491-Episode 293 Worst Day

Last night, I was told that 'the blood is still slightly oozing, so let's keep the bandage on until the blood stops completely', and I couldn't do the special makeup.
Although I said so myself, Jeannette looked pained every time she saw the bandage on my arm. I wanted to cover it up quickly because .......

So, early in the morning, I created a "scar" in order to quickly apply special makeup.
I pasted this "scar" on my left arm and made the boundary between the scar and the skin invisible.

The way the skin is cut, the redness of the wound, and the painfulness of the wound are all very realistic and brilliant.
That's me. Whether it's Hollywood or NASA, there is no other special make-up artist with the skills that I have.
It looks like a fresh scar even though it is on a desk.
For a moment, you think, 'What, this desk is real? for a moment.

Just as I was thinking about putting it on my arm, there was a knock at the door of my room.
I opened it and found Jeannette standing there.

'Well, I saw the light from the window, and I was wondering if you were awake already.

Her gaze then drifted to the wound on her left arm.
You don't have to worry so much.
Well, Jeannette was always on the lookout for Magda when she was injured. I guess it's in his nature.

'Do you need help?
'No, I'm fine.
'If you want to wash your underwear, I'll keep an eye on it for you.
'Mr. Yashiro is the one being watched.

Puffing out her cheeks, Jeannette quickly smiled.

'Didn't the pain wake you up?Cuts tend to hurt more after a while.'

Well, sure, the stinging pain increased with time, but I'm fine now.
No, it hurts.It hurts, but not enough to make me cry. And the peak has already passed.
All I have to do now is to be a little annoyed at the 'it hurts so badly ......' until it heals.

'Oh, is that the wound?I'm sure you've heard of it.

Ginette found the 'wound' on the desk and stood on her tiptoes to look into it.
No, if you want to see it, why don't you go in?
Oh, right. Jeannette doesn't go into my room without permission, does she? You don't have to worry about it.

'You want to come in?
'Are you sure?'
'Sure. I don't have anything to be seen.'

There aren't any books for gentlemen in this town.

'Well... I'm sorry to bother you.

Ginette enters the room with a slightly nervous look on her face.
It's just like any other room.
Especially since I don't have much in my room.
No, Magda's room doesn't have much luggage either.
There's almost nothing in the room.

...... Not much stuff in this house.

Well, Magda seems to be slowly adding to her possessions.
You'll be able to find a lot of things that you can use to make your life easier.
She's slowly becoming more girly.

I wonder if she'll start telling me not to come into her room.
I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also sad.


Something occurred to me, and I checked with Jeannette, who was looking at the 'scar' and saying, 'Wow, that looks painful ......'.

'Hey, Jeannette. Didn't Magda ever tell you ...... not to wash your clothes with Yashiro's?'

No, you know, girls at that age are supposed to do that, right?

'I haven't heard anything about it, sir.
'Doesn't Jeannette hate it?Like washing men's clothes?
'I'm rather fond of doing laundry. When you hang up the clean laundry with a 'poof! I can feel a little sense of accomplishment when I hang up the clean laundry.

At any rate, I'm glad to hear that you don't feel repelled.
But you're completely taking advantage of my favor.
Ginette said she'd do it for me, so I left the laundry to her.

I suppose I should return the favor.

'Why don't I do your laundry for you?
'No, ......, you can't.'

He puffed up his cheeks and pushed me on the nose.

'You can't even show me the after wash, you can't show me the before wash .......'

Apparently, she thought I was asking her to wash Jeannette's pants.
No, no, no, I meant that I'll wash my own. ......

'Mr. Yashiro has helped me in many ways, and I like housework. So, please leave it to me as before.

With a smile like that, I have no room to argue.

'Well then, I apologize for the trouble, but I look forward to working with you.
'Yes, sir. I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused you, but I look forward to working with you.

We both bow to each other and laugh.
What a farce.

But, hey, I'll wash Jeannette's pants when I get a chance. I'll do that. Just out of kindness. NO evil, YES kindness.

'Um, are you gonna stick this on my arm?'

-- and as I'm thinking about pants with 100% evil feelings, Jeannette points to the wound on the desk and asks.

'Yeah, if you stick it on like this and then blend it with the color of your skin, it'll look real, right?
'Ahh ......'.

When I actually put it on my arm, Ginette raised her eyebrows and let out a squeak.

'Um, can you please put that on in front of everyone?I'm sure you'll be surprised when you suddenly see the ...... scar.

As for me, I'd like to put it up quickly to hide the real scar. ......

'You don't want to scare Magda.

Magda is not afraid of getting hurt herself, but she doesn't like it when someone close to her gets hurt.
Well, maybe it's the same for everyone, but it's more pronounced for Magda.
Even when he's dealing with the kids in the church, he seems to be casually following them so that they don't get hurt.

'Alright. Well, before you donate.'
'No, I think the ...... children will be surprised to see these scars, so ...... if you can, we can do it in the church.'

You're going to put it up in front of a bunch of kids? ...... Keep an eye on it so it doesn't get in the way.

'Ugh ...... that looks painful'.

Ginette touches her finger to the 'wound' fearfully.
No, this won't hurt even if you touch it roughly. It's a fake.

I think only Jeannette would be so scared of a fake if she knew it was a fake. ...... If that makes Jeannette feel better, so be it.
It's not like we can't do it because we're the Church.

'Okay. I'll see you after dinner.
'Yes, sir. ...... I don't need your help today, okay?'
'No, this is a fake, okay?I'm not that badly injured.
'But you are injured...'
'There's no pain at all now.

...... 'Completely' is a lie, though.

'I'll prepare something good for your digestion today.
'That has nothing to do with it!

If you hurt your arm, it has nothing to do with your digestive system!
I'm not sick, I'm not sick!

I guess Jeannette is a bit of a natural.
Oh, correction. She's quite natural.

'...... Good morning.'

Magda woke up and came into my room, probably because of the noise.

'Good morning, Magda.
'Sorry. Was it too loud?'
'...... I'm fine. I was going to come and help you if Yashiro woke up in pain.'

Magda is usually a sleepyhead, but in an emergency, she goes into hunting mode.
Even during the night, he keeps his nerves sharp and wakes up at the slightest noise even when he is napping.
But his body is still a child, and the time when he does not need to sleep is short.
I'll have to set aside some time for a nap today, too.

I look forward to being woken up by Jeannette every morning, but I can't believe she wakes up on her own.
After your nap, you should be pampered and woken up as much as possible.


Magda says, looking at the 'wound' she ripped from her arm and placed on the desk because Jeannette was scared.

'...... desk is badly injured.'
'Are you still sleepwalking?'

In what world is a desk cut and bleeding?
I'm afraid, such a cursed desk. Please don't do this. You won't be able to sleep alone tonight.

'Put this on your arm like this.
'...... pee'.

Magda gave a short squeal and clung to Jeannette's waist as she stuck the Wound on her arm.
Then he looked up at Jeannette and said appealingly.

'...... Manager. Give Yashiro something to digest.

So, you're not sick, and this "wound" is fake,.......

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at a few of the best ways to make the most of your time.

In fact, all the residents of the 42nd district are full of worriers and naturals. ......

What's wrong, Oba?Who the hell are you ......?I'm not sure, but yesterday's wound got worse!

When I finished my donation and returned to the sunny pavilion, Ricardo came over and started making a big fuss by himself.
Estella, Natalia, and even Loretta, who had joined him at the church, watched Ricardo's festivities with a sullen look on their faces.

'Natalia. Didn't I explain it to you?'

'I don't want to talk to you and have you think I know you.

Oh, well, that's just the way it is.
I'm sure ...... that Ricardo was here when I told him I was going to do the special makeup.
Oh, right. It's a shame that this guy can't relate what he hears verbally to what he actually sees in his brain.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's wrong with me.I'm not sure what to do. It seems that the brain gets a bug when the visual information is too intense.

No, it's always a bug in his brain.

'I'm fine!I'll take care of this wound right away with our medicine!

What did he think? He hugged me as hard as he could.

'You'll be fine!Don't worry!

Ouch, that hurt!

'Estella. Do something, we've known each other since childhood, right?
'I'm sorry. I'm just feeling like I don't want to get involved.'

What the hell is he?
I can't rely on him!

'Calm down, Ricardo, and get away from me, you creep.'

I can't help but feel uncomfortable as I feel the muscles jostle.
I can't feel anything but annoyance.

'I told you I'd do special makeup.
'Special ...... so it's fake?'
'I told you so.'
'It's ......, isn't it?

He exhaled ...... heavily and lowered his shoulders sluggishly.

'If that's the extent of the injury, it's not surprising that there would be some aftereffects on the left arm,......, and I was in a hurry.'

If a hunter is injured like this, does it make him pessimistic about the future of his life, or does it make him weak?
Ricardo's reaction was too serious.

'Well, it's true that I was injured.

He said this with a full-blooded brotherly tone, approached me uneasily, and clasped his shoulders.

'Take it easy. If anything happens, tell me right away. Okay?'
'Good for you!

He put his arm around my shoulders and I shook him off with a 'Boom! I shook him off.

'Estella, sterilize!I've been infected with the 'ani-germs' from my brother!
'Who's 'ani-germs'?
'Oh, that's unpleasant, isn't it?
'You're not showing any understanding either, Estella!

In fact, you should be the one to understand. You should understand our side's disapproval.

'Whoa!What's with this thick atmosphere?

Umaro came to the sunlit pavilion while Ricardo was acting like a caring older brother saying 'I'm glad, I'm relieved'.
You're late.
If you had been here earlier, you would have definitely prevented Ricardo's attack with the Oumalo Barrier.

'Don't force me to play the dirty role. ......'
'I'm not even in charge of this...'

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

'You're a surprisingly great person to have exhausted Yashiro-san to such an extent, aren't you? That's the lord of the 41st district.''
'Eh, what?Do you admire me?Do you want me to give it to you?
'No, I don't want it.
'I'm fine as long as Yashiro-san is here.I'm making progress!
'Sorry, Yashiro. I'm sorry, Yashiro. The medicine that works on that thing, that thing itself can't produce.
'Hey, that thing is useless!
'What the hell are you doing, calling people 'so-and-so' in front of me?

I feel like I'm going to burst if I say your name.

'I've come to see your wound as promised~'

Regina came out of the house early in the morning.
If she hadn't come at such a time, I would have welcomed her a little more.

'But first, I'd like to observe the Han love triangle for a while longer.
'That horrible relationship doesn't exist, so either shut up or leave now. I'll burn either your filthy notepad or your body.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it. ......

'Oh, you're a pharmacist. The bath salts you made are wonderful. I'd like to sell them at the lovely Yan Avenue, so please set up a mass production system.'
'Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to talk to men I don't know.'
'We're acquaintances now, aren't we?I've been in the 42nd district a lot!

'Really, why do you come here so often? You're not busy, neighboring lord.'
'You should at least call me by my name, Estella!
'I've been taught by my father not to talk to strange men.
'You're my childhood friend!
'I'll take the matter back to the office and consider it, and I'll reply in writing later.
'I don't need to consider it, it's true!

Ricardo is hustling with a beautiful woman between him.
However, it is Ricardo's quality that he doesn't seem to be popular no matter how you look at it.

'Huh~...... is this special makeup?

Oh, I got away from Ricardo as soon as I could.
It's uncomfortable to be near him because you'll be exposed to all the ani germs.

'It's really well done. It's like a real scar.'
'If you peel back a bit of the skin here: ......'
'Whoa!The blood is so vividly colored. ...... Really, why are you going all out on this?Can't you be a little more random?

It's normal to go all out.
Lies are the end of the world when they're discovered to be lies.

You're hurting me. It makes my nipples itch.'
'Don't make my nipples itch in weird places.

Back muscles or buttocks, if you want to make them itch.

'Oh, yeah, Regina.'

This time, unusually, really unusually, Ricardo didn't just show up unannounced.

'I'm going to be making bath salts, shampoo and soap for the lovely Yann Avenue, can you give me the recipe?
'Because numbers are numbers. I can't have you make them all. Of course, the recipes will be bought by our lord - or rather, the reliable lord next door.
'That's right!The senior lord, Lord Siegenthaler, will buy it for you. Right, Lord Siegenthaler?
'You're being very deliberate, aren't you?...... Well, those bath salts are good stuff. I can at least pay for the recipe.''
'So, would you be willing to sell me the rights to manufacture and sell it in the forty, forty-one, and forty-two districts for Ricardo's money?
'Hey, you've gotten tougher, Lord of Smiles.

In the future, baths will become more common in public baths and other private homes, so bath salts will become more popular.
If that's the case, I'd like to have a factory in District 42 as well. It would be a hassle to go all the way to District 41 to buy the products, and I can't leave it all to Regina.

There are many situations where Regina is needed for her main work.
It's best to leave the chores to others.

'You're talking about recipes, but you only have my notes.
'Your note-taking is good enough.

Regina is a very meticulous person, and she has a lot of detailed notes on the amounts and preparation methods.
Once, when we were having curry, she showed me her notes, which were so detailed that a knowledgeable person could reproduce them.
Well, it would be necessary to translate them so that a layman could understand them, but I'm willing to do that.

Regina is a bit too much of a genius to be able to break it down so that ordinary people can understand it.
She can't explain the ingredients of the medicine she uses well, and is avoided by the general public. He is not good at things that could be easily solved from the perspective of ordinary people.

He must have been born a genius.
He must have been born a genius and cannot understand the thoughts of ordinary people.

...... but that's only when it comes to pharmacy.
For everything else, he is a clodhanger, no better than an ordinary person.

I can understand both the thoughts of geniuses and those of ordinary people, and I can bridge the gap between the two.

I'll take the money, though.

'Okay, Ricardo. I'll take my cut, right?'
'You don't get to decide!That's what I'm talking about, isn't it?

It's okay.
I'll make sure you get your money's worth. ...... Don't think you can get away with it, okay?

I'll be back. Just hurry up and finish the lovely Yann Avenue. And get a couple of lightly experienced places like that branch in Newtown.'
'The unit you're asking for is 'buildings', of course!

No, you see, the more of those things the better.

'Don't worry, Umaro. Lord Siegenthaler will pay for those chapters, which will also help promote the lovely Yann Avenue, in the name of advertising!
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk........ Give me as much as you can, Torbek.

You can't say no to Estella when she asks you to do something, can you?
You're like a bad man who pays off a cabaret girl with everything he's got.
What should I do? I'll put a bottle of Dom Peri pink in the sunny pavilion for Ricardo.
Maybe I'll make him do a champagne tower every month.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to tell me what you're up to.

This time, Ricardo is happily revealing his scheming face because we called him.
It seems that he is happy to be involved in a new plan.

Well then, let's get the lords of the forty-first district involved and start our schemes.

'Hey, Obayashi. There's a movement in the issuing committee ......, what's wrong with you, what's with your scar?

As I was discussing this with Ricardo, Gerasie, who I hadn't called, came to the sunlit pavilion with Inez in tow.

'Don't tell me there was another dispute after that!Why didn't you call me?Inez, prepare for retaliation!The matter is no longer confined to the Forty-Two districts!
'First of all, let's calm down, Master Gerassi.
'Oh, how tragic. ...... Keep your wits about you, Obayashi!This enemy may be troublesome, but I'll be on your side!

This time the enemy will be troublesome, but I'll be on your side!' Gerasie spat hotly, walked over to the seat next to me and hugged my head.

'Wow, ...... hugs between bastards are unsightly.'
'You're one of us, Ricardo. I'm sure you and Mr. Erin are kindred spirits, so you should get along. If you can, skip the 42nd district.'

Estella's demeanor toward Ricardo returned to normal as soon as the money talk was over.
You're a second-rate cabaret girl.
You'd better be careful not to get stabbed by a customer you've gotten too excited about.

'Mr. Gellarcy. Natalia must have told you yesterday. That scar on Master Kometsky is a fake. It's a fake.'
'You think it's a fake?

Gerasie says, lifting my left arm roughly.
It hurts!
There's a real wound under the fake one!I'm not going to tell you because you'll worry the Ginettes!

'It's just like the real thing: ......'

Gerasie frowned as she pushed the wound open with her finger and said, 'Wow, ......'.
He's really got the thought process of a four year old.
Whenever he sees something he likes, he plays with it until he's satisfied.

'Inez. In another ten years or so, he might start stealing your underwear, so be careful.'
'Who would do such a shameful thing?
'I'll be careful.
'Don't take it too seriously, Inez!

No, no, no.
There are times when a guy who's a little crazy is even interested in his girlfriends' underwear.
I had a classmate in junior high school. He stole my sister's pants, got caught, and was beaten up by my parents and my sister. He was just 14 years old.

'Gellarcy's mind will reach peak puberty in ten years.
'I've been through that, puberty!
'What?You're not stealing my sister's pants?
'Who's going to steal that old lady's pants?
'Oh, my God, Gerasie. You're talking too loud.

Suddenly, he hears Ma'ru's voice, and Gerasie's face turns black.
No, blue is not the right color. Earthy?No, no, no, it's a black as rotting leaves.

'You have to respect your family, too. If you are aware that you misspoke, apologize and correct it before it is pointed out to you.'

Mahr smiles at Gerasie.
Oh. That smile is the kind that takes your soul out if you look directly at it.
If you were in a Japanese company, you'd probably be called a power-hungry boss. ...... I'm glad I'm not his subordinate.

You're right, I did misspoke. My deepest apologies, sister.
Yes. It's good to admit a mistake. Then correct it.'
'Yes. I'm also interested in your pants and would like to borrow them if I have the chance...'
'That's not it, the part to correct is. Also, you are forbidden to approach my residence for the time being.'

I'm correcting the "old lady," you idiot. ......
So why is Ma'ru looking at me like I'm in trouble?
It's not my fault, okay?
...... Did I make you bloom?I don't think so. I'm sure you'll be fine.

'Well, this is special makeup, isn't it?That looks painful.

Ma'ru said as he pressed the real wound underneath the 'wound'.
He put the blame for the humiliation on me.
I had nothing to do with it!
What a nasty old woman!

'Have you seen Inez?
'Yes. I did. Yesterday, Mr. Gerrardsy drew a scar on my cheek with ink, saying that 'making a fake scar must be like this', but it was so misguided that I wanted to laugh through my nose, but I'm trying my best to hold back.
'You were thinking about that, Ines!
'You can laugh, Inez.
'Now, if you'll excuse me. ...... Huh, that's not the same thing at all. ...... Sh*t.'
'You, Inez!What's with the way you're talking to the Lord?
'I've received permission from Mahr-sama.
'Kuh ...... Obeyashiro!Inez has gone crazy since she met you, take responsibility!
'You'll have to re-educate her yourself ......'.

I'm sure Natalia has had a negative influence on her.
The look on her face when she mocks the Lord is just like her.

'So, Yashippi. What are you going to do now?'

Marle smiles at me as she takes a seat in front of me, looking curious.
I've already given you a rough idea, haven't I?
We're going to put the paper out of business.

'Yes, yes. There's been a movement in the paper's publishing group. Apparently, the plan to move the headquarters to the 30th or 22nd district has been abandoned. It's to be expected, but it seems that there was a lot of opposition from the native nobles.''

It's a neighboring district. They must have been happily gathering information.

'Sister!That's the information I brought to tell Obayashi!
'Oh, Gerasie. Freshness and speed are important when it comes to information.If you miss the right time to release it, it's no good.
I'm not sure what to do.

You can't beat Marle no matter what you do, Gerasie.
You need to start over from the basics, you know.

'Lord Siegenthaler and Torbeck's contractor are here, so this is a nice Yann Avenue related story, isn't it?

Marle guessed at the face.
You're pretty good at this.

'Lovely Yan Avenue, it's still incomplete, but it's going to be interesting. It's just a little too far away.
'Did you go and see it?'
'Yes. I was surprised at how gorgeous it looked.

It's not that she's quick on the uptake, it's just that she's so quick on her feet.
What's that?Do you still want to be beautiful at your age?

'Cindy wants to go to the salon, she's so annoying.
'Tell her it's not worth the effort.'

No, Ma'ru's old lady, the head waiter Cindy, might go to the 41st district during her work. ...... Aggressive squire.

Natalia, be ready.

Estella and Natalia's eyes sparkled.
I'm bringing the Council to District 42. Or should I say evacuate them or trap them?

The twinkle in Estella's eyes is either the joy of trapping someone she hates or the anticipation of a huge rental income - a rental income. She's always been poor, you know.

'And while you're at it, tell him to send the Kawaya Corporation staff over here too. I'll have them build all sorts of things in New Town.'
'What about the port?
'I'll leave that to Omar and Umaro, and get their second in charge here. I'm sorry to say that the number two guy at Kawaya Construction, who will be working with Yangbold, is .......'
'He doesn't pull his weight even when he's dealing with complete strangers. ......'

Well, I'm still worried, but I'm sure he'll do his job well. He has a lot of pride as a carpenter.

'Oh, that's right, Umaro. Lucia said, 'We don't want to stay in the apartment used by the issuing party, so we need to build a new apartment ASAP. She said it should be a four-story building if possible.
'You can't build something like the Cradle of the Moon in a hurry, as expected!

'Are Umaro's acquaintances all reckless people?
'I'm sure they've all developed a habit of thinking in terms of Yashiro's standards. ......'

I'm being blamed for this too.
I didn't do anything.

I feel awful...

'Well, Umaro. I'd like to have a branch of Lovely Avenue for a hands-on class in three days.
'That's it!You're having a bad influence on people!
'...... Umaro, good luck.'
'I'll do it!
'...... Your attitude is also a problem, I think.

So, in the sunny pavilion, where the density of swarthy men is increasing, the operation to abolish the information paper has begun to move.

'Oh, Oba-kun!Are you okay?
'Yeah, fine!Don't move!I'll take you to the doctor!

I'll take you to the doctor!' Demilly, who came in late, touched me anxiously all over my body, and Javier, looking distressed, took me in his arms.
Put me down.
I can't stand the sight of his thick chest plate!

'It's a fake, this 'scar'!
'What?I'm not sure what to do....... It's real no matter how you look at it.'
'Would you like to show me yours, Stuart?
'Here, look at this, Ambrose.'
'No, put me down first!

I'm not 'here' in a princess's arms!
What am I, a kitten?

'Mmm. Mr. Yashiro, you're being taken good care of.
'I feel like I'm being toyed with, I'm ......'.

Ginette is going around to each table full of bigwigs and serving tea.
Make sure you charge them.
They've taken over the sunlit pavilion. They've made it difficult for ordinary customers to enter. I'll charge them separately for the private party. Individually.

'Oh, hello~. It's a busy day again. Oh, I'm having the grilled salmon set meal.
'Ore, carbonara, no nara'.
'No, Mr. Yambordo, what's that all about?
'Looking at all these big men, the carpenters are coming in as usual.
'...... These people are familiar faces from the Sunlit Pavilion. There's no need to be nervous or reserved.
'Wait a minute, Magda. Let's change that.

After Goozja and Yangbold, the carpenters came in for dinner.
They seemed to have been discussing for quite a while, and before they knew it, it was lunchtime.

'Whoa!It's the Lord of Smiles!Lucky!
'Ouch!He looked at me!The glare!That smile, a million volts!
'Estella, this is a restaurant. ......'
'It's not my fault, is it?
'But first, can you stop treating our carpenters like they're unsanitary?

Omar is complaining to me.
He should have told Estella, but he told me.

The carpenters at Torbeck and Kawaya have become friends, trusting each other and working together as if they've been eating out of the same pot for years.
'You can get along with anyone easily, are you kids?

'Well, let's get three more branches in New Town.
'''' Wait a minute!I'm not sure what you're talking about. ''''

The carpenters at Kawaya Construction Company were surprised to hear the news, but not Torbeck Construction Company. Most of them have a resigned look on their faces, like 'Oh, ...... it's like that again. You're the best, Torbeck!

'How's the progress of the port construction today?

Umaro, who has been attending our meeting since this morning, is talking to Yangboldo and the others.

'Goozuya, I'll explain.'
'No problem, sir.'
'Hey, hey, hey. Number two is being completely ignored, is that normal?'

Omar is showing his confused face, ...... get used to it. That's Torbeck's number two.

'How's the rumble?
'I'm totally fine. Even if something strange comes along, Gustave is patrolling the area with a very scary face, so I don't think he can do anything.

Gustave is very eager to help Masha.
So we're good for a while.

'Goozja. You, can you work with Omar to organize the construction of the port?''
'Eh!Why is it me!What about you and Yangbold-san?
'Since we have to hurry up to complete the lovely Yann Avenue, Yangbold will be in charge of the other side.
'Oh, we're the most popular with the girls, aren't we ......?
'I'm confident in my girl power.

You do?
Well, your design is very popular with girls.

'I'm promoting the redevelopment of New Town.
'Oh, does that mean you have to do it?Even if it's later: ......'
'Lucia-sama is asking for a 'Cradle of the Moon' class apartment!Who else is going to do it but me?
'Oh, ...... Lucia-sama, if you don't dilute it with Yashiro-san, it will be too strong on its own. ......'

I'm not sure what you're doing when I'm not around, Lucia.
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
Lucia Olé. ...... Who's the milk.

'We can do the four-story building later. In the meantime, I'll take three branches.'
'Yashiro-san, you say 'fine' so casually, but you're a demon, aren't you?

I'm not going to worry about it because it's just Goozuya.
If Umaro says he can do it, he can do it.
If you still have any objections, please contact ......

'Hey, Goozuya. What's wrong with your voice?
'Geez!Gaslighting!Yashiro-san's gaslighting is so gruesome, please give me a break!

What's so gruesome about it?
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk. ...... I haven't seen Bekko around lately. ...... He's doing well, right?
What?I'm getting a little nervous. ......

I'm sorry to bother you, that I am. I've got a portrait that I've been asked to do, and I've come to ask you to check it out, that I have.
'What's up, Becko!How are you?
'Have I done something, that I have not?I'm fine, that I am, but I don't understand why you're angry with me, that I don't understand!

He seemed to be in great spirits.
He didn't seem to mind if I tried gaslighting him once or twice more.

'Well, you really look like him. That's amazing technology.'

Mahrul said admiringly, looking at Becko's sketch.
He had asked Becko to draw a portrait of the long-haired ragdoll who had (supposedly) been decapitated.
...... Huh?Mahr, when did you see that guy's face?
He's in jail now, right?Did you go to see him?How greedy are you for information?

'Then I'll give this to Mokoka and have him provide it to the intelligence community.
'Yes. Please do.'

The sketch of the (supposedly long-haired, raggedy) victim will be successfully passed on to the journal's publisher.
A sketch of the victim would make the scene look even more horrific.

'Oh no!Oh no!

While I was watching the exchange between Mael and the others, Bekko came up to me.
It's so hot.

'What's wrong, Mr. Yashiro?You're hurt bad, that you are!I'll take you to Regina, that I will!
'Calm down!Don't try to carry me!

Oh, God!I'm having a lot of contact with old men today!
It's driving me crazy!

'Good day, gentlemen!I'm Yashiro-kun's buddy and the owner-chef of Luxury, the most fashionable buffet in the 40th district, no, All Bloom.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've. ...... I didn't call you.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

Don't come here.
I'm not in the mood for that right now.
I'm not going to tell you.

Hmm?Hmmm!What's the matter, best friend?Your arm is the life of a chef!How could you hurt your arm?Oh my, dear friend. ......'

He hugged me, crying, and I shook off my frustration.

'Pompeo. I'll teach you some new sweets, so open a branch in the 42nd district for a week from now. Don't worry. The lords of both districts are here, so permission will be granted soon. Don't think you'll be able to go back to District Forty until I say it's okay. ......?
'I don't know what it is, but I'm the only one who can take the place of your arm, right?All right, I'll help you, My Brother!

d*mn, you're so positive it's annoying!

'Oba, you're such a ...... charmer, aren't you?

Demilly nodded his head in an enlightened manner, but I decided to ignore him.
I'm not happy with the way the old guys are treating me!

Yesterday was a different story: ......

If I were to sum up this day, I would say it was a lousy day. ...... d*mn.