297-Episode 209 With Mokoka

The carriage rocked slowly.
The road that goes around the BU is neatly paved. That's what you would expect from a BU that makes its money from traffic. They seem to be very particular about their roads.
There is little shaking.

'Oh, no, that's bad. Thank you for letting me ride with you.

Mokoka thanks me in the same strange, respectful way as ever.
His sense of touch is swaying as the carriage shakes.

'It's a bit of a detour, but there's something I wanted to tell you. Well, don't worry about it. It's a bit of a detour, though!'
'Don't patronize me.'

Estella's elbow hits my side. No, she's going to hit me.
...... Why is this guy casually sitting next to me again? Go sit next to Natalia. I don't mind if you sit down.

'You two are as close and friendly as ever, aren't you?
'When I get back to my own district, I'm going to consider building a big statue of you guys making out.'
'I'm not planning to do that!Or rather, I won't let you, Natalia!I'm putting Becko under house arrest!

Becko suffers in a completely unrelated way. Well, it's fate. Let it go.

We left the 24th district with Mokoka.
Since it was time to go, we thought we'd talk in the carriage.
When he offered to give her a ride, Mokokha agreed with great joy. Mokoka, who had no money, was planning to return home on foot.

By the way.
It is said that the reason why he stayed in the reception room quietly even though he was left alone by Rebeka was because delicious tea and tea cakes were served.
For the same reason, he has volunteered to deliver the latest issue to the koji factory from the distant 29th ward.
The editorial office of the newspaper is located in each ward, but since Rebeka is perceived as a difficult craftsman (well, if they don't like her, they won't even meet her), many of them are reluctant to deliver the newspaper.

'You're a good person, but you're full of idiots, aren't you,' said Mokoka, laughing innocently. That kind of character is probably why Rebeka likes her so much.
It must be because Rebeca likes Mokoka that she is able to have unlimited second helpings of tea.

Maybe me and Estella, who are liked even more by ......, are actually amazing.

I would have waited outside for him at all.
'No, I've done everything I needed to say and do, so there's no problem.

We went back to the lord's mansion to pick up Natalia, and after spending a little time with Donnis and Firman, we left the mansion.
We wanted to get home as soon as possible.

'Mr. Filman, ...... are you sure you're okay ......?'

No matter how many times I told her I was fine, Estella still looked worried.
'Are you that worried?

'It's okay, I wrote a letter to you. I'm sure you're not depressed anymore.
'No, that's not what I meant. ......'

It's not the heartbroken and depressed Filman that Estella is worried about.

He was locked up and didn't want to see us either.
Well, that was to be expected, so I wrote him a letter and slipped it in through the crack in the door.
The content was quite simple.

I wrote the fact that Rebekah's ears were far more accurate than most people's, and a sentence that said, 'Rebekah's lover may be the most single-minded man in this town who likes her and thinks she's cute.

I waited at the door for about two minutes after I slipped the letter in: ......


-- and from inside the room came a strange voice that sounded like someone whose body parts were hot, or someone who had created the moonwalk.
Oh, and then he said, 'Poohhhh! so I guess he's more of a moonwalker.

And Estella is worried about him.

'...... tension was so high that it became quite unpleasant. ...... Will the 24th district be okay?
'Such grandiose worries are not for the lords of other districts to worry about. It's up to the current lord to worry about it.

However, Donnis is still Donnis, 'Philman is doing so well!Thank you!Thank you! Thank you so much! I'm sure he'll be fine. ............

'Oh, by the way, did you invite Mr. Donati to the party?
'No, not yet.

'No, not yet.' 'I've only told Natalia that there will be a feast in the church soon.
You can ask Estella about the details when you get back.

However, the current situation is that she only wants to hold the party.
We will send out invitations in the most effective way after we are sure that we can hold the party.

At any rate, it's a banquet in that church where there are many wounded beastmen who have been 'forced' from various districts.
If we invite them without a plan, they're bound to be reluctant.
It's not time yet. We wait. Wait for the right moment.

We need to prepare for that.

"So, Mokoka.

First step in the process.
That's the mocoka persuasion.

'Do you want money?
'You want money?

...... Another old expression.

You can't get more work than that, right?
'Why don't you get a better paying job?
'Ha-ha-ha!Don't be silly. There's no way anyone would pay a high salary to someone like me, you know. If you think about it for a moment, you'd understand, you stupid idiot.

That's not even a polite expression anymore!
Also, you're talking too much!You're talking out of your ass.

'So, if there was such a person and they wanted to hire you, you'd say yes, right?
'You're a tin a**h*le!

You've got your version!...... Hey Kola, what do you want me to say to the girls, 'forced translation magic'?

Would you still be okay with that?'
'Hmmm~...... if I can get paid, ............ ah, but I want to draw pictures for the information paper, you know.'
'That's something we'll have to discuss.
'I'm sure Mahrul would agree that it would be interesting.

Estella smiles.
Well, anything is possible as long as it's interesting, right?

'Anyway, why don't you take one interview?
'Why are you guys being so nice to me?
'Well, if you work hard, we'll benefit from it.
'Oh, ......, I don't know what you're talking about, but if that's the case, I'm willing to take it!

If Mahrul adopts Mokoka, Donnis will be able to invite beastmen to the mansion.
In addition, we'll be granting Mahrul's wish, and he'll be able to do what we want for once.

'Will it work?'The interview.
'It should be fine. Mokoka will be useful for Mahrul's favorite gardening. Best of all, he's reasonably rude.'
'...... You should learn that that doesn't support 'okay'.'

Baka, dude. You're Mahr.
I'm sure you'd prefer a friendly guy who's a bit of a wreck to a nice girl who's a bit of a wreck.

I've been thinking about one thing...'

Natalia, who is sitting next to Mokoka in the lower seat by the door, quietly raises her hand.
Her posture is so firm that Mokoka says, 'Whoa!The way she raises her hand, she's a beauty! The way she raises her hands is also beautiful! ...... 'BU' children who are seduced by information papers.

'You draw illustrations for the paper, don't you, Mokoka-san?
'Yes, I do!I've been praised for my good reputation!I'm proud of it!

I'm not proud of it, but it's not ......, is it?
You're honest.

...... Hmm?
So what does that mean,......?

'I mean.

Natalia pulls out an information sheet from her pocket.
It has an illustration of Natalia's likeness on it.

'Ah!Did you have it for me, beauty?Whoa!I'm so happy!Here, here!I drew this for you!

...... I knew it.
The illustration that I thought looked like Natalia was modeled after Natalia, of course.
I thought she was a BU girl who was sensitive to trends, but I didn't think she was a trendsetter.

'My heart leapt out of my chest when I met a beautiful woman who looked exactly like the illustration I drew of her.
'Something's wrong, Estella ......, my 'forced translation magic' is making an error.
'Don't worry. I have similar symptoms.

It's hard to tell if it's being translated or not. ......

In short, the ideal beauty that Mokoka fantasized about suddenly appeared in front of him one day.
So, the illustration in the new information paper looks more like Natalia.
Finally, the mystery is solved. ............ So, the trend in BU has gone from 'Natalia-like beauty' to 'Natalia'. ...... ...... Wow, your nostrils are so wide, Natalia. What's with the smug look?You should show this to Becko and have her do a painting of it.

Mokoka leaned closer to Natalia, who made a smug face that would have punched him out if he wasn't so beautiful.
She clenches her fists in both hands and pleads with her.

'I'd love to be your model next time!I want to draw while staring at a beautiful woman!

'Nudes are expensive, you know?
'Natalia, don't put a price on it!
'Then, free of charge.'
'No, please!As my head waiter!
'No, Estella. He's not asking for it, he's offering it.'

Shut him up before you turn him down. As his master.

'If you don't mind, why don't you guys join us?
'Estella!Nudity is an essential part of art!It's never for erotic purposes!
'Don't turn over so easily!

Why can't you understand?
The world's most famous genius painters all drew in the nude!
They probably took them home and looked at them in secret. They're so good at drawing. They're self-sufficient in treasure.

Ah!That's right!Speaking of art, we should invite Bekko too ......'
'I think I'll lock him up for a while.

Abuse of power!
It's a violation of our freedom of appreciation!
We, the common people, should be guaranteed the freedom to appreciate beautiful women's breasts as much as we want!

.................. No, wait. It would be a shame to let Becko see Natalia nude. ..................... ......... But in this camera-less world, only the talent of that pervert can document the most realistic ......... ...

I'm not sure what to do.What the hell am I supposed to do?
'I think you should jump out the window, right now.

If I jumped out of the window of a running carriage and fell onto this beautifully paved road, I wouldn't be hurt.

'You know what?Who the hell is this 'Bekko' whose name keeps popping up from time to time?
'Oh, he's just a pervert.
'Yashiro-sama, that's rude. He's a 'real' pervert.'
'Stop being so rude, Natalia. ......'

I really don't know why that guy has any talent.
Maybe the talent was added to the huge minus of being a pervert. Then it makes sense.

'Becko is an artist in our ward, very good at painting and sculpture. It's not ...... artistic, but it's so good it's almost real.
'Oh, wow!I'm not sure if there's any such thing as an unbelievably awesome pervert in the 42nd district!

Rant, rant!
Is it a specification that they unconsciously become worse?

I'd love to meet you. Illustrations are more about reality than artistry, you know.

Their artistry is the kind of incomprehensible goofiness that makes goddesses look like mushrooms, and is distinctly different from what I consider to be common sense artistry.
I don't care if you say, "This kind of woman is in fashion! would not be understood at all.

The illustrations that Mokoka should draw need to be realistic.

'So, the job is suitable for Becko?
'I guess there is if you look for it.
'Would you like me to tell you about it?He might be able to become a popular painter for an information newspaper.''
''No, I'm not going to give Becko anywhere, because I use him for many things.''
''Hmmm ......, Yashiro-sama and Estella-sama are the worst kind of black-hearted together.''

What are you saying Natalia? ...... Isn't it obvious?

'I'd like to meet them at all costs!Just introduce me to them for a minute!Please, I'm right here!
'Well, we'll see. An introduction won't be a problem.
'Yes!Then let's get going now!
'No, it's already late!I'm heading to the 29th district to drop you off.
'Gosha-sama!I'm changing my destination!Please head to District 42!
'Hey!Why are you doing something so selfish?
'Well, well, don't be so uptight. You know what they say. 'Hurry up and get naked'.
'Alright, you guys!Take off everything!
Yashiro, jump down right now!

d*mn it!

He took out his frustration over Mokoka's selfish behavior on me for making a single 'puny' comment. ...... What a lord. You're a tyrant beyond belief. A coup d'etat.

'Mr. Mokoka. Aren't your family and friends worried about you?'
'Don't worry, beautiful!I don't have any family except my brother, so there's no way anyone will worry about me.

A girl working hard, all alone.
--When Estella heard this information, the hard coloration drained from her eyes.

You're really naive, aren't you? It's not that I'm not a good person, it's just that I'm not a good person. ...... Regardless of your circumstances, you're currently in such good health that you're making a fool of yourself.It is not necessary to worry or pity him to such an extent, and it would be rude to give him special treatment.

'Hey, can't you do something about it?
'....... No, but ............'.

Don't glimpse at me at ....... Are you Ginette?
............ d*mn it.

I'm sure you'll be able to do me a favor since you're trying to push through such a sudden request.That's quite a request too.'
'Yes, I'll leave it to you!I'll never forget the favor I received, that's the motto of our family.
'Even if it's a request that will greatly affect your life?
'You're stubborn, you son of a b*tc*!There's no such thing as a man's word!

You're a woman, though.

'Then I'll take you.
'But, Yashiro, is ...... okay?

d*mn it!
What do you mean, 'is it okay'? What?You look like a cute little puppy.
You made me do it. Don't put the blame on me.

You can't help it. You've already changed your mind.'
'Yeah, that's ......, isn't it?

You look so relieved.
You can't laugh at the fact that I'm a little shaken by Fillman's heartbreak, can you?

'However, I can't call Becco today, so I'll see you tomorrow.
'I guess so. It'll be night by the time we get back.
'Hmm. Yashiro-sama and Estella-sama think that Bekko-san is a weak maiden or something, is that right?
''Of course not!

I'm not saying that out of concern!
I just don't want to see that dark face before I go to sleep!What if he appears in my dreams .

''Tomorrow, huh~!Whaaaaa!I'm so excited, I can't sleep today!
'...... Huh?So, should I just ask her to come back tomorrow?
'No, it's too late for that. Take her home and let her stay at your place.'
'What?In my house?

Estella's eyes widen.
'You're the reason I'm bringing her home, aren't you?
I don't want to. I'm tired today. I don't want to deal with Mokoka. I've decided I'll get some rest when I get back to the sunken pavilion.

'Even if it's a lord's mansion, ...... you can't just suddenly invite a commoner to stay .......'
'It's a good advertisement for the friendly relationship between the nobles and the beastmen.
'Where are we going to advertise?
'At Mahrul's.'

'I'm sure Mahrul will take Mokoka in, but if he starts to evade you, you can tell him that you stayed overnight at Estella's place.
In the event that you've got a problem with this, you'll be able to always contact your doctor. ...... Estella's opinion may be very bad, but that's none of my business.

'Is that okay, Mokoka?
'Good or bad, there's no way I'm complaining!
'I'm going to spend the night under the same roof with that beauty of yours.
'Whoo-hoo!It's a nosebleed situation, it's unbearable!
'Beauty is a ...... sin, isn't it?
'...... Hey, Yashiro. I'm not sure if I can stand it.Mostly Natalia's annoyance.

I'd say go for it.
But there's good news, too.

'Mokoka. Estella is pretty when you look at her, isn't she?'

'...... Don't give me that funny look. I'm just giving you a compliment.'
'No, no, no, it's because you said something weird out of the blue!

Just calm down.
Mokoka is a highly influential illustrator for an information paper.
If you can get Mokoka to admit that Estella is beautiful and draw an illustration that looks exactly like Estella with 30% more beauty, ............ Natalia's days are numbered!

I'm not sure what to make of that.
Don't think you can stay at the top forever, Natalia!

'Estella, use your good looks to knock Natalia off the top spot!
'Yes, yes, yes, that's true, I want to give her a shot, or at least give her some moxibustion, but, but, Ya-Yashilo, you don't have to say that!You know, beauty, good looks...

You idiot!
People are simple.
If someone is trying their best to appeal to you, you'll think, 'Oh, is that so? I wonder if that's true.

A boom is something that someone creates.
When a celebrity says, 'This is wonderful! and the stupid people chorus 'yes, yes, yes'.

In other words, if I praise Estella to the point of exaggeration, Mokoka will think, 'Well, if you put it that way, maybe it is! I'm sure you'll agree.
...... This is the perfect chance to humiliate Natalia's smug face. You can't miss it!

'Hmmm, ............ you're right, she does have a pretty face, but ...... she's a lot more beautiful than you!
'Well, of course they are!

d*mn it!
That's it!
That smug face is annoying!

'Estella!You're the one who always makes funny faces, that's why you lost!
'Shut up, shut up!...... Can you please stop looking at me for a while!............ God.'

Estella turns her back to me.
She turns her head away and rubs her cheeks. The ...... cheeks grew up and said, 'Not there, the tits! You'll be sorry, you.

'Then tell him about the daily life of the forty-two districts.
'Is it ...... in the 42nd district?

Natalia asks, replacing Estella who is looking away.

'If you can teach the BU people that the 'aristocracy should be like this' is already old-fashioned, they'll be a bit more flexible. Even if you don't get any results right now, if you let Mokoka know, that information might come in handy someday.

I'm going to ask Mokoka to become a waiter at Mahrul's house, no matter what it takes.
While she works there, she will tell Mahrul stories about the 42nd district, such and such.
If there is something that catches Mahr's interest, the reform will start from there.

Also, if Estella and Natalia make friends with Mokoka, the connection with Ma'ru will become stronger and stronger.
Currently, I'm closer to Mauryu than you are.
It's good to have a pipeline so that you can get things done between the nobles without me.

That's why, Mokoka. I'll give you all kinds of favors, and you can be a waiter in Mahr's house. I'll tell him you can keep your job as an illustrator for the paper. You like it, don't you, drawing illustrations?
'Oh!It's my life's work!And licking aphids to death, too!
'...... Think twice about that, will you?

You'll have to show your aphid skills in Mahr's garden.

'What will you do if you can't become a waiter in Mahrul's house?

She said cautiously, which was not like Natalia.
But don't worry. This investment will not be in vain.

'Mokoka is an illustrator for an information paper. That's worth a lot.
'It seems that not everything can be absorbed by drawing.

I wonder if he got some copies of the paper and read them carefully.
Well, an information paper is like a weekly magazine. It is possible that the boom created by them may fail.
But having a place to publish is a big advantage.

You can broadcast your intended information in a high-profile place.
It's so attractive that I'd be willing to pay a lot of money to get it.
In Japan, hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on advertising.

'If you are so sure, Mr. Yashiro, then I trust you.

Perhaps Natalia's cautiousness was in response to the exceptional matter of letting ordinary people stay in the lord's mansion.
She had a responsibility to protect Estella.

'Sorry about that.
'No, I'm not. I'm sure he'll thank me someday. For making this decision now.

You've got a lot of faith in me, don't you?

'Mokoka. Don't get upset.
'I'm on it!

...... Well, if you say so, I'll trust you.
This guy doesn't seem smart enough to be a bad guy.

For the next few hours.
We didn't say much, perhaps because we were tired, and continued to ride in the carriage quietly.

We returned to the 42nd district when night had fallen.