298-Episode 210 Now,

'Welcome home, Yashiro.'

Aah!Calm down!

'Huh!Ya, Yashiro-san, why are you crying!
'I feel like I've been in ...... the 24th district for about three months. ......'
'Uh-huh. You're exaggerating. It was only two days and one night.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.
Ah, the unmistakable Ginette.
I've come back to the sunny pavilion.

'...... Yashiro'.
'Big brother!

Magda and Loretta jump out from inside the store and cling to my waist.

'...... Long time no see.'
'It feels like it's been three months!
'No, so we've only been here for a night or two,............, but that's how much we've missed you.'

Ginette giggled.
You can jump in, too, with your chest. ...... and in your chest.

'Have you changed?'
'Yes. We all had a nice sleepover and the rest is business as usual.

That's right!
These guys are, 'Ooh!They were holding a 'sleepover party full of girls'!Without me!
d*mn it!d*mn it!
Next time, I'll definitely hold another one!I'll be the main one!

'Please come inside anyway. Have you eaten?'
'Not yet. I don't have time for that.
'Well, I'll have it ready in a minute. ...... You should've come, Estella.'
'Oh, he's busy with something else.

Mokoka's invited.
We'll have dinner at the sunlit pavilion tomorrow, but today we'll have dinner at the lord's mansion.
I'll have to get a good write up on the information sheet.

'He's bringing a guest to eat tomorrow.
'I see. Then we'll have to treat them well.'
'No, I'll invite Becco, so I'll lower the grade a bit.
'...... If Becco's coming, then so be it.'
'That's the average. You're always causing trouble, aren't you ......?
'That ...... is not true, is it?Let's treat them right, okay?

That's right. I'll lower my rank, except for Becko's.
With this in mind, I entered the sunlit pavilion. It smells nostalgic. There's a sweet scent in the air these days. That's because doughnuts are a big hit. The aroma of chocolate and custard is in the air.

'I feel like I'm getting further and further away from the cafeteria. ......'

Food samples are displayed outside, and cakes and doughnuts are on the popular menu.
It's a little too highbrow to be called a diner. ...... Well, the manager likes it, so that's good.
If your grandfather was the manager, the lineup might be unbelievable, but if Jeannette was the manager, it would make sense to me.
It's a good idea to take a look at the website and see if you can find anything you like.

'...... Don't worry. It's only a matter of time before Magda masters pasta.

Stay away from Italian food.

'I've mastered coffee!


'Once the bean sauce is perfected, we'll be able to expand our menu.


'I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. ......'
'Why are you apologizing?It's a very good thing, don't you think?

Well, they do have a grilled salmon set meal, so they can still barely call themselves a diner.
It's going to become a family restaurant soon, though.
...... Tacos and popcorn are not common even in family restaurants. How multinational.

'Mr. Yashiro. Is there a problem in the 24th district?'

It's probably because I looked a little difficult. Jeannette looks into my face with concern.

No, it's not because I was in the 24th district, it's because I left ...... here for a little while and was able to look at this restaurant objectively. ......

I've been thinking that the food I brought in might have ruined the original sunshine pavilion look.

Jeannette had strong feelings for the 'Sunken Pavilion' of her grandfather's time.
The atmosphere of those days must have been almost gone.
The remodeling and the new menu were all brought in by me.

'I'm erasing a lot of your grandfather's image, aren't I?
'That's not true ......'.

I was about to say something when Jeannette's mouth dropped open in a round 'oh'.
Then, with an occasional look of mischief on her face, she purses her mouth with an 'ugh'.
He looks like he's about to do something.

Who told you what to do this time?


She stands in front of me, holding up her index finger, and says to me in a gesture similar to that of a girl on educational television.

'It's water on the frog's face.

An unidentifiable liquid gushed from my mouth.

'...... Yashiro, you're dirty.'
'Manager, are you okay?You're covered in spit!
'No, it's not me, it's Mr. Yashiro!

You'll be able to find a lot more information on ......

'...... Where did you learn that strange language?
'Well, I tried to imitate the one ...... Norma used.'

If Norma used it, then the correct phrase is 'pissing on a frog's face'.
If you put it through a Jeannette filter, you get...

'Let's see, ......'.

And Jeannette tells us what she thinks about those days.
What I could see from the content of the conversation was as follows...

Norma: 'By the way, Yashiro's been away a lot lately.
Jeannette: 'I think he's doing his best for the 42nd district.
Norma: That's sweet!It's because the manager says such sweet things all the time that Yashiro wanders around.You should give that prodigal employee a good beating with your fist once in a while.
Jeannette: 'I feel sorry for ...... Yashiro-san.
Norma: 'It's okay. I'm sure Yashiro would piss on a frog's face if the manager slapped him.
Jeannette: 'Frog ...... What?Mr. Yashiro would do such a thing?
Norma: No, he didn't. It means 'I'm fine, I don't care'.
Jeannette: 'Oh, really? I'll keep that in mind.

--So, here we are.

'Well, Yashiro-san once said, "If you want to play a prank, I'd be happy if you keep playing them." ...... I thought you'd be surprised, but ......'
'No, I was surprised. I'm already surprised at that. ......'

And I was so choked up I thought I had popcorn stuck in my trachea.

'But it's an interesting phrase, "water on a frog's face."'
'Ginette. When you say it like that, it sounds like a reward to a certain segment of the population, so refrain from it.
'Reward ......!I don't think so,.......'

No, Jeannette!You're sweet!
There's ...... a segment of the population that's ............

'And you're using it a little differently.

It is true that pissing on a frog's face means 'I don't care', but it is mostly used in a derogatory way, with the nuance of 'I have a thick skin and don't care'. In the sense of 'shameless'.
In addition--

'Originally it was 'water on a frog's face'.

Well, only 'in Japan'.

'Oh, is that so?
It was changed to 'piss' and spread.

I'm wondering how the 'forced translation magic' is interpreting and translating the story of a Japanese proverb.

'That's right, isn't it? Water on your face is indeed a concern, isn't it?
'No, it's just a word, so you don't have to worry about 'actually' or 'if it's true'. 'A frog's child is a frog' is also a tadpole in nature. I don't care about that, so don't keep saying 'osui'.
What?I'm sorry, I'm sorry!I was talking about that in the cafeteria at ......!

No, it doesn't matter where you are, just don't say too much, okay?

'...... "Norma's" piss on a frog's face.'
'Magda. I'm pretty sure you're trying to reward me for saying that.'
'Water on Mr. Percy's face, sir!
'Loretta. That's bullying.'

It'll take off your raccoon makeup.

'Oh, no!Let's not talk about this anymore!Right?

Ginette, who said it herself, waved her arms around with a bright red face.
It seems that she wants to dissipate the 'that kind of' atmosphere that is floating around here.

'So, Yashiro-san!What do you want to eat?
'That's the most vigorous order-taking in Ginette's history. It's a little scary.
'...... I recommend the popcorn.'
'I'm sorry, can I have some food?
'I recommend the coffee!
'You're out of solid food, too!I'm starving, I'm starving!'
'I'll have a donut!
'Food!Give me some rice!Give me a grain of rice!
'All right, sir!Donuts and rice balls, please!
'Magda, Loretta!Magda, Loretta, take Jeannette outside and calm her down for once!

Ginette's thoughts were halted by the huge self-destruction of being embarrassed by her own words.
If this is the case, donuts and rice balls may really appear.
Doughnuts and rice are too much.

As I stared at Ginette's back as she was being led to the entrance of the cafeteria, I felt a kind of resignation.
Well, it can't be helped. In this situation.

''Then I'll just make something myself.
''You can't do that!

Ginette and Loretta objected in unison, and Magda came back at great speed and held me down by the shoulders. I was forced to be seated,......, and I couldn't get up.

'Yashiro-san is tired, please sit down.
'That's right!
'...... Yashiro, d*mn it.'

Why did you just get mad at me?

'You're not going to serve me donuts, coffee and popcorn, are you?
'I'm fine. I'll make you something that will fill your stomach.
'I'll make a delicious meal!
'...... Yashiro, House.'
'Hey, Magda.'

'It's not 'House'.

'Oh, okay. I'll have Magda and Loretta make us a meal.'

Jeannette makes a strange noise, and at the same time her big eyes begin to water.

'Ya,palm...... Yashiro-san...... my,...... food is ...... ...... can't be trusted, can it?'
'No, no, no!It's not possible!

I ran over to Jeannette, who looked like she was about to start crying, and sat her down in a chair.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it, but I'm sure I'll be able to.

'...... subjugation'.
'It's our time!

No, that's why ......

Ginette sniffling, giggling.
Oh, God, stop crying.

'There's something I need to ask you, Ginette. I wanted to talk to you about it. I need you to make me something that's gonna take a lot of work.'

It's so important that it could mean the difference between a successful negotiation with Donnis or not.

''So, Magda and Loretta. Go and make whatever you can from the menu in the Sunlit Pavilion. Of course, it should be something that suits my needs.
'...... Finally, it's time to show Magda what you can do.
'If I'm recognized for this, I might even be allowed to cook for the customers!

Currently, Magda and Loretta are only allowed to serve customers dishes that Ginette and I have approved.
This includes okonomiyaki, popcorn, and coffee.
But the main dishes, such as set menus and children's lunches, are the sole domain of Jeannette.

Before I knew it, Ginette's position had become a target of their admiration.

'I want to take the test, too!
'You're sure to pass even if you don't!
'I'm jealous!
'You're not jealous enough!

This time, I pinned Jeannette down by the shoulders and made her sit on the chair.
Ginette continues to squirm and resist. She's squirming like Magda.
So I take the same countermeasure.

'Get in the kitchen while you still can. Ginette will be too jealous to talk to you.'

'...... understood'
'I'm going to make something incredibly delicious!I'm going to blow holes in your cheeks!

Magda and Loretta walked into the kitchen with great enthusiasm. ...... I'd appreciate it if you didn't blow holes in my cheeks.

Now, .......

'Calm down, Jeannette.

After taking countermeasures, Jeannette suddenly became quiet.
When I looked into her face, I saw ............

'...... ah ............ is ah ......'.

She had a red face, as if she had been boiled.
I'm now patting Jeannette on the head as a countermeasure.

'...... ah,...... palm............ ishhh... ...ugh.'

No, you don't have to be so shy. .................. I don't know when to take my hands off!
I'm not sure how long I should keep stroking it.
If I stop here, she'll think I'm being weirdly conscious. I don't know.I don't know!

'What's that story you're telling me?
'Yes, that's right!I have a story to tell you!Will you listen to me?
'Yes, yes!Sure, I'd love to!
'Okay, I'll sit across from you!I'll sit down right now!
'Yes, sir!Go ahead!

The time to take your hands off has come unexpectedly.
Letting go now is very smooth in terms of the flow of the conversation. There's nothing strange about it. Very normal. Very normal.
So I casually take my hand away and sit across the table from Jeannette.

Ginette is stroking and adjusting my hair, which has become stringy from being stroked too much.
Uh-huh. Well, it happens all the time.

'E, ehehe......'
'Hahaha ...... hahaha'

............ Something's wrong with the air!
Magda and the others, I wonder if they've eaten yet!

'Um, me!I'll get you some tea!
'Yes, you're right!It's essential to have tea when we talk!
'Well, then!One moment, please!
'Take your time!

No customers, Magda and Loretta in the kitchen, just the two of them in the dining room.
The cafeteria is huge.
That's why the voices are naturally loud. Yes, naturally.
It's not that I'm conscious of anything. I'm not.

'Oh, yeah, Jeannette!

Yeah, yeah!It's so natural!
It happens all the time, doesn't it?

'Can you bring me a ceramic bowl?Something that can hold about a liter and has a lid. Do you have one?'
'Um, ...... Oh, yes. If that's the case, I think the urn that Theron-san gave me before will be just right. I'll get it for you.

Ginette smiles and runs off at a trot.
I'm not sure if it's because I'm asking for a favor or because I'm feeling less distraught at the end of the day, but I have my usual soft smile on my face. ...... Well, her cheeks were still flushed, though.

'........................ Phew.'

A heavy ~~~~~ sigh escaped.
I don't know what I'm doing.

Anyway, let's switch our thoughts and concentrate on the preparations for the success of the party.
That's why I brought back some things from the 24th district.

You take out a sealed bottle from your bag.
It's the rice malt I asked Riveka to give me.

I'll use it to make a prototype.

If you have a thermos, it's easy. ...... I wonder if I can make it ferment well.

'Yashiro-san. Thank you for your patience.

A few minutes passed, and Ginette returned with a tray.
On the tray was a ceramic urn, a cup of tea, and a small rice ball.

'Oh, that ...... is a tea tray. I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before. ...... I'm sure you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before. I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. ........., but ............, well ......, no thanks, I'm sorry.

As she talked, her voice became quieter and quieter.
He really wanted her to eat what he had made.

Ginette likes cooking too much.

'I'll take it. I'm dying of hunger.'
'Yes!Please eat it.'

He points with his hand and offers a chair for Jeannette to sit down.
After Jeannette sits down in front of him, he picks up a cute little bite-sized rice ball with his fingers and tosses it into her mouth.

.................. Yeah. It's good.


After swallowing one of the small rice balls, Ginette in front of me smiles softly.

'Welcome back.'

--What the hell?
What's this?
It's a little embarrassing.

If you want to go home, you've already said it before,......, so why bother with it again,......?

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand. I'm sorry for saying such a strange thing.'
'Oh, no. It's okay. I was just thinking, 'Oh, I'm back, too!
'Is that so?
'............, so it's .......'

What are you talking about, me?
This is just like a thing!You know what?You look like a ............, don't look at me like you're happy!

I've got some malted rice!
'What?......What's the matter with you? You're suddenly shouting out loudly. ......Eh, koji?

He put the jar of malted rice on the table.
I'll just tell you what it is!
If you're serious, you'll be able to get rid of this itchy air in no time!Because it should!That's why!

'I'm not like Fillman!Because I'm an adult!
'What?Phil ......, who are you?'
'Because I'm a grown man who prefers skimpy pants to bear pants!
'Huh?I'm not sure what to say.Please repent!

If you're going to say it like that, then your 'pissing' should be a penance too!
I'm all over the place. ......

'Actually, I'd like to use this to make a prototype of something.'
'Prototype, sir?

Jeannette peers into the bottle.
She has a very interested look in her eyes.

'Even if it's a prototype, it has to be good. I'll use it for persuasion.'
'Persuasion ......?Um, what the hell are you trying to do?

Ginette shook herself impatiently, as if she couldn't see what was being said.
I want to make something new.
I can't wait to hear what you can do.
Her curiosity is bared like that of a child.

So I'm going to give it my best shot.

'There are two people to convince.
'Two people,' ...... hmmm ...... one of them is Estella, isn't it?No, Umaro. ............ Imelda. ......'

I'm sure you're thinking of the words 'persuasion', 'money', 'technology' and 'connections'.
Well, the idea itself is not bad.
But it's not.

'One of them is Bertina.
'The sisters?

Perhaps it was the unexpected name, but Ginette rolled her eyes, looked at Koji, and then looked pleased.

'So, you're going to make something delicious? I'm looking forward to it.'

Ginette seemed to have a good understanding of how to persuade Bertina. I'm impressed.

'So, who's the other one ............?

Jeannette's head twisted.
He points at Jeannette. 'Too bad, time's up.

'The other one is you. Jeannette.

It must have been more unexpected than before. This time, not only his eyes, but also his mouth was round and open.
And then he tilted his head to the side, seemingly unable to understand the act of 'persuading himself'.
...... If you were a wild animal, I would have picked you up and taken you home.

'Actually, I'd like you to take a day off from the sunlit pavilion and follow me to District 24.
'To the 24th district?

A map of All Bloom must have unfolded in Ginette's mind.
Her eyes looked up at the ceiling, and her index finger wandered aimlessly through the air, wondering where she was pointing.

'It's far, isn't it?
'So you'll have to take the day off, okay?

When I say this, Jeannette's cheek muscles gradually relax, despite her nervousness.

'Oh, um... A good night's rest means .......'
'You mean we're coming with you?
'...... must be.'

Just in time, Loretta and Magda appeared from the kitchen.
In their hands, they were holding trays of food that each of them had probably prepared.

'Oh. We're going to have a big party. I'm going to have to serve the most delicious food there.
'A banquet, sir?
'What, that sounds like a lot of fun!
'Without ...... Magda, there can be no success.'

The three girls crowded me.
All right, put the food down for now, Magda and Loretta. You're gonna spill it.

I'll tell you the details as we eat. We don't want the food to get cold.'
'No!I want to hear it first!
'No, I want to hear it first!
'You know, ......'

He places the tray on a seat far away from me, brings out a chair, and sits down around me.
I glanced at them and saw that they were both making set menus.
Magda's is a meat set, and Loretta's is a fish set. ...... These guys said they were going to make what they could, but now they've made the signature dish of the sunlit pavilion? They really want to make food for their customers, don't they? The seriousness is amazing.

So I'm going to finish my explanation quickly before the food gets cold.

I briefly explained the relationship between the lord of the 24th district and his successor Filman, Filman's love life and the problem of the heir to the koji factory, the relationship between Rebeka and her sister Sophie, the wounded beastman children in the 24th district church, and also the story of Mokoka and Mawuru.

'The church in District 24 was such a place, wasn't it? I've never heard of it.
'Well, even if there were injured beastmen in District 42, Bertina would take care of them instead of sending them to District 24.
''That's true. When you live in a different place, there are people, places, and systems that you never even cross paths with.

Ginette felt that what the 24th District Church was doing was a wonderful thing.
In fact, it's just a way to isolate them from the outside world. ...... If you think that Sophie's hard work is making those kids smile, well, I guess you could say it's great. ...... Although I think it's still not enough.

'Mwah!It's frustrating, that boy!I'd like to grab him by the neck and drag him in front of Rebecca!
'Don't do it. I want to grab him by the neck and drag him in front of Rebecca! Filman will be sobbing. And don't give him any nicknames.'
'...... If the lord refuses to accept Rebekah, .................. (self-imposed)'
'What are you doing, Magda?You're not allowed to have bloodshed!

Should I choose which members to take with me?
In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
More importantly, there will be so many of them that Jeannette won't be able to handle them all.

'Didn't I tell you before we left for District 24?Let's have a picnic together.'
'...... Mm.'

I promised Magda, who was sulking a bit because I was always away.
Well, it's not a 'half day off' distance anymore.
It would be nice to have such a reward for these guys.
Memories of a trip will remain in your mind for years to come.

Now, if they can grow up by expanding their knowledge, the store will be more prosperous.
Then, I'll be happy with unearned income.

But since it's a party, it's probably more like a cherry blossom viewing party than a picnic.

'Let's take Bertina and the kids from the church and ride to the church in the 24th district.
'And the kids, sir?

I'll let the kids deal with the kids.
...... I can't do this anymore. I can't take it anymore.
More importantly, I'll have to go around convincing people.

'I'm going to use Bertina to persuade Sophie to change her mind and help Rebekah and Philman get together!

If Sophie leaves the church and returns to the malted rice factory, not as a craftsman but as Bertha's successor and chief executive, ...... Rebeka can even marry into the lord's family!
It would be better if Sophie got a son-in-law.

So, if Firman is willing to become a lord, Donis will cooperate fully.

For that reason, I will completely remove the prejudice against the beastman race!

''If all of those things work out, I'm sure it will make you all smile.
'But ...... will it work that well?
'...... It's going to be difficult to do this in one day.

It is true that we need to change our mindset here and there.
That's why we have the party.

'We can correct minor misunderstandings by discussing them frankly over a drink.

If you have assumptions or preconceived notions, break them down in your closed world.
Blow away the stubbornness, bigotry, navel-gazing and negative thinking with the power of alcohol.

Since ancient times, alcohol has been indispensable in sacred ceremonies that unite people with the gods.
It is also very useful to strengthen the unity and bond of a group.
Sake is a useful item that strengthens the bond between someone and someone else.

'But the sisters can't drink alcohol, can they?
'Javier and the others said that the lords of the 24th district can't drink either.
'...... The children can't either.'
'Hmph!That's why this guy is here!

Again, I point to the bottle full of koji.
Yes. Koji.
We'll use it to make sake that even people who can't drink can drink.

'After we eat, I'll make amazake. You guys help me!

Don't think that ...... is just for amazake.
Unlike amazake, which is made by dissolving sake lees and adding sugar, what I'm going to make is koji amazake, which is made by fermenting rice and koji.

Fermenting rice and koji.
In a larger scale, it is the same as the process of making sake. In a very big way!

Donnis can't drink sake, so I'll teach him how to drink sake.
I'm going to teach him how to drink it, and I'm going to give him some good news as well.
The feast is about getting drunk on air. That's what Bertina said. "I don't drink, but I like to drink. Give her a taste of that.
Donnis, who's never been to a bar.

'First, I'll make a delicious sweet sake that will make Bertina swoon!
'Yes, sir!
'I don't know about that, but I think I'll be good at it!
'...... Magda's power is essential.

And so, Loretta stayed the night again today, and we spent the night making amazake.
Oh, by the way.
Magda and Loretta's set meal was ...... still at a level that did not allow for a passing grade.