259-Episode 171. It's noisy inside and outside the car...

'Um, may I buy some flowers?

Why are you telling me this, Wendy?

Lucia's carriage is traveling along the street she just passed the day before.
It's in the twenty-ninth district.

'...... Can you ask Milly to do that for me when we get back?
'No, I just wanted to give it to Ma'am.
'Then you should have asked Milly to sell it to you before you came out!
'I thought the flowers would lose their energy on the long carriage ride.
'Millie's place has the best service, you know!The staff is cute, and they don't push beans on you.

What a mess.
Once again, Millie's is the best!
All right, I'll give you a good game next time I see you!

'I'm sorry, sir. We'll take full responsibility for disposing of any miscellaneous items, so please bear with us.

Wendy bows her head.

'Don't bother Wentan. Get down, anchovy. And follow me in the triangle.'
'No, I can't!

How am I supposed to get around sitting in a triangle?
If I go as fast as a horse-drawn carriage while sitting in a triangular position, you'll probably reject that as creepy, anyway!

'Don't worry, I want you to be at ease, my friend Yashiro.

I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not, but I'm sure you've heard of it. I'm sure you can do it, my friend.

'I'm sure you can do it, my friend Yashiro!
'It's impossible!
'I think I can master it, if it's my friend Yashiro!
'I don't want to, nor do I plan to!
'Yashiro. If I do master it, I'll just keep my distance as a friend.

Estella, sitting next to me, moves away from me by one fist.
Do you want me to throw you out?

'But I don't like this seating arrangement!

Despite the presence of Gilberta and Wendy, Lucia is plainly annoyed.
The reason for this was the seating order in the carriage.

'Why am I next to the anchovy!Get off, anchovy!And follow me in the anchovy!
And follow me in the 'Fushigi'!' 'How can you 'Fushigi' without water?

And as usual, there's no propulsion!

Originally, Lucia's carriage was meant to hold six people, but now it holds seven.
It's not impossible to fit them in, but the seats that seat four people are a bit cramped.
I can't let my lord feel so cramped. You can find a lot more information at .......

In the upper seat-- Estella, me, Lucia.
In the lower seat--Natalia, Theron, Wendy, Gilberta.

We are sitting in this order.
I placed Wendy and Gilberta in front of Lucia, but Lucia's grumpiness did not subside.

'I wanted to be sandwiched between Gilberta and Wendy and have a flower in each hand!
'Then you'd have to sit on the bottom seat or on the four-seater, Estella-sama.'
'Estella is not the type to worry about such things!
'Why are you being so selfish, Lucia?
'It's thin around the chest, and it saves space!
'You too!
'Excuse me for leaving my large breasts dangling--. Please calm down a bit, both of you.''
''Shut up, Natalia!

It seems that the relationship between the lords here is rapidly improving.
At some point, Lucia stopped calling Natalia 'head waiter', and Gilberta started calling her by her first name, 'Estella-sama'.
I wonder if there is a spell that makes people friendly when they come into contact with the 42nd district. It's like a curse to me.

'How about you, Yashiro-sama?Do you have any discomfort?'

Natalia asks me.
Discomfort: ......

'I'm comfortable. The space is empty.'
'Shut up, Yashiro!
'I'm taking you down, you anchovy!

Angry lords and gloating Natalia.
...... Don't make me your plaything.

I'm not going to be your toy. Wouldn't it have been better if there were three women?
'We, the waiters, cannot sit on top of the guests.
'Agreed, me too.
'So, Wendy ...... would like to be next to Theron, right?
'Ha, yes. I'm embarrassed to say so.'

Wendy glances at Theron, her cheeks pale. Their eyes meet and they smile at each other.
We're going to smash it, freshlyweds!

'Hey, man!Don't be so goofy with my Wen Tan!What authority do you have to sit next to him?
'He's Wendy's husband, Lady Lucia.
'And he's not Lucia's, Wendy.
'Shut up, both serving masters!I don't want to hear any good arguments!

'No, you don't, if that's what you want.

' Would you say that? I'm not going to give up my special seat where I can sit next to Yashiro-sama and pretend not to care, but look directly at Estella-sama, who is smiling a little every time the carriage shakes and our shoulders touch.
''Wait a minute!Who's smiling at me?
'Ask your own chest ............, or rather, ask your own faint chest.
'Why did you say that again?

Don't get upset in the carriage.
Natalia has the best tits in the world.

'You've been smiling, Lucia, for a while now.
'Huh?Don't talk nonsense to me, Gilberta!
'You're talking more than usual, Lucia, when you're with your friend Yashiro.
'I'm only complaining because he does a lot of stupid things with a stupid face, it's called force majeure!
''I'm practicing on paper, Lucia-sama, the 'Shut Up, Anchovy' series.
'Hey, how did you know that?

No, I admitted it to her. ...... I mean, what's the "Shut up, anchovy" series?

'Shut up, you two.
I'm not sure what to say.I'm going to let you sleep with your wet hair half-dried, and you're going to get some crazy sleeping habits!
'...... wrote down a few patterns, and that's the one that was adopted?'

That situation, I'm taking a bath at your place and staying overnight anyway.
That's impossible. You know that, right?

''As expected of a hero. He's on equal footing with the lords of every district, and if anything, he has the upper hand. ......'
'Hey, Theron. I just want to make sure that ......, you don't like me?

The way you lifted me up was subtle and very unpleasant.
I'm not very happy to be equal to these guys.

'More importantly, Natalia.
'What is it?
'Is there a flower shop along this road?

Wendy clasped her hands together and her expression lit up.
Don't look so happy about it, it's just a little thing like this. I'm just saying you can come by.

'Listen, Theron. Hero-sama remembered my story!
'As expected of you, Hero-sama, you have an excellent memory due to your intelligence.
'And he helped me find a flower shop!
'You are a warm-hearted and compassionate person.
'I'm glad I consulted you, Hero!
'You have the ability to lead people, so you can't go wrong!
'All right, you guys, jump down and walk home right now!

I'm getting goosebumps so badly I'm going to end my sentence with 'Kokay! I'm getting goosebumps.

'The praise is so excessive that it's almost sickening!You should be more normal like you used to be!
'Yashiro......'s ending has become stupid and very Yashiro-like.'

I'll intimidate the rude Estella.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out why Estella is repeatedly asking you to treat her like a normal person. I think I understand a little better why Estella has repeatedly asked me to treat her normally.
This is ............ hard.

'Oh, by the way, how is that beautiful chicken man, Nepheli-tan?
'Oh, well, he said he'd come over tomorrow to eat doughnuts.'
'Crap~...... are you staying over today too......'
'Go home, man!I mean, get a job!
'Work, work, and ...... me or work, which is more important!
'Work!And you're the one who has to do the work!

I thought abandoning duties was Gilberta's patent, but Lucia's is getting worse. ......

'Yashiro-sama. I confirmed with you that there is a flower shop just ahead.
'Then have them stop there.'
'Theron, did you hear that?
''Yeah, I heard, Wendy!
''As expected of a hero, you have a kind heart. ......''

He pulled Wendy and Theron apart menacingly.
They're no good. If you leave them next to each other, they'll set up their own world and never come back.
I twist my body next to Theron's and push Wendy to the seat I was sitting in instead.

'Eh, hero-sama, I'm afraid I'll have to sit on top alongside my lord. ......'

'Hero-sama command.
'Aaah!I'm in trouble!
'Wendy, hang in there!I'll be watching you!

Wendy with her head in her hands and Theron clenching his fists in support.
...... These guys used to be more decent people. ............ Is that the magic of the sunlit pavilion?...... They are becoming more and more disappointing, a curse, you might say.

I'm not sure what to say. You'll be replaced by me.
I'm not sure what to say.No way, I'm not going to sit on top of my lord. ......'
'Lord's orders.
'Oh, no!It's annoying!

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand. ...... This guy is a demon.

'Lucia-san is happy to be next to Wendy, and Wendy is happy to be next to Theron, right?
'Mmm!I feel good!
'Huh, ...... sitting on top is uncomfortable, but ...... with Theron there, ......'
'Me too, with Wendy.'
'There, it's all settled.'

Estella puffs out her thin chest.

'And ......'.

Natalia murmurs behind Estella's back.

'Estella, who continues to casually keep her place next to Yashiro-sama, is also very happy.
'Aha!No, no, no, no!I'm just trying to make sure that all goes well at ......!
'The four of us are seated more closely together, and I'm swooning .......'
'I don't think I'm a sissy!It's true!If you want, you can switch.I don't mind being on the door side if you want.

Estella. Hey, Estella.
The more desperate you get, the more it smells like a lie, so can we stop now?

Eventually, the carriage begins to slow down and stops.
It's in front of a big flower shop.
It's huge.
It's like a whole family restaurant turned into a flower shop. It's going to be hard just to go around it.

'Well then, let me have a look.

Theron and Wendy bowed reverently, got off the carriage, and entered the flower shop.

'Would you like to have a look?
'No, thank you. No beans.'
'Neither do I.'

Lucia and Estella were both interested in the flowers, but they didn't want to enter the store because of the beans.
It's true that the moment they enter the shop, they'll be recognized as 'customers' and will be given a lot of beans.

'Oh, no, thank you. No, thank you.
'Well, well, don't say that!

There's a commotion in front of the carriage.
Natalia, who was the first to get out of the carriage to drop off Theron and the others, and who was in charge of opening and closing the door, is apparently being approached by a shopkeeper outside the carriage.
...... Are you being beaned just for standing in front of the store?

I sat up to give him a helping hand. ......

'...... I see. Well, be my guest.'

It seems to have been settled.
Ah ...... another bean hell. The carriage smells like beans. ......

'Hey, Natalia. What beans did you get this time?'

I looked out of the carriage, half fed up.

'Ah, Master Yashiro. Look at this. I've been given so many.

Natalia was buried in brightly colored flowers.
Roses, phalaenopsis. Lilies, gerberas, marigolds.
She was surrounded by a wide variety of flowers, some she had seen before, some she had never seen before, and some she had seen before but did not know the name of.

'I refused to accept such a gift because I couldn't hold on to it. ......'

Natalia looked down at the pile of flowers with a calm but slightly dismayed expression on her face.

'......Eh, what's wrong with that?'
'I got it.'
'...... For whom?'
'Over there, .......'

Natalia points with her hand to the front of a large flower shop.
There were about twenty men in green aprons looking at ...... Natalia from inside the store.

Any of them?

'From all the employees, sir.'
'From all of them?

Oh, come on, Natalia. What's with the sudden onset of popularity?
As I was thinking about this, an old man and a mustachioed man were trying to come out of the butcher shop next to the flower shop with a huge ham in their hands, got stuck at the entrance, and started a big fight hitting each other with the ham.

What is ...... this?What's going on?

A number of people from the city walked past behind me, confused.

You'll find a lot of people in the city passing by.You're so beautiful!
'Well, what a beauty. ......'
'You're really beautiful!
'Oh, ...... sister.'
'You're seventy-four times more beautiful than my grandma was when she was young. ......'

And so on.
Over there, 'hah~......' and over here, 'hoh~......', everyone is praising, admiring and sighing over Natalia.

What's that?I'm scared, scared, scared!

'Sister!Please give us some of your meat!
'No, just our freshly caught fish!
Give me the paulownia chest I made!

People of all ages, men and women, gathered here with gifts in their hands.

'Oh, no!Natalia, get in!
'Yeah, but ......'.
'Forget it!

If we leave her like this, she'll panic.
I forcefully pull Natalia's hand and pull her towards the carriage.
I closed the door of the carriage forcefully to shut out the crowds.

.................. hah, hah, hah.......

'...... Natalia. Do you have any idea what's going on?'
'Well, ......'

Natalia herself had no idea why she had caused such a commotion.

'But, well, ......'

Natalia said, tilting her head unsurely.

'I am aware that I am a very beautiful woman.

......It's hard to deny that, judging by the reaction of the people on the street!

'Maybe it's because you're beautiful, Natalia, but why did you get the gift?
I don't know. I think ...... might be it. I don't want to admit it, but ...... I don't want to admit it as much as possible because it's so frustrating, but ............ I can't deny the possibility that it might be true. I don't know. ............!

I don't know, this frustration.
Natalia is certainly a beautiful woman and has good qualities.
It's no wonder men are drawn to her, as long as she keeps her mouth shut. As long as she keeps her mouth shut.


'I don't want to admit it because that smug look on your face is really annoying!
'I'm sorry, but even your smug face is beautiful.'

d*mn it!Why?Why is this guy so popular?
If it was Millie or Jeannette, it would have been easy to accept!
I don't want Natalia and Regina to be popular for some reason!For some reason, it frustrates me!

'Estella-sama, would you like to stand outside for a while?
'...... I'll stop. I'm aware that I'm not very good at being seen as such.

Estella refuses to make eye contact with Natalia.
The way she turned her face away showed the sadness of someone who had already admitted she was a loser.

'But if that's the case, I'm worried about Wentan.

Lucia muttered with a grim expression.
Indeed. Wendy is a beautiful girl with a fragile impression. Throw her into a hungry beast and she'll be attacked and preyed upon in an instant.
I think it's safe to say that she has a Theron attached to her. ......

'I'm going to take a look around.'

As soon as she said that, Lucia stood up and opened the carriage door.
Fortunately, the people who had swarmed her earlier had disappeared.

Lucia steps out of the carriage, her long, beautiful hair flowing softly in the air.
In the sunshine, Lucia's picturesque beauty stands out even more.


'Oh, hello.
'Are you sightseeing?Take your time.

She was only greeted with a smile by two friendly-looking old ladies.

The men working at the flower shop, the old man and the old man at the butcher shop, and the long-lived man at the paulownia chest shop all went back to their normal duties without paying any attention to Lucia.

Lucia............ this is embarrassing!


Lucia turns over silently and walks quickly back to the carriage.
As she closes the door behind her, a dark aura erupts from her body.

'Estella ......, how was I supposed to apply for a declaration of war?'
'Lucia-san, calm down!It's okay!We all have our preferences!'

Estella desperately appeases Lucia.
Gilberta pats Lucia's head, but her irritation doesn't seem to subside.

'I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I just got back from ............ what happened?

Wendy opened the door and her eyes widened at the chaotic atmosphere inside the car.

'Wendy. Is everything alright?
'What?What are you talking about?'

Wendy tilts her head at Estella's question.
From the looks of it, it seems that she wasn't mistreated by the men.

'By the way, Theron, have you noticed anything unusual?

Estella asks the same question to Theron, the handsome representative.
Estella asks the same question to Theron, the representative of good looking people, but Theron also says that there was nothing unusual.

'............Natalia is the only one in town who is unusually popular. ......'

Estella shudders at her own statement.
What the hell is going on in this city? ...... There are too many mysteries.

'Anyway, let's head to Mahr-sama's house............Hmm!

Natalia suggested with a very triumphant look on her face, and we had no choice but to follow ...... her lead.

In the event that you're not sure what to do, you'll be able to ask your doctor. ...... What's 42 carats? You're a sole.