218-Later, 46 Reunited

'I absolutely hate you!

.' Norma cried out.

'Don't be like that. You're the leader, right?
'I didn't become a leader because I wanted to!
'Oh, ......, but the new clothes are cute, right?
'Sure,...... sure it's cute,...... but,.........'
'If ...... Norma wears it, this cuteness will be transformed into obscenity.'
'Is that supposed to be a compliment, Magda?
'The gap between her age and the rest of the world makes me swoon!
'Alright, Loretta!You said it well!Let's talk with our fists!
'Stop it, both of you! Both of you!
'That's right!We have to practice our singing too!
'We don't like that song!

Nephrite and Paula's complaint about Norma's rage seems to have no effect on .......

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.
These are the members of the Idle Meisters, who reunited after the completion of the Lumberjack Guild's 42nd District branch.
They are the idols of the Meisters (craftsmen with special skills), and are in no way a rip-off of anything. They are idols from the 42nd district, full of originality.

So, what is the cause of all this? ......

That's the grudge of an older single woman.
Congratulate her. You're one of us, right?

'But, you know, ...... this song was written by Ladybug, right?Well, he wrote ...... something like that. See?

Millie looked at me for confirmation.
That's right!
This song is produced by Oba Yashiro.
The song that has been passed down from guild to guild is not suitable for the wedding I have in mind.
So, I wrote a suitable song myself.

'......A song that I finally completed after stepping over a number of dead works.
'Really, ...... those dead works were terrible.

Magda and Loretta have destroyed every song I've ever written. In addition to them, Ginette and Estella, who are no longer with us, also happily ruined songs I wrote.
d*mn. They don't even know how hard it is to make a song, they just interfere from the side. ............

'What kind of song was it that you forfeited?
'...... "When you get married, you can rub them as much as you want", "Every night, have fun with boobs Rumba", "Room, shirt and boobs", etc.'
'Ah ...... that's not something you can sing at a wedding ......, is it?'
'Even if it's not a wedding, I wouldn't want to sing it.'
'Not at all. ...... Yashiro is ............'

Millie, Nepheli and Paula are giving me the cold shoulder.
What the hell? The best thing about marriage is that you can rub it in all you want!
You like unlimited cell phone calls, don't you?
It's like a family discount. It's a family-only benefit, yeah.

It may be difficult for you to understand, but lyrics make use of excellent metaphors. In other words, the beauty of having a family through all the rubbing you can do. ......'
'I don't care about that, I'm going to convince Norma!

Hey, Loretta.
Don't call my helpful commentary 'such a thing'.
I'll pour sweet sake into your cheek pouches until they're full.

The first kiss tastes like sweet sake. And give me a subtle look.

.................. I'll never forgive you for being such a prude.
You can't do that until you're married.

'Loretta, you're s*xy!
'Why?I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not going to allow you to get married just because you're an adult.
At the very least, if you can't convince me, you're not allowed to have contact with me!
By big brother's authority!

I'm not sure what to do.
'After all, he's taken good care of, isn't he, Loretta?

The duo of Nefari and Paula are arguing about something I don't understand.
What are you talking about?
Of course you can't. Of course not.
I can show you proof.

'Hey, Norma. What would you do if Loretta said, 'I'm getting married tomorrow too'?
'I'll expose the embarrassing secret that I couldn't tell the boys the other night when we stayed at the Sunshine Pavilion together, a secret that would make them fall in love with me for a hundred years, and crush them.
'Wait!What are you talking about?Forget about it!I'm not here!I don't have a partner like that.

Look at that.
There are more people against it than just me.
It's no exaggeration to say that this has formed public opinion.
......, Loretta. What did you do?

I'm not sure what you're talking about.
What's that, Neffery?What do you mean by that?Let's get this straight!
'Well, well, well. Don't get so excited. If it were Paula, she'd give her blessing, right, Loretta's marriage?
'I'll crush her.
'Paula, your eyes are serious!
'It's ten years too early for you to be happy before me, and I'll never accept it. ...... If such a story comes up, I'll post all of the lascivious things you did when you worked for me on the bulletin board on the main street that your family can't hear.
'Wait a minute!What horrible thing are you saying?There's no such thing!There's no such person, not even a shadow!
'Oh, ...... Paula's on that side, too. ......'

Nefari's mouth twisted. He's a handy guy for a beak.
......, Loretta. What have you done to deserve this, seriously?

'...... Magda's got more secrets than any of them.
'Oh, dear!

...... So, Loretta. What the hell are you doing ............

'Yeah. I don't think I'm going to get a wife just yet.'
'Yeah, yeah. That's good.'
'It's all about order, isn't it?
'What's that satisfied look on your face, big brother, Paula, Norma?

Loretta's noble sacrifice seems to have restored Norma's good mood somewhat.
I won't let your severe burns go to waste.

''Norma. Even this Loretta is trying her best to celebrate Wendy.''
'Well, ......, if even this Loretta is doing her best, I can't be selfish, can I?
'This Loretta is so helpful.
'This is terrible, you, Norma, and Paula!

Thanks to Loretta, it looks like the idol meisters will be able to reunite.

'But this time, the costume is also ............ ukrines, you did a great job.
'I heard she was happy to make it in between wedding dresses.
'You know, Ukulines once said, "It's fun to dress Noma-san."'
'What's that, Ukrinesu? I'm not a dress-up doll.
'...... And after that, Yashiro said, "I have more fun undressing you, though. I'm not sure what to do.
'I didn't say "goofy goofy goofy", did I?
'...... did you say 'it's more fun to get them off' ............ at all, Yashiro'?

It's funny.
I'm not sure what to do.
It's a shame to live in a world where the honest man is the fool.

'So, now that Norma seems to be motivated, let's start practicing.

Nefari summarized the conversation.
This guy looks like he can't wait to sing.
He really likes this kind of thing. If he was in Japan, he might have at least auditioned for an idol. ............ I'm sure the judges would be astonished at the screening stage, though. "Chicken! I said.

'Okay, then, Norma. I'll help you get dressed.'
'Well, while I'm getting dressed, can someone hold Yashiro down?

People are so kind!

'Yashiro ......, don't give me that 'why' look.
'Of course not, ...... you idiot.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
...... d*mn!This world is so absurd,......!

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following webpage.

'By the way, where's Ginette?

While waiting for Norma, Nephrite made small talk with her.

'She's practicing the food for the wedding reception.
'Did Jeannette come up with it?'
'No. Me, Estella, Bertina, Lucia, Demilly and Ricardo have decided on a rough menu.
'What, that dense group ......'

The lords knew a lot about ceremonies and parties, so they were helpful.
I didn't invite Bertina, but she was there before I knew it.

I proposed the general menu, and Ginette added her detailed ideas.
Unusually, Ginette took the initiative in expressing her opinions.
I wondered if she had felt something after spending time with the swallowtail butterfly people at Sirach's place.
Ginette has always been more passionate about cooking than others. It seems that she is also very passionate about this dish.

'It's going to be a great dish, isn't it?
'Yeah. You can count on it.

It's thanks to that dish that Bertina's been in such a good mood lately.
Bertina's usual means of transportation is skipping instead of walking. You can see from that how delicious the food is.

'I've changed my clothes!

I gasp at the sight of Norma emerging from the multi-purpose conference hall.

'It's huge!
'Is there anything else you can think of?

No, because that was the first thing that caught my eye, and I was glued to it.

The image of the costumes this time is that of a ladybug blooming in love in a flower garden, lured by the spring weather. The colorful costume expresses the soft and warm atmosphere of spring, and at the same time, the short, fluttery skirt emphasizes the joy of happy and embarrassed love.
Spring and love. It's a great way to express the excitement and fun of both.

Above all, the bosom!Her thighs are banging!I'm so happy to be alive!

I'm so glad I'm alive!
'You're exaggerating!

No, no, no.
It's no exaggeration to say that this was a pure cry of the soul.

'Now, let's practice singing!

Norma's voice is disguised as a grumpy one as she blasts the members.

'Norma, ...... is pretty cool, isn't it?
'Yeah, yeah. I'm a little worried about you. ......'

The flowers bloom around Norma in such an obvious way that Nepheli and Paula are worried. ...... No, that's a metaphor.
Norma's mood was visibly improving.

I'll give you all the praise I can if this will make you feel better.
Praise is free.

Let's see. I'll motivate the other members.
Girls love to get compliments on their new outfits.

'Nefari. You've got style. You look good in everything. No wonder Ukrines put so much effort into making you.
'Heh!What, what, all of a sudden?What the hell!I'm going to practice now, so don't say anything weird!Thank you, ....... I'm glad you're here.
'Paula. You look good in all those colors. You should share your energy with the people watching.
'Yeah!I'm on it!It's ......, so make sure you keep an eye on Yashiro!I'll share my energy with you!
'Ha, ha, ......, what?
'Don't worry, you're cute. You just need to be confident and enjoy yourself.
'Oh, mmm!Thank you for ....... I was actually nervous, but now that ...... ladybug-san said so, I feel like I can enjoy myself. I'm sure you'll have a great time. ......
'Loretta, is normal'.
I thought it was.
'Just kidding. You look good. Come here. I'll fix your ribbon.'
'Oh, no!My brother is just being normal and kind!Is it because I'm normal, or is it because I'm normal?
'He's not normal, he's really cute.'
I'll do my best!I'll do my best!I'm going to show up where I don't have to!
'No, ......, don't do that. Do it right.

'I'll do it right!
'...... I'm here.'
'Yeah . You're invincible.'
'...... Mwah. Naturally.'
'............ You're cute.'
'.................. Wow, don't bother telling me, I know .......'
'I see.'
'...... But I can say it one more time.'
'You're the cutest thing I've ever seen.'
'...... Mwah!Magda will lead us all, and we will make it.'
'Oh, are you going to say something to me too?
'You look lovely today.'
'What do you mean, 'today' too?Stop it!Stop it!Even if I were to give you a pass, it would be 'today', right?
'Delia is always cute.'
'...... Really?'
'Hahaha!I'm starting to feel like I can do my best!
'And finally, ...... Bertina. There's no food here, so go back to the sunlit pavilion.
'That's terrible, Yashiro-san. I'm just here to support you.''

You're just asking for food when you're next to me, you know.

'But you're really good at making people happy, aren't you, Yashiro?
'They're so simple.'
'No. It's because Yashiro-san looks at you carefully and really cares about you, so he knows what words to say to make you happy, right?
'...... Hmmm. Don't talk about people like they're marriage fraudsters.
'If it's Yashiro-san, many people might be fooled. But you can't.'

I won't do it.
If you do that, you'll lose your life in half a day.

'By the way, is it possible to please me?

As if begging, Bertina tilted her head and looked up at me.
...... I can't help it.

'I'll put some jelly on your dinner.
'I'm so glad!...... But that wasn't the point, was it?
'Then no jelly. ......'
'No, no. I was very happy, so I'll leave it.'

Oh, man.
They're all so simple.

Don't let the ...... scammers fool you.

'Alright!Let's practice the new song then!

Norma leads the band in practicing the new song.
This time, Loretta's sisters are in the backing band.
I asked them to learn to play the lyre and the transverse flute. ...... They really absorb everything I ask them to do very quickly.
They've reached the level of a professional orchestra.
And when the light four-beat music began to flow, the idol meisters began to dance in unison, swaying their gorgeous costumes.
Slow, slow, tot. Slow, slow, toot.
It's the rhythm of the Zilva.

'Mr. Yashiro, what is this song?'
'It's 'The Ladybird's Jilba', a song about a couple getting married and the insects in the forest celebrating and dancing with them!

It's not a samba!
The lyrics and melody are nothing alike!
It's a completely new wedding song!

'It's delightful music. It makes me happy to listen to it.

Next to me, Bertina shakes her head and smiles innocently.
Oh, I see.

'You're nervous, aren't you?
'Hmm. I'm no match for Yashiro-san.

He's also a little nervous because he's been given an important role in his first wedding.
It's a wedding, not a regular marriage.
Solemn, solemn. If I fail, I might tarnish the bride and groom's beginning.
They're probably feeling that kind of pressure.

'Don't worry. Just congratulate the bride and groom as you normally would, with your eyes as if you were watching over your own child.

'Yes ......, I know. But it's very comforting to hear you put it into words like that.

Then he quietly puts his head on my shoulder.

'May I indulge you just a little?
'It's ...... an after-the-fact report, isn't it?
'Mm-hmm. Yes, it is. Just a little more, then.'

As if leaning against me, Bertina leaned in close and gazed at the idol meister singing and dancing merrily.
I can feel her trembling faintly.

They're all nervous, aren't they?
They're practicing hard because they're nervous, too.
I'm sure Ginette is nervous too. She's working hard on her cooking.

Umaro and Imelda are also running around to make a carriage.
Ukrines, too, has not slept well lately.

Estella, on the other hand, has been meeting with the lords of other districts every day to discuss the opening of new stores on the main streets of each district. Or perhaps we should say that she is getting all the know-how she can.
He said, 'I'm really tired of being asked for advice day after day.


Theron and Wendy are caught in the middle of this tension.
The more noise they make, the harder they try, the more pressure they are under.
Maybe they are regretting their decision to accept the model case so casually.
Well, I'll make it a good ceremony for you, so be patient.

'Don't you ever get nervous, Yashiro-san?

Bertina asks, her forehead resting on my shoulder.
Her subdued voice seemed to indicate that she did not need to answer.
But it's a simple answer. I'll at least do this.

'Of course you will.

I'm nervous.
I'm always nervous, man. I'm a coward, you know.

I'm always worried that people will think I shouldn't have done it.

But there are many things you don't know until you try them, and in my case, more often than not, things turned out okay when I tried them.
Above all, I'm not very good at taking chances without taking any action.
If a bait is dangling in front of me, I can't help biting it even if I know it's a trap.

'If it gets hard, the ...... Church is always ready to receive you.

While the Church says ......, Bertina is probably planning to do so herself.
In other words, 'If you need anything, you can count on us.
I'll just take your sentiment.
Because I don't need it.

Because I don't need--

'Oniichan!Don't flirt with the sisters, watch me practice properly!
'...... Yashiro, Guilty.'
I'm watching you!

And so it goes, lively, over and over again, practice after practice, and little by little we move forward.
The sky is darkening, and the end of the day is approaching.

The members of the idol-meister group don't stop practicing even after the nightfall, asking for one more time, just one more time.
Ahhhh. This is a dinner course. Some of us are going to be too hungry to go home.

'Hey!Practice until you're satisfied, then stop by the sunny-side up restaurant on your way home!I'll make you some dinner!
'Yay!It's salmon!
'Hmm!Thank you.
''Alright, I'll try harder!

I leave the idol meister, who still intends to work hard, behind.
Bertina left before the sun went down.

I walk alone through the night streets lit by glowing bricks.
The widened path is flat and easy on the feet.

As I walked further, past the church, past Momat's field, ...... a very nice smell wafted into the air.
It was the scent of the sunny pavilion.

I walk into the garden and open the door.

'Welcome home, Mr. Yashiro.

That's how Ginette greets you.

It's okay to be nervous and tired.
After all, I'm accompanied by Ginette ............'s sunlit pavilion.

'Huh?What's wrong, Yashiro-san?
'It's nothing.
'But your face is kind of red .......'
'Maybe it's because I'm hungry!Oh, yes!The members of the Idol Meister will be here later.

'Yes!Then I'll prepare a lot of food for you!

Yes, yes.
It's a nice place, the Sunken Pavilion!
I love this place!
I'm so at home at the Sundaari-tei!

It's not like I'm talking about anyone in particular or anything like that. ......?