498-Episode 300 The Great Caravan Team is coming!After...

During the morning session of the caravan's business trip, Estella exposed her lasciviousness to the public, and Natalia asked me not to use Estella.
As expected, it was judged that it would not be good for Estella, who was gaining fame as the "Lord of Smiles", to let out s*xy exhales such as 'ahan' and 'ufun' in front of so many people.
Natalia was worried about Estella's future and the future of the Cremona family.

'I'm at a disadvantage because I don't have any breasts,' she said.

'Whose tits are a handicap?
'The girl without tits.
'Alright, let's fight!Today is the day I'm going to beat the crap out of you for not treating your master like a master!

And so on and so forth, they were jostling with each other.

So, I asked another beautiful woman to give a demonstration in the afternoon session.

'...... Something about the way you look at me stings me strangely.

When Norma's slender, beautiful legs were lifted out of the tub of hot water, the eyes of the males in the room focused on one point.
The whole place was being gazed at with a level of intensity that you could clearly feel.

'It's ...... a helpless creature, isn't it, men?

It's not that they're embarrassed, or that they're trying to make a cheap show of it, it's just that they're very seductive about it.
Wow, you're an expert at dealing with men. You've never even had a boyfriend.

'Yashiro, ......, if you hurt me, you'll get a spanking.

I don't know.
That sounds like a lot of fun. ......
Well, this is a team that appeals to 'comfortable foot pressure points'.
The funny reaction section is being handled by Gustave, who was sent to escort the caravan in place of Ricardo, who retired in tears.

'Eatery!Please stop it!

His high-pitched voice was an octave higher today.
A thin piece of glass could be broken by the ultrasonic waves.

'Hyahhaaaaaa!It's like a newborn Pteranodon!

Sounds like a newborn pteranodon, that one.

But, sadly, the old men's eyes are glued to Norma, who is sitting on a chair showing off her exquisite S-shaped line.

'Okay, Norma. Let's go light.'

I confirm and start the foot massage gently.
I lightly loosen the stiffness and--

'Oh, ............. That feels good.'

To help you sleep better, I'm going to press on some bowel-related points.

It's ...... a little ............ painful, isn't it? ......!

In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.

I'm sure you'll agree with me.

The hearts of all the mens present here and now have become one.
I don't know what the words mean, but it was a moment that made me want to scream.

--After something like that, I was summoned by Estella and Natalia.

'You're disturbing public morals.

I was scolded.
I'm just doing my job.

The eyes that stare at me when I'm being scolded are forty percent sympathetic, as if to say, 'Well, it can't be helped. 'Don't worry, we're still on your side! We're on your side!

After the foot massage, the women who had received my massage didn't say anything like 'I can't stand that obscene thing! They didn't say anything like that.
There was one woman who couldn't hold back and blushed a little.
I'm sure that the people here know that I have no ill intentions.

So, even though I'm being scolded, I'm not being condemned, I'm being told I need to do something about it, or so it would seem.

''Well, I can understand why you can't help but shout out when you're given a foot massage.
'''That's right!'''
''No, you guys were just screaming, not screaming, so it's a different genre. ......''

The men who showed their full agreement to Estella's words were the ones who had experienced the most intense pain in their lives at the hands of Jeannette.
It was quite surreal to see the muscular macho men with teardrops in the corners of their eyes.

'There are a lot of women who suffer from cold and constipation, and I'd really like them to have a foot massage, but I think they'd be embarrassed to have their s*xy breath heard in front of so many people.
'No, I'm having a lot of fun.
''It's guys like you that make me embarrassed, girls!
'''We're totally welcome too!
''Sorry, most of the people from the other wards are probably meeting for the first time today, but-- Shut up, you lump of eros!

The voltage of the males is at its highest after being cursed by Estella.
It's worse than ...... the 42nd district, these old men are sick.

''Master Yashiro, Master Estella. May I make a suggestion?'

Natalia quietly stepped forward in front of the crowd.
The beautiful woman in the maid's outfit in front of her drew the attention of both men and women.

'Ah ...... haha~'

Natalia makes an "S" shape and lets out a lusty breath as she monopolizes the attention.
A few men took direct hits and fell to the ground.

'Why don't we build a simple hut so that we can't be seen from the outside?
'Then I'll lock you in first, in that simple hut!

He's definitely the most harmful of the bunch.
Without Regina, this guy's out of control.

'With Umaro-san here, wouldn't it be easier for women to experience this if we had the demonstration out front and the guests in the private room?
'That's right. I want to spread the foot massage more and I want as many people as possible to experience it.
'Well, it's true that if you're with your children or your husband, it's difficult to make a lusty voice.

When I joked about it, some of the wives nodded and said, 'Yes, yes! Some of the wives nodded their heads in agreement.
Those wives must have been the ones who wanted to try it but were too embarrassed to do it this time.

'Well, let's have a hut built tomorrow and do it in there.
'That would be better.
'Then, everyone who wanted to try it this time but refrained, please use the coupon to experience it. If you buy this Reborn, you will get a coupon for one free foot massage as well as a coupon for various discounts.

Estella holds the Reborn in her hand and smiles as if she's shopping on TV.

'You're a good salesman.
'That's why I've come all this way.

Hearing our conversation, the people present laughed.
And then, those who showed interest bought the "Reborn".
Oh, wow!It's selling like hotcakes!

It's selling like hotcakes.

A small woman with a furry mouth said this to me as I processed the line to buy the Reborn.

'Thanks to you.

I replied, and without saying a word, the small woman bowed her head and walked away from me.

'Can I have three copies?I'm going to give them to the guys at work.
'Oh, are you from the thirty-eighth district?
'I'm from the thirty-ninth district. I came to see you this morning.'
'I see. Have a good time.

--As I was having this conversation, I kept seeing the small woman in the corner of my eye.

I knew she was here.

That little woman is not a customer.
A customer doesn't care about 'sales'.
At most, they would say, "It's very popular.
There is a very high possibility that the people who think about profit when they see a product selling well are those in the same industry, and among them, those who are in an adversarial or rival relationship.
This is evidence that they are constantly comparing themselves with their competitors.

And that look in their eyes when I say 'thanks'.
That wasn't a friendly look no matter how you look at it.

That woman.
Either she's a member of the press, or she's an agent sent by ...... Wishart.

Either way, they'll get our information.
Make sure you tell them, 'The lord accidentally let out a s*xy breath and we had to build a hut in the 35th district'.

I hadn't calculated that Estella was s*xy, but I had originally planned to use Norma for the demonstration here.
I've explained that to Norma as well.
That's why I asked her to be more s*xy than necessary this time. All the way from the footbath.

And so, after being warned by the lord and Natalia, he was obliged to build a simple hut by order from above.
That's how it happened.

Now we can make a blindfold.

A blindfold that would allow him to talk to Lupinus in private, in full view of Wishart's agents.

By the time I reached the 35th district, the sky was completely dark.

'Thank you for your long journey!I've prepared a footbath for you. Please take your time and soak away your fatigue.

It seems that the carpenters of the thirty-five districts had worked together to build a huge footbath.
It's divided into several sections to withstand the weight of the water, but I'm sure we can all enjoy the footbath if it's big enough.

'Welcome. Welcome, all but the anchovies!
'Oh, sorry, I splashed the water.
'Oh!You!You've soaked my rather expensive dress for welcoming you!

That's because you came all the way to my door and excluded me.
Do you really want me to care that much about you?

This time, we can't be in the lord's mansion, and we've been lent a square near a section of the city where there are many accommodations.
The caravan wagons will be left here for the night.
A member of the hunting guild will be keeping watch over it.

'Hmm. I was sure Miz Rossel would come.''
'Medora will be guarding the port.'
'You can't refuse Yashiro's request, can you?'

Estella interrupted me from the side.

Medora was going to accompany the caravan this time, but I was a little too scared to stay out with ...... Medora, so I tied her up in the 42nd district.
You can't be sure that Wishart won't come to rob or destroy the port while Estella and I are away. We don't know what he'll do to destroy our reputation. This is a very dangerous request, Medora, but you're the only one I can trust with the 42nd district without us! --Please.

And then, Medora-san, crying, said yes with two words: ...... Yashiro, it is a sin to make a woman cry.I'm sure you'll appreciate it.
'The forty two districts and the port construction are under your jurisdiction. You can work on them all you want.

I was just protecting my own safety.
I have no right to complain or be complained about.

Instead of Medora, the caravan was accompanied by Alvaro and Gustave.
They may not be able to do anything conspicuous in the city, but I'm afraid of ...... assassination. You'll have to keep a close eye on them.

'The lord and the guild leader's family will be staying in my mansion, and the others will be staying in the lodgings I have prepared for them. I have told each innkeeper to give their all and treat you with sincerity. Please take your time and relax after your long journey.
'Thank you, Miss Lucia. I thank you on behalf of everyone.'
'Good. I did what I had to do.
'Thank you, direct pass!
'Muhaa!Hammarotan's proposal came!
'No, it's not, Lucia-san!
'Hey, are you sure?The carpenters at your place are looking at you with disbelief.

When Hammaro thanked her, Lucia was in a lascivious state.
I bet you don't usually see her like that in the 35th district, and the carpenters who made the footbath are aghast.
You may not know it, but that's Lucia's true nature.

Maybe she is trying to bridge the gap between her and the people by exposing her true self. ...... But even so, you're skipping too far from the beginning. You'll have to build a high wall before you can close the gap.

'I've heard a lot of people say that about her relationship with her people. 'How can you be so friendly? You know.'
'So when I told her that it was the result of playing with her tits, Estella-sama scolded me a lot. I'm fed up with the unreasonable Lord.
'I'm fed up with you, Natalia!

Well, that's true.
Recently, even the aunts and little girls in the neighborhood have been saying things like, 'Good job with the exercises today,' and 'I hope you grow up.
But strangely enough, I haven't heard of any boys playing with her.
...... Oh, I see. That's because Natalia is standing there staring at you. If a man does that, Natalia will give him a hard time. --Except me.
What's with this special treatment?
Can I just be happy about it?

'Hey, Oba. Something smells good. What's that smell?'

I don't know why Ricardo, who's standing next to me, is talking to me in a casual way, as if we're acquaintances.
Can you please stop?He'll think I know him.

'It's geraniums.
'Never heard of it. But it smells nice.'
'It's not just the scent. Geranium is often used in skin care for its sebum-regulating properties. It's also used as an antibacterial and hemostatic agent. The scent has a relaxing effect, so you might want to make a potpourri of it and put it under your pillow to get a good night's sleep. ...... Unfortunately, it does not have any breast-enhancing properties.
'You don't need that information, do you!

Ricardo and Estella from the opposite side of the room complained.
...... Why am I sandwiched between lords?

You know a lot about flowers, don't you? Is there a woman in love with the Flower Arrangement Guild?
'I've got three questions for you, why are you so crass?Why are you so crass?And why are you standing next to me?

There's a lot of people from District Forty-one here this time, so go over there!
It'll be a good opportunity to hear about the situation of the lovely Yann Avenue, the feeling of this event, the challenges, the discoveries, and so on!

'Hmm, anchovy. You're always surrounded by lords, aren't you?Are you trying to make a name for yourself in the world of power?
'They just come to me on their own.

They are surrounded by lords on both sides and in front of them, including Lucia who is talking in her sleep.
Behind her are Natalia and Gilberta.
I can't breathe!The pressure's too much, you guys.

'Are you sure Natalia doesn't want to take a footbath?
'Thank you for your concern. But we can't let our guard down now.

Well, there have been some suspicious characters.

'What is it?Are you unhappy that you don't have a woman on either side of you, anchovy?I won't lend you Gilberta.
'I didn't say that.
'It's written all over your face.
'Oh, really?Estella, is it written on my face, 'Ricardo, you're too hot, why don't you go over there a bit more?
'Yes, it's written on your face.
'You're changing the subject, aren't you?I'm just joking.

Even though it was a joke, Ricardo kept a little distance.
Lucia intervened in the gap.

It's too small!

'What do you think?Aren't you happy?'
'Well, if this were a mixed bath instead of a footbath, I'd dance for joy.'
'In the nude?That would be unseemly.

Laughing happily, Lucia had Gilberta take off her shoes for her.
Are you really going to go in there? ...... The carpenters in the 35th district are rushing around.Are you sure?

'...... So, how did it go?'

Lucia says in a small but very sharp voice as she takes off her shoes.
Oh, I see. So that's what you wanted.

'You were at ....... There was at least one person from the paper.
'So there must be one or two more of Wishart's henchmen in there.
I'll bet.
'Have you taken any action?
'Well, yes.
'Well, good.

After getting all the information, Lucia soaked her feet in the hot water as if nothing had happened.

'Ahh, it's so relaxing!
'Is that an old man?Your voice is fat!

''Ah, the carpenter from the 35th district is blinking his white eyes.

'Yes, yes. Ginepuyo.

Ginette is soaking in a footbath with Magda and Loretta in a different tub than us.
The three of them must be pampering each other after being away from each other all day.
The hamsters who were helping out at the booth in the sunny pavilion are also there.

'Sirach said he'd love to invite the people from the Sunken Pavilion tonight.
'Is that true? I'm glad. Then, I'd like to invite you all.
'Hmm. I'm sure Sirach will be pleased to hear that. --But not you, anchovy!
'Why not?

Lucia turns around and looks at me like a young man.

'How can I release a beast like you in a place where so many girls stay!You will be held in strict custody at my residence!You and Hammarotan!
'Gilberter!Can you keep this beast under tight restraint?
'Yes, I will. That's the order.

You're the one in danger.

--I'll give you a reason not to stay at Sirach's Keep.

Orkio is in Sirach's lodge. If I stay there, Wishart will know that I might have heard some information.

I need to pretend that my meeting with Lupinus tomorrow is a coincidence.
It's better to kill anything that might give him the wrong idea.

'I, well, I can't help it, I'll stay at your place, but I'll leave Hammaro with Sirach.
'Why not!I want to sleep with him in my arms and cuddle him and cuddle him!
'That's why!

The pervert revealed himself, and the carpenter from the 35th district blew bubbles and collapsed, when Hammaro swam over with a carefree sound of waves.

'Why are you soaking your whole body in the footbath?
'It's so warm!
'You'll step on it if you float around like that~'

When I lifted my foot and tried to step on it slowly, Hammaro swam away smoothly.
Estella is also amused and pretends to step on Hammaro. Or rather, everyone in the tub lifts their legs to step on Hammaro. But Hammaro dexterously slips between their legs and runs away. That's Loretta's brother. He swims so well that it's almost sickening.

'Aaah!Hammaro!If I catch that thing, can I take it home with me?
'There's no such rule, and you're the one who's going to get caught!

Lucia, who was chasing Hammaro right and left in the footbath tub with the hem of her dress soaking wet, was grabbed by Gilberta by the neck and forced to leave.

The carpenters of the 35th district had stopped moving at all.

Maybe today is Lucia's other birthday.
Good for you, perverted lord.
I don't know if it'll make you friendly with the people.

Now, the work is done.
All that's left to do is finish it... and I was going to go to sleep.

'Wake up, anchovy.
'I wish you'd at least asked me if I was awake.

Lucia broke into my bedroom.
Even if it's only a group of people you know, don't sneak into a man's room in the middle of the night when Javier and Ricardo are staying there.
You're in a position where you have to be more sensitive about such things than others.

'That's quite a bold night crawl.
'Hmm. Don't talk about it until you're asleep.
'Well, good night.
'Don't go to sleep!
'Which way?

I'm sleepy, I'm sleepy.
We've been walking and working all day.

Well, if you've come all the way to see me in the middle of the night, it probably means you have something to tell me.

'Did you get any information about Wishart's case?
'No, not particularly.
'Then what are you doing here?
'I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd talk about love.
'School trip?

I don't know how school trip was translated, but Lucia laughed and walked over to the bed.
Unfortunately, there was not the slightest hint of a peachy atmosphere in the air.

'I heard that foot pressure points are very comfortable.
'Oh. You can have Ginette do it tomorrow.'
'I hear Javier cried.

d*mn it!
Who the hell leaked that information?
You could have seen Lucia cry out!

'I hear you're good, anchovy.
'I can hurt you. Shall I make you cry?'
'Then the waiter and the guards will come running here. You'll be unwillingly welcomed as the lord of the 35th district.''

If that's what you think, I'd tell you to refrain from acting carelessly. I want to tell him.

'I'll give you such an opportunity to work for me as a token of my gratitude.
'Can't you honestly say, 'I'm interested, please do it'?
You can't just say, 'I'm interested, please do it'?

...... d*mn it.

I'm sure you'll be able to't leave until you've had your foot massage, so I'm going to crawl out of bed.
...... d*mn. I'm not even going to show any sign of wincing when I see her in her nightgown. I guess he's been trained not to show such an opening because of his position.

Lucia sits on a chair and puts her legs out towards you.
They're ...... very thin and very long. Her skin is white and her legs are beautiful. I wonder if I would be imprisoned if I licked it from my ankles to my calves. I'm not sure if I'm going to be imprisoned if I lick it from ankle to calf....... would be a capital offense.

I crouched down on one knee in front of Lucia for a foot massage.

'Hmmm. It's not bad to be served by you like this.'
'Keep talking.'

I place Lucia's lifted leg on my thigh and turn her ankle to stretch her muscles.
'Oh,......,' said Lucia, letting out an admiring sound.
It feels good just to stretch your muscles like this, doesn't it?

'The foot acupuncture points are used to relieve stiffness in the bad parts of the body, but ...... unfortunately, there are no acupuncture points for the 'guts'.
'You don't need it. It's not that bad.
'You need to look at yourself a little more.
'I'm proud to say that I'm highly regarded by third parties.

You're a man of few words.
But even so, he seems to be very caring and his stomach and intestines were stiff.
He's under a lot of stress, isn't he?
When I rubbed this spot... I'm sure you can hear Lucia's screams, but I don't want to be picked up by the ...... guards. I'm tired today and want to sleep in my bed until morning.

'Well, let's get started.

It's a little annoying, but I'm going to give you a nice, serious foot massage.

'Oh, ............, ......, that's pretty .......'

Lucia, who seemed to be trying to make some kind of relaxed comment, gradually said less and less, saying only 'yes' and 'hmm' for a while, until finally there was only the sound of her breathing.
It seemed to feel quite good.
It seems that he is very tired. His back and shoulders were stiff.
More than anything, his internal organs are being tortured by stress.

This guy's been giving me a lot of trouble, too. ......

It's a great way to get a good night's sleep.
Slowly, slowly, generously--

'Ah, there ............ is ............... ...mmm!

At that moment, Lucia's legs pulled away. I'm not sure what to do.
When I looked up, Lucia was holding her mouth with both hands, and her neck and above had turned bright red.

'That's enough!That's ...... enough.'

She stood up briskly, brushed off her skirt, and walked quickly to the window to look at the dark sky.

Lucia's face is reflected in the window glass, illuminated by the light in the room.
Lucia's eyes, reflected in the glass, glanced at me.

'...... erotic anchovy'.

I thought you told me to do it.

'I'll leave a few of my waiters with you. Make sure they're trained in the art of foot pressure.'
'Go to the lovely Avenue.
'The masseuse there is your apprentice, isn't she?Then it's more efficient to learn from a skilled one.'
'It's more work for me.
'If you don't teach me, I'll break into your room.
'That's not a threatening phrase for a lady to use.

Dangerous men are welcome here.

Anyway, the foot massage felt good.
She wants to savor it more.
Maybe we should let Jeannette be the instructor. It'll limit the victims to Lucia. Yeah, let's do that.

'Huh. ....... By the way.'

In the same breath, Lucia's mood changed again.
She completely ignores her cheeks, which are still slightly hot, and tightens her expression.

'You seem to be all set, but can you lure her out successfully?

Natalia had passed on the information to Gilberta, and Lucia must have been informed of the plan as well.
In order to meet Lupinus naturally, it was decided that I should be kept away from Orkio and that the footstools should be used inside the hut, according to 'instructions from someone other than me'.

'No matter how ready you are, if Lupinus isn't interested in the foot jar, he won't show up in front of you, right?
'I'm fine with that. I have a friend who can bring him to you properly.''
'Really?That hasn't reached my ears. You're sure about that, aren't you?
'Yes. Lupinus's husband was just the man for the job.

I looked him up, and to my surprise, he was a person closely related to the 42nd district.
So, I'm sending the perfect envoy. I'm sure he'll bring you out properly tomorrow.

'I see. Good.

Lucia's a worrier, too.
Is that why you came all the way out here in the middle of the night?

'I'll be lucky if I get any information from the meeting. If you don't, I'll think of something else to do. I'm going to be light-hearted, so don't worry about it.
'Hmm, I'm not worried.

The usual bullish expression turns to face me and smiles a soft, uncharacteristic smile.

I'm sure you'll do fine anyway.

...... Although I'm unwilling to be burdened with the strange expectations of a lord from another district.

'You'll have to get them to play along. If you want, you can even seduce them, aren't you good at that?
'Who's ....... I don't touch people's stuff.

A married woman is unethical,......, and her husband, if my information is correct, is a very dangerous man.
I'm sure you've heard of it. I'll be washed.

'I've met her a few times and she's a pleasant person, like a piece of bamboo.
'I've got similar information. But it seems that the informant didn't know Lupinus' identity at all.

'What?Okkasan is a nobleman? He was surprised.

'It would be ideal for us if Lupinus could replace Deiglea as the lord of the 30th district, but ...... she's no good. It's not the right time to be a lord.
'Do you have a problem with her behavior?
'No. She's too much of a family man. She may have been influenced by Orkio's disinheritance, but she has a disgust ...... for the act of abandoning her family, almost to the point of hatred. Perhaps because of this, my love for my family is somewhat heavy. My daughter must be having a hard time.

Lucia smiles wryly.
A mother with heavy affection. ...... That sounds like a lot of work.

'Therefore, Lupinus is not suited to be a lord. He'll probably put his family before his people. That's not going to keep the city running.

Qualities can be quite important, you know.

'In that sense, perhaps Orkio is more suited to be a lord.'
'Hmm. He knows how to kill himself, and he is good at bargaining. Above all, he has one thing that he cannot shake. People like that show their strength when the time comes. Well, he's too old to become a lord now.

It's a shame, Lucia said.

Orkio is highly respected by the nobility.
Maybe that's why the Wishart family chose him to be their daughter's teacher.

However, Orkio's refusal to surrender what he could not surrender caused friction with his family.
Even if he is suited to be a lord, the sentence "more than Lupinus" is probably attached to his head.

In that light, Estella is doing well.

'It's tough being a lord, isn't it?
'Oh. Do you want me to take your place?
'No thanks.

Who would want to get into that kind of trouble?

'You're the most suitable lord I know, though.
'By the authority of the lord, I'm going to push forward with the policy of barefoot?
'Hahahaha!Too bad you'll be beheaded in three days. A fitting end for you.

Not only will you be fired, you'll be fired?
A lord is a terrible thing. I'll never be one.

'Well, do your best.
'Oh. You too.'

Lucia, who had just gotten up and was heading for the door, looked back at me.

''You too''?What do you want me to do?

Lucia doesn't understand, so I tell her in the mask of a kind person.
Pointing to the other side of the door.

'The scary head waiter is going to give you a lesson.
'I want you to observe moderation, Lucia-sama.'

Gilberta was standing on the other side of the door.
She was holding a rough rope to bind Lucia firmly.

'Wait, Gilberta!This is not right!You've got it all wrong, Gilberta!

In the middle of the night, Lucia's voice echoed through the building as a lullaby, and I slept soundly until morning.

The event site was crowded with many people, including the residents of the neighboring districts.
From the early morning preparation stage, there was already a huge crowd.
From what I heard, even those who had seen the event yesterday had come a long way to take part in it again.
If anything, the people from the forty to thirty-five districts were already here.

...... Oh, correction.
People from the 34th, 33rd and 24th wards are also here.

The reason why Tracy hasn't come to see Estella even though she's this close is probably because of Jeannette's foot pressure booth.

''Master~!Please give me a rematch!
''Ah, everyone. How's it going?Did you have a good sleep last night?
'''Yes!It was the most comfortable awakening I've had in over ten years!
''That's good to hear.

'' ''Yesterday, the big men who were fainting from the foot pressure points are crowding around with a hot heat.
Ginette seemed satisfied, 'After all, foot massages are good for your health,' but no, it's called a 'rematch,' isn't it?
A healthy massage is not a 'war'.
I don't know, maybe I'm only hearing what's convenient for me?

Hey, hey, Miss Jeannette?
I'm sure you've heard of it.

I thought I didn't need a demonstrator this time...

I'm not sure what to say.

Alvaro is getting very motivated.
Well, I'm sure he'll be screaming in a few minutes.

Oh, well. There's no need to make him wait so long.
There seems to be a lot of dominant customers waiting for their turn this time, and a lot of spectators.
Let's get this over with.

'Jeannette. It's still a little early, but there are a lot of customers today and I want to leave in the evening. Get on with it and bury Alvaro.'
'Bury him? Giggling.

No, no, Mr. Ginette.
You're the only one who thinks it's a joke.
I'm being a bit respectful myself.

'Well, Mr. Alvaro. This way, please.'
'Oh, by the way, I thought we were going to be indoors from today. I'll be waiting for you guys!I'll be back with a win!

Why are you lying to me like that? ......
Medora, if you don't teach him well, you'll lose a talented young man.


A scream that sounds like it's the first time I've heard it, with a bunch of muddy dots added to the 'ni', is coming from the private room.
It was such a scream that even if I had stepped on a cat, I would not have screamed like that.

'............ I'm just getting carried away,...... I'm going to do more training,......'.

Alvaro came out of the private room with his nose turned into a cat and his ears flattened. He's hugging his knees by the door, curled up and crying.
What's with your dented face?
Did you do it on purpose?
Look at you, you're stabbing the girls as if you were aiming for them!
They're saying, 'Oh no, she's cute!
That's not fair, you!
You've always had a boy's face that would tickle a shota's fancy, but when you cry, you turn into an animal!It's not fair, like using a gun in a kendo match!

I'm not sure what to make of that.

Oh, you've got a very reliable bodyguard now, Ginette.
Feed it to me. She'll be a loyal knight.
And according to Magda, Alvaro's not the romantic type, so he's just a kid who's into fighting and hunting.
All right, you're clear to escort Jeannette.
I was a little worried about her being in a private room this time. Keep her safe.

And if you try anything, ...... I'll send Medora and Magda after you, okay?

'Um, Alvaro-san, are you alright?I was surprised when you ran out.'
'Yeah, I'm fine!I was just surprised that it hurt as much as my mom's knuckles.

Oh, ...... that much?
Then, Ginette, you can kill a hexenbiest with a footstool.

You're overreacting. You're exaggerating. But it's because you're unhealthy that it hurts. First, let's improve your diet.
'Yes!I will!
'Please come to eat at the Sunken Pavilion once in a while.
''I'll come!
''Wait, wait, wait, white tiger!Trying to monopolize Master's smile is an unforgivable act!

The dominant men in the line crowded around Alvaro and protested.
''When did you get so many fans, Ginette?

'Mm-hmm. I'm glad to hear that you like the foot massage, Yashiro.

No, no, no. ......
Your eyes are amazing. Are you wearing a frosted glass or something?And yet the world seems to be shining brightly.
Let's see, ...... I'll have Magda and Loretta keep a close eye on you after tomorrow.

Oh, ...... we'll have more customers tomorrow.

In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do.
As expected, the most popular items were sweets, fashion and makeup.

In the midst of all this, a group of people came running towards us in a straight line through the crowds.

'Oh, hey!Yashiro~!

Shaking her long purple hair that reflected the light, Delia came running towards us.
Behind her, a large man, even bigger than Delia, is following her.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
The bear people......, or is it the fox people?
In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

'Let me introduce you. This is my Anchan!
'Ah, nice to meet you. So you're Yashiro. Thank you for taking care of Delia.'

The big man with white ears has white eyebrows and a goatee the same color as his ears, and he looks chiseled and strong.
His strong face was distorted with anxiety and he smiled kindly at us.
It's like a naughty guy who's feared in class but has a weakness for his sister.
Delia calls them 'Anchan', but they are not really brother and sister. Delia is his only daughter.

'I'm Taita Warsaw. I'm not Delia's brother--'
'I'm listening. You're Delia's father's apprentice?'
'Yes, I am. He's taken care of me to death. "indebted" is not enough. Every cell in my body is carrying his will.'

You're so crazy about him.

'That's why I regret it. Why is the master languishing in the lowest district like that, at such a young age?

Bang!And then he slams his fist into his palm and makes a horrible sound.
...... Yeah, I'm sure he meant no offense. I'm sure you don't mean any harm,......, but the bottom line is.

'Yashiro. You're not my apprentice. He's my number one disciple!He's stronger than me!Hey, Anchan!

'Ooh!I'm still no match for Delia!'
'Well, let's see what you got!
'Yeah!Come on!
''If you're going to do it, do it somewhere else!

''If Delia x2's power gets out of control, this whole area will be cleared!
The words I used to try to stop them were neatly interspersed with the voice of a woman different from me.

The voice was that of a beautiful woman with bright purple hair, similar to Delia's.
She was a beautiful woman with a certain amount of age, but the accumulation of time had deepened her beauty, as if she was maturing rather than aging.
She had a powerful gaze full of wildness and a mysterious charm that combined with a grace that overwhelmed me just by standing there.

This is--Lupinus.

'You. Delia.'

In contrast to the voice that was raised earlier, Lupinus called out their names in a quiet voice, but one that was clearly transmitted to the eardrums.


Gosh!Gah!And then he hit them both in the brain with a single fist.

'How many times do I have to tell you to think about what's going on around you?You need to learn!

The shout was so powerful that it forced even those around me who were not involved to 'watch out'. I couldn't help but give a 'Pish!

I'm sure you're trying to make up for the height difference, but ...... you flew so fast, that lady!

This was my first encounter with Lupinus Orso - my maiden name, Lupinus Wishart.