494-Episode 296 Today's Visitors Are Mud and Clouds

'Hey, what's going on?

One afternoon, a woman with a familiar face walked into the sunlit pavilion, emitting an annoying and strange voice.
Upon closer inspection, she turned out to be a third-rate female reporter from an information newspaper publishing group.

'Are you trying to sabotage the paper by publishing something like this?

The one who was slammed onto the table was the well-known 'Reborn'.

'Oh, you bought it? Thank you~'
'No, I didn't buy it!
'Then did you steal it?Loretta, the vigilante--'
'I borrowed it from the editor who bought it!
'Well, tell your editor I said, "Thank you."'
'You've got to be kidding me!

The third-rate reporter banged on the table in anger.

'...... Ah, Magda suddenly feels like doing gymnastics.'

As he says this, Magda throws a kick that snaps the nose of the third-rate reporter.
The wind created by the swung out leg made the forelock of the third-rate reporter sway.

'...... still hasn't reached the level of medrama. You need to be diligent.

No, by all means, don't reach that level.

'......Are you the type of person who doesn't need to apologize for hitting something hard?
'Ugh ......ggh ............, I'm sorry.'

A third-rate reporter who hasn't learned anything at all says something like an apology with a face like he's bitten down on a bitter bug. There is no sign of remorse.

'Mr. Reporter, since you brought the coupon ticket, would you like to order the 'Yodamari-tei Kaiseki ~Saiari~'?
'Who would order that?
'Then you're not a customer. You're interfering with our business, so please leave right now. Before I kick you out.

The power of Loretta's smiling face was amazing!
Are you really that mad at me?You're not the type, are you?It's like when you can't do what you want and you go 'Mew! I'm sure you're the kind of person who can't do what you want and flail your arms around like a dork, right Loretta?
I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to make of it.Do you want me to ban them?

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

I'd like to make it clear that I'm the eldest daughter with many younger siblings.

'A town where lies and deceit are commonplace is not good for education. I don't want my brothers and sisters to see you screaming and threatening them every time you don't like something. It's a good idea to keep it in a corner of your memory as a hope from a reader.

He said all of this with a smile, and without lifting a finger, he quickly withdrew his body.
Then, the anger in her body instantly dissipates, and she spreads her arms with her usual bright Loretta smile.

'However, we at the Sunshine Pavilion do not reject customers who come to us, so if you want to enjoy delicious food and a relaxing time, please come anytime. All of our employees will welcome you warmly.

Personally, I hate it, but that's not the consensus of the Sun Goddess Pavilion.
Loretta has made enough concessions. If it were Paula or Delia, she would have said, 'You're not a customer!Get out of here!Don't come back! If it had been Paula or Delia, I would have thrown salt at them.

I wonder if the manager's intentions have a strong influence on the situation.

'I may be meddling, but why don't you have a piece of cake or something?
'Like Loretta said.You're welcome to visit ......, but that doesn't apply to outsiders who aren't customers and are just making noise in the store.
'............. All right, all right. Let me see your menu.

The third-rate reporter gave me a long, hard stare, then sat down in a nearby seat.
The menu is hanging on the wall, look at it as you like.

'...... There are so many. I wonder which ...... one I should get.'

He's complaining, but he's taking his time.
If it were me, I wouldn't want to indulge in something from a place I don't like, so I'd just order whatever's on top or just say 'coffee'.
I don't want to lose any money. That's the kind of personality these people have, you know.

'What do you recommend?
'Youdari-tei Kaiseki - Saiari.
'That's the expensive one, isn't it?
'Well, yeah. But if you order it from ......, you'll cost the restaurant 200Rb. That coupon discount is at the restaurant's own expense. The manager is over-serviced and is running a deficit,.......

The third-rate reporter looked pleased and smiled wickedly, saying, 'Well, I'll take that.
You jumped at the chance to harass me,......, you idiot.

The cheapest cake at the Sunlit Pavilion is 10Rb. We also have cheap cakes that even kids can eat.
If you had chosen that, you would have only had to pay 10Rb, but you had to pay 40Rb more because you had the evil intention of harassing us.

The quality of the food served is definitely better at the Kaiseki restaurant, but the food you eat with this kind of 'I'll order it to harass you' feeling will not be good.
If you're paying for something you can't enjoy, you might as well pay less.

That's how people like you lose money without being satisfied, you know.

'Ginette. One kaiseki.'
'Yes!Please wait a moment.

I hear a happy voice from the kitchen.
Your 50Rb has put my manager in a good mood, thanks.

'So, what's that useful information magazine you're using now?
'What, who's using it?
'Don't you use it?It's 250Rb if you don't use it.
'I'll use .............'
'It's a good magazine, isn't it?

I smiled at him, and the third-rate reporter shut up.
Now that you've proved the usefulness of the magazine yourself, all you can do is clench your teeth and glare back at him, saying, 'Geez, .......

'What the hell is this?

In the event you're not sure what to do, there are a few things you can do.
'Hee! The third-rate reporter let out a short scream and fell backwards.
The chair made a loud noise and the third-rate reporter fell down.

'What are you doing?Are you trying to blackmail me?

The fallen reporter stares up at Magda, who is holding a knife with bloodshot eyes.
But Magda kept a cool face - or rather, her expression didn't change at all - as she snatched the crushed "Reborn" from the third-rate reporter's hand.

Or do you not want to use the coupon?In that case, the price is 250Rb--'
I said I'll use it!If you're going to cut it off, do it quickly!

Oh, no. I don't know if you're going to get killed for talking like that.
I've recently learned that Magda's fan base is growing within the hunting guild. It seems that Medora has taken a liking to Magda.
I'll have to remind the ...... hunters.
If you mess with Magda, you'll get Medora's punishment.

Magda uses a knife to cleanly cut a coupon.
Not even a millimeter of the coupon extends beyond the cut line. It seems that Magda is secretly training to shift from the power type to the skill type.
Her goal is to become the strongest beastman with Delia's power and Norma's skill.

In fact, she may or may not secretly have a rivalry with Natalia.

A lot of people aren't very good at cutting this out.
That's why the coupon has the word 'real' on all sides.
If at least two of them match, you can be sure that it is genuine.

The coupon that Magda cut fit the frame of the base perfectly.
I applaud him gently.
Oh, his tail stood up. He was happy.

'I mean, you know...'

He sat back in his chair, flicked the cover of Reborn with his finger, and exhaled deliberately.

'How did you get this article through?I'm surprised you don't have a desk or something.

He picks up a copy of "Reborn" with his finger and shakes it as if he were making fun of it.

'It's like the writing is amateurish, like, 'What's this guy's style? Yeah.

Yeah. He's really upset about being called a third-rate.
It seems to have stung him so much that he wanted to say it back to someone.

'So you're just writing facts and not seeing the scene?So what? I can't help but think, 'So what?

The third-rate reporter's tongue began to roll, and his voice became loud, as if he was getting excited. Just then, a glass of water was placed in front of the third-rate reporter. water was placed in front of the third-rate reporter.

By Loretta, who was quietly furious.

'You are indeed a professional reporter, with a well-turned tongue. Why don't you just write about it instead of wasting words here?

Loretta smiled and said, 'No, I'm not smiling, Loretta!Veins!Because the veins are floating!You're making a face that no girl should make!

'But if someone like you is a professional, then we don't need any professionals in the 42nd district.

While holding the cup on the table, Loretta spat out the words while staring at the table without looking at the third-rate reporter.

'In District 42, my younger siblings go to various places to help out. So we may go to places where there are professionals like you. But as the eldest daughter, I can't let that happen. My younger siblings are naughty and troublesome to the point of being out of control, but at heart they are beautiful, upright, and all good children. If we let them help out in a place where there are professionals like you, their hearts will be tainted. It's a big deal. I'm going to cry. I can't and won't allow it. "What are you doing to my siblings? I'd yell at her. Because I don't want my younger siblings to become like you!

At this point, Loretta looks at the third-rate reporter's face.
The moment their eyes met, the third-rate reporter's shoulders jumped and his body fled backwards with the chair.

'I read all your articles. It was not good. All you did was look for the flaws in every good thing and make them look bad. I want those children to grow up to find many good things in others. I don't want them to become boring people who look for fault in people who are kind to them!That's why I'm going to say it clearly.

Staring at the third-rate, Loretta took off her apron.

'I'm not a shopkeeper at the Sunshine Pavilion, but as Loretta, the eldest daughter who protects those children, I'm warning you. If you come near my brothers and sisters, I'll show you no mercy.'

The hand that held the glass was straining.
If that third-rate guy is fooling around, I might just splash him with that water.

'...... to ............,yo.'

With trembling lips, the third-rate let out a sound.
He can't seem to argue.


I touch Loretta's hand, which is gripped tightly.
It jolts, and her fingers slide away from the cup.

'I'm working. Put your apron on.'
'But ......'.

While you're wearing the apron, you're taking on the responsibility of being a waitress at the Sunlit Pavilion.
That's what all our employees do.

But don't worry.

What you just said was the consensus of the restaurant.

You're not the only one.

'If you're a bad influence on the ham kids--'

I'll smile and give the third-rate some advice.

'The whole forty-two wards will be out to crush you.

Their resilience is now an indispensable part of District Forty-two.

The third-rate reporter kept his head down and didn't say a word until I smiled at him and Loretta put her apron back on properly.

'...... You're obstructing business.

After a few moments of silence, the third-rate reporter mumbled in a sore loser's voice.

'You are?If you know what you're doing, go home.
'No, I'm not!I'm saying that this magazine is interfering with the business of an information paper!

After only a few moments of dejection, the troublesome sense of mission in the third-rate man began to flare up again.

'Inviting an information paper to the forty-second district, and then publishing such a claptrap in the forty-second district, this is a complete obstruction of business, right?You know what I'm talking about!

I don't get it at all, do you?
In the first place, you invited me to the 42nd ward. ......

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it.
'Wait!That's not what I meant!

No, that's probably what you mean.
Just call him. 'I didn't want to come, but you guys asked me to, so I did.

All right?
You can leave anytime you want. As long as you have somewhere to go.

'Anyway, I'm asking you to stop issuing this. Well, it's obvious, right?I can't accept this.

I don't know what's right and who's not, but it's not up to you to decide.

'Besides, aren't you in cahoots with BU?

There's no such thing as collusion, the BU is cooperating with us to destroy you.
There's no way they're going to tax you.

Anyway, that's all you need to know. No more copies. OK?
'No, I don't have the authority. I don't care if you tell me.

Tell it to the person in charge.
I'm sure he'll dismiss you out of hand with an argument like this.

'Besides, I don't think I'm interfering with the paper, am I?

The main information in Reborn is about the outer districts, and the first issue is almost entirely about the 42 districts.
It didn't contain any information on BU, which was the main subject of the information paper.
Exceptionally, there were advertisements for the Kojimachi factory and the 24th and 29th wards, but that was because they were the sponsors, not because they were being specially promoted.
In addition, there are advertisements for "This is what's in fashion now! or "How to win an interview! and "Manners you should remember" are not included.
To add to that, it does not cover current news either.

In a sense, newspapers and fashion magazines are two different things.
You can't say, "I bought a fashion magazine, so I don't need a newspaper.
The intended audience is completely different.

I tried to explain these things to them in a detailed and easy-to-understand manner, but the third-rate reporter, who was either dumb or deaf, did not understand at all.

'As a matter of fact, the sales of the information paper have dropped right after this was published!How are you going to explain that?You can't make excuses, it's a fact!
'There's no excuse, there's no causal relationship between the drop in sales of the information paper and the publication of Reborn.
'Huh?Are you stupid?I'm telling you, it's because of this that sales dropped!
'You have no proof that it's because of 'Reborn'.
'Dah~ka~raaaa~!As soon as this was published, sales dropped!Do you hear what I'm saying?Are you empty-headed or something?

Because of the publication of "Reborn", the sales of the information paper dropped. Because he assumes that, no matter what he says, the conversation goes back to the beginning. We're going in circles.

The person with whom you are having trouble talking is usually the one who is "assuming the conclusion".

Because they do not bend their own opinion as absolute, they think they have defeated the argument with a mysterious theory, "But that's what actually happened! They think they have defeated the argument with their mysterious theory.
Another characteristic of such people is that they have a strange self-confidence because they have an unshakable correct answer only in their own mind.

This type of person is very troublesome.
The only way to deal with them is to make them aware of their own faults and force them to shut up.

'At the same time as the publication of Reborn, there were two changes in the information papers, weren't there?
'Huh?Can you not digress?

'Don't change the subject' is a phrase often uttered by those who keep changing the subject.
Since many people tell you 'don't digress', you tend to use it as a counterattack against them.
You tend to use it as a counterattack against others because the content of your counterattack tends to be things that you did not like being said to you.

We ignore such worthless things.

'First of all, the fee has increased due to the relocation of the headquarters and the tax. It's an exorbitant price, ten times the original price.'
'It's not outrageous!It's the fault of the BU lords for taxing us!

'Because it was taxed' is not an argument for 'it's not exorbitant'.
An exorbitant price is an exorbitant price, no matter what the reason.
In the first place, you wrote in your information paper that 'we are going to be taxed exorbitantly'. The price is exorbitant because you added it to the price.

'It's natural that some readers will stop buying if the price goes up.

Since you keep trying to interrupt me with contentless arguments, I'll interrupt you and give you the following reasons.

'The content of the paper has been changed significantly.

The contents of the articles written in the information papers have changed drastically.
There is a limit to the number of articles that can be published in an information paper, which is written on a single sheet of paper like a kawara-ban.
Until now, many of the articles had been about trends in BU, or about etiquette, and had a strong emphasis on entertainment.

However, since the article on the brawl in the square in front of the city gate of District 42, the majority of the articles have been critical of District 42 and the lords of BU.
The articles that denounced District Forty-two and the lords of BU as victims and the perpetrators as perpetrators were full of extreme expressions, and the intention to incite the readers could be seen through them.

To be honest, I did not enjoy reading them at all.
Who is going to pay a lot of money to read someone else's bad words?

'In other words, the reason why informative newspapers don't sell anymore is because they've become boring.

A third-rate reporter stood up and glared at me with bloodshot eyes.

'It's because you guys interfered!It's your fault!

So I'm going to tell you the plain and simple truth.

'No, no. It's because a third-rate reporter, who until now hasn't been allowed to write a good article, is taking up most of the page.

This third-rate reporter had hardly written any articles in the information papers before the article on the riots.
However, since that article, he has been assigned to write articles that fill up most of the information papers.

I heard that the animosity of the reporters who had cooperated with him in making the paper is quite strong--according to my research.
I've found out a lot. For example, about you.

'If you want your sales back, why don't you write a confessional?'A third-rate reporter with connections to the aristocracy of the union's board of directors, who kicked out Trubec Engineering from the Public Works Guild Union for personal gain, took full advantage of the power of his backers to vandalize the paper as he pleased, resulting in a sharp drop in sales.
'You, kill me, ......!

The third-rate reporter tried to grab me, but Magda and Loretta blocked his way and stopped him.
Magda is emitting a dense, almost visible deadly energy. If exposed to this, an ordinary person would be too weak to move.
And Loretta is staring at you with a scary face.

'...... Please leave us alone.'
'Yes, sir. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who can't wait to get started.
'............ Tsk!

The third-rate reporter clucked his tongue and turned on his heel.
Then, just before the exit, he turned around and spat out a line he had heard before.

'I'm going to write down everything that happened!

Do what you want.

'I hope there's someone who'll read it.

The third-rate reporter's body trembled as if the blood flowed back from his toes, he bit his lip so hard that it bled, and his footsteps rushed out.
He must have learned that it was dangerous to take it out on things in this store.

'Sorry to keep you waiting ....... Huh?Where's the customer?

Ginette came out of the kitchen and rolled her eyes, holding a piece of Sundaemaritei Kaiseki in her hand.

'Oh, he had something to do, so he left.
'Oh, I see. That's ...... too bad. I was able to cut the decorations beautifully.'
'Oh, Mr. Manager. I'll eat that. I'll buy it without the coupon!
'...... No, this is Magda, the pumpkin croquette fairy.
'When did they start calling you that, Magda?
'...... this morning, "Hah!I'm a pumpkin croquette fairy! And...
'Magdacho's alias, it almost always originates from that person!

I'm not sure what to make of that.

Oh, man.
What used to be such a bleak space has quickly returned to its original warm and sunny atmosphere.
I'm impressed with our girls.

'Well then, why don't the three of us start testing Ginette now?
'Hey!You're testing me?
'If I give you advance notice, you might make it with more enthusiasm than usual. I'll make an unannounced examination of your usual quality.
'Ugh, ......, I'm so nervous.'

What a surprise.
I know that Ginette always puts her heart and soul into each and every product she makes.
This is just an excuse.

'So, Magda, the chairman of the judging committee, and Loretta, the chairman of the fair judging committee, please make sure that the judging is fair and free of favoritism and injustice.
'...... Leave it to me.'
'Manager, be prepared!I'm going to judge you very, very strictly!
'Yes, sir!I'll be looking forward to it.

We set the table, and the three of us, Magda and Loretta, sit down side by side.
Ginette sits down on the other side of us, and the judging for the Yodamari-tei Kaiseki ~Saiori~ begins.

'First, let's look at the appearance.
'...... beautiful.'
'It's a work of art. First of all, the way you used the knife to cut this cucumber is--'
'...... Loretta, it's long.
'It's so beautiful!

All the judges gave the appearance a passing grade.

'But the problem is the taste.'
'...... Of course. Taste is everything in cooking.
'I won't overlook even the slightest irregularity in the taste, so be prepared, manager!
'Yes, sir!Please, sir!

Then, the three of us each picked up our favorite side dish with our chopsticks and brought it to our mouths.


Well, I knew that.

''Ginette, you're getting good at this.''
''......Hats off to the manager who seemed to have already reached the peak of his skill, further improving it.''
'The manager's cooking skills are unbelievable. I want a refill.'
'...... Wait. Magda has already reserved the meatballs.'
'Oh, I see!Then what about the shrimp?
'...... Too bad. They're sold out too.'
'Then what can I eat?
'......The bamboo leaves used in this partition are at your disposal.
'That's something you can't eat even if you try!
'Have you ever tried to eat it once? ......'

Don't eat any more grass or anything, you.
Eat something good. You've got the money.


Ginette laughs at Magda and the others' exchange.

'Shall I go make you a refill?
'...... but...'
'You're right, that's ......'

Magda and Loretta look at me from both sides.
Why are they asking me? Ginette is the one in charge here.
Even Ginette's looking at me at .......
Oh, God.

'So, shall we have the sunny-side up kaiseki for today's meal?
'It's a gorgeous meal!
'......, it's too much money to be bothered with.'
'Ufufu. Isn't it nice . That's right!Then why don't you all make it together?I'm making it by myself for now, but eventually I'd like to have Magda and Loretta help me too.
'I'll do .......'
'I want to do it too!
'Then, let's go.

Ginette stood up and Magda and Loretta quickly jumped on Ginette.
They were happy to be invited.
The only thing is, you don't get many orders for the Sunlit Pavilion Kaiseki - Saiari.

...... You're not going to give out coupons more often, are you?
Remember, you're in the red.You're in the red, remember?

'Come on, Yashiro. Let's cook together.

The three girls in the sunshine look at me with happy faces.

...... d*mn it.
I can't help it.

I'm not sure if I'd tolerate a little deficit if I could see a smile like that.


A few hours after we turned the third-rate away.
Tea time was over and it was time to get ready for dinner, when old lady Mum came to the sunny pavilion.

'You know, Orkio and Sirach are here.

Orkio and Sirach walked in from behind Grandma Mum, side by side.

'Hello, little Jin-net.
'Jinnet, it's been a long time.
'Mr. Orkio, Ms. Sirach. How was your trip to District 24?

I'm not sure if it's the luxury of Grandma Mum and the others staying for three nights and four days, or the hell of 'what are we doing in District 24 for so long? It was quite a while ago when they came back from a trip that was either a luxury trip of three nights and four days or a hell trip of 'what are we going to do in the 24th district for so long?
Zelmar and the others had come to the Sunken Pavilion several times to talk about souvenirs, but Orkio lived in District 35 and they hadn't seen each other since the trip.
Therefore, Jeannette seemed to be happy to see him.

'Thanks to you, I had a lot of fun. You know, you all came to the flower garden in District 35, too.
'The nectar in the garden was very delicious.
'Hmmm, Zelmar's excitement was so ...... oops, I almost went off topic.

In the event that you've got any questions regarding where by and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.

'More importantly, I saw the information paper.

The information paper must have been passed around to Orkio, who lived in the 35th district.
Even in the outer districts, where there was no circulation to begin with, the information paper began to circulate.
It seems that sales have fallen so low that they can't keep up.

'I thought 50Rb was too much for some of them, but I bought them all.
'Why is the tax added to the perimeter zone? ......'

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
It's that kind of cynicism that causes customers to leave.

'As someone who knows the 42nd district well, I don't trust the contents of the article. However, the fact that they wrote such a malicious article makes me worried that some evil force is targeting the 42nd district.
'Well. Is that why you came all the way here to check on me?Even Sirach-san. Thank you for traveling so far.'
'Not at all, little Ginette. The forty-second ward is a special ward for me too. I've been indebted to you, Jeannette and Yashiro.
'I'm not indebted to you. I'm indebted to you too, Sirach-san.'
'Oh, my God. Ginette is a really nice girl. You look just like me when I was young.

You don't say that often, Sirach.
Well, when I was a ham before, I was about to be 'judged by the spirits', but now I can tolerate a little.
A little, huh?

'When the 42nd and 35th wards, the two wards that I took care of, were attacked by the BU, I couldn't do anything about it. ......'

No, they just didn't give you the information.
Didn't Lucia think that she didn't need to ask for help from her people?
At that time, the 42nd district was more excited about defeating the BU.

'Well, with Yashiro-kun around, I probably don't need to do anything.

The old man in the romance gray winked at me.
I catch it and throw it at Sirach.
'Haha ...... exciting ......☆', Siraha says, slumping over and sagging against Jeannette.
I'm glad I let you lose weight. If she had been in her old shape, Jeannette would have been crushed.

But I'm just fine.

'Orkio. I've been meaning to ask you something.
'For me?
'Anyway, gentlemen. Please sit down. Would you like some coffee?Would you like some tea, Sirach?'
'No. I'll have coffee too. Orkio taught me how to drink it, and I've been drinking it lately.'
'Hahaha. It's still not as good as the taste of the Sunken Pavilion, though.
'Then, please enjoy it and see how the taste of Sunlit Pavilion differs from Orkio-san's.'

Jeannette was not modest about the taste of her coffee.
That coffee was handed down from my grandfather. There is nothing to deny.


Orkio let out a sigh as he took his place at the table.

'Ah... Excuse me. I'm sorry, I just can't help but wonder how this happened.

Orkio smiled weakly.
Orkio says that he can't forgive the fact that the 42nd district, which has been suffering from floods and poverty, has finally recovered and is just about to begin, when he was interrupted by a nobleman.

As expected of a former aristocrat.
He knew immediately that this kind of behavior was the work of a nobleman.

'I guess they're trying to exhaust the Forty-two Wards so they can get in, but ...... that's too shallow. Forty-two wards are valuable because they are calm and full of kindness,......, but if a nobleman sticks his hand in from the side and stirs up a mess,......... ...Why can't they understand that?

That can only be because they are noblemen.
Orkio himself is probably aware of this, but he doesn't want to admit it.
Nobles are only interested in their own interests.
The convenience and feelings of the ordinary people living there are not worth considering, to them.

If it's good for them, they take it.
If it's in their way, they get rid of it.
The aristocracy is self-centered in every way.

There are a few exceptions, though.

Yashiro-kun. You did a lot of work in District 35, didn't you?That's why the 35th district is changing in a good way.

I don't remember that at all.

'The Bug People, who were scared of humans, have shown their willingness. They've come to rely on me. I'm sure it's because of Shirapin's humanity.
'No... That's not true, Orkio. It's us insect people who are relieved to be welcomed so warmly by the humans. After all, many of them were afraid to go outside the garden. Thanks to the appearance of a kind human like Orkio, who acted as a buffer, the possibilities for all the Bug People have expanded.
'To sum it up, are you saying that it's depressing to have an old man and an old woman flirting?
'Not at all, Yashiro-chan.'

Grandma Mum rebukes me with an unbreakable smile.
Don't pat me on the back and say 'doo-doo'. I'm a raging bull. Burururu......

'For some reason, I've decided to start a business just like my family used to do.
'Oh, you're a pimp for the beastmen.
'Yes. ...... Haha, Yashiro-kun knew about it, didn't you?
'Well, I overheard about it recently.

In the past, his family's pimping business may not have been the most admirable, but Orkio has never shown any signs of hiding his past.
Regardless of the past, he faces it without hiding it.
I think this is the gracefulness of Orkio.

Because of this past, the work Orkio will do from now on will be beneficial to both humans and beastmen.

'I was talking to Jeannette. We're lucky to be in Orkio's house. There's at least one person who's willing to take the side of the beastmen.'
'Yashiro-kun ....... I'm glad to hear you say so.
'Orkio is really the only one who has been on our side. Always and forever and ever.

Siraha, who has known Orkio since she was a child, has eyes filled with absolute trust.
It's easy to imagine what kind of relationship they had.

'Since the time we met, Orkio has always been kind to me. ...... And now that I'm old enough to be outside--'
'Yes, stop talking about it!

I'm sorry.
He's trying to talk about that episode whenever he can!
Anyway, Orkio, you should have trained him better!I almost reversed the last three days' meals!

'Shirapin......, you remember me?
'Of course I do. Because that time, I was outside--'
'Shut up, you bastard!

I'll have you banned, you old couple!

'Thank you for waiting.

Ginette comes back with enough coffee for everyone.

'You look like you're having a great time. What were you talking about?
'Don't rehash it either!

Oh no, no, no.
There are too many landmines here.

And you've been acting like you don't care about this topic all this time, old lady Mum?
She's a clever old woman, isn't she?

'Well, it's delicious. It has a very nice aroma. And the bitterness is gentle and easy to drink.'
'Thank you, Sirach.

Siraha's cheeks relax as she drinks Ginette's coffee from the Sunlit Pavilion.
If you like coffee, the coffee here will sting.
The bitterness and acidity are exquisite.

'In the next issue of Reborn, do you want me to add a coupon for coffee?
'Wow. That's a good idea. People don't drink coffee very often, and I'd be happy if more people would take this opportunity to drink it.

So, if that means no more loss-making discounts at Yodamari-tei Kaiseki ~Sairi~, I'll be happy too!
Coffee is priced at 10Rb, so it might as well be a free ticket.
Some people may not like it, and a free ticket is perfect for a 'trial run'. Even if you don't like it, you won't feel like you've lost money. Even if you don't like it, you won't feel like you've lost money.

Oh, yeah. In the next issue, I'd like to send out a 'Kupon ticket' too.In the next issue, I'd like to issue a coupon.

Old lady Mum is still not good with horizontal letters. I'm sure it's just a matter of 'forced translation magic', but it sounds like 'hiragana English'.

'But Grandma Mum's store has always been reasonably priced, so how can she offer any more discounts?
'One free stain removal coupon. There are more and more fashionable people these days, aren't there?I've been thinking more and more that a proper stain remover would have cleaned them up better.

In the forty-second ward, which was originally a poor ward, the custom of asking a professional to do the laundry has not taken root.
The only way to remove stains is to scrub hard at home.
Perhaps because of this, there is a strong perception that stains cannot be removed. If you get a stain, you give up. That is the common sense in this town.

No one throws away a stain just because it has become a stain, but most people cover it up with a cloth or something.

'I've always wished you'd let me do it. So, let me do it for free once, and if you like it, let me know next time. What do you think?
'Isn't that a lot of work?It's free. ......'
'It's fine. I love doing laundry.'
'Well, if there's anything I can do to help, just let me know.
'Thank you, Ginette.

Coincidentally, Grandma Mum seemed to be thinking the same thing as me.
It's free, so you don't have to worry about failing.
Anyway, try it once, and if you like it, say hello.

She's a clever old lady after all.
She's a survivor of the 42nd district.

'What's this 'Reborn' you're talking about?
'Oh, wait a minute. I'll get it for you.

Ginette said and went to get the Reborn, which was permanently installed in the Sunlit Pavilion.
As in the past, Jeannette bought a large number of "Reborn" with the article on the Sunlit Pavilion.
He never changes, does he?

'Here it is. It has a lot of very interesting articles in it.
'Wow, that's interesting. Would you sell some of them to me?
'You can have it. I have a lot.'
'No, no, no. The sales of this will also help the 42nd district, right?I'd love to buy some.
'Let's see, ......, that would be .......'

Ginette glanced at me.
When it comes to selling, it's not something that the Sunlit Pavilion can do on its own.

'Then let's say we exchange a copy of 'Reborn' at the branch office for this one.
'That's right. Then, this is the 'Reborn' at the branch office.

On the occasion of the first "Let's go buy an information paper with all the BU kids" tour, I sold "Reborn" at the Sundaemari-tei branch office in the name of persuading the BU kids.
Of course, that was an official sale with the permission of the lord.
At present, it is sold only at the stores in New Town and the Lord's mansion, but it is time to change the way it is sold.
Customers from outside are flooding into the streets of New Town.
As the number of issues increases, there will be customers who say, 'Oh, I don't have that! I don't have it!
If you ask them to buy it in New Town every time, you will miss a business opportunity.

It would be better to make it possible for customers to buy them at any store if they apply for it.
To make sure that no one will be so naive as to read the product and not buy it themselves, make it compulsory for all stores that carry Reborn to purchase at least a portion of it.

The sales format is similar to that of Regina's potion, with the amount sold going to the lord.
If you sell 10 books, you pay 50Rb (10 x 5).
Of that amount, the store gets 10%. If you sell 50Rb, you get 5Rb back.
So, the more books you sell, the more profit you make.
However, if you are a pushy salesman, the store will lose credibility.
It would be better to leave them casually and let people buy them.

This sales method was realized because Assunto of the peddlers' guild gave the OK, and it is a method that cannot be imitated by information papers.
The peddlers' guild has different managers in different places.
The upper wards are full of people who, like Assunto before them, have ambitions to get into the upper wards whenever they can.

'I love the Forty-second Ward!I'll never leave! I'll never leave!' There's no one else like Assunto.
I don't think they'll allow you to take on a new sales format or a revolutionary challenge.
If you fail, you'll lose your reputation.

Oh, no, no, no. The only thing they care about is pulling each other down.

'So, some of them will be 5Rb.
'Oh, so it's cheap.
'Only for the first time. Next time, we'll raise the price to 20Rb.

'Haha . You're so confident that you'll be able to hold on to your fans with this one book. I'm counting on you.

Orkio didn't call the first issue discount system 'cosy! Orkio didn't say 'cosy!
Rather, he seemed to be impressed with it.

'Wow, that's interesting. Look at this, Shirapin. It's a fashion for adults in their fifties.
'Well, that's nice. It's calm, yet elegant. ......'
'That's what Ms. Ukrines suggested.
'Oh, the one who made the tactile catsuit?She's a lovely woman after all.

There's a half-naked yamayuga man in your ward who's afraid of that wonderful woman like the devil. I'm not saying who, but it's Wendy's dad.

'Would you sell this to me, too?
'Sirach, would you?
'Because I'd like to use this coupon, too.

The coupon is valid for one person per coupon.
...... Don't be so cynical!A single coupon is good for up to four people, which is an outrage only possible in Japan with its established distribution system.
Don't take that benefit for granted!

If four people were to use a single copy of the Sun-Damari-Tei Kaiseki at the rate of four people, I might have gone to ...... to destroy the printing office.

'That's right . Next time, please let us donate as well.'
'Yes, that would be great.'
'Then you'd better think of something to advertise in the back.
'Publicity? ...... Do you have anything you'd like to post, Shirapin?
'Maybe a love letter from Orkio at ......?

Stop it.
A certain number of people in the whole district will reverse the process.

'If you write about how you two met and what you're up to now, it might encourage people who are currently struggling with a different kind of love.

That's what old lady Mum says.
There might be a couple like that somewhere, too.

'That's true. If you can help someone with that.'
'Well, that's nice. That's great, Mum.'
'Mm-hmm. It's just an idea.'
'I'm happy to be friends with you.'
'Me too. I have to learn from your elegance.'
'No, I've had enough.
'No, you haven't.'

The old lady ...... and the old girls smiled at each other.
I guess this kind of feeling never changes no matter how old you get.
It's just like when Paula and Nephrite are talking about fashion.

I wonder if it would be popular if Reborn advertised for correspondents.

'So, Yashiro-kun...'

Orkio's voice changes tone.

'About this case...'

He looks at me with a kind of certainty in his eyes.
As if he wants me to give him an answer.

All right. I'll tell you.
I'll tell you what we think the enemy is now.

'Probably, as you can imagine, ......, sent by Wishart.'
'--I guess.'

The sigh that Orkio let out was filled with frustration and a bit of sadness.