220-Later Tan 48 Wedding Ceremony

'Wow ......!'

I didn't know who it was that let out such a breath. Or perhaps there is no one who did not let out such a breath.

'You look beautiful, Wendy.
'Thank you very much. ...... I'm a little embarrassed, though.'

Ginette and everyone else in the room sighs at Wendy, who is wearing a pure white dress.

'It's so nice of you to let someone like me wear such a beautiful dress. ......'
'That's not true, Wendy. Look at it.'

Estella leads Wendy's gaze to the full-length mirror.
Even Wendy gasped at the sight of the beautiful bride in the mirror.

'Such a beautiful bride shouldn't say such a thing. You're definitely the star of the show today.
'That's right, Miss Wendy. Today, in this place, Wendy is definitely the most beautiful.
'Well, thank you for that .............'

Wendy was grateful, but did not say a word of denial.
I guess she thought that would be rude.
I'm not sure what to say.

This is the second floor of the Sunken Pavilion. Ginette's room.
There was no room in the church that could be used as a waiting room for the bride and groom, so they opened up the sunlit pavilion as a waiting room.

Two hours had passed since the end of the parade.
We had plenty of time to change clothes and prepare for the ceremony.

In the meantime, Magda, Loretta and the others are preparing the ceremony site.
The parents of the two families were currently being entertained in the lord's mansion by Natalia and her waiters.
The other guests have been told to arrive at the time of the ceremony.

I'm here with Ginette and Estella. Ginette, Estella, Ukrines and the Hammies.
And, rather unexpectedly, Nephrite, who has been getting to know Wendy very well lately, is also here.

It seems that she has been giving and receiving advice on love.

'Wendy. Your dream is finally coming true. Congratulations.
'Thank you, Mr. Nefari.

'Thank you, Mr. Neffely.' They laughed at each other.
Wendy's nerves seem to be easing up now that she's exchanged a few words with Nepheli.

So, why am I, a man, in the bride's waiting room? ......

'Have you stopped crying yet, Theron?
'I'm sure you'll be fine,............ I'm sorry. ............

Because there's Theron crying here.
He said, 'Wendy is so beautiful, I can't stop crying! So, ............ shall I smear some drying agent in her eyes?

'Come on, Theron. You need to stop crying. You can't stand in front of everyone with that face.
'W...... wende............ weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!You look beautiful, Wende!

You're Wendy's father.
It's not every groom who cries here.

'He was so nervous and clumsy, I thought showing him Wendy would get him back on track. ......'
'It had the opposite effect, didn't it?
'But you seem to be happy.'

I'm disappointed, Estella is dumbfounded, and Ginette giggles.

'Hey Theron!Don't you think it's unbecoming of a man to make his bride feel uncomfortable on her wedding day?You should be more dignified!Otherwise, I won't forgive you!
'Yes, yes!I'm sorry!

Theron straightens his back at Nephrite's notice.
Yeah, yeah. It's times like this when your girlfriends do their best work.

'...... So, are you ready for the other side?'

While Nephrite was talking to Theron, I gave Ginette a quick earful.
I was in charge of keeping Theron away from Wendy, so I was a little nervous.

'Yes, sir. Mr. Wendy, I've completed your prized product.'
'I see. ............ You didn't tear it or put it on top, did you?
'No, it's fine. It's been made into a proper and delicious dish.
'If it's approved by Ginette, I'm sure it's safe.

It was a surprise plan that I had planned during Wendy's bridal training, to have Theron eat Wendy's homemade food at the wedding reception.
I took more than enough time for this, and during that time, I was desperately trying to isolate Theron, saying, 'It takes time to prepare a bride.

I've been through a lot, you know.

--Knock, knock.

There's a knock at the door.
It's the bride's waiting room. It's forbidden to open the door without permission for any reason.
Estella opens the door and there's Magda standing there.

'...... is ready. Bride and groom, stand by.'
'Yes, sir.'

The wedding hall is ready.
I told Magda to call me after the guests entered the church.
It would be a shame if they saw the dress on the way in.

'Theron. Can you make it?'
'Yes, sir. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I'm fine now.'

Theron's eyes are red, but his expression is crisp.
Yeah, yeah. You're going to have a family now. Pull yourself together, pillar.

'Theron...... is cool......'
'No, I'm not so sure about that.'
'Well, well, Neffery. They say love is blind.'

Estella, you're not following me.
Nephrite and Estella looked coldly at the blind Wendy.
It's said that crying is a negative point for girls because it makes them look unreliable.

The groom's reputation is low compared to the bride's.
Well, that's just the way weddings are. As long as the bride is beautiful, that's all that matters.

'Mr. Theron'.

In the midst of all this, Ginette walks up to Theron with a beautiful, centered posture.
With her usual gentle smile, she says with a very serious look in her eyes.

'From this day forward, you will be Wendy's companion. Everything you do will have an effect on Wendy. I know you are anxious. But right now, at this time, you must become a strong man who will not let others see your insecurities. If you love Wendy, you will do whatever it takes.

That seemed like harsh words for Jeannette.
They were strong words that did not allow her to cry, to whine, or even to express her anxiety.
All of this would lead to the assessment that Wendy's mate was a pathetic man. And that would undermine Wendy's reputation as well.

It's like the unmerciful harshness the sisters sometimes show.

'I know you can do it, sir.

--Warm words of compassion.

'Yes, sir. Thank you, .......'

Ginette's words must have struck a deep chord in Theron's heart.
He bowed deeply, and when he was lifted up again, Theron's face had changed.
Theron's skin has come off, hasn't it?

And Jeannette.
He's changed.

For the better, of course.

'All right!Let's go, you bastards!
'Yashiro. It's a wedding, you should choose your words a little more carefully.'

I shouted in my usual way and Estella complained.
That's right. I can't help it.

'Are you ready?I'm coming, sir.
'...... Sorry. It was stupid of me to get my hopes up for you.'

Estella is the first to leave the room, her shoulders slumping. I'm sure she's going to open the door for Wendy to come through, but ...... what's with that attitude? You'll find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their lives. ......

It's a good thing that you're not the only one.

I'm not sure what to do.
...... What the heck, even Magda.

'Theron, go ahead and escort Wendy.'
'Yes, sir!Come on, Wendy. Give me your hand.

They walk out of the room, hand in hand.
Nephrite is following behind Wendy as she leaves. She lifts the hem of her dress to keep it from dragging.
Her sisters follow closely behind, supporting her.

So it was just me and Ginette left in the room.

'...... are you okay?'

I ask Ginette, keeping my eyes on the door.

'It's tiring doing something you're not used to, isn't it?'
'Oh ...... hmm. That's right. My heart is pounding a little.'

Jeannette scolded Theron.
It was for Wendy's sake, but also for Theron's.
I'm sure they're not the only ones who find harsh words repugnant,......, but it's still hard to be harsh with others.
Especially for people like Jeannette.

'...... But. I don't regret it.'
'I see. Then good.'

Those were words that Jeannette didn't need to say.
But the fact that Jeannette said it must have changed something in those two.

'I'm hoping, too. I hope this day will be a great day.

She murmurs and smiles at me.
I caught it out of the corner of my eye and ...... couldn't help but look at it.

The smiling face of Ginette was more ...... dazzling than ever,.............

'Yes,......, shall we go?

Then Ginette and I left the room together.

In the kitchen, the dishes for the wedding party are being prepared.
It is still in the preparation stage, though. ...... I shudder to think of what's to come.

When we left the sunlit pavilion, a large carriage was parked in front of the store.
This is the carriage that will take us to the church.
The passengers were the bride and groom, myself, Ginette and Estella. And Nephrite and his sisters.

'...... Magda is going to the church ahead of us.'

He said, and Magda ran as fast as she could.
'...... You're fast, as usual.

'Haha ...... it's finally here. I'm nervous.'
'Don't worry. I'll be right next to you.'

Theron holds Wendy's trembling hand.
Blast it. ............ No, just for today. ...... Just for today, I'll tolerate it. Hmm.

The carriage begins to move at a slower pace, heading down the road to the church.

Along the street, many people were crowded.
A small church in the forty-second ward couldn't accommodate everyone, of course.
Those who couldn't attend the ceremony crowded in to catch a glimpse of the bride and groom.

When the carriages came into view, they cheered one after another.

Well, they're not going to attend the ceremony.
It wouldn't hurt to show them the dress.

We slowed down the speed of the carriage and made an encore of the parade to show them off. It's small, but it feels good.
Voices of 'beautiful' and 'lovely' can be heard everywhere.

That's right, you guys. That's how you long for a wedding dress!
'I want to wear a dress like that when I get married someday! Yes!

The carriage slowly travels not too far and eventually reaches the church.

'Big brother, over here ............, wow, you're so beautiful, Wendy!

Loretta's eyes widened as she greeted the carriage.
Perhaps it's because her dress is different from the one she wore in the parade, but she seems to be overwhelmed.

'It's too good for Theron-san. ......'
'Hey, don't say anything rude. At a celebration like this.'

He's really scary.

Magda, who is standing next to Loretta, has calmed down since I just saw her. Maybe ...... was just overwhelmed by the blank look on her face.

'There are sisters in the ...... duty room. You three, go around there.'

The chapel has two entrances, one directly from the outside and the other from the common room.
We will go through the entrance we usually use, meet Bertina in the duty room, and enter the chapel together through the door from the common room.

After that, Bertina will go to the altar.
Estella will go to the lord's table.
Ginette and I will go to the door and open the chapel door from the inside.

And there stands the bride and groom, standing by, and the wedding begins.
Such is the arrangement.

Let the bride and groom stand by the door, and let Loretta and Magda take care of them.

'We've got enough guests to fill the chapel.
'Don't call it a crowd. It's not a business.

I'll say 'guests' but...

'Yashiro. Let's hurry up a bit. We can't keep the guests waiting too long.'
'You're right. Ginette.

Ginette and I put the veil on Wendy's head.
A thin, pure white veil with beautiful floral ornaments, carefully selected by Millie, elegantly hides Wendy's face.

'Oh, ......, you look so beautiful now.

'...... 30% more attractive'
'Thank you, ......, both of you.'

A little embarrassed, Wendy thanked Loretta and Magda.
I'm not sure what to say.

'Then, take care of the rest, both of you.
'...... Leave it to me.'
'I want you to think you're on a big boat!

And to these two as well.

'Now, don't get nervous, okay?
'Yes, sir.
'I'll be fine with Theron.'

I received a reply that made me feel completely confident.

''Good luck, sisters.
''Yes, sir!Leave it to me!

Leaving these people at the door of the chapel, we headed for the duty room.

In the office, Bertina was waiting for us with a gentle smile on her face.
She was dressed in more luxurious clothes than usual, and radiated an aura of purity that seemed to emit negative ions. To be honest, if I were a zombie, I wouldn't go near this person. That's how holy the atmosphere surrounding Bertina was.

'Sister. You're beautiful.'
'Mm-hmm. Thank you, Ginette. But it doesn't matter how beautiful I am, today.
'I see. I see. But you look lovely.
'Your dress is very pretty, too.'

A father and son complimenting each other.
They're very much alike.

...... I hope we don't look alike only in our appetites, I hope we don't look alike only in our appetites, I hope we don't look alike only in our appetites.

You can find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.
I'll skip the conventional suits, but I want to make it clear that Ginette's cocktail dress and Estella's gorgeous dress are wonderful in themselves, and their attractiveness is enhanced by the charm of the person wearing them.
This is the understatement of the year so as not to eclipse the bride. ...... If these guys wore wedding dresses, it wouldn't be surprising if a lot of people fainted.

...... Depending on who's standing next to them, there might be a riot.

'You're not nervous?
'Yes, I'm fine. I'm just going to do my duty as a sister as usual.

Although Bertina was like that, it was not as if she wasn't nervous. Her expression seems to be tense, though only faintly.
She must be anxious about some things.

'However, if I'm not hiding my true feelings, I'm ...... a little worried about something.
You know what? If it's okay with you, I'll at least listen to you.'
'Yes, ...... actually, I think my stomach is going to rumble during the ceremony.'
'Go eat a banana or something!
'Are you sure you want to do that during the ceremony?
'Now, now!

Why are you trying to hold the wedding ceremony with a banana in your hand?
You're going to be standing in front of people, aren't you?

'Well, I'll go ahead and wish you both good luck.

Estella, you ran away.
Oh, my. Bertina is quite difficult to control.

'If you do it right, I'll cut your wedding cake a little bigger.
'Yes, sir!Perfectly, without a single flaw!

...... This foodie sister is ............

Oh, my.
She wouldn't disrespect Theron's wedding.
I'm sure she'll give us the best ceremony ever.

'Shall we go then?

Ginette and I stand side by side and walk out with Bertina.
We walk through the door into the chapel.

'Oh. ......'
'Hola ......'

You're surprised to see that there are more people than you can fit in there.
How did they manage to gather so many people?

A few familiar faces waved at us, but we ignored them.
I lead Bertina to the altar, and Ginette and I walk down the aisle together.
Just make sure you don't step on the aisle before the bride.

'Are you ready?

We whispered to each other, and Ginette and I opened the door at the same time.

'Wow. ......'
'Oh, ......'.

With that, a gasp of admiration escaped the chapel.
All eyes of the guests were on Wendy.

Normally, the groom would go to the altar first, wait for the bride, and then the bride would walk down the aisle with her father.
Wendy would probably start laughing.

So this time, the bride and groom would enter the aisle side by side and walk down the aisle as if they were changing colors at a wedding reception.

As Theron and the others began to walk down the aisle, Magda and Loretta joined us.
When everyone is in place, we close the door.

I'll let you watch the rest.

The bride and groom walk slowly down the aisle.
He walks up to Bertina, who is waiting in front of the altar, and stops.

'Welcome. Welcome to the presence of God the Spirits.

Bertina's crystalline voice echoed.

'Groom, Theron.
'Do you promise to love and live with your wife, Wendy, in health and in sickness?
'I do.'

After a pause, Theron speaks clearly.

After confirming this, Bertina speaks to the bride.

'Bride, Wendy.
'Do you promise to help and care for Theron, your husband, in health and in sickness, and to walk with him all the days of his life?
'Yes. I swear it.'

This one's voice was calm and soft.

Then came the exchange of rings.
This ring was made by a craftsman recommended by Assunto, and it was a very expensive piece of jewelry.
Theron, you've done well.
I would have been sick to my stomach for about a month, but the bricks were selling well, and Theron had purchased them in one lump sum.

Bertina called the hamsters to bring the ring. They walked solemnly. ...... I didn't know you could do this, Hammy.

The bride and groom both receive the rings brought by the hamsters and place them on each other's fingers.
When the rings were exchanged, the guests let out sighs of admiration.
It seems that the girls were struck by this. ...... Hmm. It's a trendy thing to do.

Normally, this would be where the vows would be kissed. ......
It would be too much for these two to kiss in public.

Mostly, it's a matter of getting around the heavy interference from me and others. ......

Well, I think the more open-minded bride and groom should be the pioneers in such things.
I'm going to ask these two to pledge their love in a different way.

That was Theron's assignment, to propose.
He once said, "I'm not going to die! but I didn't accept it and asked him to propose again.

You're going to do it right here, right now, under the watchful eyes of all concerned.

Now, make up your mind, Theron!

'Soo............ haha............'

In the silence of the chapel, Theron took a deep breath.
The sound of it heightened the tension in the place.

Theron gently reached out his arm and lifted the veil over Wendy's face.
Theron and Wendy look at each other in front of the altar.
Bertina casually steps back out of the way.

All eyes in the chapel are on Theron and Wendy.

Then, with eyes full of determination, Theron opens his mouth.

'...... Yes.'
'I have a secret ...... to tell you.'
'A secret ......?'

She scrunched her nose in an embarrassed pose.
He looked away once, but then looked firmly at Wendy again, and Theron continued.

'The first time I met you, ...... you were crying. 'It's lonely being alone.'
'............You remember, don't you?'
'I'll never forget. Ever. Never. Because .......'

With a slight shyness, Theron said clearly with his usual fresh smile.

'The moment I saw you for the first time, I fell in love with you.

The look on Theron's face at that moment was, to my chagrin, a good-looking one.

'Wendy. Ever since that day, I've loved you. I think I'll probably always like you. Maybe I'll like you even more. No, I think I probably will.'

Wendy's voice quivered with tears.
Sniffling, Wendy still tried her best to look forward, to look at Theron.
The sound of sniffling can be heard among the guests.

'I love you, Wendy. I hope you'll let me love you forever and ever. Even more than you love me.

'............ hai. Nice to meet you ............, please.'

With a quick ......, Wendy ran half a step closer to Theron and placed herself in his arms.
The two embrace each other tightly in front of the altar.

The guests applaud loudly.
It's quite a lively scene, but it's probably more appropriate for these guys.

...... You did well, Theron.

I'll give you a generous round of applause too.
I looked next to me and saw Ginette clapping hard with both eyes dyed red and a sobbing smile on her face.

Her face, her large eyes, widened in astonishment.
I looked at Theron and the others to see what was going on. ......

'............ ah'

Theron and Wendy were kissing.

They ...... got excited on their own and kissed in a vow.

I was sure of it when I saw it.
I'm sure the kissing of vows will become a thing at weddings here too.

But before that, I want to say this out loud.


At my command, the invited guests, mostly men, let out a cry from the bottom of their stomachs.

''''' blast it! '''''

--Yeah. I hope this doesn't become a standard.

After the ceremony, the guests were escorted out of the chapel.
This is where the bouquet toss will take place.

As a thank you to the Flower Guild for borrowing Millie's flowers over and over again, we have asked them to use the best flowers for the bouquet.
Once it is established, sales should increase.

'Now, ladies, please come to the front as far as you can!I heard that the person who successfully catches it will have a much better chance of having a wedding next time!

At the sound of Loretta's voice, the women in dresses gathered in front of her with glazed eyes.
There was a certain beautiful woman of the Fox tribe with bloodshot eyes, but ...... let's not look at her.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one.It's a good luck charm, so don't take it too seriously.

I'll be sure to explain such a note to you to prevent the Judgment of the Spirits.

It doesn't matter if it's lore or not!It's always better to have a higher possibility or probability ......!

I'll pretend that I didn't hear ...... the cry of some woman's soul.
Today is a happy day. ...... Tears don't suit you, do they?

I'm going to throw it, then!

Wendy turns around and throws the bouquet over her head, just as she does in Japan.

'Get out of the way!
'I got it!

'Gyarbettsu goruberu ryaaaaaaa!
'Gars gars gars!

Halfway through, a group of hungry women flocked to the bouquet flying in the air, shouting in a way that made it hard to believe that they were women, as if taking the bouquet with such a bare nature would delay their marriage.
But ......

'...... catch'.

Magda, a light-weight woman, easily leaps over the heads of the other women and catches the bouquet.
The women are stunned.

And then, after landing with a flourish, Magda said something like this.

'...... We can't all get married until Magda comes of age. ...... Suck.'

Immediately afterwards, there was a scream of despair. ............ Today is a happy day. I'll keep the details to myself.

After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom boarded the carriage again.
On the carriage are a number of iron tubes made by the hardware guild and strapped to the carriage.

This carriage will take them to the city gate, where they will be asked to 'turn around' and come to the Sunken Pavilion.
This is not a 'U-turn'. It's bad luck to go back.
You have to go 'round and 'round.

You know...
The wedding in the TV drama where the bride and groom drive around in a car with empty cans strapped to them. It's a recreation of that.
I doubt very much if anyone is actually doing that, but since the wedding is to be held in the 42nd district, we should actively incorporate anything that looks interesting.

'I'm off then.

Waving us off, Theron and Wendy headed towards the city gates in a horse-drawn carriage.
The iron cylinders made of iron made a light sound and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

'All right!Gather the people from the Sunlit Pavilion!
'...... here.'
'I'm here too!

At my call, Ginette, Magda, Loretta, Delia, Norma, and even Nephrite had gathered.

Yes. We're in for a rough ride.

'Let's dash back and get the food ready!
''''''Oh! ''''''

The reason I sent Theron and the others towards the city gate was to buy time. They are supposed to take their time and come 'round the street' in about thirty minutes.
Nominally, it was to show off Wendy's beautiful wedding dress to those who couldn't see the wedding.

But in reality, it's just a way to buy time to prepare the food.

...... I couldn't let Jeannette and the others see the wedding otherwise.

'We'll start with drinks, followed by salad, soup, and hors d'oeuvres. In the meantime, Ginette, make up the main dish for the number of people, whatever it takes!
'Leave it to me!I'll do my best!
'...... Loretta, you and Magda prepare the hors d'oeuvres.
'Yes, sir!I'll do my best with you, Magda!
'Then you and Nepheli will be in charge of the salad and soup. We've already prepared the food, so we can handle it ourselves.'
'Yeah. Leave it to me. I'm confident in my serving skills, you know.
'Yashiro!What do you want me to do?
'Do your best with lots of energy!
'Oh!Leave it to me!I'm good at it!

With this division of labor complete, we headed back to the sunlit pavilion as fast as we could.

Thirty minutes until the wedding party.
We'll make it on time and have the best wedding reception ever!

The sky is turning Akaneiro, and this huge project is reaching its climax.