490-Episode 292 Best Day

After the commotion in the plaza was over, I returned to the sunny pavilion and honestly told them about the wound I had sustained, and asked Jeannette to tend to the wound.
Ginette was on the verge of tears, but I managed to calm her down.

It was Magda who was more troubled.
She almost ran out to attack the ragtag group. Natalia and Norma stopped him, though.
Also, the Hewitt network was moving all at once, I wonder what they're planning to watch for.
'When I find a ragtag group, I'll draw a picture of them and share the information immediately!Also, I'll tell Becko-san to make a lifelike sketch of the person!
Or something like that.
Are you going to make a list of all the people who came to the 42nd district?

...... I was surprised to find out that some of my sisters are really good at illustration.
Are you guys developing your talents in that direction as well?

Another thing that was annoying was...

'Mewee!If I had been there, my knight wouldn't have been subjected to this kind of outrage!I'll never, ever, ever donate to the Information!

It was Rebekah and Bertha.
Bertha remained silent, but her gaze was as piercing as that of a mass murderer.
This old woman is dangerous if we let her loose in the wild.

'Don't worry. The bleeding has stopped and I've taken good care of her. Don't worry, I'll go to Regina's afterwards and have her disinfect it.

They would be relieved if they received professional treatment instead of the simple first aid at the sunny pavilion.
However, if you wear a bandage, many people will make a fuss until it is removed. ...... Well, then, let's use this wound against them.

And this is an injury I got on purpose for a certain mission.

--Let's just say that.
So don't blame Natalia, Gilberta and the others.
They were doing a good job.

My injuries were the result of my carelessness.
I was a little too aggressive, I guess.
I guess I was a little overzealous. ...... Anyone would be desperate enough to face the Judgment of the Spirits.

'Natalia, thank you for what you did earlier. Thanks to you, my injuries are only this bad.'
'...... No. I was one step too late, and I'm very sorry.'
'You don't have to do that. Gilberta, thank you for treating me.
'I'll lick your friend Yashiro anytime, anywhere.'
'Hmm, wait a minute!What's that disturbing statement?Hey, Gilbet-chan!

Yeah. Yeah. That's a disturbing statement.
But I didn't mean to offend you. You know?Don't stare at me like that, .......
I don't know why Gilberta's comment is getting me so many cold stares from all sides.
I'm going to cry.

'Let's mend your clothes.

Ginette said, picking up the sleeve of her dress that had been torn by the knife.
Her face still shows a shade of worry.

'Can you do that? I can't do it as well as Jeannette.'
'That's not true, ......, Yashiro is very good at sewing.'

Well, I mastered it by stealing the techniques of famous designers.
I can sew clothes, bags and shoes, but--

'Leave it to me. I'll make it look good.'
'Oh, please. Having Ginette do it might make me want to take better care of these clothes.'
'Then, I'll do my best.

I would feel bad for Ginette if I damaged the clothes she fixed for me.
I don't care if I ruin the clothes I mended myself.

'Oh, but please don't put a patch on it.

When I was a kid, if I made a hole in the sleeve of my pants or clothes, the landlady would put a patch on it to hide the hole.
When I was a naughty kid, every time I tore my clothes outside, the number of cute patches increased. I was a naughty kid, and every time I tore my clothes outside, I got more and more cute patches, and eventually they became so cute that I was like, 'Are you a girl?

'There was this thing called ....... That was a tough one.
'Mm-hmm. That's good to know. I'll try it next time.
'Don't do that with my clothes, okay?'
'No?I think a horse would look good on you, don't you?

What kind of image?
When I looked at Jeannette, she was muttering 'wapen, wapen' repeatedly and smiling.

'Don't you know what a patch is?
'Yes. But they're cute, aren't they?

I see, you don't have a patch.
I thought they had patches because embroidery is common.
These guys embroider directly on their clothes, so maybe they didn't need it.

'I've found another thing that might sell .......'
'Please let me know sometime.'
'It's almost the same as embroidery.

The only difference is that there is a thick felt-like cloth underneath the cloth, and the embroidery part is independent so that it can be sewn onto any place later.
You don't have to have embroidery, right? You can use felt glued together to make a pattern, or you can hammer a thin copper plate to make a shape.

But if you want to make a ginette, embroidery is the way to go.
You can make any pattern you like.

'Then, would you like to make a patch for the Sunlit Pavilion next time?
'Yes!By all means.'
'...... Magda will help too.'
'I'll do it too!
'Can you guys do embroidery?
'......We can do it.'
'As long as you don't care about the quality, you'll be fine!

That's what people call 'can't do'.
Well, now's your chance. Ask Ginette to teach you.

'Then maybe if we make a patch with each guild's crest, we can expect new demand. It would give a sense of unity when worn on the guild's formal wear.'
'If I tell you that, Ukrines-san, you'll collapse from lack of sleep!
'...... Ukrines is a bit of a worrisome workaholic.'

I don't think the employees of the Sunlit Pavilion can speak for others.

'My knight, that patch, will you make one for us too?
'Make your own. Bertha, you're good at that kind of thing, aren't you?
'Of course I am!I've been training to be a bride for over ten years!I've been training as a bride for ten years. ...... You can come and get me anytime. ...... Poof!
'Will Norma be like that in the future?
'No, she won't!I'm going to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Norma is repulsed by Delia's unintentional comment.
Be careful, Norma. Bertha's coming after you.

'Norma, you should just give up on being taken and get a son-in-law.
'I want to be taken!I have a dream that I want to be taken away!

I have a dream to be taken away!
Norma, there is such a thing as equal marriage.
Well, if it's a dream, I'm not going to pursue it too deeply.

'Well done.'

Estella pats me on the shoulder.

'You've managed to disguise your concern for your injury with a pleasant atmosphere.

Shut up.
If that's what you think, don't come here and tell me.

'Now, get yourself patched up and healed.
'Yeah, that's the thing. I've decided to make use of this wound.

We'll have to notify the people here and the people in District 42 in advance.
I can't stand it when people make a big deal out of it.
Don't worry, the people of District Forty-two like to play games, and they'll enjoy it.

'I'm going to Regina's to have this wound doctored into something painful.
'Manipulate?What do you mean?
'I'm going to put on some special make-up and make it look so bad that just looking at it will make you go, 'Ouch, that hurts! It's just special makeup. But it's special makeup, so it doesn't hurt at all.

This is a technique that I used briefly at Halloween, but if you use the tools at Regina's place, you can create realistic scars. Using my golden fingertips, that is.

'Why would you want to do that?
'To make it easy to tell which one of us is the victim.

The papers will write that I'm the perpetrator.
But I'm the victim.
And the long-haired man who was supposedly murdered is doing fine, selling in the square.

If only those who believe the papers would see this: ......

'The information paper's misinformation will become known at once.

This is why it's useful to have a scar that's so obvious that it's overkill.

...... Also, if you put on that kind of crazy special makeup, no one will care about your actual scars.
The scars on my arms are fake.
If you let people know that, they'll just ignore the actual scars.

I don't want people to keep worrying about this little scar any longer.

'So don't worry too much about the painful appearance.
'Ugh ......, it's hard to look painful.'
'Just think of it like Halloween.'
'If it's a fun atmosphere like that, I'm all for it, but ...... it's probably not.'

Well, it's not.

'Well, it's just for a while, bear with me. Natalia, can you get the word out to the people in District 42?

'Leave it to me. I'll do my best to clean up your mess.

No sooner had she said this than Natalia walked out of the Sunken Pavilion.
There's nothing wrong with that. ......

'So Estella, take care of the big guys around here.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what's going on in your life.

'Yashiro, would you like me to follow you?
'If we go with a large group, Regina will stay indoors and won't come out. I'll be fine on my own.'

With that, I wave to the people who are seeing me off and start walking.

The wound on his left arm had grown dull and aching as time passed.

'Regina, are you there?
'No, I don't want that thing.

You call yourself 'that thing' ......

'Well, I guess I'll just take it and go.'
'Oh ......?...... What are you trying to do, stop a maiden's heart and rub it down?I'm not sure what to do.

If your heart stops beating, I'll give you a proper heart massage after I've rubbed it.

'I'm a little injured. I need you to take care of me.'

I know my way around Regina's.
Still no sun, and the air is still damp.
But the smell of medicine calms me a little.

'I like this place. This store.
'Right?There's a lot of undressed panties scattered around at the end of that aisle. Isn't it great?
'Don't take them off, panties.'

You wouldn't even notice if one of them was missing, would you?
Shall we give it a try?

'Oh, no thanks. Forgot something--'
'Did you leave something in my living space that's never been up there?You're very clever, you know that? Just sit down and drink this tea.'

I was forced to sit on a chair.
The tea served to me was the usual smoky tea with a hint of spice.

'Yes, it's good.
'That's good.

Regina smiled and brought a chair over to me.
She sat down facing me, and before I could say anything, she grabbed my left hand and lifted it.

'How do you know what's wrong with you?
'Yes, your sleeve is cut and you've been covering your left arm for a while now.

He took a closer look.

'You look like a doctor.
'Right?But I'm a pharmacist.'
'A porn pharmacist.'
'No, how do you know that?The pants I'm wearing right now are going on six years today, and they've become very see-through.'
'Throw them away, indeed.'

You're not safe if you wear pants, you know?


Regina wrinkled her brow as she moved her hands while saying something silly.

'It looks like you've done something quite unsuitable.

Regina washed, disinfected, and applied medicine to the wound.
She's so good at what she does.

'Well, let's bandage it up.
'Oh, I'm going to do special makeup, so leave it on.
'Special makeup?

I explain to Regina, who looks like she's about to say something ...... incomprehensible, what's going on.
I explained what had happened recently, the process of today's elimination of the ragtag group, and what I was going to do.

'This doesn't suit me at all. I'm more suited to use my head and trap my opponent than to hit each other.
'I think so myself.

But I shook my fist.
Or rather, ............

'Hey, do you think it's okay for me to stay here?

Regina left Bao Kri Air and came to All Bloom.
Probably the closest thing to me in terms of circumstances.
I feel like I can talk to her and tell her how I feel.

'Every time I do something, there's a complaint from somewhere, and the scale of the complaint gets bigger and bigger with each passing day. This time, it was more than I could handle with my mouth. ......'

Threaten, humiliate, and break their hearts, and then reach out to them with something that will benefit both sides.
This is the way we have suppressed the opposing forces.
There are advantages for both sides, and we have managed to suppress antipathy, resentment, and grumbling.

When life becomes affluent, people forget their grievances.
Even if it is only temporary, in that moment we can cooperate with each other with a simple heart.

Once such a relationship is established, even if there is some unfairness afterwards, they will tolerate it because 'it's what he does.
If you do this, you will be able to swallow your dissatisfaction on the basis of trust, because the benefits will come to you as well.

But there are some people for whom such an approach does not work.
Wishart's just such a man.

He doesn't care about profit as long as he can destroy us.
We destroy the people who destroy our face.
That's the kind of scum he cares about.

If we just talk and fight quietly, we'll be eaten alive.

Still, it bothers me.

'If I move, there are people who will follow me. If I get hurt, there are people who will get angry. ...... My presence might bring them into a whirlpool of violence. ......'
'You're an idiot, you are.'

The bandage hit my forehead.

'The only time you can get away with 'everyone gets along' is when both sides think that way. You can't be non-violent in a relationship where one side thinks they've violated the other.

Regina, with a sharp look she rarely showed, began to talk about her hometown, saying, 'It's true that there are many people who think peace is best.

Baokuria is a country that grew so big by colonizing neighboring small countries and controlling their slaves.

Baocrya is a large country with advanced technology in medicine and spices.
Its predecessor was a small country.

'We invaded a neighboring country that was skilled in pharmacology and overran its people, taking away their technology and knowledge. Then, they used their knowledge of pharmacy to mass produce poisons and explosives, and attacked neighboring countries one after another, and became the great nation that we know today.

Regina, who was born in Bao Kri Air, grew up without knowing this fact.
She never doubted that the country she was born in was a great country with great technology.
From a young age, she studied pharmacy in a wonderful environment.

One day, however, he had an opportunity to go out of the country, and on that trip, he learned the truth.

'What I saw were people who were forced to live in a place where no human being could ever live.

Regina was a pharmacist who was well known in Baocliere for her brains and skills.
She must have been a person close to the center of the country.
That's why she was informed of such a fact.

He was told to be a man of Baocliere.

'They told me that trampling on slaves, gaining power with stolen technology, gaining more power than anyone else, colonizing all countries, and living in luxury with the money they stole until they die... that's the kind of future they're aiming for.

A giant nation that has the power to invade its neighbors.
If we stay close to such a country and say, 'Let's all get along', we'll be preyed upon.

'Fortunately, the current king is in a position to correct that bad habit. It seems that until the last generation and the generation before that and the generation before that, all the kings were pro-aggression, but the current king is different. He gave aid to neighboring countries so that they could live properly. ......'

But there are those who oppose this.
The one who showed Regina the slaves must be one of them.
Did he want to get Regina, who is skilled, to join his side and say, 'The current king's idea is wrong! The current king is wrong!

'There's nothing I could do. So, I tried my best to do research that would at least benefit the current king--Oh, I'm getting off track.

I'm not sure what to say.
It's rare for him to talk about his past.
It's just that ...... yeah, I know what you mean.
I've known the difficulty and helplessness of opposing something too big to resist.
In such a situation, in the end, all you can do is to do the best you can right now.

Even the current king has not been able to overturn the conventions and bad habits of the past.
What can we, ordinary people, do on our own?
But that doesn't mean we don't have to do anything.

I'm sure Regina had a lot on her mind.

'I know I don't like to hurt others.

Who said that?
I'm not such a nice person.

'But there's a time when you have to weigh the two.

Your loved ones, your enemies.
If you have to hurt one, which one will you hurt?
Or, to put it another way, which one should you protect?

You don't have to think about that.
But human beings hesitate when the time comes.
We ignore the balance and think, 'I'll protect neither of them from getting hurt.

This can lead to tragedy.

'A long time ago, a knight of a country hostile to Baocliere fled to a village with a mortal wound. The old couple of the village, which was a colony of Baocliere, took pity on the knight and took good care of him.

The knight was unable to stand, but thanks to the devoted care of the old couple, he miraculously recovered and was able to move around.
What did the knight do then?

He slaughters the old couple. And then he slaughtered the inhabitants of the village.'

There are a lot of people for whom kindness doesn't pay off.
To that knight, everyone in that village was a hateful enemy.
It may have been humiliating to even be nursed.

'But I don't know whether I can blame the old couple or not.

If the old couple had not helped the knight, the villagers would not have died.
Was the old couple's kindness an act of self-satisfied annoyance?
That's a difficult question.

Ginette would have helped the knight no matter what anyone said.
I might do the same.

But the result was cruel and .......
I don't know what the right thing to do is either.

'If you think you can't forgive yourself, come to me. I'll make you feel like you're no better than the trash coward who could only leave the weak to die.

Ah ......

I knew he'd always regret it.
Ever since he was in Baocli Air, even after he left Baocli Air.

It is impossible for one person to save all people.

...... I could say that to others.
You're really clumsy, aren't you? Me too, him too.

Regina, thank you for listening to me complain. Thanks to you, I've been able to clear my mind.
'Well... Well, there's no end to your troubles. Have a great time, young man.'

Regina laughed and patted me on the shoulder.
I take her arm and forcefully pull her to me.

'...... Huh?

I hug her too thin body as she jumps into my chest.
In return for lightening my heart, I'm going to lighten some of the heavy stuff in your heart as well.

'I'm grateful that you're here. I have a lot of plans to rely on you in the future, if not the past. You'll continue to help more people than those you couldn't help. I know you will.
'Don't worry too much. You'll go bald.' ......

Regina's hand, which had been squeezing my back, patted me on the back.

'You're such a dick!

She giggles and pulls away from me, wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes with a gentle smile.

'Thanks a lot. My heart feels a little lighter now.'
'Really?Make sure you measure your boobs properly.'
'I guess so. I'll measure them after I leave.'
'You don't have to be so reserved.
'You don't have to be so reserved.

We joked with each other with our usual faces, and I got up to get the tools I needed for special makeup.
I don't think I can stay here.
Regina's going to need some time.

'Well, I'll take the tools then.
'I'll go see the finished product tomorrow. You owe me breakfast.'

After exchanging such greetings, I left Regina's house.

In front of the house, Estella was standing there with a lonely look on her face.

'I knew you were worried about me using the Judgment of the Spirits.

I'm really sick of you being so perceptive.

'You clumsy bastard.
'I guess it's mutual.

As the sun was setting, Estella and I decided to walk down the street while talking.

Since the day I used the "Judgment of the Spirits" on the ragtag group that attacked Masha in the prison of the 42nd district, I have had one concern.

'I felt that if I used it once, the second trigger would be lighter.

The thought that 'if I use this, it's over' had become a brake.
But once the brake was removed, it would be less effective the second time around.
The trigger, which she had been unable to pull due to nervousness, anxiety, and guilt, felt unnecessarily light.

I turn to Estella, who is walking next to me in silence.

'At that time, during the altercation in the plaza in front of the city gate, I used the "Judgment of the Spirits" on the ragdolls. I was sure that he would not turn into a frog at that time, and I thought that if I used the Judgment of the Spirits at that moment, I could disturb the spirit of that ragdoll.

And in fact, the ragdoll had a mental breakdown and turned on me.
Normally, he couldn't have touched me.

During the altercation with Goozuya, Gorotsuki emphasized the point that Goozuya had injured himself.
In other words, it should not have been allowed for the ragdolls to hurt the people of District Forty-two.
It was obvious that if the people of District 42 were injured, the lord and the guilds cooperating with him would move to eliminate the ragtag group all together in the name of defeating them.

With the Information Publishing Society backing them, the Forty-Two Wards probably thought they couldn't take any hard measures, and giving them an excuse to do so was a bad move.
If there was someone giving orders to the stupid ragtag group, he would have told them to stay out of it at all costs.

The "Judgment of the Spirits" had the effect of breaking the spirit of the ragtag group and causing them to panic to the point of forgetting even that.
You must have been surprised that I attacked you, but the influence of the Judgment of the Spirits must have been enormous.

I cast Judgment of the Spirits on the ragtag group without hesitation.
That must have given them a great deal of fear.

That blow was effective.
Considering its efficiency, it was the best spectacle I've ever seen.
As entertainment it was a great success, ha ha ha ......

But "Judgment of the Spirits" is not a spectacle.

'Perhaps I would have thought of a different approach before that. I think I would have thought of a different approach, one that would have produced a similar effect, even if it was a little more complicated.

I would have used a different method, one that would have chilled them to the core, made them tremble to their very core, and made them hug each other and shout, 'Let me go! I would have taken such a method, I think.

But I chose the "Judgment of the Spirits".
As a result, the long-haired ragdoll took direct action, not just a lukewarm plea for his life, but a 'f*ck before you get f*cked' action.
Without hesitation, I chose to do something that would cause my defensive instincts to overreact.

I should have known the dangers of this after the incident with Use.

When Use was unsuccessfully arguing with me over the Bonacon that Magda had hunted, I accused him of lying and cornered him.
I didn't say it directly, but I flashed the shadow of the Judgment of the Spirits.
That was enough to push Use to the limit, and he turned on me.

Wasn't it Estella who saved me from the blade back then?

I've been saved by her quite a bit.

The Judgment of the Spirits is an equal weapon.
On Earth, it's a handgun.
If someone points a gun at you, you'll fight back, no matter the odds or the impossibility.
Especially if it's someone who's chasing you all over the place and trying to choke you out for sure.

I flashed it this time.

Even if it's just a fight between two cute kids, the moment you flick a weapon at them, they're not going to take it seriously.
It could turn into a criminal case, or a disturbance involving parents and teachers, and as soon as the weapon is flashed, the fight is out of the realm of 'kids having fun'.
Even if it's just once.
The fact that he brings out a weapon makes him a mutant.
You can't go back to being kids.

It's not your friends who harbor such dangerous people, it's your ragtag crew.

'Someday I'll--'

I've used such a weapon in battle.

I may become someone who doesn't feel the itch to use the Judgment of Spirits.

The first time I saw a person turn into a frog in this town--just like Goffredo, who was happily using the Judgment of Spirits at that time.

'If that happens, maybe I'll shave my head and do a Goffredo impersonation.

Estella blurted out, self-deprecatingly.

'Hahaha, you'd better not do that. Shaving your hair doesn't give you any power. At best, you'll look like a little boy who's been naughty too long and needs to be reminded.
'Shut up.

Is there such a thing as punitive shaving in this city?
Is it because the people of District Forty-two are all good-natured and good-hearted?

''You really have a strange personality, don't you?

Estella exhaled in disgust and raised her eyebrows.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site: ......
I'm not going to stay in the 42nd district too long.

Yeah. ......
That's right.

I guess I didn't have anything important in my life at that time.

''You're the one who cast the 'Spirit Judgment' on me first, though.
'Isn't it obvious?If a man with a dirty face like this was going to stay near Jeannette, wouldn't it be natural for you to want to get rid of him even if you had to turn him into a frog? ...... You've been rude to me since we first met, you know.
'Don't tell me you've forgotten!You've treated me like a man, and you've ...... touched my ............ nipples!

Yeah, that's right.

'At that time, I felt a faint bulge and thought you were a woman.
'...... You're so rude.'
'Yes, it is. You're the Queen of Flatness, and it's ...... insulting that you're bulging, however slightly!
'Because I'm not proud of being flat!...... is not flat!'
'When you get used to it, you don't care about the error.
'It's not an error!You have to be aware of the difference in height!
'Then let's take a closer look.
'I'll stab it.

Oh. Come to think of it, there's someone more dangerous than me here who routinely flicks a weapon around.


That dangerous person calls my name.
He smiles and points at me.

"Judgment of the Spirits.

I don't know what he was thinking, but he suddenly cast 'Judgment of the Spirits' on me!
My whole body is enveloped in a pale light.
What are you thinking?
What, you're that angry?
It's a regular thing for you to tweak my tits!

I'm not sure if you're mad because it's a regular thing or if you're mad because it's a regular thing.

I started to panic, but in a corner of my mind, I was thinking calmly, 'Well, I didn't tell a lie, so I can't be a frog.
And as expected, or perhaps as a matter of course, there was no change in my appearance after the light disappeared.

'...... What a dangerous person you are.

I'm really nervous.
Do you want to touch it?

'The Judgment of the Spirits doesn't work unless you specify a lie.
'What about ......?
'Perhaps you're lying to me in a way that I'm not aware of -- well, in your case, 'there's something that's made me misunderstand' would be more appropriate.' --Anyway, I'm sure there's something that would make me call it a lie.

Is there ......?
I think this guy is afraid of making enemies, so I think he's lying to Estella as little as possible.

'But you know, I can't just turn all the time I've spent with you upside down and scoop up every little lie and joke and turn you into a frog.

Suppose I lied to Estella that I would give her 100Rb.
After that, I said 'I'll buy you dinner' and I bought her dinner.
At that point, even if the Judgment of the Spirits is applied, as long as Estella doesn't specify - recognize - my lie that I didn't give her 100Rb, I'm fine. --It seems that I won't become a frog unless Estella knows that I didn't give her 100Rb.

'Then, what happens if I'm lied to right now in front of you and you vaguely use 'Judgment of the Spirits' without specifying it?
'Well?I don't know, I've never done such a dangerous experiment, and it's not in the literature.

Apparently, there weren't many scholars who would experiment with the Judgment of Spirits.
Maybe it's too risky a study to spend your life on.

I'm curious about the designation interpretation, but I probably don't need to do anything that definitive.
When I frogged the gobbler, I wasn't thinking of something slippery like 'it's a lie that I didn't throw away the chicken skewer'.
Perhaps the contrast is in the events that the consciousness perceives as 'about this'.

'As long as you keep that look on your face, you'll be fine.

Estella looks into my face, which has become a little thoughtful, and smiles.

'It's not like the eyes of a wayward person like Goffredo. I'm still a good judge of character.

That's an entirely unreliable self-assessment, isn't it?

'Your eyes aren't stagnant yet. Even if the triggers are as loose as you say, you're still Obayashi. At least, that's what I can tell you.

He's already gone off the rails once, but ...... he doesn't know it.

'Well, he's got one of the worst eyes in all of Broome.

Estella winked at him and made a face at him.
Her smile wavers slightly and she slams her fist into my chest.

'...... If you're about to go off the rails, I'll stop you.

I slam my fist into his chest again.

'You can trust me!

Seeing Estella's smiling face, I became irresistibly angry and hugged her without question.

'Honyaaaah!What is it?What are you doing?

I put Estella's ear to my heart and held her tightly.

'This is the heartbeat of one who has been subjected to the Judgment of the Spirits. Listen carefully and reflect.'
'Uhhhh, yeah, yeah, yeah!I heard it!I've already heard it!

Estella flails her arms about.
She mutters in a whisper that is drowned out by the noise of the screaming.

'Thank you. I feel a little better.'

Even though she had said it so that they would not hear, Estella's arms, which were flailing about, suddenly stopped.
I don't know what she was thinking, but she gently put her arm around my back and patted me twice.

That's it, Estella didn't say anything.
But I knew exactly what she meant.

She's going to stop me with her little hands.

Then I'd better not make it too dirty.

When I returned to the sunny pavilion, I was greeted by Ginette.

'Welcome back, Yashiro-san.

She greeted me with her usual smile and voice, just as she always does.
The usual Jeannette peeked at me.
And then--

'Judgment of the Spirits'.

She suddenly cast 'Judgment of the Spirits' on me.
Déjà vu!
I've just experienced something like this!

What's the matter?What's going on?

I freaked out in a big way.
If it's Estella, I can sort of understand her intentions, but if it's Jeannette, I can't read her.
What's that?
Is she angry because I hugged Regina, Estella and her in succession?
Ginette is surprisingly passionate!

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.

I'm not sure what to make of it. ...... My heart hurts.

I'm sure you'll be fine, Yashiro.

This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your investment. What's okay with that?

'Actually, ...... I asked the sisters. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be fine.

I'm sorry for being so selfish, Ginette said, bowing her head, but I think she did so mostly because Bertina decided it was better to tell her.
As for me, it's not something I'm bothered by being asked. So I made her raise her head, saying no apology was necessary.

Somewhat relieved, Jeannette continued.

'And then, I was told this story.

It was a fact that Jeannette did not know.

'Sometimes, some children would use the Judgment of the Spirits out of curiosity.

They hear about it, get curious about it, and use it out of curiosity.
That is somewhat understandable.
But ...... is too dangerous a power to use out of curiosity, isn't it, the Judgment of Spirits?

But most of the children get scared and cry when they use it, because they know that the Judgment of the Spirits has really been activated. They get so scared that they can't help themselves.

Even if your opponent does not turn into a frog, the fact that you used it remains.
It is often said that after firing a gun for the first time, the feeling of it remains in your hand forever.
In the Edo period, it would be like 'the feeling of cutting someone for the first time.

I'm sure it's fear.

'That's why the sisters said that in such a case, you should apply the "Judgment of the Spirits" like this.

It's okay. Don't be afraid.
Fear comes from the unknown. We are afraid because we don't know.
Once you experience it for yourself, you won't be afraid of the Judgment of the Spirits. ............ No, I was scared as hell!

'Is that a chastisement?
I'm sure you've seen it.

It doesn't seem to be for abusive purposes.

'It was scary,' she said, 'but you can't do that again. If you do that, they will never think of using the Judgment of the Spirits as a prank again.

That seemed ...... very risky to me.

'Weren't you scared?Didn't you ever feel scared that if I turned into a frog because of the Judgment of the Spirits that you cast on me?
'If that happens, I'll stay with you for the rest of my life. For life.'

These words made my heart flutter with dread.

'...... The manager had promised Magda that he would not turn Yashiro into a frog.

Magda and Loretta came and stood next to Ginette.

'...... If Yashiro turned into a frog, Magda would have turned the manager into a frog.'
'No, that's scary!
'I was ready to see it through too.'
'No, don't do that!

No, no, no, don't do that!

'......, but I was sure it wouldn't come to that.'
'Even if you were sure, ......'
'I knew my brother would be fine.'

Where does your trust come from, then?

'The sisters told me. The Judgment of the Spirits will not turn anyone into a frog as long as they are treated with love.

Even if you love someone, if you find a lie in the Conversation Record, you will be turned into a frog. ............ No, I guess not.
In the event that you are not aware of the lie and use the Judgment of the Spirits, you will not turn into a frog.

The words that appeared in the prison in the 42nd district when he turned that ragdoll from a frog back into a man...

"Can you forgive him?

--If we include that in our discussion...
It's also possible that the "Judgment of the Spirits" may not be a condemnation of all lies,......?
It's also possible that you'll be able to turn your opponent into a frog only if you're prepared to do so with hatred and clear hostility.

It's just a guess,.......

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.

If they were kids, they'd probably tell each other silly lies.
If you joke about it and use the Judgment of the Spirits, ...... you will be traumatized for life.
Such an accident could easily happen. In this world.

It is said that the condition for triggering the genie's curse is not the reason or process of the genie's judgment, but whether or not there was a lie in what was said. That's what I've been taught.

I talked about this with Jeannette once.
That was when I first came to this town.

So even an idle lie between kids should trigger the Judgment of the Spirits.
But if that's not what happened...

'Still, I've never heard of such a tragedy happening in the church in the past.

--Does the Spirit God control the power of the Judgment of Spirits?
In some cases, there may be restrictions on the use of magic, taking into account the maturity and heart of the user and the position and circumstances of the user.

In layman's terms, isn't there some sort of 'let's tolerate it because it's a child's thing' at work here?

"Can you forgive them?

These words flicker in the corner of my mind.
Maybe the strong feeling of 'unforgiveness' is essential to trigger the 'judgment of the spirits'. ......

No, I didn't feel that strongly about the lie that he didn't throw away the skewer of grilled chicken.
Well, I was pretty pissed off at that idiot. ......
Does it affect your trust in the other person?

I'm telling a clear lie to Jeannette.
I've been telling her a big lie that "Piot Kaidee" means "nice smile".
But now I'm not a frog because of the "Judgment of the Spirits" cast on Ginette.

The Judgment of the Spirits is not a blanket judgment of all the lies of the past.
That's settled.

If I were to tell her the true meaning of "Piot Kaidee" now, and an angry Jeannette were to cast "Judgment of the Spirits" on me again, I might turn into a frog.
Well, I'm sure Ginette wouldn't be so angry that she'd ask me to repent and cast Judgment of the Spirits on me.

...... I mean, I can't tell you the real meaning of "Piot Kaidee" now.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.

'...... I'll be nice to Jeannette.'
'Huh?Well,......, thank you?'

In response to the sudden words, Ginette said, 'Oh, I didn't cast the Judgment of the Spirits in anger, did I? And then she starts to say something misguided.
That's not it.
This is just, well, a tingle of guilt.

'Anyway, children who use the Judgment of Spirits for the first time are often so anxious that they can't sleep, but by showing them how to use it like this, he taught them that strong power is not an object of fear, depending on the mind of the user.

It's usually Bertina's job to do that.
Well, that's too much for the matrons.

Well, I guess Bertina uses "Judgment of the Spirits" too.
I think the way she uses it is very Bertina-like. ......

You've never used it to turn someone into a frog, have you?
She once said she had no experience with it, so I guess she's never frogged anyone.
But you do use it to keep the kids from turning someone into a frog, "Judgment of the Spirits".

It's a good example of how the nature of a power can change drastically depending on who uses it.
Too much power can be poison or medicine depending on the user.
Bertina used that same power to reassure a child who was frightened at the sight of great power.

'After doing so, the sisters would give the child a hug. Like this...'

Ginette wrapped her arms around me.
Ginette's body is too small to be wrapped around me, but I feel emotionally wrapped around her.
My mind becomes calm and warm, and I don't even have time to think about the boobs that are pressing against me.It's so much better!Thank you so much!
No, I can't!
It's impossible to be calm about '...... warm'!
What a destructive elasticity!

'My heart is shattered!
I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm here.
'......, but he doesn't look anything like the manager. It's just different. Too different.
'Oh my god, big brother!
'......, Yashiro.'

Loretta and Magda are huddled close to me.
I was being hugged by Jeannette, and she hugged me back.

'You don't have to worry about this alone, because everyone is here.
'...... Yashiro should be more lenient.'

Loretta and Magda said, and Ginette chuckled.
And .

'Don't worry. No matter what happens to you, you'll always be Yashiro.

He smiled at me.

No matter what they say, I'm sure the brakes inside me are already broken.
The next time I come across a situation like this one, I will use the Judgment of the Spirits as a weapon.


'If I can get such a reward, I might as well use the Judgment of Spirits all the time.
'You can't do that. If you're such a bad boy, you'll be denied a snack.

I can't let them be sad as they offer such a cute punishment.

I'm sure ............ I'll be fine.

I've calmed down thanks to you.

I regretfully remove my body from Jeannette's chest.
It's a shame, really.
I'd stay another three nights if I had to.

'Do you have one too, Ginette?I've used the Judgment of Spirits and it scared the hell out of me.'

Ginette, like Bertina, is the type who is unlikely to use the Judgment of Spirits.
You'll be able to see that she is quite calm, so she is probably more or less familiar with the Judgment of Spirits.
I thought that he might have been scared the first time, but now he is not.

'Actually, I just used ...... for the first time. "Judgment of the Spirits".

It seems that this was the first time he used the Judgment of the Spirits.

So you used that first time for me.
If you look closely, you can see that the smile on his face is a bit nervous.

'Well, I guess I'll have to do the same for Jeannette.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.


I'm not sure I'd be able to cast a "Judgment of the Spirits" on her, so I hug her tightly, wrapping my head around her.
She is silent for a moment, and then she says

'It's so relaxing.

--She murmured.

'So does Magda at .......'
'Me too!

After me, Magda and Loretta hugged Jeannette. Or rather, they hug her.
It's hard to tell which one of them is spoiling her.
Even so, Ginette is smiling happily, and I realize that this is how the people of this town will face the "Judgment of the Spirits".

I feel like I've been pampered a lot today.

All in all, today was probably the best day of my life.