257-Episode 169 New boom, and...

'All brothers and sisters, help!
'Peel the shell!
''Peel the shells, but...''
''Don't get peeled!

In the courtyard of the sunny pavilion, many hamsters are gathered together.
The shelled ones are sent to the kitchen in order to be processed into peanut butter and honey roasted peanuts.
Some of the peanuts are soaked in honey. They can be eaten after about a week of soaking. Don't forget to dry roast and sterilize the jar before soaking.

'It smells so good ......'.

In the kitchen is Estella, who arrived late.
She was thinking about how to deal with District 29 and was late for breakfast.

'Do you want me to help you?
'Nah, I'm rooting for you.

'...... You son of a b*tc*.

'Mr. Yashiro. Peanuts, they're here!
'Well, let's roast them.'

Ginette brings me a large colander full of peanuts.
The peanuts, peeled to the skin, are roasted in a frying pan so as not to burn.

'Oh, by the way, peanuts can be eaten raw, can't they?I was so surprised.

Ginette picks up a peanut in its shell with her fingers and peers at my work.
Raw?...... Oh, that's not right.

Ginette peels back the shell and puts a peanut in her mouth.
It's wrong to describe it as 'raw'.

'They've already been dry-roasted once when they're served.
'Huh?Is that so?
'Heh, I see.'

Next to Ginette, Estella also rolled her eyes.
...... No, I can't eat raw beans, they're too bitter.

It's a good idea to take a look at the website to see if there's anything you need to know. This is probably because the place that ships the peanuts dries and roasts the shells first.
Peanuts have to be dried in the sun and then dry-roasted.
If you dry-roast peanuts after shelling them, you can reduce the bulk and roast them at once, but it is difficult to store them afterwards. If you put the peanuts in a bag, they may become infected with germs.
Then, you can dry roast the whole shell and keep them in the shell. It is because they are meant to be carried around that they go to such trouble.

'It's a corporate effort to get as many customers as possible by making it ready to eat.

As Estella said, the guilds in this city are doing all kinds of research and development to make their products sell better.
Miso and soy sauce have been invented, sugar refining methods have been established, and so on.

On the other hand, those who are not able to do so will live in poverty.
Like the corn of the Yap locks and the sugar beets of the anteater brothers.

'So, why are you dry roasting now?
'It's partly for sterilization, but dry-roasting increases the aroma and makes it crispy. That's the kind of crispiness I want for the ones I'm making now.

When the fragrant smell of the peanuts begins to rise, remove them from the bowl and let them cool.
When the heat is off, heat the honey in a frying pan. Do not let it burn. ......
Toss the peanuts with the honey, sprinkle with sugar and salt, let cool, and you've got crispy, sweet honey-roasted peanuts.

'Can I eat it now?

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's had to wait for the peanuts to cool down. ............ No, you've got your eyes glued to the peanuts.

'Your hand.'

I held out my hand, and Estella put her hand on it.
But she immediately shakes it off.

'What do you want me to do?
'Didn't you get stuck in the flower garden, too?
'Can you please not make me do this again and again?

Estella is like a dog.
I mean, the atmosphere...

'What now?
'Raising her.
'If I could do that, I would have done it already!

'If I could do that, I would have done it already!

'It's still hot, so be careful.'

She picks up a honey roasted peanut with sparkling eyes.
Ginette follows suit and takes a piece into her mouth.

'Mmm~!It's so sweet!
'I like the faint taste of salt.
'But it's quite high in calories, so don't eat too much.

If you eat like an idiot, you'll get obese and might even get sick to your stomach.

'...... Yashiro. Peanut paste is ready.

'This one too ...... managed to finish ......'.

Magda and Loretta, who were in charge of the peanut butter, bring the peanuts into a nice paste.
Loretta's arms are shaking. It's hard work, isn't it?

All you have to do is mix it with honey and other ingredients, and it's ready.

'Yes, yes!I'll mix it myself!

Delia raises her hand vigorously, appealing to me.
All right!

'Norma, please.
'Yes, yes. I'll leave it to you.'
'Why is it Norma?I like sweets better than you!
'That's why.'

If we leave it to Delia, it might be too sweet. I'm sure Norma will take care of that.

'So, Jeannette. Where are the crepes?
'Yes, already.

Ginette, who was in charge of crepes, had already cooked more than enough crepes.
You're too good at this, you know.

'Yashiro-san, may I have a word?

Bertina had borrowed some ham kids from the church, and had come to the sunny pavilion as their guardian. I guess she really wants to eat a little more.
Such Bertina makes me this proposal.

'Crepes are delicious, but children might prefer something crunchier. Something like the pancakes that Loretta-san made for us at dawn.'
'That's a crepe, sir!

protested Loretta, who had created several pancakes at dawn.

'Well, sure. It would be nice to have pancakes.
But if I'm going to do it, I'll make it properly as a pancake, not as a failed crepe.

'Yes, Yashiro!Why don't you make those doughnuts you were talking about anyway?There are lots of kids here.

You know what?
Don't mention the name of the new food in front of Bertina!
I'm sure you're not the only one who can't tell what it is, but you have the special ability to intuitively know it's good.


Look. When I tell you that...

'What kind of dish is that donut?It's very interesting!'

--because they're very interested like this: ......

'Let's make them!By all means!
'You know what, just calm down, Bertie. ...... Ginette!
'I want to make one!

Oh, my God. ......
I thought it was Bertina who was pestering me, of all people. ......

You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
Bertina was behind her, looking at me with the same curious eyes.
I didn't know that Ginette was coming before Bertina. ............

Oh no ...... Ginette is becoming Bertina.
I'm not sure if it's the food provider or the consumer, but Ginette has inherited the DNA that makes us overly excited when we get information about delicious food.

'Oh, sir!I'll do my best!I'll do my best! I'll do my job well!If it's okay with you, Yashiro-san, then by all means!

The glitter from her eyes covered her entire body, making Ginette look like she was glowing slightly.
'I want to learn a new dish! It's written on her face. ...... I can't help it.

'When the peanuts are done, get the kids out of the kitchen.
'Out of the kitchen, sir?
'Donuts are made by frying wheat in oil. It's not safe to have kids hanging around.
'Yes, sir. Okay, everyone. Yashiro-san is going to cook a delicious meal for us, so let's be good.
'''' Yes! ''''

At the sound of Jeannette's voice, all the ham kids came out of the backyard.
I'm not sure if you've ever heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it. ...... I turned around and saw Bertina dressed the same way and smiling.
...... Ah, Delia and Norma joined in.

And, well...
This is what happens in the end: ......
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This is the first time I've ever been to a restaurant in Japan.What's with all the people?

Umaro, who had come to eat breakfast as usual, was surprised to see the kitchen full of people instead of the seating area.

In the hall, the kids from the church were peeling peas and beans.
Although they were not as fast as the ham kids, the kids, who had been thoroughly taught by Bertina to treat food with care, were working carefully.

I think I'll just consume these beans as tempura or beans and rice until I can find the time to make bean sauce.

The beans that were thrust upon us in the 29th district were steadily consumed in this way.

And when the sun rises in the sky: ......

'Donuts, Ohiirefu~!

Ginette, who had finally been released from cooking, was chomping down on a donut.

'......The manager is happily wagging his tail.
'It's true. This is quite a lot of wishing and wishing.
'What, what?What's "wasshoi wasshoi"?What is the situation?

That's what we've been wanting to ask for a long time.

It's the peak of the lunch hour, and it seems that many of the customers at the Sunlit Pavilion like new things--'

'One peanut butter pancake!
I'll have a peanut donut!

--And so it goes.

It's rare that Ginette takes a break during the peak hours, because she orders only what she doesn't have to.
However, he does go back to the kitchen every now and then to order the occasional sole tempura.

'Huh. ...... There are many beastmen in the 42nd district, it's fun. ......'
'I won't be renting the place out today, so you'll have to be quiet.

...... It looks so sweet.

'I don't think we can just rent the place out and kick people out if the word gets out to so many people.

Estella watches the faces of her customers as she crunches on a honey roasted peanut.
Now,' she said, 'it's a private party today, you guys get out. We won't even sell doughnuts,' because that would definitely make Lucia look bad.
Let's keep her quiet for now.

But if the lord of the 35th district is in the dining hall, the other customers will be reluctant.
That's why I'm seating him at the far end of the room as a show of resistance.
In addition, Lucia is wearing a pseudo-tentacle on her head that she brought with her. It's the one she made for the wedding parade.
I don't know what she thought she was getting into,............, but she was probably just trying to score some points when she met Millie, anyway.

'The people of this city are good. Even before I became a lord, I've never been in such a casual environment. It's a bit of fun, even if it's only because they don't know it.
'Well, everyone knows that I'm a lord, don't they?

There is absolutely no respect for the lord of the forty-two districts.
But it was Estella, of all people, who encouraged her to do so.
You want to do this, but you're acting badly.

'Donuts. They'll definitely be popular.

Estella's words contained a bit of warning.
The Sunlit Pavilion is a diner.
It's hard to overlook a situation where only donuts are sold.
I'm sure Ginette would like to cook too. ...... After all, a moderate level of popularity is ideal.

'Well, I'll tell the stores again. Just like we did with the cake.
'Yes!I want to learn!Teach me, Yashiro!

Suddenly, Paula's face stretched out from behind me.
She's clinging to my back, her chin resting on my shoulder.

'Where did you learn that kind of disgusting begging ......'.

Don't spoil it. Your face will be smiling. ............ smiling.
What's ......?I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.


I wonder what ...... is . The silence hurts. Bad for the heart.

'Paula ...... I'll tell you next time, can you leave for now?'
'Yes!I'll tell you what.

No, ......, that's some kind of blackmail.

'Aren't they delicious, donuts!

It seems that she has already eaten them and knows enough about donuts to be able to smile when she remembers their taste.

'I asked Neffely out before I came, but she seemed to be busy.

It seems that Paula and Nephrite often go out together, as if they are kindred spirits among modern girls. It seems that they go to the hottest spots together.
Well, most of the time they come to the sunny pavilion together. There aren't many other hot spots, are there?

'Nepheli,' she cried, 'I want to go out to eat, but we have a poultry farm meeting today! She was crying.'
'Is he even meddling in the management?

I thought your parents were still alive.
Well, he loves eggs more than anyone else, you know.

'He's coming to eat tomorrow.
'Then Percy's coming tomorrow too.
'Mm-hmm. I'm sure he will.'

Ginette laughed, and Paula laughed as well.

But there's something that's bugging me.
The way Paula said it earlier, it seemed like she was inviting him to go eat doughnuts at the Sunlit Pavilion.
However, the doughnuts were born for the first time this morning at the Sunlit Pavilion.
Even Ginette, Bertina, Estella and Lucia didn't know about this food, so it was strange that Paula and Nephrite knew about it.

'Where did you get the information about the donuts?'
'Oh, that's right, Hammaro was running around the main street saying, "Sunshine Pavilion's new menu! He was running around the main street.
'...... Didn't he participate in the shelling?When did he go to the main street?

I didn't tell him to advertise. ...... No wonder he had a good turnout.
The Loretta siblings really are geniuses at publicity, aren't they?

'It's getting more and more impossible to rent out the room.
'After all the publicity, you never know what they'll do to you if you don't feed them.

Estella gave me a teasing smile, but I could only smile back.
Well, I guess I'll just have a cup of coffee and be quiet today. I also need to think about how to deal with BU.

'...... Manager. Do you want another donut?'
'Thank you, Mr. Magda.

Magda, who is in charge of the site instead of Jeannette, comes in with a donut.
Jeannette reaches for it, but is slightly confused.

'What should I do? I'd like to eat it, but I don't think I can eat one by myself. ......'
'Then why don't you share half with me?
'Wow!That's a good idea!
It's called 'eating together'.

Ginette and Estella smiled happily at each other and neatly split the doughnut in half and shared it.
Don't be fooled, Ginette!Estella is planning to rob the 'manager's tasting doughnuts' to save money on the doughnuts!

'...... saving money?'
'No, Magda!If you want, I can pay you, half!
'No, no!It's okay, Estella!I'll take care of this!

Magda is learning to think like me.
If you master both Jeannette's skills and my business methods ......, you will surely be able to create the best restaurant in all of Broome.

'Magda. ...... Please, don't be any more like Yashiro.'

Estella said rudely.
She put her hands on Magda's shoulders and looked her straight in the eyes, expressing her deepest feelings.
'You're very serious, those eyes of yours.

'............ I'll keep that in mind.

And Magda, you don't deny it outright, do you? ......
I guess he's a little 'I don't want to be' kind of guy.

'Hey, Magda!Stop talking and go back to the kitchen!
We can't run it alone!
'......, my men are calling for you. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Magda ran back to the kitchen with a bossy air.
Delia and Norma are helping out somehow, as they have been doing since this morning. I'm not sure if this is a good idea,......, but. Norma ............ are you sure you want to do this, work?

'Hmmm ....... It's really hilarious. I think I'll move in.'
'Hey, there, lord.

You're making an outrageous statement.
There's no way a lord can just move out on his own.

'So, have you thought of any countermeasures, anchovy?
'I've been too busy with the beans.

To be honest, I was too busy thinking about how to use the beans.
Or rather, there is too little information.
Yesterday, I left quickly because I didn't want to get any more beans, but perhaps I should have stayed longer to investigate the area.

Perhaps I should have been more persistent in investigating the area. There were too few clues.
Above all, that majority voting system. --Because of that, none of the features of the seven lords were remembered at all.

I can't even think of what to discuss.
If you have a clue, ...... you can even find a strategy to break down the BU: ............

'Hero!My lord!

Just then, Theron and Wendy came running in, both looking very pale. Both of them looked very pale.

The two of them bowed their heads together, their breathing unsteady.

''We're sorry!

The air in the cafeteria froze, and only Theron and the others' sorrowful breathing reached my ears.
When I saw the two of them in a state of crisis, I sensed that something was about to go wrong.