300-Episode 212 Memories and Letters

The Twenty-nine Wards are desperate for a bean pusher.

'I was asked for directions on the way over, and they ...... pushed beans at me.'
'Oh dear. I'm sure that's your way of saying thank you.

Ma'ru smiled with a cheerful face.
I don't need this intrusive 'thank you'. If you don't have Ma'ul's proof of tax exemption, they'll take your money.

'Why don't you give me some sorghum anyway? They're your specialty.'
'Oh, I can't do that! Just the other day, we got a huge order of soya beans, and the lord bought up all of them. They're not available to ordinary families.

Ma'ru smiles meaningfully in between his light chuckles.
It seems that the effects of our teaching Ribeka about bean sauce are already starting to show in District 29.
It's probably due to the fact that Assunto had approached us for a business meeting early on.

We had made an appointment yesterday at Todokeiru No. 1, and are now sipping tea at Mahr's mansion in the early afternoon.

'Yes!I've drawn an illustration of the general!
'Oh my god, Mokoka. I can't believe you're a general. ...... You really are a funny girl.'
'You're the most important person in this house, so you're the general!
'Well, well. I don't know. Hey, Cindy?
'I think you should do as you please, my Lord.
'Oh, really?Well, that's interesting, so let's just leave it at that.'
'Yes. It's funny.

The interview with Mokoka was over in five minutes.
At first glance, Mahrul's eyes sparkled as he said, 'Well, you're a cute little bug man.
As soon as they exchanged a word or two, he was hooked.
And when he showed off his most special skill, his illustrations, Mokoka's employment was decided.

Thus, a new member was added to the staff of Mahrul's mansion, where no one had been hired for years or decades.
Mahrul appreciated Mokoka's talents and allowed her to work both at the information paper and to go to study with Bekko.
Mokoka was allowed to draw and study whenever she wanted, and to work as a waiter during the rest of the day. She would also work as a waiter during her free time, on the condition that she would give top priority to her work as a waiter when Mahrul needed her.

'Well, that's cute. Is that me?Aren't you drawing it a little too cute?
'No, no. You've done a good job of capturing her features.
'Thank you very much for your praise!

I think we'll get along just fine.
Or rather, he's already completely at home. Mokoka's communicative power is amazing.

'Hey, look, look, Yashippi. This is me. Don't you think it's cute?
'Oh, it's cute, cute. You look so much alike.'
'Mm-hmm. So that means I'm cute too, right?You're so good at this, Yashippi.'

No, there's no such thing as 'good' when you're making it up as you go along. ......

'...... Yashiro has a mouth that can take on older men.
I'm not sure I've ever had a mouth like that, Magda.
'...... can afford younger.'
'Am I being immodest?
'...... young girls are my favorite'
'That's too good to be true, isn't it?

They're not my favorite!

'...... What if there was a little girl with a G-cup?
'.................. Mmm.'
'Don't worry about it, Yashiro. You'll be able to get a lot more than that.

Estella, who doesn't want to admit that she's lost, is expressing her wishful thinking.
There may be. There are elves that don't age for hundreds of years.

This time in District 29, it's me, Estella and Magda.
I'm sure Magda would like to ...... be around Mokoka as much as possible to get her featured in the paper,............, though she hasn't said so. .

I want her on my payroll.
'...... Magda is very popular.'
'Oh, that's too bad.

Mahrul is also very fond of Magda.
I'm sure Magda would be high on the list of oddities.

If I keep Natalia around Mokoka any longer, she's going to keep calling her 'beautiful, beautiful' and her facial muscles are going to freeze up with a smug look on her face, so I just leave her there. I left her there.
I didn't need a replacement, but when I asked if anyone wanted to go, Magda came forward. I thought Loretta would also want to go, but she seemed to be disappointed with the failure of the ...... set meal and said she would stay at the Sunlit Pavilion to steal Ginette's skills.

Ginette looked like she wanted to go, but Loretta hugged her and prevented her.
She seemed to have been impressed by Imelda's words, "Technology is something you steal.

Well, she must have decided that it was a good idea this time, since she would be going to District 24 soon.

'If you don't mind, Ma'am, would you like to join us?

The reason why he came to see Ma'ru this time was not only for the Mokoka matter, but also to invite him to the 'banquet' that was to be held at the District 24 Church.
If Ma'ulu came, Donnis would be there 100% of the time.
For the banquet, it was essential that Donnis, Filman, Rebekah and Sophie participate. Aside from Filman, the key is to be able to pull Donnis out.


'I'm sorry. I can't go to other districts without permission.

He simply refused.
Since he liked Magda and Mokoka, I thought I could catch him with the beastman kids from the church, but ......

I'm sure you're not the only one who's come to visit the forty two wards of .......
'That's because I'm a ninja.

Well, then, you should sneak over.

'If you're going to District 24, you'll be meeting with the Lord, right?

The look in Ma'ru's eyes said, 'That's what you want, isn't it? He said.
You know what I'm thinking.

'Especially now, when the whole BU is concerned, if I have a secret meeting with the lord of another district, the problem will become bigger. Even if it wasn't meant to be, you know. Even if there was no deeper meaning, it would definitely reflect badly on the forty-two districts that provided the guidance.
'So ......?

You can't say that you have no such intentions. There are ulterior motives.
But still, as if to make up for it, Estella utters a 'superficial' excuse.

'I thought it would be a fun event, so I was hoping it would be okay. I'm sorry.'
'Well, I'm very sorry. You'll have to invite me another time.
'Yes, sir. By all means.

By another time, you mean after all this mess is over.
Maybe we can invite her to the party in District 42 that Bertina wants to have.

'Yes, yes. Speaking of the lord of the 24th district, ...... Yashippi, did you say something to him?

It was in an emotional tone that sounded slightly accusatory.
Something ............ well, I did say.

'I got a letter from you. It is nominally a reply to a letter I wrote to introduce Yashippi and his friends.

Then he holds out a letter.
The letter is written in a skillful handwriting that gives the impression of solidity.
The wax that sealed the letter was engraved with the emblem of the Lord of the 24th District.

'You said you'd write a letter sooner or later,......, but you wrote it right away, that one hair.'

This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing.
I guess Ma'ru was also curious about that single hair.

You'll be able to get a lot more out of it. I was going to give you a little scolding,...... giggle.'

I don't remember being scolded at all.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'll take the letter that was offered to me. I guess it's okay to read, so I open the letter.

"Dear old friend of mine...

The letter began with such a sentence.
Then, a greeting of the season, followed by an aristocratic greeting.
And then.

"The people in your letter, especially Oba, are very interesting.

'Wow. You must have been well liked, Yashiro.'
'Shut up and read it.

Estella peeks over my shoulder at the letter, smirking and saying something unnecessary.
I'd like to spend an hour questioning her about why she's reading the letter over my shoulder while leaning on my back and not touching anything soft on my back.

In addition, Donis's letter was written in a stiff manner about how Filman had started to change under our influence and how his own long-standing worries might eventually be resolved.
If you only look at the contents, it seems that we have been accepted quite well.

It may be an appeal to say, 'I appreciate the people you've introduced me to. ...... Well, perhaps it is.
And then the story goes on to say, 'Soon my problems will be solved, and then I'll have more time.
Well, that's it.
It's a prelude to an invitation to have a cup of tea or something when I have more time.

The letter moves on to the concluding remarks with a distant, far-fetched hint of the contents of the letter as if to say, 'Please understand.

I hope that you will not fall ill in this unseasonable weather.

P.S. I heard that a new seasoning will be born in our ward soon. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it if you ever get to try it.

See you soon.



I got some kind of weird lump in my windpipe!
I can't stop coughing. ......!

'Right?I can't help but think that Yashippi said something in that letter, right?I also suffered for about thirty minutes, you know?

Is that the root of Ma'ru's frustration? ...... Indeed, this is painful.
I don't know what the hell he's writing, but he's got one hair!
I'm not sure what you're talking about.

'......That old bastard ............Should I demand compensation?

The back of my throat makes a rasping sound. The back of my lungs are itching.
Behind me, Estella is choking on her breath.

'But yes, Yashippi has introduced me to a very nice girl, and I'll have to answer her ...... letter.'

Perhaps, or perhaps not, but definitely, Mahr understood exactly what we wanted.
The word 'reply' implies that she understands the situation and will work on it in a good way.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.

When he said this, Mahrul had a childish smile on his face that he had never shown before.
He himself had walked through life, giving up everything to become a lord. In the midst of all this, he must have a strong feeling of hatred for the person who continues to favor him.

He seems to be looking forward to becoming a tea drinking buddy.

I don't think ...... he had any intentions there either, did he?
I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm so excited about this.
It never came to fruition because of a lack of fate, but once I saw the possibility of marriage, I was still excited about it. ............ If I could, I would love to marry the man who has been in my heart for so long. ...................

In the event that you're not sure what to do, you'll be able to ask for help.
And then, in order to bring about the future that he wanted, he sent us to the 24th district at the last minute - knowing that the situation was quite complicated, he wanted us to take care of the 24th district. --Is that too much to ask?

'Oh, no, Yashippi.

Maybe I was staring too hard, trying to read Ma'ru's mind. When Ma'ru received the letter from Donis, he gave me this complaint.

'Secrets are what make a woman beautiful. It's not the place for a gentleman to try to see through everything.

It was a statement that could prove that my assumption was not far off.
It was a statement that could prove that my assumption was not far off.
On the other hand, it could be taken as a confession that 'it is a fact that cannot be mended, so don't pry.

'I'm sorry, too.

As if to deceive, Mael continued to talk without looking at me.
He carefully folds the letter and puts it in the envelope as if it were a treasure.

'He's been single ever since he met me.
'That man is Mr. Donati, isn't he?

Estella coughed and asked for confirmation, but Mahr just looked at her and didn't say anything.
'Don't ask wild questions,' she said.

'If I had given a clearer answer, there might have been a different path.

A different path, for Marle or for Donnis? ......

'I was kind of scared to answer. So I put it off. ...... I put it off for a long, long time.

She holds the letter in an envelope to her chest and throws her gaze out the window.
I'm not sure what to say. You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their life.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing.

If it is a love affair between two lords, it will be a huge uproar involving everyone around.
There will be a lot of political maneuvering, ties, speculation, scheming, and shady dealings.
Estella is looking at Mahr with serious eyes, perhaps because of her position as a lord.

However, Mahrul's cheeks turned a light shade of red, and he waved his hand with a shy smile.

'No, no. It's not that. You were afraid of ...... love itself, weren't you?

It's not that I don't like it, but it's that I don't like it.

'What are you talking about, you old fart?
'...... Yashiro. Meh.'
'I'm much more scared of you now that you're writhing around.
'...... Yashiro. She was a girl once, too.'
'Yeah, I know. I know that, but the visual information is too intense.'

Magda quietly admonishes me, but I want you to understand that there is nothing we can do about it.
The destructive power of the old woman with her cheeks dyed and her body twisted is enough to make ...... the pacifist and mild-mannered me want to drop my heels.

'He was--he was so serious. I've never been in love, and I was a little scared of that single-mindedness.

Donnis's single-mindedness is heavy. ...... It's no wonder he's scared.

'Back then, he and I were both young and ...... clumsy, both of us.'
'How old were you when you met him?

I don't know what's so intriguing about this, but Estella is biting at the bit.
Magda's ears are perked up next to her, so I guess girls like this kind of talk. ...... I'm not at all intrigued by old ladies' love stories.

'It was when he was twenty and ...... I was nine.'
'You too, Donisoo!

I shouted out the window.
How could I not scream?

'...... Yashiro. Me.'
'No, wait, Magda. I'm sure it's not my fault.'

What is it?

Is the strike zone of the Donnerty clan limited to nine years old?
Is that even a rule?

''It's a disease that's been passed down in the ...... family, isn't the pedophile there ...... Filman, really the son of Donnis?''
'No, it's not. Mr. Donati is unmarried.''

Estella follows him, but her face is frankly twitching.
If you look at the age difference, Filman still looks more sane. Fourteen and nine years old. A five-year age difference is quite common. I'm not so sure about the nine-year-old.

But, Donnis!Not you!

It's a ...... crime for a 20 year old to woo a 9 year old girl!

'Is that Javier?
'Yashiro, don't refer to the head of the Grand Guild as if he were a criminal.

It's similar.
No, more like a pronoun.
I'm sure that one of these days, when I say the word 'Rorikon', you'll ask me, 'Javier, is that you? I bet he'll ask you back. It must be.

'If you're nine years old and a twenty-year-old man is coming on to you, that's a scary ...... thing, isn't it?

Mahr nodded happily to Estella, who showed a certain understanding. You weren't ...... full of joy and embarrassment love mode in full swing.

This is the first time that a lord of another district has proposed to me.
'You proposed to me?
'That's how serious he was. ...... Yikes.'

Stop the 'yikes'!
My fists, clenched tight, were restrained by Magda's small hands, and I could not swing down. You can thank Magda for that, Ma'am. If it weren't for Magda, your front teeth would be gone by now.

'But I was too young at the time, and besides, I was the next lord of ......, and in the end, the story never happened.

It is likely that the 29th district could not afford to have the next lord marry into another district.

'And when my brother was born and I wasn't the next lord anymore, ...... I was a little rougher than him. ............ Hmm. I'm really sick of being bad at love.'
'There is such a thing as timing, isn't there?

Estella calls out to Mahr, who laughs at herself.

It's .......
Are you asking for my consent?
Don't ask me, don't ask me.

'...... Opportunities are not to be waited for, they are to be made.

Magda says in a hoarse but clear voice.
With his usual half-lidded gaze, he stared straight ahead, looking at no one in particular.

'...... Happiness runs faster than you think. If you want to get it, you have to chase it with all your might.

Magda's hand squeezes the hem of my dress.

'...... Magda will do everything in her power to make sure you don't lose what you don't want to lose.

Magda used to wait for her parents to return.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

The first time I met Magda, she really had empty eyes.

He's gotten stronger, hasn't he?

He stroked Magda's head, ruffling her hair, which had recently become more manageable.
Everyone knows you're working hard.
So it's okay.
You're not going to lose anything again.

'Yes, ...... Magda, you're right.'

Mahrul also cringed at the words of this little girl.

'You have to get what you want, no matter what it takes.

You're scary when you say it, Ma'ul.
There's something black in every word you say, this guy.

'...... Only those with big breasts can bring happiness by simply waiting.
'I don't think that's true!

Estella protested desperately.

'Only the ...... manager is bringing in good fortune by standing by.
'It's true that Jeannette has formed a good network of people around her, but ...... Jeannette is also working very hard.'
'......Of course, I'm aware of that. But ............ those big breasts are not fair.'
'Yashiro is the only one who was attracted by the breasts and came here!
'Hey here, you rumor-spreading machine.

Who was sucked in by the big tits? I haven't sucked on them yet.

'Hmph. You guys are really lively and fun.'

Holding the letter carefully to her chest, Mahr stood up.
He walks over to an unusually opulent shelf at the back of the room and puts the letter from Donis in a drawer.

'Well, that's the end of the story.

He claps his hands and turns back to me.
The face of the man is ............ Oh, so that's what it is.

I hope that Yashippi's plan works out.

So the story of you and Donnis's past was a hint to me.

You're supposed to help me get to Donnis.
And now that I've given you all those hints, you'd better do what's in my best interest, wouldn't you, old lady?

Well, that's true. The more we know about Donnis's past, the more cards we can play.
We can use spiritual mode to make it look like we know her past.
Above all, the fact that the age of the man he's in love with is the same age as the man Donnis was in love with back then is a powerful tool to sway him.

Is this a loan?
Or is it a loan?

You'll be able to find a lot of people who are in love with you.
She'll get what she wants no matter what it takes.
That's Mael's creed.

"If you give me what I want, you can use me as much as you want.

The smile on Ma'ru's face seemed to say as much.
Hmm. Good.
Then I'll take advantage of you all I can. ...... to destroy the crappy system you've created.

'Oh, you wanted to see me?
'You're thanking me, aren't you?
'That's right, I'm very grateful!

You're a good and honest girl, Mokoka.

'Then you'll do whatever I ask you to do, won't you?
'Of course I will!I'll do it even if it costs me my life!
'Then ......'

He glanced at Ma'ru.

'I hope your employer likes you as much as I do.
'Oh, yes!That's what I want!

Whether he knows my intentions or not, Ma'ru keeps smiling.
He's got the poker face down pat. She's a troublesome old woman.

'It's easier to make a wish when it's 'at the behest of someone you care about'.

If Mokoka says so much, then I'll give you the excuse that I don't blame her.
Perhaps what you want and what I want are the same thing.

To do that, we'll have to make the feast a success first.

'So long, Ma'ul. Will you write a letter to Donnis for me?'
'Oh dear. I'm not sure what I should write.
'No, a simple greeting and small talk will do.

With a smile like a pasted-on mask, we begin our 'negotiations'.

'Well, you could write something like ...... that you've hired a new waiter, or that you'd love to hear about any fun things that happen there.
'Mm-hmm. I guess so. I'm looking forward to your reply.

We no longer know how much we owe.
So for now, let's just say that if we both get the maximum benefit, we'll call it even.

You'll have to help me break down the BU, Ma'ul.

I asked Mael for a letter and we returned to District 42.
We took a detour around the cliffs in a horse-drawn carriage.

Yeah, it's really ............ hard to take a detour.