302-Toward Episode 214 Banquet

As expected, Ginette quickly got the hang of it and made the shrimp dish her own.
He is still not satisfied with it, however.
Still, the taste is already better than my shrimp chili.
Isn't this guy a cheat?

Magda and Loretta also want to learn from Ginette, not from me.
I guess they think they can make it better that way.

A few hours had passed since I had lectured Ginette on how to make the shrimp, and after a few practice sessions, I had completed a shrimp dish that was good enough to be served in a restaurant.

And it was these guys who were eating the prototype.

'Mr. Ricardo. What kind of meat do you think this shrimp is?
'Are you kidding me, normal girl?It's shrimp, shrimp!Shrimp meat!
'...... Umaro, is it good?
'Everything tastes better when you eat it while watching Magda Tan!
'How about sisters?'
'Morimori ...... haha, delicious Morimori~'

Bertina, you're ending it wrong.

'Haa~☆ Shrimp is delicious after all~'
'It's good to eat fried shrimp or okonomiyaki, but this is also very good.
'Well, it's not as good as salmon!

...... Oh no.
I can't refer to any of them.

Ricardo has a stupid tongue, Umaro is fine with anything magda, Bertina is fine with anything food, Masha is fine with anything from the sea, Estella basically approves of everything Ginette makes, and Delia is a salmon after all. ...... ...... Isn't there anyone a little more decent in the forty-two districts?

I'm not sure what to make of it.
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one. --Wouldn't that be a good idea?

d*mn, I hate it when Estella's jokes turn out to be not jokes.

'If that's the case, how about Imelda?She's a lady after all.''
'No, she's got a pretty stupid tongue too.

He's the kind of guy who gobbles up B-grade gourmet food with glee.
The way he gets excited at festivals is ......

'In that sense, Ginette is the only one who can judge the taste properly.
'I can't express myself very well, so I have to critique in a language that normal people can't understand.

It's basically 'hooray hooray'.

'...... Leave it to Magda to do a food report.'
'Oh. I'm good at that too!

Huh!Magda and Loretta raised their hands and came forward.
I'm very curious about the otherworldly words that correspond to "food report". Is there such a thing as a reporter in this world?

I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
She's the one who called the former luxury cake shop in the forty-second arrondissement 'unpalatable' without any preconceptions.
She seems to have a kind of pride as a waitress and will not give a favorable opinion just because it was made by Jeannette.

Loretta, on the other hand, is a natural food reporter with a good vocabulary and an unflagging eloquence.
Paula's food report on hexenbiest sausages was so good that it grabbed the stomachs of passing males.

These guys might be able to give us a fair judgment.

''Yes, it's delicious!

...... No.
No. It's an uninspired and tasteless comment.

That's right.
These guys usually eat Jeannette's food, saying it's delicious.

'After all, Jeannette's cooking is delicious.

Estella says proudly while eating a lot of shrimp.
So in the end, it's the chef's tongue that counts.

'Ginette. Would you like to try it yourself?
'Yes, sir. I'm sorry to say this, but I think it turned out reasonably tasty.'

I guess it shows that you want to be a little more particular and arrange it in your own way.

At ......," he said.

I'm not sure what to say.

I'm going to assume that Donnis is going to be there because of Mael's encouragement.
There's no point if we can't get him to participate.

'We need to decide what to serve at the banquet.
'Aren't you going to have mabo eggplant?

Of course, we'll put mabo-nasu on the menu.
You can mix in some shrimp so that only one dish stands out.

But the banquet will be held in the churchyard in District 24.
In other words, it's outside.

Eating mabo-nasu outside is also quite a mismatch.
The eggplant is only made for the purpose of 'advertising the new seasoning of District 24'.
The food to enliven the banquet must be suitable for the banquet.

Speaking of the 'banquet' held outside, ......

I'm going to plan it with an image of hanami.

It's a typical party of the four seasons in Japan, with cherry blossoms in full bloom, drinking, singing, swinging, and pinching. It's hard not to get excited.

And in such a place, mabo eggplant will ...... still be floating.

'Are you going to look at the flowers?
'No, it's just an image. ...... Well, it might be possible to decorate with beautiful flowers and love them.'
'Then, let's ask Millie-san. I'm sure she'll be able to tell you some great flowers to decorate your party.

I see.
It might be possible to ask Millie to prepare the flowers.

You can give them to the ...... filmmakers and see if they have the courage to hand them to Rebecca ................... I don't know.

'Then let's go to Milly's store later.
'Yes, sir. I'll go with you.'

It was decided that Ginette and I would go to Millie's store.
I want to be careful with my decorations, don't you?
It's no exaggeration to say that a change in consciousness can only be made through a higher grade of impression.

'See you later.

Ricardo's mouth is dyed red with chili sauce, and he speaks up with an impish look on his face.

'Why don't you set off fireworks again?He's a flashy guy, and I'm sure he'll blow the minds of the participants.
'That firework caught the attention of the BU, but if you set off fireworks in another district without restraint, it's bound to cause animosity and make the situation worse, isn't it?If you can't give a good opinion, go eat an eggplant instead of a shrimp.
'How dare you rant and rave with no breath, Estella!I've been thinking about it for you guys!


Ricardo was completely outdone.
If Estella had been as strong as this from the beginning, the negotiations for the outer gate would have gone more smoothly.

Estella herself must be aware that as the acting lord, she had to worry about many things in her own inept way and made a lot of bad moves.
'It's like a bad idea taking a break' may have been a self-conscious thought that Estella herself felt keenly.

'You'd better remember that, Ricardo. It's a very useful phrase.
'Huh!I don't need you to tell me that, Oba.
Remember '''', ''''.
'Shut up, sunlit pavilion waitresses and ocean fishermen!

You said you didn't want me to say anything, so I took care of you.

'...... So?'
'Huh!I wish you had left some for me!
'Don't play, Oba and the tiger girl!And don't be frustrated, normal girl!

What's wrong with you?
I don't know what's so wrong with you.

'I'll remember what you said, just say it again!
'Ricardo ......, what about 'please'?'
'Tell me, Oba!

Aristocrats are so arrogant.
You should learn some idioms and stuff, get yourself educated. I guess Ricardo needs that.
I can't help it. ....... I'm such a softie.
I'll tell you.

I'll tell you what it is. 'Flat tits are like ribs.
I'll tell you what it is.
'What, what?'Sideboob in the wrong hands'?What did you say?
'Ricardo, you're not going to learn, are you?

After Ricardo revealed his 'stupid tongue', he revealed his 'simple stupidity', and then we returned to the subject at hand.
I can't make any headway with these guys.

'You slow-witted bastards!
'You're the milkman, Yashiro.'

I ignored Estella, who was glaring at me with cold eyes, and since there were so many of us here, I thought I'd listen to what they had to say.

'Hey, you guys. What's the most memorable thing about the festival you did before?

Bertina was the first to answer.
...... You ate okonomiyaki too. I saw her buying a lot of hexenbiest frankfurters, though.

'Also, the hexenbiest frankfurters were delicious!Oh, and baby sponge cakes!
''Bertina. If I leave it up to you, you'll probably cover the entire lineup from the stall, so that's enough. What about the other ones?
'I think I'll get a gumbo.
'That's the one I did at the festival.'
'No, it's not. I gave it to Imelda at the festival, and later I got it in return.
'Then you're not talking about the festival!

I'm asking you to tell me what you thought when you saw the festival.
I don't want to hear from someone who knew the festival, but someone who experienced it for the first time.
I want to know what the people of this town are moved by.

'I thought the yukata was beautiful.

At the time, Ukrines was very busy, but he cut down his soul to make this original yukata.
It was certainly a good look. ...... Everyone wasn't 'wearing' it properly.

'The festival music was good!

I think Loretta is referring to the drums we borrowed from Use's place. It is said to be used by hunting guilds to guard against magical beasts, but it sounded like a Japanese drum, so we used it to liven up the festival.
It was too poor to be called "festival music", but we made a loud clang of drums and other sounds to create a lively atmosphere.
I think it's time to try making a shinobue, the flute used in festival music.

'...... stalls.

Magda's opinion was similar to Bertina's, but different.
She said that she enjoyed the sight of the stores lining the street itself.
It's true that the atmosphere is unique. I get excited.

'......The manager was in the store all the time and couldn't visit the stalls, so I wish I could show him.
'Ma, Magda-san: ......'

Magda's concern made Jeannette's tears well up in her eyes.
I didn't know Magda was thinking like that. He's a really thoughtful guy.

'Oh, me too!I've always wanted to go around the store with you too!It's true!
'Magda-san, Loretta-san. Thank you very much. I'm just happy to hear you say so.

The three girls hugged and joked with each other.
Wow, I want to mingle!

'I want to open a stall with Jeannette at .......'
'Your ulterior motives are showing on your face, Yashiro.

d*mn. Why do you always get in the way, Estella?

'With Yashiro-san, I've been to that ...... store and looked around ............, right?'

I'm not sure what you're talking about.
...... No, well. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that the two of us walked past the stalls after the festival,............, so why do I say this now as if it's something special? ...... Estella and the others are staring at me with narrowed eyes. Don't look at me like that. I didn't do anything weird to Jeannette.

'Then let's set up a stall at the feast.
'...... popcorn'

Those are the second and seventh stores.
We need something a little more new. ......

'How about a children's lunch?'

No, Jeannette. You can't eat that standing up.
Can you make it something we can eat outside?

'What's new, donuts, peanut butter...'

This place is getting more and more sweet stuff.

'Shrimp chili~☆'
'Hey, Oba. Why don't you put some meat in the eggplant?Or steak?

Sweets and Chinese...... I have to be more systematic in proposing new menus...... And Ricardo, that's not mapo eggplant anymore.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

As I once went to Lucia's place, towing the second and seventh stores ...... would be impossible indeed. There are too many people this time. I'm going to use a horse-drawn carriage to get around.

If that's the case, we'll set up a simple stall over there!We can use our carriages to carry about ten pieces of materials at once.

If we can borrow the large carriages that Trubek's construction company uses to transport materials, we should be able to construct a simple stall inside the church.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will work for you.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.
Please ......

'What do you want to eat?
'Everything you prepare is delicious, so I have no requests for food.'

He smiles and shakes his head.
If you ask me, Bertina doesn't often say things like 'I want to eat that'.
She just eats what's in front of her (at a level beyond human comprehension).

So, what is it that Bertina wants?
From my point of view, it was a little surprising.

'Can you please prepare toys that the children of the 42nd and 24th districts can play with together?

Something that the children of the forty-two and twenty-four wards can play with together.

'The children are all very much looking forward to the upcoming feast.

The main purpose of the feast is to entrap Donnis.
They're trying to get the 24th district on their side and lay the groundwork to get the sanctions imposed by BU withdrawn.


From the perspective of the church in District 24 that lent us the place and Bertina who allowed us to use her name for that purpose, the event may have been more of a social gathering for the children who are being cared for in each church. No, well, I'm sure that's the case.

It may be that one of the purposes is to give Donnis a good impression of the beastmen.

'...... 'together', right?
'Yes. I want something I can play with.

The kids in the church in the 24th ward all have some sort of problem.
Some have poor eyesight or hearing, some are badly injured, some have lost a hand or a leg.
These people and the kids from the 42nd ward, whose only merit is their energy, who run around all year round, can play together?

Well, the kids of District 24 are no match for the power and energy.
They're all beastmen, after all. Their basic abilities are too different.

They'll make a big mistake if they think they can play quietly with something that'll hurt them.
They don't... they don't play with their powers in reserve. They will never be satisfied with that kind of play.

They make it easy for you to make difficult demands. ......

'...... Give me some time to think.'
'Yes, sir.

Bertina is the most important person in this project.
It was because of her that the banquet in the church was possible.
Then I must fulfill Bertina's wish at all costs.

'Yashiro. Before you think about why you're doing me a favor, shouldn't you think about what you're going to make?'

Estella chuckled next to Masha. Masha chuckles too.
I'm jealous.

'Yashiro, why don't you make that then?

Delia claps her hands and says briskly, 'I'll give you a good idea.

'A waterwheel!
'No, you. How much do you like it, the waterwheel?

I told you, that's not playground equipment. ........................ Oh, I see. Playground equipment.

'Delia, you did it. That's great.'
'Oh!I'm getting a lot of compliments on it.

No waterwheel.
Some of the kids in District 24 can't do it, and there's no river in the church.
But other equipment-- hmm. Sounds good.

'Yes, sir!
'Would you like a ticket to work with Magda at the feast?
'Yes, sir!
'Are you sure, Umaro ......, that Yashiro wants you to work for free?

He wants anything with the word 'Magda' in it.
I'm going to need you to make me something that requires a bit of skill.

'But we need the carpenters from Torbek's construction company to set up the stall.
'Don't worry. The stall can be easily assembled by amateurs as long as the framework is well processed and made. Isn't that right?
'Yes, sir. It was originally planned to be a built-in type because it would be cleaned up and taken away after the party. Anyone can build it as long as they know how.
'So, Delia. I need your help.
'Oh!Can I come too?
'Yes~!Then I want to go too!
'You can't set up a stall, can you?Just leave it to me.'
'I don't need to set up a stall, I want to go!

That's just coming for fun.

'It's not too big a group.
'I guess so. It's bad for them too. ...... Masha, I'm sorry about this.
'Oh no!No, no, no!I'm coming too!

Masha pokes Estella's side with a 'squeak, squeak! Masha poked Estella in the side.
Then she appeals to me with a serious expression.

'Tai!You can bring it to me.

I want to eat something gorgeous again. ............ Wow, I want to eat it when I hear the name.
I'd like to eat something like tai chazuke, tai rice, sashimi, yubiki, steamed and grilled ..................?

'Masha: ......'

I give Masha a full-throated thumbs-up.

'I'd love to invite you!Bring some good fish and join us!'
'Wow~Yashiro, that's why I love you so much!

At this time, I had an idea of a dish in my mind.
Now, let's see if ...... it works. If it does, ............ Ginette will be overjoyed.

'Ginette. I'm going to try out a new menu again.
'Yes!I'm looking forward to it.'
'Yes!I'm looking forward to it.''

The other one is Bertina.

'Please invite me to the tasting party.
'No, you don't have to invite me, I'm sure I'll blend in on my own. ......'

I'm sure Bertina will be blending in next time too, I thought, as I made up a plan in my brain for what to do next.
First of all, you need to make sure that it will work in this world. ...... There are some things you need to make. ............ There's no time to waste. I'll get started tonight.

The sky was filled with a calm light.
The sun is slowly setting.

As usual, it's not raining.
I wonder if there's anything we can do about that, at all.