260-172. The House of Marle Aileen

Mahr Ayrin's mansion stood on a small hill overlooking the river, slightly off the main street of the 29th district.
It seemed a little inconvenient for a nobleman to live there, and Lucia raised an eyebrow.

'It's not that you don't like people, is it?
'Yes. He is very friendly and kind.

In Lucia's mind, aristocrats who lived in inconvenient places were misanthropic, averse to contact with others.

'Maybe he likes the view. It's peaceful, a nice view.'

Estella squinted at the view from the front of the house.
She feels the wind blowing comfortably.

The river is visible from the building, and there are many trees and flowers.
Indeed, the scenery is nice.

'Anyway, let's meet.

I looked at Natalia.
Seemingly understanding exactly what I meant, Natalia nodded her head and struck a s*xy pose.

'I said, ring the doorbell!

This guy doesn't understand my intentions at all!No, he doesn't seem to want to!

'Every second, Natalia, you're becoming more and more of a star.
'She's on a roll, that's what she is.

Don't give her too much credit, Gilberta. They'll think you're related.

Gilberta pushes the doorbell on Natalia's behalf.
The sound of metal bells being struck in rapid succession is a bit deafening.

I think I'll ask Norma to make a doorbell for me.

'Yes, yes!

Hearing the doorbell, an old lady emerged from the building.
She looked like a refined madam, baking herring pies and the like.

She was about forty ...... years old, not quite fifty.

Her gray hair is neatly coiffed, and her plump body is bouncing as she runs by,....... I'm not sure where I've met her before, but I have a sense of déjà vu or ...... familiarity with her. ............


I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit nervous about this.
Ma'ru is the master of this place, right?

'Oh, no, no. Theron and Wendy. I'm glad you're here.

Why is the Lord himself rushing out?
It seems that he didn't even realize that the visitors were us who had an appointment with him. ......

I'm sure you'll agree. So these are the people you've been hearing about?

He looked at us with sparkling eyes like a country girl who had never seen a celebrity in person before.
'Well, well, well! He spun us around and got excited.

'Who's the hero?I'd like to say hello.

Why me?
Why don't you greet the lord first?

'Ma'ru-sama. This is our hero, Lord Obeyashiro.'

Wait, Theron. Don't make such an ostentatious introduction!
I'm not a hero in the first place!

'Well, you are'.

I'm not sure what kind of story Theron told you, but Mael is looking at me like an old lady looking at a wolverine when it first came to Japan.
I'm not sure what ...... it is, but it's very uncomfortable.

This is a great way to make sure that you don't end up with a lot of problems.

'........................ Oh?

It was as if he was peering into a distant memory, quiet and cautious. ......
After staring straight at my face for a few minutes, his face lit up and he clapped his hands happily.

'Hey you!You're the one who was raising money for young children at the church!

Oh, come on. Donation is the furthest thing from my mind, you know.
After all, I hate charity and volunteer activities the most.
There's no way I'm going to do any fundraising ..................!

A completely forgotten memory surfaced in my mind like a ten-yen coin that came out of nowhere when I was cleaning.
It was as casual as, "Oh, yeah, there was something like this.

There was a time when I was very troubled, thinking that I had been hit by the poison of the kindness and good-naturedness of Jeannette and the others in the 42nd district, and that my skills as a con artist had been dulled.
At that time, I was trying out some basic scamming techniques on people in my neighborhood. ............

I once applied the low-ball technique to a scam to extort money from tourists passing by a church.
He showed them a ramshackle church and a bunch of kids living there, asked them to write their names as 'signatures appealing for the repair of the church', and then tried to extort donations from them. ............
As I recall, the name written at that time was.

The name that was written at that time was... 'Ma'ru Erin. Are you the madam from that time?
'Yes~. I'm so glad you remembered me. I'm so glad.

Of course I remember you!
She said it was a donation and handed me 50,000Rb with a pop.

The people around us who saw this action also offered donations, saying 'Well, I'll donate too' and 'I'll donate too'. ...... In the end, the church was partially renovated with the money.
As expected, we could not raise enough money to renovate the whole church, but it was still more than enough to secure a safe place for the kids to sleep.

The other day, when I went to see the house, it had been cleaned up so well that I was kind of happy too.

...... In fact, the subsequent renovation had nothing to do with the donation at that time.

As a matter of fact, the Ham kids, who honed their skills at Umaro's place, have been visiting the church where the younger group is being taken care of, and have been repairing and renovating it as often as they can.
Therefore, the church has been transformed into a wonderful building filled with the technology of Torbeck Engineering. And it will continue to evolve in the future. Free of charge. ...... No, not really. Thanks to the generous donations of the Hammies.

'The heroes have done many wonderful things. I've been very excited to hear from you, Theron. But, ......, yes. It was you. That makes sense.

I don't know what convinced you, but it's very annoying.

You can't be too hard on someone who tried to scam you once, ...... though.

I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure what to do.

Clapping her round hands, Ma'ru hurriedly opened the gate.

'Come on, please come in. It's just a large house with a nice view, but I'm sure it'll pass the time.

He smiles and invites us into the house he's so proud of, not to brag, but it's probably true.
Gilberta leads the way, followed by Lucia, Natalia, Estella, and then me, Theron, and Wendy stepping into the grounds.

'Um, I'll take care of the door.
'Oh, you don't mind, do you, Wendy?I'm sorry.

Wendy closes the gate in place of Mahr, who had been waiting at the gate all along.
Isn't there a waiter in this house?

'Huh~, you're a really good girl, Wendy. You must take good care of her, Mr. Theron.
'Yes, yes. I mean to.'

Theron scratches his head in fear.
It was a difficult question to answer for Theron, who had chosen Wendy over Mael.

'Oh dear, ......'

I'm not sure what you mean by that.
I'm not sure what you mean by that.

'Don't worry about the marriage proposal anymore. I'm satisfied with it.'
'Yes, yes ............, no ......, well .......'

You're piling on a topic that's hard to answer: ......
I'm sure you don't care anymore, but it's not so easy for the one who refused.
At the very least, I think you should avoid talking about it.

I mean, well, ...... you are not in proportion to your age. What Mael proposed was a marriage proposal that was more like a loan, to give his own assets to Theron.
It's not really a love affair, so maybe it's just a refreshing thing.

According to the information of Bojek, Theron's father, she is a beautiful woman with a deep window who lives surrounded by flowers and has decided to spend her whole life as a bachelor. ...... But she is not the image of a beautiful woman with a deep window, I don't know.

I'm sure she was beautiful when she was young, though.

Mahrul was probably trying to do Theron a favor by letting him devote himself to making bricks on this large site.

'Um, Ma'ru-sama.

Wendy, perhaps unable to see Theron's distress, offered a helping hand.

'Is Cindy not at home?
'Oh, Cindy. No, she's here.

' I wondered, but just as I was about to, Mael turned a round, mild-mannered smile toward me and explained, answering my question.

'Cindy, she's the one who's in charge of serving us. She's a little busy at the moment, so I'm here to take her place.

No, no, no.
Don't use the Lord. I don't know why you're busy, but you've got priorities.

'I'm sorry. I've never done anything like this before. I can't do it as well as Cindy.'
'No, Ms. Erin. I'm honored enough to be greeted by you in person.
'My, what a beautiful girl. Are you Estella-sama?'

Whether she heard Estella's words or not, Mahr looked into Estella's face, gently touched her red hair, and finally pecked her cheek.

'Men in the world won't leave a girl this cute alone.
'No,......, I'm not ready to talk about that yet,......'.
''My breasts haven't grown yet either......''
'Will you stop making things up, Yashiro?I didn't say it, and I won't say it!

You look so happy just because you got a little praise after the mysterious Natalia bombing incident.
Ask yourself if you're irresistible!
...... Hmm. The idiomatic use of the phrase is wrong, but the usage should be correct.

'So, this is Miss Lucia. Well, well, well. You're as beautiful as they say you are.

'Isn't Ms. Erin the young and beautiful one?
'Oh my. You're very flattering, aren't you?

I don't know what it is,......, but the atmosphere is strangely social,......, can't wait to take me home?

'You are all welcome. But first,......, I'd like to be called by my name. Hey, everyone, do that. Please.'

Estella and Lucia let out a wry smile at the Obaachan's strong request, but showed their approval.
In return, they agreed not to address Estella and the others with 'sama'.

'Then let me show you around, Lucia-san, Estella-san.
'Thank you, Mr. Merle.
'You're in my way, Ma'uld.
'Well, then, come in, hero-sama.'
'You haven't changed my name, old lady.'

Estella and Lucia kidnapped me at great speed and took me away to a corner of the garden.
What the hell?That's what they call a three-step punchline, isn't it?Isn't that a tsukkomi?

'You're too rude, no matter what!
'Is your head in a glove compartment or something?Is it empty?
'Okay, okay. You want me to call you by your name?'

Estella and Lucia are getting really angry, so I'll just say I'm sorry.
Well, if they turn me away, I won't get any information. Let's be humble.

I thought...

'Hmm. I've never been called an 'old lady' before. It's refreshing, isn't it? Yeah, but it's not very nice. What a discovery.

Mahr was a little happy for some reason.
Only the current lord's younger brother would be able to say 'hag' to a nobleman who is the lord's sister. But the lord would never use such a word.
In other words, I'm the only one in this world who can call Mauru 'hag'. ......

'I'm glad you had such a valuable experience.
'No remorse at all?

Estella is pissed off.
'If Mahr is having fun, that's fine.

'Hey, hey... Hero-sama. ...... Ah, should I call you Yashiro-chan?
'Don't call me chan, .......'
'Then ...... 'Ya-chan'.'
'There's still a 'chan' in there.

What's the matter, have you lost your mind?You're still young, I'm sorry to hear that.

'So it's 'Yashippi' then.
'Where did you come up with that strange word?
'So, Yashippi.'
'You've already decided?

I don't know. ...... More and more unwanted names are being called. ......

'Isn't this a joke name that suits you, anchovy?
I'm not sure what to call it.

I ignored the words of Lucia, who loved my misfortune, and concentrated on the Mahr in front of me.
What are you going to say now?
I'm not sure what to say, but I'd like to know.

'Yashippi, you have my permission to use harsh words on me.

Mahrul says to me, suddenly changing.
It seems that the nobles have a tendency to want to rebel against the respect they are continually given.
In other words, they want me to be friendly with them by giving them a 'tsukomi'.

'Hey, hey, Yashippi!

Mahr seemed to be that type of aristocrat, and he happily sent me words of encouragement.

'Can you say "you b*tc*"?
'That's because you're stepping into a new world, beyond the chic of harsh words!

In the event that you are not happy with the praise from Gilberta, you can look at Mahr, who is also not happy, but has a very satisfied expression on his face.

'I really like you, Yashippi. I'm going to fall in love with you.
'You don't care who's handsome, do you?
'You're so brazen, Yashiro.
'It's a shame you don't know what you're doing, anchovy.

...... How can these people spit venom so naturally?
I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you have.

'I love strange things.
'What?And Yashiro?

'Who's the odd one out, you bastard?

Would you like me to invent a protractor in this world, using your flabby breasts as the world standard?

'Ma'am, you are very particular about gardening, and you once walked around the district to find a brick that you liked, and checked each one with your own eyes.

Theron happily talked about bricks.
How can there be such a difference between bricks?

'Most of the bricks produced in Allbloom today are made according to the standards set by the royal bricklayers. The soil used, the temperature at which they are heated, the size, shape and color of the bricks are all imitations of the royal bricks.
'If you imitate the royal bricks, the nobles will buy them all the time.

Mahr murmurs with a hint of sadness.
'Make them like the royal bricks. It seems to make sense in terms of standardization. When one brick breaks, any other brick will fit.

However, it seems that the nobleman, Ma'ru, feels that this is not enough.

'All the bricks were uninteresting, and none of them were what I wanted.
'So, you drifted all the way to the Forty-second Ward at last?'

Estella asks, a little reluctantly.
Normally, when you're looking for something good, you'd look in a store of a higher rank.
But it was obvious that the higher the rank, the closer the bricks would be to the royal bricks, and it would have been difficult to find bricks that would satisfy Mahr.

So, would they come to District 42?
It was normal to think that if you lowered the rank, the quality would also decrease.

'I was about to give up when I came across Mr. Theron's bricks. I was hooked at first sight. Ingenious, gentle, polite, ......'

Ma'am, enraptured, gazing blankly at the sky above and letting out a sigh.
It's kind of funny to think of the bricks floating around in his head right now.

'Oh, no!I've been talking too long here again. I'm no good. I love stories, and I can't ...... do anything at all without Cindy.
'My Lord!

Ma-ru sighs at the gate.
There was a voice calling out to the landlord, and an old woman emerged from the house.
Is this Cindy?

'Well, Cindy. Are you done with your business?
'Yes. I've removed the slime from your bathroom.
'What were you doing, head waiter?

Did you leave it mainly to the visitors to clean the bathrooms?

'Think about your priorities!You're the head waiter!
'Hey, ......, Lord. Who is this gentleman?
'This is the rumored hero, Yashippee.'

Wow, ...... nothing about me is included in ......

'Yashippi ............ is beautiful.'
'What?I don't know, stop it!

The old lady squinted at the mysterious name.
Then she looks me up and down, her cheeks flushing.

'I've been in this business for forty-five years. Yashippi is the second person to scold me in thirty years.'
'What's that, like when you set a new record, but you're never happy to report it ......'.
'The one who scolded me before was also my teacher, the head waiter of the mansion where I used to work,......, and Yashippi was the first.
'Estella, knife!
'What are you doing?
'How can you say such a cruel thing!
'Then don't even try to act on it!

I've had enough of being liked by old ladies!
I don't want her to like me everywhere I go!

'Well, I'm already this old. ......'
You're right. The days of being liked and loved are over, aren't they? Oh, thank goodness.
'If you don't at least keep your tone young, you won't be taken seriously.
'Even if you just change your tone, I won't take you seriously!
'If Yashippi becomes him, Cindy will be mammoth happy.

And by the way, I don't know how many times I've said this already, but ...... "forced translation magic", don't play!

'Come on, Cindy. Let's get you all to the pavilion.
'Yes, my Lord. Yes, my Lord. Come on, ladies and gentlemen.

With the arrival of the head waiter, Cindy, we were finally allowed to enter the mansion.
But Wendy stopped her.

'I'm sorry, Miss Cindy. Can you give us a moment, please?
'Oh, Miss Wendy, what's wrong?
'I brought flowers for Ma'am.
'Oh, really?That's so nice of you. Come on, Cindy. Please take it.'

'Yes, yes, I'm home.

Normally, the head waiter would have come out first, but he was so surprised to be greeted by the owner of the house himself that he had forgotten about it until now.
The carriage was filled with the flowers that Natalia had bought even though she had been forced to pay for them with beans, and the flowers that Natalia had gotten so many times.
We talked in the carriage and decided to give all the flowers as a gift to Mahr.
We'll have to pay another tax for taking the flowers.
That's why Wendy went to the flower shop after she entered the 29th district.

'Well, well, well!There's so much here. I'm so happy!
'Most of it was a gift from Natalia.
'Natalia, is ...... the one you're talking about?

Mahrul was happy to be surrounded by so many flowers.
Standing beside her, Natalia bows her head reverently.

'Nice to meet you. I'm Natalia, head waiter for the Cremona family.
'Oh, you're so beautiful.
'Yes, she is. Yes, she is.
'Natalia. Pull yourself together.'

Natalia is still very confident.
But Mahr and Cindy did not show any unusual interest in Natalia.
In front of the florist's shop, even the passerby women were sighing with fascination.

'You must have been very popular on the street, huh?
'Yes, very much so.
'Natalia, don't make me repeat it.I mean it!

This is something. ......
Mahr's smile gave me a hunch about that.

He seemed to have an idea why Natalia was the only one who was unusually popular.

'You want to know?Yashippi.'

Once again, Mahrul came to me with an answer to my question.
Perhaps it was his age, but he seemed to know exactly what I wanted to ask.

But if that's the kind of technology you're looking for, I've got it too: ......

'So the reason why Natalia is unusually popular has something to do with ...... some of the information we want, or something important?
'Mmmm ...... you're a clever one, Yashippi.'

It's a good thing I told me at this time.
This guy put aside his lord and approached me.

If he is trying to tell me something about the series of disturbances that have occurred this time, and not Estella or Lucia,......, then this old lady Mael may be a bit unusual.

It's almost as if she's figured out that I'm the one who's going to be in the middle of all the business meetings,.......


I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not, but I have.
He opens and closes his mouth as he pleases, as if speaking to the whole world.

'Cindy here is the only waiter in my house. There are many people who don't get along with me.
'It's hard to adapt to the Lord's taste, I have a hard time with that.

I'm having a hard time adjusting to the Lord's taste. He glared lightly at Cindy, who made an unnecessary comment, and lightly clenched his fist and raised it.
It was as if they were joking around.
Maybe it's true that Cindy wasn't mad at me.

'So, I'm going to be interviewing a new waiter later today. Let's move that up a bit.

An interview for a new waiter: ......?

'I've invited four people, so Yashippi and the others can observe.'

I see.
If you're recruiting new workers, then many of the people you're interviewing are young people who are about to get a job .......
If we can understand the behavior and hobbies of the young people in this town, we may be able to see the reality of BU, which has grown distorted.

Are you anticipating that much, Mael?
...... Well, maybe it's just a coincidence.

'Yashiro. Let's see it.'
'Yes, we will. But I can't help but feel sorry for the new guy who gets surrounded by three head waiters at the interview.

I hope it doesn't turn into an oppressive interview.

'Then, let's head to the interview room.

With that, Mahrul walked into a small hut next to the main building.
It seemed to be an annex built separately from the main building.

I see.
You can't just let a guy who hasn't even been hired into the building.

And so, in order to find out what problems lurked in the 29th district and, by extension, in BU, we decided to attend an interview at the Mahr Erin residence.

...... But in the end, you couldn't get in.