497-Episode 299 The Great Caravan Squadron is coming!m...

♪ Caravan's going, caravan's going, caravan's going ♪
♪ Rocking on a carriage, lil' lil' lil' ♪

It's a dream come true to be singing along.

'Hey, hurry up with the setup!We only have three hours!
'Hey, cooking team!Go another 20 meters!The beauty squad hasn't fully entered the square!
'Emergency!Does anyone know any charcoal?
'Hey!They're not letting the customers in yet!Please wait a little longer!Come on, the children are in danger, organize the area properly, committee members!

It was a chaotic situation.

Because of the large number of people, we could only schedule two days and one night for the caravan.
Or rather, we didn't intend to make it last longer than that. ...... I don't know how long I can take care of such a large group of people.

Anyway, we don't have much time.
I don't have time to go around to each district and go to the 35th district.
I skipped the 41st district because I was the organizer.

On the first day, we left early in the morning and held the mobile experience event in the morning at a place between the 40th and 39th wards, and in the afternoon near the border between the 38th and 37th wards.
The next day, we plan to hold an almost full-day event in Ward 35, inviting Ward 36.
Even though it will be a full day, we are trying to make it possible to return to each ward in the evening.
...... I'd like to go home in the evening, but every time I've gone home, I've always ended up arriving back late in the evening, after being procrastinated for a bit longer.
This time, I'm going to finish up quickly and go home!
There are a lot of important people here, and we don't want to get in trouble for the next day's work!

Hahahaha!This messy ...... is starting to get interesting!
'Just go help me get ready, Ricardo.'
'I told him I'd help, but he said, "I'm fine for now."'
'You're in my way,' he said.

This time, Ricardo is one of the organizers.
As you can imagine, he has received a notice of disability, but he still seems to be having fun the whole time.
I guess he's just enjoying the festivities, though.
If he can't help us, at least don't get in the way of our efforts.

'Estella~, let me deal with this lord for a moment...'
'Sorry, I'm busy right now, so put him on a leash somewhere.
'Don't you get it, Oba!I'll help you!You want me to help you?
'You don't have to help me, just get out of my way!

You gotta understand, you're a liability!

I'm currently setting up a foot acupressure corner.
In other words, I'm in the health squad where there are a lot of District 41 owners who are planning to open a store on Suteki-yan Avenue.
I guess that's why Ricardo is messing with me.
Go to the beauty squad. There's a lot of people from District 41 there too, right?
I see. You're not interested in beauty, are you?

Mr. Yashiro. I got some water from the footbath.'
'Oh, Jeannette!Just what I needed. Why don't you give Ricardo a footbath to get his fingers used to it?'
'What?Is that okay?The rest of you are still busy getting ready. ......'

Most of them weren't used to this kind of setup, so it seemed to be taking quite a bit of time.
They have to take out the goods from the caravan's huge storage wagons, arrange the desks, chairs, pots, cosmetics, and various other goods in the allotted places, and then arrange the layout in such a way as to attract the attention of the visitors.
It sounds easy, but it is quite difficult when you actually try it.

We were able to set up our own booth rather quickly because we were used to it, but we didn't have time to go and help others.
But we didn't have time to help others. If we do that, it is obvious that they will say, 'Look at us too!

I've already explained how to make a booth and some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind.
Most of the participants this time are those who will have their own stores in the future at Suteki-yan Avenue. We would like you to think about this and be creative.
You may look at the booths of others and use them as a reference for the future.

Sometimes the trigger for development is regret.
If you have a lot of regrets such as 'I should have done more' or 'I should have done that better', you can keep improving your booth.

'Don't worry. They're all going to be professionals. Isn't it the role of our predecessors to believe in them and watch over them?
'That's right. Then, I'll just answer when they ask for advice without meddling.'
'Well, if it's too much for you, you can give him a word or two of advice.
'Yes, sir.

So, I'm going to give Ricardo a leg crush to shut him up.

'Oh, but ......'.

Ginette's expression suddenly clouded with anxiety.

'Won't the ...... customers run away if I do it?'
'What, you're going to go that hard?

Ricardo, you might fall off your feet.

'Hey Yashiro'.

Estella, who I thought had run away quickly, came back.

'If we're going to do this, why don't we wait for the doors to open and do a demonstration?

It's true that many people will be wondering 'what the heck is that? I'm sure many of you would be like, 'What's that?
Then, it's a good idea to actually show them and say 'this is what it is'.
...... but that doesn't mean you can't use the full power of Jeannette to avoid Ricardo. ......

It's a good idea.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to use it.

'Okay, then Estella, help me out.
'I'm sorry, I just remembered something urgent...'
'Don't worry. I'll take care of you.'
'...... really?
'Ginette's got her hands full with Ricardo.
'...... finish while my hands are occupied?'

You don't trust Ginette at all when it comes to foot pressure, do you?

'Since this is a good time, I thought I'd have both lords of the host district do it together.

'...... How about showing both the pleasant positive role and the funny reaction section at the same time to attract customers?
'In such cases, Yashiro will prioritize customer service over tinkering with me. ...... Okay, I'm in!

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.
......It looks like he doesn't trust me much either.

I'm not sure what to do.

I really wanted to get Ricardo away from me right now, but ......

'So, can I go check out Grandma Mum's booth?If there's anything I can do to help, I'd like to help.'
'Oh. Well, the old lady's a tightwad, so I'm sure she'll be fine.
'Well, I'll go make some small talk.

Ginette smiles and runs off with a 'tote~'.
That's amazing, Jeannette.
I can feel it shaking even from my back.

'What is it, Oba?What are you trying to get me to do?I'll help you out, just tell me the details.

...... I can't wait for the doors to open. I don't know why, but he seems to like me a lot lately.
I'm not sure why, but he's been very fond of me lately. Even if I lead him to Estella, he comes right back to me.
Maybe I'll make a charm to ward off evil.

I boil water for the footbath, and ignoring Ricardo, I come back to report with a smug look on my face, 'The setup is perfect! I told Loretta, who came to report to me with a smug look on her face, to do her best, and gave Magda, who had been dressed up pretty at the beauty parade booth, a pep talk saying she was the prettiest girl in the universe, and finally the morning session of the hands-on event began.

'Here we go!Yashiro, are you ready for this?
'Ah, Javier, good afternoon. I'm fully prepared, so if you have time, please come and experience the foot acupressure.
'Ugh!...... eagle,I have some urgent business ......'.

Javier has escaped.
Oh, great. If you're in an RPG, you'll definitely be able to get around him.
If it had been an RPG, he would have definitely gotten around it.

As soon as the doors opened, two groups of visitors poured in.
Even with the advance notice, I didn't expect this many people to show up.

First of all, there was a line for the cooking group, and girls interested in fashion flocked to the beauty group.
The Health Team got off to a subdued start, while an elderly couple leisurely looked at the Life Team's exhibits.
Well, I think the Health Team will come into its own in the latter half of the day, after most of the people have seen the Cooking and Beauty Teams.

But, well, we only have three hours, and I want to get rid of Ricardo as soon as possible, so...

'Okay, Ginette, let's do this.
'Yes, sir.
'Good luck, my lords.'
'Foot massage. That's what it is, isn't it?Big guy making a lot of noise, right?'

Oh, so you've been informed.
Huh?Has he ever seen a foot acupuncture point before?
There's no way to remember ......, the shadows are so thick they're depressing, but my hippocampus refuses to remember.

I'm sure Ricardo will be very upset.
'Don't underestimate me, Estella. I'm not like those gutless people.'
'Well, if you make a big deal out of it, you'll have to do one thing for me.
'All right. In return, if I don't make a sound, you'll have to be prepared for that, right?'
'Yeah, yeah. It's okay. I'll do whatever you say.'

Don't casually promise such dangerous things between lords.
You guys are so close. That's a conversation you can't have if you don't trust each other.

...... Well, Estella is completely risk-free, so I guess that's why she can say that.

'Well then, let's start with a bit of customer service.


Ricardo sat down in front of the smiling Ginette and seemed to be in a comfortable mood, but--


A few minutes later, a horrific scream echoed throughout the area.

'Come on, come on, come on!If you're not in a hurry, come by!

A few minutes before Ricardo cried out, I drew the attention of the people gathered like that.

'I'm sleeping a lot, but I can't wake up in the morning. No matter how much I sleep, I still feel tired. I've been losing my appetite lately. ......My skin is rough. ......Oh no, I have pimples. ......If you're suffering from these symptoms!I'm not sure what to do.In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

Foot pressure points are basically effective for visceral fatigue.
If you can't get rid of tiredness even after sleeping, or if you have skin problems, it's often a problem with your digestive system.
These problems can be expected to be treated by foot pressure points.

In addition, I call up big men who are confident in their endurance.

'This is a 'painful' massage to alleviate problems in the body. Try it for yourself.

Those who were interested in what I had to say began to gather around.
There are women who are worried about their skin, and those who are proud of their physical strength, and say, 'I'm as strong as anyone.

I explain to them what foot pressure points are and what they do.
Of course, they say, 'Does it work just by pressing the sole of the foot? No, no, no, you can't faint in agony just by pressing the sole of your foot,' comes the response.

'Of course, I can adjust the force, so I can give a very gentle massage to your beautiful ladies. I'm a little shy about touching your feet, though.

When I gave her lip service in a fresh and handsome way, she would say, 'Oh no! I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.
...... No, you're a little too old to be called yellow, aren't you?

In the event that you've got a lot of money, you'll be able to use it for a lot of things.
'Wait, Oba!I'm not going to cry over something like this, and my muscles aren't the only thing I can boast about!
'That's right. You're also proud of your good money, aren't you?
'You're so annoying!Don't try to collect me every time!

No, there aren't many ATMs that are this easy,
Also, I don't want to pay for anything, basically.

'Hey, hey, are you saying that your little girl is going to press the soles of her feet and make a big man faint?
'Yes. ...... I'll try to be as gentle as possible, so please try it out.
'Hahahaha!Did you hear that, man!I'm not sure what to do.

I'm sure that Jeannette, who has no animal features, looks like a weak girl in everyone's eyes.
That's right. She's a weak girl.
In fact, if she were to arm wrestle, she would lose every single match.
She might be able to beat a three-year-old, but a four-year-old would be doubtful, and a five-year-old would probably defeat her.

'By the way, I'd like to know how powerful Jeannette is. ...... Hey, big guy over there, can you help me?'

He selects a large man from the crowd and calls him over.
...... It's huge!It's bigger than Omero!He's probably not three meters tall, but if he raises his arms, he'll be well over that.
He's got muscles so tight, it's like he's got old tires wrapped around his body.

'All right, then, Jeannette. Hit this old man as hard as you can.'
'Yeah, yeah!I can't do that, sir!

Ginette refuses, waving her arms in the air, but the old man smiles broadly and slaps her in the stomach with a 'bash! The old man laughed and slapped himself on the stomach.

'No need to hold back!Give it your all, girl.
'So, sir, ......'.
'Well, well, Jeannette. It's a festival, right?
'Even Estella-san is ...... ugh, so, ......'

At Estella's suggestion, Jeannette clenched her fist fearfully.
Then, with a big swing, she .................. popped it.

'I'm sorry!I'm sorry!I hope that didn't hurt!
'Oh, ...... that's so cute ......!

A punch like that wouldn't hurt me either, I promise.
Even a cat punch would have a little more impact.

'Okay, girl!Hit him!Hit me with it!
'Come on, come on!
'Yeah, ...... yeah, yeah!

Ginette punched him in the stomach with a series of punches.
Isn't he punching you or stroking you, huh?
Oh, why are his hands and feet lifting at the same time?
Ginette's lack of motor skills is becoming apparent to the crowd.
And then, a peaceful atmosphere enveloped the area.

'Hey, little girl!I'm next!
'Oh, me too, me too!
I'm sorry, but this is not a service store. Okay, Jeannette, that's enough.
'Oh, um, if you get any bruises or pain, please come to the Sunken Pavilion. We have medicines, and of course we will treat you for free. I'm really sorry!
'What's with this girl?She's so nice!
''Yes, I want her as my daughter!

Good for you, grandpa.
Everyone's jealous of your position.

''No, she's more pure than my daughter who's nine.
'Maybe she's not as strong as my daughter who's four.

You can hear such conversations leaking out from among the old men.
You're getting a little too delicate, old men. Your muscles are melting, aren't they?

Even Jeannette, who only has this level of strength, faints in agony when an unhealthy person presses the acupuncture points on her feet.
'''No, no, no, no, that's not possible!

The air in the room warmed up nicely, so I sat Ricardo down on a chair.
First of all, I have to win the hearts of the audience with my funny reaction.

'Oh. Despite its appearance, it's quite comfortable, isn't it? Mentor, you should make arrangements to buy a set of these chairs.

The old butler by Ricardo's side obeys Ricardo's order and leaves the place.
All right, chance.

'Well, Ricardo. Let's start with the footbath.
'Yeah, I know. That feels good too, doesn't it?'

I know you heard about the footbath at Lucia's place somewhere and you've been begging Umaro to try it someday. It's an afterthought, you know.

'Ohhhhh ...... this is so nice'.

I dripped Regina's special aromatic oil into the footbath and quickly wiped my feet, though a little briefly.
The footbath is essential for preparation before the foot massage.
See, when you let other people touch your feet, you have to worry about a lot of things, right?Both the person touching them and the person being touched.
So, it's essential to cleanse your feet with a footbath once.

'So, Ricardo-san, please sit down deeply so you don't fall off the chair.
'Hmm. Not necessary, but okay.

Ricardo sits deep in his chair, and I secure him with a belt so that he doesn't fall out of the chair.
I told Zelmar to install a sturdy seatbelt.

You'll be able to find a lot more information on the web at .......sigh sigh sigh ......

I'm not sure what to say.


The venue froze for a moment.
But there was one person who didn't care about that.

'Ah, Mr. Ricardo, your stomach is weak. It hurts here, doesn't it?
'Ouch, ouch, ouch!Oh, no!Hey, wait!
'By the way, Ricardo-san drinks alcohol, doesn't he?Then, here is your liver.
'Hmmm, nuh-uh, heh-uh!
'And this is the colon.
'Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!You, hey, manager!You're doing a lot, aren't you?
'No, it's just light.That's about all I can do.
'------------------ What?

Just now, a scream that could not be captured by human hearing was emitted from Ricardo's mouth.
It seemed to be a scream beyond human comprehension.

'But if you relax the acupuncture points on your feet, you will wake up refreshed the next morning and the swelling will disappear. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Yes, I am.
If it has a tomorrow.

The gap between Ricardo's fainting in agony and Ginette's cheerful smile, which was completely unconcerned by Ricardo's fainting, left everyone in the audience in silence.
Yeah, yeah. It's scary, isn't it, a beautiful girl coming to kill you with a smile.

That's the same girl who was making this whole area so warm just now.
Oh, did you know?She's restricted from entering the twenty-seventh district when she's in footstool mode.

This time, I invited Tracy, but as soon as she found out that there was a foot massage corner, she declined to participate, saying, "I'm sorry, but I have urgent business ...... on that day.
Well, you've been traumatized, Tracey.

The person who caused that trauma is currently trying to kill Ricardo with a smiling face.

'No,......, that's as good as it gets, huh?
'Oh ...... oh, right?
'My lord, aren't you overreacting a bit?

The men who are proud of their power say this when they see Ricardo slumped in his chair with tears in both eyes.
To turn away from reality.
To regain what they believe is common sense.

Ricardo, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have the energy to argue.

'But, you know, we've been working out.
'Right!There's a difference between a professional and a lord, after all.
'Oh, yes, yes.

We'll be fine.
By saying so, the men managed to regain their confidence.

They don't even know that their words will activate the demon gods. ......

'That's right. It's really a very pleasant massage, so please try it.

No one came forward .
''Poka poka poka~! The men who had been so aggressive when I was in the middle of the massage...

''Then, let's ask the old man from earlier to help us again.
'What?Oh, me?
'You've experienced Jeannette's power, right?That's his full power, the footstools don't have that kind of full power, you know?'
'That's right. Compared to what I just hit you with, there's no ...... pain at all, is there?

Ginette, who was not used to hitting people, was still concerned.
Only a dying manboob would be bruised by something like that.
It's a blow that even a very frail mumbo jumbo can bounce back from in its prime.

What's more, you didn't say to Ricardo, who was speechless with pain, 'Are you okay? Is he okay?
Oh, yeah. A massage is a reward. In your mind.
In my mind, it's a punishment.

So, I'm going to ask the man who just had a good time to become the next victim ...... or customer.

'Well then, I'll go lightly at first.
'Oh, yeah. Take care of him.
'I said lightly at first!

After the foot massage, the old man said, 'It was more shocking than when my daughter became rebellious.

Now, afterwards, he said, 'I did it too, so you should do it too!You're afraid, you gutless people! The subject, an old man, blasted the old men in the hall and mass-produced victims one after another.
At the end, he said, "I'm the one who can endure this! If I can endure this, I'll be the number one! It became a kind of weird challenge attraction.

If there was a challenge to eat an unbelievable size of food, these guys would be addicted to it.

There was a certain amount of excitement, but if we don't do anything about it, the "foot massage" will be treated as a punishment game.
As for me, I'd like to see a regular foot massage place on Asuya-yan Avenue, so I'll do some proper PR to make sure the place doesn't go bankrupt as soon as it opens.

That's it!Let's put aside the interesting events over there for a moment.

I'm going to gather ladies with skin and digestive problems and give them a 'pleasant' foot massage experience, while the men over there get excited.

However, this was right after I had seen the big men fainting in agony one after another.
Everyone is scared and hesitant.

So I'll ask Estella to help.

'This is the lord of the 42nd district, who is affectionately known as the 'gentle lord'.
'You're the only one who speaks ill of me like that!
'Oh, the Lord of Smiles, right?
'...... I'm not authorized to do that either.'

The Lord of Smiles is exposing his face as if he has bitten down on a bitter bug.
What are you going to do when people start calling you 'Lord of the Bitterness'?
I can't sleep at night wondering how I'm going to make fun of it!

'By the way, Estella. By the way, Estella, do you have any problems or worries right now?
'Hmm~......, nothing in particular.'

At that moment, 'What? Estella said, 'I'm quite sensitive to that kind of atmosphere, so be careful! Estella bared her fangs at the crowd.
Because there is clearly something to worry about. ...... Oh, so you've reopened your eyes.

'So there's nothing wrong with you other than your reopened 'development'?
'I haven't reopened or given up on my development either!I just can't do anything about it with foot pressure!That's why I ruled it out!
'Surely, foot pressure points can't solve your problems. ............ Please forgive me for being so ungrateful... ...!
I'm not sure what to do.
In addition, even if there is such a thing as a 'breast-raising jar', ...... pressing it will kill Estella!
'I don't think it'll work that well, though!I've got some growing to do!

'That's a convenient word, 'some'!
'You're so annoying!

The crowd laughed at the unique Estella.
Okay, okay. The fear of the old man's fainting has faded.

'Well then, Estella. Soak in the footbath.'
'...... No apologies, always, always.'

Estella grumbles as she takes off her boots.
The crowd buzzed as Estella's tiny feet were exposed.
Apparently, seeing a lord expose his bare feet is very stimulating for the average person.

Well, thanks to that, the hurdle seems to be lowered because 'the lord did it too'.
You see, now that the lord's noble feet have been exposed, don't be shy and experience it, you guys.

'Huh, ...... smells good. What's that smell?
'Geranium, I think.'
'Wow, I've never heard that name before. Is it a flower?'
'Oh, yeah. They have red flowers like your eyes.

There are pink ones and green ones, too,' I thought, and Estella got quiet.
When I looked at her face, it was slightly geranium colored.

'...... You don't have to tell me the color of your eyes, do you?

'You don't have to be embarrassed about that, do you?

'It's also a herb used to stop diarrhea. So soak it up. You often pick up food.'
'No, I don't!

You almost picked up the chicken from the oyakodon!

You almost picked up the chicken from the oyakodon!' I'll just joke around and blow away the strange atmosphere.
Estella is a ...... complete mess.

I wipe Estella's feet gently with a towel and put one knee across from her on the folding chair.
Place Estella's foot on your upraised knee and get ready for the foot pressure points.
Powder shaking~.

'Hey, Yashiro, ...... that ............, be gentle, okay?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.
I'm not going to do it this time because I'm trying to show that it feels good.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
I'm not going to do it this time just to show off how good it feels!

'...... Let's go.'
'U,......, come on.'

d*mn you Estella!Oh, my God!
I hold back my emotions of wanting to make her cry, and begin to massage her with an eye on 'painful'.

I'll be back.I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
You don't usually have that kind of s*x appeal.
I'm not sure what to do.

'Oh, ......'.
'Oh, what?
'You've been drinking more, haven't you?
'What?......, why?'
'I've got a weakness in my gut. Here.
'Ahhhh!It hurts!It ...... hurts ...... there!'

Still, the pain shouldn't be unbearable.
I know my limits.
If I can loosen up the muscles in the sole of my foot like this,......

'How's that?Doesn't that make you feel better?
'Yeah............,yeah...... feels...... good'.

That's why!

I also chose a safe pressure point that Estella would be comfortable with and pressed it.
It's too hard for me to go any further.

'Ah~......, I feel lighter somehow.'
'Don't stand up so quickly. You'll get dizzy from the increased blood circulation. Sit there and drink plenty of water.'
'Yeah ......, herbal tea. Smells good~'

This time, there's a rest area where you can sit after the massage.
You can drink all the herbal tea you want.

'Thank you for your hard work.

Natalia greeted Estella with a pot of herbal tea.

'Oh, Natalia. Can I have some herbal tea?

'Very well, Lady Cijotela.'
'Who's the lascivious one?
'I've heard that there's a 'Lord of Obscenity' who's been leaking obscene breath in the square all morning.
'I'm not leaking any obscene breath!

No, you didn't.
What you just said was indecent enough.

'Well,......, that was an extreme example, so feel free to experience it,......, I guess.'

I'm not sure what to do.
...... Estella.

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

'I'm here!

Wow, I wish you had said that to an immature girl in her early twenties who only knows the sweet side of love.
When someone as world-weary as you says it, I feel nothing but fear.

'I thought you were not going to join the caravan this time because you have something to do.
'Yes. That's why I said no, so that I could go around as a guest, you know?As a visitor, you won't be able to take your time to look around, right?

What kind of guy is this?
It's like a part-timer at the most famous chicken chain in Japan who takes time off on Christmas to come to the store with his girlfriend, it's killing me.
'You!How busy do you think I am? I said.

'Actually, I've been interested in this for a while. Can you do me a favor?'
'Then I'll service you with my dirty hands.
'Mm-hmm. You always have to be a gentleman to a lady.

Yes, to a lady.
I want to be indecent to the lady. ...... No, I want to be indecent to the lady. ......?

So, Mael helped Natalia to soak in the footbath and came in front of me.
You can see that she walks around a lot.
You can tell she's been walking around a lot.

'You're too much of a gambler.
'Oh, you know that much about me?I'm so embarrassed.'

Ma-ru presses his cheek while saying that.
If I'd had a meridian cave, I would've poked it and given her a 'hite-buk! I would've poked her and made her do it.

'Then tell me if it hurts.
'Yes. Oh, I'm thrilled.'

He pushes on Ma'ru's leg, who looks happy.

'Ah ............ ah, I see, this is how it feels ...... yeah, it feels good. Yashippi, you're good.'

If I were Donis, this whole area would be a bloodbath.
With Donnis' nosebleeds, of course.

After a while of massaging the soles of his feet, I began to get a feel for Ma'ru's condition.
He hasn't been sleeping lately, has he?
His intestines are stiffening and his digestive system is weakening.

'The busier you are, the more sleep you need, the weaker your performance will be.
'Oh. Is that pure advice?Or do you just know that stuff too?
'Your body is honest and probably weaker than you think.

Even if you think you've got it in you, your body will suddenly run out of juice.

'Health and beauty come from eating right and sleeping right. You can be more kind to yourself.
'...... I agree. There are a few more people you can pamper.

A gentle voice said, and a laugh escaped, 'ugh.

'I'm glad I came here today to hear you say that, Yashippi.

After that, Ma-ru didn't say a word and enjoyed the foot massage to the fullest.
As a lady, she didn't pant or squirm, and the way she was massaged was beautiful and graceful.
One or two women who watched her began to challenge the foot massage, and as a result, many people were able to experience it.

Some of them commented that they felt a pleasant sense of weakness and that they were going to be addicted.
If they open a store on the lovely Yan Avenue, you can go there.

Incidentally, at Ginette's, the corpses of large men were piled up in a heap without my knowledge.
...... This one didn't get any customers, did it?

''I'm going to train and ...... definitely endure my master's foot pressure!

There was a layer of heat and pain.
I mean, Ginette, when did you become a master?

Before we left, we had each experienced our own "unit".
In the name of sales practice, each squad pretended that the other squad members were customers and tried to serve them.

Grandma Mum's demonstration of stain removal was an amazing feat of skill, even though it was all done by hand.
It was amazing how she could remove so many stains without steam or chemical detergent.
I can only say that this is a skill that he has acquired over the years.

Zelmal also accompanied me to repair the furniture and tools that were damaged during transportation and sales.
I've decided to demonstrate the repair of broken tools anyway.
The skills of the craftsmen are fun to watch.

Then, there is the beauty squad.

The make-up artists, who received strict instructions from Ukrines, Imelda and Mahrul, gave us a glimpse of their strictness that made us feel cold despite their gorgeous appearance.
The 'cuteness' of girls is the fruit of the blood and sweat of these people.

'Ma'ul-sama. Would you like to try this makeup?
'Yes, I think it looks good on you - on that person.'
'Yes, it does. But every woman is different, and no two women are the same. If you can't recognize the make-up, hairstyle, and fashion that makes the person shine the brightest on the spot and provide it instantly, you won't succeed in the caravan!
'Well, you're taking a little too long. Then, let's try transforming this person, whose age and atmosphere are completely different, next.
'Yes, yes!

Not only Ma'ru, but also Imelda and Ukrines, they can't even get a passing grade.
I felt sorry for them.

But maybe it was worth it, because the members of the beauty squad got a huge upgrade.
It's hard to believe that they were on the same level as the girls who came into the sunny side of the pavilion with ridiculously heavy make-up on when they named the lovely Yan Avenue.
One of the members of that heavy makeup team was also a member of the beauty team and was beaten up very badly.
Nowadays, she is said to be a master of natural make-up that looks like she is not wearing any make-up but makes a perfect impression.
...... Although you seem to be too scared to use such a name in front of Imelda and her friends.
In private. In secret. That's fine. You know?

'...... Magda is cute no matter what she wears, so it's not too difficult.
'That's not true, Magda.'
'Yes, it is. It's the people who look good in anything that test the skill of the makeup artist.
It's a good idea to use your own sense of style, personality, and talent to create a one-of-a-kind, number one 'cute' look.

I wonder if the three of them have a similar sense of beauty.

In the cooking team, Paula, Osina and Pompeo were showing off their skills.
In the team of the sunny pavilion, the Hewitt Sisters led by Loretta were very active.
Oh, the sunny pavilion has finally been taken over by the hamsters.

'......Oh, there's dust in the booth. ......Phew.'
'Magda-chou, stop acting like a little mother-in-law!There's a place for you, Magda-chou!If you are not modeling, please come back to help!
'...... If that's the case. I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.

Magda has become a member of the beauty squad on the enthusiastic recommendation of Ukrines and Imelda, but I guess the sunny pavilion is the best.
The manager of the store said, "We only serve crepes in the caravan, so let's leave this to Loretta.

--I mean, Magda has often been the acting manager, but it's not often that Loretta is the representative.
If there's an opportunity to be around her and still be in charge of the store, a manager would want to give her the experience, right?

Truly, the time will come when they leave the nest.
I can't imagine it at all.

And then there's our health team.

Come on, it's a nice foot massage!Everyone, please drop by!

There was a big space around the smiling Ginette.
...... Well, Ginette's foot pressure points are already famous in the 42nd district.
Just the other day, the news circulated that 'Javier, the general of the Lumberjack Guild, was defeated! just the other day.

'Hey, everyone!The foot massage feels good!

In the end, there were no customers at the practice, so I volunteered to be the subject.

--And since we had such a practice, we knew what each booth was like.
It's impossible to have your own booth and look around other booths.
After all, there are many booths. The space is huge. There are a lot of people, including spectators.

It's hard just to go from one booth to another.

While I was thinking about this, the second daughter of the Hewitt siblings came to our booth, cutting through the crowd of people.

'Manager~san, we need help!
'What's wrong, sir?Are you having trouble sleeping because of indigestion?
'No, Jeannette. The second girl didn't come here for a foot massage. She's here to help out at the Sunken Pavilion.'
'Is that so?
'Yes. We were running out of fruit, and the peddler's guild went to buy more, but the square was so crowded that the carts couldn't get through, and they arrived so late that my sister and the third girl couldn't do it alone!

Loretta, the second and third girls are the only ones who can cut the fruit neatly.
The rest can sell and work the cash register, but that's just my sisters.

'Then go to Ginette. If you go, you can finish the work for thirty people in a minute.'
'You're right, it's not that fast. ......'

No, no, Ginette could do it.
It's likely that her knife skills have been upgraded by the mass production of Yodamari-tei Kaiseki ~Saiori~.

''But, are you okay with me leaving?
''You'll be fine!Just train harder and let me have my revenge eventually, that's all!

You're no match for me at your current level.

But I'm sure there'll be people in this town for a while who'll say, 'Did you take that man's foot acupuncture? What, you didn't get it?That's a loss!Once you've tasted it, you'll feel like you've been pounced on by a kitten. I'm sure there will be a lot of gossip about it.

It could be a funny story, or it could be a saga of 'I got it! or it may be told as a saga.

In any case, this will give the image that 'the home of foot acupuncture is the sunken pavilion'.
...... What do you think of that?


Whenever the ruffians and the bad cops are enjoying the spring of this world with their evil deeds to the fullest, out of nowhere, the 'Footstool Chair' appears.

Ginette: I'll push it.
Ginette: 'I'll push it for you!
Bad cops & ragtag~s''''Please pardon my palms~!

--I don't know...maybe there's a future where I'll just grovel. Hahaha.

'Ah~, but I'm really feeling a bit fuzzy. I don't feel bad about it.

There are only a few chairs, so a few people are sitting on the ground.
They don't seem to mind, but something needs to be done for the afternoon session.

The man sitting on the ground is shaking his head from side to side and stretching his neck muscles.
As the blood flow increases, the blood pressure temporarily drops.
The sudden drop in blood pressure causes anemia-like symptoms and dizziness.
Dizziness and a drop in blood pressure can cause a slight dullness in the body.

There's no cure for this except to take a break.
It's okay. It's not a bad thing. You'll recover after a little rest.

But until then, you're bored, right?


How about this magazine to enjoy during your break?

The price has gone up a bit to 20Rb, but the content has been increased so much that you won't feel it's a loss. This is the "Reborn vol2".

The price is 20Rb, but the coupon attached to the magazine totals 1000Rb. It's a steal, and it's full of interesting articles. How can you not buy it?'

If you show them the contents of the magazine, both men and women will be interested in the richness of its contents.

'What is ...... '10 stylish ways to ask a noble woman out on a date'?

This is an article by Stylish Xenobios.
It's an article by Stylish Xenobios, which at first glance makes you think, 'Oh, that might be stylish! The article describes romantic and elegant staging and date plans reminiscent of Japan's bubble era.
In other words, it's like a how-to book for becoming a popular guy.
Rugged and hard-headed men are attracted to these articles.

They don't seem to have much experience with women. Learn it, learn it.

Just, sadly, ......
Xenobios, you haven't been able to ask Imelda out in that stylish way once. It's like asking her a hundred times and being rejected a hundred times.
Well, what you don't say is what you get, and what you don't know is what you get.

The articles that stuck with the girls were the second fashion proposal by Ukrines and the article on "Flower Arrangement to Create a Small Garden in Your Room," which summarized what Millie had told us.
The article describes how to enjoy houseplants and miscellaneous plants in a room, which were common in Japan, how to take care of them easily, and how to make potpourri that can be used even after the plants have wilted.
I'll try to make succulents popular one of these days.

I'll buy it. 20Rb is cheap.'
'Me too!
'Me too!
'I'm buying for my family, too!With this coupon, I'm going to eat the rumored 'Yakiniku'.'

And just like that, "Reborn Vol. 2: The Second Issue but Suddenly Extra Special" sold like hotcakes.