256-Episode 168 Negotiations and Reports

'This is a very interesting condiment!
'It's not really a condiment, it's more like butter.

'What is peanut butter really classified as?

'Well, it's a shame that something like this has gone undiscovered .......'

Assunto's eyes sparkle like pearls. Pearls for pigs.

Assunto smears a generous amount of the peanut butter I made last night on a freshly baked crepe and savors it.
I would have eaten it on bread, but ...... is not bread. It's a blunt instrument.
The bread's potential is so low that it would be a drag on the peanut butter, so they bothered to make crepes.

'Really, if I had met you earlier, I would have had three times as many wonderful memories as I do now, it's a shame ...... moxie moxie'.

And of course, Bertina is participating in the tasting.
...... I'm going to donate to the church later.

'You're amazing, manager!How do you cook it so thin?
'...... Loretta's is a pancake.'
'It's a crepe!

Loretta barks, holding an object that looks like a pancake. '...... is a pancake, it is. Well, they're good with peanut butter, too.

'When you're done with the church donations, gather up the younger ham kids. I want them to peel peanuts.'
'I'll take the younger ones, please!

The younger ones are too young to be trusted with tasks yet. It seems that Loretta is always pestering them to work, and it's hard to appease them.

So, let her relieve her frustration by giving her this kind of 'help'. Simple work consumes a lot of time, energy, and mental cheerfulness, so it would be a great help to us if you could help us.
Best of all!-young people don't need to be paid.
Giving them a job is already like a reward. There is no way to avoid using ....... Hmmm... ......

'Huh!Your brother is looking kind of nasty, isn't he?
'No, no. That's the face you make when you're thinking of something for someone else.
'...... Loretta is still naive.'
'What?Is that so?
'Even to my eyes, it looks like a very bad face. ......'

At the words of Ginette and Magda, Loretta and Assunto stare at my face.
Stop it. I'll charge you a fee.

When have I ever done anything for anyone?
You're buying too much.

'So. Lately, there's been a lot of talk about sweets here at the sunny pavilion. ......'
'Yes, yes. Following the cake, I'm sure this peanut butter will be a big hit.

Assunto's smiling face knows no bounds.
Isn't he going to turn into an Ebisu face soon?The villainous face he had when I first met him is nowhere to be seen.

'Actually, I wanted to make a new seasoning.
'Can you tell me more about it?

In an instant, his pimply face transformed into a predator's glare.
He's biting more than I thought he would!
The peanut butter is working wonders.

If you make them eat an unknown delicious food first, and then propose a new unknown food, they will be excited to see what kind of great food you have next.
If this happens, the business meeting will go smoothly. They will be willing to accept a little difficulty.

'Can you introduce me to someone who deals in koji?
'Yeah. It's essential for what I'm going to make.
'If it's koji, I'm sure you can get a lot of it by talking to the people who make miso.
'Yes. There's also shio koji, rice koji, and seed koji.

That's Assunto. He's got exactly what I want.

'Is what you're trying to make, miso?
'Well, it's not really miso, it's more like ...... bean sauce.'
'Toubanjan...... is a name I've never heard before. It didn't even get translated.'

I wonder if Assunto is even aware of the difference in the way the 'forced translation magic' sounds when he speaks.
He's using his brain a little differently than the rest of us.
I'm glad you're on my side. If he'd remained an enemy, he'd have become a nuisance.

Making money is great.
The bond formed by money is stronger than anything else.
After all, making money is the single greatest justice in this world.

--and this is not the time to reconfirm such things.

'It's a spicy seasoning that makes a simple stir-fry vegetable dramatically more delicious, and the dish it creates is a sure-fire hit.
'Hoho...... is it such a great seasoning? I'm sure it's going to be a hit. ...... But if Yashiro-san can say it so clearly, then I'm sure he can make some great dishes.

The most famous dish using bean-paste is Mapo Tofu. You can't go wrong with that.

'Using koji means you need to ferment it, right?
'Oh, yes. About six months at room temperature.
'That's a long time.
'It's spicy, anyway. It takes a long time to bring out the roundness of the flavor.

But this time, I'm trying to shorten the maturation time by dividing it into small portions.

'In that case, I'll introduce you to a miso craftsman who can handle the fermentation. If you leave it to him, I'm sure he'll make a perfect fermentation.

I see. I don't have to make it myself, I can leave it to the professionals to manage the koji well.

'But in that case, you'll have to teach me how to make it .......' ...... Hmm.
'I know. I'll give you a piece of my mind if you succeed.
'Then let's make it a success at all costs!

Assunto's on board.
He's already convinced. 'This will be profitable.

'Well, I've stir-fried some vegetables with the bean-paste that Yashiro-san made.

Ginette gently presents me with a small plate of stir-fried vegetables.
It's a kind of bean-paste, seasoned with miso, raayu, salt and soy sauce.
Incidentally, the chili oil is also homemade. Regina had some chili peppers and octagon, so I made it before, but I didn't expect it to come in handy here. I guess you have to try everything.

'Hmmm!Is this the taste of bean-paste?
'It's not.
'It's spicy and appetizing!
'I just changed the seasoning I usually use for seasoning to this, so I think anyone can easily get this taste.
'I see. You don't need to be as skilled as Ginette to get this taste. ............'

I can hear the sound of an abacus being played from inside Assunto's skull. ...... He's doing the math in his brain so clearly that I feel like I can hear it.

It's a little tougher than you might think, but let me introduce you to a pro among pros!I'll try to seduce the legend of the miso craftsman world!

He seemed to have switched to someone a rank higher than the person he had said he would introduce earlier.
He must have seen the taste and decided to make a full-scale success of it.
However, there are legends in the world of miso craftsmen ......, and there are famous people like that everywhere.

'I can't stay like this!I'll go talk to him right away!I'm going to talk to him right away. Um, can I borrow some of that 'bean paste'?I think it'll be a good weapon to persuade him.
Yes, yes!Please take it with you. It's also delicious dipped in celery, so please give it a try.
'Thank you very much!

Preparations proceeded briskly.
It would be no problem to leave the negotiations to Assunto. So I'll just give him the recipe for the bean sauce verbally.
If you're going to entrust me with the job, I'd like you to consider whether it's even possible. Well, it should be easier than making miso, so that shouldn't be a problem, but not many people are willing to make something they don't know the identity of.

'You're using soramame? ...... I hadn't thought of that.'

Assunto looks at me with a look of admiration.
Stop it. It wasn't my idea. It's a recipe that some old cook or other came up with, and my landlady adapted it to make it easier.
I just knew that information.

'Actually, there is an oversupply of soya beans compared to the demand,......, and we've been having trouble processing them.
'I'm sure ......'.

In any case, it's the kind of thing that gets pushed around so much in famous production areas.
If there's a surplus, you should save your production. Don't talk about quotas.

'Anyway, I'll be sure to get a colorful response, so please keep your eyes open.
'Oh, come on. Are you sure you want me to say 'sure'?

If things don't go well, you might be turned into a frog, you know?

'Ho-ho-ho. Yashiro-san is a trustworthy person, so I'm fine.''
'Huh. That's good to know. I'm glad you're available.
'Mm-hmm ...... and. It's more profitable for you to keep me alive than to turn me into a frog, isn't it, Yashiro-san?

Well, that's true.
There's no benefit to turning Assunto into a frog.

'It's better to have this kind of stimulation so that a good relationship can last longer. Friendships are.
'Yeah, ...... when did we become friends, we ......'.
'By the time you realize it, it's ....... Mm-hmm.'

Don't look so happy, you creepy bastard.
With his heart full of new business, Assunto left in a good mood.

'...... d*mn it. It's a pain in the ass to ask him for favors.

I exhaled loudly, and Ginette shook her shoulders with a giggle next to me.

'But he looked like he was having a great time. Both of you.'
'They both love to make money, you know.
'I see you two are good friends.'

Stop it. My chills are getting worse and I think I'm going to fall asleep.
...... You guys are going to be eating breakfast after this.That's enough.

'Bertina. That's enough. You won't be able to eat breakfast.'
'I'm fine. I have a separate stomach for sweets.'
'...... Is it possible to have another stomach even if you fill it first?

Isn't that the kind of thing where you can still eat even if you're full?

'Anyway, I'm done. I'm confiscating it.

Ginette confiscated the pancakes from Bertina who wouldn't stop.
Ginette is able to show her sternness in this kind of situation. I'm sure she's an amateur, but she's got some discipline. ...... though the positions are reversed. Get a grip, mother dear.

'This peanut butter is amazing. I can eat as much as I want.'
'You'll get fat if you eat too much, though.
'Isn't it much better than starving?

That may be true in this world, especially in the impoverished 42nd district.
But if we continue to eat at the level of Bertina, all the kids in the church will become obese. That cannot be overlooked.

'We need to limit the amount we use.
'Yes, we do. It's not good to eat too much.

I wish your mother had taught you those words earlier.
Well, the fact that I can think like that is proof that the food situation in the 42nd district is getting better.
It's complicated whether I should be happy or sad.

'Well, let's head for the church soon.

We loaded the food we had prepared onto the cart, grabbed some bean paste and peanut butter, and headed for the church.

'Yashiro, we've been waiting for you!
'Yashiro, we've been waiting for you!

When we left the sunlit pavilion, Delia and Norma were waiting for us.

'Come to the river right now!I have something to show you!
'Come to the river now, please!There's something you need to see!'

The same words are being hurled at me from the left and right at the same time.
What's the matter with you two?

'Manager, I'll borrow Yashiro!
'Mr. Manager, I'm going to borrow some palm oil!

I was grabbed firmly by both arms and carried away by two beautiful beasts with big tits.
Then, we'll be waiting for you at the church~' came the misguided words from the distant Jeannette. came from a distant Ginette. No, no, no, just stop them, they're getting out of control.

Delia and Norma twine their arms around each other like a couple.
The only thing that's not like a couple is that Delia and Norma's faces are very desperate, their arms are restrained with great force, and their bodies are facing in opposite directions, so I'm going backwards.

'I mean, it's fast!I'm scared!Slow down!I'm not on my feet!I'm still floating!

That's right, they're picking me up and taking me to the river.

'Look, Yashiro!The river's flowing again!That's Yashiro!You've opened the floodgates for me!

In a few minutes, I arrived at the riverbank, where I crouched with my limbs on the riverbank, while Delia was excited.
...... It was scary. A roller coaster without safety bars is no fun at all.

'The water flowed back to normal yesterday afternoon!I've been to Newtown, and there's a waterfall, and Loretta's sisters are bathing under it!Naked!

No, I don't want the 'naked! I don't need that information. ...... I don't have the kind of s*xuality to be interested in that.

I managed to regain my composure and looked up to see that the river had indeed regained its momentum.
The volume of water was still low, but it was flowing properly. With this much water, the water would flow into the canal without the need to use the waterwheel.

'If you're done, then it's my turn!

I can understand why Delia would be so happy to see the floodgates open, but I don't understand why Norma dragged me along with her.
I'm not sure what you're looking for.
I'm not sure.

No, it's not!I didn't bring any swimwear!
'Then what are you going to swim in?
'No, I'm not!

I don't care if you go into the water with your shirt on!
That's just so adolescent!

'I heard that the kids are playing with the water wheel.

Norma took out her cigarette and smoked with pride.
She moves to the front of the waterwheel and puts her hand on something that wasn't there before.

'I made you a handrail!Now there's no danger of falling!The children can play to their heart's content!

Metal fences and handrails were installed around the waterwheel.
...... Did he really want to be a part of it? You didn't want to be left out.

'Make him an anchor, ......'.
'Yeah, we're working on that!I mean, it's not like you can build something that big in a day or so, so I don't mind doing something else in between!
'I mean, the kids are jumping in by themselves.
There's a difference between jumping and falling!

Norma is desperate.
He's a bit like Imelda, ...... with his rivalry with Umaro.

It's all ......

'I'm in trouble if you don't finish the Ikari quickly.
'Why is Yashiro in trouble?Masha said that the next voyage is a month away, so as long as it's delivered by then, there's no problem.
'What, are you imitating Masha now?Do it again!
'No, I don't want to!I didn't mean to imitate you at all!
'Well, it was kind of cute. I want to see it again. ......
'I'm not ............ saying it's cute, I'm saying it's ............ not that cute. ......'

If you have any questions regarding where and how to get the best results, please contact us.
But still, still, still ......

'Hey, let's practice ...... first, okay?

Norma broke.
I mean, are you going to practice imitating Masha? ...... I'd like to see you practice that.

'And anyway!You don't have to worry about the anchor, because I've got it all planned out.
'No, that's not what I meant.

It's not that I want to rush the completion of the anchor.
If I don't give him a reasonable amount of work, he might say 'for the sake of the children' and put safety bars all over the riverbed.

I've got just the thing I want, so I'll ask him for it.

'I'd like to ask you for something.
'I'll make it!

Oh, ......, you're as quick on the uptake as Umaro.
What?Isn't there any work in the forty-second ward now?There is, isn't there?In fact, it should be busier than before, right?
I'm sure Norma's team is working on reinforcing parts for the city gates, armor for the soldiers, and many other things. ......

'So, what should I make?

It's coming at me really hard. I wish it would just push against my boobs, but it stops just short of that.
I can't ...... go on!

'Didn't you have me make you a mill before?
'A mill ......, you know, the kind that grinds coffee beans into powder.'
'I'd like you to modify it a bit so that it can grind other things. I'd like to be able to adjust the coarseness if possible.
'If the base is a mill, I'm sure it's pretty easy to make. ...... What are you going to make now?

I've got a lot of peanuts on hand.
I just wanted to try to recreate something I liked in Japan.

I thought I'd make doughnuts.

The fact that I couldn't make bread had turned my attention away from wheat and towards corn flour and rice, but when I saw Loretta making pancakes this morning, it hit me.
Doughnuts are not baked in a stone oven, so they do not fall under the category of bread.
They are not so difficult to make and they are filling.
I thought, "Why don't we serve them at the sunny-side up restaurant?

My favorite doughnuts were those coated with chocolate and covered with crushed peanuts.
If we prepared plain doughnuts and several other flavors, the girls would love them.

''What kind of food is that!Is it sweets!
'If I make the tools, will you let me taste them again?

...... like this.
I wonder. Are the people in this town hypnotized to get excited when I make something?It's not like Pavlov's dog. ...... Conditioned reflexes are scary.

'It's a sweet treat. It's pretty good.'
'Norma!I'll help you make it right now!
'It'll take even longer if you help me!I'll stay up all night to finish it. ......

I'm sorry, Norma, but ...... you're on fire.

'Just make sure you get the anchor right, okay?
'I'll be fine!It's my policy to always meet deadlines.
'That's right, Yashiro!There's still a month to go!I'm sure Norma can make it!So let's get the donuts first!

I wonder if Delia is rooting for Norma or if she's trying to abuse her.

'Are you sure you don't want the anchovies later?
'No problem!We'll get it done in time!
'So, what did Masha say?
''The next voyage is a month away~'' ......, don't make me say it!
'Hey, Norma ......, you don't look like Masha at all!
'You're so annoying!I'm still practicing!

I'm trying to master it, Norma.

'Haha...... river is back to normal, I can eat donuts...... good day, today'.
'Wait, wait, wait. I'm not doing donuts today, okay?'
'Why the hell not?
'I haven't prepared anything yet!

I can't make that many in a day.
We still have beans left over. We've got to take care of that now.

''I also have to make peanut butter, so that's my priority today.
''Peanut butter?

I'm getting a huge bite!

''I'll help!I'm not fishing in the river for a while!I'll help you!
''I'll help too!
'Norma, you should make mills and anchovies!
'What?Maybe if we go to the church now, we'll find ......?
'That's right, Delia!I bet they're having a tasting at the sisters' right now!
'Yes!Let's go!
'Come on, let's go!
'Hey, you guys!

The two who had forcefully dragged me here were now leaving the riverbank at great speed, leaving me behind.
d*mn it!
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
...... Norma will probably just eat normally, so don't worry about it. She's a relatively small eater.

Anyway, it'll be a problem if it spreads any further. I haven't even made peanut butter yet.
I was going to shell it and make it slowly with the ham kids, but ...... I'm going to get very impatient. ......

I'm not sure what to do.

I put all my strength into my right foot and take a big step forward.
This is a great way to make sure that you don't end up in a situation where you can't get out of the house.I don't remember them being that fast!

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with your family and friends. ...... It's getting really exciting.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

Half resigned, I walked into the church.
The person who greeted me at the door was ......

'You're late, anchovy.
'You're early, you're here!

It was Lucia and Gilberta.
...... I thought these guys would be here in the afternoon. How much were you looking forward to it?

'Come on, let's see what they've got!
'You're a debt collector.

Even if you say it now, it won't come out right away.

'Oh, Yashiro-san!We've run out of peanut butter!

'...... needs to be added ASAP'
'I'm calling up all my brothers and sisters who are available!I'm sure they'll be here soon!

The three girls of the Sunlit Pavilion emerge from the kitchen, and Delia and Norma appear behind them with smiles on their faces.

'I've only had a bite, but it's delicious, peanut butter!I love that stuff!
'I didn't want to take a bite for the kids, so I refrained. ...... I'd like to have some more.

Following them, the church kids and the ham kids appear in droves.

'Oniichan!It was delicious!
'Another one!

They crowded around me.
Are you ants?Do you have a habit of flocking to sweet things?

'Oh, um, Yashiro-san, ...... what should I do?
'What should I do ............?'

Do you want me to hit the kids one by one to shut them up?
...... No, we can't beat Delia and Norma. ...... I need to get them to calm down somehow. ............

I'm not sure what to make of that.

It was Bertina, surprisingly, who clapped her hands and sank the kids.

'Hmmm. Sweets are tempting, but when it comes to nutrition, a proper meal is best.

She was right.
She's a strict disciplinarian, like a mother.
Any parent would scold their child if they put snacks before food.

...... But why can't you tell yourself that? ............ Oh, because he eats his food too. It's not like the kids are going to say, 'I'm full of snacks, I don't want to eat.

'I haven't eaten yet, so make it soon, anchovies.
'I'm excited, too, since yesterday.

And I understand the pressure ...... from the grown-ups.

'Eat your dinner and get to work.'
'...... arms ringing.'
'It's a big gathering of our brothers and sisters!

The sunny pavilion is in full force from early in the morning.
It's just peanut butter,............, but from the looks of it, it's going to sell like hotcakes if we can just get it into circulation.
That's a relief at least, I guess.