461-Episode 263 Next Plan

'Boiled fish~☆'

Masha and Nephrite are shouting the name of the food.
No, well, Masha is talking about herself.

'Even if you take a bath, you won't be stewed...'
'Mmmm~☆ It was so fun in the big bath~ I swam in it.

Well, I expected that such a person would come out.
The construction of the kamakura began, and those who had worked up a sweat were taking a bath in turn.
Isn't the broth soaking into the bath that Masha took?

Delia and Hammaro, Umaro and Becco, Estella and Natalia. Thanks to the many people with experience in Kamakura, the work went smoothly.
Nepheli and Paula were in the position of trainees, being taught and experiencing the actual work.
Once you make one, you'll learn how to make a kamakura.

We started by clearing the snow from the garden, which took a lot of time.
When the first snowman house was completed, the day's work came to an end.
It was cold and Ginette was busy making the snowman's face, so we thought we'd have a simple one-pot dinner this evening, but ...... Nepheli was there.
Nepheli had brought us a lot of eggs and chicken, saying that he would take care of us for the night.
Most of the chicken went into a pot, but ...... it would be a shame to consume all the chicken in one dish.
I made oyako-don (chicken and egg rice bowl) because I had some eggs.
I told Jeannette that it was my favorite dish, but I didn't have mirin at that time. So I substituted cooking sake and honey, but this time I used real mirin to make a basic oyakodon.
Mirin is amazing.
No matter how bad a cook you are, as long as you can use mirin, you can make something that tastes good.
Even if you are not as good as Ginette, you can easily get a good taste.

'Oh, it's oyakodon, isn't it?

With snow on her head and beads of sweat on her forehead, Jeannette walked into the Sunlit Pavilion.
She must have completed the snowman's face, because she looks satisfied.

'Are you satisfied with the result?
'Yes, sir. I'm a little proud of it.

That's great confidence. I'll go check it out later.

'How about you, Mr. Yashiro?Are you satisfied with the result?'

He points to the oyakodon.
I was going to eat this one. ......

'Oh, this is the best I can do right now.Do you want some?'
'Yes, sir. Let's eat it.

I move the still-freshly-made oyakodon to the front of Jeannette.
Ginette sits across from me and brushes the snow off her shoulders.
It's not falling at all.

I've got plenty of towels. I know we're all going to get snowed in anyway.

I take one of the towels and walk around behind Jeannette.
'Huh?I brush the snow out of her hair with my hand and wipe her hair with a towel.

'Huh. ...... Oh, thank you, thank you ......'.

I put my hands on my knees and clench my fists.
You can't eat when I'm like this. Let's just get it over with.

'Go take a bath after you've eaten. You're sweating.'
'Do you smell that?
'No, it's visual.'

'Aha!I wipe the sweat from Jeannette's forehead as she turns around.
Don't worry, it doesn't smell like sweat, and even if it did, Jeannette's sweat would be more than welcome!

'Huh!I don't know what it is, but please don't embarrass me. ......'

Ginette turns her back to me - in other words, she sits facing the table as usual and starts eating her oyakodon silently.
She eats one or two bites of the bowl, then lifts the chicken wrapped in the thick egg with her chopsticks and observes it with interest.

'I'm impressed. The egg is perfectly half-boiled, and the texture is pleasant to the tongue.

I've got some decent feedback other than 'yay, yay, yay'!
Ginette, you can do a decent food report.

'It's very delicious.
'Seeing how relaxed you are, you seem to be convinced that you can make it better, don't you?
'Yes, sir. I'm sure I can beat you.

You know how to make it. He must be making progress in his research.

'Sorry, Neffery. This one's not quite up to snuff yet.'
'No, that's not true. ....... It's delicious enough to be served at the Sunlit Pavilion.
'But you're saying that Jeannette can make a better oyakodon than this, right?

'Yes. Just one more twist, and it will taste even better.

You don't know, do you?A cheeky wink, as if to say, 'You don't know?
He's got this look on his face now?
I feel like I've seen something good.

'Hey, hey!Can you feed me that?Or rather, can you teach me?As the daughter of a poultry farmer, I can't allow you to not make this dish!

No, it's been on the menu for quite a while now, oyakodon.
I guess they didn't know what kind of food it was just from the name "Oyakodon". Nefari didn't seem to know. Do you have food samples?
The food samples at the Sunlit Pavilion are selected after talking with Jeannette. Basically, I choose the ones that are interesting to look at, so the rather plain rice bowls are excluded.
Even if I were to make one, I was thinking of katsudon.

'It's a problem that you don't know what kind of food it is.
'That's true. I'm so familiar with it that I didn't even think about it. Sorry.'
'No, I'm sorry. I should have at least annotated it. I should have at least annotated it with something like, 'It's a dream competition between a chicken and its parents.

Is that an easy ...... to understand?I'm afraid that might confuse things even more.

'Well, I'll go make oyakodon after receiving this.
'Take a bath first. You'll catch a cold.'
'I'm fine. I've already wiped my hair with .......'

He plays with his hair and takes a bite of the oyakodon.
'Can you stop squirming and fidgeting?

'Are the others still out there?
'Yes. Delia and the others had started a snowball fight.

Delia, Loretta, Estella, Natalia and Paula are out having a blast.
Becco and Umaro have been caught by Imelda and are at a table in the back of the store making blueprints for the next kamakura.

'...... Phew, I feel refreshed.'
'Ah, Mr. Manager, you've had your first.

Magda and Norma come out of the kitchen after their bath.
Norma has a red face and is holding a cup and a glass in her hands. She had been drinking in the bathhouse.
She was drinking in the bathhouse, and Paula had thoughtfully brought her several kinds of wine.
It was not a gift to Norma ......, but a drink to warm her up on a cold day.
Well, I guess only Norma and Natalia would drink it. Imelda will drink it too.

The people outside are still going strong after dark.
Ginette is already in the mode of wanting to make oyakodon, so she won't take a bath until she finishes it.
It would be better to finish the bath before the people outside come back to cool down.

'Okay, I'll go take a bath first.
'Then, I'll have something ready to eat when Yashiro-san comes out of the bath.
'Yashiro, you're going to eat something, aren't you?
'It's oyakodon.
'...... oyakodon. Good name.

Hearing Magda's casual murmur, I stroked her hair with a ...... hand.

'So, do you want to eat with me later?
'...... agreed. I'll join you.'
'I'll make lots of food.

Estella said that the heavy snowfall season was a time when children could be pampered by busy adults.
Estella also used to be pampered by her father who was a lord when she was a child.
Then why don't you spoil Magda too? Even to Jeannette.

'Well, Umaro, Becco, Imelda. Let's go to the bath.
'I'm not taking a bath!
'Well, you're on the same team.
'No, I'm not!

Imelda was drawing blueprints around the same table with Umaro and Becko. Apparently, they're in a different category. Tsk~.

'Umaro, how did you manage to talk with Imelda at such close range?
'No, no, Mr. Yashiro. Mr. Umaro never made eye contact with Imelda, that he did not. I was just a little impressed that he was able to keep evading us without ever making eye contact, that he was.

That's a pretty stupid ability, that.
In a way, Umaro is more shy than Regina.

When I was about to take a bath, I suddenly saw Masha.
You'll be able to listen to the conversation going on in the sunshine pavilion, but your eyes are looking out the window a bit sadly.


Outside my window is covered in snow, and I can hear the sound of people playing happily in the snow from a distance.
Playing in the snow......?

I thought for a moment and headed for the bathroom.

'Is Yashiro there?

He ate the ultimate oyako-don (chicken and egg rice bowl) made by Jeannette and said, 'What the hell is this?It's a real oyakodon made with real chicken, real eggs, and real mirin. While we were playing gourmet manga, Mo-Mat shouted at us.

'You doodled on my farm again this year, didn't you?

By the way, last year you scribbled 'Mo-Mat's Baka' on Mo-Mat's field, didn't you?
Because there was a blanket of fresh snow with no footprints, like a canvas.

But I haven't done that this year.

'It wasn't me.
'Bullshit, you're the only one who would do such a stupid thing.

He laughed and slapped me on the back.
He doesn't seem to be angry at all, but seems to be making small talk with me, saying, 'You're a real jerk. ......

'I guess I'm not trustworthy after all. ......'
'Huh?Huh?No, but ...... what?

In the event that you've got any questions regarding where by and how to use the web site, you can contact us at the web site.

'Well, Yashiro-san has been giving a lecture on kamakura at the church since this morning, and after that he's been busy making kamakura for the sunny pavilion,......, and just now he was cooking,.......'
'......In other words, Yashiro didn't have time to scribble in Mo-Mat's field.
'Yeah. ...... Is that right, Yashiro?
'You won't believe me no matter what I say, will you?

You can find a lot more than just a few of them.
Ah, grief. My cousin, grief.

'The real killer is in here!

Hammaro bursts through the door with a bang.
Then he lowers his raised arms and points to his own face with his thumbs.

'The face of the real criminal!
'Did you do this, Hammaro?
'You did it!
'You're the one who told me not to say 'you'!
'Oh, oh, well, you're right. It's not good for a child's education. ...... Sorry.
'Please rephrase!
'What?It's not good for children's education,......, is it, Hammaro?
'Hey, is this endless?

Mormat is crying out to me, but Yasharo-kun, whose heart is cold and chilly, ignores all of it.
Ignore him.
I'll just ignore him.
Look away, poof!

'Hey, I'm sorry for doubting you!Put me in a better mood, Yashiro~!

Well, I'm the one with the problem. I'm the one who's always doing things that make people think that.
You know... You know what they say.'Bad behavior' - that's it.

You know?You know?I'll give you the vegetables, okay?
'I don't want your vegetables. ...... No, I still want your vegetables.
'You want them?
'They're delicious, your vegetables.'
'Really?All right, take as many as you want!
'Then uproot them all.
'But be careful!

This guy's careless remarks are never going to improve.
If Assunto hadn't changed his mind, we'd have gone bankrupt ten times over, wouldn't we?
You'd better get a grip, guild leader of the farming guild.

...... and that's not the point.

'Actually, I have a favor to ask Mo-Mat,......,' he said.
'You're crying like you're doing it on purpose. ......'
'Magdaa...... sobbing.'
'...... Ah, good, good. Poor Yashiro. Because of some crocodile ...... glancing.'
'All right, all right!Just tell me what you want me to do!
'...... like I'm the perpetrator. ...... hiccup hiccup hiccup hiccup'
'...... Ah, poor Yashiro. This may cause him to become greedy in the future, and he may end up destroying a farming guild or something.'
I'm sorry!I'm sorry!It was totally my fault!I'm sorry for doubting you!If there's anything I can do to help, let me help!

'Well, if you insist.
'......, I'll listen to you.
'So, you guys are just perfect for each other, aren't you?

Since the crocodile got down on his knees, I'll give him the honor of cooperating with my noble plan.

'Mo-Mat, lend me the field.
'Now?With all this snow, there's no way you'll be able to grow any crops, right?
'No, it's not a field, it's a place.

The fields of Mormat are huge.
It's a flat snowfield that goes on forever.

'It's a good match for Estella!
'You're talking out of your ass in the middle of nowhere.

Estella tosses the lump of snow she brought in from outside into my shirt.
Oh no!What?That's the worst thing you can do after a bath, it'll stop your heart!You'll get heat shock!

And what are you up to now?

Estella sits in front of me and eats my oyakodon without my permission.
He's a nobleman, right?Can you believe it?

'Let's build a snow playground.'
'Snow playground?

The fields in Mormat are huge.
We'll build a playground where they can play to their heart's content.

'We'll surround it with fences and nets, build walls, mountains and holes in it, and make a snowball fight field.'
'That sounds interesting!I'm still hiding in the walls of buildings and in the shadows of snowmen and kamakura to protect myself!
'And you used to hit the snowball in the snowman's face and drop the charcoal in the eyes, right, Loretta?
'That's the secret one!
'What?I'll go check it out!

Jeannette rushed out, and a moment later, a scream of 'Ho-yaaah! A few moments later, a scream was heard.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. ...... Loretta, you've got it just right.I'm not sure what to make of it.

'Ugh ...... I've fixed it.'
'Sorry, I'm sorry, manager!
'No, it's fine, I fixed it. Although ......, a snowball fight in the garden of the sunny pavilion may indeed be a bit dangerous.

The moment you walk out the door, you might get hit by a snowball.
So I think I'll make a place nearby where we can play as hard as we can.

'We can make a big field for team games and a small field for individual games.
'That's a good idea!Then we can fight as hard as we can, Loretta!
'Yes, sir!Then make it, Mr. Mormat!
'No, I can't do it!I'll lend you the space, but you'll have to make it yourselves!

Delia got really excited and said, 'Okay, Loretta, Paula, let's go! And so on. Loretta said, 'Yes, Miss Delia! and she's going to run away. Paula is also eager. ...... You guys are fine.
But do it tomorrow.
It's already late.
You can make as much as you want tomorrow morning.

'Also, the church is close by and I want to build a sledding hill for the kids to play on.

Since the culture of skiing is not widespread, it is not a ski resort but a sledding area.
Bring in snow, make a slope, and slide down it.
You can make a little course and compete with each other.
You can make a sled for one person and a sled for two or three people, and do something like bobsledding.
If it's a sled--

'If it's a sled, Masha can play freely by herself.'
'Yeah, .......'

Masha's eyes, which had been listening to the conversation with a smiling face, turned red.
Her mouth gaped open, revealing a rare expression of honesty.

'I can turn right and left as I please just by turning my body left and right. If you have someone carry you to the top of the slope, you can go down anywhere you want by yourself.

Masha could not go anywhere without someone to carry her.
If Masha had been a cheat at communication, she might have had no trouble. ......

'Delia is crazy about the snowball fight. Masha should enjoy it as much as she can.'

You don't have to stay cooped up in the sunlit pavilion, worrying about not getting in the way.

'You've come to District 42 for a reason. Enjoy yourself to the fullest.

However, you do need someone to keep an eye on you.
If the sled falls over, you won't be able to get up by yourself.

'I'll send one of my brothers and sisters to watch over it!Let them play in shifts and I'm sure they'll work diligently!
'Okay, Umaro. I'm sorry, but can you send someone who looks like he's not busy at Torbeck's Workshop?It's a request from my lord, and I'll pay you.''

'Leave it to me!I'll pull out all the stops and create an interesting sledding area!......,' he told Estella. ......'
'Don't worry, she'll get the message.

It all happened so fast.
These guys are really...

'They're greedy for fun.
'Mr. Yashiro is greedy to see someone smile.

That's what Jeannette said to me.
I looked at her, and she was looking at me with the most beautiful smile.

'I'd welcome such greed, though.

It's a smile so warm it could melt the snow.
...... What a thing to say.

'Yashiro-kun, .......'

Masha beckons me to join her in a large tub placed on top of a long pole.
He turns his head and weakly waddles over to me.

When I approached her honestly, Masha jumped at me with a splash of water.
As soon as I caught her, she lifted her tail fin and twined it around my body.
Trying not to fall off, I ended up in a princess hug.

'...... swoon'.

Masha's nose tinkles in my ear.
Masha nuzzles her face into my neck and shivers slightly.
A warm drop falls on my neck.

'Thanks for ....... Thanks for .......'

She says in a trembling voice and looks up quickly.

That's why I love you so much, Yashiro-kun!

I was about to fall in love with him.

So, ......

'Scallop Roubaix is also good.
'Manager~san, let me repent~☆'

I return the lonely mermaid to the tub.
Masha seems to be okay with a little water.
She seems to be able to survive in seawater, freshwater, hot water, and snow.
She's a hardy creature. Wasn't she one of the races that humans couldn't beat?It makes sense if you think of them as werewolves and dragons.

'Then, I'll make winter clothes for you.

If you're going to play outside, you'd better dress warmly.
It seems to be a kindness like Ginette's, but in fact it's a request to 'teach me how to make a knit hat.
Well, in exchange for the knitted hat, I'll have ...... Ukrines give you the fur.


The kid let out a screechy laugh and glided off.
...... You've gone all out again, Torbek's contractor.

A huge amusement park has been created in the vast fields of Mormat.

The snowball field is an intricate field reminiscent of a Savage field.
The "big run" with its piles of snow, deep holes and a height difference of 6 meters.
A "long course sledding lane" where you can slide down a long, gently descending course at a reasonable speed.
Then there is the "Everyone's Square" where even kids can play sledding from a small hill without worry.

The snow playground was created one after another in a much larger space than originally planned.
In the blink of an eye, word spread, and it quickly became a place where kids from all over the 42nd district, their parents, and couples who flirted with each other without worrying about being seen, gathered.

...... I'm sorry.
I didn't make a pitfall that only activates when a man in a couple walks by.
I'll have to start with research, so it won't be implemented until next year. ...... It's a shame, really.

'I thought the heavy snowfall season was a time to stay home and spend quiet time with family.
'The main streets and roads have been cleared of snow and are very easy to walk on.

A considerable amount of snow was shoveled to create a snow playground.
Most of the snow was piled up on the main street and the streets, and they were used to make a pile of snow.
As a result, the snow is gone from the main street and the streets, and it is possible to walk normally, though a little slippery.
That's why people come out with their kids.
I guess they didn't have the manpower to clear the snow in the past.

'I heard that in the 41st district, the hunting guild is shoveling snow in the city on behalf of the guild for training purposes.
'It seems that Medora-san has been contributing to the city for a long time. I think it's a wonderful idea.

District 41 had a policy of giving priority to hunting guilds.
They probably thought that it was their duty as a hunting guild to provide benefits to the city in return for the preferential treatment they received.
Medora also likes the 41st district for some reason. It was not a policy to monopolize the profits. He just couldn't think of any other way to maintain the city.

'In other words, the lack of progress in clearing the snow in District Forty-two is the negligence of the Usses, isn't it?
'That's not true. ...... Magda-san doesn't like the cold either.'

That's true.
If the hunting guild's 42nd district branch had to do snow removal work, Magda would have been sent out.
The Magda of old would have cried ...... if she had been taken out into the snow on such a cold day.

When I casually looked for Magda, she was carrying Masha up the snowy mountain.
He was carrying a fast, streamlined machine that looked like a luge or bobsled under his arm.
I'm glad you're having fun.

'I'm sure you'll be fine now, Magda.

I'm just casually looking at Magda, but Jeannette says something like that with a weird kind of cleverness.
No one said anything about worrying about Magda.

...... d*mn.

'I hope the cold doesn't spread over the New Year's holidays.'
'It'll be fine.'

Ginette lets out a white breath, her peach-colored cheeks relaxing with a smile.

'I have a knit hat, muffler and earmuffs, so I'll be warm even outside.

The first night of the heavy snowfall season.
Ginette begged me to teach her how to knit a knitted hat, which I did, and she mastered it so quickly that she finished one that day.
Isn't knitting supposed to take more time?
Since I had some experience in knitting, I only had to teach her some points and the mission was over.
After that, Ginette would think of any arrangement she wanted.
For Ginette, who could knit woolen pants, a knitted hat was a piece of cake.
Ginette was so absorbed in her knitting that she was up late, and I was knitting a scarf next to her.
Warming the neck is the basic way to keep warm.
The neck, waist, wrists and ankles should be tightened to prevent the wind from passing through. This alone will raise the temperature you feel.

The next day, I brought a scarf and a knit hat to Ukrines, and he said, "I see!I didn't know there was such an item!Why didn't I think of this simple thing?Knit a hat and you'll be warm. ...... Ah, there are still some things we overlook!There is still a lot of hidden potential in the hot and snowy season! He was very passionate about .......
Well, it can't be helped, can it?
You don't have time to develop products for the hot and snowy season, which lasts only a week or so, in the past 42 districts.
Even if there were products, you wouldn't have had time to buy them.

Incidentally, there was already a scarf.

And in exchange for the information about the knit hat, I was given some fur and made ear pads on the spot.
It was a fluffy earpiece in the shape of a catsuit, familiar in Japan.
I had already made the catsuit and the cushion for the ears, so all I had to do was wrap the fur around the cushion.

'What's with the cute finish?

And since Ukurines' fishing was successful, mass production was started in no time.
At present, most of the kids in Snow Playland are wearing knit hats and earmuffs.
The 42nd district is getting wealthy.
They've already got a new item that came out yesterday.

It's a very good quality fur, similar to mink, but according to Magda, it's '...... easily hunted as much as you want', so it's not too expensive.
I'm sure the people in this town can afford 100Rb for just one week.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that this earpiece is nice and fluffy.

As I predicted, Jeannette, smiling with her fluffy earpiece, looked 40% cuter than usual.
After all, it's nice to be a girl with earpieces!

'Magda's earmuffs are cute too, aren't they?

The beastmen don't like to have their ears pinned down, so I've made it so that they can wear them softly.
I couldn't make it into a catsuit, but I put a large bag of connected fur over the ears and tied a string under the chin.
It looks like a large marimo, and two of them are attached to the top of her head.
It looks like a dumpling head and has a cute finish.
It is said that the beastmen who saw Magda wearing the first prototype came to Ukrines' store in droves.

I guess Ukrines' store is open all year round during heavy snowfall. I feel sorry for him.
...... Well, it's my fault...

It's my fault.

Masha is flying in the sky on a sled with a happy voice.
It seems that she was skiing in the long course sled lane earlier, but now she is enjoying the big runway.
Oh, Corkscrew!
Is that a snowboard that Masha is riding?It's a sled, right?
What's with all the jumping and twirling?
She's grabbing the board while jumping on the sled!

I don't think I've ever seen Masha so lively.
She's more lively when she's flying than when she's swimming in the river.

'I'm a flying fish~!

But the main axis is a fish, isn't it? Yeah, I feel relieved.

'Oh my god, Yashiro!

While I was watching Masha and Magda flying in the sky, Paula came to me with anger in her shoulders.
Her tail lifted up to express her anger.

'We've built a Kamakura BAR!

I thought it was because we built a snow playground near the sunny pavilion that the customers had turned to this place.

'You had to close the store for lunch because I wanted to play!
'That's your own fault, isn't it?

I know.
Not many old men come here to drink.

'I'm losing the snowball fight to Loretta right now. ...... I'm going to get my revenge today.

With arms folded and tail wagging, Paula walked into the snowy playground.
She's really enjoying the snow season.

'It's going to be great, isn't it?
'Umaro and his friends are overzealous. I didn't tell them to make such a big thing.
'But it looks like everyone is having fun, so I think it's a good thing.

At first, the plan was to have only a snowball fight field surrounded by fences and nets to prevent snowballs from flying to other places, and a sledding area with a small hill and a track.
But as soon as the Trubecco guys gathered, this is what happened.

I wonder if they're having withdrawal symptoms because they're not getting any more work during the heavy snow season.
...... is a possibility.
At any rate, they are regulars at the sunlit pavilion.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea. Perhaps they've been infected by Jeannette's corporate animal.

I'm sorry.

'Well, I'd better get back.

So says the businesslike Jeannette.
As expected, kamakura have appeared here and there this year, but the snow playland has not slowed down the number of customers at the sunny pavilion.
It's not so bad that we have to run at full speed to keep up with the customers like last year, but it's not so bad that we can leave the store idle.

So, Ginette and I have not been able to leave the sunny pavilion.

'Ginette, don't you want to go out and play?
'I can only watch ......, and I'm probably not very good at it.'

'Well, I don't think Ginette can do a snowball fight or run.

'There's also the 'Everybody's Square', you know?
'It's a little ...... to take away the children's space.'

He's probably embarrassed to go sledding with kids of that age and fall down. I'm sure I'll fall. I'm sure of it!

'Besides, the sunny pavilion has a fun finish to it.

As we walked along the street and saw the sunny pavilion, there were some fairy-tale snow sculptures lined up.
Ginette thought up the story, I drew the illustrations, and Becco and Imelda used them as blueprints for "The Great Adventure of Snowman-kun".
The snow sculpture is divided into scenes.
If you follow the path, you can follow the story, and at the end of the path, there is a big snowman's kamakura waiting for you.

...... Well, it's a little bit out of the way and occupies the neighboring vacant lot and street.
It's a vacant lot, so it's okay.

'It's a good thing the neighborhood is empty.

Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to make a snow sculpture out of our property, and we might have received some complaints if we had been making such a foolish noise day after day.
We could have done it only because we are a sunny pavilion standing alone on the outskirts of the city.

Anyway, I wonder why my grandfather built the store in such an empty place. Was it because the land was cheap?

As I was thinking about this, I suddenly felt a sense of loneliness in Jeannette's face.
...... Hmm?

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few things to do.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not.

'...... Sorry. Did I misspoke?'
'No. It was .......'

I thought I had hurt Jeannette with my unintentional remark, but she denied it with a small shake of her head.
Then she turned her head down, looked away, and told me something about the past.

'There used to be a lot of houses around here. There were farmers and people who worked in the forest behind here.

There is an unspoiled virgin forest behind the Sunken Pavilion.
The river flowing from the New Town passes through this virgin forest and curves slowly to connect to the river where Delia and her friends are.

Was there someone who worked in this forest?
I remember you said there was fruit to be picked. And beasts.
Where did they go now?

I can't ask .......
From the look on Jeannette's face. I'd say it's for a sad cause.

He knows, doesn't he, what it was like when it was lively?
It's .......

'It's lively.

I'm sure this area used to be a lot busier.
There may not be as many ...... people as there used to be, but there must have been a certain number of people, and if you met them on the street, you would say hello to them, and that sort of thing must have been the norm.
I guess it wasn't as lonely as the Sunlit Pavilion when I first saw it, where the darkness closed in at night and not a sound could be heard.

But you know, Jeannette.

'I'm sure things are going to change a lot around here.

The Sunken Pavilion is a trendsetter.
It's a place of relaxation where the people who support the development of this city, such as the Trubec Engineering Shop, the Lumberjacks Guild, the Hunting Guild, the Farming Guild, and even the supervisor of the three neighboring districts of the Peddlers Guild, gather.

If the place gets so crowded in the middle of the night that it's like, 'Shut up! What if it gets so crowded at night that it's like 'Shut up!

I won't make you feel lonely again.
I'll change so much I won't have time for that. I'll change you.


So let's just call it even, okay?

'Then I'll go tell him to shut up. With Yashiro-san.'

I smiled back at Jeannette as she smiled at me, saying something she couldn't do.
Instead of apologizing, I'll make her laugh.
That's what I thought.