499-Episode 301 Lupinas' thoughts

'I'm sorry, darling.'
'I'm sorry, Occitan.'

Taita and Delia are forced to sit on the ground.
Lupinus looks down at them with his arms crossed.

I don't know. ......
It's a different kind of ...... than Bertina's, but it's a directly scary Occasion.

It's like the mother of your friend who scolds you with all her might, even if it's someone else's child.

But I didn't know Delia had a weakness.
I wonder why she didn't come to see me earlier. There were a couple of scenes where she was like, 'Someone stop Delia's rampage! Didn't she?
You're not late, are you?

I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm not sure what to make of it.
If possible, I wanted it before I went to negotiate with the garbage collection guild.

'Sorry, bro.
'No, sir, not at all!You're welcome to it!
'Hahaha!What are you getting hard for?A man getting hard is [self-imposed].'
'That's an underhanded joke!

Did Regina just pass by?
I'm not sure if I've got the Regina virus on my clothes or not.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
'Oh, no. I'm so sorry!I'm sorry, brother!

You'll be able to get a lot more than just a pair of shoes.
...... Is this guy really a former nobleman?
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what's going on in your life.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one for you.It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and how to get it.

I'm sure you'll agree.
Where did you learn that word, Delia?
You don't use those kinds of words very often, do you?
Huh?Did you get into a fight with Jeannette?Are you okay?Are you guys getting along?

'No matter how much it hurts, it hurts more than the master's fist, Delia. Even your fist didn't reach the master.'
I'm telling you the truth!Hey, Yashiro~. Please tell him too!There's no mercy or compassion for the manager's footstools.

No, wait, wait!
Delia, huh?You don't like Jeannette?
She's a rather nice girl, isn't she?Be good to her, okay?

'Oh, my God, you sound so sweet. I've never seen Delia like this before.'
'Yeah, you're right. You really are like a brother and sister.'
'Hehe~, Anchan is special~'

Delia seems to be very attached to Taita.
She's number two after her father, the best.
He may be the only man Delia recognizes right now.

From the looks of it, she doesn't seem to have any feelings for him, but she seems to be a braconic sister.
She seems happy to be with him.
If Taita came to the 42nd district, Omero and his friends would be saved a little more. ...... Taita is said to be the head of the river fishing guild in the 35th district, so that's impossible.
Too bad, Omero. Give it up.

'Hmph. That's not what I meant.

Lupinus' thin fingers gently touched my chin as he smiled deeper at Delia's sweet smile--


And with a tremendous force, she forced me to turn my face.
My neck!
My neck just jerked! !

The tip of my chin was bound with thin fingers, and I was pinned right in front of Lupinus' face.

I'm not sure what to say.Hey, Yashiro-kun?

I don't know, my spine is ...... cold.

'What kind of relationship do you have with him?What kind of relationship do you plan to have with her?I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.I'd like to talk to you at ...... length, okay?

Obayashi White has escaped!
But they've gone around him!
Obeyashiro has escaped!
But they've gone around him!
Obvious White's getting away!
But they've gone around him!
Obeyashira's getting away!
But they've gone around him!
Obeyashira's getting away!
But he's been cut off!

Are you the boss?
Is this a boss fight?
You can't escape!
Maybe it's a losing event?
You're playing a game and you're thinking, 'Oh, I can't win. I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before. But that's not it, is it?
There's still a way for me to survive, isn't there?

I'm also interested in foot pressure points. ...... Will you be in charge of this?
'Yes, I'd be happy to.
'Well, I'm glad. After all, it's better for young boys to be honest. He's so cute.

Hey, who's that?Who introduced this guy to me?
Lucia?Was it Lucia who started it?
Stop it, Orkio, if you knew he was this dangerous!

Ginette, I need your help!

When I looked towards Jeannette, I heard Taita's scream from inside the private room: 'This is impossible! I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
This is a great way to make sure that you get the most out of your time with your family and friends. ...... Don't take it easy on yourself when you're locked on to me, husband!I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.
And Jeannette!I'm in need of your warm and fuzzy aura to nullify all ill will!Come out, please!

Let's go, shall we?
'............ Delia'
'Oh!Take care of Okkasan for me, Yashiro!

...... No.
Eye to eye communication with that girl is a dream come true.
I think eye contact with Delia is more difficult than teaching Bonacon to go through a fire ring.

In the end, I was dragged into the private room by Lupinus.

'Well, and ......'.

A private room for foot massages that Umaro had made for me this morning.
Great care has been taken to soundproof the room so that the woman's annoying breath cannot be heard.
Naturally, you can't see into the room from the outside.
The room is dimly illuminated by the pale light of lanterns, and scented candles made by Becco and Regina are drifting with the scent of lavender.

It's a good idea to be alone with a beautiful woman like Lupinus in a closed room like this, it should be a somewhat nerve-wracking situation, but ...... right now I'm too nervous in a different way to do that. ...... will be eaten.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm not going to take it and eat it.'

He sits deep in a folding chair and crosses his long legs.

'I wonder if this cabin is suitable for private conversation?

Lupinus' gaze changed.
He hadn't told Delia the details.
It wasn't so much that he was afraid of leaking information, but that he feared he might not be able to lure Lupinus with Delia's directness.
So I asked Orkio to write a letter.

A man named Obayashi wants to see you.
With details of this muddled operation.

Apparently, he's come here with a clear understanding.

'Ah. No matter how many naughty things I say in this room, I can't make you repent!
'Are you always doing that?You're a dumb man. ......'

Lupinus sighs, resting his elbows on the railing.

'Well, then, let's get down to business--'

Lupinus takes a quiet breath, stares up at me, and asks me a question that gets to the heart of the matter.

'How far did you and Delia go?
'That's not the main question!

Oh, no!I don't know if you got my message!

'You know, I've been taking good care of that girl that my husband cares for as if she were my real sister. She may be a little misunderstood, but she's a good, upright girl!So you see, if you make her cry, I'll make [self-imposed restrictions] on [self-imposed restrictions] and make it impossible for you to [self-imposed restrictions], okay?
'Age restrictions for the non-erotic!

That's scary!
Don't do that kind of thing in a closed room!I'm seriously going to cry!

'There's nothing going on with Delia. She's a trusted friend.
'Friends ......, right?

Her eyes stare at me warily.

'It's not just that, judging by the way she's behaving,......, but it's okay. I believe you. You're sure she didn't do anything wrong?
'Judgment of the Spirits'.
'You don't believe me, do you, you bastard?

Help me!
I didn't show any hesitation, you old woman!
A beautiful woman?That's bullshit!An old lady is enough, this guy!

'Hmm, well, I didn't think this would do anything for a man that Delia approved of.
'...... What were you going to do if it did?'
'What?It's always worse if you've done something wrong, isn't it?

Don't show a glimpse of aristocracy in this ...... place.

'But well, you seem to be a trustworthy man. Now I'm convinced of it too.
'Thanks for that, .......'

I've raised my guard to maximum.

'I'm sorry. I have too many things that are important to me right now. My family, the river fishermen, they're all idiots, but they're all important.

As Lucia had said, Lupinus seemed to be a compassionate man.

'If you still trust me after all I've done, I'll tell you what you want.

In other words, after paying such a high price, I'm finally in a place where I can be listened to.
That's how difficult Wishart is to deal with.
He must be persistent, pestering, and a jerk.

'Then let's hear all about it. I'll give you a foot massage.'

Sister of Deiglea Wishart.
This is how the meeting with Lupinus Orso began.

The soles of Lupinus's feet were thick, a sure sign of the rigors of daily standing work.

When I slowly rubbed the area where the stiffness had accumulated, Lupinus let out a pleasant breath and showed an enraptured expression.
She looked really tired.

I'm sure you're not the only one who's overreacting.

If the voice from the other side leaks out all the time, they will think that we have the same structure.
I don't think you will think that we are the only one who has been designed to be soundproof.
At most, they will think that the quietness is due to the fact that the female customers are holding back their breath because they are embarrassed.

'Even so, "This is uncomfortable! is a bit much, isn't it?
'Then, I'll push you at max level?

I said to Lupinus, who was laughing uncontrollably, 'Huh?You look like you're going easy on me. He looked at me challengingly.
I've gone easy on you.
I already know where you feel the most pain.

'Well then, why don't you give it your all for once?
'Then, be my guest. --Hey.
'Then ah!
'That was close!

A kick came flying at me!
I'm sure you're here to finish me off, aren't you?

'You've got to be kidding!I thought you were going to take it!
'That's why I'm telling you, I'm not kidding or exaggerating, the full force hurts!
'Then be nice to me from now on!I don't like roughness.
'What the hell are you talking about?

'How many times have I seen your violent side in the last few minutes?

'...... So, who is this girl next to you, happily making big men faint in agony?You look like a harmless human being, but you're such a douche.
'You're probably the first person to ever describe Jeannette that way.

Well, I suppose it doesn't help when your first contact is with a footstool.

'He's the manager of the Sunlit Pavilion.'
'Well... So you're the daughter of Dr. Orkio's benefactor?
'You know him, don't you?
'Yes, I do. Delia gave me a letter that included her recent status. It was nice to receive a letter from you after several decades. I'd only heard rumors that you were doing well .......''

Orcio apparently did not contact Lupinus while he was living apart from Sirach.
Perhaps he was afraid that his involvement with the Wishart family would bring trouble to Sirach.

'It was written there. 'There it was written about a diner called the Sunken Pavilion that soothed her despair. About the previous generation's wonderful manager and the current generation's very pretty manager.

Lupinus smiles and turns his gaze to the next private room.

I'm not sure what to say.

At the same time, a large man's scream echoed out.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing.

'...... Dr. Orkio, are you blind to people?
'I don't think so. Ginette would be just like the letter if it weren't for her footstool.

I don't know what the letter says, but I'm sure everyone's opinion of Jeannette is pretty much the same.
And there is no doubt that Ginette, who has no other side to her, is generally as she is described.

If it weren't for the cramped feet.

'You're everything your letter said you were.
'I wonder what slander was written in it.'
'Hmmm. It seems that Dr. Orkio's eye for people is still alive and well. That was an accurate assessment.'

I don't know what you saw in me that made you think that, but I don't like the way you look at me.
Don't look at me like you're looking at a relative's child.
You may be quite a bit older than me, but don't underestimate me when I'm looked at with a certain amount of eroticism!Do you want me to flick your bare feet?

'So, what do you want to ask me?
'On the contrary, what do you think you can tell us that will benefit us?

Lupinus rolled his eyes and blew out a 'puff' when I answered his question with a question.

'Really, you're right.

So what did it say?
...... I'll ask Orkio about it next time.
They all talk about me as if they know everything about me.

'Right. I'm afraid we can't talk about anything directly useful.'
'To avoid antagonizing the Wishart family, huh?
'No, I mean, I don't know anything about it. I've only been in the drawing room of the family.'
'Because you're a woman, is that it?
'Yes, I am. ...... It's a joke. I wanted to be in the main library. I like to read, I do. I heard that Daguerre was never even interested in picture books.
'You're an idiot, aren't you?
'He was never interested in anything that didn't interest him. ...... But his obsession with things he is interested in is frightening.

As one such episode, Lupinus told me the following story.

Even after he was sent as an apprentice, Lupinus had a place in the Wishart household.
Even though she could not enter the back of the main building, Lupinus' room was maintained, as it should be since she was the eldest daughter of his wife, and the personal attendant who guarded Lupinus' room continued to stay in the house.

'That girl must have hated it.

Lupinus murmured sadly.

'When she was born, I had already been sent as an apprentice. To him, I must have been like a stranger he'd never met before.

A place for such a stranger exists in the house where I live.
And the treatment of Lupinus, the first child of his wife, must have been reasonably good.

'At the beginning of my fourteenth year, I returned to the mansion. Before I came of age, we discussed the possibility of marriage.

In other words, to see if I could entangle Orkio.
Well, the result was that it was impossible. It's the aristocracy that doesn't end with 'Well, it can't be helped then.

'That's when I met my brother for the first time. He was five years old, innocent and cute, and he took a liking to me. I thought he was very cute.

The way this town thinks, we all age together at the end of the year.
Five years old is still a very young age.

'They stick to each other tightly, and at night, they spoil me by saying, "I'm going to sleep with my sister. ......"'

If you ask me, I'd say it's a smiling story, but Lupinus' expression is hard.
Even the slightest hint of fear could be felt.

'...... poison?'
'Yes. The servant who had secretly harbored a grudge against me was caught as the culprit and banished.

Banishment is not enough.
But that doesn't matter now.
Lupinus' expression turns pathetic.

'This servant was the one I trusted most to look after my private chambers while I was away.

I'm not talking about the guy who betrayed you and poisoned you.
This is ......

'I couldn't believe it. I didn't think that a ...... five year old would be able to see our weaknesses so accurately and attack us.

The servant must have been a truly trusted and capable servant.
In a family that disdained women and kicked them out of the house, he was still a capable servant who kept his master Lupinus in his place.
That was a hindrance to Deiglea.

Women were not allowed to hold important positions.
Even the Wishart family, with their family traditions, are sensitive to profit.
If they found Lupinus useful, they might put him in a position of some importance, if not lord.

That's probably what Deiglea couldn't tolerate.

'五歳の子が企てなどするはずもない. 五歳の子が狂言で人を陥れるはずがない. 何より――自分で自分を死の狭間に追いやるような五歳児などいるはずがない. 誰もがそう思い,デイグレアの主張は一方的に信用されたわ'


'私は,館に残っていた私付きの側仕えを全員解雇し,私の私室を放棄したわ. 表向きは,恐ろしい事件が起こった部屋にはもういられないから――'




'あの子はね,『自分』と『それ以外』でしか物事が考えられないのだわ,きっと. 他人も家族も関係ない. 忠臣も一般人も等しく『それ以外』なのよ. 誰のことも信用なんかしちゃいない. ……ホント,デイグレアは『最もウィシャート家に相応しい男』だわ'






'私も,幼いころはウィシャート家に認めてもらおうと努力したのよ. だから強くなった. 力も,精神的にも. でも,それが間違いだった'


'ウィシャート家に求められるのは,どこまでも臆病な者. 挑戦や冒険をするような人間は,却って邪魔なのよ'
'そうね. たとえその結果が素晴らしいものだと約束されていたとしても,現状に固執するのがウィシャート家よ. 過去の栄光,成功例が,あの家の宝なの'



'だから,ごめんなさいね. 現状は分からないのよ. 親族ですらなくなった私にはね'
'いや,参考になったよ. ありがとな'



ウィシャート家を. という質問だろう.







'あぁ~,気持ちいい……,君うまいねぇ. これだけよくしてくれるなら,なんだって答えてあげるわ'


'あ,でも. 聞いているわよ. 君,結構エッチらしいわね?あらかじめ言っておくけれど,私のスリーサイズは教えられないわよ'


'あっはっはっ!それもそうね. あはは,面白いこと言うわね,君'

えぇい,笑うな. マッサージしにくい.

'I like you, I think you'll be able to tolerate my rudeness.
'Calling me names, calling me names?'
'Yes, yes.'
'What happens if I don't tolerate it?
'I'll wash it.
'Is that the common language of all river fishing guilds in all districts!

Maybe the forced translation magic is just a joke.
Oh, I have a feeling about that. ...... d*mn, that's why they're spirit gods.

It's not just funny, though.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm going to try.

'You're a beastman, right?I like that way of thinking. Especially since my husband is one, I was a little impressed when Lucia told me about it.

In District 35, they were called 'subhumans', right?

'Didn't you have any resistance to marrying a beastman tribe?

Lupinus is an ex-aristocrat, though he left on his own.
Nobles basically look down on beastmen and subhumans.

'Not at all.

The reply he gave was in a very calm voice, and I could feel the deep affection in it.

'Because it was meant to be.

Lupinus then began to tell the story of how he and Taita had gotten to know each other.

'I ran away from home with nowhere to go, and I was wandering the streets, wondering what to do, when I saw a boy drowning in the river.
'So that was Taita?
'Yes. He was only six years old, and it was the first time he came to the river after his stepfather's work.

It wasn't the first time he'd been taken to the river to play, but the first time he'd been taken to where the river fishing guild worked.
While she was out of sight for just a moment, Taita was swept away by the river and quickly separated from her parents.

'I happened to be on the bridge, and I thought it was dangerous, so I jumped in.
'You're a lot more dangerous than I am. ......'

If you were a young lady just after you ran out of the house, you were probably wearing a dress,......, and if you weren't careful, you could have caused secondary damage.

'I'm fine. I'm a good swimmer, and I took off my dress before I jumped in.
'What's a daughter of a lord's family doing in the traffic of the world? ......'
'It was right after I broke it off. I was thinking more along the lines of, 'Now I won't be held back anymore.

You're such a tomboy.

So, Lupinus jumped into the river and rescued Taita from drowning.
Naturally, Taita's father thanked Lupinus profusely.
One look at her dress and you can understand what kind of person she is.
Such an aristocratic young lady had saved her son by exposing her underwear in the street.
The father's gratitude must have been inexpressible.

'I was just glad that my child's life was saved, that's all. But your father-in-law took it so seriously, saying it was his responsibility if he couldn't marry her.

Of course he did.

'I didn't want to marry him in the first place. I'd just lost my heart to Dr. Orkio.'
'You've known that for ...... quite a while, haven't you?
'......I knew you knew.'
'...... Well, from Siraha.'

Lupinus' thoughts are surely known only to a few.
The fact that I'm part of it is a bit questionable.

'But marriage is still a decisive thing. Oh, but I gave you my heartfelt blessing, then and now.

Orkio is special to Lupinus. That's not going to change.
But a special person doesn't have to be alone.
Lupinus had already met his destiny then.

'Then, the boy who was crying in my arms said, "Then I'll take you as my wife.

Recalling those days, Lupinus chuckled.
He must have been quite cute. The sound of Lupinus' laughter was as gorgeous as a flower in bloom.

In the event that you've got any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site: ....... He wrote me a letter every day while I was training in the 42nd district. ...... Then, when I came back as a full-fledged man, I got married.

Lupinus' face was boiling red as he smiled and looked at me.
It seems he was quite happy. It says so on her face.

'You've won a very young man.
'Well, you know, they say that you should look for a wife who is one year older even if you have to wear gold sandals.
'...... One year older?

You were fifteen when you ran away from the Wishart family, right?
You were six when you met Taita, right?
'...... One year older?

'She's a little younger than me, but she's dependable and taller than me.
'A little younger?
'Well, at my age, a year or two is a margin of error, a margin of error.'
'A year and two years?
'...... Don't talk about it any more or I'll cave your ankles in.'

I'm not going to let a crater form on my ankle, so I'll shut up.

'Actually, I wanted to have a child right away, but my father-in-law collapsed, and when my man took over as guild leader, there was a bit of internal strife, so the child was not born until much later.
'How old is he now?

'She'll be nine this year. She's beautiful, just like me.'
'Hmm. Then you'd better watch out for pedophile aristocrats between the ages of fifteen and twenty.

There are a lot of dangerous people I know who are in that age range.

'When my child was born, everything was new to me, and I was really overwhelmed at that time. It was only recently that I settled down.
'Well, I guess that's how it is.

Everyone is inexperienced at first.
I think parents grow up together with their children and gradually become parents.
I've never been a parent, and I'm still a kid, mentally.

'But that's why I've been neglecting her. ......'
'You mean Delia?'
'Yeah, yeah. I really wanted to take better care of her. I just couldn't be there for her when she was going through the hardest time.'

The tone of her voice sank, and Lupinus spat out the words in a pained tone, as if she was doing penance.

'Didn't something like that happen in District Forty-two?Even the master, at such a young age, ......'.

By 'something like that', I assume you mean a serious illness in the swamp.
Delia's father died of the epidemic at that time.

'I was worried ...... about Delia, but I was scared ....... I had a husband and a young child to care for,...... and I was afraid for my life. She wanted to be there for her daughter as a mother until she grew up. ...... Delia lost her father, and that made her even more ......'.

It was a true penance.
Lupinus must have felt guilty about it for a long time and suffered from it.
It is only natural that he should put himself and his family first.
But it's not that easy.

It's hard to forgive yourself.

But ...... I see.

I guess Delia had a partner, too.
I think it was this couple that supported Delia until she was on her own, maybe even after.
It was often mentioned that her father's apprentice was running a river fishing guild in the 35th district.

Paula had her father, and Milly had the guild leader of the flower guild by her side.
But I thought Delia didn't have any adults she could rely on.

Thank God.
Delia had someone who cared about her too.

'It may be wrong for me to say this, but--'

I push Lupinus back and drop a word on the back of his head.

'--Thank you. The reason why Delia is living so happily now is because of you.

I've been saved by Delia many times.
If it weren't for Lupinus and the others watching over Delia, she might not have grown up to be the person she is now.
She was so straightforward and kind to everyone.

So I just wanted to say thank you.
I felt like I was indirectly helping her.

'...... I may be out of line, too, but...'

I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure what to say.

It felt as if it were coming from a mother.

In the end, there was no useful information about the Wishart family.
All I knew was that Wishart had been a scumbag since he was a kid.
But that doesn't mean it can't be a countermeasure to the harassment currently being inflicted on Wishart.

But it does mean that we can keep our faces connected.
There may be a time in the future when I will ask for your help.

Well, this time, it's good to know that Delia has a family that cares about her.

'Oh, by the way, your husband, what race is he?
'Red panda people.

Again, a fine line.
It's not a bear, it's not a raccoon.
I'm not sure if they're strong enough.
Well, she claims to be stronger than Delia, so I'm sure she is.

'Does she have any animal traits?
'No, she doesn't have any. My family is also a person with few animal traits.
'Come to think of it, it's just her ears.
'Actually, I have hair on my ass too. It's really nice and fluffy. I'm more than happy to rub my cheeks on my husband's ass.'
'Hey, lady. Where did you throw away your lady's manners?
'It was washed away when I jumped into the river.

Lupinus breaks down, revealing the face of the 'Okkasan of the River Fishing Guild'.
To be able to use it in such a way may be the result of her education as a young lady. She must have been a really skillful girl.

'It would have been nice if my daughter had some animal features, too. ......'

The words that escaped her were filled with sorrow.

'I don't think so, but I'm worried that my parents might try to use my daughter,......,' he said.

I'm sure the Wishart family won't recognize her as one of their own if she has the animal traits.
Lupinus is right, the family restricts access to the main building just because she is a woman, so I don't think they would be interested in the child of a daughter who has left home,......, but it is frustrating to say for sure that they are not.
If they feel it is necessary for them, they do not mind ignoring our arguments and forcibly grabbing it.

That is why Lupinus has not been able to completely dispel his fears.

'Probably not' and 'absolutely safe' are as different as the distance between the moon and the sun.

'Why don't you raise her to be a crass girl who can't be a lady at all?
'Don't be silly. You can't do that to a pretty girl.

She spoke indignantly in an Occitan tone, and then in a lady's tone, thinking of her child.

'I want to give her infinite possibilities. If she wants to take over the river fishing guild, I'll support her, and if she wants to be with the man she loves, I'll catch her whether she says so or not--'
I'll wait. Respect the other guy's freedom too.

What do you mean, capture him?
Hunting?What, you're hunting?


The words that followed were, as expected, a bit of a surprise to me.

'If that girl wants to become a lord, I'll make her wish come true even if I have to make enemies with her family.

Take over the Wishart family.
No, I don't think she's thinking that far ahead.
There is another way for Lupinus' daughter to become a lord besides taking over House Wishart, and that is to marry the lord's son.
She would marry the son of the lord, and after the son became lord, he would transfer all his power to her.
In the case of District 42, it is like Estella handing over the title of lord to her future husband.

Though I'm sure the other families wouldn't be too happy about her handing over the title to someone other than her own blood.

Besides, if Lupinus' daughter makes such a move, the Wishart family won't keep quiet.
To them, 'family' is nothing but a hindrance.

'Are you saying you want to be a lord?
'No. If you say something like that, it's just a parent's foolish statement that I'm on my daughter's side. Forget it. She's not that extreme.'
'You're lucky you don't look like your mother.'
'Oh, you look just like her.You look like me and you're a beautiful girl.'

Such a line is frustratingly convincing.
Lupinus may be old, but she's still beautiful. If you look like her, you're definitely a beautiful girl.

But I don't have much hope for the breast gene.

Even if Lupinus' daughter becomes a lord, it will only lower the average breast size of the lords. Okay, I'll go with the other side.

'So, the daughter is ......, um, may I ask her name?'
'Campanula. She has a beautiful voice, like the sound of a bell. I'm very proud of her.'
'Well, I'd love to meet her.'
'Yes, I would. If you get the chance.

Daughter of Lupinus, and a commoner of Wishart blood. Campanula.
Nine years old.
You can be anything you want to be, you're full of hope.
She's not someone I want to get into this mess with.
I'll hold off on seeing her until this case is settled.

'So, what's wrong with Campanula?'
'Hmm?Oh, no, I was just wondering if she wanted to be something.'
'Yes, she is. My daughter's a genius. She's got her eyes set on her future.

Lupinus revealed his Ebisu face in full parental stupidity.
You can tell from her expression that she's not saying she wants to be a lord.
She is probably talking about a pretty dream that her parents would want her to have.
A cake shop or a flower shop. Or maybe she wants to have the same job as her parents.

'To be my father's wife?
'If you start talking like that, I'll kick you out of the house.
'You've got serious eyes!

What, you're a foolish parent, aren't you?
Even your daughter is your rival?
I don't know what to do.

And what do you want to be?Pretty, pretty, pretty, your darling daughter.
'The cloud eater.
'What about ......?'
'Clouds look so good, she wants to try them.'
'At ......?'
'I wish I could make a career out of it. Isn't that cute?
'No, I'm really worried about you!

You're so far out of line that it's scary to even ask if you're okay!
I'll give you a pass on the 'I want to try eating clouds' part.
But you want to make a business out of it?Where's the money going to come from?

'According to Campanula's plan, he's going to take requests from the farming guilds and river fishing guilds that want sunny weather during the heavy rains.'
'That's a pretty decent plan!

If that's possible, I'm sure there'll be plenty of places willing to take requests. If that's possible!

'It's just that they wanted to do a market survey, but they're worried that there are no clouds for sale anywhere and they don't know the market price.'
'Could it be that you're a real genius, your daughter!

Did you do market research?
I can't decide if she's smart, innocent, stupid, or a pervert, that episode!

'Also, what if I get full before I finish my work?
It's hard to tell.

It's difficult to understand the sensibilities of children these days!

'No matter what Campanula's goal is, I will support her. That's why I'm currently researching seasonings.
'You're misunderstanding what you should be doing!

It's not 'What's the best thing to put on the clouds? That's not it!
First of all, tell them that it's inedible!

'By the way, last year you said you wanted to become a doctor of cat language.
'Did you find a cute stray cat in the neighborhood?
'Yes, I did. So, I took data on the pitch and vocalization of the cat's voice, the movement of its eyes, the degree of pupil opening, and the degree of muscle contraction, and made a prediction based on statistics about which purr expressed what emotion.
'You're a genius, your daughter!It's kind of scary for the younger generation nowadays!

There's a little girl in the 42nd district who's a math genius with a lisp and innocence!

'It makes me happy to hear you praise my daughter so much. I'd love to meet her.'
'Well, when this mess is over...'

I certainly don't want to put their families in danger.
When I said that, Lupinus rolled his eyes and then relaxed his cheeks.

'Thank you. But I'm starting to worry.'

Lupinus stretches out his arm and begins to stroke my hair.

'I can't believe that such a kind person has been spotted by the Wishart family. ......'

Lupinus describes me as gentle.
Then he tells me with a sharp look.

'You can't defeat them unless you're willing to take their lives in a pinch.

Pretending to be weak, he attacks me from behind. That's the way they like it," Lupinus said.

I guess he thought I was too much for such cowardly people.
...... Well, don't worry.

I know what cowards do, and I know what cowards do.

'I'll take that as advice.
'You'd better. The less you worry about, the better.

It seems that Lupinus is even worried about me after just a dozen minutes of conversation.
It seems that what Lucia said about her being deeply affectionate is true.

'Well then, let's get out of here. I don't want to monopolize you forever.
'I don't want to start any rumors.
'Haha. I'm famous for my excessive love for my husband, so that's not going to happen.

Lupinus chuckled.
However, there was only one person who came to check on Lupinus, worried about him.

That person opened the door in a reserved manner and spoke to her in a voice that sounded like a bell ringing.

'Mother. Isn't the massage finished yet?

A young girl with pale purple hair peeked out from behind the door.
It was Campanula, the only daughter of Lupinus.