496-Episode 298 Promoting, overthrowing and advertisin...

In order to promote the sales of "Re:Born", to defeat the information paper, and also to advertise the upcoming opening of the lovely Yann Avenue, a large caravan of forty people was formed.

Four huge three-horse carriages were used to transport the caravan, which crossed the outer perimeter in an ostentatious manner.
A cooking team to introduce new sweets and other delicacies.
The Beauty Parade introduces makeup, fashion and other fashionable items.
The health team offers massages and exercises.
The Life Team provides useful information on daily life such as stain removal and furniture repair.
These four groups will make a two-day, one-night tour to the 35 wards.

It takes time to prepare for such a large scale event, and the receiving side also needs to be prepared. There are many decisions to be made, such as rehearsals for the presenters and filling in the gaps caused by the loss of staff.
In the first place, even the basics have not been decided, such as the selection of the person who will organize the caravan and the establishment of rules for the participants.
It's going to be a long time before we leave.
It could be a month or two at the earliest. ......

I was thinking, 'Why are we leaving in two days?

It was only yesterday that Assunto came up with the idea, so we'll actually be leaving in three days, or even two and a half days.

'Quick decisions are my strong point,' he said.
'Isn't that called recklessness with no planning?
'Don't worry.Natalia's given us the go-ahead.
'You're too dependent on her, my lord.
'That's what my chief of staff said. 'A lord is only as good as the people he has at his disposal. I don't remember the exact nuance.

Who's your chief of staff?
I don't remember being in such a position, and I don't remember being paid for it.
I don't remember being paid.
I hope you're not periodically rereading the Conversation Record.

'If you don't do something like this quickly, you never know where you'll be interrupted again.
'From where?From over there, right?

I point to the west side of the forty-second district, the thirtieth district on the cliff, and say.

'You don't know what route they'll take if they start from there, do you?Yesterday, I received a letter from the Civil Engineering Guild Union.
'From the guild?

Estella pulls out a letter from her floppy, floppy chest.
It's flimsy for an officer of the union to send to a lord.

'It's flimsy.
'It's the letter, isn't it?

Oh, I'm sorry.
I've got so many similar onomatopoeias in my head right now that the one that would be most appropriate for this occasion just came out of my mouth.

'It was very simple. 'From now on, do not work for Torbek's contractors. If you do, we won't lend you a single Civil Engineering Guild member who belongs to the union.'
'We don't need strangers.'
'Yeah. That's why I sent the letter back as soon as I could. 'Don't worry, we don't need anyone from the union. The letter was even more flimsy than the other one.
'So you can tell who it's from just by looking at it?
'I'm going to legally destroy any organization that is so rude as to recognize me by the thinness of my letter!

Oh no, I'm going to be crushed then.

'But still, there's a huge crowd here.
'After all, everyone's looking forward to it. We're all looking forward to seeing this town change.

I named the magazine 'Re:Born', but it seems that the people here are more like being awakened than reborn.
There have been times when Assunto has jumped around externally, but it was unthinkable in the Forty-Two Wards a while ago that a group of really ordinary people other than those related to the Sunlight Pavilion and the Lords would go out to other wards to promote a new culture.
These are the same people who were crying over Assunto and lamenting about 'rice is too expensive to buy ......'.


Ginette finds us and comes running.
Yeah, correction.
She walks over with a face like she's running. Her shoulders are shaking more than usual.

We're at the town gate square.
Javier has agreed to lend us twelve of his best horses, which are currently being cared for in the stable of Imelda's house.
We have brought in dozens of carpenters from the Torbek and Kawaya construction companies to build a huge three-horse carriage to accommodate the horses, and work is proceeding at a rapid pace.
The rough design was done by Umaro, and from that point on, while building, we listened to the requests of each team member, such as 'I want something like this' or 'I want it to be more like this', and made improvements as needed.
...... is a very difficult way of making things for the creator. It is very difficult to make. It's much easier to make if you decide 'this! It's too much trouble to ask for changes after the work has started.
In fact, every time the carpenters at Kawaya Corporation received an order, they would say, "You can't say that now! or 'You just said you don't want that! or 'You just said you didn't want that!
On the other hand, Torbeck Construction Company is always saying, 'Oh, it's better to have this, isn't it?We thought so, so we made it.''What?You want this part to be removable?Then I'll improve it in five minutes,' he said, and proceeded with his work quickly.
I guess it's the difference in experience.

''The carpenters at Trubec Construction are getting tougher because they've been recklessly pushed around by someone else.

And Estella is saying to me what I just wanted to say to Estella.
No, no, it's you!

And while I'm doing that, Jeannette is coming closer and closer.
You're slow, you know.

'Huh, huh, sorry for the wait.

Nice bounce.

'Mmm, repent.'

I didn't say a word!

'Yashiro, your gaze. And your cheeks are melting.'

Really? Well, it can't be helped.
I was all over the place. I had a prime seat right in front of you.

'How about you, is everything okay?
'Yes, sir. Thanks to Mr. Zelmar's hard work, I'm sure we'll be able to perform well on the road.

The carpenters are busy working on the harbor.
However, they're short on manpower because the arrogant lord brought in a big project with his own ideas.
That's why even the old furniture maker who retired earlier has been dragged out.
The old members of the woodworkers' guild are gathered around Zelmar, working together.
They love him to pieces.

'Just because I want to show old Mum a good time, I'll go to ...... and chant "cold water for old people" in her ear a hundred times.
'Uh-huh. You'll get scolded.'

I'm returning the favor?

'What did you get Zelmar to make for you?Is it a cooktop or something?'
'No, a chair.'
'...... chair?'

I have a bad feeling about this.
Estella seems to have sensed it too, and her cheeks are slightly drawn together.

'Yes. It's a deep seat and the handrails are solid, so even if you get a little rough, you won't fall or tumble, Mr. Zelmar has given his seal of approval.
'Why are you in the health team?

You're in the cooking team!

'This time, we asked Loretta-san, who has mastered crepes, to be the representative of the cooking team's sunlit pavilion.

Due to the limited space in the caravan, not everything can be made. Therefore, we are planning to introduce the hottest crepe from Hidamari-tei as our product.
In addition to the thinness of the dough, the appearance of the crepe is also important, such as the arrangement of the cream and the cutting of the fruit.

'Ginette has to cut the fruit, right?
'Yes. I'll take care of that and prepare a lot of fruit.

He's going to do foot acupuncture with the health team no matter what!
At last, something that takes precedence over cooking has appeared!

'Magda is going to be a model in the beauty squad, so let's all do our best.
'Estella, I'm sorry if this turns into a sectional war.
'No, it's okay. ...... I think ............ I want to.'

Estella has also witnessed Ginette's outbursts many times.
It's hard to say 'enough! I don't know.

Please don't let anyone die.

At any rate, I felt that my massage space, which I had reserved for the health team ahead of time, would unintentionally become an important position to keep an eye on Ginette.

The preparations for the caravan proceeded with such turbulence.

'Hey!Don't just sit around and work, you sunny-eyed bastard!

Zelmar arrives, his wrinkled face glistening.
He's got sweat on his forehead, looking satisfied.
Oh, he's carrying a chair. He's here to show off what he's made.

'Estella, let's go check on the cooks.
'Why don't you wait, kid!
'It's ....... You want praise that badly?
'Don't be stupid!I just want to show you that this is what a real chair looks like!

With a thump, Zelmar places the chair in front of me and proudly displays his chest.
It's a big, stable, gorgeous chair.
It's made of woven rattan and looks comfortable.
This chair would not look out of place in a high-class inn of long standing.
Yes, it would look good in the salon of Estella's house.

'But it's too big. Space is limited in a caravan. Please make it foldable.'
'Don't be absurd!You can't get this stability in a folding chair!
'I see, you can't...' Well, it can't be helped with Zelmar, can it?
'Nuh-uh, ......, got it!Let's do this!Let's see what you can do, kid!
'Yes, but it would be a shame to let such a fine chair go to waste. ......'
'Zelmar, sell it!
'M......, tell the guild leader.'
'Yes!Book it!

The old man looks a little happy that his lord wants him.
Are you one of those approval-seekers?

'Oh, well. That's a nice chair.'

Hearing our commotion, Grandma Mum suddenly appears.
She's going to join the living team and demonstrate stain removal in various places.
You may wonder if it is safe to take her around, but she is very enthusiastic about it.
I wonder if she has gained confidence in long-distance travel after her trip.

Grandma Mum traced her fingers over the rattan chair made by Zelmar and checked its texture.

'That's Zelmar. Even though you're retired, you're still very skilled.
'...... Hmm. I can't afford to lose to the young guys yet.

No more, just lose and go back to the ground.
Don't stay here forever.

'I was just thinking that I wanted a comfortable chair like this.
'............, Mum, if you say so, I ...... will withdraw.'

Estella gives up her chair in a desperate attempt to keep it.
Well, against Zelmar, Grandma Mum is an invincible joker. No matter what you do, there's no way you can win.

'Sorry, Mum. This one's already been reserved by my lord.'
'Well, is that so?Well, then, I guess I have no choice.

Even if it's a verbal promise, he won't go back on it.
He's a craftsman, or rather, he's a stubborn old man.

'Then let's give up.
'There's nothing to give up. I can make a chair like this ...... every day if you like.'
'I don't need a chair every day.'


"I'll make you a chair every day.

No, you're bothering me!
How many chairs are you going to have in that house?
How many chairs are you going to have in that house? Can I have chairs in my house?What?You're so annoying!

'Hmmm. Mr. Zelmar, you've become a little more aggressive.
'I crushed it, though.
'Did you make any progress during your trip?'
'What, Zelmar, did you peek into Grandma Mum's bath?
'Who the hell would peek?

Oh, no, you didn't.
I thought that's what you meant by progress.

'...... already, Yashiro-san. You can't do that. It's a delicate matter.
'Hey, hey.

An old man and an old woman have a delicate love affair. ...... I'm an old man who's about to be delirious.

'Hmm, hmm!You're wearing out my life span with you!I'll go make a foldable chair!

I'm going to make a foldable chair!' Leaving the wicker chair behind, Zelmar heads off towards the caravan.

...... I can't help it.

'Umaro. Can you give him some advice?
'Leave it to me. I can learn a lot from watching you work, so I'll be watching you closely.
'Also, tell him to make the seat and backrest out of strong linen. I'm sure Ukrines will be able to provide you with some good cloth.'
'I see. Then the seat will be soft and won't get in the way of folding.

I've often seen these chairs in Japan, but never in this city.
I don't think there are any movie directors here.
See, that chair is a favorite of movie directors, right?

'...... Yashiro-chan.'
'Yes, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.'

After seeing Zelmar off, Old Mum scolded me quietly.
It was just a joke.
'You're very delicate, lady.

'But you look so happy, Zelmar. You really look like you're young again.'

Pointing at me, Zelmar says something to the old man of the Woodworkers' Guild.
I'm guessing it's mostly bad-mouthing me.
Umaro joins him and tells him the idea of the folding chair with gestures.
The old woodworkers clap their hands in surprise and delight, and give us a thumbs-up.

Just make it.

'Zelmar, after your grandfather passed away, I lost my energy, or rather, ...... I couldn't get anything done for a long time. Not long after that, I retired from work.

The death of their best friend left a huge hole in the hearts of Zelma and the others.

'Me, too. ....... It's no good. Even though Jeannette was working so hard.
'Oh no,....... I think it was because of Grandma Mum and the others that I was able to get through that time.
'Yes....... I'm glad to hear you say that.

Ginette's grandfather had died, followed by a major outbreak of swamp sickness.
That period must have been the worst time for the Forty-Two Wards, as well as for Zelmar and Old Mum and the others.

'I wonder if it's ...... because Jeannette-chan and Yashiro-chan are doing their best.'

Grandma Mum took Jeannette's hand and wrapped it around her.

'Forty-two districts have come to life, and many things that I've never seen before have come into being, and I, too, want to do and create something again.

He talks, and scratches his cheek as if embarrassed.

'No, no. A grandmother like me is so excited at her age.'
'That's not true. My grandfather used to say that people who can find fun at any age are successful in life.
'Hmm... He was right. Maybe that's why he was always smiling so happily.'
'Yes. He was laughing every day.

A life of looking for someone's faults and mounting them, of throwing tantrums when things don't go your way, of wishing for the failures and misfortunes of others is a life of great failure.
If you can say that life is fun even if you don't have money or friends, then you are probably a winner.

Not for someone else's approval, but so that you can be proud of yourself.

By the way, it makes me happier when others approve of me, but that's just a byproduct of a life I love.
If you have it, you are happy. People who can think like that will be able to live with laughter until the end of their lives.

Maybe that's why people make efforts to become such a person.

'Hmmm... ......'

Suddenly, Old Mum starts laughing.
What, did she suddenly start to lose her mind?Do you remember if you've eaten?

'In the moon cradle, there was a very nice chair. It was a nice, comfortable chair. And yet, ...... hmm, Zelmar...'

But Zelmar said, ''If it's a chair like this, the chair in the sunny pavilion is more comfortable.

He said. That chair was made by Yashiro, right?If you ask me, when Zelmar is sitting on the chair, he keeps touching the railing and the joint of the backrest with his fingers. Maybe he was inspired by Yashiro and wanted to make furniture.

Well, I can make almost any kind of furniture, whether it's German, Roman, Swedish, or pure Japanese.
Forgery of antique high class furniture sells like hotcakes--well, that's not important.

'What's the matter with you, Zermatt? If I admired him, I'd at least sign his autograph.
'Hmm... He probably wants to compete with Yashiro-chan. Maybe he'll get back on the field.
'Wow~ I feel sorry for the youngsters.

Don't let the old man get away with it.
Give way to the younger generation.

'Yashiro-chan, Jeannette-chan.'

Grandma Mum smiled and looked up at the sky faintly.

'I'm enjoying every day now. I feel like I'm a success in life, just like she said.

I wonder.
Those words sounded like a statement of sorts.

Maybe Grandma Mum was in love with Jeannette's grandfather.
So, since she had become an adult like her grandfather said, she wanted to end her life here and start a new one.

'Yes. Grandma Mum is very nice.'
'Mm-hmm. Thank you, little Ginette. I'll go with you then.
'Yes, ma'am. Please come to the Sunken Pavilion later for tea.
'Yes, I'll see you later.

They bade each other goodbye and waved goodbye.
Seeing old lady Mum like that, I think.

Too late to start a new life, isn't it?

Well, if she's happy, that's the best thing.

'Hey~! Darling, have some of Osina's new food!

When I took Estella and Ginette to check out the cooking team, I was approached by Osina.
At the moment, the cooks who are not accustomed to mobile sales are practicing cooking in a simple kitchen.
Cooking in a limited space, with inadequate heat and water, was forcing the cooks, who had been doing their best in a familiar environment, to struggle more than they had imagined.
If you are at home, you can make a meal quickly, but when you go camping, it is very difficult. Something like that.

'Chilled jellied colorful vegetables~☆'
'Wow, it looks so cool and pretty.'
'Desho desho~☆'

The colorful vegetables wrapped in a clear, slightly yellowish jellied sauce with a hint of yuzu scent is a dish that is brilliant to the eyes.
The glass also enhances the appearance of this dish.
It's going to be a trend to serve dishes in glasses in the future.

'Hmm!It's delicious. I think I like this kind of food.
'Yes. It's light and refreshing, and you can enjoy the sweetness of the vegetables.

Estella and Ginette, who had tasted it, chattered to each other.
Because they could imagine the taste from the aroma and the appearance, it didn't make Ginette squeal with excitement, but it was still good enough.

'There are so many different kinds of vegetables, I can eat it all the way through without getting bored. Because you can imagine the taste from the appearance, you can enjoy wondering what to eat next. This is interesting.
'Haha~☆ I'm more confident now that everyone has given me their seal of approval...'

If the crepes at the Sundaily Pavilion are for enjoying cream and fruit, the dishes at Osina are for enjoying citrus jellies and vegetables.
They are similar but very different.
And yet, both are gorgeous and fashionable.
It's a kind of 'glamour' or 'aggravation'.

'Hey Yashiro. Is it really okay for me to go on as usual?

While I was enjoying Osina's new work, Paula came to me with a worried look on her face.
Cantalcica is supposed to bring the standard fruity sausages and cold beer.
The beer was brought in chilled with Assunto's secret ice.

'You know, I'm getting worried because everyone around me is doing new things. ......'
'New things are new and fun, but it's powerful to have a standard among them.
'Is that what you think ......?

Paula looked unconvinced.
Paula likes new things, too.

'If you don't know Cantalcica, you'll be surprised by this sausage with a hint of fruit.

Fruity sausages themselves are a rarity in this city.
Not a few, Javier and Lucia said they had never seen it before, so it must not exist in the outer districts.

'That and a cold beer is a classic combination, right?Let's give the newcomers a good beating, the power of a classic.
'I see. ......, yeah. That's right. All right!...... Well, the fruity sausage was made last year.

It's not a new product, but it's not as old as the traditional taste.
Still, it is one of the mainstay products in Cantalucía. You should be proud of it.

'Well, I'd better get back.
'Yes, sir.'

With Ginette in tow, we headed back to our booth.
Soon, a large man appeared in front of us.

'Hey, Yashiro?And the manager.

Javier, who had been wandering around the area, spotted me and Jeannette in the health unit and came up to us.

'What are you doing?If you don't take care of others, we won't be able to get ready in time.

Javier said, pointing towards the cooking team.

'No, Ginette and I are this way this time.
'What?Aside from Yashiro, it's shocking that the manager isn't cooking.
'Huh, ......, does that mean they think I'm someone who can't do anything but cook?
'No, no, no, no!No, no, no!I know from people that the manager has great housekeeping skills, but I thought you loved cooking more than anything.

Javier makes his best excuse to a dejected Jeannette.
To the casual observer, it looks as if the forest bear is bullying the young lady.

'It's true that I like to cook, but I'm here to help you this time.
'Oh, you're helping Yashiro.'
'No. I'm more of a support for Ginette, or rather, a watcher.''
'Huh ......, I don't need a watch .......'

Once again, Jeannette is depressed.
I see, I see. Ginette, you're not ...... aware enough.
If you are allowed to go unchecked, you are in danger of destroying one or two neighboring districts.

'It looks kind of interesting, doesn't it? What are you doing?'
'Foot acupuncture.
'Foot acupressure?I've never heard of it.'
'Well, didn't Imelda tell you anything about it?
'Oh, no. Does Imelda know about it?

I'm not sure if he's been traumatized by the fact that he didn't tell his father about his footballs,.......
It's a taboo word in the 42nd district, especially in the vicinity of the sunlit pavilion.

I've been thinking about Imelda.

While I was thinking about Imelda, she came over with a graceful gait.

'By the way, Yashiro-san.'

Turning her parasol around, Imelda calls out to me.
If I approach and lend an ear, she will whisper in my ear as if she is concerned about Javier.

'I kept it from your father, just in case.
'I see. Then today is that day.

You son of a b*tc*.
What a tasteless thing to say!
That's right. It's no fun if rumors get ahead of you and you get unnecessary knowledge.

That's Imelda. She understands entertainment very well.

'Well, Javier. Would you like to experience it for yourself?
'Oh, you're sure?
'Yeah, I'm almost done with the preparations. I'm going to give you a nice, slow, moist massage. ...... Yeechhhhhh.'
'Wait a minute, Yashiro!

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to use the site, you can call us at our own web site.

'I can't be massaged by a guy with such an evil face!Oh yeah, that's right, manager!You can do it too, right, that foot pressure point?
'Yes, sir. It's just for fun.
'Then you do it. Listen, Yashiro, don't touch it!I'll have the manager do the foot massage!

Hearing Javier's declaration, the whole area went 'buzz! The whole place went buzzing.

zawa...... zawa......

'So, Javier. This way please. Estella, I'm sorry, but may I borrow Mr. Zermal's wicker chair?'
'Yes, of course.'
'Mr. Manager, please give it your best shot.'
'Yes, sir. I'll do my best to make Javier-san's fatigue disappear.
'Well, I'm looking forward to it. --Yashiro, stay where you are!Imelda, keep a close eye on him.
'Yes, sir.'

Javier points at me and warns me, then heads to the wicker chair with Ginette.
I, Estella, and Imelda saw him off with smiles.

'What is it?
'You're really good at leading people to their doom, aren't you?
'I really admire you.
'What's with the bad manners? Ginette wants to do the foot acupuncture. Javier wants to get his feet jarred. Isn't that a wonderful outcome where no one is unhappy?

And right after Estella and Imelda both let out a wicked grin--


Javier's scream echoed through the square.

The preparations proceeded one way or another, and on the evening of the day before our departure, we were finally ready to leave tomorrow.

'I guess we can make it. You guys are good!Ha-ha-ha!

Javier, who had recovered from the shock of the cramped feet, was in a good mood and tapping an old man he had never seen before on the shoulder.
Who's that?Are you a carpenter from Kawaya Corporation?

'Hmm?These guys?They're carpenters from the Forty District.''
'No, no, no, no!You shouldn't help them!

Estella sent back a letter from the Civil Engineering Guild asking for a fight, 'Fine, a**h*le! I'm sure you'll understand.
The carpenters of the forty wards are union members.

'Don't worry, Oba-kun.

Demilly, the Goddess of Mercy, smiled and said something outrageous.

'They're also carpenters who left the union.
'Hey, Estella?
'I didn't say anything. The old man offered. He said, 'I'll help you.

Huh. ......
He's doing the impossible with ease.
That's the Goddess.
Even though it's almost dusk, I feel like I'm getting a halo.

'Demilly seems to have a halo.
'That's not a halo, it's me glowing!Who's the relative of the glowing brick, anyway?

No, I didn't mean it like that, but ......, the self-deprecation has gone too far, this guy.

'No, what. I'm not going to say that I don't like it, but I do like it.

I heard that a union official - a nobleman from the 29th district who took the lead in removing the Torbeck Engineering Shop - came to Demilly and threatened him not to send any carpenters to the 42nd district.
'If you don't listen to us, we won't let you use the union carpenters.

'They think I'm some kind of laird who's a pawn in Stuart's game.

Demilly is tolerant of most things.
He doesn't voice any particular objections, he doesn't put pressure on others, and he doesn't work behind the scenes with a hint of ambition.

In the eyes of some people, he is seen as a coward, a cowardly, opportunistic, and a decorative lord.
But in fact, it is Javier, the steel-muscled monster, who holds the real power.

What's that?
That's a horrible misunderstanding.
Is there really someone who says that?Are your eyes glazed over, or are your eyelids sewn shut?

The Ambrose Demilly I know is a man of foresight and caution who avoids disadvantage rather than taking advantage.
And yet, he's not afraid of disadvantage, which is one of the things I have to admit about Demilly.

No matter the disadvantages that may befall him, he reaches out to the backward and the weak, stands behind them, and voluntarily intervenes in disputes.
At first glance, it may seem that he is always getting the short end of the stick, but Demilly's actions have always prevented the worst damage to the forty districts.
In order to protect the people of his district, Demilly alone has suffered a disadvantage. However, as long as the people of the district live in safety and peace, the disadvantage Demilly has suffered will soon be forgotten.

From my point of view, Demilly is a man with a terrible sense of balance.
Perhaps it's people like Demily that Mahrul has the most difficulty with.
He has no greed and is hard to control.
But he's cautious and has no qualms.
He is also a man of character and well-liked by his people.
If you attack him, you'll instantly be seen as the bad guy.

The more you attack, the more you lose. It's hard to mess with someone who makes you think that.

Demily is a lord who can hold his own with Donnis. Despite the differences in strength and softness, I see them as equal in power.
That's why you shouldn't make him angry.

'He's a troublesome lord who has been attentive in all directions even at the expense of all of his hair.
'Maybe I should be angry~, is it time?'

I praised you!

The union has strangled itself even more by offending such a demilly.
The carpenters of the 40th district also quit the union -- perhaps Demilly would compensate them for all the damages, wow, that's scary -- and on top of that, they displeased Demilly's good friend Javier.

'If the lumberjacks say they won't sell the wood, the carpenters won't be able to work.'
'Ha-ha-ha!I can't go that far - the royals would destroy us - but I did tell them that I don't feel good about it, and I'm sure we'll have to spend some time in suspense. . Ha-ha-ha!

I believe that although Javier appears to be protecting Demilly, in reality Javier is coddling Demilly.
There's no lord who can support the Lumberjack Guild as perfectly as Demilly.

'Oh, yeah. The forty-first district is out too, the union.''
'Huh?That's not what I heard, me!Did you really leave?
'Of course they did. The lovely Yann Avenue is a joint work of Torbek's construction company and our carpenters. It's not my place to be told not to help or borrow from a union official who suddenly showed up.
'Haha, ...... make up for it, will you?
'Oh. I'm going to get you a job with Trubek.

It looks like we're about to have a real Torvec union.

'Well then, shall we discuss civil engineering matters after the caravan is over, Oji-sama?
'Yes, we should. I'm sure we can work something out if the three districts work together.
'Right!That's what my calculations show.
'Yeah, Ricardo's annoying.
'Why the hell not?

Because you don't do the math, you know that, Ricardo.

I ask Javier as the three lords begin their meeting for the meeting.

'Hey, what's ungraded?
'Hmm?Oh, the one Ambrose mentioned.'

Demilly just said, 'A nobleman with no grade is so high and mighty.
But the aristocrat who was harassing Torbeck Engineering, the officer of the union, is the one living in the 29th district.

'Then isn't he a fourth-grade noble?
'Only lords and their bloodline families can be graded.

Oh, is that so?

'Then what about Javier?
'An ungraded nobleman. Haha, if I get cocky with Ambrose, he'll say, 'No grade is too high'.

Javier laughs, his face crumpled in amusement.
It's a joke I can tell because I know it's not true.

But then again, only lords and lordsesses get the grade.
That's true. Otherwise, nobles who aren't lords would be higher than lords.
I've never really thought about it, but I guess that's how it is.

'But many of the ungraded people look down on the lords of the outer districts.
'You think you have the 'potential' to go higher?
'Yes, yes. Something like that.

The noblemen without rank are probably trying to raise the rank of their family by connecting themselves with noblemen of higher rank.
That's why, if a prince sees you as a relative of the future empress, you'll be upgraded to the first grade. ......?
I'm sure you're aware that the first class is the royal bloodline, right?

Well, even if it's not the first grade, it's still a very high position.

'What would Imelda do if the prince took a fancy to her?

It occurred to me to ask her such a question.
Javier looks around, 'Don't tell anyone,' he says, and then he asks me.

'I'll tell them to mind their own business.

I couldn't help but laugh.
That's my girl, Imelda. You're more noble than a prince.

'Ha-ha-ha!Well, I'm not interested in status or money. If Imelda decides that she wants to be with someone, whether it be a nobleman or a commoner, a beastman or a scoundrel, she will not oppose it.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'I know you're a tremendous tit lover,' he said.

...... There are not many things more unpleasant than an old man's wink.

It's a long way off.It's still a long way off. Until then, I'll dote on him as much as I can and make him say, 'There's no better man than your father!

I don't know about that.
I heard Imelda got a new hand axe the other day. For Javier.
Be careful.

'Well, I'm going to talk to Medora about the guard tomorrow.
'Oh. When you're done, come see me at the Sunshine Pavilion. Masha's coming today, so we'll have crabs.'
'Whoo-hoo!I'm coming!I'll be there for sure, so prepare a good drink and wait for me!'
I had no idea at the time that this would be the last conversation I would have with Javier.
'I'm not going to die!I'm definitely coming!

A large man who doesn't look like he's going to die even if I kill him walks towards the city gate half crying.

A lord, three guild leaders.
Before I knew it, the number of people I knew had increased.
If you add in the lighter members, you've got a lot of acquaintances.
Producers and sole proprietors of the forty-two districts. Most of the people in the restaurant industry have become acquaintances.

I was planning to consolidate the ground in secret and disappear as soon as I could.

I look up at the sky, which is becoming darker and darker, and think to myself.

'I've come a long way before I realized it. ......'

I haven't moved from the 42nd district, though.