492-Episode 294 The March of Believers

The news spread to the world in an instant.

"Nightmare Brawl in District 42!

This is the news of an unbelievable tragedy that occurred in the 42nd district, where the construction of the harbor is underway.
The residents who had come to observe the construction work in broad daylight were attacked and eventually killed in a horrific incident.
Many witnesses saw people's heads slit open, and the scene of fresh blood spattering was so horrific that it made them want to cover their eyes, the article said.
The article said that the blood spatter was so horrific that it was almost as if it were a photograph.

Those who lived in BU were astonished by the sensational article, and at the same time, their fear of the 42nd district increased.
Particularly, those living in the 29th district, who were connected to it by a newly created passage called New Road, spent their days in fear, unable to sleep at night.

In this way, the faces of the criminals who had caused that horrific incident were burned firmly into their eyes. If you ever see him in the city, be prepared to run away immediately.
Don't let your loved ones get close to him.

The sketch of the suspect, Obayashi, also appeared in the newspaper with photographic clarity.

The BU people were horrified by this unbelievable event. At the same time, they waited for more information about the incident.
What had happened to the murderer?
What happened to the construction of the harbor?
Are the BU's safe in their own districts?
Would the lord of our district have allied himself with such a dangerous 42nd district?

Fear makes people's desire to know grow.
In order to escape the fear of not knowing.

But then one problem arises.

The information paper that reported the horrific incident contained another piece of information that could not be overlooked.

"Information Paper Publishing Group Announces Headquarters Relocation

The contents of the article can be found at ....... Well, it's a long and roundabout way of putting it, but in short, the lords of BU colluded to kick out the Information Paper Publishing Group, so they decided to move their headquarters to District 42.
I didn't even want to go to the 42nd district, but the lord of the 42nd district himself, who caused the friction, insisted on it, so I had no choice but to rent the place.
Because of this, an exorbitant tax was imposed on the information paper when it was brought to BU, but it was all the fault of the vicious lord of BU and the 42nd district that caused it, so the information paper publishing society is not responsible at all.
It is inevitable that the price of the information paper will rise, so all complaints should be directed to the owner of BU and the 42nd district.

--That's what it said.

No matter where I looked, I could not find any mention of the fact that the chairman himself had spoken out against the lord of the 23rd district and had been kicked out.
Well, I knew it would be something like this anyway, but the article was just as I had expected.

The lords of BU were very angry, and they voted by majority to impose a heavy tax on this malicious paper, which was implemented immediately.

A tax of 45Rb would be imposed on each piece of information paper brought into BU.

The price of the information paper, which was originally 5Rb, is now sold at 50Rb, which is exactly the amount of the tax.
Converted into Japanese yen, what was 50 yen became 500 yen.
...... Too expensive!I would never buy it.
It's just a piece of paper.I don't care if it's a magazine.
Moreover, information papers are published irregularly. They don't come out once a month or once a week.

If, as in the case of this issue, there is value in the follow-up report, it may be published daily.
In other words, the publishing society is reporting the details of this case in daily issues.

Only the first issue, in which the above article appeared, was sold at 5Rb as before, but from the next issue, in which the follow-up article appeared, it will be sold at 50Rb with tax added.
Yeah, I know, I know.
I guess they're planning to sell the reopened first issue, which contains very interesting information, at a discount, and make people buy the next issue, which will be more expensive.
It is a common practice to make people buy the first issue at a discount and then raise the price.

I wonder if they're going to add the entire tax to the price.
Don't you think you should pay a little of the tax yourself?

Oh, I see.
To them, readers are just people to whom they are selling their paper.
You want it anyway, right?Then pay up. That's it.

However, even though the bean-counting rules that bound BU have been abolished and the economy has started to turn, the benefits have not yet spread to the general public.
There is still no one in BU who can say 'I guess I have no choice' when 50 yen becomes 500 yen.
The content is the same, but the price has increased tenfold, and it is published every day. There are many who cannot afford it even if they wanted to, and many who hesitate to buy it, well, almost all of them.
It is said to be delivered free of charge to the aristocrats who invest in it, so it is the ordinary citizens who do not have as much money as the aristocrats who are forced to pay ten times as much.
What a luxury item that only the aristocrats can get.

Still, I'd like to know more about the horrible incident.
It's a matter of life and death. Not to mention my own, my family's, my lover's, my friend's.

The BU people have three choices left.
Pay ten times the price and subscribe to the paper, even if it means cutting back on your life.
They pay each other to read the paper in circulation. If you want to read the paper at the conventional price, you need to gather ten people.
However, if you do so, there will be a dispute about the order of reading. There will be a fight between the first and the tenth. After all, you want to get the latest trends before anyone else.
You want to know what you want to know, but you can't get it yet, and the person who reads it first will say, 'What?No way!Seriously? Seriously?" You would feel like killing them.
And the people who get the information before others get an itch to spoil .......
If you tell someone who hasn't read the book yet that 'this is what happened', they'll say 'give me my money back, you bastard! If you tell someone who hasn't read the book that 'this is actually what happened', a big fight will break out.

Therefore, the above two options are not very realistic.
Well, some people may choose the above two options and get into trouble or have a hard time making a living.
After all, it is published every day.
5,000 yen for 10 days, 10,000 yen for 20 days, and 15,000 yen for 30 days. Hmmm... ......
I wouldn't want to throw that kind of money down the drain.

So let me suggest a third option, the most economical and peaceful.

What are the options?

Go to the 42nd precinct to buy.

The tax on entering a BU is on the goods for sale.
It is not imposed on personal property.
So, if you come to District 42, buy it, and bring it back yourself, you can get the information paper at a fixed price.

That's why BU has published the first issue of "Traveling Together on the Road!Let's go to the 42nd district to buy information papers. If we go together, we won't be afraid at all! ~Let's go to 42 wards to buy information papers!

The organizers are Mokoka, an active "BU" girl, and Sister Sophie of the 24th Ward Church.
Nene Granata, the head waiter at Tracy McCurry's mansion.
And then there's Filman Donati, the next candidate for Lord of the 24th District.

Their identities are largely unknown to the public.
They don't know that Sophie is the sister of Rebeka, who was the first to end her donation to the paper, that Mokoka is a waiter in Mahrul's household, that Filman is the heir to Donis, or that Nene is the head waiter to Tracy.

The people in the same ward would know, but if you crossed the ward a bit, their faces would not be known.
Filman hasn't been introduced to the world yet, and Nene's position as head waiter makes her a rather plain girl, so she doesn't really stand out.
Even Sophie, with her prominent bunny ears, is not known to be related to the Koji factory.
In the first place, the world doesn't know that the head of the Koji factory is a little girl like her.

Therefore, we arranged our staffs well and asked them to spread the information that 'if we all go to the 42nd district, we can buy the information paper at a fixed price'.
Although the group was a little unreliable, it seemed that Mael had planned carefully, and the results were good. I'm not sure what to make of that.

...... That old lady has the makings of a con artist.
He understands people's psychology very well.

If it were me, I would have prepared a detailed script to get these unreliable people to work for me, but Mael took advantage of their unreliability.
But Ma'ul took advantage of their unreliability and said, 'There's no way that such unreliable people who can't tell a lie and don't seem to have the intelligence to deceive people, who are more like losers, would trap us. Oh, I see. They want to go and buy the information paper themselves, but they're afraid, so they're trying to gather friends. I'll lend you a hand. Besides, I've always wanted an information paper myself, so this must be a win-win situation.

Three days after the meeting with the information paper publishing group at the sunny pavilion, the information paper containing the rumored article on the slaughter was published, and today, five days after that, a large number of BU children led by Mokoka came to New Town along the New Road.

There were dozens of people of all ages, men and women, from all seven BU districts.
The group looked like a school trip and landed in the 42nd district, their eyes wide open at the sight.

'Come on, come on, the latest sweets that are being talked about now!It's so fashionable to eat and walk around!It's a sweet, sweet crepe that will make you feel the taste of love if you eat it with your lover!

In the New Town, people dressed up in glittering costumes were coming and going, smiles on their faces everywhere as they ate the eye-pleasing sweets.

There, a branch of a famous patisserie (but a coffee shop), which has even the aristocracy of BU as its customers, was selling the most gorgeous sweets I have ever seen in a luxurious atmosphere as its name suggests.
The people who flocked there were fashionable girls who had been polished up at the sister store of Sutekiyan Avenue, a base for the transmission of beauty.
The glamour never stops!

Makeup, nails, hair arrangements.
Makeup, nails, hair arrangements. You can't help but notice the high class beauties.
The clothes they wear are new but not too pedantic, unique, gorgeous without being too flamboyant, and s*xy without being too obscene.
The total coordination is so complete that even the most jaded countryman can clearly see the sophistication and stylishness of it.
Presented by, Obayashiro & Imelda featuring Ukrines.
Oh, and Mahr and Lucia are also involved, as supervisors. They say that Imelda is still lacking a bit of fashion and dignity from a nobleman's point of view.
Well, Imelda's taste is such that she modifies a yukata into an ultra-mini. I guess she has a more radical sensibility than traditional beauty.

'...... What is this place?

The average girl from BU mutters.
She's transfixed by the glamorous scene before her, full of urban charm.

Well, then, let's give them a bigger surprise, shall we?
And let's let them enjoy it.

You won't find it in the news papers, but in the real cutting-edge fashion.

First, a beautiful cityscape that jumps out at you!
Originally, there were almost no houses in the former slum, and the streets are neat and clean, thanks to the comprehensive design by Umaro from the beginning of the development of the new town.
Beautiful brick buildings facing a large street. Gorgeous plantings.
No matter where you take a cut, the entire city looks like a painting.

The city has been brushed up with an extra touch to make it look even better.

Just one beautiful woman standing on such a street corner is enough to make you say.

'Good day, everyone.
'Hey!Miss Imelda. You look beautiful again today!
'Your clothes are lovely!
'Even your hair!
'Even your makeup!
'Mmm. You'll be even more beautiful. Yes, if you come to this city.

They were the genuine girls of the Forty Wards who had admired Imelda since she was in the Forty Wards.
Imelda was the charisma of beauty in the Forty-second Ward.
Even after moving to the Forty-second Ward, the girls would occasionally see Imelda's fashion and stop by Ukrines' clothing store to buy matching outfits.

The fans in this city don't mind moving from one ward to another. ......

I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great idea to have a good time.

'Hmm ......, the breeze is so comfortable.

Norma is enjoying a cup of tea with her hair playing in the breeze on the hastily created luxury open terrace. Across the way, Natalia is sitting in a stylish one-piece dress, having thrown off her usual maid's uniform.
Here, she is elegantly eating a cake.

Oh, and if you look closely, you can see Osina sitting on the other side, quietly reading a book by herself.
What a beautiful sight!
It's the kind of stylish spot that a girl can't help but admire!

'Sir. It's our new strawberry parfait.'
'Araara~, thank you~'

A strawberry parfait beautifully arranged in a huge glass was brought before Osina.
The parfait was served in an extravagant and beautiful glass.
While many families cannot afford to buy even window glass, there are not many restaurants that use such elaborate glasses.
This is quite luxurious. Most of the vessels used in ordinary homes and bars are made of wood or ceramic.

But this is a luxury restaurant with a large number of aristocratic patrons.
I forced him to buy it.
'A fine glass is essential for parfait.

Pompeo, the owner, chef and manager of the restaurant, was reluctant to buy expensive glassware, but as soon as he saw the finished product, he was convinced, 'It has to be fine glasses! He was convinced.

It's no wonder.
The thin, tall, and slender silhouette is beautiful on its own, but the contrast of white and red is even more striking.
The white of the whipped cream and the red of the strawberries. If the glass had been made of porcelain or wood instead of glass, the appeal would have been reduced by half.
It is precisely because it is made of transparent glass that its presence is heightened and its extravagant sense of luxury is fully demonstrated.

It will be a little while before we serve this at the Sunlit Pavilion.
I can add it to the menu as soon as I take back some of the glasses Pompeo made me buy.

'Hmmm!It looks pretty, but it tastes so good too!

I ate the parfait with the long, thin spoon Norma had hurriedly made for me. The tour group was glued to the parfait with their eyes glued to the beautiful, calm woman with a happy expression on her face.

Beautiful women happily eating gorgeous sweets that they had never seen before in a very elegant cafe.
It must have seemed to the group as an extraordinary experience that could be called a different space.

Surprisingly, there are few open terraces in this city.
There are only a few open terraces in this city, such as the one at the Sundari-tei when they open all the windows, and the one at Thomson's Kitchen when they set up tables in the garden, but the yakiniku at Thomson's Kitchen doesn't have an "open terrace" atmosphere.
There may be such a place if you go to the upper part of the city, but in this neighborhood, the view outside is so limited that it's not worth going out to drink tea.

However, it's a different story in this well-developed new town.
You can enjoy a cup of tea while looking at the beautiful scenery, or you can become a part of the beautiful scenery yourself while enjoying a cup of tea.
It's a very stylish place to spend time.

'Anyway, let's go buy an information paper.
'Yes, of course.
'That was the purpose, wasn't it? Right, everyone?
'That's right.'
'Yes, that's right.

When Sophie urged them to move, the BU children, who are easily pulled by others, took advantage of this and began to move from the front of the cafe.
They've got penguin-like habits, these guys.

However, there was a trendy boutique where Sophie was headed.
It was a clothing store that was temporarily owned by the women of the District 41 Clothing Guild, who had trained under Ukrines in order to distribute cool fashions on the lovely Yann Avenue.
The plan is to practice here and eventually open a store in the lovely Yann Avenue.
This store is supposed to be kept in the 42nd district as a branch ......, but it will probably be a retail store that buys and sells Ukrines' clothes.
The influence of Ukrines is too strong in the Forty-two districts.
I'd like to see him train many disciples and subdivide the fashion.

'Look, look~. I just bought a new one!
'I tried to make it a little more mature.

Two beautiful girls come out of such a stylish boutique wearing brand new clothes.
Paula is wearing a light, fluffy dress, and Nepheli is wearing pants that show off the lines of her long, slender legs.
Both of them seem to be particular about their shoes and accessories as well as their clothes.
That coordination seems to be Lucia's favorite. I'm sure she has a say in it. I can imagine Ukrines happily taking notes in her storybook.

'Hey, ......, don't you think Aarthi's outfit is weird?
'Not at all, Barbara. She's very pretty.'
'But, ...... Aarushi, these things are .......'
'What are you talking about!The possibilities for fashion are endless. It's a waste of time if you don't challenge yourself and become a better version of yourself.

Nephrite is making a Showa-era gesture of encouragement to Barbara. It's strange that she looks so good in that way.

Barbara was dressed in a very girly fashion, which was certainly far from Barbara's image, but it was a 'proper' finish.

'Onesha!We're matching!
'Wow!Teresa, you're too cute!

I thought it was a very cute outfit, but it seemed that Teresa and I were wearing matching outfits.
Needless to say, Teresa looks very good in it.

'Matching fashion is cute, isn't it?
'So, do you guys want to wear matching outfits?
'No, no. We'll do our own fashion.'
'It's because Barbara and Teresa are close sisters that they look good together. I have my own style, and Nephrite has his own style.'
'Yes, yes. Isn't it boring to be the same as someone else?Take your time to find a style that suits you. Because I'm me, and I don't want someone else to define who I am.
I don't want anyone to define who I am.This is who I am! You can't compare yourself with anyone else.

'Ah!Aashi, I know that one!It's called Iron Maiden, isn't it!'
'Yeah, I won't say it.'
'It's an identity, Barbara.

Seeing the girls squealing and having fun showing off their fashions, the group glanced back at their own clothes.
As if mass-produced, they all wore the same mood, the same color, and the same type of clothes.
They must have read about it in an information paper. They must have read about it in the newspapers, saying, 'This kind of fashion is fashionable now.

The BU kids probably don't show their clothes to each other.
Wearing that fashion is right, anything else is wrong. That's the way they think.
Whether the fashion suits you or not, you can't go against the 'others'.

'Oh, Wendy. You look great today.'
'Thank you, Theron. You look great too.'
'How lucky I am. I'm so lucky to have met you, the only woman in the whole world.'
'I'm also lucky to have met you, the only man out of thousands and thousands of people.
'Blast it!
'...... Yashiro. Not yet. Stay hidden.

He yanked me by the neck as hard as he could. and dragged me into the grass. Thanks to that, I don't think the group saw me. I was the one who started it.
...... Huh, that was bad.
It's all Theron's fault. ......

'It's kind of ......

One of the girls in the group opened her mouth heavily.

'...... Looks like fun, doesn't it?

There was no reply to her murmur.
But all those present must have been thinking the same thing.
Their eyes told the story.

'...... Beautiful day. And the breeze is nice.'

Magda, the woman who had dragged me into the grass earlier, walked down the street, her feet softly dancing.
Then, two anteater-faced brothers appear in front of me, each holding out a bouquet of flowers of the same color.

'Hi, Magda!
'Nice flowers, please accept.
'...... well, nice'.
'Off course!These bouquets are all the rage right now!
'Bicose!I saw it in the paper.

The newspaper even carried a stupid article on how to seduce a woman.
The anteater brothers are holding a bouquet of flowers that was introduced in the article.

''Because ...... is in fashion, Magda?
''Yes, we can!''

But Magda's expression was dull.
No, there's very little change, but it's a dull look, you know.
And then, a serious patient with a fox face appears.

'Magda-tan!I picked out this bouquet for you, Magda!
'...... For Magda?
'I thought about what kind of flowers would suit Magda and chose them!
'...... Well, I'm glad. This is a bouquet of flowers just for Magda, just for Magda. The feeling is priceless.
'I'm honored that you're pleased.
'Oh, no!How shallow of us!
'The Shallow Brothers DA-ZE!

...... Yeah, well. The picture is a bit of a mess, but the point is, 'Isn't it tasteless to just do what someone tells you to do? That's what I'm saying.

This appeal seems to have stuck with the BU kids: ......
Well, it's about time.

So let's turn it upside down.
The stubborn values that have taken root in their hearts.

'All right, all right. ...... Huh, the load feels even heavier without the use of my left arm.

A handsome man sashayed in with his god-like acting skills. His name is Obayashi.

'...... Yashiro. It's not even a big play. Take a lesson from Magda.
'If I learn from you, all my lines will be read by sticks.

Where do you find your confidence, Magda?
You're the one who should learn from my theatricality.

As we were whispering to each other, there was a 'Whoosh! from the group of "BU" kids.

'Do, do ............'.

A girl pointed at me and made a pale face.

'...... doyou!

Oh, no!
You're so upset that you're groaning out loud!
I'm not sure what kind of emotion you're talking about.

'That man ......!
'Yes, that's right,......, that's right!
'............ yeaaaaah!

There was a scream that seemed to tear the silk, and the area was in an uproar.
We too turned our heads in the direction of the scream. While showing off the wound on our left arm, which we had cleverly kept in their blind spot.

'Wait!...... He's hurt.

It was Sophie who calmed them down as they began to fuss.
Then Filman--

'That's strange. According to the intelligence reports, he unilaterally attacked and slaughtered the unresisting residents. ......'
'Would someone who attacked an unarmed resident really have been injured like that?

Filman is followed by Nene, who raises the question.
The right-minded BU kids don't answer, they just stare at my wounds.
And they are probably asking themselves the same question in their heads.

What is the truth?

The information in the papers that seemed so absolutely true.
But now it has begun to faintly falter.
That faintly frayed trust is in danger of being caught, torn, and broken by a chance event.
For example, if an irreversible fact that determines your distrust suddenly appears in front of you--

'Yashiro-san!I got some extra whipped cream from the manager~!

The man who comes running towards you with his long hair fluttering as he says this is the victim of the incident that made the pages of the information paper, the long-haired gorozzler who the paper clearly announced as having been 'slaughtered'.

Incidentally, his name is Gorotz. It's a joke, but it's true.
When I heard his name, I yelled at him, 'Don't use a fake name! When I heard his name, I shouted at him, 'No, no, no, no!That's my real name!I was an orphan, but I had a plate engraved with my name around my neck, and this name is the only proof that I was connected to my parents!Please believe me, Yashiro-sama! --He was desperately pleading with tears in his eyes.
...... Hmm?I'm sorry.
I'm sure you'll be able to understand that.I was in the middle of one.

Well, Golotz himself was just wandering around the 42nd district for money, right?

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following address: ....... I'm thinking that I can forgive him with this light punishment.
24/7 without pay. It's a good word to use from the perspective of a manager.

Anyway, I talked with him alone for a while, and made him change his mind from the bottom of his heart, and made him a salesman like this.
I didn't do anything too serious.
I just used a little gaslighting to make him believe that Obayashi is the only one on your side in the world.
It's just a small trick that even a third-rate con artist would do. It is not worth talking about now.

Aside from that, I taught Gorotz that it is more profitable to work diligently.
There may be times when you are troubled or frustrated by hierarchical relationships or by your weaknesses.
However, you will gain more than that.
Are there any things in your life that you consider important?
Have you ever had a moment when you were glad to be alive?
When I asked that, Gorotz was at a loss for words.

No, I don't.
There's no such thing as a moment when you're truly happy.
That's the way he's been living his life, you know.

That's why I, well, 'I', brought Gorotz out into the light.
Obeyashiro, who I feared to be a demon or a devil, was really an angel.

I was worshipped.

Now, Gorotz is a good boy who listens to me no matter how unreasonable I am. He is now a good boy who listens to me no matter how unreasonable.
...... This spell will be lifted soon, though. It's too much trouble when you're dependent on them.
You're right. I'll send him to the cornfields of Yap Rock, which is also a rag and bone rehabilitation center.
Yeah, that's good, let's do that.
We could have whoever's available at Kawaya Engineering build a simple shack and have them sleep in it. Wow, good idea!

So, Gorotz, a temporary worker, is working hard with sweat shining on his forehead.

Seeing him, the BU kids all open their mouths wide.
He's alive!With a face like that.

'Oh, ......... Do I have the wrong person ......?'
'No, that face, don't you think it's him no matter how you look at it?
'So, maybe the information paper published the wrong person's face?

'What?So the intelligence paper lied to us!'
'No, no, no!I didn't say that!It's just ...... that ............ there was a little mistake, like ......?'

Calling someone a 'liar' in this city is a dangerous statement that can affect their life.
BU kids don't want to take on such a heavy responsibility.
But if it's not a lie, what is it?

There is one possible explanation.

The information in the paper was wrong.

In other words, misinformation.
The paper, which is supposed to carry only the truth, carried false information.

Right now, the paper has lost its authority.
Everyone in this room must have thought.
'Not all information papers are correct.

And then this thought came to mind.

Why bother paying for information that may or may not be true?

There is a possibility that the information you paid for may be completely wrong.
You have to be the first to get the paper, get the information, and share it with others.
That was the status of the "BU" kids.
But that information might be a lie.

A slaughter that took place in broad daylight.
Such a sensational event may not be true.
In fact, the man who was described as the perpetrator has a severe injury on his left arm that makes you want to turn away, and the man with long hair who was described as the victim is still alive.
The man with long hair, who was described as the victim, is still alive. He is even having a friendly conversation with the man who is said to be the assailant.

If that article is true, it is an impossible scene.

In other words--

The paper published a hoax.

They're saying they'll sell it for ten times the price in the future.
They've come a long way to the 42nd district to buy such a thing.
Fighting the fear that there might be a murderer.

But what do you think when you actually get here?
The 42nd district is calm, but also enjoys a fashionable way of life that we never knew existed.
They are proud of their own personal style, not the trend that someone else told them to wear.

What are the emotions that are flying through their hearts right now? ......

I'm not sure.It seems like there are a lot of nice customers here.

When I smiled and spoke to them, the BU girls all stiffened their shoulders.

'Haha. Sorry, scary to have such a scar, isn't it?
'Sorry, guys!This scar is my fault!Mr. Yashiro is a very nice person, so you don't need to be afraid.

When I say this with a harmless smile on my face, Gorotz quickly follows up.
Gorotz is a good boy who is well disciplined.
However, we will not be held responsible for any lies, exaggerations, or misleading phrases that he may use to get someone to frog him.
...... I guess I really am a saint in the eyes of the brainwashed Gorots.
............ I really hope you take me back, Yap Lock.

The BU girl asks fearfully.
I don't want to admit that I'm good friends with this long-haired nee-chan, even if it kills me, so I let Gorotz affirm it.

'Yes!I admire you!

...... Yeah. Yap Lock, come quick.

But Gorotz's statement was like a glass ball dropped on the ground. But it's a waste of time.

'But what a waste!

I said to the buzzing 'BU' kids.

'Why are you all wearing the same clothes and the same hairstyle?You'd look better in brighter clothes, and he'd look better with his hair done up.

The BU kids looked at each other as I told them what their strengths were and what they needed to work on. Are you sure? They look at each other and ask, 'Really?
This buzz is 20% anxiety. The remaining 80% is probably anticipation. The slightly cheerful tone of his voice is evidence of this.

You want to change, don't you?
You've seen it here. People who aren't in the papers but who you've recognized as 'Oh, she's nice.
You thought, 'I wish I could be like that...' even though the information paper didn't say so.
'I wish I could be like that.

'If you have time, why don't you drop by?You'll have some interesting experiences. Especially--'

He smiles, strokes the hair of one of the girls beside him, and says with a determined look on his face.

'A girl can become beautiful with just a small chance.

Oh, I'm sorry.
I went a little overboard.
Magda~, come here! I think one of the girls lost her mind.
That's right, the BU girls who follow right along aren't immune to ways to pick up girls that aren't in the newsletters. They can't prepare themselves for anything without advance notice, can they?

Sorry, sorry.

That was too much stimulation.
Oh, it's okay, it's okay. I'm determined not to commit marriage fraud.
It's not like I was hitting on you.
So, Magda. Please don't whisper in my ear that I should be more careful with .......
No offense. Seriously.

'Well, what do you think?Why don't you make yourself beautiful and enjoy the latest sweets from the 42nd district?'

I made it up.
I wanted to prove I wasn't a bad guy.

The girls who wanted to be beautiful and the boys who wanted to have the destructive power to break the girls, including the broken-hearted girls, accepted my words without hesitation. They accepted what I said and went on to experience the 42nd district.

Yes, group, let's go!

I'll give you an experience you'll never forget!

A few hours later.

'Oh, everyone looks different.

The women, who had been wearing the same fashions, hairstyles, and make-up, had been remodeled into outfits that enhanced their individuality.
The men, while still looking like they were being forced to wear the same clothes, were looking smart and neat.
Oh, the guy who changed his hairstyle was very bold. You can't go back to BU and start over, you know.
Well, maybe it'll keep the spell from breaking.

There's a chance that as soon as they go back to BU, they'll stop dressing up and go back to their stamp fashion.
Well, that's just the way it is, but you could have typed the ...... wedge.

If you dress up, you can change yourself.
It makes you different, special.

The experience of success will stay with them, and they will feel uncomfortable with the copy-and-paste trend.
They wonder if this is really the kind of fashion they want to achieve.

'Look, men. The girls in your town are so cute. Did you know that?
'Oh ...... no ...... ehehe'.

What are they embarrassed about? The men squirm in embarrassment in front of the beautifully transformed girls.
Yeah, get it straight, mens.
Which is more attractive, the girls who have always looked the same no matter which way you look at them, or the gorgeous girls in front of you now who are all the same?
Even if you don't say it out loud, your face clearly shows it.
'Oh no, those girls are so ugly! He said.

'You're ...... beautiful.

One of the boys plucked up his courage and let out a little praise.
The girls immediately burst with joy, jumping up and down, holding hands with those nearby.
They were jumping up and down with their hands in the air.

Seeing the excited girls, the boys again showed their dumbfounded expressions.

I hope more and more people realize that the copy and paste of "fashionable girls" in the information papers is a lie.
I hope so. Okay, let's make a deeper impression.

'Well then, since we've transformed ourselves into fashionable girls, why don't we go to a fashionable cafe and enjoy some fashionable sweets?
'Eh, but ...... we are not .......'

It's just a little push to be taller.
Take off your clothes and you'll be back to your normal self.
It's just a special outfit for now.

The BU kids are still in that trial period.
They're just peeking through the eaves, but they don't seem to have the courage yet to take the plunge.
If that's the case, I'll just pull them in.

'But, we all dressed up and became so beautiful, didn't we?

Emphasize the word 'everyone' and everyone will look around at their surroundings.
What you see are acquaintances who look so much better than they did when they first came here.
Everyone is dressed up.
I can't be the only one who's negative about fashion, not if I'm a BU kid.

'Doesn't everyone want to spend a fashionable time in a fashionable cafe?Right, guys?

''If that's what everyone is thinking, then ...... actually, me too!'' --You've succeeded in getting everyone's approval by exploiting their psychology.
The sense of synchronicity is so troubling.
Well, you can't change human nature overnight.

Of course, it is impossible for all of them to enter the same store, so they will be divided into several stores.
I'm sure they'll take care of the rest.

We've asked for help from Luxury and other restaurants in the 42nd district.
There are all kinds of cakes in this place right now.

How about 'Tarte Tatin' from Cantalucia?
'The pudding a la mode at the sunny pavilion is a must-try in your life!
'...... Men should invite that girl they're interested in and eat crepes with her.
'Come on, ladies. You'll be able to enjoy our new luxury sweets, Strawberry Parfait!

Some of them are pushy, while others take it easy like the Graduates.
The cakes that I sent out and evolved at each store tempted the "BU" kids with "This is it! I'm going to tempt you.

'Uh, let's see, ......, which one do you want to eat?

Oh, no!
I'm not giving you a majority vote!

'You can eat any of them. There are so many kinds. Just eat what you think is right. And if you tell each other what you think, you can imagine what different cakes taste like, and it's twice or three times as much fun.

'Twice as much, three times as much, sir?
'Well, just take it easy and do whatever you want.

With my back to them, the BU kids walked, albeit with trepidation, towards the store that had piqued their interest.
There's no need to be alarmed.
They would normally shop and eat whatever they wanted.
It's just that I'm in a place that's a little different, that I've never seen before. No need to be nervous. Just eat what you feel like eating.

BU kids want to fit in because they're afraid of being isolated.
The desire not to be the only one to fail has become stronger than ever.

But don't worry.
Everything here is real.
There is no such thing as a 'failure! You'll never get a 'failure!

'Oh no!I'm late!
There's no more seats available.'

The man who had invited her, who may have been a childhood friend or acquaintance, and who was shyly inviting her to join him, showed his impatience when he saw the terrace seats filled with people.
The girl who was invited also looks sad that there is no seat for her.
'You're thinking, 'Everyone's sitting and I can't sit ......', aren't you?
So you don't need to think about that.

'Oh, you're lucky.

He patted the anxious couple on the shoulder and pointed to the Sunlit Pavilion branch office where Loretta was waiting.

'That store has the latest sweets from the 42nd district. You can eat these sweets anywhere you like while strolling around the city. I'm sure this will be popular in the other districts too!Taste it with your eyes and tongue and see if it's true or not.

With that, he invited them to the Sunlit Pavilion Branch Office.

'Welcome, sir!You can choose any toppings you like!No matter which you choose, you'll never be disappointed with these exquisite new sweets!Look at the illustration here and choose what toppings you want.
'Um, what is the name of this sweet?
'It's called a crepe!It's a name you'll never forget after today!

Loretta quickly changed her face from that of a vendor to that of a chef.
After receiving intense training from Ginette, Loretta has finally mastered the crepe, and her face is full of confidence.
When it comes to crepes, she is ahead of Magda. This was the birth of Loretta's specialty.

After much discussion and advice from Loretta, the freshly minted couple each has a brightly colored crepe in their hands.
Thanks to Javier's help in talking to the paper mill, the paper used to wrap the crepes is now available at a reasonable price.
The paper is neither too damp nor too stiff and bulky.
A wrapper of perfect thickness and softness. With the birth of this, the crepe can reach its full potential.

'Now, go for a walk in the city while eating it!I'm sure you'll find that everything you see will shine!

Loretta waved cheerfully to the new couple.
The couple waved to Loretta and left the store together, biting into their crepes.

'...... blast it.'
'Big brother, you've held up well in front of the customers, but you shouldn't try to blow up all the couples!

You're flirting with me!You're making out with me!

''Um, excuse me!What those people were carrying earlier was .......'
'Welcome, sir!I'm sure it's this crepe, a special sweet that's ahead of its time!Come on, come inside and have a look!The toppings can be as varied as you like, you can have it all!

The number of customers lured by Loretta, who had a good palate, increased one after another.
Those who couldn't sit on the open terrace came pouring in.

'Loretta!I'm sorry, but could you share some fruit with me?Oh no, my fruit parfait is so popular!I've run out of ingredients in no time. I'm afraid of my own talent. So, fruit parfait'!
'No, you can't!I'm about to run out of material too!Tell Mr. Assunto to bring it to me!
'I'm in a hurry, Harry, please!
'I can't help it!You guys!You two, go run an errand.
''Hee-hee!I'm off!

Ham kids were pouring out from the back of the Sunlit pavilion branch office one after another. Their younger brothers and sisters ran out to the front.

The BU kids were stunned by the sudden march, but then...

'Crap!What's with those kids?They're so cute!

When one of them started laughing, everyone else started laughing along with him.
Just looking at a hamster has a healing effect.

'It really is a fun place, isn't it, District 42?

You must have thought it was a terrible place before you came.
In just a few hours, your impression has changed 180 degrees.

And the fact that his impression of the 42nd district had changed from 'worst' to 'best' meant that his impression of something that had originally been in the 'best' position had also changed 180 degrees.

'...... Loretta. I bought the latest issue of the newsletter. I'll put it on the wall so you can look at it later.

Magda arrives at the perfect time, puts up the latest issue of the newsletter on the wall, and leaves.

On the wall are all the six copies of the newsletter that the newsletter publishing group has published since coming to District 42, arranged in the order of publication.
Apparently, they have a lot of things to write, so they've been publishing daily these days. No, there were days when they were published twice a day.
I bought all of them and put them all up.
Oh, you don't have to pay for them.You can look around all you want.
You've probably spent all your money on crepes and cakes and don't have any money left to buy information papers.

The BU kids, who seem to have remembered their original purpose with Magda's appearance, gather around the posted information paper.

The whole record of the vicious and inhumane threat. The reporter of the information paper who came to talk nakedly confesses the time of the fear which was driven to the situation that it might be assaulted.
"Murderer's sophistry. It's the first time I've ever seen such a thing.
The Forty-Two Wards That Lost Their Freedom. "Forty-two Wards Losing Their Freedom... Will the residents under the control of speech have no choice but to hide their breath and do the bidding of their lords?

A number of such ostentatious headlines lined the news paper.
The hate against the 42nd district is swelling with each edition.
The personal attacks on me are particularly vicious. "You're a murderer, you're so high and mighty! You're a murderer!

Then, the BU kids gathered by the wall each read those articles silently, and ......


They all shouted in a crazy voice.
The contents of the information paper deviated greatly from the facts they were seeing now.

The paper's credibility has been destroyed.