463-After cleaning up the 265th episode...

The heavy snowfall season is over, and the city has returned to its original hue, leaving behind clumps of snow that were avoided on the sides of the roads.
The "Yodamari-tei Kamakura - The 2 - Snowman-kun's Great Adventure Cafe" ended successfully, recording a moderate amount of sales.

'Mr. Snowman. We'll see you next year.

Ginette smiles quietly as she bows her head to the melted remains of the snowman.
I thought about making one out of wax, but it would snow like crazy next year, so whatever.
There are times when we are happy to see each other again because we rarely see each other.

'Why are you all here at ......?

All the members of the sleepover group, who were supposed to have gone back to their respective homes after the heavy snowfall period, were gathered at the sunlit pavilion at dusk.

'We didn't have any leftovers. I came here to eat the manager's food.
'I failed to return home...'

Don't miss it.
Delia was supposed to give me a ride home, but it turned out to be impossible because the cleanup of the snow playground was more difficult than she expected.
The piles of snow hadn't melted, and there was a lot of snow left in the field.
As for Mo-Matt, if he didn't get rid of it today, he would have trouble working in the field from tomorrow.

'No~, the snow pile was so crunchy, it was hard work~'
'Estella was just having fun jumping and kicking at the crunchy pile of snow. ...... "Let's check the defenses! You know...'
'What?I'm not sure what you mean.Don't do that, it's too similar!
'Estella-sama probably felt sympathy for Katchikachi.
'Whose breasts are tickly?

No one said breasts, but ...... ah, everyone's eyes were focused on Estella's breasts.
This means that even if you didn't say it out loud, it's as good as saying it.

'So, you've just finished work and you all came to eat at the sunny restaurant.
'Well, that's how it is.

Delia and the others had been assigned by Estella to watch over the snow playground.
Apparently, out of a sense of responsibility, they even helped clean up after themselves. Thank you for your hard work.

'Everyone. I'm sure you're tired today, so I've prepared something to keep you energized.

What came out was a pile of dumplings.

'I asked him to bring me some Chinese cabbage that had been lying under the snow.

Chinese cabbage left under the snow at Hamko Farm during the heavy snow season.
Chinese cabbage becomes sweeter when it is damaged by frost and trapped under the snow!
They are said to be overwintering vegetables, which means they produce and store more sugar in order to avoid freezing in the snow. Plants are so tough.

These Chinese cabbage dumplings are made with a lot of Chinese cabbage.
There is also a nira gyoza filled with nira. Of course, with more garlic.

'I hope everyone's mouth stinks!
'Sure, the smell is intense. ......'
'But, much to my chagrin, it's delicious!
'...... Magda will call herself the leek fairy tomorrow.'

Estella looks frightened.
Loretta realizes how delicious it is when she eats a pinch.
And how about that fairy? Magda can't help wondering.

'Also, we have fried chicken and fried shrimp.

With the help of the food provider, it was cheaply prepared.
Still, it's a greasy lineup.

'I think I'd like something a little lighter.
'All right. Mapo Tofu!
'No!Calm down, Jeannette!

That kind of Chinese food doesn't fall into the category of 'light'!
The only Chinese food that's 'light' is apricot bean curd!
...... Is there anything else?

I'm not sure.What's the sashimi?

...... Where have you been with that fish?
I've never seen one before, even though we've been staying here during the heavy snow season.

'Marsha, is this what you wanted to go to the gate for?'
'Yes, that's right~'

'Yes, that's right!' I heard that Masha was separated during the day.
I guess so.
There's nothing Masha can do to clear the snow.
There's nothing Masha can do to clear away the snow. The only thing she can do is to heal the hearts of those who are exhausted from physical labor.
It's too good for the old men of District 42.

'Who took you there?
'It's Millie~'

Millie, you're so strong.

'Then I should've invited her too.
'That's why I called her. She said she'd show up after work.'

Is this your house?
Well, Millie is always welcome here.

At that time, there was a modest knock on the door of the sunlit pavilion.

'Oh?Is that Millie?

Delia stood up and headed for the door.

'Well then, let's get you in the mood for a welcome.'

At my signal, Ginette and Estella stand up.
Following Natalia and Norma, we all look towards the entrance.

'Then let's open it~'

Delia opened the door and the person on the other side was...

'It's been a while, everyone!And anchovies!

It was Lucia.

'Delia, close the door!
'Wait, Delilah!I'm a guest!
'You're a customer.
'I'm sorry, but we're a selective diner.Go home, Lucia!
'Hmmm ......, can you still say that after seeing this, anchovy!
'Oh, ...... you're not ...... here, are you?'

What's more, Millie is bound in Lucia's arms.

I'm not sure what to do.It's not fair to take a child as a hostage!
'It's not a child!

No, she's a child!
She's a child who's allowed to say, 'I'm going to marry my father!

'Come on, invite him in, anchovy.
'......, I'm ......, what the hell am I supposed to do?
'Hey, what's this farce?
'Why don't you just come on in, Lucia?
'I don't know what I'm going to do about this.

Lucia's smug expression at the triviality of the situation caused the store to buzz.

'Lucia-san. Millie-san. Welcome to the Sunlight Pavilion. You're welcome.

Ginette softly bows her head.
Ah, I've welcomed her.
He's coming in, that one.
And he's eating brazenly.

'Lucia, what are your plans for tomorrow?
'Tomorrow, I'm going to meet the lords of the 36th and 37th districts to check the damage during the heavy snow season.
'Alright, then you can have some dumplings!

And you can get the nickname 'Lord of the Mouthwash'.

I had no choice but to invite Lucia in, politely welcome Milly, and say, 'I don't care what happens tomorrow!A big dumpling party was held.
Today's dumplings are unbelievable! Ssshhhh.

'I'm glad to see you again after all these years,' I said.
Gilberta. Come here. Let's eat dumplings together.'
'I accept, I do. I'll give up serving Lady Lucia.'
'No, you don't want me to, Gilberta!
'Isn't it all right, Miss Estella?I've already thrown myself into it.
'You always do, but it's a bit annoying when you say it again!

There is no head waiter here who is obedient to his lord.
Everyone is so free.

'Oh, yes. Umaro, Bekko, Norma. And Bekko.'
'Why have I been called twice, that I have?
'The location of the public bath is by the outer gate after all, right?'
'Yes, that's right. The construction will start tomorrow.
'I've already told the men to start making the parts. We'll have it done by the end of the year. We'll have it done by the end of the year. ...... Unless our fox carpenter screws up.'
'That's what I'm talking about!
I'm also a huge bathroom decorator. I'll do my best to make a huge object to decorate the bathroom, that I will. I can't stop being excited about it now, that I am.
'I see. And what about Becco?
'You just said that, that you did!What, are you asking for two of me, that you are?

I smiled at the recoiling Bekko.
You're a funny creature, really.

'The object was designed by Imelda, right?'
'Yes, it was. But the original idea came from the manager, didn't it?'
'What?Is it me?

Ginette almost dropped the dumpling she was about to bring to her mouth when her name was unexpectedly mentioned.
When did you come up with the original idea?

'I arranged the snowman's great adventure that I made during the heavy snow season.
'You're making a snowman in a public bathhouse!
'Yeah, I might have to go to ...... for that!
'Even though there's a huge bath!

It's such a shame!
Fuji or something!
Well, I guess people in the 42nd district wouldn't understand even if I showed them Mt.
After all, we can't see the mountain from this town.

'I was expecting to see more statues of great people and gods. ......'
'What ...... are you talking about, that ...... statue of Yashiro-san taking a bath?'
'What great man am I?

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's had a strange imagination.
Please don't blush next to me.

'Don't show me anything obscene, anchovy!
'I'm not showing you anything!
'I'm at your disposal if you want me to...'
I didn't request it!

I'll stuff six dumplings in your greedy little mouth.
How about that? Inhaling and exhaling, they all stink, don't they?
Keep writhing.

'Oh yeah, speaking of baths--'

Lucia clapped her hands and said something ridiculous.

'I'm planning to take a bath today, so please take care of me, Ginepuyo.

Don't make any plans of your own.

Huh. ......
Let's build a public bathhouse soon so we can say 'go there'. Let's do that.

There's a lively dumpling party going on.
Lured by the strong smell, manual laborers are coming to the sunny pavilion in droves.

I had expected that there would be few visitors today, since everyone would be busy with meetings and confirmations of the end of the heavy snowfall season, but due to the irregular work of removing the snow piles from the fields, many people had come to the vicinity of the sunny pavilion.
Since it was a temporary job that offered some reward money from the lord, the farming guilds, river fishing guilds, and other people who couldn't start working right away were all participating.

So, if your pockets are warm from the extra income and you smell something nice like this, you will enter ......, right?

'Oh no, I wasn't planning on doing business as usual today,......'.
'I'll go cook for you.

No, no, no.
I was going to let Jeannette relax today.
After all, I couldn't rest during the heavy snow season.
Ginette and I were stuck in the store to take Magda and Loretta to the snow playground. Well, I stayed in the sunny place because I wanted to.

We all wrapped the dumplings, so we had a lot of dumplings.
All we had to do was bake them. ...... Okay, let's do this!

'Today, we're having a dumpling buffet.
'A dumpling buffet?That sounds like a lot of fun.'

Ginette looks at me expectantly, wondering what I'm up to.
It's nothing.
We're just going to cook a lot of dumplings and let you eat as many as you want.
Just for today, pay in advance, all you can eat!
Oh, no. If we'd had beer, we'd have sold like hotcakes.

'I'm going to ask Mr. Paula for support!

Loretta, who seemed to have correctly understood the position of the dumplings, ran out of the restaurant.
If we can get Cantalcica to deliver the beer, the dumplings will sell like hotcakes!
...... Hey, I was just saying that we're going all-you-can-eat!

'You missed a business opportunity, .......'
'That's fine, it's a service to all of you who worked so hard today.

I don't benefit from their hard work.
So why should I reward them for their hard work? ......

'I'll personally reward you later, Yashiro-san. Right?

I'm not sure what to make of that.
...... What kind of personal reward?

'...... wearing a bathing suit and taking a bath together?
'No, I can't do that.
'Then, not wearing a bathing suit, together .......'
'That's even more impossible!

Okay. ......
...... Is that so?
Is it really impossible?

'Is it ......?'
'It's impossible.'

I'm sure it's not possible, because he made sure of it.
It's a shame.

'But well, I promised Magda that I'd bathe in the shape of a river, and I'll be following up ......'.
'You're not bathing, you're sleeping!

Is that right?
It's funny, I've been a little forgetful lately.

'It'll be fun to see what you get, huh?
'Well, ......, I'll see you after my bath today.
'All right. I'll wait for you while you're taking a bath.
'After the bath, sir!......You know, if you keep talking like that, I'm going to leave you with your reward.''

So you can't get anything if you're greedy.

'Well, I guess I'll do my best to make sure I get my reward.
'Oh, if you're in the kitchen, I'm .......'
'No, you pay for the dumpling buffet in advance. Isn't Ginette in charge of the cash register?'

If you pay in advance, the customers will eat and leave as they please.
Normally, it would be necessary to set a time limit and check the entry and exit times, but ...... is impossible to establish such a management system for such a spur-of-the-moment project.
If that's the case, Ginette can do whatever she wants at her own discretion.

In short, it's a system that would turn your duodenum upside down, based on the trust that 'everyone is a good person, so there will be no unpaid bills or cheating.

'All right. I'll leave the kitchen to you then.
'Do you want to go to ...... Magda too?'
'I guess so. ...... Let the customers sit down first. The dumplings will be served at the counter, so tell them to come and get them and eat them as they please.'
'...... Got it.'
'Big brother!After this, we'll be getting a lot of beer and ale from Cantalucia!

The old men shouted as they heard Loretta's information coming back at high speed.
Now it's time to set the price. ......

''Ginette, let's set the price at three servings per person.

I'm sure they'll go for three servings.
That's enough to pay for the customers.
We use cheap Chinese cabbage from Ham's farm, and we don't use such a large amount of meat.
The cost is very low.
The price of three servings per person would be enough to make a profit.

'So, today only, we're having a big dumpling party!......, okay?'

After announcing to the customers, he asked me to confirm, 'Right? right?' or something like that.
It's the other way around, isn't it?

'Oh, Mr. Yashiro, are you hungry?
'I've eaten enough.

Estella, Lucia, and the others are still eating dumplings near the usual seats in the back.
Lucia and Gilberta said they were going to take a bath. ...... Let's get rid of the customers and get rid of them quickly.

I'm not sure what to do.If you haven't had enough to drink, go to Cantalucia!

I announced, and went into the kitchen.

''Maido!Cantalcica's delivery!

My sisters, who must have been invited to help out at Cantalucía, came in, and the voltage in the restaurant shot up.
Then, let's grill it up.

We spread the gyoza all over the big frying pan and started to cook them.
Both the stove and the frying pan are fully utilized.

'Do you need any help, my friend Yashiro?
'Gilberta. Have you had enough to eat?
'I enjoyed it, I did. It was good, very good. I'm satisfied, I think.'

Gilberta chuckles, her mouth glistening with oil.
I'm sure she's a grown woman, but she looks so young that I want to take care of her.
Or rather, if I don't take care of her, she tends to neglect her appearance and grooming.

'Come here. You've got oil on your mouth.'

I break my knee and call Gilberta.
I take a clean towel from the kitchen cabinet and wipe Gilberta's mouth.


Gilberta stares at me with a puzzled look on her face, then smirks again.

'I'm tickled, I am. My friend Yashiro is always so nice to me when I come here.'
'You've been working hard, so here's your reward.
'I'll keep working hard, even harder than I am now.

It's really tough to be the chaperone of a pervert who goes off the rails wherever ...... he goes. I would have turned in my resignation in three days.

'Okay, Gilberta. Watch the frying pan for a moment.'
'Just watching, am I?
'I'm about to fill it with water and put the lid on, so let me know when the sizzling sound turns to dry.
'You got it, I do!But first, I'd like an apron.
Hey, hey. And wash your hands, too.

'Life, restaurant, cleanliness. I learned that from my eternal rival, Magda.'

I don't know what kind of rivalry you two have, but I'm glad you're so close.
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.
...... I realized after tying the strings that I probably didn't need to go this far, but I guess it's too late now.
I'm a grown man, but Gilberta is still Gilberta.
When I first met her, she had a military vibe, but that has all but disappeared and now she's like a niece who comes to visit me at home.

If I had to classify her into a certain genre, I'd put her in the same category as Milly, Magda, and her sisters.
Yeah. They're all underage.

Of course they're minors.

While Gilberta takes care of the dumplings, I slice the amberjack that Masha gave me into three pieces.
I make sure to remove the blood, peel off the skin, and arrange the sashimi on the thin bone, leaving the ...... head and tail.

'Okay, amberjack with tail head.

It would have been easier to remove the head and pull out the guts, but I tried a little harder to leave the head on.
It was just for fun.

'My friend Yashiro, that sounds strange.
'Oh, I'm coming.

I put the amberjack with the head and tail on the workbench and went to check the dumplings.
...... Good job.

Bring out a platter big enough to cover the big frying pan, and put it over the pan as if to cover the gyoza.
Then, turn the pan upside down and the dumplings will be nicely placed on the platter,.......

'Gilberta, can you do it?'
'I think I can, I can.'
'Okay, take your time. All right.All right?
'Hooray!I'm going to turn it over.

When I gently removed the frying pan, there was a beautiful array of dumplings.
They were crispy, charred, and had magnificent wings.
This looks delicious.

'Well, Gilberta. Deliver this to our starving guests.'
'You got it, I do. I'll show you now how to walk pretty, the secret technique I learned from my eternal rival Magda!

Gilberta walks down the street with a platter in her hand, waving her butt in the air.
...... If it were Loretta, she would have warned, "Don't be silly, take it properly! If it was Loretta, she would have warned her to stop messing around and take it properly. But Gilberta is a competent waiter. But Gilberta is a very capable head waiter. She never trips and falls, so there's no need to worry about that.

Well, whether that walk is cute or not is a matter of some debate.

'Wow, you have a tail head.

Just as I was about to start cooking the next dumpling after seeing Gilberta off, Ginette came into the kitchen and found a tail head on the work table.

'You remembered, with the tail head?
'Yes. You told me about it when I was checking the sound of the Forced Translation spell.

There was a time when I said 'tail-headed' and Jeannette couldn't understand me.
However, when Ginette said 'live cooking', it was confusing because it sounded like 'with a tail head', which was familiar to me and had a similar meaning.

Now, Jeannette understands the term "with a tail head" and its meaning, so she can understand it.

'That brings back memories.
'Well, let's have a nibble, shall we?

Ginette glanced towards the floor and laughed, holding her mouth.

'Snack quickly, sir.

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of this, but I'm sure you have.
...... Yum.
If I had to be extravagant, I would have liked some wasabi.
Horseradish itself is available in the 42nd district. But I haven't grated it yet. I couldn't get it in time for a quick snack. Oh, how I regret it.

'I miss it.

Ginette swallows the amberjack and relaxes her cheeks.

'Have you ever eaten amberjack before?'
'No . I've never had this fish before. It's a very tasty fish.

Then what do you miss about it?

'The two of us ate amberjack like this before, didn't we?

There were only two of us then.

'I'm glad we can eat together again like this.
'It's always like this, all the time.

There's nothing special about it.
Just do it when you get the chance. All the time, all the time.

Okay. See you later.'

With that, he collects the chopsticks and small plates from me and quickly washes them with the ones he used.
It's evidence destruction.
In addition, he quickly rearranged the two pieces of food that had been reduced with the chopsticks without me knowing.
I'm impressed.

'As expected of a pro at snacking.
'Oh, I didn't touch your food, did I?

So it's safe in this restaurant.
What a generous place.

'Can I serve this tail with the head to everyone?
'Oh, no. It's a gift from Masha anyway. Also, tell her I had a bite and it was really good.'
'Yes, I'll do that. I'll tell him that's what Mr. Yashiro said.'

Jeannette hides her snack.
I've been found out.

After Ginette left the kitchen, I continued cooking the dumplings.

Gilberta hasn't come back yet, but she must have been grabbed by the old guys.
I thought to myself.

Even if Gilberta doesn't come back, we can still cook the dumplings.
If we wait, the dumplings will burn.
The frying pan is heavy, but it's not impossible to hold.
I'll just do it by myself.

And so, I struggled with the too-big frying pan.
While I'm struggling alone, I hear someone coming into the kitchen. Oh, thank goodness. Gilberta had come back.

'Gilberta, I'm sorry. Can you help me?
'No!No thanks, anchovy!
'......, it's you.'

Lucia, who was supposed to be eating dumplings carefree in the seating area, came into the kitchen with a leisurely gait.
You're just in the way.
Isn't that what you are anyway?You've never even held a knife before, have you?

'It's dangerous around here, so don't wander around. And don't touch anything around here without permission.
'You're treating me like a child, aren't you?
'Blades, fire, dangerous. Touch it, it's very, very dangerous.
'How dare you treat me like this, now?

He left Lucia looking a little confused and dared to flip the frying pan, which was the best part of making dumplings.
It's a good idea....... Okay, it's done well.

'Oh, ...... is that how dumplings are made? ......Which?
'Don't touch it.

'......It's not 'which'.
If you do it, you'll lose about ten servings in an instant.
Get away from the hearth.

'Where's Gilberta?
'She was so cute in her apron!

That's not it, that's what I want.

'Did the old men catch you?
'No, I ordered them to leave the room for a while. Gilberta herself wanted to come back right away. Don't blame her.
'I'm not blaming Gilberta. When you have to bake a lot of dumplings, you're being selfish. Go back to District 35, you bastard.
'Don't blame me either!

Lucia bared her fangs with some tears in her eyes.
What? I'm just kidding. Don't cry.

'I'll help you.
'Do you know the word 'slow'?
'That's a word I've never heard.
'You're lucky to have me. You can make it your motto from now on.'

Lucia approached the hearth, swaying the hem of her fluttering, aristocratic dress.
If that thing catches fire, it'll be a disaster.

'Wait. If you're in here, put on an apron. This is not your house. You'll have to follow the rules to the letter.
'Hmm. You may be an anchovy, but you can't help it if that's the rule set by Jinepu. I'll obey.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what I'm talking about.
It's too much to go around.

'Don't ask me for an excuse to live honestly.
'That would be you, anchovy.
'I'm honest. I love money and tits. I love money and boobs. I'm willing to play Judgment of the Spirits.

Then I'll be honest with you. I love the beastmen, and I'm slightly uncomfortable with you. Shall I cast Judgment of the Spirits?

Hmm. 'Slightly'.
You seem to be looking at me quite fondly.

'Then put on this apron and roll up the sleeves.
'How am I supposed to put it on?
'Just put it on like a normal apron and string it up with ...... Wow, you're reacting like a monkey who's been exposed to civilization.'
'Who's a monkey, I beg your pardon.

'Who's a monkey?
If you give a monkey an unknown tool, he'll do the same thing.

'Lend it to me. I'll put it on.'
'Mmm, forgive me.'

Don't you know the word 'please'?
You're acting aristocratic. I'm an ...... aristocrat.

'Here, hold your hair. It'll catch.'
'You're asking me to hold my hair up in front of you?
'It's okay. I'll just look at the nape of your neck and think, 'Whoo-hoo! I'll make you think.'
''No thanks!Don't think about it!You bastard!'

Lucia shouted and lifted her long hair.
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you have.
...... You're a girl, Lucia. I'm not sure what to say.

I'll be a bit more gentle.

I'll also roll up my sleeves because they're fluttering and dangerous.
'Do you want me to bare my skin in front of you?
'If you don't like it, take off that dress.
'Why do I have to show off my first naked apron in front of you?
'Are you planning to show it off somewhere someday!

You don't even know how to wear an apron.

I turn up the fluttery sleeves and tie them with a string to prevent them from slipping down.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
It's a little frustrating that she looks a little fragile even though she's ...... Lucia.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do.
'There's nothing you can do, so just sit there and watch.
'Why did you make me wear an apron?
'It's for hygiene!

I didn't make her wear it for you, I made her wear it for the sake of the Sunshine Pavilion!
I don't want you to get hurt or anything, so please be quiet.

'Mmm ......, I don't like this helpless feeling.
'Then put the dumplings in the frying pan.
'I'll leave it to you.'

A lord who is willing to do the work of a servant.
Even Estella doesn't want to do this kind of thing. ...... Oh, no, he wanted to make rice balls.
I guess that's it.
I guess being around Jeannette makes you develop a disease where you can't help but want to work.
The invention of a vaccine is urgently needed.

Lucia dips her fingertips in flour to keep them from sticking and begins to place the dumplings in the pan before cooking.
She lays out the dumplings in a row, just as I taught her.

'By the way...'

--Here it comes.

The reason why she came all the way to the kitchen alone without Gilberta was because she had something to say to me.
And it was something I didn't want anyone to hear.

Now, what is it that you want to talk about? ......

'Is Torbeck Construction Company a bunch of cowards who insidiously hunt down and ostracize their competitors?
'What about ......?'

The accusation was so outlandish that I couldn't help but let out a squeak.
I may not have been able to hide my irritation.

'...... That voice is the answer, isn't it?

She giggles and relaxes her mouth in a funny way.

'No, what. I was just thinking that Estella was right.
'What did he say to you?
'I can't divulge the secrets that we have exchanged between the lords.

What secrets?
Most of it was badmouthing me.

'Well, forgive me. After all, I've never had a proper conversation with the Fox Master, so it was difficult for me to trust my own eyes.

Umaro, you can't even look him in the eye properly.

'I heard information about them that was so different from what I heard about their reputation in the 42nd district. I've come to check them out just in case.

Information that deviates from their reputation in District Forty-two: ...... Does that mean they have a bad reputation?
The reputation of Torbeck Construction Company in the 42nd district is very good.

At any rate, all the carpenters in the forty-two districts fell under their command.
In their case, it was as if they voluntarily became apprentices rather than losing the competition.

And I know that the Trubek Corporation respects the indigenous carpenters and treats them with due respect.
Through interaction, education, and coordination, Torbek's store is at the top of the list of carpenters in District 42. There is no one who can complain about it.
There is no room for bad publicity.

'I've seen at least a part of their work, so it was hard for me to believe, but I was hesitant to silence the opinions of the people of my district, even if it was ....... I went to the trouble of going to the store ...... and I got it all lined up nicely. --The dumplings are just a bonus.

The dumplings are a bonus.'' Lucia said, putting the dumplings in a neat row and making a smug face.
You're getting carried away with the freebies.

'If you're a citizen of my district, then the carpenters of District 35 must have brought the bad reputation of Torbek's construction company with them.
'Hmm. It's not often that we meet in person, but since we're members of the same civil engineering guild union, we get a fair amount of information from them.

The civil engineering guild union is an organization in which the civil engineering guilds of almost all districts, with the exception of a few special cases such as carpenters in the service of the royal family, are members and engage in activities based on mutual aid.
It seems to be an organization that was established on the occasion of a major project, the construction of the city wall. It was truly a national project, wasn't it?
Even so, it didn't become a large guild that spans across the districts, because there is a huge gap between the rich and the poor in each district. The level of the buildings is also very different. It would have been more convenient for them to operate individually.

The carpenters who are members of such a union seem to share a certain amount of information, even though the wards are different.
However, there is no way of knowing whether this information is accurate or not.

'Can you tell me more about it?
'No, it's nothing personal. There's a rumor going around that you've been causing trouble with a competitor that's been growing in strength.
'I don't think that no matter how much other companies grow in strength, they won't become a threat to Torbeck Engineering.
'Hahaha!You really favor your own people too much, don't you?

You know what?
Are you saying that Torbek's construction company is not a big deal?
What's the big deal about your carpenter?Huh?

'Don't stare at me like that. I have no intention of corrupting that cute fox master. It's just that ...... kuku kuku ......'

Covering her mouth with a lightly clenched fist, Lucia smiled with amusement.

'I was just thinking that you have a lot of trust and are equally proud of yourself. You spoke as if you belonged to the organization.

It's just that I've known them for a long time and I'm familiar with their skills.
I didn't mean to get pissed off and argue.
Don't look at me with a smirk on your face.

'But it's true that there was trouble. I don't know what happened between us. I don't even know who was at fault. It's just a fact that bad rumors are starting to emerge.
'They've grown in power rapidly in the last year or two,' he said.
'Their high technology may have been with them from the start. But that doesn't change the fact that their growth has accelerated with your arrival, does it?
'Are you trying to say it's my fault?
'Wouldn't it be more convenient for you to say so?

He muddled his words with meaning and said something out of line with a smile on his face.

It's easier for you to meddle, isn't it?

Who's going to meddle? Who would meddle with something that doesn't even bring in a penny?

'The carpenters of the 35th district are worried or dissatisfied, aren't they?That they're working with Torbek's construction company to build the port.
'Well, to put it bluntly, yes. 'Well, that's it in a nutshell. If we get involved, we'll be ostracized in the union. The carpenters in our district are not as powerful as the Torbek Corporation.

Even if we are ostracized by the union, we can continue our work without any problem.
They have enough power, technology, and connections that it won't matter if they leave the union.
Well, if they were to do that, they would make enemies of all carpenters in the district.

I see.
So that's what's been bothering Umaro lately.

'Halloween was fun.

Suddenly, Lucia says something out of context.
What's wrong with that? ......, and then you think about it and realize the truth.

'Their work is careful and quick, yet original and playful. It's really interesting.

Lucia spoke highly of the work of Torbeck's contractors. That's what he wanted to say.

'Don't ruin it with your nonsense.

Don't tell me that, I have to think. ......

'Of course not. Umaro is very easy to use.'

If Trubeck Engineering is alive and well, it's easy for me to use it as my chin.
If anyone tries to mess with Torbek's store, whether it's a group, an army, or a great nobleman...

I'll crush him myself.

'....... Make some good dumplings.'

Lucia looks at me, smiles to herself, gives an arbitrary order, and leaves the kitchen.

You're gonna pay me for this information with some delicious dumplings?
All right. Go home with a big bowl of the best dumplings you'll ever eat.

Then Gilberta and I came back and I cooked a lot of dumplings.