219-Later Tan 47 Wedding Parade


Wendy . That was the first thing she said at the reunion with her parents.

'Wa............ won't laugh...... won't laugh either...... I'm not laughing ......I'm not laughing ......I'm not laughing ......I'm not laughing ......I'm not laughing ......... ...Pfft!It's not fair. ......Oh, my father ......sa............ ............!

My shoulders are shaking.

'Yes. So, Wendy's carriage will be alone with Thibaut.
'Wait, Hero-sama!It's okay!I'm not crazy at all anymore!That's all!I want to be alone with Theron on my wedding day!
'No, but... If you don't get used to it during the parade, you'll be laughing the whole wedding day, right?
'Don't worry!It's not even funny anymore, you know, my father!
'...... Laughing without permission and being abusive without permission,...... I wonder what kind of person I am,......'

Wearing a neat, custom-made tuxedo made by Ukrines, Tibor is lamenting the absurdity of this world.

'It's not your fault that you look so funny!Put on a serious face!
'This way, Ka-chan?I'm sorry!
'Pfft!My father's ......!I'm sure you've got some sort of grudge ............ against me.I'm not sure what to say.

They look like a very close family.
I'm not sure what to do.

'Yashiro. You'll have to leave soon or you'll never make it.
'Oh. I know.'

Estella came to call us.
It was forbidden to take a carriage to the garden, so Wendy and I came to call Valeria and Thibaut, but Wendy started laughing and we lost a lot of time.

'Miss Wendy. We'll fix your makeup later, okay?Natalia will clean it up for you.
'I'm sorry, Mr. Manager. I'm sorry for the trouble.

Ginette, who had been following Estella, was concerned about Wendy's make-up, which had been ruined by too much laughter.
Even if you fix your makeup, it'll probably fall off soon.

The makeup expert is Percy, the raccoon from the sugar factory,......, who refused my request.
'I wear makeup every day, so I must be a pro, right?I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.
I asked him to do it ...... in a happy mood. What's wrong with that?
In frustration, I separated Percy's seat at the reception from Neffery's as far as I could.

'Well, let's go.

With Estella in the lead, we crossed the flower garden and headed for Lucia's house.
There, we will find the carriage for the parade and Javier's prized horses.

In the garden, the Bugmen clapped us off.
'I'll see you later! or, 'Thanks for the stall!We're looking forward to it! and 'We're so happy to be together! I'm looking forward to it!

...... Ah. I didn't want to mention it because I don't want to. ............ We're wearing the antennae catsuits now.
We're going to be wearing them for the entire parade. ......Why me too?

'You're the only one who doesn't look pretty when you grow antennae, anchovy.
'I'll tell you the same thing when you get big tits, remember that.
'There is no such possibility anymore!
'So graceful!And don't cry a bit!

When we arrived at Lucia's mansion, she was waiting for us in the garden.
She doesn't seem to be a stickler for 'nobles don't wait outside' anymore. Maybe it's just for today.

'Yashiro, everyone!The carriage is in good working order!I assure you it will be a comfortable journey!

Umaro, who took care of the manufacture and maintenance of the carriage, said confidently.

'It's amazing, isn't it? No matter how many times I see it.
'Hey, we're going to ride in such a gorgeous carriage, aren't we ......?
I'm going to be scared .............

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
...... I'm not going to do it.You'll have to put up with it even if it kills you.


Theron, who has probably been waiting for you for some time, comes running up to see Wendy.
He is also wearing a custom-made tuxedo made by Ukrines.

'Haha ...... You look great, Theron. You look like a prince.'

It's funny ...... how similar clothes made by the same person can be so different when one is 'poo......' and the other is 'poo poo' ....... I wonder why there is such a difference.

'Wendy's dress is lovely, too.
'Thank you, Theron. It really is a dream come true to be able to wear such a beautiful dress. ......'

Wendy put her hand on her cheek and looked enraptured.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your wedding.

'...... Sorry, Wendy. It's just a little mistake.
'What, mistake?
'It's not the dress that's beautiful, it's you in the dress, Wendy.
'Oi, Gilberta!Blunt instrument!
'No, Yashiro-san!Please hold back!

Gilberta, who puts her friends before everything else, was about to bring me a Morning Star that looked just right, but Estella stopped her and I reluctantly went to return it to the building.

d*mn it. Why are you interrupting me, Ginette and Estella?

'That dress is red, so even if Theron's blood splatters a little, it won't be noticed.
I'm not sure what to do.

Oh, ......, I didn't account for that. ......

Oh, yeah.
The parade, wedding, and reception each have different costumes.
The parade is a light, relatively easy to wear red dress. Theron wears a black tuxedo.
For the wedding, he will change into a pure white dress and tuxedo, and for the reception, he will change into another gorgeous outfit.

It's a big publicity parade for the wedding.
It is a grand and gorgeous event.

There are five carriages in total.

Theron and Wendy are first.
Then the parents of the two families and Lucia's maid of honor.
Next are Lucia and Gilberta, the lords of the 35th district, and their servants.
Behind them are Estella and Natalia, the lords of the forty-second district. And then me and Ginette from the Sunken Pavilion.
At the end are some soldiers from Torbek and Estella's house in case of unforeseen circumstances.
And the horses in front and behind the carriage, flanking it, are soldiers from Lucia's family.

The reason for the soldiers?
Of course, it is partly for security, but the soldiers in front and behind the carriage are to carry a large flag.
Flags with the emblems of the lords of the forty-second and thirty-fifth districts, respectively.
This will make it widely known that the two districts are cooperating with each other, and make it clear to everyone that the two districts are fully backing the wedding of the Bug People and the Humans.
Furthermore, by marching down the main street of each ward with the permission of the lord, it would be publicized that all the wards below the 35th ward were in support of this project.

A parade of this magnitude will be held with the support of that many wards.
There will be no room for petty jealousy or side-stepping.
No one wants to go that far to humiliate the insect race.
No one would want to go that far to demean themselves either.

We controlled the atmosphere.

A marriage between a human and an insect?What's wrong with that?
What's the problem?
I mean, what's the problem with ......

What's the problem with two people who love each other getting married?

It's as simple as that.
No one is going to complain, right?

'Alright!Let's start the big reveal!

We climbed into the carriages, which were fully opened at the top like a convertible.
Each carriage can hold about eight people. It's a rather large carriage.

'Oh, ......!

I thought I heard a strange voice, but Theron was pulling Wendy's hand and escorting her to the carriage.
'You're killing me, Theron,............, explode.

'It's pretty obvious what he's thinking.

Estella taps me on the shoulder and pushes me back.
You want me to get in the car now?I don't need to be told. ......

When I got into the carriage, I saw Magda and Loretta hiding there.


...... You scared me.

'...... Hmph. I've been waiting.'
'Even if you tell me to get off, I'm definitely not going to retreat.'

The two of them clung to their seats with a strangely firm will.
Originally, it was only going to be me and Ginette riding in the carriage as representatives of the Sunlit Pavilion.
Magda and Loretta were supposed to stay at the store, but ......

'Shop, what's going on?
'...... I've left it in the hands of Norma With Hamko All-Stars.'
'Hammaro is also there, so it's probably fine.'

'You guys... ......'

You're a complete outsider now, Norma.

Well, we've rented the place out for the day to prepare for the wedding reception, so there's no need for you to be on duty. I'm really a stay-at-home mom. ...... But the person in charge is not here.

'...... That's not good. There's no smile on Yashiro's face.
'Is this a pattern that will make me very angry later?I'm not sure what to do.
'...... Manager. I want you to call the manager.
'Manager~!Please come here!As soon as possible, please!
'What?Why are Magda-san and Loretta-san here?

Ginette, who ran into the carriage after me, rolled her eyes when she saw them already in the carriage.
Well, you'd be surprised.

'...... Now's the time for the Yashiro killer.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it.
'Where's the store?
'...... Norma's there.'
'Also, I packed a lot of our younger siblings into the ...... store.'
'Oh well, I'll have to thank ...... Norma properly next time.

Ginette ...... has a troubled look on her face with her hands on her cheeks, but her eyes show a happy color.
Yeah, I get it. I understand, Jeannette. You know you have to do your job properly, but you're happy to parade with us, right?But you have to be angry with her for her selfish behavior, but you feel sorry for her if you get angry with her, don't you?
...... See, you look at me like that again.

'Haha ......, I can't help it.

It's a good day.
I'll give you a special treat.

In exchange, you're gonna make the parade a lot of fun.

Really. I'll have to reward Norma when we get back.

'You're beastmen, but you'll have to wear this .......'

With that, he attached the antennae catsuits to Magda and Loretta's heads.
All four members of the Sunlit Pavilion have antennae on their heads. In addition, Estella and Natalia have matching heads.

'Oh, so this is the tentacle catsuit they're talking about?I've always wanted to try one on!
'...... Magda is kind of a lot.

Ears and antennae. It's true that the top of Magda's head is a little messy.

'Cute, Magda.'
'...... Mwah. Good.'

Her ears twitched, and she shook her antennae catsuit.

'Yashiro has become very sweet, hasn't he?

Estella gets into the carriage and pokes me in the side.
Don't you dare touch me. I'll say 'payback' and poke you.

'Magda and Loretta, you'll be in charge of livening things up.
'Yes, sir!I'll leave it to you!
'...... Magda is good at that kind of thing.'

Really, this expressionless girl is ......

While we were fussing over the unexpected intruder, the other carriages seemed to have finished their preparations for departure.
We hurriedly took our seats and finished our own preparations.

'Here we go!

The soldier at the front of the carriage shouted vigorously, and the carriage began to move slowly.
The five gorgeous carriages begin to move forward in unison.

The parade has begun!


The crowd in front of the Lord of the Thirty-fifth District's mansion erupted in cheers.
From here, once they reached the main street of District 35, they would have to walk along the main street for the rest of the way.

'Why, I'm getting nervous.
'Aren't you nervous?Let me see your breasts.'
'Yes, sir.
'Ginette-chan stoop!You're being s*xually harassed by Yashiro!

The air inside the car became even hotter as it reached the main road.

'Aaahh!It's amazing!Big brother, look!There are so many people here!
'...... is spectacular.
'Oh, there's a girl from the Bug People tribe waving at us. I wonder what tribe she belongs to?She's so cute.

Both sides of the main street were packed with people.
Insects, humans, and beastmen alike were all watching the parade, food from stalls in their hands.
Children and adults alike waved their hands in the air with innocent faces.

Ginette waved back in response.
Magda followed suit with a firm but expressionless hand.
Loretta stands up and waves her arms in the air.
Estella gives a small, elegant wave.
Natalia watched the scene quietly.

'Aren't you going to wave, hands?
'I'm a waiter. I'm a waiter, I don't do anything intrusive.
'The audience is always happy when you wave back, you know?
'You're a waiter, sir?
'Oh. Give it a try.'
'At .......'

Natalia waved discreetly at my prompting.
Then the bug-people girl waving in the front row jumped up and down with joy.

'I just made eye contact. It's her!That's her!The bug-people girl with the black hair and antennae!
'All right. All right, calm down.

It's fun, isn't it?

Her cheeks flushed, and Natalia's tension rose visibly.

'Thank you for doing this for me today.
'I didn't gather here for you!
'Can you see me, behind you?
'Are you a rock singer?

'Second floor seats! What's that?

'Yashiro-san. Are you sure you want to do this?

Ginette said, her facial muscles relaxing with happiness.

'We're just accompanying Theron-san and Wendy-san, and you're letting us have so much fun.
'It's fine, isn't it?If this position looks fun, there will be people who want to do it, right?

Then the nobles would say, 'When Maro gets married, we'll have a parade! and spread the money to the city to pay for it.
For us, it means more opportunities to make money.

'Enjoy it to the fullest. Theron and the others will be happy to see you.'
'Yes, sir!Then I will.'

With a big smile on her face, Ginette begins to wave to the crowd again.
Every time she does, the crowd cheers.

Well, you know.
In the parade of the Dream Kingdom in Chiba area, even if the main character is not a mouse, the audience is happy to be waved at.
That's how it is.

'Huh?What's that?
'...... Mm. That's food I've never seen before.

Loretta and Magda were attracted by the food in the hands of the spectators.
It was a bacon-wrapped potato on a skewer.

'Ah. That's jagabey.'
'Big brother, you know it!
'Oh. See, the 35th district is a seafood town, right?It's weak in meat. That's why I told Lucia to help facilitate the distribution of meat.

Just wrap small potatoes with bacon and fry them.
It's easy enough to serve at a food stall, and not so difficult to eat.

'Why don't you tell me about it?
'...... I haven't even tasted it.'
'I'm interested in ...... what it tastes like!
'Oh, I'd like to try it too.'
'Hey, hey. We're in the middle of a parade.I'll make you some next time, just be patient for now.''

You can't just stop the carriage and say, 'I'll go buy some.
We're just along for the ride.

'Gentleman, please stop. I'm going to buy something!
'Oh, Natalia!You can't do that, can you? Don't try to do something that I thought was impossible without hesitation!
'I'll destroy this parade if I can't eat that!
'Hey, someone!Take down this dangerous head waiter!

In the end, we asked Lucia's soldier on horseback to buy enough jagabeh for all of us, and we ate it on the carriage.

''It's Hoihii!This is quite something!
'Loretta. Don't talk while you eat.'
'...... delicious.'
'Yes, sir. 'Yes.
'Don't let the guests watching from upstairs in the inn see your jugabee, Natalia!

This carriage is a complete picnic.

'Aah!You're the only ones cheating, anchovies!
'I want some of that, too.

From the carriage in front of us, Lucia and Gilberta are staring at us with huge eyes.
...... Then get them to buy it for you, too.

I'd like you to stop the carriage, sir!I'm going to get some, I am!
I'm not going to let you stop the parade!

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.
...... Do all waiters think the same way?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
I want to eat it!

As we ate deliciously on the carriage, the onlookers began to take an interest in the Jagabee.
This stuff is going to sell like hotcakes later, jagabey.
That's good. If it does well, it might become the second most famous food after seafood.

'Aah!I'm thirsty!
'...... Such a large amount of potatoes, and the salty bacon ...... is taking away the water in my mouth.'
I'm sure you'll have a great time.

I'm not sure if it's as good as it sounds,......, sales.
...... Don't get in the way of business.

I'm sure it would be great with a cold beer!

I don't know.
Why am I following this ......

'Doesn't Master Yashiro like to drink?
'Shut up, it's a follow-up, it's a follow-up!It's the kind of negative feedback that can hurt your sales.
'Do you really need to worry about that?

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.
...... These guys really don't care about anything other than the 42nd district. ......

If Juggabee is a hit, we've been promised honey from the garden in exchange for incentives. Why don't you cooperate a little?

'Hey, bro!You've got a good point!

A beastman approaches the carriage with a large barrel in his hand.
His neck is short, but his face is ...... giraffe-like?

'I'm just peddling beer around here!I'll give you a pint!
'That's very kind of you, but be careful approaching the wagons, it's dangerous.

The parade would be ruined if we were swarmed by merchants like this.
I'll have to tell them off nicely.

'I know what I'm doing!I'm not going to interfere with the parade!It's just that ...... you see,............, I'm ......'.

What is it?He suddenly started to squirm. ...... Then he glanced at Natalia and said, ......

'I want that pretty lady over there to drink my beer!

Yeah, yeah.
You don't want to get in the way of the parade or something. ...... You don't get it at all, do you?
When Natalia waved at you, you thought, 'Did I just make eye contact? I wonder if she fell in love at first sight.

Well, if you're going to give it to me for free, let's have a drink and get out of here.

'What do you say, Natalia? Do you want one?
'But I'm on duty, sir.
'Duty doesn't mean I have much to do today. Can't we at least have a beer?
'I ...... feel like taking off my clothes when I drink, but if you're okay with that, ......'
'Sorry, old giraffe!I'd like to refrain from drinking during the parade!I'll just take your word for it!

...... can't give Natalia a drink.
The parade will be destroyed in an instant. ............ Estella. You'd better make sure you're disciplined. ...... d*mn, he looked away.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
It was very lively.
And they seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I'm sorry to say this, but this is just a civilian wedding.
You all don't know Theron or Wendy, do you?Well, maybe you know who invented the glowing brick, but ...... that's about it. You're not a celebrity, you're not a celebrity.

Still, the crowd was very excited.

'It's amazing. So many people, all smiling.

Ginette said, a little overwhelmed.
In fact, the amount of heat that was being transmitted to us was tremendous.

It's nothing special, just a marriage between a man and a woman. Many spectators are watching.

'These people here are seeing the same thing right now. But they're not necessarily thinking the same ...... thing.'

I don't know what they're happy about, what they're excited about, what they're moved by.

'Still, when they remember today, they'll probably have a similar smile on their face. From now on, forever.

Today is the turning point.
For these guys.
And for this city.

'Yes, it is. ...... surely.'

I line up with Jeannette and wave to the crowd.
I shake my body on purpose, my antennae waving in the air. And the little bugger kids start to frolic with glee.

What is now spreading along this boulevard is an extraordinary world.
Humans are wearing antennae headgear, and insects are wearing yukata and eating the same food in line at the stalls.
This is the first time for them to experience everything, and they must be having so much fun that they are getting excited like idiots.

I wonder who among us here would think that.

Wendy marrying a human, 'Oh, she must be treated like a slave.

What we've done is really simple and easy.
We ran around and talked to people, but if you think about it ......, all we did was create a place where we could make noise together.

If you don't understand well, you should join us and make some noise.
That's all I'm telling you.

From now on, they themselves will see, hear, and feel what they see, hear, and feel directly in their minds as memories and experiences.

I digress, but con artists and salesmen have one thing in common.
If you want to sell a product, you should not advertise the superiority of the product, but tell the story of the product.
No matter how much you advertise the high performance of your product, it will not reach those who are not interested.
People are moved by stories and are moved by them.

When you want to sell a cookie, you can sell it by saying, "This is the taste of my grandmother's memories when she used to make it for me when I was a child," rather than explaining how it was made with luxurious ingredients and advanced technology.
People imagine a story and feel the need to touch that story. They loosen their purse strings to know the taste.

'Oh, Mr. Yashiro!It's Shiraha and the others!

Jeannette's voice rose as she spotted a familiar face in the crowd.
Sirach and Orki were watching the parade, and Nikka and Karl were dressed up and accompanying them. Nikka looks good in a yukata, doesn't she?

'You look happy, Sirach. Orkio-san too.
'Ah... I guess so.'

A few decades ago...
Sirach and Orkio worked hard to convince each other of how wonderful they were.
They appealed with all their might that even different races could understand each other.
Even so, those who could not feel it stubbornly refused to listen to them.

No matter how high the performance of a product, it will not reach those who are not interested.

What moves people's hearts is an emotion that can't be ignored.
A story that moves the heart.

It's the kind of absolute love that leaves no room for interruptions, just as Sirach and Orkio have shown us with their own bodies.
Those who saw Sirach and the others must have 'felt' it without exception.
That their marriage was not a mistake.

'I'm sure they'll be thanked by many people in the future.
'Yes. I think so, too.'

Waving to Sirach and the others, Ginette murmured as if she were sure of it.
Then she turned her gaze from Sirach to me and said with more confidence than before.

'I'm sure many people will be grateful to you, Yashiro-san.

Then, without the slightest hint of doubt, he smiled broadly.

'Because I am grateful.

...... So, I didn't do much of anything.

'Let's definitely have a good wedding.'

This time, Ginette left the sunny pavilion and touched many people.
Her feelings must have come to fruition on this day.

After this, Ginette has a big performance ahead of her.
She had a big job to do, to take charge of the food for the wedding reception.

'I'll make it the best wedding ever.

And you too will be a grateful man.
For many years to come. ......

Every time I taste your food, I'll remember you over and over again.

Slowly but surely, the parade made its way down the main street.
Towards the Forty-second Ward.