299-Episode 211 I fell in love with you


Bertina growled .

'............It's delicious!

I said I'd make a sweet sake that would make Bertina swoon, but I never thought she'd actually swoon.
It's a great success.

'Is this really alcohol?
'No, the process is similar, but there's no alcohol in this one.

Amazake made from sake lees does contain some alcohol, but this one made from koji and rice is completely non-alcoholic.
It is said that the traditional way to make amazake is to use leech rice and breed mold, but this time I made it more simply by boiling the rice and letting it sit overnight. But this time, I made it more simply by boiling rice and letting it sit overnight. Oh, I guess I 'made' it in the case of sake.

It turned out surprisingly well, thanks to the heat-retention effect of Theron's urn.
I wonder if he's going to make a thermos one day.

'But there's a faint smell of alcohol.
'That's the smell of fermentation.

The koji mold is converting the starch in the rice into sugar.
This sugar is so sweet that fashionable girls in Japan sometimes use amazake instead of sugar. Freshly brewed amazake contains enzymes and is expected to have a weight-loss effect. Boiling is not recommended, though.

If you boil the rice, mix in the koji, and let it sit overnight at a temperature of around 60 degrees Celsius, you will have a nice amazake. If you have a rice cooker or a thermos, you can make it easily.

--When yeast comes into contact with the sugar produced by the koji, it will ferment, turning the sugar into alcohol. This is sake.
It is not so easy to make sake, however, because it requires various complicated techniques such as double fermentation in parallel. However, I think it is possible to make something like old moonshine.

'It has a wonderful fragrance.

Bertina puts her nose close to the teacup she is holding with both hands. She smiles with the expression of a girl who has grown a bit taller.
Perhaps it is because alcohol is a beverage of the adult world.

Neither the koji nor the rice contains yeast, and theoretically, the sugar produced by the koji will never turn into alcohol.
However, since there is yeast in the air, even non-alcoholic amazake is fermented to some extent during the production stage. However, the amount of alcohol produced by this process is so small that it would be safe to say that there is no alcohol in it.

'The sisters said that the dried grapes also 'smell like alcohol'.

Ginette giggles, revealing a story from Bertina's past.
Bertina's cheeks puffed up a little in disapproval, but when she sipped the sweet wine, her cheeks relaxed in happiness.

'I feel like I've climbed the stairs to adulthood.
'It's non-alcoholic, though.'
'But it's alcohol.

It's made the same way, almost.

'If the sisters can drink it, I'm sure anyone can.

Ginette teased Bertina as if she were playing a prank.
Each time, Bertina's mouth would water, but as soon as she took a sip of the sweet sake, her mood would improve.

Ginette's approval.
Even Donnis could drink this.

'I didn't know there was such a delicious food. I didn't know that.
'I heard it was popular in the 24th district.

Rebeka didn't know, but Bertha knew about amazake.
When Bertha went to call Mokoka, the reporter from the information paper, she asked Rebeka to make amazake, but Rebeka's reaction was that of an unknown object.
I thought it might be dangerous if I didn't taste it, but the situation changed when Bertha came back and said, "Well, this is nostalgic.

According to Bertha, they used to make amazake using koji in the 24th district, and it was very familiar to people of Bertha's generation.
It had a strong image of being a drink for the common people, and in Japan, it had a position similar to that of ramune in a candy store.
Therefore, there is a high possibility that Donis, the lord, was unaware of its existence.

It is said that the production of amazake stopped at the same time as that of tofu.
The reason is that the production of sake began in earnest.
Since then, amazake made from sake lees has become the mainstream drink, and is still made today.
However, it is not a major drink.
Amazake did not become popular because it did not taste the same as it used to, it contained a small amount of alcohol, and it was not sweet unless sugar was added. Sugar was a luxury item in this city.

Even if it is not a major product, amazake is no longer made because there are alternatives.
Tofu, Bertha said, was almost forgotten as it was considered 'unnecessary' to make.

What a waste!
It's so good!

'Hoo-hoo ......, I'm warmed from the core.'

As her body temperature rose, Bertina's cheeks took on a light color.
...... After all, amazake should be included in the list of alcoholic beverages. You'll be able to get a lot more out of it.

I'm not sure what to say. Your nose is getting longer.

Ginette warned me in a slightly spiky voice.
'Mmm,' she said, her brow twisting in obvious frustration. That's cute. Do you want some?Sweet sake.

'Are you going to serve this amazake in District 24?
'Ah. A guy named Bertha at the koji factory said he knows how to make it and what it used to taste like, so he's going to make a lot of it.
'The children of the church can drink this without worry.

It's non-alcoholic and sweet.
It's a child's drink. But...

'Newly discovered delicacies are exciting. I'm sure the adults will be very excited.'
'That's true. Encountering unknown delicacies is one of life's joys, isn't it?

When Bertina says it, it's very convincing.

'Then you have to cook as many delicious dishes as you can with sweet sake.

Ginette, being Ginette, has a strange sense of rivalry.
The encounter with unknown delicacies - for Ginette, it seems that she is happy in a different way than Bertina.

'...... grains are good'.
'I'd prefer it if it was smooth!

Magda and Loretta are enjoying amazake with the kids over there.
They are comparing two kinds of amazake.

'What's the difference between the grainy and the smooth?
'Originally there were grains, but we made it smooth by grinding it.

Some people prefer the rice grains to remain, others don't like it.
So I made a smooth version with the grains removed. ...... It was a pain in the ass.

'I like it better when it's smooth. It's more palatable.
'But don't you feel like you've eaten more when it's doughy?
'............ I can't get rid of the crumbly ones.'

I chuckle and take a sip of Magda's still-crumbly sweet sake.
You're drinking it all at once. That sounds like alcohol.

''A newcomer to the drink world!

Amazake seems to be popular with the kids too.
Hammaro is still the same.

'The kids seem to like it too, so we'll have to buy lots of koji when we go to the 24th district.

I'm supposed to take the kids to the party, but I can't take all of them, as expected. It is dangerous for young children to travel long distances, and we don't want them to become shy or homesick.
This time, we will take only those who have reached a certain age. There is also the matter of the carriage.

'Let's buy a lot of things and have a party in the 42nd district.

That's why Bertina proposed to hold a banquet in District 42 for those who were staying at home.
It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything that might help you.
...... Well, I guess the conditions are just a pretext. It's a new method of begging.

As you can imagine, Bertina knew about Sophie and Rebecca. She also knew about Sophie's inability to return to the koji factory.
That's why she dared to bring up the subject of the church at that moment. He hoped that if he could, he could use us as leverage to break the rift between the sisters.

Aside from the fact that the word 'successfully' was appropriate, Bertina's request turned out to be a good one.
So, I guess she's willing to cooperate with the party.

I'm sure she just wanted to be a little lenient.
At any rate, she was giggling happily after confronting me with her 'conditions'.
She must have been poisoned by Estella. She's so quick to rely on others. ...... When she grows up to a D cup, you can squeeze her all you want. I should have the right to do that. I'm sure I have that right.

'Good morning!Ginette.'

As I was thinking about this, Estella popped up out of nowhere.
The noise in the church's common room grows louder. My lord is as popular with the kids as ever.

'Oh, good morning to you too, Yashiro.

In the event that you've got any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
I'm not sure if I'd be able to do that if I were you.

'...... Be a D cup.'
'Hey, what's up?Are you cheering me on?Then thank you.
'And all you can squeeze, please.'
'You've got to be kidding me.
'What's the value of a D-cup that can't be squeezed?
'A sense of presence!
'............ for sure.'
'Don't convince me, Yashiro-san.'

A fist squeezed my flank.
This morning, Jeannette was a little angry.
Do you want me to praise your tits too?

'Jeannette. You're number one.'
'Please repent. Mainly for the way you're looking at me.'

I was accused of staring at her.
'No, because they say you're always caught glancing, so you might as well stare. What?If you're going to get caught anyway. What?

'So, what were you all talking about when you got together?'

The common room was even livelier than usual.
Satisfied smiles are blooming everywhere.
They want to take advantage of the atmosphere. Let me .........

'Bertina wants to buy a lot of ingredients in the 24th district.
'Estella, you're too surprised. I'm not trying to buy everything, okay?''

Bertina was slightly shocked by Estella's honest reaction.
But you know, Bertina. You can't help but think that what you're saying about wanting to buy in bulk is 'hoarding'.

'I was talking about wanting to make a lot of sweet sake.
'Oh. Amazake is ready!I want some, I want some!'

Apparently, they didn't realize that what they were holding was amazake.
It was understandable, since they didn't know.

'So, Estella-san. Which do you prefer, the smooth one or the mushy one?
'Eh, what's that?

Ginette explained to Estella about amazake. Estella looks at the sweet sake held by the kids with interest while saying 'huh' and 'huh'.

'Then I'll make it even more so.
'Oh!Just one vine!
''I'll take it!
'It's so smooth!Really, Magda and Loretta are always like this, really!

After watching this exchange with a smile, Ginette headed for the kitchen.

'So, how was Mokoka?
'Hmm?Oh. I was very satisfied.'

Estella says it went well, but her face shows signs of fatigue.

'...... Natalia's favoritism was so strong that it caused me a lot of heartache.

In Mokoka's eyes, the "pretty lady" talked about in "BU" was more important than the lord.
And Natalia was probably getting carried away with such treatment. ............ Estella, I can understand how you feel, at least a couple of millimeters. Yeah. Good night.

'I hope you like my bed. She's sleeping like a baby, still.'

Estella opines that she must be tired from all the noise last night.
...... Were you making that much noise? I'm glad I didn't have to take over at the sunlit pavilion.

'When you wake up, Natalia is supposed to bring you to the Sunken Pavilion.
'And Becko?
'I sent one of our waiters on an errand. Natalia has to take care of Mokoka.'
'Why don't you go and tell her?
'What, I'm going to Becko's?Why?

That's the tone.
I guess this is the way the 42nd district treats Bekko.
Imelda is the only one who goes there.

After that, Estella drank the sweet sake she had received from Jeannette, and talked about her impressions of this and that, and became enthusiastic, convinced of the success of the banquet.
However, they seemed to be generally satisfied.

'Oooohhh!It's so good!

After returning from the church and finishing the preparations for the opening of the restaurant, Natalia brought Mokoka to the sunlit pavilion.
After a brief introduction of Mokoka, they decided to have dinner with her.
The dish served was mabo eggplant.

When I told her that I made it in District 24, she said, 'Please tell me about it! This is a new product that I've only just learned how to make. It's ......, but it tastes better than what I make. It's a cheat, Ginette's cooking skills.

And there's another reason why I brought out the mabo eggplant.

'This is a dish that uses a new seasoning that's being made in the 24th district right now, and aside from the people here, only Rebeka from the koji factory and Filman, the next lord, have tasted it, so it's a cutting-edge dish.
'Whoa!That's really cool, isn't it?It's Bali-Nau!

This is an attempt to have the most advanced cuisine in the world published in an information newspaper. ...... I'm not sure how I feel about relying on people who use words like "crunchy" and "trendy", but... ...

If the dish becomes popular after being published in a newspaper, the food itself will sell like hotcakes and the sunny-side up restaurant will make a fortune. In addition, if the bean sauce becomes popular, the demand for soya beans will increase dramatically.
They will be able to ingratiate themselves with Ma-ru.

'There's no way we can't put such a tasty and delicious thing in the news paper, right!All right!I'm going to draw and draw and draw!

After setting aside the half-empty eggplants, Mokoka takes out a sketchbook-like object from her bag. It's a bunch of ...... dirty papers. It's probably something like the back of a flyer. It shows poverty.

However, aside from the paper, the brushes seemed to cost a lot of money. In the pencil case, there are a lot of things like colored pencils.
Rather than colored pencils, they looked like crayons or ...... coupes.

Mokoka is instantly immersed in her own world.
It's not like you can interrupt her from the side.

Ginette, who looks as if she wants to eat it before it gets cold, stares at Mokoka's work without saying a word.
I also peek at the illustration from behind. There was a .................. red, gooey thing drawn on it. It doesn't look very tasty, to say the least.

'............ blood vomiting?
'It's a black worm wriggling in a pool of blood. ......'
'What?What are you talking about, you little bastards?I'm drawing a mapo eggplant!

No, no matter how you look at it, it doesn't look like mapo eggplant.
I know exactly what you mean, because I had an experience when I illustrated spaghetti with meat sauce, and these people gave me a very cold stare. Illustrating food is not so easy.

'I see, I understand!The browner it is, the more authentic it looks!

Then, I started to draw more minced meat in brown.

'............ vomit'.
'Please stop!We don't serve this kind of food!You're interfering with our business!
'It's mabo-nuban, isn't it!You stupid little girls!

No, no, no.
Magda has a valid point, and you're 'stupid' enough as it is, Mokoka.

'After all, art requires 'beauty', doesn't it?Shall I take it off?
'I thought you weren't here because you were quiet, but you're still Natalia when you open your mouth, you know that? Now, if you can take it off, go ahead and do it.

Natalia was taken to the corner of the dining room by Estella.
It seemed that Mokoka had lifted her up quite a bit, and her smug face had risen about four levels.
She had been pulled away from Mokoka because she was too much to look at. I'll send him back, you bastard.

'Because I'm used to seeing ...... Bekko's pictures, I can still see the cheapness.
'Yes, sir. You have a disappointing face and a disappointing personality, but your skills are top-notch.
'...... even though he is a pervert.
'Even though he is a pervert.
'You're both terrible.

Jeannette softly chides them for speaking the truth.
I guess she wants to teach them that the truth can hurt people. But there is no doubt that it is the truth.

'Well, well, well. You're already getting excited, that you are.

And then... The rumored disappointing man, the bee man with round glasses, Beckko, came in with his stupid face exposed.

'Welcome, Bekko. You look like an idiot.
'Hey!You've been dissed as soon as we met, that you have!
'...... Welcome, Bekko. You look like an idiot.'
'I've been waiting for you, that I have. You look like an idiot.'
'We're all here together, that we are?

The teamwork is the strength of the sunlit pavilion.
...... But, sadly, Loretta. You're the only one whose 'stupid face' is on you. Contextually. Well, Loretta's got a stupid face, too, so it's not a lie.

'Mwah!It's too hard!There's no way I can draw that!

Mokoka scratches her head. Don't make strange noises in the cafeteria.

'Oh, you don't look familiar, that you do. Is this an illustration of ...... vomit, that it is?
'No, it's not!It's mabo eggplant!
'Huh?That's a new one, isn't it?
'If you don't mind, would you like some too, Bekko-san?It's a new item that's not even on the menu yet.
'Oh!I would love to have that, that I would!
'You'll have to pay for it.'
'I'll collect the ...... fee.'
'I'll leave you the amount you asked for, that I will!

'We always get along well in those situations, that we do, don't we, Gentlemen?
'Xu. Then, please wait a moment.

After Ginette finished watching our exchange, she walked happily into the kitchen.
I guess she's in the middle of cooking. She's just learning.

'Jeannette. 'Mapo eggplant without eggplant!
'I still don't know what kind of dish it is, that I don't know, but isn't it wrong to leave it out of the name, Mr. Yashiro?
'...... Let's just skip the mabo.
'Then what will come out of it, that it will!
'No plate, either!
'I have a feeling that nothing will come out, that it will!
'You've been making a lot of noise since you arrived, haven't you?
'It seems that you are clearly at fault, that you are!

While I'm messing around here, Mokoka is grunting and waving her colored pencils around. It's almost impossible to fix.

'I can't draw anything but people well, you know...'

There are people who are not good at drawing.
There are many people who are very good at drawing people, but are not good at backgrounds and small objects.
That's just the way it is. We don't have much in the way of instruction books or models.

'Do you draw, that you do?
'Yes, I do. He's a professional, even though he looks like one. He publishes illustrations in an information paper. Hey, Natalia. You're working for an information paper, .......'
'Yes. Of course I have one.

Natalia is carrying an information sheet with an illustration of herself on it.
I won't go into it again.
Showing it to Bekko, she traces the rim of her round glasses with her finger and lets out a 'hoo-hoo'.

'Natalia, that it is?You have a very interesting way of capturing features, simplifying and emphasizing them, that you do.

The illustration was like a portrait, different from the so-called art of this city that Estella and the others were talking about, and from the realistic drawing style of Bekko. They seemed to be intrigued.

'I feel something similar to the deformed figures made by Mr. Yashiro, that I do.
'Emphasizing the features and simplifying them is a good idea.
'I envy you because I can't do that, that I can't.'

Becko can only form what he sees as he sees it.
However, that 'as seen' is a degree of reproduction that is far beyond that of ordinary people.

'Becco. Can you draw her for me?
'Natalia, that it is?
'Oh, yes. Preferably without the smug face.

I'm tired of seeing Natalia's smug face.

'Hmm. I understand, that I do. I hope this will entertain you while you wait for Mr. Ginette to cook, that it will. Do you have paper and a brush, that you do?
'Oh, you can use this then.
'I'm sorry, that I am. Um, what is your name, ......?
'It's Mokoka!
'Thank you, that you are, Mr. Mokoka. I am a trivial artist named Bekko, that I am. There's no need to remember my name, so please don't listen to me.
'Oh!I don't need to remember.

No, no, no!
Mokoka?You came to District 42 because you wanted to see Bekko, right?
Did you forget?
I guess you forgot!Because you smell like a stupid girl!

'Becko-san. Please make ...... as s*xy as possible.'
'I got it!
'Don't get it, Becko!I want you to be graceful!I'm not ashamed to be the head waiter in the lord's house!

Estella overruled Natalia's request.
As far as I'm concerned, if I can create a s*xy picture, I wouldn't mind having it on my bedside table.

'Yes, it's done, that it is.
'You're early, aren't you?
'What? It's just a simple drawing, that it is.

When I looked into Becco's 'game', ...... there stood the head waiter with full of grace.
It's like a photograph.

'Good. It's a decent picture.'
'But I have no pants in this picture.'
'Can you please not force me to be s*xy?

If it were framed in a gorgeous frame, it would be of a quality that could be displayed in a room, but it doesn't seem to be worth the trouble of displaying it.
...... Can't you see inside my skirt if you peek from below?

'Yashiro. I'm going to stab you.

I was just trying to peek. I haven't peeked in yet!I didn't even try!

'Hey, this is the ............ most ridiculous ............ I've ever seen.'

At the sight of Becko's picture, Mokoka began to tremble.
She forgot to blink and continued to stare at Natalia's elegant painting. It's like she can't take her eyes off it.

'Mr. Bekko, thank you for waiting. We've got the eggplant, eggplant, and plates.

Ginette takes the trouble to say that she's put in everything we asked her to leave out. It must be a joke. Little pranks like this seem to be his favorite these days.

'Hoho!This is a very sweet scent, that it is. Mmm. In three more days, Mr. Imelda will be asking for food samples, that she will.

It seems that whenever the restaurant releases a new menu item, Imelda immediately asks for a sample and produces it.
I guess they're already good friends.

'I'm sorry, sir!I was called by Mr. Yashiro, so I came all the way here to help you. It smells really good. What kind of smell is that? While I was saying that, I found something new. It's a new menu.
'Hey, Imelda. Take a breath.

As soon as she entered the restaurant, Imelda was drawn towards the eggplant.
Then, she took a bite without anyone's approval.
...... Don't steal my food, you nasty little girl.

It's delicious!Mr. Bekko!I'll get you a food sample right away!
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that you like.

Imelda's vitality exceeded Becco's imagination. ...... Or is it brazenness?
But still, you two make a good pair somehow. If Imelda keeps asking for help, Becko's income will be stable.

'Um, I'm going to go make some more for you, Bekko.
'I'm sorry, that I am, Mr. Ginette.

Imelda has started to eat on her own, so she's going to make a new batch of Bekko's eggplant.
No one is paying attention to Imelda, and Becco himself doesn't seem to be complaining.
If it were any other customer, it would be a big problem, but Imelda knows what she's doing. In a way, she may be recognized as someone who can be pampered. I think she's won their trust. ...... Or maybe she is recognized as a servant or someone who can be used as a joke. ............... ...I'll leave it unmentioned.

So, while we're waiting, let's have another entertainment, shall we? Mr. Mokoka, may I have another piece of paper, that I may?
'Mr. Mokoka?
'What?Ah, ah!I'm fine!You can use it all you want!
'Mogumogu, who are you?Mogumogu......'

Don't talk while you eat, Imelda. You're a lady, after all.
You're Bertina. You're Bertina. ...... It's something Bertina would want you to stop doing.

'So I'm going to try to draw an eggplant, that I will.

Mokoka's colored pencils and paper in hand, Bekko rolls up his arms.

'Oh, no!Illustrating Mapo Aubergine is very difficult, that it is!
'Nah. I can draw anything I've seen once, that I can, so don't worry about it.

I say lightly and run my pen lightly.
Just as an inkjet printer prints out vivid images on paper in an instant according to a program, the colored pencils that Bekko controls draws a realistic mapo eggplant on a plain piece of paper, giving it a scent and warmth.

'...... This looks delicious.'
'Gosaru-san, you're also good at drawing. It's not just food samples.
'It's a big deal, isn't it, as usual?
'Not bad at all.
'But my picture earlier looked more 'delicious' in a way.
'Okay, shut up, Natalia.'

Everyone but Natalia was impressed with her skills.
In District 42, Becko's 'non-artistic' creations are gaining more and more recognition due to the influence of food samples. In District 42, the realism that was previously unheard of has come to be regarded as wonderful.

And the professional illustrator from outside the 42nd district is ......

'And ............!Master!
'Sh, Master, who is ......?

Mokoka thrust her hand in front of Bekko when she saw the realistic and tasty illustration of Mapo eggplant. 'Get down on your knees.

'Make me your disciple, sir!
'Ya, Mr. Yashiro, ...... what's this?'

'No, I'm the one who said ......

'Honestly, I'm flabbergasted!I've never seen such a realistic illustration in all my life!Please pass on the master's techniques to me!As you can see, don't be stingy, I'm begging you!
'Mr. Yashiro, am I being asked to ...... now, that I am?Are you being commanded, that you are?

Is that an order? ...... Well, I guess it's a request.

'No, I'm still in training. I'm still in training. I'm not a master, that I'm not, so I'd like you to raise your head, that I would.
'I won't leave this place until you make me your disciple!
'That's annoying, so make him your apprentice, Becko.
'But, Mr. Yashiro!I have nothing to teach you, ......'
'That's fine. Let me show you what you're doing up close.'

I sucked on the chopsticks soaked in the flavor of the eggplant, 'Chuuuuuuu! Imelda sucks on her chopsticks, which are soaked with the flavor of aubergine, and begins to speak in a relaxed manner.

'It is said that art is not something to be taught, but something to be seen and stolen. You don't have to teach her, just let her steal. Whether she can improve or not depends on her talent. It's not the Master's fault.

What you are saying is decent, but don't suck on the chopsticks.

'Hmm ...... but'.
'Master!You'd better behave like an adult to save your wife's face!

Imelda stood up at the mention of Mistress.
Her shoulders lifted in anger.

'Who is this man's wife?That's so rude!Mr. Becko has no more interest in the opposite s*x than a flea has in a pinky finger!
'That's very small, that it is, isn't it?
'Of course!I'd rather marry a child's lunch than marry Miss Bekko!
'With food, that it is!
'Please call me Imelda Children's Lunch!
'Is that a family name, "Children's Lunch"?

The idiot and the idiot are doing stupid comedy.
If you guys get married by mistake, you'll have a ...... noisy family.
It's fun to watch from the next ward or so, but it's annoying to be in the same ward.

'Well, then, I'll be Master's companion!
'I'm astonished, that I am!Mr. Yashiro, what is this man saying, that he is?
'It means he's in love with your talent, right?
'Your face is also very cool!
'''' '...... of the Spirit'!
'Yashiro, Magda, Loretta, Imelda. Stop it.'

Estella forced us to suppress our impulses.
But it can't be helped.
We have to take Mokoka to Mauryu's house after this. There's no point in turning him into a frog. d*mn, it's a shame, but ...... work as hard as you can, my self-restraint!

'If you make me your disciple, I'll do whatever you want!
'Okay, Becco. Make him your apprentice. And Mokoka, you'll work as a waiter for Ma'ru, provide illustrations for the information paper, and occasionally come to observe your master's creative activities.'
'Mr. Yashiro, you can't be so selfish ......!
'Why don't you just show him your work once in a while?Besides, it's not bad to be liked by a beautiful girl, right?''
'No. In fact, I've recently decided not to consider anyone with less than a G-cup as a girl. ......'
'Why don't we talk about this at the Becco ...... table?
'I didn't think that I, the number one beauty in BU, would be out of the range ......'
'You're a cheeky one, that you are, ......'
'...... Becco. I'll take that match.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
The only one, Imelda, who was recently upgraded from F to G class, had a relaxed attitude, saying, 'Oh my, the jealousy of the whisperers is ugly.

'By the way, how many cups does Mr. Mokoka have, that he has!
'As a Becco ...... lord, I'm going to stab you?
'That's right, Bekko, don't be rude. It's a B cup, no matter how you look at it.

'You're rude, too, Yashiro!And you're probably right!

I assure you. It's definitely a B cup!

'All right, I'll give up my ...... apprenticeship, because ......!

Mokoka stood up, pulled her B-cup breasts together as best as she could to create a cleavage, and bowed to Bekko.

'Please make me your apprentice's apprentice!

...... In the end, he's never going to give up, is he? No matter how far he goes.

'Becco ......'
'Ummm ......, I've never done anything like this before, that I can't hide my confusion, but ......'

He scratches his shaggy hair, and Becko relaxes his mouth.

'I'm sure there are many things I'm not good at, that I am, but please take care of me in moderation, that I will.

An artist is a man who is in love with his craft.
Well, you should resign yourself to the idea that it's a tax on fame, or something that adds to the talent you've been given.

'Yes!That's my master!You're a handsome man who knows what he's talking about!
'''' "...... of the spirits"! ''''
'So stop it!'Yashiro, Magda, Loretta, Imelda.
'Becko-san, sorry to keep you waiting for the eggplant. What's going on at ......?'

Mokoka is happy, Becko is annoyed.
Ginette sensed something joyful in the air and asked for an explanation.

I guess connections are made in unexpected places. Thinking this, I told Ginette about what had just happened.