493-295. Reincarnation, people.

A bleak atmosphere enveloped the walls of the Sunlit Pavilion Branch Office.

People who heard the commotion came into the shop, asking, 'What's going on? They read the information paper on the wall silently and shouted, 'What? as they read the information paper on the wall.
Some of them ran out to call their acquaintances.

Some of them ran out to call their acquaintances. After a while, many people came to the sub-branch of the Sunlit Pavilion and saw the information paper on the wall.

A heavy silence enveloped the area.

'Eh, wait a minute ......, what's this?

Such a small whisper created a ripple in the heavy air, and that small ripple grew into a murmur like a spreading wave.

'What's written here is the story of the forty-two districts ......, right?
'Is it ...... bleak?'
'What, what?

For them, the word "bleak" seems far removed from the 42nd district, as they were just a few moments ago, excited by an event they had never experienced and relaxing at a fashionable cafe.

'I mean, isn't this some kind of attempt to discredit ......?

A girl dressed up with a deep wrinkle between her eyebrows.
The crepe in her hand is crinkled.

Have you ever felt that?
The chill that comes over you when you look at someone from a third person's point of view who shouts at the top of their lungs that their argument is the right one, wielding a misplaced sense of justice?
Those who are delusional about their own righteousness turn against those who do not agree with them. Therefore, their arguments become more intense and sometimes extreme.

○○ is evil!
Get rid of it!
It shouldn't exist!
Can't you even understand that?
You idiots should just shut up and listen to what I say!
If I say it's evil, it's evil!I don't accept any objections!Exclusion!Eliminate!Eliminate!Anyone who doesn't agree with me is an enemy!

When ordinary people see those who are intoxicated with their own righteousness and make noise with ......, they think.
No, you're the bad guys.

Right now, the Information Paper is being looked at like that by the BU kids here.
Why did I change my opinion so easily about the information paper that I used to believe in?
Of course, it is because I trust what I have actually seen and experienced myself more than rumors from third parties that say 'it seems to be true' or 'it is actually true'.

'Wow~, this convenience store's pudding is so delicious~' 'Oh, I heard that that convenience store's pudding is so bad, you'd better not eat it.
I don't know what other word to use to describe this situation other than 'annoyed'.
'You've actually eaten it now and said it's delicious, right? Oh, so you have a stupid tongue.

But that's exactly what the intelligence papers are doing.
But there's one thing they don't realize.

"Readers aren't stupid.

They believe that if they publish something in the press, readers will believe it unconditionally and side with them.
They think that acting against the information paper is the same as acting against the majority, and that it is even a sin in BU.

In fact, that is probably how it has been up to now.
As you can see from the bean issue, which everyone thought was 'wrong' but did not even try to reform, the act of 'dissenting' in BU was almost suicidal.

However, people have feelings.
Even if we all dress the same, follow the same trends, and say we like the same things, our minds and emotions are never exactly the same. It's impossible.
They're human beings.
No matter how much they have been taught not to deviate from their surroundings, when they encounter something unpleasant, they will feel offended and angry. Complaints accumulate, and resentment builds up.

In fact, resentment must be accumulated by these people who have been suppressed and controlled.

'Why are these lies written?

Someone muttered, making me nervous.
I don't know if I should admit it.
But you have to admit it, don't you?
But if we admit it, what will we have believed so far? ......

The hesitation that was glimpsed in such hesitation was pushed aside and swept away by the accumulated resentment.

'Isn't that a lie ......?What is written here ...... is a lie, isn't it?'
'It's a lie!It's bullshit!
'It's impossible!
'What's wrong with this town?
'I mean, a slaughterer in broad daylight is ......'

Someone starts to say this, and the eyes of the people in the room focus on me.

'Oh, no,......, my wounds are starting to ache,.......'

The perfect timing to show off the wound on my arm.
I'm whimpering. I'm crying.

'I don't look like that at all!
'I mean, this guy was really nice to me!He even told me about a stylish store!

The one who was speaking so passionately was that girl who had lost her back because I had exerted a little too much effort in the hope that it would give them a chance to transform.
When I gave her the doki-doki, she became very supportive.

'...... Big brother, if you don't stop, you'll get stabbed.
'...... Girls from other districts are not immune to Yashiro, so they are dangerous.'

Wait, wait, wait.
It's not like you've committed marriage fraud or seduced someone into giving you money or goods.
Don't look at me with that 'ahh ......' look.
I'll follow up with ...... later.

'Hey, guys!

Gorotz steps forward in front of the buzzing BU kids.
He gathers their attention and begins to speak with sparkling eyes.

'I was actually a ragdoll until a few days ago.

The BU kids gasp at such a confession.
No wonder. After he stopped being a ragdoll, Gorotz looks refreshed and fresh, as if his rough face of a few days ago had been a lie.
The wrinkles that seemed to have been caused by her habitual frowning have disappeared, and her greasy hair has become smooth and her cuticles have been restored.
Her sharp eyes, which used to look like they would snap if you held a piece of paper close to them, have become round and soft, as if a baby would smile back at you.

She is no longer the same person.
I even made her hold back when she said, 'I want to cut my hair,' saying, 'It's too far from the portrait! I even made her hold back.
His face has changed so much that even his face is almost gone.

Such a golotz appeals to the "BU" child.

'As a ragdoll, I used to harass the 42nd district for money. There are people who would benefit from that.

The story seemed hard to believe, and the faces of the BU kids clouded.

'When I was a rag tag kid, I thought that as long as I could get money, that was all that mattered. I didn't care if I caused trouble for someone else or took money from someone else, as long as it benefited me. --But there was someone who woke me up. That's Yashiro!

...... oops.
I should've just given him a bland script.
You're giving him too much credit.
We're not proselytizing for the cult of Yashiro. Just go with it, that's all.

'It was Yashiro who taught me how important it is to live life on your own terms!I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

It's being converted into a beautiful story!
I didn't say anything rude like that.
Oh, is that it?I don't know, maybe it's because I interjected Bertina's sermon in between to prevent her heart from being damaged too much!
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.Hey, you?

I'm glad I quit ragging, I really think so now!

Tears well up in Gorotz's eyes.
They didn't flow out, but I could clearly see the thin film that wavered.

Golotz's tearful words touched the children of BU.
Some of the girls cried in tears.
Some of the boys muttered, 'I'll just be myself and go to ......'.

Then, after gaining sympathy, Gorotz says. ......, or rather, I'm making you say it, but anyway, it's important, so listen up, gentlemen.

'There are people who don't like it.

I'm not going to say who.
If you name names, there will be friction.
So, I'm not going to say who, but ...... well, you know what I mean.

'That's why you're writing this ...... article?
'Yeah, that's ......'.

A chill runs through the air.
An article is being put up in front of us right now that shames innocent people into criminals for the sake of profit.
There is an organization that is trying to deceive the ignorant and make them complicit in its schemes.
Aren't we being manipulated by these unknown people for their own convenience? ......

The BU kids looked at the information paper with a pale face, perhaps thinking about such things.

Humans are creatures who love conspiracy theories.
Or perhaps I should say that it is because we hate them that we are curious about them.

It is a kind of defense instinct.

In order not to be swallowed up by the great evil, we are overly cautious about suspicious and dangerous things.
We, as ordinary people who have no way to protect ourselves, are too helpless in front of a powerful organization that must be hiding a number of cunning and vicious means that we cannot even imagine.
That's why I don't believe. Don't be fooled. I will not give up my doubts.

And so we assume that behind the huge organization there must be a greater evil than we can imagine.

That's how conspiracy theories begin.

But sadly.
We, the ignorant people, are unable to see through the conspiracy behind the conspiracy theories.

Bad guy: 'He's a bad guy.
Ordinary people: 'Really?I'll be careful!'

--And so on.
Human beings are pure creatures, no matter how far they go.

So I'll tell those pure 'BU' kids.

'Oh, by the way, the bad reputation of this store and Trubek Construction Company, who built this street, also came out of nowhere at the same time. ....... Poor Torbek's store was forced to leave the Public Works Guild union. ...... Maybe the 42nd district also ......... ...yo yo yo ......'

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

'Oh, by the way, I heard from my master that Trubek is spreading bad news about competing carpenters, so be careful.

Looks like there was a carpenter among the BU kids.
It seems that there was a carpenter among the BU kids.

'By the way, young man. What kind of bad reputation did this Trubecco spread?
'Huh?...... No, ......, come on?All I heard was bad news about Torbek.

'So this is what you're saying?'That guy was talking bad about you. I don't know what kind of bad things he was saying about you, but he was saying bad things about you,' and you believed him?
'Yeah, no. ......'

The BU carpenter was speechless and silent.
Then one more push. '...... Magda, you're up.

'......By the way, it's also written in the information paper.'

Magda pointed to the first piece of information the paper had planted in the 42nd district, the one that had angered Mahr and the powers that be.
It was an article about a brawl that broke out in broad daylight and resulted in bloodshed.
In the latter half of the article, there is a description of an official of the Civil Engineering Guild Union saying that 'there have been a lot of bad rumors about Torbek Engineering recently.

When two suspicious organizations overlap, conspiracy theories are born.

'Could it be that the Civil Engineering Guild Union is working together with the Information Paper Publishing Association to destroy the 42nd District......?

Someone's words sent shockwaves through the room.
If that is the case, it makes sense.

If it makes sense, the delusion will expand endlessly.

Conspiracy theories are the ones that grow to the point of being impossible, and deduction is the one that leads to a single truth.
Conspiracy theories and truth are very similar. Surprisingly, they follow the same route.

However, even what the public calls 'conspiracy theories' are just 'hoaxes' by those in power who can no longer cover up the truth and have no excuse. In the case of this case, it is the same.

In this case, this is not a conspiracy theory or anything, but a pure fact.

...... So far, so good.

So that's it.

And here's where the conspiracy theories start to get impossibly bloated.
If you plant a seed of conspiracy theory, it will naturally germinate and bloom.

'If the aristocracy and the powerful are helping the intelligence papers and the civil engineering guild associations, or giving them something in return, does that mean that ...... they are in bed together?

It's a question~.
I'm not lying!
I'm just asking. I'm just asking. It's up to you, up to you to reach that result.

'The nobles are giving money to attack the Forty-two districts?
'But, why?
'See, isn't that it?The port.
'Oh, right!They want to take over the new port!
'Come to think of it, aren't there a lot of articles about port construction lately?
'Ah!I was thinking that too!I was wondering why there are so many articles about the port in the BU's information paper.
'So that's what I thought. ......'
'What do you mean?
'So, some nobleman who wants a port is ......'
'It's not necessarily a nobleman, is it?If it's a powerful person, it's a guild. ......'

The BU kids secretly share their theories with their neighbors and close friends.
What is exchanged here is only personal opinions, and is not intended to maliciously discredit anyone in particular.
As such, it does not fall under the category of defamation.

Now, let me give you another dose of slow-acting poison.

'If you're in league with a newspaper, don't you think you'd be wearing the latest fashions in the newspaper?

Yes, a question!
I'm just asking!
I'm not making any judgments!

What do you think, Spirit God?
Your magic's a little thin.
Isn't it a good match for Estella's bosom?
Why don't you play a game to see who's looser?

'Hey, hey, there's a nobleman in the 29th district, ......'
'Ah~, there's someone, isn't there? It's always a person who decides on the latest fashion before the information paper is published!
'There are aristocrats like that in the 23rd district, too.
'In the 26th district...'
'No, no, there's someone even better in the 27th district.

Such information is exchanged.

Now, the BU kids here will never refer to the fashions in the information papers again.
If they try to wear the latest fashions, they'll be told, 'You're in the wrong business! and above all, fashion is for 'boosting' the mind.
Who would want to refer to something that is so stingy?

And if more and more people are not influenced by fashion, there will be a revolution in BU, which has always been about following the right.
Those who aren't here may be dressed in the latest fashions, but the number of those who don't follow the trends will gradually increase.
And when each person enjoys unique and original fashion, even the uninteresting people with the "follow-the-right" syndrome will change their minds and say, "...... Well, maybe I'll try it myself.

If that happens, no one will buy the information papers that push "trendy fashions" that no one cares about.
And the price has gone up tenfold.

And more!
If the ordinary citizens of BU stop being interested in the fashions in the newspapers, the aristocrats who wanted to be the first to adopt and show off the latest fashions will also change.
Of course they will.
Because the "fashions" in the information papers that they have taken the trouble to obtain first by making large donations are not in fashion at all.
Moreover, if you go out in the open wearing the latest fashion, people will whisper to you, "Isn't she in love with you? I can't stand it!

This is unbearable, isn't it?

The aristocracy, a mass of vain people, can't stand it.
The situation where the fashions you've been showing off with a smug look on your face because you think they're in fashion aren't even being looked at, and no one is following suit.

Let's see.

How long will these aristocrats continue to donate large sums of money to the paper?

The circulation will drop, donations will be cut off...

I wonder how long you guys can survive?

Now that the information papers are gone, one thing that worries me is the "loss of information papers".
The loss of something that has been a part of our lives for so long is quite stressful.
Some of you may have made it a part of your morning routine.
Some of you may have been studying by copying illustrations.
There may be families where it is indispensable for family reunion.
If this were to disappear completely, the stress of 'not being able to do it' would be felt at a moment's notice.
That stress, even if it is just a matter of taking it out on others, may be directed at those who created the cause of the loss.

So, I offer you an alternative.
Come on, Loretta!Give me the thing!

'Come on, everyone!Throw away that paper with its dubious authenticity. and pay attention to this!

What Loretta is holding up high is an information magazine made by the great people of the Forty-two Wards With neighborhood!
Not an information paper, but an information magazine!
The first issue is an opulent 16 pages!

It's a must-have for women who want to be fashionable and for men who want to improve themselves!What a great idea!The first issue is only 5Rb and comes with coupons that can be used at various stores and classes!

This is the first issue of the very affordable information magazine "Re:Born"!

Re:Born is a magazine that features fashionable lunch menus and delicious drinks. Re:Born" features fashionable lunch menus, delicious drinks, and details on the soon-to-be-launched beauty town "Sutekiyan Avenue".

The vouchers are generous, offering discounts of up to 200Rb!
That's 2,000 yen off in Japanese yen!Isn't that amazing!
What's more, this coupon and discount is paid for by the store!
2,000 yen off at their own expense!Who do you think dared to do such a thing?
It's Ginette.
I said I'd be happy to give you 10Rb, but 'this is a new project that Mr. Yashiro and Ms. Estella are working on. I'd like to help in any way I can! He said. ......

Well, you can say that it is a good decision for the system of this coupon, but it could have been ......100Rb.

This coupon is designed to be used only for specific menu items.
It's different from a golden ticket that can be used for anything.
It does not mean that you can eat whatever you want for 2,000 yen at YODAMARI-TEI.

We selected the "YODAMARITEI Kaiseki - Saiori", which is rarely ordered at YODAMARITEI because of its high price.
The regular price is 250Rb.
But if you use the coupon, you can have it for only 50Rb. That's for two daily set meals!......Ugh, my stomach ......!
You can't even recoup the cost of the ingredients, let alone the cost of the gynet technology and labor!...... Ugh, my small intestine is ......!

In the event that you have any questions regarding where by and how to use the site, please do not hesitate to contact us. So, you won't go bankrupt with coupon discounts.

Ginette is an exception to this rule, but there are some advantages for the restaurants that are forced to offer discounts.
They have prepared a tasty bait. That's why there were many stores that took the bait.
Ginette is an exception!

First of all, stores that have coupons will have an article introducing them.
The article includes a map to the restaurant, reviews of recommended dishes, messages from the staff, and other information in an easy-to-understand manner with illustrations by Becco.
It's like a guide map sold in Japan, making you think, 'Oh, let's go there.
If the coupon is not used, it will not hurt your pocket and you will be able to advertise for free.
Even if the coupon is used, it is only a small discount. If the coupon is used, it is only a small discount. If you use a coupon, it means that you will use the store.
You are more likely to go to a restaurant you have already been to. This is a big advantage.

However, even if the regulars come to the store with coupons in their hands, there is nothing to be gained.
So, why don't you read the situation?You know that, don't you, regulars!
...... I think I'll ban the regulars from using coupons at the Sunlit Pavilion.

In the case of restaurants, the sunlit pavilion is joined by Cantaluchica, Graduates, Luxury and Osina's Sourb.
There is also a beauty school that has a branch in 42nd Ward New Town, although the main store has not opened yet.
You can try the service once at a discounted price, and if you like it, you can keep coming back.

Incidentally, coupons are designed to prevent fakes.
On the coupon, there is a frame with an intricate pattern. At first glance, the frame that surrounds the coupon looks like an illustration of a flower, but when it is placed on the backing paper distributed to each store, the flower-like frame and the frame on the store's backing paper fit together perfectly, and the word "HONMONO" appears on all four sides. In this way, the word "HONMONO" appears on all four sides.
If you only have the coupon, it doesn't look like letters.
Even if you make a fake that looks exactly like the original, it is unlikely to match exactly.

The magazine is made of woodblock prints that Becko made by grinding wood.
The pigments are the joint work of Becko and Regina, and the colors are excellent.
It is now mass-produced by Bekko and his helper Hamuko.

You see, Becko was looking bored after building the bathhouse.
I said, 'Do you want a daily? I said, 'I think I'm going to die, that I am! He said something I didn't understand.
If you feel like dying but you're not dead, isn't it good?Hey, isn't that good?

'This is interesting!What's this?
'Eh, hey, hey!Don't you want to go to this store?

'This shape-up exercise, can I lose weight by doing it?
'More importantly, look!It says it offers coordination suggestions to match your body shape!

The "BU" kids who bought the magazine "Re:Born" were fascinated by its contents.
The fashion course proposed by Ukrines seems to be popular.
There are various fashion suggestions for different body types, ages, and trends, such as 'a loose A-line dress is good for chubby people who want to hide their bellies', 'avoid white because it is a bloating color', and even 'there are ways to increase your s*xiness by daring to hide it'.
Of course, there is also an extensive men's section.
I could have made a whole book with just the articles on Ukrines, but this time I'm just giving a quick introduction.
In the next and subsequent issues, I plan to make the articles more in-depth.

At the end of this issue, you can find the names and advertisements of the people who helped us to publish Re:Born.

Mirin, a new product of the Koji Factory, is a magical seasoning that expands the range of cuisine.
Recommended sightseeing spots in the 24th district.
Enjoy a moment of relaxation surrounded by flowers and plants at the park in front of the gate in the 29th district.
You can find your own nectar in the flower garden of District 35.
The Seafaring Guild's recommendation, how to make the best seafood dishes!

and more.

Javier's friend, who made the paper for the crepe, also made the paper for the magazine.
It is expensive, but there are many sponsors here who have money to waste.
They agreed to do it because it saved them the money they had been giving to the newsletter.
Moreover, this one comes with publicity for my district and my company. The benefits are different, aren't they?

'Hmm~!I wonder why. This magazine is so exciting to read!
'I know!It makes me think a lot!

That's because what's in the magazine is the 'answer'.
This is because we are accustomed to information papers that contain the 'answers' that the information paper publishers wanted to spread, such as 'this is the fashion,' 'this is the way to do it,' 'this is the manner, this is the right answer.
The readers understood that 'that's the way it is' without any room for thought, and immediately put it into practice.
That's why there was a mass production of 'young people who don't think about anything', like the interview with the waitress at Mahr's place.

But "Re:Born" is different!
What you find here is just information.
It is up to the individual to decide what to do with the information after receiving it.
You can use it or ignore it.

There are no "answers" in this Re:Born.
The correct answer is determined by you, the reader.
The information is just a tool to add color to your life.

'Here are just the simple facts'.

Where is the restaurant, what kind of food do they serve, and how does it taste?
Those are the only facts written here.

You are free to believe it or not, to use it or not, to go and check it out, or to ignore it if you are not interested.

Freedom may be unkind in a sense.
But it can also be interesting because of that.

'I hope you find it. I hope you find your own favorites, not the ones that someone else tells you to find.

When I said this, the BU kids' eyes twinkled and they looked down at the information magazine Re:Born again.

Incidentally, the name of the magazine, as you may have guessed, was given to the BU kids who were just running on the railroad tracks without question, with the message, 'Be reborn! This is the message behind the name.
In addition, the name was also given with the meaning of a hot and bitter slogan that the completion of the port would bring new industry to the 42nd district, and that no matter how hard things get, the people of the 42nd district would not be discouraged and would come back to life again and again.

'We did it, big brother!It's selling very well, Ribon!
'Reborn'?That 'stretching rod' is pretty important, so be aware of it!

It has nothing to do with a girl's magazine with lots of appendices, and I didn't think 'wow, they look alike' when we decided on the name!

Whatever the case may be, Re:Born will overturn the common sense of BU and, as the name suggests, will rebirth it.

By the way, the first issue is 5Rb, but we'll charge 20Rb from the next issue.
Isn't that obvious?
I mean, if you consider the coupon discount, it's still a good deal!

In fact, why is it that you can get a 200Rb discount on the Yangdari-tei Kaiseki ~Saiori~ at ............ and the colon, appendix and duodenum at ......!

From the next issue, I'll decide the discounted items and the discounted amount. I'm sure you will.

Three days passed.

The change came quickly.

'Excuse me, can I use the ...... voucher?
'Yes, of course. Come on in the back.

Ginette welcomed the woman who was peeking into the restaurant with a big smile on her face.

'Welcome to the Sunlit Pavilion.

She then extends a generous welcome.

Can I really use the 200Rb discount coupon that came with the 5Rb magazine?
It seems that some readers were worried about that.
Well, I don't know. It is a common sense that there is always another side to a good story. If you were lured by this story and went to the store, you might be forced to buy something more than 200Rb. ...... Such anxiety must have arisen.

Recently, all the new customers who visit the sunny pavilion have come into the store with the attitude that they can run away at any moment.
No matter how much you guys try to escape, you can't escape Magda and Loretta,......, though.
I'm not trying to rip you off, but when the time comes, you know?

'If Yashiro had greeted me, I would have run away.
'Shut up, you're the first coupon user.'

Estella savored her oyakodon.
On the day of the issue of "Re:Born", this guy came to eat at the Sun-damari-tei Kaiseki - Sai-ri first thing. With a coupon ticket, of course!

A lord shouldn't use discount coupons!That's why you'll always be a bit of an imbecile!

By the way, Imelda also came to eat.
In her case, she had a very strong feeling of 'I want to use the coupon'.
She was like a child who is happy to receive an unknown toy.

Anyway, "Re:Born"--Yes, it's too much trouble!--More and more BU kids are coming to the 42nd district after watching "Re:Born".
The number of newcomers to YODAMARI-TEI has increased considerably, partly because of the coupon coupons.
I don't know if there will be a second time, but ...... well, since many of them were interested in cakes and food samples, I'm sure they'll come back at least once or twice more.
If they do, they will become familiar with the taste and atmosphere of the restaurant, and it will become a restaurant that they will go to once in a while, even if it is a little far away.

As long as you don't meet any lords, guild leaders, or people with too much flavor when you come here, that is.
There's a good chance that there are a lot of powerful people in this restaurant.
I think I'll put up a bill to ward off evil.


Suddenly, Estella raised her voice in a crazy way.
When I looked around to see what was going on, I found that she had dropped a piece of chicken from her oyakodon.
If the chicken is not big enough, it can slip and fall down.
Especially if you are eating chicken in a way like Estella, who carries it one by one in her mouth.
That's why I told you to scramble it up with rice and eggs.
I told him to scramble it with the rice and eggs, but he dropped it because he was saying, 'Look, if you hold it up to the light like this, the eggs will sparkle and look beautiful.

'Oh, ...... my chicken, ............ my chicken, ......'.

Estella crawls on all fours with her limbs on the floor, peering at the fallen chicken.
I'm not sure what to say.You're not crying, are you?

'I was saving ...... for fun, but ......!
'No, there's only chicken and eggs, so there's nothing to save!
'The egg was just perfect!It was absolutely delicious. ......'
'Give up now.'
'......The floor of the Sunlit Pavilion is cleaned by Ginette-chan every day, so ......maybe!
'Don't do it!Here, take a seat and wipe your hands!
'Yashiro!If you give up, the game ends there!
'The chicken in Oyakodon ends when it falls on the floor!

I put Estella, who was making a lot of noise, in her seat.
You, at this time of year when the number of guests from other places is increasing, don't cry over a piece of chicken from the lord!
Look at that!You're being watched so much!

'That person is ...... the lord of smiles, right?
'What, the lord of this ward?

Ahh, my face is exposed.

'Let's see, is he the one who's shutting down the speech of the residents and promoting hardline reforms for his own benefit............?'
'No, you don't.'
'He's the one who cries over chicken, remember?

Estella. Probably pretty disgraceful, but he's making a good impression.

'You're kind of ...... cute.'
'Yeah, I want her for a sister.'
'What should I do, should I go give her some kaiseki meat?
'Oh, then let's share a dish with everyone?
'No, wait!Your feelings are enough to make me happy!Please eat your food and go home!

As expected, they were afraid to accept charity from the young people of other districts because of their sympathy.
He seems to have some pride as a lord at the very least.

'...... Estella. I cleaned up the chicken.

Magda quickly cleans the floor that Estella made dirty.
It's not acceptable to leave food on the floor forever. Good job, Magda.

As she looks at Magda, she holds out a small plate that she had hidden behind her back to Estella.
On the small plate was a croquette.

'...... This is from Magda. Eat this and cheer up.'
'Well, Magda, ......!What a good girl you are!
'...... As you pointed out, Magda is a good girl.'

Yeah, you're not too modest about that. That's Magda.

'Aww!What is this?When did you make this?

What Magda brought was the pumpkin croquette she made last night.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to find the right one for you. ...... ...... was too much for him, so I gave him some advice.
I've been making falafel for a while now, so why don't you try making it with pumpkin?

For now, I'm only helping Ginette, but I'm sure I'll master it someday.
In no small part, Magda's heartstrings have been tugged by the fact that she's involved in a new product that Loretta didn't even know existed, and she's been in a great mood all morning.

'...... A service from Magda to everyone who cared about the important lord of the 42nd district.

'Oh, you don't mind, do you?
'...... If you have room in your stomach, please.'
'Thank you.'

Magda leaves the table, and the BU kids immediately resume their chatter.

'This is a nice place, isn't it?
'Yeah, yeah. The waitress is cute and nice.
'I'll introduce you to my friends. They should definitely go there!
'If you bring the coupon, you can save a lot of money!

Of course you should!
If you pay 5Rb, you can get 200Rb off!
Ugh ...... but new customers ......!
Is this a welcome deal or not ......?

'Wow, I'm so happy!
'Yashiro. You probably haven't noticed, but your face is twitching.

Every time a coupon is used, we lose money on it.
But Ginette is happy, so it's okay. ......
For the past few days, Jeannette has been holed up in the kitchen again. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

Thanks to this, Jeannette is in a good mood all the time.
I wonder, what is it?
Is it a feeling like wanting to fight a strong guy?It's like he's having a lot of fun cutting up the messy decorations. ...... I don't understand.

'Hey, you guys. What district are you from?

Estella poked at her oyakodon and approached the BU kids like a pick-up artist.
Are you sure, my lord?What you're eating, you're the only one eating cheap food. Don't you care?No.

'I'm from the 26th district.
You've come a long way, haven't you?

The 26th district is adjacent to the 36th district, so it's almost on the diagonal from the 42nd district.
It's ......, but it doesn't feel too far away because the lord of the 35th district, which should be the furthest, comes here frequently. ......

'So the Reborn has spread to the 26th district as well?
'Yes. Tracy McCurry has been selling it.
'Don't go out of your own ward, Tracey!

Tracy is supposed to be the lord of the twenty-seventh ward. ...... Why is she peddling in the twenty-sixth ward?

I've heard that the Sunlight Pavilion is a store that Tracy McCurry is very familiar with.

I worked there part-time.

'And that the Forty-second Ward is overflowing with love.'

You're the one overflowing with love and letting it drip out. Just to one person.

'I like your hat. Did you get it yourself?'

Estella changed the subject with a very refreshing smile.
Oh, I see. You don't want to hear about your stalker's active life. It's scary.
I heard that Tracy was very disappointed that she couldn't attend the meeting with the information paper publishing group.
I heard that she was insisting on disguising herself to participate in the tour to District 42 that Nene joined. I can see him going out of control as soon as he finds Estella.

I'm sure that's why he's currently doing everything he can to spread the word about Reborn.

'Why don't you take her to a public bath as a reward?
'I wonder if that ribbon is your favorite color?

He seemed determined not to bite on the subject of Tracy.

'Yes. I made it after watching 'Reborn'. I made it after watching Reborn. ...... I decorated it with my favorite colors.
'It looks good on you.'
'...... hehe. Thank you very much.

Lately, BU kids have been wearing things that are not 'trendy'.
At the moment, they are still based on the latest trends, with a little originality thrown in, but in the 29th and 24th wards near the 42nd ward, the latest trends have completely faded away.

There are a few people here and there who have swung off in strange directions and are wearing eccentric outfits, but that's just the way it is for those who have just woken up to fashion.
You can polish it up from now on. Since Ukrines was so enthusiastic about it, I'm sure there will be a lot of information on how to dress even an amateur.

This will change "BU".
It will change BU into a unique and interesting city, just as Mahr had hoped for a long time ago.
...... d*mn, that old lady always gets everything she wants, doesn't she?
I'll make her donate more money for the next "Reborn". Let's do that.

'Oh, by the way, it's about time they came.
'Oh, it's about that time.

Estella, who had been picking up the BU kids, peeked out lightly.
Today was a consolation party for Sophie and the others who had led the BU kids so well on the last tour to the 42nd district (I've long forgotten the official name). The sales of "Reborn" are going well, so we'll be celebrating that as well.

So, I guess a lot of lumberjacks and lords will come to my house that I didn't call for. ......

And then he came.
As soon as he opened the door and jumped in, he ran straight to Estella, jumped on her, hugged her, and started rubbing his face on her lower abdomen.

'Estella-sama!I thought it would make sense if I didn't thank you in person, so I came to you before anyone else!This time, I'll be the very first to arrive!
Miss Tracy!There are people from other wards here, so behave yourself!
'I can't!I refuse!I refuse to allow it!
'Don't make me look like a lord in a strange place!

The BU kid who used to respect Tracy McCurry-sama stiffened at the sight of the seriously ill patient's dementia.
Oh, you didn't know? ...... This is who he really is.

'Master Tracy!I've already told you to refrain from acting alone!

Even though Nene jumped in a little late and scolded her, Tracy didn't stop.
I'm sure she'll be stuck with Estella for the rest of the day.

In the meantime, guests from all over the world and those who had followed us on their own gathered for a consolation and celebration party.
As a matter of fact, I let the BU kids who happened to be there join the party. This is also known as a "road trip".

And so the good times passed, and the new magazine "Reborn" was welcomed with open arms.

Gradually, gradually, the paper was stripped of its authority.