258-Episode 170 Unexpected Contact

Suddenly, Theron and Wendy rushed into the sunlit pavilion, apologized to us, and then fell silent for a moment, breathing on their shoulders to regulate their breathing. But even that moment is frustrating, and they are swallowing spit wildly.
How hurriedly did these guys get here?

I've been listening to you ......!

The tone of his voice was intense.
He's not talking about donuts.

'I'm really sorry, sir!
'I'm sorry, sir.

Theron bows his head vigorously once more.
Wendy bows her head in response.

Everyone present is speechless, gazing breathlessly at the two.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.I'm so sorry.

I finally got the point.

Theron seems to have heard about it from somewhere.
The reason why the sluice was closed this time and the BU was looking at us was because of the 'fireworks at Theron and Wendy's wedding'.
But in the end, it was just a complication, and sooner or later, they would have made it difficult for us.

'Don't worry about it. They said it was because of the fireworks, but that's just a complication.
'That's right, both of you. There's no way that fireworks can stop rain. Isn't that right, Yashiro?'

According to the ranks of the nobles in this city I heard before, the nobles of the outer districts are of the fifth rank, and those of the BU are of the fourth rank. They don't like the fact that the lower-ranked Forty-two districts did something conspicuous like fireworks, cakes, and weddings.
They just can't tolerate anything that would shake their self-esteem that they are superior.

The fireworks were just a highlight.

Let me tell you my theory.
Estella and Lucia didn't argue with me. I guess they're thinking the same way.

'So, don't worry about it.
'But ......'.

I don't care. There are many types of people who can't do that.
Theron and Wendy are just such types of people.

'Um, Theron. Ms. Wendy. Would you like to sit down?'
'...... No. I'm at .......'
'I'd appreciate it, sir. Mr. Manager.'

Ginette suggested a chair, but Theron and Wendy were adamant about it.
But Theron and Wendy were adamant, so Ginette didn't push too hard.

She quietly pulled out the chair and walked to the kitchen with the empty dishes.
He may have been acting out of concern for Theron and the others.
Perhaps he thought it would be a pity to have so many people listening to his difficult conversation.

Now that Jeannette was gone, it was just me and Estella. Lucia and Gilberta. And Theron and Wendy.

Estella glanced around at the audience and silently appealed to the other patrons not to worry about it.
Sensing this, the audience turns their bodies back around and starts talking to each other.
However, I guess they can't concentrate on the conversation because their consciousness is completely turned to me.

Her eyes are filled with determination, and she stares at me.

'Do you remember the nobleman who took a liking to Theron's arm and took him in before?

Theron's expression twists slightly.
Wendy is not looking at him at all, she is only looking at me.

That was before Wendy and Theron's relationship became public knowledge.
There was a nobleman who wanted to marry Theron so that his father, Bojek, could keep the brickworks going.
The nobleman was so enamored with Theron's skills that he asked him to be his son-in-law.

It's probably one of the things Theron doesn't want to have to deal with again.
Especially to Wendy.

But Wendy brought it up.
I'm sure it's uncomfortable for Theron, but there must be a reason he's bringing it up now.

Well. To bring it up now would mean--

'Does this nobleman live in a BU member district?'

--That would be a way out of this situation. That's what you're thinking.


Wendy nodded her head clearly and made eye contact with Theron for the first time.
She smiles slightly, as if to tell Theron that she doesn't mind.

From there, Theron continued to speak.

'The nobleman who was honored to recognize my skills lives in the 29th district.
'In the 29th district?

The district adjacent to the forty-second.
However, there's a considerable difference in elevation, so there's no such thing as exchange. --That's what I thought.
But apparently, the 29th district knows the 42nd district very well.

Maybe they're being watched relentlessly, not wanting to lose to the poorest country next door.
They check every little thing about the obvious underdog and are relieved that they are not losing. There are more than a few people like that.

'I've contacted the person and obtained permission to see him.
'What?When did you get permission from ......?'

Estella floats down and asks Theron.
Her body must have moved involuntarily to find a clue to break through the troublesome situation that District 42 was in.

I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it. ...... with Wendy.'

It must have been quite uncomfortable to go and see the nobleman who had once offered you as his son-in-law, but you had turned down the offer. And with Wendy in tow.
I'm surprised he agreed to meet her.

Oh, I remember, when I told him about the marriage, he honestly congratulated me and said 'I wish you happiness'. There are such open-minded nobles.
I thought aristocrats were all narrow-minded people who could only look down on others, ridicule them, and abuse them in a bad way.

'I talked to him, and he promised to meet me any day that is convenient for me.
'I didn't expect him to agree so willingly, so ...... I'm sorry for taking such a selfish action without any consultation with the heroes or the lord.

They take everything too seriously, don't they?
You should be more proud of them if they made an appointment. They acted because they thought it would be good for us.

'Now that Theron and Wendy have arranged it. Why don't we go see them, Yashiro?
'Yes, we should. ...... But if we go to see them, they'll probably force the beans on us again.'
'If that's the case, why don't we just cook at the Sunshine Pavilion again?

Crunching on a honey-roasted peanut, Estella winks at me.
You're a foodie.
Well, Estella will pay the tariffs, and I'll feel a little better if I think of it as a ...... win-win.

'Good. I'll sit with you. If you're going to meet the nobles of the 29th district, it might be to your advantage.

Lucia says, her pseudo-tentacles twitching, peanut butter on the edge of her mouth.
...... You don't have a shred of dignity.

In the event that you've got a lot of money to spend, you'll be able to get a lot more. If there are two nobles, they might be able to compete with the higher class.

'...... What?You can't be ......,Lucia?
I'm not sure if you're aware of this.I'm sorry for the delay in greeting you!

He must have been preoccupied with the idea of talking to us.
Lucia sits behind us, and Theron and Wendy, who have just noticed her, stand and bow their heads as if they're about to hit the floor.

'Good. Don't be so formal. It's just me and Wentan, isn't it?
'Both of you, be sure to pay your respects to the 'other lord'.
'Yes, don't you dare interrupt me, anchovy!

There's a lot of problems that might arise if you and Wendy get along. I'm going to destroy it.

'E...... Lucia-sama is ......'
'Don't tell me you're the ...... of the 35th district!
'What?Lucia-sama is here?

When I heard Theron's words, the dining room suddenly became noisy.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.
It's just a tentacle. ...... They're such carefree people, really.

'Whoa!How dare we behave so freely in front of our lord?
'It's ...... embarrassing that we're dressed so dirty in front of the lord!
'I'm ...... afraid that we've been making too much noise in the presence of the lord!
'Ah~......, yeah. You guys. I'm a lord too, after all.'

'In front of the lord', Estella felt a bit like complaining to the people.
Shut your mouth. You chose this path because you wanted to.
You're not a lord, you're better known as the town's nine-chan.

'Yes!Miss Petanko of District Forty-two!
'I'll smear peanut butter on your face!

What's with the threat?
You're welcome to lick it off afterwards.

'Good. All of you, behave as you normally would. I'll be happier if you do.'
'Oh, so you're fine with business as usual?
'I'm sorry I'm so afraid.

'Magda~n!I'll have another donut, please!
'I think the people here are a little too naive, anchovy!
'No, don't get mad at me, ......'.

That's what you want, too.
You want to be treated as normal, but you also want to be respected.
Unfortunately, it's impossible for the people of District 42 to be so subtle, you know?
If they're friendly, they're friendly all the way. It's the result of their lord's education.

'You're a big-hearted lord!
'As expected of a big man!
'Huh!I've been praised by Hammaro's younger brothers!Does this mean we're about to get married?
'Hey, Hammaro. If you see him, run away right now!

I'll never give you to Lucia.
It's for the good of the youth!

'Nuh-uh!Hammarot, come on!

d*mn it!Hammaro was here?
And Gilberta!I'm not sure what to do.Stop it, stop it!

'Open-minded, my lord!
Stop it!I'm going to ............ die. ............ I love you so much... ...die.'
'Then I'll help you, I will.'
'No, no, no!Don't do it here, do it somewhere else!
'Don't do it here, do it somewhere else!

Estella's misguided comment came in.
As long as the cafeteria is clean, there won't be any problems.

'As expected of a hidden flat-chested girl!
'I've been praised!
'That's not a compliment, no matter how you look at it.

And Hammaro ...... isn't hiding, Lucia's flat-chested girl.

'Oh, that ...... hero-sama .......'

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the most effective way to get the most out of your time.

'Oh, I'm sorry. Can we get back to that?
'Yes, sir.

Even though Lucia's true identity was revealed, the atmosphere in the sunny pavilion remained friendly as usual.
That's good.
...... The point at which Lucia's 'true' identity in the sense of 's*xuality' was exposed is ............ well, it's none of my business.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.
'No, I'm just glad you made the appointment.
'So ...... is it?

Theron and Wendy's expressions softened somewhat.
Even if it was just a complication, they were thinking that they wanted to help solve the problem, even if it was only a small part of it, since it had originated from their own wedding.

'I'll come see you. Right after this, right away. You'll be okay, right, Estella?'
'Of course I'll be fine.

Estella clenched her fists with eyes that had regained some of their strength.
This guy must have found a clue, too, with that nobleman.

I'm not sure what to make of it. It's a chance for him to tell us something we don't know yet.

About the overabundance of beans they produce, and the strange way they vote.
There are too many mysteries about the BU organization. Maybe we can talk about it.
The fact that he took the trouble to meet you suggests that he is not hostile. Whether they're friendly or not remains to be seen, though.

'Lucia, is everything alright?
'I'm sorry. I have a meeting with Hammarotan after this, so I can't come right away.'
'Just come.

I'll have you banned, you bastard.
And I'll never lend you Hammaro.

'So, Mr. Theron.'

Natalia appears from behind Theron.
Natalia was preparing to greet Lucia and the others who would be arriving around this afternoon,......, unfortunately. Lucia and the others have been here since early morning.

In the event that you've got a lot more than one of these, you'll be able to get a lot more.
...... Estella. You're looking at me like, 'Oh, I forgot to tell Natalia. Why don't you go and tell her? Don't get carried away eating doughnuts.

'I have a question about this nobleman, ......, but first I'd like to have a donut, me 'too'!
'Magda!Bring Natalia a donut ASAP!'

Estella started to follow up seriously.
Natalia seems to be very angry.
Not only did all the preparation go to waste, but Estella was the only one who ate something delicious while she was preparing. ...... You'd better be in a good mood today, Estella.

'The bill will come from Estella-sama's personal allowance!
'What?You can't drop it off as an expense?
'No, it won't!

I'm not sure if there is such a thing as an expense,......, or if this is also being translated by the 'forced translation magic' to make it easier for me to understand?

'...... Hey, wait.'

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
It's not the same thing as the words and the product.

The corners of Natalia's mouth lifted as she took a bite of the doughnut that had been brought to her.

'It's delicious. I like the taste.

She said honestly.
Natalia likes this kind of food that is popular with girls.
Not only does she like the taste, but she also seems to like the atmosphere of eating such fashionable sweets.

'It tastes even better when you put peanut butter on it.

Regretting her neglect of Natalia, Estella puts the peanut butter in front of Natalia.
The master-slave relationship is reversed, you guys.

'Estella-sama ......'
'Oh, no thanks. Don't thank me. I'm sorry for what I've done, so I'm just apologizing, okay?'
'Donuts can only be appreciated when eaten plain. It's not right to eat this slightly sweet doughnut with something overtly sweet on it. You don't understand the essence of doughnuts, that's for sure.

What are you talking about with your own face, donut newbie? You just had your first. You've only had one bite.

'However, it is also foolish to refuse without trying. ...... Let me use it.

Natalia uses a butter knife to spread a generous amount of peanut butter on the doughnut.
It takes a lot of trial and error to knead and coat the dough, so today we're letting everyone spread their own peanut butter on the plain doughnuts.
Eventually, I plan to offer them with a coating of chocolate, peanut butter, or honey.

'What do you think, Natalia?

Natalia chews her doughnut in silence.
She does not answer Estella's question immediately, but looks at her and stares silently for a while.
She swallows slowly, savoring the aftertaste that lingers in her mouth, before finally opening her mouth.

'Peanut butter is the true essence of a donut.

You've completely changed what you're saying!
Well, let's just take it as a sign of good taste.

Natalia flattened one of the doughnuts and licked the oil off her fingers.
I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great idea. ...... I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great idea. ............ You're Natalia!

'Natalia. You shouldn't lick your fingers.'
'Is that so?...... So, Master Yashiro. 'Ahhhh.'
'You've upgraded your petulance!

Estella forcefully wipes Natalia's finger with her own handkerchief.
'I told you, the master-slave relationship is reversed, you guys.

'So, this, uh, nobleman...'

Satisfied with her doughnut, Natalia turns to Theron again.
You should thank Theron for waiting so patiently for you, guys. If I were you, I'd have left by now.

'May I ask your name?

Once he exchanged a glance with Wendy, Theron slowly spoke the name.

'That person's name is Ma'ru Erin-sama.

Marle Erin?
I'm not sure if I've ever heard of ............ or not. ......
No, I don't think I know any nobles besides Estella and the others. ............ Is it my imagination?

I'm sure you're right. You're sure about that?
'Yes, sir.'

At Natalia's sharp voice, Theron was momentarily at a loss for words.

'Could it be that Erin ...... is...'

Next to me, Estella leaks her voice.
Does this sound familiar to you too, this Erin?

'Yes. I'm sure of it.
'It's also ...... kind of ............ awesome.'

Is he such a big shot aristocrat?
...... No, I don't think that's what she meant. Estella's expression is ......

'Is she someone who is involved with the BU?

From the look on Estella's face, I'm guessing she's trying to say it's a great coincidence.
Someone we should meet now. That must be the nobleman, Mahr Ayrin.

'That's right. It's not something to do with BU, but something more directly related.
'I remember that Gerasie Erlin's sister's name is Ma'ru.
'Oh, ...... Gerasie's.'
'That's how I remember it, too. I'm sure of it.'

Natalia's words came as a complement to Estella's words.
Lucia and Gilberta were the ones who reacted.

I'm the only one who doesn't understand.
But I can guess most of it. You can see it on their faces at ......, but I need proof. Let's see if you can put it into words.

'Who is this Gellarcy guy?

I ask, with a hint of malice, about a person I probably know.
Estella shook her shoulder lightly, as if she sensed my thoughts.

'Hmm ......, you guessed it. But you're right. It's not bad to dare to put it into words.

After an unnecessarily long preamble, Estella clarified.

'Gerasie Erin is the name of the lord of the 29th district.

Really. What a coincidence.
I never thought I'd meet one of the enemy's generals.

'Well then, since Theron and the others have given us this opportunity. Shall we go see him?
'Yes, we should. I'll take advantage of this opportunity.''

Estella and I stand up together.
Now, let's get ready to go.

'Would you like us to join you?

Theron and Wendy ask with a mysterious look on their faces.
It might make things go more smoothly if we bring them with us.

'You're more than welcome, Wentan!

...... I think I'll just leave Theron alone. ............
Seeing the excited Lucia, my mood suddenly became heavy.

And then...

'If you are going out, please take this with you.

Ginette came back and handed me a small package.

'Please eat it in the carriage. You too, Theron and Wendy.

In the bag was a donut. We had already eaten lunch, but Theron and Wendy were probably running around and hadn't eaten. It must have been a thoughtful gift.
The doughnuts were a moderate amount, enough for the two of us plus more.

'I'm sorry.
'Not at all.

Ginette smiled at him.
She slunk closer and muttered in a voice that only I could hear.

'Please come back soon.

Then, she pulled away and said in a cheerful voice to everyone.

'Take care, everyone.

I'm sure you'll be a little nervous. It makes me a little nervous. You're not a newlywed businessman. ...... d*mn.

'Maybe I shouldn't go.
'No, I'm going!Come on, come on!'

Estella pulls me by the arm and takes me outside.
When I glanced at Jeannette, she was smiling at our exchange.
I was relieved to see such a smile.

Thus, having unexpectedly acquired a powerful connection, we headed back to the 29th district.