303-Preparation for Episode 215 Banquet 1

The day after the shrimp party. Morning.
I'm alone in the kitchen.

--This is a gamble.
And a very dangerous one at that.

I've gone ahead without realizing the risks before and failed miserably.
A crushing defeat. A crushing defeat. I'd call it a bombing.
In the end, it had a certain effect in other situations, and caused various troubles, but from a bird's eye view, it became an existence that can be considered to have had certain results.
However, it has not yet gained citizenship. It is not a commodity.
It does not generate any profit.

And now, based on that bitter experience, I'm trying to go down the same path again.
I understand that it is a thorny path. ......

For the sake of the enormous profits that lie ahead--

'Ginette, Estella, Magda, Lorelle............ everyone, come on!
'Why did you stop in the middle!And if you'd have said 'ta', you wouldn't have had to rephrase 'everyone'!

Loretta was the first to rush in noisily and took her place right in front of me.
Thank you for your interesting reaction today.

'Lately, I've been feeling uncomfortable if I don't get a joke from you at least once a day.
'It's not just once a day, it's when I'm poking my brother!
'...... This is already the twelfth time today (as of 9 a.m.).'
'It's as noisy as ever around Yashiro, isn't it?
'It's fun and lively.'
'...... Ginnette, you're spoiling Yashiro too much.'
'Isn't that right?It's normal.

I'm not sure what to do.
Estella sighs in despair.
Magda with half-lidded expressionless face.
A normal Loretta.

Hmm... I knew it.

'To every laughing gate comes milk!
Good fortune... It's coming!
'Ginette laughs a lot!That's why she has big tits!
'Too bad, Natalia doesn't laugh much, but she does have some big tits!I hate to admit it, but ......

Estella raised her eyebrows at her comment.
It's not every day you get a beautiful self-destruct like this.

Well, that's beside the point.

I called the people I had temporarily sent away to the dining room to the kitchen.
Ginette, who had been kicked out of the kitchen, seemed to be fidgeting all the time, and when she came back into the kitchen, she had a big smile on her face.
...... Is this your nest?
You can understand that there is a difference in mood between not entering and not entering.

So what was I cooking in the kitchen alone? ......

'...... fish?

Yes, pancakes in the shape of fish.

'Whoa!Really, it's a fish!
'Wow, that's an interesting shape.
'...... It's vaguely realistic. But it's also deformed. An exquisite form.'
'It's kind of a cute fish.'

I'm not sure what to make of it. ......
Is this a losing bet: ......?

Yesterday, when I heard Masha's comment, a familiar Japanese dish landed in my brain as if it were a revelation.

I'm trying to make taiyaki now.

Since Imagawa-yaki exists, the taste should be acceptable.
And by creating a shape like this, even with the same ingredients, the dish takes on a special value.
It's like when a wiener becomes an octopus, you feel a little better off.

But the people of this town rejected the rabbit apple from the bottom of their hearts.
When I devoured it in a gluttony contest, many of them cried.

...... That was a mild trauma.
Well, thanks to that, I won the gluttony contest, which was a good thing in the end. ............ I never want to make it again.

But, but, but!
The reason I'm daring to try this dangerous food again is because I expect to make a huge profit after I get through this ordeal.

Taiyaki is popular not only in Japan but also in the United States.
As long as it is accepted, it is sure to be a hit.

...... but...
I'm not sure if I should have made it more ...... cute or ............ realistic.
If I were serious, I could make the fish look weirdly realistic. ...... Wouldn't that kill the beauty of taiyaki in the first place?
Taiyaki is a cute food, and that's why it's so popular.

d*mn, what a dilemma!

If you're not pretty, you're nothing, but if you're pretty, they won't eat you!
It's a cute dilemma!

'Yashiro. Is this a normal pancake?'
'Hmm?Yeah. Except for the shape.'
'Yes, it is. Well, let's eat them together.

Estella said lightly and cut the pancake into four pieces with the knife in her hand.
A knife for the fish, 'Saku!

'Hey, hey!
'What?What?I shouldn't have cut it?'

No, no, no.
It's totally fine if you cut it and still eat it. ...... You didn't hesitate.

'Are you sure?
'What, what?
'You're a fish!It's a cute, cute, cute fish!
'Hey, Yashiro ......, what are you excited about?
'If you chop it up, it's a pity for the fish!

My emotions got the better of me, and I felt tears welling up in my eyes.

'The fish is so cute!
'Yashiro, you're scary!You're a little creepy!

He gave me a very bitter outburst.
No, no, no. This is the same as the incomprehensible reaction you guys showed to the rabbit apples before, you know?

'Um, Yashiro-san.
'...... Guffaw!
'Please listen to me while sniffling.

Sniffing with the paper offered to me.

'Fish are meant to be cut and eaten.
'...... even if it's pretty?'
'Yes, it is. I think the most polite thing we can do is to eat it with gratitude and enjoy it.

'...... So, fish shapes are OK?

'...... Rabbit and apple are not allowed?
'Oh, I see. I see.'

Estella nodded broadly, as if she understood my attempt.

'So you wanted to see if we, the people of this city, would reject you like the rabbit's apple.
'That's why you took us out of the kitchen once. We didn't want to spoil the initial impact.

As Ginette had said, the idea was to see what the first impressions and reactions were.
I wanted these guys, who had been there at the moment of the birth of the Rabbit Apple, to judge it under the same circumstances as then.

'There are many things about your sensibilities that I don't understand.
'It's very disheartening to hear you say that.
'...... Yashiro's sensitivity is unique.
'Mainly, no one can understand my obsession and taste when it comes to boobs.
'Well, I think it means that you have a wonderful idea that ...... no one else has thought of.'

If you draw a spirit god, it will turn into a mushroom, and if you draw a rabbit apple, it will make you cry.
Even if you draw a mushroom, it is not recognized as a spirit god.
I can't help but think that the people in this town are playing on impressions.

'The more you deform it, the more you deify it, don't you?
'Are you talking about the paintings depicting spirit gods?That's not deformation, it's called 'art'.
'Those are comical mushrooms, aren't they?
'...... You're a man who really doesn't understand art.
'But I think it's great that your sensibility discovered your talent, Becko.

Thanks for the follow-up, Jeannette.
But that follow-up is based on the premise that 'Mr. Yashiro certainly doesn't understand art,' right?

'Oh, well, I don't know much about art either, so I can't speak too highly of it!

He noticed my gaze and hurriedly made an excuse.
No, that's why I said ...... 'me too'.

I understand art!
How many masterpieces have you copied to look like the real thing and sold them for outrageous prices? ...... What do you care about the past?That's it!

'Then try it.
'Yes, sir. I'll have some.
'I'll have some too.
'...... munching'
'Magda, you're early!This is the kind of thing we should all do together at ......, but everyone's already eating!I'm the only one who's late!

Loretta hurriedly bites into her pancake.

He has a lot of honey around his mouth.
...... Magda must have put it there. That's a lot of honey.


I'm sure you're not the only one who has a problem with that.
I'm sure she got it from her mother. You look just like Bertina.

'Yeah. It's normal.
'...... normal'.
'Why are you looking at me as you say this, Estella-san and Magda-chou?

They tasted like normal, familiar pancakes. He was not particularly impressed.
However, this is a desirable outcome for me.
It means I've passed the first stage, 'a reasonably realistic fish shape.

So, how about this?

Then, I presented him with a pancake of the 'common taiyaki shape', which was deformed to the level of those commonly seen in Japan.

'Wow!It's even cuter than before.

Ginette's eyes sparkle.

'...... This is more suitable for Magda.'
'Yes!I think the one you just saw was a little too realistic and smelled a little fishy to me.
'Then let's try this one too.

Knife, 'Saku!

I knew you wouldn't hesitate.
...... I wonder why. The relentless Estella was starting to look like a demon.

'You're a woman without milk or tears.
'No blood, no tears'!You're a woman without milk or tears.

It's nothing compared to the booing I got for eating an apple.

'This is also delicious.
'Yeah. It's normal.
'...... perfectly normal.
'So, don't say that while looking at me!

I ate this one too.
'...... I can't tell the difference between a rabbit and an apple.

'So, I'm going to ask you straight out. Do you think this is acceptable?

I don't know, but there seems to be a definite difference between them and 'food in the shape of a living thing' in this city.
If this thing becomes a citizen, I'll order a mold of taiyaki from Norma.
And, ......, I'll uproot the market share of Imagawa-yaki!

'I don't think it's a problem. But I'm not sure if I can bake this well yet. ......'
'...... difficult even for Magda.
'For the amount of effort you put into it, it's not very impressive.
'The taste is ordinary, isn't it?
'No, no, no, no!The shape!Just look at the shape, don't you feel disgusted?'
'...... Disgust?Why?'

Estella tilts her head, as if she really doesn't understand what is going on.
'...... What is it, this feeling of being mocked?
I'm doing this with the utmost care because your tastes are so special.
I'm not sure if this is how old people feel when they lament, 'I don't understand the young people these days'. ......

I'm sure the kids will love it because the shape is so cute. It's just that I'm not sure I can make it this well. ......'
'Don't worry about how to make it!I'll make it easy for you!
'For Yashiro-san, "easy" is quite a hurdle. ...... He also said that the hair ornament was "easy to make. ......'
'No, it's really easy!Even Delia can make it.
'If ...... can make it, anyone can.'
'If Delia can do it, I don't have to worry!
'Um, both of you ......, that's somewhat rude .......'

Magda and Loretta breathed a sigh of relief, and Ginette smiled bitterly.

'So, tell me how easy it is to make this!
'No, this is difficult!It's like drawing a picture with a ladle, calculating the browning, it takes a lot of skill.
'............ Isn't it easy?
'Why do you look like you're about to cry?Did you want to make it?

It's not!
I wanted to make sure that this shape would be accepted before I ordered the mold.
If I stumbled here, it would be a complete waste of time to have a mold made.

'...... shun'.

Ginette is looking very depressed. ......

Oh, God.

'If you can eat this shape without any problems, I'm thinking of making an unusual food with this shape.
'Not pancakes, sir?
'Oh, no. It's a food from my hometown, called Taiyaki.
'Tai?Is it?

Jeannette rolls her eyes.
The only sea bream they know is the carpaccio that was served at Theron and Wendy's wedding reception.
It's unlikely that people from the 42nd district eat snapper this far inland.

When I look at Jeannette, she is drawing a fillet-like shape in the air with her finger.
Don't cut it, don't cut it. It's a whole fish.

'Here's what it looks like.

He takes out a wooden mold of a sea bream that he made yesterday.
It's round and plump, and has the shape of the familiar taiyaki.

'It's a lot plumper than I thought it would be.
'...... This is cute.'
'It's starting to look a bit tasty!

The others begin to show interest in the wooden pattern.
Ginette seems to be in a bit of a better mood.
...... So, I'll give you the best information.

It's a great way to get a sense of what's going on in your life.
'What ......?Um, is that...?

Ginette, the cook, seemed to notice immediately.
This taiyaki is made the same way as Imagawa-yaki, her favorite food.

'It'll be a big hit. It was a very popular snack in my hometown.
'You can get it at the sunlit pavilion at .............'

Ginette's expression brightened as she stared into the air, imagining something.

'Yes!I'm sure it will be very popular!

Taiyakis would be added to the menu at the Sunda-mari-tei.
This fact made Jeannette's mood rise to the maximum.

However, it costs a certain amount of money to make the mold.
If it's a hit, we'll get it back soon enough. ......

'So, think seriously again and answer my question.

It's an important question that will determine whether this business will succeed or not.

'Do you think this taiyaki will become popular?
'Yes, sir. I do.'
'...... plain and simple.
'I want to be the first to eat it!

Well, I guess Ginette will be the first to eat it. As usual.

'Estella. What's your opinion?
'I'm a little surprised at how cautious you've become.

I'm not looking for any feedback.

'But ......... I think it's okay. It all depends on how it tastes.

He shook his red hair and smiled cheekily.
I've tasted it before.

I gave up on it before, but now I have access to high quality sugar and red beans.
Assunto is proud to recommend the best wheat.
There is no reason for failure.

...... Hmm.
Take a good look, Imagawa-yaki shop, which has dominated the market until now.
Your bonus stage ends here.
You should be punished at least a little for using the black market to line your pockets.

'Well, I'll just go ask Norma for a mold. When it's finished, I'd like you to sample it again.
'Yes, sir!I'll leave it to you!

--Bertina replied cheerfully.
...... haha. I knew you'd come out. You've been at it two days in a row. I expected that.
But you're a little late. No more pancakes.

'Jeannette. Do I smell pancakes?'
'Uh, ...... that .......'

Don't look at me like that, Jeannette.
Don't bother asking me, I'll just make you some pancakes.

'Is that a new dish?
'No, what you made for me today was pancakes.

Bertina peered at my face to see if I was telling the truth.
Don't doubt it. ......

'The new food--taiyaki--isn't ready yet. You can try it later.'
'I want to try it first thing.

This sister, Loretta, does the same thing: ......

'Then I'll wait and eat the pancakes until then.

Don't stare at me. Ask Ginette.
Oh, and if you're not tasting or anything, make sure you pay for it. ...... Well, I don't think Ginette will take it.

This is a great way to make sure that you do not have to go through the hassle of trying to figure out what to do.
It's a ...... thing. I'm not sure what to do.

And then the corners of his mouth lifted up in a grin, a look that could not be described as vicious ......, but which Ginette tried to make as vicious as she could.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do my best.

'You see, Sister. A few minutes ago, Yashiro-san baked a very unusual and lovely pancake. I've already eaten them, so there are none left.
'Is that so?I would have liked to have seen it.
'Yes, I would have loved to show it to you. It was very, very cute.

...... What's with the roundabout urging?

'I wish I could have seen the cute pancakes ............ that Ginette said so much about,' ...... shun.
'Yes......I wanted to show you......Shun'.
'Hey, you mother and daughter. Does the word 'acting ability' sound familiar to you?'

If you're going to do it anyway, try acting a little better. ...... d*mn it. All you ever learn to do is beg.
You're mistaken if you think that if you're cute I'll do whatever you want.
I'm not that naive and stupid.

'...... shun'

You're all over the place!
There's no other way!
Can't you think of a better way to approach me?

'...... d*mn it. Do something about it, you mother and daughter.'
'Don't you know the best way to deal with those two?
'I'm asking you to show me a way to avoid taking that step.
'Haha. Yashiro. I can't teach you something that doesn't exist in this world.

Estella. Why does she have to be so mean?
She looks so happy every time I'm in trouble.
Once in a while, 'Stop her!Yashiro is in trouble!I feel sorry for him! Can't you at least say something like that, like you're the class president who's interested in me? After that, let's get a 'hoo-hoo-hoo' together. 'Hey, I'm not like that,' we'll say together, and make excuses. ......

'You, for now, go braid your hair and put on your glasses.
'Oh, what?Do you like that kind of thing, Yashiro?

There's no man in this world or any other world who doesn't like the class president who likes him.

'Don't you want to be told, "You're prettier without your glasses"?
'Then, if I don't wear glasses, people will say I'm cute all the time, right?

No, that's not it!
Why can't I understand that?
It's the gap!
The gap is what makes you moe!

'Ginette. Would you like us to wear glasses too?
'Yes!Then let's ask Regina-san and Natalia-san to borrow our glasses, and then let's go to '...... shun'!
''Yes, you two, stop. You don't want to bring two troublesome people into this, do you?
'But, but, when the effect of "...... shun" disappears, you have to increase the "moe degree" one more level--'
'Who taught you that kind of trickery?
'You'll get into a rut, and people will get bored!
'Okay, I know who did it. I'll kick your ass later, so don't trust that information blindly.

Why is that reclusive pharmacist going around doing all kinds of unnecessary things while I'm gone?
Is it a hobby to harass me?

I don't have glasses.

'...... Manager. In fact, here are two pairs of eyeglasses that Regina gave me.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

What the hell have they been up to? ......

'You should try ...... once.'
'Yeah, but is it okay to use ......?
'I and my friend Magda, when there's a foreign object in front of us, it's like, "Mwah!It's a bit of a hindrance. I'm not wearing it at all.

That's no good!
You're denying all of our special glasses!

'Then, shall I borrow them?
'Yes. It's my first time wearing them, so I'm nervous. ......'

After a whispered strategy meeting, Ginette and Bertina put on their glasses.
Then they both turn to me and look up at me.


At Ginette's signal, both of them said the same word at the same time.

''...... shun''
''Alright!I'll teach you illustration pancakes!Stop that sparkly thing!

d*mn it!
You forcefully awakened the glasses attribute in me!
You're so cute, the way you look up at me with your glasses!I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to make of it.
'...... fearsome power of glasses'
'Regina is right!
'...... As expected, you are a skilled fighter.'
'Wait, wait, wait!Don't just take his word for it!

What do you mean, 'an expert in a hundred battles'?
When has a reclusive loner who has never had a boyfriend ever fought in a hundred battles?
He's fit to be a 'stain of the eighteen vexations' at best.

I'm not sure if I'm getting ...... a bit of astigmatism or not,.......'
You can't take it too seriously!You're mistaken if you think they'll be nice to you because of your glasses!
'I'll wear braids too!
'That's only effective if you have the title of class president!

Are these guys planning to take advantage of me easily?
I won't let that happen!

''It's time for pancakes. ......''
''Stop it!

I'll be sure to ...... make you pay for this!

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, you can contact us at the following webpage.
I'll make you a pancake with a cute illustration that you can't eat," he said.

He ignored Magda and Loretta, who were glancing at him with their eyeglasses on, and also ignored Estella, who seemed to want to wear her glasses but was being neglected by Magda and the others, and heated up a frying pan.
After a few seconds, I pour the batter into the areas where I want the color to be a little lighter, and finally into the areas where I want the color to remain white, and draw the illustration.

In Japan, this is the most common type of illustrated pancake.
If you want to draw an elaborate picture, you will need some skill, but if it's as simple as a fish, anyone can do it once they learn how.

--If you want to draw an elaborate picture, you need some skill, but if you want to draw something as simple as a fish, anyone can do it if they learn how.
...... It's a little frustrating when you have such a good memory. I said it was easy, but it takes some skill. ............

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'Well, I'm going to go to Norma's for a while.
'Yes, sir.

I left the kitchen, and everyone came to see me off--which was fine, but ......
Just as I was about to leave the restaurant, Ginette said something outrageous.

'Then I'll practice so that I can master it by the time Yashiro-san returns!
'No, wait!If I do that, all we'll have on the menu today will be pancakes!

After calming down Ginette, whose eyes were glittering with enthusiasm, I left the sunny pavilion.
I managed to calm her down, but ...... well, Ginette's 'I want to make it! I'm sure it won't stop her desire.

Hopefully, Ginette's practice will be over soon and the pancake hell will end sooner rather than later.