355-Additive-free Episode 10 Pajamas to Stop

It was already dark outside.

I went to Estella first, explained the situation to her, and asked her to make arrangements in every direction.
It would be too late to make any preparations now and head for the 41st district after we had reached a result that would satisfy Barbara.
Even now, I'm impatient that I've wasted my time.

So I'm going to tell Ricardo to get Theresa first.
It might scare her, but it's a hundred times better than leaving her there and getting into trouble.
Besides, she doesn't like Ricardo if he's scared of her. Yeah. No problem.

Worst case scenario, just controlling the riffraff in the area will change things a lot.

'It gets more serious when little kids are involved, doesn't it, big brother?

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.
There are two people there that I can rely on right now.

I ran through the streets at full speed and jumped into the sunlit pavilion without slowing down.

'Ginette!Are Delia and Norma here?

She opens the door of the Sunlit Pavilion and calls out to the inside.
To ...... and .

'Heh .................. heyaaahhhh!

Loretta and Paula were changing clothes on the floor.
Oh, right. They're having a camp on the floor today, right?
I'm pretty sure they were told to come back late because there were a lot of women and the baths would take a long time. Haha, I forgot.

I'm sorry!

I hurriedly shut the door.
No, but it's okay!I was almost fully clothed, and I was in the middle of fastening some buttons or something, and I could only see my stomach through a small gap in the hem, and I didn't see any light pink pants or white and light blue striped pants. ......

'Big brother!Did you do that on purpose?

Loretta jumped out in a terrible manner.
She's completely dressed. She was wearing long sleeves and shorts made of the same fabric.

'Loretta, that's a pretty nightgown.
'You can't fool me, can you?
'Oh, no, sorry, sorry. I'm in a bit of a hurry, I didn't mean to offend you.'

Loretta's face turns redder than I've ever seen it.
Her hair is wet, and she has an unusual air about her.

'Oh God, Yashiro!Didn't Jeannette go to nail you to prevent this kind of thing from happening?

Following Loretta, Paula comes out with moist, wet hair.
This one is wearing a pair of neat pajama-like nightgowns, both top and bottom half-length.

'Sorry. I completely forgot about .......'
'You didn't do that on purpose, did you?
'I swear to the genie gods, no offense.'

Trust me.
I'm the one who swore an oath to the spirit gods. See?

'Oh, ...... Yashiro's s*x'.

And then, from behind Paula, Nephrite came out, holding his chest.
'...... Huh?Was Nepheli there?

'I know you didn't do it on purpose, but ...... that ............ you didn't see it, did you?'
'Yeah. I didn't see it at all.

It's funny, I thought I caught a glimpse of ...... Loretta's light pink and Paula's stripes, but I don't know if ............ they were there, Neffery.
It seems that my brain automatically shut Nepheli out of my sight.
I'm sure my unconscious mind took care not to witness the base of his neck.

Nephrite in a pair of slightly oversized pajamas with short sleeves.
Yeah. It's better to be clothed, you know. It'll make you feel less uneasy.

'But, boys. You've learned to stand up properly.'

The three of us have been eating under Ginette and Norma's watchful eye all day.
Even if it's just for a day, eating properly will reduce the anemia.
All three of us feel that our skin color has become brighter. ...... Is it because they have just taken a hot bath?

'Ehehe......, I'm sorry for worrying you.'
'Yes, ......, I got angry a lot.'
'But I was happy. You all scolded us seriously.'

The three of them smiled shyly together and bowed their heads together.

'''We're sorry'''
''Oh, no, .......''

It was a little embarrassing to be corrected like that.

I don't understand the problems of girls who want to lose weight.
I was born in a country where there were many girls who tried to lose weight more fiercely than in this city. I can understand.

But if it gets to be too much, I'll stop.
But still, I understand the root of the problem. So, in my own way, I'd like to drive a wedge in their thinking so that they don't go off in an extreme direction.

'I think you're prettier when you're healthy than when you're skinny. Well, I don't want you to get fat from eating too much.

Men sometimes like a woman who is a little plump.
So, eat without restraint and work for it. That's what I wanted to tell you.

'Oh, I'm suddenly getting a craving for a night meal!
'What a coincidence!Me too!
'I've heard that being hungry is a sign that your body is trying to tell you, "I'm going to get better! I've heard Jeannette say that when you're hungry, it's a sign that your body is trying to tell you that it's time to get healthy!
''Let's eat something and be healthy! That's right!
''No, you'll get fat. ......''

You can't eat too much.

Oh, yeah.
I was in a hurry, so I took a more effective approach. That's why I created an atmosphere that blamed these guys. ......

'Don't feel bad for me, but don't feel bad for Jeannette and the rest of them.

Ginette was unbelievably angry.
After all, these guys are waking up and taking it seriously because of Jeannette's seriousness, and it would be a pity for Jeannette if she was blamed for that. ......

It's okay. We know exactly what we're doing.
'Yes. No hard feelings.'
'We're grateful, you know.'

If that's how you guys see it, I'm relieved.
Anyway, it's a little early, but we can clear our names as the stupid girl trio.

'To tell you the truth, we were going to say sorry and thank you when your brother came home.'
'Yes, yes. We were going to welcome him home together and talk honestly about how we felt all day.
'But Yashiro, you're coming home early. ......'
'I'm sorry, ......'
'Well, I know you don't have any bad intentions, so it's fine.'

Yeah, yeah.
It's urgent now. This is not the time to be relaxed.

'So, where are Delia and Norma?
'They're taking a bath in the courtyard.'
'Oh, no problem, I've got to go to my room...'
'Mr. Paula, Mr. Nephrite!There's an evil spirit in here!
'I'll get him, Nephrite!
'Oh my God, Yashiro's s*x!

The three girls are firmly bound to the body.
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. I'm not sure what to make of it.It makes me nervous.


The door opens gently, and Jeannette comes out from inside.
I'm not sure what to do. ......Sorry. I forgot, seriously.

'You haven't had a bath yet?'

Ginette said, closing the door firmly and firmly with her back hand.
Why don't you just leave a little space?
I don't remember the door of the Sunlit Pavilion being closed so tightly.There used to be a lot of gaps in the past. ...... Who redid it so beautifully? ...... Oh, yeah, that's him. ...... ......

'Umaro's Ahoy!
'I'm thankful once again for the skill of Torbeck Engineering, right now, at this moment!

Loretta admires the gapless door.
d*mn you ...... for raising my stock, Oumalo.

'But I'm not joking around, I have urgent business to attend to.
'It was mainly my brother who was joking. ......'
'Can you go get Delia and Norma for me?
'Um, ...... right now?'
'Yeah, I'm in a hurry.'
'Right now, Delia-san and Norma-san are taking a bath with Regina-san.
'Then, Ginette, you can join me later.
'You're talking out of turn, big brother!

Ignoring Loretta's constant interruptions, I explain to Ginette how things are going.
In some cases, you have to ask her to pass on the message and stop bathing in the middle of the bath.

'--That's why I need a force that can take on the Saruman race.
'Is it a duel ......?
'Well, it sounds a bit violent, but we need it to rescue Teresa.'
'Well, ...... I'm not sure I'd let her go alone if she's such a short-tempered person, are you?

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that," Nephrite said to Ginette, appeasing her reluctance to duel.
In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at a few of the best ways to get the most out of your home.

'I've heard your story.

There's a voice behind the door and Regina comes out of the store.
She's wearing stuffed pajamas with a black cat on them.

'...... Where'd you get that?
'It's the manager's handiwork.
'Well, Yashiro-san once told me about something like this, so I wanted to ...... make it.'

It's true that I may have mentioned somewhere that there are such pajamas in Japan, but I don't think I'll be making ...... them.
It looks good on you.

'Don't stare too closely at ......, or you'll find out I'm completely naked underneath.
'No, you're revealing it yourself!Go put on your underwear!
'I was in a hurry.
'I was in a hurry.' 'There are other places you should have left off. ......'

Why did you leave that part out? ......

'So, about your sister's symptoms: ......'
'Oh. I'm just guessing, but I think it might be vitamin deficiency.
'If you're in the 41st district, I'm pretty sure there's not a lot of fish in the area.
'Besides, I heard they don't eat offal either.
'...... Offal?What, you eat offal?

I see.
They don't eat offal in this town. ...... It's delicious, like harami.
Liver is rich in vitamin A, but if you don't have the habit of eating it, it's no wonder you don't know about it.

'It may be difficult to improve your diet, but if you don't take action soon ......, it may be too late.

If we don't take action while there is still a chance of recovery, the lost light will never return.

'In order to do that, I need to twist my narrow-minded idiot sister by force. ......'
'Then I'll deal with her.

Boom!The door is thrown open and Delia comes out into the garden.
Her hair stands on end, wet and jagged. She must have wiped her hair roughly. ...... Comb it, at least a little.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before. It's a typical Delia sleepwear.
Normally she wears a tube top or something like that, so there is more fabric, but ...... the more hidden parts there are, the more glimpses you get of her, and it makes you a little nervous.
You can see the shorts through the hem of the shirt.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

Norma appears from behind Delia, wiping her long hair with a towel.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.

'Oh, where am I supposed to look?
'Please don't look anywhere!

Jeannette's hands clamped down on my cheeks, forcing me to change the angle of my neck.
Wait, wait, wait!This position is too much!I'll get a cramp!I'll get a cramp in my neck!

I escape from Jeannette's hands and rub my neck.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it. ...... There are so many beautiful girls in their nightgowns after a hot bath, and the only one you can rub is your own neck. ...... There's something wrong with this world.

'When it comes to fighting, it's Delia. I'll never be able to compete with her.'
'No, but... Norma's got a trick up her sleeve. He bends my arm in a direction I can't put any pressure on.

That's not cheating. That's just how it works.
It's common in aikido and self-defense.

'Norma is faster than you. Most of the time when I try to hit him seriously, he dodges.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.
'...... So, you guys don't get along, huh?

I feel like we've had a few serious battles.

'Delia is challenging me to a duel.
'Norma challenges me to a duel every once in a while, too!

'You're combat freaks, aren't you?

'I know what you're talking about!

Standing between the two martial artists, Loretta revealed a knowing look on her face.

'Ever since you asked me to help you get rid of the ragtag guild before, we've both been training so that we can respond to your request whenever you ask us.
'Wait!Don't give it away, Loretta!
'Oh, I'm not. ............ Moderate exercise is good for health and beauty.

That's right.
They're always looking out for you like that. ......
And you're relying on them like this.

'Thank you, both of you.
What's wrong with you? What's the matter with you, you don't look like you.'
'That's right, Yashiro!I'm a dependable woman!You deserve this!

I guess my casual behavior is affecting these guys.
I'm both grateful and a little scared of .......

'One day I'll thank you all at once. I don't want to leave you in debt.'
'Whatever, right?'

The two of them were getting very interested.
Now, as I braced myself to see what they would ask ...... for.

''I want that! I want that!

He pointed at Regina at the same time.

''You want a pervert like that?
''That's just plain awful, myself.''
'No, I don't!It's not that pervert, it's Gawa, Gawa!
'The bear's pretty face is terrible, too.
'You want that nightgown, don't you?Not the pervert inside!
'When a fox beauty says it, it's like she's playing with you.
'Why do you only react differently when it's me?

Norma and Regina playfully squeal.
But the nightgown is ......

'It's not me, it's Jeannette.
'Well, I'll make some for you guys.
'Then I'll do my best to be useful!

You want it so bad, stuffed pajamas?
Well, they like new things, don't they?

'Then, Yashiro-san, please think of many variations.
'I'll do the design? ......'
'Yashiro-san is more likely to come up with cute designs than I am.'

Isn't it usually the other way around? You seem to like cute things more than me.
Well, I'll do it, but...

'But when it comes to strength, Magda is the best.
'That's exceptional.'
'Oh, is that so?

I thought the three of you were about the same.

'Of course not.Magda is a professional.'
'If he uses that red shiny thing, we'll never be able to compete with him.
'He's strong even without it.

Is that so?
Magda's amazing, isn't she?
And Norma's so polite. He doesn't abbreviate 'red moya'.

'By the way, what about Natalia?
'She's a different kind, isn't she?
'Yes, it is. She's more of an assassin than a fighter.

That's a disturbing word, man.

'If there are rules, a fixed start time, and a limited range of movement, we can compete with them. But if we were to kill each other without rules, I'd probably lose.
'I don't know about ......~............. I don't know. I don't like Natalia or Norma.

Natalia is really amazing, isn't she?
I can't believe I let a top class beastman from District 42 say that much.

''Then, what about Estella?
''She can beat that.''

Estella doesn't look like she's ready.
Even so, she's much stronger than me, Estella.

If you're not the type of person who can strategize, Delia might be more effective.
If you're the type that takes advantage of the situation like Natalia, Norma might be more effective.
...... It is also possible to leave it to Natalia, but ............ she will need to be overwhelmingly defeated, and Delia or I'm not sure.

'Magda has work to do on Cantartica,' he said.
'Um, but ......!

Loretta takes a step closer to me.
Then, 'Oh, ......,' she says shyly, searching for the right words.

'I'd like to go talk to her at least,...... Magda, she's going to miss being left out,.......'

I'm not sure if she's feeling guilty about refusing to eat, or if she's simply concerned about Magda.
Anyway, Loretta wants to go see Magda once.

...... When I asked Estella to secure a place for a duel, she said, 'It might take a while,' so there's still time.

'Well, let's just go talk.
'Yes, sir!
'Well, gentlemen. I don't think you should be wandering around town in your nightgown, so I'll bring you a cloak.

There's no need for all of us to go, but ...... I'm sure Jeannette would like to see Magda. We met at lunch. There's a lot of lonely people in this store.

'So, where's Imelda?
'She's already asleep. Want me to wake her up?

...... You're in grade school, Imelda.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with your work.
It's a big group.
They all seemed to be worried about the duel and wanted to come with us.

I can see Estella's disgusted face now.


As soon as they arrived in Cantalcica, Loretta ran into the store.
Loretta had been told to come and pick her up on foot.
She hadn't come for him yet, but she wanted to show him that she had recovered.

'...... Loretta'.

The Cantalcica was open for business and crowded with customers.

Good thing I had my cloak on.
It's a shame to see drunken old men in their nightgowns. Even if they charge a fee, 10,000Rb is not enough.

Loretta puts on her cloak and runs up to Magda.
Magda is staring at Loretta.

'Um, Magda-chou...... me............'

Looking at Loretta who came in front of her, ...... Magda mutters.

'...... light pink'.
'Why do you know my underwear?You've got too much power, and it's a little scary!

'You idiot, Loretta.
It's easy to predict the color of your underwear based on your daily rotation and your current mood and situation.
What's with the big brother power at ......, you bastard.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this. I'm fine!I'm not going to worry about you anymore!

Magda listened to Loretta's words carefully and nodded her head.

'...... I'm waiting. There's no need to rush, just come and get me.
'Magda, ............ yes!I'll come get you!

Loretta jumped on Magda and hugged her.
Magda's little hand strokes her head.

'...... But if we don't hurry, Magda may become too popular in Cantalcica and the customers may not let her go.
'I don't want that!Magda is an important member of the Sunlit Pavilion!

With renewed spirit, Loretta stood up.

'Manager!I'll do my best to get well!
'Yes, sir. Let's do our best together.

Ginette walks up to them and starts chatting happily.

I'm glad we made peace.
All of you.

On the other side, Delia and Norma are talking to Milly.
Paula seems to have gone behind the counter to see her father.

At .......

'Why are you still here?'
'Araara~?Darling, are you unhappy that Osina is here?'

Oshina is leaning her elbows on the counter and smiling lazily.
Apparently, she's been helping out at the store.

'Magda-chan and Milly-chan don't know much about alcohol, so having Osina around is very helpful.

Well, that's true, isn't it?

It's fun for Osina to help out, too. ...... is a little too noisy, though.'

He takes one look at the noisy drunk and says with a smile that doesn't show his displeasure.
I wonder where he's really going with this.

'Hey, I need to talk to Magda and the others, can you do me a favor?
'Hi there, I'll let you know...'

I'll ask Osina to give us a few minutes of her time.
I'll give you a brief explanation of what we're trying to do.

'...... I see. It's true that if Magda goes, victory is assured. But Magda is a serious and cute person who can't just throw away a job she's already taken on.
'Magda-chan, you're working hard, aren't you?
'Millie, I was just about to say, "You didn't need a cute one," when you said that.

Norma pointed out, but Millie only laughed and said, 'Hahaha ......' to cover it up.
Millie has been helping me with this. I'm going to need some stuffed pajamas for Millie.

'...... Delia won't be outdone by a ragtag bunch. I'll leave you to it.'
'Oh!I'll leave it to you!

We left Cantalcica, where the number of customers was increasing rapidly.
We dragged Paula and Loretta, who looked like they wanted to help, behind us.
I can't let you guys back in yet.
Don't ever forget how much you want to work.
I'm sure Jeannette would love to open the Sunshine Pavilion right now.

But now is the time to be patient.

That patience will act as a brake when you're about to take a wrong turn.

'I'm definitely going to get well and return to being the signature girl of Cantartica!

Paula barked.

'I'm also going to get well soon and take care of the chickens!

Nefeli is also a burden to her parents at the moment.
You'd better go home soon and do your duty to your parents.

'I'm going to get well and become the most popular waitress in the Sunken Pavilion!
'No, I don't think that's possible.
'Ordinary people are ordinary.
'Well, you're third best at best.
'I'm the first, aren't I?
'No, ...... Imelda isn't even a member of the Sunlit Pavilion. ......'
'No, Neffery. You can't argue with Imelda. Also, Loretta is the best and that hurts.'
'You're all terrible!Especially you, Paula!

We walked towards the lord's mansion, more lively than in the daytime on the main street, where drunks were passing by.