worked hard the last two days.
You're going to have to indulge her.

And you like that, don't you, Ginette?

Okay. See you, Oumalo.
'Yes, sir.
'Have a safe trip home.
'...... Well, I don't want to sleep in the same bed as Yashiro-san either, but ............ it's a little hurtful to hear you say that.

I know you've been working hard.
But that doesn't mean you can't share a bed with me. Go home.

We finished off the remaining chan-chan-yaki and called it a day.
I feel like it was a long day.
It started with Ukrines' antennae catsuit, followed by the love theater in District 35, and then the chan chan. I'm already full.

I have other things to do tomorrow. Let's go to bed early today.

Incidentally, the reason why Bertina didn't show up at the party was because she thought that only okonomiyaki was available at the restaurant.
Even Bertina gets tired of the smell of sauce after two whole days of smelling it. ...... It's a new discovery.