464-Episode 266 Cool Mint and Hot Bath

'Mr. Yashiro, I'll take your place. Please take a good night's rest.

I thanked Ginette for her offer, and left the kitchen.
...... It's hot. It's hell in the kitchen where the cooking stove is in full operation all the time.
Ginette, how can you stay in a place like this? ......

When I went out to the floor, the number of customers had calmed down.
Probably there won't be any more, and when these guys are satisfied, the day will be over.
That's the feeling I get.
And I guess that's why Ginette left the floor.
Well, I guess I'll take my time.


Estella spotted me and waved at me from her usual seat.
Next to her, Lucia was talking to Natalia with a difficult look on her face. Millie, perhaps compelled to sit next to Lucia, listens to Lucia and Natalia with wide eyes.

Magda and Loretta, having enjoyed the dumplings, returned to their normal duties.
Magda and Loretta were back to their normal duties. The older sister was at the beer stall sent by Cantalcica, and she was handling the old men well.

'Where are Delia and the others?'

I ask, sitting in my usual seat next to Estella.

'They said they're leaving for the day, they just left.

Well, they've been working hard since this morning, clearing away the piles of snow in the fields. I guess she was tired.

'Delia said that tomorrow morning the whole guild is going to go on a massive fishing expedition in order to thin out the fish that have increased during the heavy snowfall.
'Tireless or not, ......'.
'Norma left in high spirits to prepare for the public baths that start tomorrow.
'You should be tired, at least a little!
'Umaro, Bekko and Imelda also left with glowing faces.
'Are you having too much fun?

They were all looking forward to tomorrow's work so much that they left quickly.
They didn't seem to be thinking about taking a bath or anything like that.
It's more like they're workaholics.

'Did Umaro seem to be enjoying himself?
'Huh?Yeah. He was really excited.'
'I see.'

I'm worried about the bad reputation of Torbeck Engineering.
But unless Umaro asks me to talk about it, I can't do anything about it.
I'm sure he has his own pride and pride of place.

'You're in some trouble, aren't you?Leave it to me, I'll help you,' is not polite to them.
Just go to ......

I hope you can get it over with before it's too late.
Cover your mouth with your hand and grab your jawbone tightly.
If you don't hold on tight, you're going to let a few unnecessary words slip out.

If you have a problem, talk to me.

You sound like a good person.
It seems he's still reeling from the masters.
The regret of not making the move he should have made.


I must have looked a little difficult. Estella bends her eyebrows and gives a soft smile.
As if to say, 'I'm worried about you.

'I know you're worried, but you shouldn't look like that.

I realized that my hand was pressing my mouth with a lot of pressure.
What am I doing?

'Did Estella hear that too?

He turned his gaze to Lucia.
Estella followed my gaze and looked at me too.

'That story...'

Lucia brought up the bad reputation of Torbek's construction company that she heard from a carpenter in the 35th district.
I'm sure the lords have been sharing information with each other before I did.

'Yes. I heard.'

As I expected, Estella nodded her head.
I knew you'd heard.

'That's great.


'Because your worries, and all of our worries, will be relieved with the new technology that was born in District 42.

New technology?
I've never heard of it.
Is there a revolutionary technology that can save Umaro and the others?

When Estella saw my surprised face, she broke down in a happy smile.
Perhaps it's her sense of superiority that puts her ahead of me, or perhaps it's her sense of versatility that puts her in a position to tell me about it. He was smug to the point of showing off.

'Can you tell me more about it?
'Sure, .......'

Estella leaned in close to me.
When I backed away, she moved even closer to me, as if to close the distance.

We're next to each other at a table for four.
We're not even that far apart.
When you're this close to each other, ...... your noses are almost touching.

'...... Shh.'

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few things to do.
My finger is almost touching my lips, and Estella is right there, her beautiful red eyes staring at me. ......


With a small whisper, Estella's lips come close to mine.
With her left hand on my knee and her right hand on my arm, she stretched out and approached me.

It's as if she's kissing me.

And then--


She blew on my nose with all her might.

'What are you doing?
'What do you think?You don't smell that?
'I didn't have time to smell it!
'Why not?

Because I was so nervous!
I'll never tell anyone about it!

'Okay, let's do it again. Okay?Huh!
'No, even if you say it doesn't smell, it's annoying when you say 'huh~' right under my nose.
'Oops!Hey, Yashiro, don't talk to me!Your breath stinks!
'Don't you dare try to cut my heart out at close range!

Estella picks her nose and walks away.
I'm sure you're not the only one who can't stand the smell.I'm jealous!

We just ate a lot of garlic and leek dumplings!
'But by the way, I don't smell. See, 'huh'?'Huh?'

Estella is relentlessly blowing her nose at me.
Indeed, Estella's mouth did not reek of garlic.
On the contrary, it is rather refreshing ...... mint?

'Oh, hey, ladybug. Here you go.

Millie offers me a candy in a pretty wrapping paper.

'What's this?
'It's a cool mint candy.

Cool mint candies?
Oh, you made that?

'It's a little bit pungent, but it's good for masking the smell in your mouth.

I heard that the big ladies of the Ikebana guild invented it with a lot of hard work and perseverance in order to get rid of bad breath the day after eating yakiniku.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'So, Estella has that smug look on her face. ......'
'Thanks to this great invention, the dignity of our lady has been preserved. I'm so proud of you.'

Lady, hey ......

'What kind of lady is this who huffs and puffs at men?
'What?The expression is malicious!
'No, Estella-sama.
'I'm not doing that!
'No, you did, Estella.'
'Even Lucia-san?
'Hmm,......, Estella, you were a little close, weren't you?
'I thought Millie would be the only one who would say it wasn't ......!

Estella curls up in a chair, covering her face with her hands.
Her exposed ears are bright red. They are redder than the color of her hair.
That's why you're so careless. You should always think about how your actions will look to others.

'And it's not tomorrow's bad breath I'm worried about.
'H...... is it not?

I don't know if I'd be that serious about something like that.

'It's about Umaro.
'Umaro's .............'

Estella says with a raised eyebrow and a serious expression.

'I'm sorry to hear about ...... your illness.'
'I know that, and I don't want a cure!

I don't care how sick he is!
I'm sure he'll be able to live with Magda-tan disease and not being able to look girls in the face for the rest of his life.

It's not that. ......

There are other customers.
Magda and Loretta are working.
There's no need for Milly to hear about this when we're not sure.

So I'll just tell Estella in secret.

'I'm talking about the bad reputation of Torbeck Engineering.
'What, what's that?
'You haven't heard about it?

Share the information, my lords!

'Then what were Lucia and the others talking about just now?
'It's about the importation of cool mint candies and their production in the 35th district factory.

That meeting wasn't a bonus for Millie, it was a bonus for Natalia!
Oh, you were talking about distribution.

'Lucia. Would you mind telling Estella about this?'
'Mm. I was going to tell her at some point, but the wonderful Milly had a wonderful invention. I got carried away with it.''

...... eye contact earlier, I was looking at Lucia, but Estella must have been looking at Millie.
I'm sure Estella was looking at Millie when she said, 'Did you hear about that? Did you hear about the new candy?

d*mn, it's hard to communicate eye to eye!

'All-you-can-eat dumplings are sold out!
'...... We've beaten the dumplings.'

The platter is emptied, and Loretta and Magda announce the end.
The crowd applauds, and the excitement reaches a climax.
They're easy to get on.

So what's Jeannette doing now?

They'll eat the dumplings he has on hand and go home.
Our work is almost done.

'Milly, can I have another of these candies?
'Hmm. I've got plenty.'

Millie gave me two cool mint candies and I left.
While Estella is talking to Lucia, I'll let Ginette know. We're sold out.

And while I'm at it, I'll bring her some of these candies.

I popped a cool mint candy into my mouth and rolled it around on my tongue, frowning at the nostalgic mint taste.
The refreshing scent of mint went through my nose, and the garlic smell disappeared.

Yes, this is good.
Halitosis is a little annoying, after all.

There was no sign of Jeannette in the kitchen.
Where did she go?
I wondered, and then Jeannette popped up from the hallway.

'Oh, Mr. Yashiro.
'Preparing for a bath?
'Yes. I thought you might be using the large bath as well.

I was planning to use the smaller bath today, but Lucia said she was going to take a bath, so it looks like they're opening up the large bath.
He's a real pain in the ass.

I mean, ......

'Did you already boil the one for one person?

'The one for one person was already boiling?' 'The one for one person was already boiling' means that the other one was also ready.
If he had prepared to use the bathhouse, that would have been enough.

'I always prepare the baths after cleaning up, so it's always late when I go in.

If you boil the water after the restaurant is closed, you will be late to take a bath.
In addition, Jeannette and Magda can still take a bath together, but I have to wait until Jeannette and the others leave.
Maybe I'm rushing them.

But Magda is going to sleep, so I have to give her a bath first.
That's why he was preparing for the bath at this hour.

'Leave the cleanup to me, Yashiro-san, and please go in first.
'No, that's indeed .......'
'In return, I may have to leave the cleanup to you in the future, so please take care of it when you do.

Ginette takes a bath first, and I do the closing and cleanup. There will be days like that.
So we're on duty. That's okay then.

'Okay. But they're here today. ......'

I'll probably be the last one to bathe.
That's okay. I'll take a leisurely soak after Jeannette and the others are asleep.

'Would you like to come in now?
'Yes, sir. If it's for one person, the water is already boiling, and I just heard that the dumplings are sold out.

The work at the restaurant is almost done.
The only thing left to do is clean up.

Then we'd better go in quickly.

From the kitchen, I glanced at the floor.
Lucia is talking with Estella. It'll take a little longer.

Besides, the big bath hasn't boiled yet. ......

'Well, I guess I'll go in first.
'Yes, sir. Take your time.'

Ginette beckons me towards the corridor.
Beautiful big-breasted landlady ...... Mm, nice hot spring resort.

'Ginette, you can use the big bath. You should use the big bath. It's worth the effort to heat it up.

The bathhouse was in full operation during the heavy snowfall season, but it won't be used so often in the future.
It's better to use it when you can.

'It's nice to have the bath all to yourself. You can swim if you want.'
'I don't swim.
'You can't swim.'
'Mmm, I don't swim.

Jeannette still can't keep her face out of the water. I don't know how long it will be before he outgrows the cane.

'Well, I'll go tell Lucia and the others. We don't want to run into each other in the bathroom.'

That's true.
If Lucia bursts into the bathroom I'm in, she'll be a liability problem.
I hope it was just an accident, but if she saw the skin of a girl of her age before her wedding, she might take responsibility and get married.

...... If I had to take care of Lucia for the rest of my life, my life span would be worn down by a decade.
It's not a good idea.

'Oh, wait, Jeannette.'

He stops Ginette, who bows her head and is about to leave the kitchen, and offers her a gift from Millie.

'Here's Millie's new candy. If you don't want to eat after this, you can lick it off.
'Oh, that's Millie's new candy. Thank you very much.

Ginette accepts the candy and breaks into a happy smile.
However, she held her mouth with both hands and her cheeks rapidly turned red.

'Do you want to come to ......?

Yeah, well, ......

'We're all in this together, aren't we?

We're all eating the same thing and smelling the same thing.
You don't have to worry about it.
But with the advent of cool mint candies, many people have broken away from the monogamy.
So, you can cut off the gynette, too. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out the best way to make the most of your time with us.

From '......'

Licking a cool mint candy, Jeannette bounces her shoulders.
It's very pungent. Some people might find it spicy.

'But it's delicious.

Ginette rolls the candy around on her tongue.
Occasionally, the shape of the candy appears on her cheeks.

'It smells good. It's kind of refreshing.
'Maybe it'll help you sleep.'
'Yes, it seems to be effective.

The scent that goes through your nose is fresh and minty.
It's refreshing and invigorating.

This candy could be a hit.
It's good for bad breath and to help you sleep. It will be a good friend of workers.

'...... chun-chun!

Ginette, breathing heavily through her nose, sneezes.
There you are. The one who sneezes when the mint stimulates the mucous membrane of her nose.

'Ugh ...... excuse me'.

Ginette sniffles and quickly washes her hands covering her mouth.
He's apologizing for sneezing in the kitchen. Well, I had it under control, so I guess it's okay.

'I guess I'd better refrain from eating in the kitchen.

Sneezing in the kitchen is not a good idea.
Of course, it's for hygiene reasons.
Well, as long as you keep your hands and arms free of droplets, it's not a problem.
If Ginette wants me to refrain from doing so, I will.

'Well, let's get you a bath.
'Yes, sir. Take your time.'

Ginette bows her head and leaves the kitchen.

'Oh, manager!Do you have a minute?
'Yes, please wait a moment. I'll be right there.'

Loretta calls Ginette. Overhearing this mundane conversation, I walked out of the kitchen and into the hallway.
I guess I was in the mood to take a bath.

I was not aware of the mundane conversation coming from the floor.

He didn't know that this would lead to a terrible situation later on. ......

'Wait a minute, I'm your friend, Yashiro.

At the door to the bathroom, Gilberta called out to me.

I turned around and saw Gilberta with Lucia.
Oh, it's the other way around. Well, I don't care either way.
I mean, you guys are all wearing the aprons of the Sunlit Pavilion, are you sure you want to keep them?No, though it's kind of cute that they're matching.

'Noblewomen peeping in the open?
'Who's going to peek in your bath?
'I'd like to negotiate, Lady Lucia, with my friend Yashiro.
'You want to take a bath together?
'Who's going to bathe with me?

Then what's the bargain?

'I want you to give up your turn, Lucia-sama. I know, I'm selfish. But I beg you, sincerely.
'You want to go in first?That's fine, but ...... the baths aren't boiling yet, are they?
'I enjoyed the big bath last time. I was hoping to take the smaller one this time.
'Well, you should have told me in advance. ......'

Ginette's so smart that she started boiling the large bath. ......

'Besides, I have a lot of work left to do. I need to take a bath and go home as soon as possible.
'If you don't take a bath and go home now, you'll be able to get to the museum faster.
'I'm convinced that if I don't take a bath, I'll be less efficient after I leave.

Don't be so sure.

'If you're busy, don't bother coming. If you're too busy, don't come all the way here. You might start a rumor if you move around too much.'
'That I'm in love with you?Hmm, impossible rumors are just nonsense, let them speak.

No, a false rumor can be fatal to a noblewoman.

'I'm more concerned with making the district more lively than my marriage. I'll at least get a little dirty.'

He said this while looking at me.

'You think I'm mud?
'You want sludge?
'Shut up.

He chuckles and pats me on the shoulder.

'I'll see you next year, anchovy.

And with that, he quickly went into the dressing room.
...... I'll give it to you, and then you can go in. ...... d*mn it.

Does he think that showing up at the 42nd district will enrich the 35th district?
Did he come all the way here just to talk about Torbek's construction company?
Or did you come here to lay the groundwork for something else? ......
I'm sure he didn't come all this way just to have fun without a second thought. ...... I'd like to think not.

'Gilberta, take care of Lucia for me. Do you know how to take a bath?
'I heard, from my friend Ginette. I've already learned.

Then you're safe.

Now that Lucia's in the dressing room, let's get the hell out of here.
That could start a rumor.

'Oh no!

As I greeted Gilberta, I heard Lucia's scream from the changing room.
What's going on?

'Lucia, are you okay?I'm coming in!

I said no, and opened the door to the changing room.
I glanced over and saw that Lucia was still in her clothes. ...... Huh.

'What's wrong?
'M, bug!

Lucia shouts, pointing to the floor.
There was a worm that looked like a giant centipede that had been made a little bit more dangerous.
This is the kind of thing you sometimes see in the bedroom. Magda confirmed that it was not a hexenbiest, but it was a centipede-like worm with a vicious appearance that had never existed in Japan, and I took the liberty of calling it 'Centipede Level MAX'.

I call it 'Centipede Level MAX'. 'Kah, tah, kata, kuchi, iwashi!Hurry up and do something ......!

Lucia hides behind my back and squeezes my clothes.
Her slender fingers are trembling and straining to the point of turning red.

'You like insects and humans, but not bugs?
'Insects and Bug People are completely different!Don't put them together!What?

She must have raised her head to glare at me, and Centipede Level MAX must have come into view. Lucia screamed and fell on her face again.
She pressed her head against my back.

Are you that scared?

Well, I can talk to Delia in private, but if I saw a bear in the wild, I might be scared.
Bears and bears are different.
Bugs and insects are different.
I guess that's how it is.

'Well, I'll go kill it. Let go of my clothes.
'No, don't push me!
'If you don't let go, I'll have to take you with me to exterminate bugs.
'Wait!Don't be hasty!No, please!

Lucia's broken.
She's really bad at this.

'I can't, me neither, bugs.'
'Oh, yeah. I'll take care of it, you take care of Lucia.'
'I can do that, I can.'

'I can do that, I can'.

'Catfish, anchovy!
'Don't worry, it won't take long.
'Don't worry, it won't take long.' 'What if you get hit in return?
'Who's going to lose to a bug like that?

I'm not that weak.

For all intents and purposes, Centipede Level Max is a very weak insect.
Although it has a gruesome appearance, it is neither poisonous nor does it bite. They only eat bacteria and microorganisms lurking in the slime and stains around the water.
Nevertheless, they look disgusting, so I kill them when I find them.

Just walk up to it and lift up its legs.
Step on its head and you're done. .......

I've seen Jeannette say, 'You'll be exterminated if you stay here,' and then let you go outside. ...... I can't believe you'd even warm up to something like this. ...... You can't go against the landlord's wishes.

I'm not going to kill it. I'm going to take out a bath cleaning cloth, wrap it in it and capture it.

I'm not sure what to do with it.

It would be fun to chase Lucia around with this, but ...... I'm seriously going to cry, so I'd better not.

'I'll just throw it outside.
'Do you have any compassion for insects, you?How very picky .......'

It's not me, it's the landlord.

Now, even if you throw it away, you can't take it back to the floor with you. In addition to hygiene, the grotesque appearance of this thing is not appropriate for a place to eat.
If a drunken customer sees it and reverses, it will be a disaster.
So, I decide to go out from the bath to the backyard.

'Lock this door when I leave,' he said.
'And dump me far away!And don't come back!
'Hey, hey.
'Around the 41st district!
'You can't go that far!

I looked at Lucia's tearful face one more time - I might never see her again - and I walked out of the changing room.
I make sure Gilberta has locked the door and breathe.

Lucia didn't make such a cute scream.

Ginette and Magda are not afraid of bugs at all.
So it was kind of new. Lucia shaking on my back...

'...... d*mn. You're a girl.

I leave my cheeks relaxed and head for the next door.
A blindfold fence surrounds the bathroom. Past that door is the backyard.

Now that you've shown me the good stuff, I'm going to return this Centipede Level MAX to the outside world.

When you go over the blindfolded wall, you'll find Millie there.

'Oh, ladybug.
'Oh, Millie. Sorry.'
'What?What is it?
'You can't look in from here.
'You can't look in here?

I can't think of any other reason why Millie would be in this empty backyard.
Well, you want to hide her, don't you, at her age?

'I'll tell Umaro next time. 'Make sure you leave room for prying eyes.'
'No, you can't!If there's room, everyone will be embarrassed, okay?

Umaro's really inflexible in this kind of thing.

'So, what are you doing?
'Hmm. I heard from Jinetto-san that the wildflowers in the forest have grown back.

'Wildflowers in the forest?'
'Hmm. It's a scary wild plant that reproduces so strongly that if you don't weed it properly, it will grow so thickly that it will swallow buildings.

Yeah, there are plants like that.
I'm sure there was a case in some country where someone who didn't know anything about it planted it as an ornamental and couldn't get it back.

'Why such a wild plant?
'It must have gotten on someone's clothes when they were building the waterworks.
'You carpenters!I'll give you a discount for your work!It was free!
'Then you can't bargain anymore.

Millie seems to have taken this as a joke, and giggles.

'So, Millie's going to do the weeding?'
'Hmm. I have a drug that suppresses fertility. It's harmless to the human body, so don't worry, okay?
'By the way, doesn't that inhibit the erosive power?

I know one unfortunate person who has been corroded by 'Haaan! There is one unfortunate carpenter I know who is corroded by the 'Haaan!

'Hmm, sorry, it probably won't work on you, Umaro-san.

I'm glad to see that you've understood exactly who I'm talking about.

'How did you get out of the bath, ladybug?
'Oh, I was in there with Lucia a while ago...'
'You were in the bath together?
'No, no, no!
'Come to think of it, did you hear the scream just now?
'I'm not the cause of that!

I can't stand it when Millie misunderstands me.
I don't care what Lucia says about me, but I don't want her to think I'm an unholy adult. Especially to Millie.

'I got a bug.
'Is Millie all right?'
'Hmm. She's a pro.

As a member of the Flower Arrangers' Guild, you're bound to have to deal with bugs.
Then you might be okay with Centipede Level MAX.

It's this guy.

You open the rag that was wrapping Centipede Level MAX.
Then, Millie's face lit up and she looked at Centipede Level MAX.

'It's a slimy bug!I've never seen one this big before.

I've never seen one this big before.
I guess the girls of the forty-second ward are good with bugs.
Paula seemed to be uncomfortable with bugs during the bug riots.

'Ladybug, what's this girl's name?
'I don't have one, you know!

I don't have a name for him, and I never will!

'Well, if you want one, I can give you one.
'Are you sure?Are you sure?Wow, thank you!

Yeah. ......
You're not afraid of it, you love it.

'You're keeping it?
'Yeah?Mm-hmm. I'm taking it to the woods.

It seems that centipedes, level max, are called slimy bugs in the flower guild, and are appreciated as beneficial insects.
They eat fungus that parasitizes plants, and if you leave them in the fields of crops that are susceptible to fungus, their growth will improve.
They also prevent white silk disease and other nasty diseases that are natural enemies of plants, and are said to be popular in the flower guild.

...... I guess the impression you get depends on where you are.

'Hmmm. Ladybug, you're so kind.
'No, I'll take as many bugs as you want. I was just about to throw it away.'
'Yeah. That's not what I meant, you know.'

I put the maximum level of Centipede into a wide mouthed bottle that I took out of my usual pochette, closed the lid tightly and Millie looked up at me.

'Most people get rid of these insects when they see them, but you let the ladybug go,' she said.

No, that's the landlord's intention, or rather ......

'I think it's Jeannette's fault.

I shifted the blame and he laughed at me.
If it was Becco, I would have given him a nigiri or two, but I can't be rough with Millie. ......
I'm not going to let you get away with it.

'Next time, I'll thank you for the slimeballs, okay?
'Okay, mint candies, please. I think they'll help me stay awake.'
Oh, dear.Hmm, yeah. You could use them for that, too.'

Millie is pleased with her new discovery.
If all people were Millie, there would be no such thing as unhappiness in the world.

'Well, I'll bring you a lot.
'If you give me a lot, I'll have to help you a little more. Can you teach me how to weed?
'Hmm!Let's do it together.

Milly smiles happily.
What a cute little creature. I can't believe she's got a nasty looking wriggling bug in her bag.

'Well, first spray this medicine, and then use this rake. ......'

With Millie's help, I helped weed the backyard for about thirty minutes.
Before I knew it, the sky was completely dark.

'Here you go. Good work, ladybug.
'Oh, good work. Do you want to take a bath, Milly?'
'Yeah. I'm leaving for the day. I want to feed the slimy bug.'

I can't believe I'm giving up my bath for something like that. ......

'Well, next time you come back, I'll do you a favor and give you a back scrub.'
'Huh?You don't mind, do you?

How humble!
You don't have to be shy.

'I'm going home then.
'I'll walk you home. At least let me do that.'
'Oh, thank you. Ladybug.'

I was going to go around to the front and say no to Jeannette, but she seemed to be dealing with Lucia.
Estella and I couldn't see her.

'Magda. I'll send Millie over in a bit.'
'...... Got it. Leave the cleanup to me.'
'Okay, take care.'

I left a message for Magda and headed for Milly's house.
Thanks to the glowing bricks, the streets were brighter at night.
But it's still dangerous to walk alone at night. Especially for a pretty girl like Millie.

'It's dangerous around here.
'Is that so?
'Yes, it is. There are fierce creatures like Javier and Lucia around. And they'll go after pretty girls like my sister and Milly.'
'd*mn it, ladybug. It's bad for Ruthia, isn't it?

Javier was fine with being treated like a pervert.
Miry's approval has been granted. We'll spread the word aggressively.

I'm not sure what to do.You'll be turned into a frog!
'No, I'm not. ......

Why don't you realize that?
You're so cute!
I'll try to be subjective instead of objective.

'In my eyes, Millie looks like a cute girl.
'Huh ............ ah,...... ah,gato ...... ah...' ......... Ukyuu.'

Millie covers her face with her hands.

'I found another one.

This is a great way to get the most out of your home.
...... Even if you show it to me with such a cute smile.

I'm not sure what to make of it.

The centipede I caught was max level.

'If we put them in the same jar, they'll fight, won't they?
'I think the one I caught is a gentleman, just like me.
'Mm-hmm. So, the one that Miri caught is more like Miri?
'Oh, then I might eat him.

I'll eat you if you make such a cute face.

'Oh, my good friend.

The two centipedes level max in the same bottle rubbed each other's heads, huddled together, and walked around the bottle in a friendly manner, on top of each other and underneath each other.

...... This scene is not at all comforting.
I'm sure a cat or dog would have made it more comfortable.

'Thank you for sending me home, ladybug. Ladybug.

The walk seemed to go by very quickly when I walked with Millie, and we arrived at her house.
She said she was going to do some more work and then go to bed, so it would be proper for a gentleman to leave as soon as possible.
You should finish your work quickly and get some rest.

We exchanged a short greeting, and I walked toward the sunlit pavilion.

Looking at my hands, I see that my fingertips have turned black with dirt.
I'll take a bath when I get back.

Lucia's probably home by now.
But it's getting late, so I'll let Jeannette and the others go first.

While I was thinking about this, I came back to the sunny pavilion.
The store was already closed, and there was a "Closed" sign on the door.

When I entered the restaurant, I could smell the faint aroma of dumplings.
I think Regina and I should try to find a space odor eliminator. A room-spraying deodorizer. I'm sure there's demand for it.

'Ginette~. Magda~?

I called out to her, but she didn't answer.
Is she asleep?Maybe she's taking a bath.

When I looked into the kitchen, the cleanup was all done.
Apparently, the walk with Millie had been fun and I'd eaten up a lot of time.
I hadn't bathed or helped her.
I guess I'll have to work harder tomorrow.

'Ginette, are you in there?

I went out into the hallway and knocked on the door leading to the bathroom.
No answer.
Well, there's a changing room across the hall, so I guess he can't hear me knocking on the hallway door.

I turned the knob lightly and ...... the door opened.
It's unlocked.

The door was unlocked. ...... That meant I wasn't taking a bath.

I opened the door gently and listened carefully.
...... I don't hear any talking or the sound of water.

I don't think she's taking a bath.
So she's already asleep?

The lights in the sunny pavilion are made of light bricks, so there is no need to turn them off.
Sometimes they come to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so they leave the lights on.
Therefore, the fact that the floor is bright does not necessarily mean that you are awake.

'Oh, no problem.

I suddenly remembered that one of the doors leading to the backyard was left open.
I had told Gilberta to lock the bathroom door, so the door to the fence was still unlocked.
My mistake. I should have asked her to lock the fence first.
If they get through there, they could peek in the bath.

I headed for the lock as soon as possible so I wouldn't put it off and forget about it.

I called out to her before entering the changing room, but she did not respond.

I felt unnecessarily nervous.

Now that I knew there was no one there, I took it easy.
I went out the door and locked the fence door.
That's it.

Next time I'll tell Millie to make some potpourri in the bathroom to keep the bugs away.
There's a small window that lets the bugs in.
It's warm, there's moisture, and it's a comfortable place for bugs.

It's also a comfortable space for humans.

Return to the changing room and lock the door there.
That's it.

'Well, ......'.

I call out to him, then look into the single-s*x bathroom.
No one is there.
When I entered, I found that the firewood had already been turned off.
But the water was still warm.
Yes, this is enough for a soak.

Returning to the changing room, I quickly took off my clothes.
Let's wash up quickly, take a relaxing soak, and get out of here.
Tomorrow is another day of work.

Or rather, the construction of the public bathhouse will start tomorrow.
I'd better get some rest.

I go into the bathroom and pour hot water over my body.
Everyone is probably asleep by now, so I try not to make any noise.
Remove the mud from your hands and sweat off your body. ...... can do your hair tomorrow.

You can soak your hair in the bathtub tomorrow.

It's a little warm, but that's comforting in its own way.

'Oh, ...... that feels good.

Lean your back against the tub and stretch your legs.
As you soak up to your shoulders in the water, you feel as if your fatigue is melting away from your body.

'This is bad ......'.

As I soaked in the water, I became aware of my fatigue.
It seemed that I was tired somehow.
When I closed my eyelids and exhaled, I felt incredibly satisfied.

Ah, I'm slumbering. ......

Unable to resist, I let go of my consciousness just a little ......

--How much time had passed?
Suddenly, I heard the sound of water, and my consciousness was pulled back to reality.

'I shouldn't have done that, I was asleep.

As I hurriedly woke up, I heard the loud sound of water.
And then, as if in response...


I hear a strange voice from next door.
From the bathroom next door, separated only by a thin wall, ......

'What,......, is that,......, Yashiro-san?

There is something about the fact that Jeannette is taking a bath next to me!