'Oh, you're in my way.

It's been two days since I went to Ma'ru's.
Preparations for the feast are proceeding at a rapid pace.

'Hey, Oba!

Estella has been sending out letters to various districts, asking for their cooperation and making promises.
She complained to me at the church that she had spent the whole day in her office yesterday.
Even though he's busy, he still comes to eat breakfast, doesn't he?

'Hey, don't ignore me, Obayashi!
'Oh, you're tired. ...... I'm hallucinating Ricardo.'
'I'm not hallucinating!

I'm not hallucinating!' Ricardo is trying to blow me off with a snort, his shoulders heaving with anger.
I hold the hem of my dress and strike a s*xy 'wow' pose, like Marilyn Monroe in the subway wind.

'Ricardo's s*x~' (back voice)
'Don't make any freaky noises!
'Ricardo's naughty~' (low voice)
'Don't make a nice voice either!

I showed him my beautiful baritone voice with a low tone, but he didn't like it.

'So, what is it?If you've come to disturb me, go home.
'I didn't come here to disturb you!
''The genie's .......''
'It's true that I said 'I'm going to interrupt you' earlier, but I didn't mean it as it is. ...... If you heard me, answer me then!

Is this guy's job to yell?It's so noisy.

'You guys are as close as ever, aren't you?

With a sigh, Estella comes to the sunlit pavilion.
Estella, who had returned to the lord's mansion after eating breakfast, came again.

'Oh, the alliance of flat lords,' she said.
'I don't remember joining any such alliance!
''I'm not either!
''No, you should be in it.''
''Shut up, you two idiots!

d*mn it, Ricardo and I have unintentionally gotten on the same page.
What a mess. Bad day.

'Masha wrote me back. She's going to show up today.'
'Oh, yeah. And the food thing?
'She said yes.'

Now we've got seafood.
It's a party. We'll have to cook lavishly.

'Wait a minute.I was here first, so listen to me first!'
'Ladies first, Ricardo.'
'Who's the lady?
'Flat-chested first, Ricardo.'
'...... Uh-huh.'
'Don't shut up there!And who's the flabby one?

I'm gonna get pissed off just like Ricardo.
I'm having a ...... bad day, thanks to Ricardo.

So, what do you want?We don't have a copy of 'Obeyashiro's Poems of Inspiration' for sale.
'I don't want it, it's worthless!I've talked to the hunting guild.
'Hmm, good job!
'How high up do you think you are, you bastard?
'You can leave now!
'I haven't finished talking to you yet!
'What the hell? 'The Complete Laughing Book of Estella's Bedtime Stories' is available by reservation only.
'Are you selling that?
'...... Why are your conversations going so slowly?And Yashiro, I won't let you sell it, okay?

Of course, meat is essential for the feast.
So I've asked the hunting guild for the meat of the monsters.

There's a reason why we don't buy it through the peddlers' guild.
The meat and seafood we ordered this time will be treated as "gifts" from the big guilds, the hunting guild and the fishing guild.
It would make it easier for Donnis to come out if it was a big party sponsored by the big guilds.

Entertainment with a hint of power is a very powerful thing.
It would be effective enough to bring the 24th district to our side when we confront BU.

I've already talked to Assunto.
That's why I told him not to interfere.
Assunto, too, did not care about the small profit because of the soybean paste. He did, however, insist on a part in the feast.

The Peddler's Guild is also a large guild with influence in the entire district.
It's fine for them to be a sponsor.

In short, 'use our ingredients' (='buy a lot').

'Oh, and by the way. I've got a message for you from Medora.'
'......, dora?'
'No way, dude!How can you erase such a powerful creature from your memory?

d*mn, ......, you're annoying.
I remember it clearly, dammit. It's burned into my hippocampus and won't go away.
I remember it so clearly that I'm afraid that if I have amnesia now, I'll only be able to remember Medora.

'And what about Gomorrah?
'It's Medora!I don't know, that's more like it, but it's Medora!

Don't keep calling it Medora Medora.
What if it causes serious brain damage?

'I'll do my best to help you if you have any problems.
'I'm often troubled by the person who said that, aren't I?
'You'll have to be patient. You should accept the advantages and disadvantages as a set.

...... The disadvantages are too strong, you know.

'Oh, and ...... well, you can listen or not listen to this as you like.'
'Then I won't ask.
'I'll see you again, darling.
'I told you I won't listen!Don't say that!

My brain!
My brain is seriously damaged!

'He also said, "Whenever you get lonely, come see me (daburu hato).
'Who's going to go there!
'You also said, "I'll probably come see you when I get lonely,"' he said.
'Seal it off!Estella, build a strong wall between us and the forty-first district now!The demons will come!
'If we do that, we won't be able to get to District 24, will we?You're having a party.

You don't care what happens to me?
The peace that comes from sacrifice is nothing but a lie!

'Okay, I've passed on all the messages, so I guess my job is done.
'Go home!Don't come back, you peacock lord!
'Hmm, rejoice, Obeyashiro. I'll let you eat here today.
'Go home!

You son of a b*tc*, you look like you deserve it.

'Hey. Someone, come out to serve the customers.'

The evil lord Ricardo sits in his chair and forces our staff to serve him.
Have you ever seen such a villainous person before?

'How arrogant he is!
'It's normal to want to be served in a diner!
'Did you call ......, arrogant lord?
'I didn't call for you at all, welcome.
'Hey, you guys. Do you understand 'customer service'?And you know what 'lord' means, right?

Magda and Loretta stand in front of Ricardo with faces like Noh masks.
This is a diner that chooses its customers.

'...... What can I get for you? (It's probably just meat again anyway.)'
'I can hear your mind clearly, tiger girl!
'Would you like a drink with me? (Meat?)'
'Meat is not a drink, normal girl!

This guy knows he'll be played like this if he comes here, so why does he keep coming back?
Are you a dominant?
Is he a dominant?

'Ah, Mr. Ricardo. Welcome to the store.
'Oh, the manager. Finally, a decent guy comes out ......'.
'I recommend the mabo eggplant, so I'll have that.
'Wait a minute!You're the only conscience in this restaurant!If you're dyed in Oba's colors, it's the end of this store!It'll be the end for real!

Jeannette pokes her head out of the kitchen for a moment, then quickly retreats.
No matter how loudly he shouted, Ginette never showed her face again.
No matter how loudly I shouted, Jeannette never appeared again. The next time she came out, there would be mabo eggplant on the tray.

'Ginette, you're in a 'cooking' phase, aren't you?
'Ah. I'm sure I've mastered it perfectly, but I'm sure it'll get better!There's so much more to this dish! I'm strangely excited about it. ......'

'You've brought in a hell of a dish, haven't you?

The taste changes completely depending on who makes it, you know, mabo.
Because of Jeannette's obsession, the restaurant is filled with the smell of Chinese food. It's a ...... diner, but this place.

'Hi~☆ I'm here to visit~'

The door opened, and the smell of Chinese food escaped outside.
It was Masha and Delia who entered the restaurant.

'You're here so early.
'Yes, Delia came to pick us up.
'We just had to go to the 35th district. Then I ran into Masha.

So she took advantage of the opportunity and brought me here.
But Delia seems to be going to the 35th district from time to time, what is she doing there?
In the first place, where did Delia and Masha get to know each other?

'The guild leader of the river fishing guild in the 35th district is my father's disciple. I've known him since I was a kid.'
''Disciples are in a district where the ...... master's rank is lower?''
'Yashiro ...... is lower ranked than ............, well, it's true.'

Estella puffed out her cheeks.
'Don't worry about it, you know.

'My father loved the river in the 42nd district. He used to praise it for its wildness.
'...... Sorry. I guess that means it's not as well-maintained as the other districts.

I told you not to worry about it.
It's the only reason we have a useful guy like Delia here.

'You know, it seems that the water level in the river is dropping due to a shortage of water, and the canal that feeds the farm pond is drying up. So they asked me if I had any good ideas. ......
'Didn't we solve that before, in the 42nd district!
'You forgot!You made a rowing waterwheel!
'Oh, yeah!That was fun!Kids still come here to play with it.
'It's not playground equipment, you know!

This guy ...... has completely forgotten the original purpose of the foot-powered waterwheel because the water shortage has subsided. ...... The water level in the river hasn't returned to normal yet.

'Well, why don't you come to my river next time?
'Yes, that's right. If you want, I can introduce a rowing waterwheel to Mr. Lucia. It would be a great help to us if she buys one.

You're saying the rights to the waterwheel as if they were your own, but Estella, why don't you give me the money?If you've had a good time, you deserve it, right?

'Oh, yes. Speaking of Lucia's sister~'

Masha clapped her hands and shook her tits.

'...... Yashiro. Meh.

You've been getting sharper lately, Magda.

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.
'To me?

If it was a message to Estella, it would be something like that, but Lucia's message to me?
I don't know, I can't imagine what it is.

''Go bald, anchovy~''
'Don't bring me a message I don't care about!
'He told me to be sure to tell you...'
'What did he want to tell me?
'I think it's 'I'm lonely because you don't care about me'~' 'Hey~* grin*'

What are you smirking about?
Lucia wouldn't be lonely like that.
Mostly, when she heard that we were going to hold a party in the 24th district, she said, 'Oh, by the way, the church in the 24th district is full of beastmen. ...... You, why don't you call me!I'm sure it's something like that. I'm sure it's something like that. I'm sure it's something like that. ...... You're all very sick, aren't you?

''Don't put them together.''

Estella and Ricardo said in unison.
And Estella made a very uncomfortable face. She's not happy about the matching. ...... Pfft.

The fish are kept in the tank out front.

Masha pointed to the front while Delia carried her like a princess.
Masha always gets off the cart with the tank when she enters the store. Well, it's a big cart, this one.
If there are fish in it, it means ......

'The fishes that were bathing with Masha or ............ extracts are ......!
'I'll stab you?
'I'll hit you?'

Oh, no!
Estella's 'I'm going to stab you' is like a standard gag, but Delia's 'I'm going to hit you' is really outrageous. Why is Delia even in that position?

'Sorry to keep you waiting, but here's your eggplants!

Ginette brings in the eggplant with gusto.
Then, she places it right in front of Ricardo without question. Yeah. She said to eat it. And pay for it.

'....... I'm going to put up with this for now.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.

'Hmm!It's delicious!

Ginette clasped her hands together and rejoiced at Ricardo's words, which must have escaped her.
He seemed to have confidence in the seasoning this time.

'It's not chewy, but it's spicy and delicious!

Ricardo gobbles up the eggplant as if pouring it down his gullet.
He's chewing with his cheeks puffed out and chomping away. ...... It's not a very polite way to eat. It's too wild.

'But it's juicy and delicious!Hey, what kind of meat is this black stuff?
'E............ that ......'

Ginette looked at me for help and I nodded my head, 'You can tell me.

'It's ...... eggplant, sir.'
'''' Buh-uh! ''''

Estella, Magda, Loretta, and Masha all blow up at once.

'What's eggplant?' ............ There's a stupid tongue ......!
'Even the ...... tongue is stupid.
'You don't eat vegetables properly, you won't be able to taste them.
'Ohhh, I want to eat eggplant meat too...'
'Hey, shut up, you guys!I can't help it!It's the first time I've had it!Besides, it tastes like meat!It even looks like meat!

Ricardo bared his fangs and yelled, but his face was bright red.
Does it look like meat to you?I'm sorry.

'It contains minced meat, so it does taste like meat. Besides, there's a lot of meat juice in it.
'Right!That's right!That's why it's easy to mistake eggplant for meat, right?
'Yes,............, that ...... is my main business,.......'
'Ginette, don't be shy to tell her that she has a stupid tongue.
'That's not true,.......'
'No, idiot.'
'You don't say that, Oba!Don't trample on the manager's thoughtfulness!

I never thought I'd mistake eggplant for meat. ......
I'm sure he'll be fooled by some temple's "vegetarian food that looks like meat" if you feed it to him.

I'm glad you liked it, though.

In the event that you've got a lot of time and energy, you'll be able to take a look at the best way to make use of it.

'Mr. Manager, I want to try it too! Make it so that it's mistaken for fish~'
'No, it's not that kind of food. ......'

It's not a dish to make people think it's a different food, so of course you can't make fish-like eggplant.
Well, if you want to make it with similar ingredients, you can use ......

'Maybe I can make shrimp chili or something like that ......'

I instantly regretted my words that spilled out unconsciously.

'What's that?
'It looks like a very tasty dish...'
'Yashiro, can you make that?
'...... I have a feeling that Magda should master this dish.'
'Yes, yes!I want to try it too!

The girls began to bite at it with great speed.
Especially Ginette's momentum is tremendous. ...... You're still in the stage of improving and enjoying Mapo Aubergine. ......

'Oh, ...... no, ............ well, you know. It's a good idea.

Let's fake it for now.
If I teach you how to make shrimp chili here, ...... the Sunlit Pavilion will turn into a Chinese restaurant.

'It's not that big of a dish.
''The ...... of the spirits.''
'Wow, idiot, wait, Estella!No, no, no!It's a super tasty dish!I admit it, point your finger at me!

I'm not sure what to do. What I did was ......

'So, can you tell me about it?I like shrimp a lot.
'I like them very much☆'
'Yashiro-san!I want to know what that dish is like!
'I'm interested in it too!
'I knew it, the foodie sisters!

Since we got excited about food, I thought for sure it would come out. ...... Sure enough, Bertina was mixed in with the crowd.
I'm sure she's been watching ............ the sisters all this time as they are currently devising dishes for the banquet at the sunny pavilion.

'Ah~...... then, well, I'll tell you this: ............ regarding the prawns you just made, declare that you will not use the 'Spirit Judgment' on me in the future.'
'I will!
'I will!
'I'll do it!
'I'll do it too!
'...... I don't mind.'
'Hmm, I wonder what I should do.
'Then don't eat only Loretta.'
'I'm just kidding!It's just a cute little joke!There's no way I'm going to cast the 'judgment of the spirits' on my brother!

At any rate, I guess that's the shrimp chili out of the way. ......

'You too, eggplant.
'If you change your attitude first!
'...... It's probably not a bad idea to get it wrong because it has soboro in it.'
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.I'm not sure why I'm making you a frog.
'Then, just for the sake of it, let's go to .......'
I'm not sure what to do.

...... Well, I'll take that as approval.

''Haha ......, let's make some shrimp.

The ones who are overjoyed are Ginette, who loves to cook, Masha, who loves shrimp, and Bertina, who loves to eat.
...... Estella. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ......

'If the sunlit pavilion becomes a Chinese restaurant, it's your fault.
'Chuka?What's that?

People here don't understand the difference.
All in all, I guess it's in the category of my home cooking.

'Marsha, do you have any shrimp?I'd like shiba-ebi or tiger prawns. Black tiger is fine too.'
'Wow, great!Yashiro, you know so much about shrimp?

The 'forced translation spell' will translate it for me, so if I say a shrimp I know, Masha will know it as a shrimp that looks like that.
Once again, Japan is a blessed environment. Ingredients from all over the world are readily available. It's unthinkable here.

'If you give me a little time, I can prepare it, but ...... I only have shrimp right now.

Shrimp chili with tiger prawns is the best, isn't it?
It's the kind you get at a fancy Chinese restaurant. It's usually shrimp. They're not very chewy, but they're popular and tasty in their own way.
But tiger prawns are different.
The chewiness and the rich flavor of the shrimp is .................. too much for me.

'If you simmer them in sauce while crushing the heads, you get a good broth. ......'
'Let's do it, please!
'Please do, please do!

I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it. ...... Although the words they are saying are slightly different.

'When you say shrimp chili, do you mean you use the same chili sauce you use for tacos?
'Well, it's definitely chili sauce, but we'll use bean sauce.
'Great, bean sauce. You're creating more and more new dishes!

I haven't created anything.
It's just something that someone I don't know has created over the past four thousand years and I've taken the liberty of rearranging it.
Basically, it's arranged by the landlady.

'Well then, I'll make it, and Ginette and ...... will you watch it too?'
'...... of course.'
'I'll observe and steal the technique!
'Well, I'll be serving you, ...... Delia, please.'
'Yes!Leave it to me, I'm a responsible person!

Oh, I didn't know that was still in effect, 'responsible'.
I'm pretty sure that was a compliment I said to Delia to get her on board when I was selling tacos on the road or something. ...... You remembered that little comment for a long time, didn't you?

I've been a waitress for a long time now.I've been waitressing for a long time and I can handle a lot of customers by myself!

That's a pretty big statement.

Well, it's true that I'm more confident now and can work calmly.

'Hello!I'm here for lunch. ...... is kind of lively, isn't it?
'Oh!I'm glad you're here!I heard that Yashiro and the manager are going to make shrimp chili now. So you eat the salmon!
'I want to eat shrimp chili, anyway!

Umaro arrived at the restaurant at the right (or wrong?) time. Umaro came to the restaurant at the right (wrong?) time.
Thanks to you, I know exactly what I'm doing. ...... Delia isn't quite on her own yet.

But Delia is good enough for Umaro and Ricardo. You can do the rest.'
'Who's the one with the 'degree', huh?
'I don't understand why I'm being cursed as soon as I arrive!

Ignoring the two screaming idiots, we went into the kitchen.
It's really ...... full of Chinese. The kitchen smells like Chinese food.

Maybe I'll try making boiled noodles with hand-pulled somen next time.
Japanese cuisine served in an elegant broth with a subtle aroma of yuzu ...... is also necessary.