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I stare at the monkey woman, scandalized.
I do my best to convey that I'm wondering.

It's when people are wary or rejected like this that the person making the offer becomes desperate.
They want to make it happen at all costs.
On the other hand, if you bite the hand that feeds you, people will be wary of you because they will think that you have an ulterior motive.

'Oh, yes. I won't do anything bad to you.

The monkey lady was looking at the doorway and appealed to me in a low voice.
But she's taken the bait.

This tactic takes about a week to a month to work on a spy. It's not that easy to break their guard.
Even though the monkey girl is not trained like a spy, she bites too fast.

It was probably the yap locks that softened the monkey woman.

Captured criminals are usually filled with regret and anxiety. 'I screwed up,' 'Why did I do that ......'.
And they are filled with anger and rebellion against the judges who look at them through the fence of the jail. 'Who's going to do what you want?' 'Watch me now, I'm going to outsmart you!

As the negative emotions of anxiety and anger, static and dynamic, accumulate in the body, the mind swells up. He can no longer make calm judgments, and his emotions swell up to the point where he wants to escape.

When you are holding in such swollen emotions, if you are poked in the part of your heart that you do not want to be touched the most, your ...... swollen emotions will burst.

In the case of this monkey woman, it was someone to protect. It's a question of whether or not you're properly protecting that person.
Perhaps she is aware of it. You're probably aware that you're not doing enough to protect that someone. Or maybe you're aware that you're not protecting them right now.

But if you are told this by someone else, someone you have just met for the first time, someone who does not know anything about your situation, your opposition will be spewed out with a ferocity similar to murderous intent.
I can't forgive him because he got it right.

Thanks to such an explosion, the monkey woman was able to let out some of her pent up emotions. It was the catalyst that brought her back to her normal calmness.
There was now a small space in her pent-up emotions. There is no way not to make use of this space. If you are going to use it, you need to figure out how to get out of ...... this place. Most people in jail would think that way. ...... unless you're one of those who think you're going to serve your time honestly and leave amicably.

'You're on our side, aren't you?

The question contained a kind of wishful thinking.
'This side'-that is, the anti-establishment side. The outlaw side that lives a life that could land you in jail if you're not careful.
Well, I guess I'm on that side more than the other.

'There's no point in fooling around. I can see it in your face, buddy.'

So my face oozes the bad guy factor. Yeah, you have good eyes.
I'd like to compliment you on your ......, but I'm sure you just took the bait I threw at you, actually.

The fact is that I came in here looking unhappy.
After that, he started sleeping without even monitoring me seriously.
And the monologue he put on near the doorway in his blind spot. If you watch those things, most of you will think. "Oh, he's a bad guy.

And the bad guys think. --'This guy's easy to get on to.'

I pretended to be the type of bad guy they would think I was, and they fell right into my trap. That's me. ............ I didn't look like that because I was acting.It's a performance, right?It's Oscar material.

'Hey, you know what?I'm not going to make you look bad.

Sharp eyes stare at me from behind long bangs.
The monkey woman's face, made more powerful by her thinness, looked beautiful when viewed from the front. She's a gem of a woman who could shine even brighter with a little more work.

'If you do what Aashi asks, I will give you what you want. ......'

As she said this, the monkey woman untied the sleeves of her black jacket that was wrapped around her waist.
The hooded, hoodie-like jacket falls to the floor, accentuating her thin body.
She then glanced towards the ...... bed.

'If you get Aashi out of here, it's ...... for you.'

No way, this guy ......

'I'll give you that blanket!
'I don't want it, a**h*le!

Why did he take off the jacket around his waist like he meant it?Oh, right, you want me to put on a jacket because it's cold without the blanket!
Don't be so confusing!

'Why not?You were asking for it earlier!
'If you break out, I won't have to stay here and watch you!
'Then just bring it back.
'I have a blanket at home!
'Then why did you want it?

'Because I wanted to use it right here and now!
'Then I'll give you that blanket!
'That's why!You have to understand, you have to consider the whole story before and after!
'Either you want the blanket or you don't!
''I don't want it!
''The genie's ......!
'You can do it, but then you'll get away with it, d*mn it!

As long as the spirit god isn't too stupid, my statement won't be considered a lie.
Just as 'I want to eat' said on an empty stomach is not regarded as a lie on a full stomach, it is permissible to change the content of one's statement depending on the time and situation.
Anyone can say 'I want to sleep', you know.

'd*mn it!I thought you could understand me!I'm disappointed!

You put on your jacket and hood, and turn your back.
His tail is standing on end, as if he's angry.

Huh. ......
This guy is even more uneducated than I thought he was.

...... I'm not sure I'd have been so enthusiastic about such a stupid girl. .................. I'm embarrassed.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
There's a little bit of Delia in him.

'Hasn't it been a full day since you were captured?

I ask my back, which is ignoring me.
There's no answer, but I keep going.

'You're worried about someone who's ...... waiting for you, aren't you?

Slowly, the monkey woman's face looks back at me.
It was accompanied by a piercing gaze, as if she wanted to shoot me dead.

'I hope you're getting enough to eat. You're still small, aren't you?

His face, and then his body, turns completely towards me.

'Because your daughter ............ isn't old enough to be ......'.

A faint response.
Seeing that, I'm convinced. The gender is female.

'Your, sister?
'You're ......'

I quickly approach with my big toe and roughly grab the prison fence.
A dull thud echoed through the prison.
Ignoring the baleful reverberations, the monkey woman closes in on me with a dusky, terrifying voice.

'Where did you find out?Who told you?Does that nobleman know too!...... You mess with him, I'll kill you. I'll do whatever it takes to get out of here and kill you all at once!

The monkey woman's screams echoed in the underground prison where there were only two people.
Thank goodness he's so easy to figure out. You saved me a lot of time.

'I'm not listening to anyone.
'You're lying!
'Try 'Judgment of the Spirits'.
'Judgment of the Spirits'!

Oh, no!I'm not sure what to say....... I'm scared of this guy.
But it's not like I got any information about him from anyone.
No one else has that information.

'...... Why don't you turn into a frog, ......?

The light that surrounded my body disappeared, and the monkey woman showed a shocked expression.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
'Then why?......?Did you meet my sister?

No, I haven't met her.
It's only now I'm sure of it.

'If anyone gave me the information, it was you.
'Aashi didn't tell me anything!
'No, he didn't. But your face and your attitude speak for themselves.
'Your face and ...... attitude ............?

She raises her eyebrows as if she doesn't understand.
The look on the monkey woman's face is one of the most alarming I've ever seen.
Ah, that's enough. You can be as cautious as you want.
Once you've had the conversation, the rest will fall into place. No need to act anymore.

All that's left is to do what you always do and force her to open her mouth.

'Hey, monkey woman.
'Who's a monkey woman?You humans always make fun of us subhumans!


''You, are you a human from District 29?''
'Huh?Who would live in such an obnoxiously expensive district?

From the way you say it, you don't seem to be from any of the BU wards.
Some people still use the word "subhuman" over there. But it's not.
I thought the term "beastmen" had already spread around here. ...... Maybe it hasn't caught on with people who don't have much contact with the world.

'If you don't want to be a monkey woman, tell me your name.
'Oh no!You can read Aashi's mind, can't you?Don't you know my name by that?'

I don't know, a**h*le.
I can only read certain emotions, and I can't guess proper nouns.
If you can do that, you're a real psychic. ...... Well, a guy who I once taught the "my way of psychic vision" to for a good price was appearing all over TV as a rare genius psychic, but that's just a fake that's hard to spot, and I don't know if real psychics exist or not. I don't know if real psychics exist.

The monkey woman stubbornly refuses to give her name.
I don't really care what her name is.

'Well, I'll call you Ukie Ukiko.
'That's totally different!
'So, Ukiko.'
'Don't call me Ukiko!Aashi's name is Barbara!
'I see. So, Barbara.'
'What?............, why are you calling Aarushi's name ......?No way, are you really ......?'

Wow, ......, what to do.
This girl is even more of an idiot than I thought.
Maybe her nerves aren't connected to her brain.

...... Oh, I see.

She doesn't know what choices to make to get the best outcome, who to rely on, who to use to guide her in the direction she wants to go, so she's probably just reacting out of emotion.

'You know, I won't say anything bad, so just listen to what the lord says.
'Heck no!You're still a pawn of the nobles!I trusted you, traitor!

No, traitor is ......

'The lord here is too good-natured to be an idiot. He won't do anything wrong to you or your sister.'
'Hmph!How can I trust anything you say?
'The lord of this place has extremely poor breasts.'

I guess I can trust you now.
How does it feel to have your words overturned?Or do you want to argue that it's 'not tits! Can you?Can you do that?No, you can't!

'You're just running around without listening to me, aren't you? 'The lord must do terrible things.'
'That's right!

Barbara striking the prison fence with her bare hands. ...... That looks painful. Isn't it painful?
This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time and money.

You can't trust the lords!You can find a lot more information on the web at .......

As I listened to Barbara's gritted teeth, I calmly sorted out the situation from a third person's perspective.

This is what Assunto had said. The first robbery happened in the 41st district.
So there's a good chance that Barbara is a citizen of District 41. He doesn't seem to be from the BU, and I don't think there are many people who would go out of their way to rob the poorest two districts. It's more profitable to go to the better districts.
In other words, it's natural to think that the reason he's doing bad things in this neighborhood is because he lives here.

If you assume that he is a citizen of the 41st district,............, you can be sure that he was pushed to the back of the city for the convenience of the lord,....... ...... Is it because of the gluttony contest?

My heart rate is going up a little bit.
What is this again?

Is this the type of thing I need to be running around doing again?

...... thunder thunder thunder thunder.

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these in the market.We drove them all away to the back of the city!

Oh, good!
That was before I did anything!
All right, all right.It's not my fault!
It's Ricardo's fault!He's the one to blame!

He's a terrible lord.

'Isn't that right!Don't you think so!'

We've kind of hit it off.
Yeah, yeah. Ricardo is a scoundrel. One day he'll be punished severely. I had nothing to do with it.

'But things are changing in the 41st, aren't they?

We've dismantled the 'how many' rule that used to keep the electorate in line, and the big public works projects have given jobs to those who were out of work.
After the completion of the gate of the 42nd district, that avenue must have regained its vitality as a lodging town to a degree unparalleled before.

'The only people who benefit from the changes in the city are the decent people,...... and the 'down-and-out' people like Aashi will always have to live in the dustbin,...... ...... and always will be.

Hmmm. ...... Well, sure. If you don't join a guild, you might not get a new job when one comes along.
That's the system of this town, so I'm not in a position to say anything about it.

'But that doesn't mean that stealing other people's things is acceptable.
'It can't be helped!It's the only way to live!
'It's not a choice.

There is no such thing as 'no choice' in committing a crime.
It's just an excuse to yourself for running away because you didn't want to choose the other option, and for your shallowness in choosing the easy option.

'Didn't you ever think of asking the lord?
'I'll be turned away anyway.
'You've been turned away?
'Of course they did!
'Who decided that?'
'............ Shut the f*ck up!Anyway, you can't trust the lord!

The excuse 'I can't help it' is to cover up the guilt of running away like that.
I didn't do what I could have done.
You're aware of that, which is why you're having a rough time.

'You have a little sister, don't you?Didn't you want to protect her even if you had to bow down to someone you didn't like?'
'That's why ......!'

Barbara raises her voice .
After the words were spat out, her throat made a scratchy sound.

It's a sad sound, as if she's about to cry.

'...... I can't ask them for help because I have a sister.
'Why not?If you go to church, they'll at least feed you.'

The Church takes in poor children and raises them.
The purpose of this is to reduce the number of people who lose their lives in poverty and to stop new crimes caused by poverty.

'Cause that's what they say!If the lord finds out about my sister ......, he will definitely take her to the church .......... ...I don't want him to go through that.

Painful thoughts are ......
Is there any basis for this?
As far as Bertina is concerned, the church in the 41st district is not a bad place.

'The church doesn't abuse kids, you know?
'You're lying!Aashi knows!'

Barbara's voice gets louder.
Her breathing becomes ragged and her eyes glaze over like a wild beast's.

Apparently, this is the reason.
The reason why Barbara had been so stubbornly silent.
Why he's so wild.

And why he's repeatedly robbed.

'If they take him to the church, he'll be locked up and Aashi and the others will never see him again!We've been living together since he was born!We're the only family he's ever known. ......!I can't let them have him!

Barked Varvara.
The sound of her voice was filled with unshakable conviction.
At least, that's what it seemed to me.

I've never heard of a church being locked up .......
Well, it is true that the Church is an organization with a money-grubbing and power-wielding nature that monopolizes the market by imposing high taxes on the staple food, bread, and by setting up churches in each ward to stare down the lords. ......
In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

I wonder if Bertina would overlook the imprisonment of a child.
Or is it that Bertina can't go against what the great priest says? ............ I don't think she's that type of person.
Even if she can't disobey, she might at least show some sign of wanting to change things. Bertina.
She's not the kind of person who can smile and laugh like that in a town where kids are constantly locked up. That's the kind of person Sister Bertina is.

'You're misunderstanding something, aren't you?
'No!You don't know. They gather the children in a faraway place and lock them up with heavy iron doors so they can't get out!

They gather the children in a faraway place and lock them up with ...... heavy iron doors. .................. I heard that story somewhere, I think. In .............

'Could it be that your sister is injured somewhere?
'What ......?No,.......
I'm not going to take her away, just tell me. They already know.

'Kuh ......, you've read Aashi's mind again.'

He glared at me with a bitter look.
Do you really believe in ...... mind-reading? It's just reading your face.
The rest is just comparing it to your accumulated knowledge.

And if you analyze this guy's story based on that knowledge, you'll see something.

The wounded beastmen in this city, Allbloom, will be gathered into the 24th District Church and protected.
However, the Church of the 24th District has a somewhat special structure. In order to thoroughly protect the injured beastman children, it is protected by an iron gate that denies contact with the outside world. Contact from the outside is almost impossible.

I think that's what he's talking about. Confinement and.
...... Well, that's what it looks like.

If she's Barbara's sister, she's obviously a Saruman.
If she is badly injured, so badly that it will be difficult for her to live on her own, the Church of the 24th District will take care of the little girl.
I'm sure the sisters of the 41st Ward Church would also recommend it.

District 24 is far.
If you don't have money, the only way to get there is to walk, and if you think about going to the 24th ward on foot, you won't be able to see him ...... that often.

Only one family......
Isn't it strange that he's trying so hard to protect his only family?
You can't let go of ...... it, even if you're aware that it's wrong. That feeling is ...... understandable.

You can understand why, especially when you see the seriousness in his eyes.

'...... Are you sure you don't want to take him away?Why don't you tell the lord?

I'm sure we'll tell the lord .......
Rather, it's a matter of talking to Estella to find a clue.

'Just tell me. I'll help you if I can.'

I don't want to help anyone. I'll just throw it all away. Yeah.

'You'll help me?You're going to cure his disease?
'No, I don't know about that.

We don't even know what it is.
It's not an injury, it's a disease.
Then it's Regina's case.

'Then what are you helping her with?

What do you mean, 'what'? ......
In his mind, he thinks his life is 'fine'.
That's why he's happy to maintain the status quo. That is why the idea of being rescued from that place does not occur to him.
If you could see it from a third party's point of view, you would realize it immediately. 'If you have time to do robbery, you should get a proper job so that you will be safe in the future.
Carrying dirt at a construction site is probably more profitable than robbing. At least you don't have to take the risk of breaking the law.

However, since you don't seem to realize that you are in a state of 'needing help', it will not be clear to you even if I point that out.
So I'm going to offer a more straightforward "remedy".
One that he can't help but bite on.

'Is the place you live in safe?
'Huh?How can it be? It's like a dump, crawling with ruffians like Aashi.
'And now my sister is waiting for you to come back, alone, right?

Separate the important words and tell them clearly.
Make her anxious.

'Perhaps he's usually a good boy waiting for you to come home. ...... But you haven't come home since yesterday. .................. So how long can my sister wait quietly? I'm not sure how long my sister will be able to wait quietly.
'Isn't she going to go out in the dark of the night, alone, looking for you when you don't come back?In the cesspool that is crawling with the ruffians you speak of.'
'Aaahhh!No, Teresa!Wait at home until Arshi gets home!'

Barbara clutched her head and suddenly started screaming.
I'm sure she could have easily imagined that. She could have easily imagined her sister, Teresa, running out of the house looking for her.

'Hey, hey!Please!I'll do anything!Just get Aashi out of here!I'll take my punishment!I'll be back before dawn!Just for now!Just let Aarthi go, please!Please!If anything happens to Teresa, ...... Aarushi will be ............ Aarushi will be ......!
'Calm down.'
'I can't calm down!Teresa is blind, you know!If something happens to her, she can't run away!

'My eyes?'
'Oh ............ yes, yes. About a year ago, my eyes started to get blurry,...... and lately, they're almost ...... gone.'

That's a dangerous situation,.......

Children can suffer severe eye damage from high fever illnesses such as measles. Considering Barbara's financial situation, it is unlikely that she would have received proper treatment. In the first place, the medicines of the Apothecary Guild that originally existed in All Bloom, not Regina's Apothecary Guild, were so expensive that even Estella at the time hesitated to purchase them. These people probably couldn't even get the medicine properly.
Perhaps it was simply a genetic eye disorder. ............ No, wait.

When I saw Barbara's emaciated face, a possibility popped into my head.
If it hadn't been for this and that over the past few days, I might have overlooked this possibility. ...... But, yeah, that's possible, isn't it?

'Hey, Barbara. Are you guys getting enough to eat?
'We're not hungry right now!It's Teresa who's ......!
'Answer me!

He shouts at Barbara, who is so worried about her sister that she can no longer hear what he is saying.
The more you throw a temper tantrum, the more your sister's salvation will be delayed.

'I don't care about you at this point. Is Teresa eating well?'
'That's because ............ when there's an uptick, there's a certain amount of ...... meat, sometimes.'
'Do you eat offal?
I'm not going to eat it!I'm not an animal!
What about fish?
'There's hardly any of that in the 41st district.

That's right.
There's no river fishing guild in District 41.
In addition, it is far away from the 38th district, where there is a small port, and there is almost no fish distribution.

'Then what about vegetables?
'You know ...... Aashi is a bandit, right?He wouldn't steal vegetables that are bulky and hard to eat!Besides, Aarushi hates vegetables.'

You ...... stupid sister!

'It's completely due to vitamin deficiency.
'Bita ...... what?

In developing countries, the rate of blindness among children is high.
It is said that this is due to vitamin deficiency caused by lack of sufficient food.
The cornea softens due to lack of nutrition.

If it is not treated quickly, it will be too late.

'Barbara. You said if I get you out of here, you'll do whatever I say?'
'Aye!So let me out!'
'Then tell me where my sister is. I'll come and get you.'
'No, you can't do that!
'You'll do whatever I tell you, won't you?
'Except for Teresa!
'Do you want to be turned into a frog!
'If you want to, go ahead!No matter what happens to Aashi, I'll protect Teresa no matter what!
'I'm telling you because you can't protect her the way you do!
'Aashi knows Teresa best!

This ...... guy!

'Then the negotiations have broken down. You're going to stay there until the verdict ...... comes in, one year, ten years.'
'Wait, wait!

You say you don't like this or that.
It's easy to blame ...... Teresa for ............ you being like that, but... ......... Well, well, well.

'How ...... can I get Aashi to do me a favor?All Aashi wants to do is save Teresa!As long as Teresa is safe, it doesn't matter what happens to Aashi!Hey!

That explains why Yap Lock was so stubborn.
He must've seen himself in the past.

'Let me ask you something. How do I get you to trust me?You can't make me act alone. With that in mind, give me a way that makes sense to you.'
'It's .......'
'The more you worry about it, the longer it will take to rescue Theresa.

When I hurried her, Barbara's eyes widened and she became restless. Her pupils are fully dilated. She seems to be in a great hurry.
He is in a great hurry to find a way to compromise.
You force him to retreat to a compromise that he normally would not make.

You would do anything for your sister, right?
Bend your own convictions.
Change that smug notion that Aashi is the only one who can save Theresa.

'Then, then!

And so, what Barbara presented to him was a simple proposal.

'If there is someone stronger than Aashi, I'll accept it!

Barbara prides herself on her strength.
She seemed to think that someone who was stronger than her could help her sister.

'Okay. I'll be back in a bit to get ready.

So much to do.
But there's no time.

I rushed out of the dungeon, grabbing the keys I'd left on the desk.
Barbara was shouting something when the door closed, but I ignored her.