462-Episode 264 Taste of Care

Behind the Snowman Kamakura, the Swan Kamakura and the Castle Kamakura stand tall.

All of them are the work of Team Imelda.
Although Umaro and Becco were exhausted.

In Snowman's Big Adventure, there is a scene where he flies on the back of a swan and is invited to the castle where the king lives.
This is a kamakura based on that scene.
It is more accurate to say that Imelda's design was forcibly incorporated into the story.

'Hey, manager!I'll have two each of oshiruko and zenzai!
'...... more salted kelp, waiting'
'Yes~ I helped too~☆'

After all the fun, I'll get my work done.
The waitresses at the sunny pavilion are in good spirits.

Estella and Natalia, and Delia and Norma are acting as watchmen at the snowy playground.
It's not safe for kids to crowd around.
Zero injuries, zero trouble' is the slogan of the lord.

'Big brother, the eating contest set is a big hit.

Loretta asked, 'What's the difference between oshiruko and zenzai? I jokingly said, 'Why don't you compare them', and I was right.
There is a difference, but I don't think it's something to be compared.

According to the definition of Yodamari-tei, zenzai is a thick red bean soup with little liquid and baked rice cake in it, and oshiruko is a soup with a lot of liquid.
Oshiruko is drunk, while zenzai is eaten.

Kombu Fiebaba☆'.

At first, Magda and Delia asked me if I wanted the salted kelp as a garnish. At first, Magda and Delia asked me if I wanted the salted kelp, but I knew it would be a hit.
I'm grateful for it, that salty taste is good for my overly sweet mouth.

'Ginette, when the orders settle down, you should take a break.
'Yes, sir. Then, when you're done.

Tired parents and children come to take a break after playing in the snow playground.
The park is crowded in the afternoon and evening. Other than that, there are only a few people who come to warm up, and the store is running as usual, or maybe a little busier than usual.
Now that the lunchtime peak has passed, the number of customers has settled down.
It won't be a problem to send Magda and Loretta out to play.

'When Ginette's break is over, you can go and play until evening.
'Why don't you go with your brother and the manager?It's fun, a snowball fight!'
'Not for me.

In a place like that, where the only option is to get tired, who would go on?
If I play at the same pace as the beastmen, my muscles will be sore in no time.

'It's fun enough for me too, just listening to the lively voices.
'You two are making me feel old.

Who's an old man?
I noticed it when I was in junior high school.
'Snow isn't really that fun, is it? You know.
It's cold, it's slippery, it's hard to walk in, and the trains are late. ...... I didn't get excited about snow until I was in elementary school.
It's only when it's falling that I get a good impression of it.

I was thinking that Imelda probably feels the same way .......

'...... Imelda is currently engaged in an all-out battle of the lumberjack guild vs. the river fishing guild.'

After losing to Delia in a snowball fight and being told that 'lumberjacks are sloppy', the guilds all started a war against the river fishing guild.
Their goal is to beat Delia to a pulp before the snow melts.

A team game might be a good match.
Thirty lumberjacks might be able to hold Delia at bay.
Other than Delia, the other members of the river fishing guild are big but not that strong.
It looks like a good match,......, but Delia alone seems to be overwhelmed at the moment.

'It's good to see you guys in good health.'
'chuckle. You're like a grandpa, Yashiro!
'Ginette, could you make me a nice warm cup of tea?
'Kusuku. Yes, I'm home.

I'll join Ginette for her break.
In a few days, the heavy snowfall season will be over.
I thought it would be similar to last year, but it's much more aggressive than last year.

The snow playground will be held again next year, because Estella was very enthusiastic about it.
I heard that Mormat will get some money for providing the place.
Snow Playland is free.
...... Why don't they start charging for it next year?Then we can put a watchman on it.
I think we can make a lot of money if we build one in each of the forty-two districts.
At the same time, spread the culture of skiing and snowboarding. I don't know why I just imagined it with Medora.I've got the chills. ......

'Yes, Mr. Yashiro. You're shivering ...... from the tea!Are you okay?
'Sorry. A demon god is forcibly interfering with my brain. ......'

I'm scared.
I hope he's not sending you a telekinesis or something, that guy.

'So, can I go sledding again? ☆'
'Yeah. Go ahead.
'Magda, I'm sorry, but can I ask you again?
'...... I'll take care of it. Magda is now at the age where she wants to learn to sled with Masha.

These guys are jumping up and down and creating more and more difficult moves.
If you ask Umaro to build a half-pipe, they'll keep jumping forever.
...... If kids try it, they'll get hurt a lot.

Delia, you've become a target for a lot of people, haven't you?

'If we say, "10,000Rb if you can beat the Delia-Norma duo," we can get about 1,000Rb for the entry fee, right?
'That's a plan that's worth challenging, isn't it!I'll go talk to Estella-san about it right away!

Loretta ran out, and Magda went out with Masha.
...... Funny. 'After Ginette's break,' I said.
She's in the mood to play.
We'll get the store rolling, though.

'You want to challenge Delia and Norma? That sounds like a challenge.'

Ginette mutters as she watches Magda and the others leave.

Well, I don't think such a plan that places too much burden on individuals will pass.
But if it does, I'm sure we can make a lot of money.
After all, only the Magda-Natalia duo can beat that duo.

'Would you like to challenge me and Yashiro-san?
'Don't do that. It's like throwing money down the drain.

You'll be killed instantly, I'm sure. No, never.

As Ginette and I were relaxing with a cup of tea facing each other, Umaro came running in, sweat beading on his face.

'Mr. Yashiro!I'm actually wondering if we can improve the big runway and make a place where we can keep jumping!

He's trying to build a half-pipe, isn't he?

'Did Magda say something to you?
'No, I was just thinking about how to get a better view of Magda flying in the sky, and I came up with this idea!

He showed me a primitive half-pipe-like design.
He showed me a primitive half-pipe-like design. ...... He has a good point of view, doesn't he?
The only problem with this is that it jumps to the other side after jumping.
If you want to go back after jumping, you should make the top of the slope overhang slightly back.
I'm going to draw a half-pipe for snowboarding, adding to the bowl-shaped blueprint.

'Just don't let the kids do this, it's dangerous.
'I'll have my guys keep an eye on it!

Oumalo runs out with a smiling face.
It's completely infected.

'Ginette's company animals are infectious. ......,You have to wash your hands well.'
'Oh my God, that's terrible, Mr. Yashiro.'

Perhaps angry at being treated as a source of infection, Jeannette reached out her arm and grabbed my hand tightly.
She squeezes my hand as if she's not going to let go.
It's warm. ......

'How can you do that when the snow will start melting in two days?
'I'm sure it's for next year.

If you make a prototype this year, you can make it from scratch next year.
If you identify the problems, next year will be better.
In this way, through experience, failure, and knowledge, people grow and grow.

Are they looking ahead to next year?
No, not next year, but 'the future'.

'What do you want to do, Mr. Yashiro? Next year.'

He grabs my hand, looks at me, and says that.
Doesn't he trust you yet?
'I don't know about next year,' I'd say. ......

'I want to take it easy next year.'

I'll tell you what I'm doing next year.
I'm sure I'll be here next year, too.

Ginette giggled and shook her shoulders happily, as if that made her happy.

'Mm-hmm. That's very difficult.

The reason there's so much noise around me is probably because of Jeannette.
His overabundance of corporate animal spirit is affecting everyone around him.
I'd better watch out too.
I can't stand it when people instill in me the spirit of corporate animalism, the sycophantic spirit, and the servant mentality.

But I wonder...
I didn't have the slightest desire to shake off this soft hand that was squeezing mine.

'Oh my, you seem to be enjoying yourself.

Mahr wandered into the sunlit pavilion.
When she was told that she looked happy, she looked down and saw that she was holding hands with ...... Ginette.

I'm not sure.--And then, without either of them letting go of my hand, I turned my body away.

...... What am I doing?

I'm not sure what you mean. It's not what I meant, you know.I'm not sure what you mean.

I'm not sure what you mean by that.
This is the sister of the lord of the 29th district, and one of the most crooked people in BU, a nobleman named Mael who hides a terrible secret face.

'Don't let the nobles come to visit other wards during the heavy snow season . Insane.'
'Oh my. Insane is the norm in the Forty-Two Wards, isn't it?'

That's a terrible thing to say.
I'll tell Estella. She's being diplomatically insulting.

'Mr. Merle, welcome. I'll serve you some tea now.'
'Oh, I'm sorry. I was on break.'

Ginette offers Ma'ru a seat and runs to the kitchen.
Her ears are slightly tinged with red, so she must be going to the kitchen to calm down.

'I really envy you.
'Playing in the snow, huh?
'Mm-hmm. ......'

'...... Say something!
I feel like he's staring at me, so I don't turn my gaze towards him.
If I make eye contact with him, I'll be turned to stone or have my youth sucked out of me.

'What's that out front?
'Is it a snow sculpture?A kamakura?Or is that a snow playground across the street?'
'All of it. Everything I see is so new. I don't know what to be surprised by.

You can be as surprised as you want.
It's free to look.
It's free to be surprised.

By the way, Snow Playland is free this year.

'Which story do you want to hear first?'
'Let's see. Well, let's start with the round snow huts that were plentiful in New Town, shall we?
'That's called a kamakura. ......'

I gave him a brief explanation of how we got here.
Come to think of it, it's come a long way.
It started out as a way to keep Magda warm when she was shivering in the cold.

Then there were snowball fights, snow sculptures, kamakura cafes, and ...... this year, snow playgrounds.

'The whole reason for that is Ginette.'
'It's not me.'

A tray is placed on the table with a crunch.
How rude. It's a little rough around the edges when you're dealing with aristocrats. Is Assunto contagious?Make sure you wash your hands.

'But I'm relieved to see everyone at Torbek's store is doing well.

Ma'ru drank a cup of hot tea and let out a sigh of relief.
A word that fell out with his exhaled breath caught his attention.

'Why do you say you're relieved?

Umaro and the others are always cheerful.
They're working like fools, building the bathhouse in the sunken pavilion, the waterworks in the forest, and the snow playground.
There's not much room for doubt about their energy.

'Didn't they move the pavilion to accommodate the construction of the New Road before?

Since the exit of the New Road was located within the grounds of Mahrul's mansion, the grounds, including the mansion, had been shifted a little because it was not good for many people to enter and exit the nobleman's grounds.
They used a method called "hiki-ka" to move the house as it was.
The house was lifted up, logs were placed underneath, and the house was slowly moved using a roller.
It was such a powerful spectacle that even Gerasie, the lord, came to see it and got excited.

Both Mahr and Gellarsy were so impressed with Torbek's work that they said, 'If anything happens, we will ask Torbek's work.

'So you wanted to ask Torbeck to move the ice house, which you had been putting off. Then the union recommended a different contractor.'

The information sounded like it had been brought to him by design.
It sounded like Mahr felt it was important to keep me in the loop.

The Flower Arrangement Guild has recently formed a union that spans each district, and the Carpenters and other civil engineering guilds in each district are also forming unions.
With the aim of mutual support, the guilds provide assistance when there is a shortage of manpower and encourage joint work.
At the time of the reform of the 41 districts, the guild dispatched many carpenters.

The union introduced Ma'ru to another carpenter.

'They introduced me to a place called Norton Engineering.
'I've never heard of them.
'It's a construction company in the Forty District, and they have a reputation for woodworking.

A carpenter with a reputation for woodworking.

'But then, so are Umaro and the others.

Ginette is right. Trubek's store is the best at woodworking.
They know the characteristics of wood and use them to their advantage.
Imelda even praised them, saying, "It's not bad! Imelda praised them greatly.

Imelda's 'so-so' is a rave review. She couldn't deny it, you know.

'Maybe they just want to sell other contractors to the aristocracy since only Torbek's contractors are gaining recognition.

That's understandable.
If only one construction company gains too much power and popularity, the union may find itself in trouble.
Umaro may not be the only one who wields power and behaves unfairly toward other contractors and the union, but ...... other contractors may not like him because they have no assurance that he will not do so.

'If you ask me, the Torbeck contractors will start work on the port after the new year, right?

'The representative is a carpenter from the Thirty-fifth District, though.

One of the conditions for building a port in District 42 was that carpenters from District 35 be used.
Since they would lose some profit, they arranged for carpenters from their own district to work in other districts.
The Trubec contractors were supposed to help with this.

Umaro and the others said that they would learn about the construction of the port since it was their first time.
They're also going to build a lighthouse, so it's going to be a long-term project.

'Well then, when I have some free time, I'll ask them directly. When you go through the guild in the 29th district, they introduce you to strangers. I have a tendency to be shy, so I'm in trouble.

Shyness is ......
In other words, 'I can't trust anyone I don't approve of', right?
This guy is a stickler.
He only uses bricks from people he approves of.
It's hard to imagine that he would be willing to hire someone who was told by someone else to do something that might affect the relocation of the ice house for decades to come.

'In other words, are you saying that we should threaten Umaro?'
'Oh, no. Oh no, Yashippi. I'm not such a scary old lady, you know.'
'You're a scary lady, aren't you?
'Well, you're very good.'

I didn't mean it as a compliment.
I'm saying you're scary no matter how you look.
I'm saying you're scary no matter what.

...... I'm sure you're laughing at the whole thing, you fox.

'When the ice house is safely moved, I'll be able to relax.
'Jeannette~. This old lady is ordering me to 'quickly solve the problem'~'
'Hmph. Ma'ru isn't that kind of person.''
'That's right. I hate you, Yashippi.'

What do you mean, 'I don't like it'?
You ordered me to arrange for the ice house to be moved as soon as Umaro and the others are free.
And in return, you'll be able to talk to people now that you're free?

I'm guessing he's anticipating that the 30th district will try to mess with the construction of the port.
No matter how powerful the thirty wards are with their large tax revenue, they can't disregard the opinions of the fourth class nobles who are considered to be higher than them.
Not to mention, it's the current lord's sister, Mahrul, who's a shadowy figure.
I'm sure she wouldn't like to be stared at from behind.

'But during the meeting of the Lords at BU...'

Are you referring to the meeting of the Lords in BU, where we went in and nullified the majority vote in order to crush the people of BU who were putting unfair pressure on us?
Where's the meeting? That wasn't so easy, was it?

'Estella said she could start construction by the end of the year,' she said of the port.
'There was a lord who interfered ...... with the construction, or rather, made accusations.
'Mr. Wishart, is it?

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
I wanted to start as soon as possible because of the heavy snowfall period. ......

You should be careful, Yashippi. He ...... is a crook.'
'You don't say.'
'Oh. No district would want to deal with a weak girl like her, would they?

You're just averting your eyes because you don't want to make enemies, aren't you?

I'm sure you'll be fine.
'......, aren't you grabbing my tail, thirty district?
'No, I don't have it. I just caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye.'

So you can't be sure.

It's no exaggeration to say that this is the main gate of All Bloom, the Thirtieth Ward.
You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.
After all, if the Thirtieth Ward closes its gates, distribution will die out completely.

A fourth-grade aristocrat may naturally have a voice equivalent to a third-grade aristocrat.
If you've got a lot of money to spend, you're going to want to make sure that you're able to get it back.
Some of the nobles may want to be treated well when they enter and exit.

I'm not sure how far the roots of the 30 district lord Wishart have grown.

'It's best if nothing happens. But if you have any problems, please write to me. I'm sure I can listen to your complaints.

If she listens to complaints, she'll probably encourage you afterwards.
With a plan for coping.

'I'm afraid of what I'll get in return.
'Oh?Do you want me to pay you in advance then?

Mahrul smiles and holds out his hands in front of him.
She pauses and says in a happy voice, 'Give me some.

'That fluffy earpiece, I want it.

What about the nobles who don't mind asking commoners for them?

'You still have the ones you made for the prototype, right?
'Yes, sir. I'll bring it to you.

Ginette left her seat and ran to the kitchen.

'You're a good girl, aren't you?

Mahr murmurs, staring at Ginette's back.

'Don't make her cry.

You know what I mean.
...... You're annoying.

I didn't answer anything and drank my tea which was a bit cold.

That night.
Something rather unusual happened.

'...... Oumalo. Snow strawberries are ready.

I bought these snow strawberries last year during the heat wave.
It's a rather uninteresting plant that doesn't produce any fruits or flowers until the heavy snow season, but it produces sweet fruits every morning during the heavy snow season.
The snow strawberries have been Magda's favorite since last year's heavy snow season, and she has been sharing them with Umaro.

It was as unlikely as Delia sharing her popcorn with Omero, as unlikely as Imelda saying a word of encouragement to Bekko, as unlikely as Ginette voluntarily lunging at him with a 'Please pinch me! It's as unlikely as Imelda giving Becco a word of encouragement, and as unlikely as Ginette voluntarily rushing in to 'pinch me!
...... No, Jeannette's lunge might be possible!I'm hopeful for the future!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.Did you bother?
'Because ...... Umaro is working very hard.'
'Aaah!I'm impressed!All my hard work has paid off with that one word!

She wept over a single snow strawberry and stood before Magda in a knightly salute.
That's cheap, getting your loyalty.

'You're overreacting.

I said to Jeannette.

'Ma, Magda gave you a share of the snow strawberries!
'Oh, hey, Magda, are you okay?What's wrong with you?
'I let him play outside a little too much. He's probably got a fever.
'You should go to bed early today.
'Maybe we should call Regina...'
'No, you're worrying too much, guys!

It's that important!
Magda just shared her favorite food with you, you know?

'Estella-sama, please be careful!
'What do you mean, why are you out cold, Estella?

After witnessing the shocking scene, Estella's consciousness was cut off. ......, don't do something stupid, wake up.

'No, because ...... I woke up early to pick one up, and I brought up Masakari, Magda?'
'Magda's too serious and you're too nasty.

Buy some snow strawberries, at least.
They're pretty affordable.

Anyway, it's that rare.

'...... Umaro looked a little tired. So.

It's only a grain, but I've been saving this grain since this morning to give to Umaro.
Perhaps he had been thinking of doing so since last night.

'......In fact, I was going to give it to him earlier, but every morning I noticed that the fruit was gone. ......This morning, for the first time, I was able to hold on to a grain.

It seems that he was struggling more than expected.
If someone had said, 'Lucky, there's one left! If someone had said, "Lucky, there's one left!" and intercepted it, ...... blood might have rained down.
Or Magda might have cried and bent over and dragged it out until the new year.

Thank God. No nasty people here.

'I didn't ...... know you were going to stay all day,' he said.

said Estella, clenching her fists next to me.
Buy it!
Next year, you'll be able to buy it with or without my permission!
I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.
I'll tell Milly when the heavy snow season is over.
I'll tell Milly when the heavy snowfall season is over, and she'll tell Estella to sell it to me no matter what.

'So, Mr. Umaro. You'd better eat quickly.'

Ginette advises Umaro.
Umaro is so moved that he lets go, but I guess he can hear.

'The snow strawberries ripen in the morning and wilt in a day. If you don't eat them quickly, the snow strawberries will be damaged.
'Is that so?

Umaro was surprised by the shocking fact, looking in the direction of the day after tomorrow.
Who the hell are you talking to?

'So, I'll take it gratefully. ............ Um, can you stop staring at me?I'm getting nervous.'
'Oh, I'm sorry. It was kind of a rare sight.
'Yes. It was like the Brocken phenomenon.

That much?
Magda just shared a strawberry with me.

'By the way, Umaro . Which would make you happier, eating the snow strawberries Magda gave you or letting Magda eat those snow strawberries?'
'Huh!...... This is Magda's favorite food. In addition, it is now my property ......, which means that if I feed it to Magda ...... and give her an ahh ......, she will be happy. ...... I feel like I'd be happier that way!

I'm sorry.
I know what you mean.
It's cute when a cat feeds from your hand.

'Ma, Magda-tan!If you don't mind, here's a snow strawberry!

Magda slobbers over the snow strawberries offered to her.
'...... no.'

'...... No. That's for Umaro to eat.'

He wipes the drool off his face and turns his back ...... on Umaro, or Snow Strawberry.
Then he looked up at me and said, '...... Yashiro, d*mn it.

That startled me.

Magda admonished me for playing with Umaro.
Most of the time, Magda stood by my side and played with my Oumalo.
She warned me not to play with her.

Magda would only show this kind of attitude in the ...... really early days, before Magda became a little devil, or when Umaro was seriously weak.
...... No way.

'Umaro, are you ...... going to die?
'No, I'm not going to die!I'm perfectly healthy!I'm so healthy that I don't even need to rest until I build a public bathhouse and steal the port construction know-how from the carpenters in the 35th district and make it my own.
''It's tough, you. You've even been forced to relocate the ice house in Mahrul's hall in the meantime.
'What's that?I've never heard of it!When was it decided?
'It's just Ma'ru being selfish, you can turn it down if you want. 'Who would take on your job, you old hag?
'How can you say that?In the first place, refusing Ma'ru's job is more difficult than refusing any other lord's job!

Ah, so that's what these guys think too.
They're scared of you, Ma'ru.

You never turn down a job from your lord, do you?

No matter how busy they are, Umaro and his team at Torbeck Engineering are always ready to take on any request from Estella.
The wonderful Yann Avenue in the 41st district is also fully taken care of by the Trubek construction company.
That one, too, will be completed soon.

'You're going to build Lucia's villa too, aren't you?You flatter the powers that be.''
'That's not flattery, it's ...... usually not refused. Unless the conditions are unreasonable.

The way he said it stuck with me a little.

'Have you ever said no?
'No, because you sounded like you've been forced by a lord to do something impossible and you've turned it down.
'Oh ...... no.'

Umaro's face became agitated.
His face is like 'Oh, no......' and his eyes are shaking fine.
This is the part you didn't want me to touch.

'Well, there are many things. It's called celebrity tax. You should take it in stride.

He laughed and patted Umaro on the shoulder.
I'll pretend you didn't hear that so you don't have to talk anymore.

He's just like Estella.
He wants to solve the problems that come his way by himself as much as possible.
And when things get really out of hand, she'll finally ask for help.
So until then, you're safe.
I can trust this guy.

Make him believe ...... that he's not alone in his thoughts and making stupid choices. You know?

'Oh, no, it's not that serious.

Umaro says in a cheerful voice and laughs with a troubled 'haha' face.

'Actually, I've been recruited. They want me to move my headquarters to the 30th district and become the lord's personal assistant.
'To the 30th district, huh?
'Yes, sir. But, well, Wishart-sama is someone we've had to deal with before, when he held up the construction for a long time for his own reasons, and even though he didn't allow us to change the delivery date, he forced us to do it.

When it rained heavily last year, Umaro and his team at Torbeck Engineering were asked to repair the mansion of Wishart, the lord of the 30th district.
At that time, however, Norbert, the merchant in charge, was caught on suspicion of theft and became a problem.
He was said to have brought unauthorized spices from Baocliere, and fearing that the matter would become public knowledge, Wishart banned all outsiders from entering the house until the situation cooled down.
The people who took advantage of this were the people from Torbeck Engineering.

Well, we took advantage of the waiting period to have Umaro and his crew build filtration systems and sewage systems.
That's when we built apartment after apartment in New Town.
You can't take on other jobs when you have a lord's job to do. You never know what kind of complications you might face and as soon as a new job starts, you might be forced to do it 'first'.

That's why Estella gave him the job.

To take full advantage of the extra hands at Torbeck Engineering.
If it's a job from Estella, I won't complain if Wishart suddenly says 'resume work' and our work is halfway done.
The reason is that the request was originally made to fill a gap.

Even back then, their skills were top-notch, and they were so well known that their lords would ask for them by name.
But after that, they made a name for themselves as the only construction company that possessed sewage technology.
After that, they participated in every major project, and before we knew it, we had absorbed countless carpenters. The company had become quite a large organization.

Was he trying to hold it together?
That's a nobleman's idea of showing off.

'Besides, I have no intention of leaving the Forty-second District.
'You have Magda, don't you?
'That's one thing, but I love Yashiro-san and everyone. ...... Haha.'

If you're embarrassed and scratching your head, you shouldn't have said anything.

What is it?Are you saying that I'm a dullard who can't or won't be included in "everyone"?Who's Regina? I'm sorry. .......

I'm not sure what to say.

He desperately turned his gaze, which was about to run away, to Estella and apologized with a mysterious look on his face.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

The lord of the 30th district is making a complaint about the construction of the port.
They were worried that they might be part of the cause.
It seems that they were worried about that.


'All right. I'll keep that in mind.

My lord is very lenient.

'But don't worry. It's my job as the Lord of the Forty-second District to fight off the lords of other districts who try to force their way in, no matter what their reasons or causes are.

He smiled and thanked her, 'Thank you for talking to me.

'On the other hand, if you are harassed in any way by the nobles, please do not hesitate to consult me. You're all important people in my family, and I'll definitely protect you.

Estella may look young, small, flat, and unreliable, but her smile has reached the level of a lord.
As expected of the 'Lord of Smiles'.

'Yashiro, didn't you just think of something rude once?

You're also a lord in sharpness. Yeah.

'Thank you, .......'

'............ It's the best, it's delicious.

His voice was full of tears.

You're really overreacting.