495-Episode 297 Officials

'If you have a moment, could you tell me about Dayglaire Wishart?

Orkio had probably come here with that in mind.
He had seen the intelligence papers, deduced from their modus operandi and nature, and concluded that Wishart might be involved.
And if that was the case, he must have come here for the 42nd district, hoping that his knowledge would be of some use.

'Orkio loves me and the Forty-Two Wards, doesn't he?
'Haha. I won't deny it.

You didn't deny it, you old man.
No, well, even though he belongs to the old man's five, Orkio is a little less old. He's probably the youngest of them all, and above all, he's very elegant, so he doesn't have that "old man" feeling at all.
Zelmar, Bobba, and Frodo do not hesitate to call me 'old man!No, old man! But Orkio is still faintly in the old man's category.

'You look younger when you're not surrounded by Zelmar and the others.
'Hahahaha!Is that so?Yeah, I guess so. I'm good at adapting to the atmosphere around me.

Orkio was an oddity among the nobles.
Perhaps he had learned how to assimilate into his surroundings so as not to cause any disturbance.
Even so, the fact that he pushed through with the marriage to Sirach of the swallowtail butterfly tribe was enough to make him a heretic. Even more so in their time.

'So, that was about Deiglea Wishart, right?

Setting down his empty coffee cup, Orkio exhaled quietly.
Ginette left her seat, saying, 'I'll get you a refill,' and I followed her gaze to the back of the room, where she smiled at me with a gentle smile that seemed to be contagious.

'I'm sorry, but I don't actually know that much about you. I do know you, though. I'm sure it's not much different from what Lucia and Mr. Donati know. At any rate, he's very cautious.
'He is'?
'What?...... Wow, that's amazing. No, I'd say you're the man, Yashiro.'

Orkio rolled his eyes and smiled happily.
He nodded his head and smiled softly, as a grandfather would to his grandson.

'It's really reassuring to have someone like you in my life.

Before I can say anything else, Ginette comes back with another cup of coffee.
I stare at the coffee being poured from the pot into the cup - or rather, I stare at Ginette pouring the coffee, and then she gives me a meaningful smile.
I'm glad I didn't ask him what he was talking about.

'You're right, Yashiro. I should have said it was the entire Wishart clan that was being cautious.

The family that holds the doorway to Allbloom has been doing nefarious things for generations. There must be a lot of things they can't let us find out.

'It's a mix of dishonest and modern.
'What's that?
'It's just a metaphor.
'Interesting. Is that on the menu at the Sundaari-tei?

By the way, we haven't made modern-yaki yet.

'No, not yet, but ......'
'I, I want to learn!
'...... Magda already has a reservation.'
'Oh, I'll learn it too!
'It's not the kind of thing you can get excited about. It's just okonomiyaki with yakisoba.

If you make it right, it will taste good, but if you cut corners, it will become stingy and overly bulky.
If you want to teach, you have to teach properly.

'I'll teach you after we talk.
'Hmm, let me get back to it.

Orkio's expression tightens as he sips his freshly brewed coffee.

'As far as I know, the Wishart family is very cautious, obsessed with money, cunning and fierce, a tricky family.

Since the words cunning and fierce are used, they must have done some bloody things. For example, what they were going to do to Masha.

'They're good with money.
'It's funny how powerful people can be so easily manipulated.
'Haha ......, talking to you makes my heart skip a beat more than once. The words you use to describe the aristocracy are revealed to me.

When you describe a nobleman as 'good with money', you don't think of him as 'a good shopper'. I'm not that stupid or naive.
But there is one thing I learned from that testimony.

There are two types of headman positions that cozy up to the evil daimyo.
One is the one who has the power on his side by giving money, and the other is the one who has made money by having the power on his side.
In the former, when the money runs out, the powerful leave.
The latter have a strong backing because the powers that be let them make money. But if they make a mistake, they may be cut off.
The latter are often the sons or blood relatives of powerful people, so they are not likely to lose their jobs.

But Wishart is the former.

He is the type of man who used the large sums of money he earned in one way or another as bait to gain the backing of powerful people.
In that light, maybe he's not wrong about being a good shopper.

'I've heard that the Wishart clan always has a blade that can reach the throat of the powerful.

Of course, the blade is a metaphor.
And a lethal weakness to match. Backstory. A catalog of misdeeds.

If you die, you die.
If they lose, their backers will go with them... and that's how they've been gaining solid backing.

I don't want to know, but I'm sure they are holding evidence of something very bad for both sides.
It is unlikely that the powers that be will quietly back down with a one-sided weakness in their hands.
Perhaps it is a double-edged sword with blame on both sides.
The fact that it can't be used casually makes its existence all the greater.
It's a bit like Judgment of the Spirits.

Triggers are heavy. So there's a certain amount of security.
But if it's triggered, it's over.
And if you keep giving them money and handouts-- well, 'it's best to keep Wishart alive', that's the idea.

'If I were in the same position, I'd do something similar, but in the current situation where I'm not in the same position, he's just a jerk.
'Haha. I'm not so sure about that.

You don't think Wishart is a jerk?
I was thinking that, but it seems that the denial was based on the previous statement.

'I think Yashiro would have taken a different approach even if he was in the same position as them.
'More vicious and cunning means?'
'Hmmm. Yes, in a more dexterous and smart way, without making enemies?

For some reason, Orkio seems to think I'm a good guy.
Perhaps it's because he gets most of his information about me from Jeannette. Any information that passes through the sycophantic filter is converted into a good story.

'It's more profitable for Yashiro-kun if the entire city is enriched than if the lord alone is lining his pockets.

What do you know so well?
And don't chuckle next to me, Ginette.
You're the one who planted this crappy knowledge. You sound just like him.

'But the Wishart family is different. They rule others by force. They have no mercy for those who defy them. The ...... dark side, if you will.I'm not sure what to make of that.

The reason I kept my voice down was to be cautious.
I don't think there's any such thing as a listening device, but you can't be sure that Wishart's assassins aren't disguised as ordinary people.

''It seems that the dark side has penetrated the 42nd district quite a bit.
'What?Are you alright?
'Somehow, for the time being.

The attackers on Masha, Delia, and the occupiers of the plaza in front of the city gate have been seized and eliminated.
So far, only Goozja and I are injured.
But they were all amateurs.
If a Natalia-level assassin gets into the mix, it'll be a different story.

We're just gonna have to wait and see, aren't we, Wishart?

I thought they'd become more cautious after the failed attack on Delia, but they brought in a bunch of riffraff and took over the square.
I think that was probably a diversion to see who would move when such a trouble occurred.
That's why I made a conspicuous move.

If you're gonna go for it, go for me, Wishart.


But be prepared for the fact that if you fail to kill me, that's the end of your life.

An eye for an eye.
A tooth for a tooth.

'A bone for a bone!
'What's the matter with you all of a sudden, Yashiro?
'...... I'm fine. Just the usual seizures.
'Is it always like this!Are you okay with that?
'Oh, Orkio-san, since you moved, you haven't gotten used to your brother yet.'
'No, I'm not sure I'm used to you, girls!

While Orkio is screaming, Sirach is staring at my arm.
The middle of the long sleeves is neatly mended, that part.

'Hey, Yashiro. What's wrong with that?
'Hmm?Ah, I had Jeannette mend it for me. It's good, right?
'That's not what I meant.

I tried to cover it up, but Sirach's eyes were so serious that I couldn't.

'Let me see.
'Oh, no, wait. But first, let's talk--'

Before I could finish, Siraha rolled up my sleeve.

'Yashiro-kun!You're badly hurt!
'No, no, no, no!This is a fake!It's a fake!

All the employees of the Sunlit Pavilion come together to calm down the fussing Sirach and Orkio.

When I was thinking about ......, Loretta muttered the exact same thing I was thinking.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
'Because ...... Yashiro said, "A boin for a boin."'

It's not my fault.

I let him touch the fake scar, and he was worried, 'Oh, is this really a fake? But I managed to calm her down.
Even though he was a little young, he was still an old man.
You have to be careful, because if the load on your heart becomes too great, you might pass away.

'I see. To let people know about the bias of the information papers, huh? How can you come up with so many ideas and execute them so easily, Yashiro-kun?

You can't do that with most of the things you come up with,' Orkio said, laughing weakly.
I'm sure you've thought of many ways to reform your family in the past, but you've been unable to implement them.
The result of that was the family's outburst that hurt Sirach.

'Anyway, he's a fake, so don't worry about him.

He said, and quickly covered up the scar.

There's no need to put on special makeup anymore, but he said, 'You know, if the scars suddenly disappear, it'll make people think, 'What, you're lying? So we're going to make it smaller and smaller and make people think, 'Amazing recovery power! I explained to the people around me that I was going to make them think, 'What a lie!
I can't take this thing off because my real scar is not healing well.

On the back of the scar, there is a clean gauze, and I secretly treat the scar myself every morning.
It's only a matter of time before it heals. It doesn't even hurt anymore.

I'm lucky I didn't get any germs from the cheap Gorotz knife that spilled on the blade.
Tetanus, you've got to be kidding me.

This is just a stunt.
Despite what he'd told her, Sirach's eyes remained sharply fixed on Ginette's mended sleeve.

'Even if the wound is fake, it was the knife that cut through the sleeve, wasn't it?Then you're really wounded, Yashiro.

He might be the type who gets angry when someone he knows gets hurt.
That kind of person is sensitive to wounds and pain that someone else is hiding.

'Well, a little bit.
'Yes, just a little .......'

A heavy sigh is poured into the cup.
With both hands wrapped around the coffee cup, Siraha turned her head and pursed her lips tightly.

'I'm so happy right now.

After a long pause, Siraha murmurs.
Her voice is bright, but her face remains downcast.

'Yashiro and Ginette came all the way to the 35th district, and they worked very hard for the Bug People, and the town has changed a lot. For the better, of course. They were very kind to me, too, even though I was a stranger who they had never met before. ...... Yes, Yashiro and Jeannette were very kind to me from the first time I met them, and I always thought that they were good kids.

Her bright voice began to tremble slightly.

'Orkio and I came to live together, and all the closed-off members of the swallowtail butterfly tribe found jobs they wanted to do and came to live for themselves, and the other insect tribe was the same. It may have been a small chance for a couple of lovers to get married. But Yashiro did his best to protect that small happiness. I was as happy about it as if it were my own.

A drop falls into the coffee.
Oruchio reaches out his arm to stroke Sirach's downcast hair.
But before his fingertips can touch her hair, Sirach lets out a few words.

'I still can't forgive ...... me.'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

'I will never forgive the person who made me do this.

Siraha was calm and did not deny the entrenched good intentions imposed on her by those around her, and continued to put the feelings of those around her ahead of her own, even when they hurt her.
Sirach, who has the tolerance of a bodhisattva, is seething with anger.

It is not against the perpetrators, but against the mastermind behind it.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

....... Is that right?
No, but he could be. ......

That's right.
That's what Lucia said.
The Wishart girl was staying at Orkio's house as an apprentice.
The apprentice was just a pretext, but in reality, she wanted to marry Orkio to her daughter and have a strong connection with Orkio's family.

But Orkio married Sirach.
Orkio was a nobleman too. He must have understood the intentions of the Wishart family, and his family members must have told him to do so, either directly or indirectly.
At any rate, he must have been under a lot of pressure, since this was his chance to make a connection with a lord, albeit in another district.

Nevertheless, Orkio chose Sirach.
He overcame the opposition of his family and left his family home.

It was also a way to destroy the intentions of the Wishart family.
And as you can see from the current turmoil, the Wishart family, not just Deiglea Wishart...

The Wishart family, not just Deiglea Wishart, would never allow their intentions to be thwarted.

'You're not the one who burned down Orkio's house...'
'No, that's not true, Mr. Yashiro. It was definitely a member of my clan who carried out that foolish act.

Orkio, as a disgrace to his family, speaks the truth as it is.
However, next to Orkio, there is a disgruntled Sirach who wants to say something.

I guess facts are facts.
Orkio is right. The perpetrator is probably one of Orkio's relatives.

'There's someone who inspired him, right?

Orkio remained silent on the question.

I don't know if Orkio's reluctance to blame others for his family's shame was out of kindness or pride as a former nobleman.
But Siraha, who was watching next to him, clearly had a different feeling.

Orkio is a victim and a relative of the perpetrator.
Family disturbances occur in every noble family to a greater or lesser extent.
But it's a different story when it's caused by outside interference.

Perhaps Sirach had been holding back for too long.
That the mastermind who had instigated it was still living happily.
Maybe she hates the root of all evil, the one who inflicted indelible scars on her, hunted down her beloved, and tore them apart.

A woman who endures.
Such a modest woman's inner passions are surely far greater than those of those who act and live as they wish.

'I'm sorry, Mr. Orkio. I'm a bad wife. ......'

He turns to Orkio and bows deeply.
Then, a lifted, somber face turns to me.

'Yashiro-chan. It was Orkio's uncle who set our house on fire. He said that if the heir to the family dies, his own son, who is a branch of the family, can become the next leader of the party--a pathetic man who was inspired to help make that happen.

It must be quite humiliating to have your family's shame told to others like this.
I would have beaten my wife to make her stop. A nobleman, one who values honor above all else.
But Orkio stroked Sirach's hair with a gentle hand.

'You are a fool, aren't you? The whole family will be dragged into this, and the family will be destroyed. ...... It's so stupid.

Orkio apologized to Sirach in a whispered voice, 'I'm sorry for making you say this. Silaha shook her head and turned her head to hold back her tears.

'Yashiro-kun. Wishaat has a good nose. You could say that he is skilled at sniffing out smells that are close to his own--'

It's similar to my ability to sniff out bad guys.
The bad guys have a dank smell that suits the bad guys.

'The people they have on their side are all alike. It's hard for them to betray us, or perhaps it's more accurate to say that if they betray us, they will be eliminated immediately. ...... Anyway, it's very difficult to infiltrate the inside. It's very difficult to infiltrate.

A blade to the throat of the opponent.
The death-or-death approach attracts kindred spirits and creates ties that go beyond business.
Even outside the clan, those close to Wishart are bound by a bond that is stronger than loyalty.

'And they're good at finding people who are 'taken in' by their tricks.

Those who are spotted will become the pawns who work hard for the Wishart family.
Like the one who burned down Orcio's house.

'A place that was safe can suddenly become dangerous one day. It's possible that the person you trusted more than anyone else is actually a pawn of those who were sent to watch over you - I really didn't have a restful day until I arrived in District 42.

Knowing the strong ties between the pawns surrounding the Wishart family, Orkio must have tried to probe the Wishart family in the past.
He may have been betrayed by someone he thought he could trust.
In the 35th district, he was forced to leave Sirach, tried to find out the truth from the Wishart family, was rebuffed, and escaped to the 42nd district.

I wonder what kind of life Orkio has led.

'That's why I've never gone to see her before.

By 'she', I assume you mean the one we're looking for.

'Lupinus Wishart. That's the name of the woman I've been taking care of as an apprentice.

A woman of the Wishart family.

Orkio gave me some information about her.

'She's been abandoned by the Wishart family, so I don't think she'll get into trouble, but please be careful with her.

Orkio said this with serious eyes and took a sip of his coffee.
Grandma Mumm sits silently.
Ginette, too, looks anxious, but says nothing, waiting for Orkio's words.
Magda and Loretta listen to the conversation, noticing that there are no customers in the restaurant.

Sirach is looking down with his hands on his knees.
But the hand on her knee is probably Orkio's hand on top of it.
I'm not going to peek under the table to check, but...

'She - Lupinus - came to our house when she was nine years old.

Nine years old: ......

'That's Orkio's strike zone.'

Perhaps the coffee he had just drunk had returned, but Orkio's bronchial tubes were screaming, 'Not again! Orkio sobbed as if his bronchial tubes were about to scream, 'Stop it!

'Why, why are you such a ...... wretch!
'No, because. You met nine-year-old Siraha and fell in love with her at first sight, didn't you?
'No, that's true, but ......'
'That's right. And you, Orkio, you were so pure-hearted when you took me outside--'
'Sirach, shall I close my mouth a little?'

Orkio lifted his hand and put a lot of pressure on it.
Oh, I knew he was holding my hand.

'You know, Yashiro-kun. I was 14 years old when I met Shirapin.

I'm not so sure about that age difference either!

'Moreover, at that age, you should be outside .......'
'You'll have to wait until you're a little older for that episode!I mean, can we stop talking about this?There are many young women here!

After all, it seems that this is not an episode that should be told to young women.
In contrast to Ginette's stained cheeks, Magda and Loretta looked at Orkio with curious eyes.

Oh, old lady Mum is also looking at Orkio with her ears turned towards him, though she has a calm face.
No matter how old you are, you still love other people's love.

'Gosh, gosh!Anyway, without having any such feelings, I met Lupinus and we treated each other as teacher and student. I was twenty-one years old at the time.

Orkio glanced at Sirach and made an excuse for his behavior.
That's why you look suspicious. It's better to keep a straight face in these things.
They say it's easier to be seen than seen!

'I knew what the Wishart family was up to from the start. Or rather, my father told me so. My father had told me to make Lupinus like me, to train him to be a good friend to our family. ...... You're not a dog or a cat. I'm sorry, that was rude.

Orcio's relatives were relatives and they wanted to take advantage of the power of the Wishart family to expand their influence.
And the Wishart family was trying to get the subhumans, the insects that Orkio and the others were organizing, to do the behind-the-scenes work that they couldn't do in the open.

They're both scum, really.
They seem to be a good match.

'Of course, I didn't mean it. Shirapin was already there by then.'

The old man and the woman looked at each other and smiled.
Hmm?I'm just a jibber-jabber, you walking heartburn machine.

'The sixteen-year-old Shirapin was trying to grow a little taller and become a woman who looked like a big sister, and she was wearing makeup that she had just learned and was ...... cute.'
'Oh no, Orkio, ...... I'm so embarrassed, Sirach's heart will melt.
'Our love is--'
'Melty love.'
'Magda, beat it out of me.'

You guys don't need to write letters to get poems out.
That's one indiscriminate weapon.

'And?What kind of girl was this Lupinus?'
'Lupinus was a very intelligent man.

I asked Orkio, and Sirach answered.
From the way she spoke, she seemed to know a lot about him.

'But even more than that, she was active, bold, aggressive, strong, bold, wild, powerful, sometimes violent, reckless, crude, intuitive, an unruly wench, talkative, and unconventional in her vigor.
I'm not sure what you mean by that.

How did you manage to come back from 'violent' to 'quiet'?
How much rampage did you go through, that lady?

''Haha. It's true that I didn't feel like a young lady who came to learn how to behave.

I got the impression that she was more than that.
Wasn't she a wild child, really?

'If I were to compare Lupinus to an animal, it would be a wolf. He was full of vitality that could survive in any environment, wilderness or jungle, even if he was left alone.
'She's not a lady, is she?
'No, no, I'm sure of the bloodline. After all, Lupinus is the older sister of Deiglea Wishart.

The current lord's own sister?
That's a legitimate lineage!
It's a direct line. What?A mutation?

'It's just that she had a brilliant mind. He could memorize everything I taught him at once, and in less than three years, he could solve difficult problems that I, as a teacher, couldn't solve.

Did you have a gift?
...... gifted, an untouchable jerk. Wow, you're the worst kind.

'And yet, she was also a brilliant woman who didn't look down on me, who was willing to learn and absorb every little thing.
'Hmm... Lupinus-sama must have liked Orkio-sama.''
'Eh, that's not true, is it?
'...... Orkio, you're so slow.'
'No, but he's never said anything like that to me, and I've been chatting with Sirapin.

Orcio told Lupinus that he had made up his mind about someone right after Lupinus came to his house.
Lupinus, a smart man, knew his role and came to Orkio.

However, when he learned that Orkio's heart was elsewhere, he simply abandoned his role.
She said, 'I was tired of working as a pawn of Wishart when I was not recognized as one of Wishart's.'
I'm afraid to say that this was said when she was ten years old.

I wonder if the Wishart family would have prospered if Lupinus had been their lord instead of Deiglea.
Although that kind of prosperity would not be what House Wishart wanted.

Orkio says that Lupinus has a sincere nature that does not take kindly to wrongdoing.

'Lady Lupinus was instrumental in our marriage. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have been able to marry Orkio.

One of the common tricks of the nobles is to get their hands behind their backs and crush them with pressure.
Lupinus is said to have prevented this from happening.
At that time, when Lucia's grandfather was the lord of the house, the lady of the house was so devoted to the Insect People that she had a Firefly helper by her side, and she got Lucia's grandmother to arrange an unprecedented marriage between the eldest son of a nobleman and a subhuman.

Lupinus was really a dynamic woman.
And if it is true that she had been in love with Orkio since she was a little girl--what a strong woman she is.
To wish for the happiness of the man she loves, and to support his marriage to someone other than herself with all her might: ......

'I've been told. I'll never forgive you if you don't make Dr. Orkio happy.''

However, Orkio was disinherited immediately after their marriage.

'He probably planned to change the next head of the family while Lupinus was still in the family and somehow maintain the connection with the Wishart family.
'But Lupinus-sama was very upset about Orkio-sama's disinheritance...'

'I learned everything about being a nobleman from Orkio-sensei. If that teacher is to cease to be a nobleman, then I will follow his example and cease to be a nobleman!

That's what she said and slapped a letter of insulation on the Wishart family.

What a powerful young lady.
She was born a noblewoman and lived a life of food, clothing, and shelter, but this city at that time was not rich or kind enough for her to be thrown out into the world on her own. ...... Ah, this young lady is so strong that she can survive alone in the wilderness. I'm sure the city wasn't rich or gentle enough for you to be able to survive on your own in the wilderness, right?

'It was at the end of her fourteenth year that Lupinus slapped an insulation letter on her, and it was at the end of her fifteenth year that our house was set on fire.

Orkio's relatives may have thought that Lupinus would become more quiet once Orkio was gone.
But not the Wishart family.
They may have tried to persuade Orkio's relatives, but deep down, their intention was to say, "You interfered with our plans. I can see through their intentions.

The Wishart family was not that obsessed with the rag peddling business.
In fact, they're still manipulating the ragtag guilds.
For them, it would have been easier if they had been connected to Orkio's family.
It seems that the Wishart women are treated very rudely.

But he couldn't forgive the fact that they had interfered with his plans.

So he set them on fire.

I see.
Shiraha. I think I understand what you're saying.

It's still unforgivable.

When I think of that scum looking down on me from the cliff, I can't even contain my anger... I think I'm going to start head-banging all over the place.

It may be that the day is coming when the name of Degrea Wishart will disappear from the 'I'll crush you at all costs list'.

'So, how is that Lupinus-san doing now?

Ginette asks with a slightly anxious expression.
She seems to be worried about the future of the woman who defied the Wishart family head-on.
With the Wishart's, it wouldn't surprise me if they were harassing her relentlessly, or even imprisoning her.
But surprisingly, Orkio's answer was peaceful.

'She's living as a commoner now, for lack of a better word. Hey, Shirapin.
'Yes. Lupinus-sama got married in District 35 and is now living with her family.

Orkio had been away from the 35th district for a long time.
He must have heard about Lupinus from Sirach.

'Did Sirach know what happened to Lupinus?
'Yes. She was very kind to us, but after the fire, we were too busy with ourselves to thank her or return the favor. ......'

Even after the fire, Orkio and Sirach were struggling against the friction of their surroundings.
Even so, they could no longer stand alone and were forced to live apart from each other.

I wonder if that was enough to make Wishart feel better.
At present, there is no sign of Wishart around Orkio.

Since Orkio had said earlier that he hadn't really had a restful day until he arrived in the 42nd district, he must not have thought that Orkio had died in the fire.
I wonder if Wishart thought that he had won when he saw Orkio, who was no longer a nobleman, separated from his beloved, and had no choice but to flee to the poorest district, District 42.

...... The Wishart family seems to be rather quiet, though.

Well, you can't spend all your time on one person.
Maybe they've got other things on their mind.

At any rate, it seems that Orkio is not currently being targeted by the Wishart family.

They have Sirach now. That's why Orkio avoided any confrontation with the Wishart family.
Just as he tried to swallow the fire as a shame to his family.

Perhaps he had swallowed his own humiliation long ago in order not to involve the friends he had met after coming to District 42.
Separated from his beloved, he bore his resentment and anger towards those who had taken everything from him, alone and patiently. ............

'Ginette, please treat Orkio to a crepe!
'Oh, no. I'm fine, Yashiro!I've had some tough times, but I'm happy now.

He stopped Jeannette from standing up, and then looked at me and Jeannette with a gentle smile on his face.

'Thanks to you guys, right?

He then takes Sirach by the shoulders and pulls him close.
She rests her head on Orkio's shoulder, and her cheeks lightly stain.

'Blast it.
'Are you emotionally unstable, big brother!
'...... Yashiro is an honest boy.'

No, slightly.I'm just a little irritated.

'Big brother, are you going to see that person?

At Loretta's question, everyone's eyes turned to me.
As for me, I was hoping Orkio would introduce me to him and let me meet him. ......
I think I'm probably being watched too much right now.
You see, I went on a rampage at the town gate square and showed them that "I'm the center! right?
I'm sure Wishart is watching my every move.
If I were in Wishart's position and had similar power, he'd definitely be looking for me.

If I were to visit my sister, who's a direct descendent of the Wishart family and who's the one who slapped the insulation letter on the Wishart family, ...... I'm sure I'd get involved.
d*mn. I should have waited until later to go on a rampage.

'Well, you may not get any useful information from meeting Lupinus, though. After all, she's a girl who left home decades ago.

It's true that we may not know anything about the Wishart family today. ......

'Oh, by the way, the Wishart women are thrown out of the house without question, aren't they?

'Well, yes. Perhaps you've never been in the center of the main building?'

Lucia had told me that in Wishart's house, there were several separate family units, and only those chosen by the head of the family were allowed to enter the main building.
Only a small part of the main building is open to guests.
So it's unlikely that she knows anything about hidden passageways in the main building, hiding places for dangerous items, or anything fishy like that.

Maybe there's not much point in meeting.

No, I'd like to meet him.
I think it's foolish to assume that there's no point before meeting.
However, I don't want Lupinus and his family to suffer for my reasons.

It would be nice if there was some kind of situation where we could pass each other casually or get some information from each other in passing, but ...... it's impossible for us who don't even know each other at the distance of forty-two and thirty-five districts.
If we involve Orkio, ...... we might cause unnecessary worry to Jeannette.

Perhaps if Orkio or someone from Sirach tries to contact Lupinus, Wishart will come to crush them.
This is the situation. They'll be especially vigilant about their Achilles heel.
That's what I would do.

...... Hmm. You can't do that. ...... No, but there is a way. ............

I'm not sure if you're looking for me, Yashiro, but I'm sure you're looking for me.

Assunto came to the sunny pavilion with a smiling face.
I braced myself for the fact that I could hear them talking, but Assunto seemed to have guessed what they were talking about from the faces in the room.
But still, that face: ......

'You look just like a pig.
'We're a pig people, aren't we!What, what, now?Did you forget?

It's retaliation for being a little startled, don't worry about it.

'This is Mr. or Mrs. Please forgive me for interrupting your conversation.
'Please don't. We're not nobles. We'd appreciate it if you'd act normal.
'Long time no see, Mr. Assunto. Thank you for the wedding.'
'No, not at all. It was a great help to us to have you recommend our products to the Bug People of District 35.

At the wedding parade, the humans wore tactile catsuits and the Bug People wore yukata and other similar outfits to bring them closer to each other.
Was Sirach standing between them?

'Mr. Assunto, would you like something to drink?
'Yes, please, sir.
'Then, Ginette, give Assunto a cup of the Sunlit Pavilion Kaiseki - Saiari.
'At least a drink, please!

That's right.
Lately, we've only been selling the kaiseki at a discounted price.
Let us sell it at the regular price for a change.

'Which do you prefer, coffee or fruit juice?
'Then, fruit juice.'
'You're a child!
'That's fine!...... Coffee is bitter.'

Oh my God!
Are you serious?
You can't drink coffee?I'm about to start a trend.

Ginette went to the kitchen and Assunto sat down next to Orkio.
And he smiles at me from across the table with such force that I can see into his face.

'Would you like to go on a sales promotion tour for Re:Born?
'A promotional tour?
'Yes. Re:Born has gained a certain amount of support in the 42nd district, the 29th district and the neighboring BU districts that are easily accessible to the 42nd district, but its power hasn't reached the distant districts on the periphery.

That's probably true.
At present, coupons can be used in almost all forty-two districts.
Not many people are willing to go to distant districts for a few dozen Rb.

'If the usefulness of "Re:Born" becomes known, the number of sponsors will increase, and stores in each ward will all issue coupons. This will increase the number of customers who want to visit other districts, and the number of horse-drawn carriages will naturally increase as the traffic between other districts becomes more active. It is very desirable for us, the peddlers' guild, to have the economy circulate in this way, so we will cooperate fully with you.
'In other words, you want me to take the Reborn and sell it around the outer districts?
'In addition to that, it would be nice if we could have a simple hands-on class that we can do while we are on the move. For example, Mum's stain removal or massage ...... is difficult because it requires a bed, but something good for beauty or health--'
'How about a foot massage!

Ginette returned with the juice and appealed to Assunto with a twinkle in her big eyes.

'......Eh, yeah, well, that's one thing ......?
'If it's a foot massage, you can do it with just one chair, and it doesn't take up much space, effort or time!I think it will be suitable for you!
'Yes, you're right. ......'

Assunto is glancing at me.
But, you know, you're the one who said 'massage', right?You take the blame.

'But, I'm not sure if I can find a good instructor. ......'
'If so, I can help you!

Oh, no.
That's the worst ending I could have come up with.

What are you gonna do, man?

'I'll think about that later!

Oh, he broke off the conversation forcefully.

'I think it will be easier to take such a big action since people will think that we are doing our best to defeat our hated enemy, the intelligence paper.

I see.
So it's a distraction, pretending that it's a counterattack against the Information Paper - and by extension, Wishart - that has been attacking us.

'And when we went to the 35th district...'
'and secretly meet with Lupinus for a massage or something.
'Yes, I think you can at least ask her about it. Of course, Yashiro does not know her true identity at all.

That sounds like an interesting proposal.
It will take some time and effort to prepare and produce, but ......

'It would be a good blow to the paper, so let's give it a try.
'Then, I'll make all the arrangements myself. Oh, can I borrow a few carpenters?'
'Tell that to Estella.
'Then, I'll tell her.

Assunto ran out of the sunlit pavilion happily.
That look of joy...

I'm sure he was happy to have escaped Ginette's persuasion.
How am I supposed to calm down a ginette who got carried away by a footstool?

I wonder if sacrificing Assunto will appease the Footstool God. ......