221-Later on, 49 Wedding Reception

'Natalia, Gilberta!Bring out the amuse-bouche!'
'Leave it to me.'
'I'll make sure it's done, perfectly, I'll make sure it's done.

Natalia and Gilberta, dressed in their chic matching waiter's uniforms, bring out the food.
An amuse is, well, an appetizer, a kind of dish that precedes a course. This time, I prepared a carpaccio of sea bream that Masha had given me, served with salmon roe. Masha, who had tasted the dish, was confident that it would go well with wine.

'Ask her what she'd like to drink, too!
'I'll take care of it.
'I already know if there's alcohol or not, me too.

It's a little more luxurious with these two in the same outfit. It's like the All-Stars.
Incidentally, these serving uniforms were prepared for today and are worn by all the staff of the Sunlit Pavilion.
There are some differences between the men and women, but it is a uniform uniform.

Today's uniforms are designed to be subdued so as not to interfere with the dresses of the bride and groom and their invited guests.

'It's a good thing they're here, Yashiro.

Normally, Delia is in charge of the floor, but today she is helping Ginette in the kitchen, since the lord's people are also in attendance.
On the floor, Natalia and Gilberta are the top two, and Norma and Paula are following them.

Loretta and Nepheli are in charge of hosting the wedding party.
They're really good at that kind of thing, aren't they? I told them not to be rude, though.

About thirty minutes ago, Theron and Wendy arrived at the Sunken Pavilion after their tour of the streets and immediately greeted the guests.
Since it was impossible to let everyone in, the walls of the pavilion had been completely opened to create an open terrace. The tables placed in the garden were filled with guests. It was a big crowd.

The sky is getting darker, but there is enough light thanks to the glowing bricks.
Large candles the size of lanterns, made by Becko, were placed on the tables to create a calm atmosphere.

'Big brother, the drinks are ready!
'Good!Then have Estella and Lucia stand by!
'Yes, sir!

Loretta rushes out of the kitchen.

There was no time to go out on the floor because the kitchen had to prepare the food for the chat later.
The drinks have been distributed, which means that there will be greetings from both Estella and Lucia, and then a toast.

'Yashiro-san. After the toast, we'll have the cake ceremony, right?
'Ah. Are you ready, Delia?
'I'm all set!I'm itching to eat!

No, what are you ready for?
I mean, are you ready to carry that cake?

To get from the kitchen to the floor, you have to climb over the steps of the counter.
You can't just put it on a cart and carry it safely.

So, we decided to leave it to Delia to carry this huge cake.
Despite her carelessness, Delia has an excellent sense of balance and will never fall down no matter how hard she stands in the rapids.

Furthermore, Delia's love for sweets is the strongest in District 42.
I'm sure she won't let the cake fall and ruin it.
I'll be there to support you in any way I can.
...... This is the part that makes me the most nervous.

I've asked Estella and Lucia to delay their speeches as long as possible, but we'll start chatting as soon as the cake is done. Please hurry up.'
'Yes, sir!I understand.
''...... Magda, in full operation.
'''We'll do our best too!

Ginette finished serving the hors d'oeuvres and started to prepare the fish dish.
Magda is preparing the main dish, a meat dish.
The sisters dexterously move back and forth between Ginette and Magda, supporting their work.

This is a very high quality kitchen, isn't it?
If Michelin were to travel to this world, it would surely be awarded a star.

However, we still need more help.
In fact, I wanted Norma in the kitchen, but the ...... floor was filled with an unprecedented tension. They can't spare the manpower either.
I'll have to ask Ginette and the others to do their best.

'Master Yashiro'.

Natalia returns to the kitchen, which is in a state of chaos.
Now is not the right time for her to come back. ......

'The amuse-bouche was very well received.'
'Oh, I see. Then Masha must have been pleased.'
'Yes, of course. Of course she was. She said it would give her more energy for her speech afterwards.
'Haha, ......, tell her 'in moderation'.'

I've invited Masha as a special guest this time.
Masha provided us with free seafood to use in our cooking. ...... Oh, no. It was a conditional offer.

Masha once told me sadly that people on land are not interested in the sea.

He was even happy to hug me just because I knew about ikura.
...... I'll never forget that hotate.

So, in order to make this wedding party special, I'm going to explain a little bit of knowledge about fish in the sea to the attendees.
How do fish cross the sea and how do they grow?
The fish that have traveled the oceans are then served as food. I think this is quite an intriguing idea.
In addition, salmon roe, an ingredient not often eaten by people on land, is used in the dish.
A first time experience.
A special experience.

The memories of this evening will be vividly etched in the memories of those in attendance.

So, in exchange for sharing her knowledge of the sea with the people on land, Masha generously provided us with a bountiful array of seafood.
More than that. According to Estella's story, she originally intended to offer it as a congratulatory gift.
But I intervened and made it this way.

Everyone's happy.
That's what today is all about.

'My friend Yashiro. Lucia's greeting is about to end.'

Gilberta walks into the kitchen.
Estella greets her first, followed by Lucia's greeting. Once that's done, the two lords call out a toast - and then the cake.

'Delia, stand by!
'Whoa, wait a minute!Almost there!We're almost ready for the main course!I want to see it too, the cake cutting!

Unusually, Ginette was in a hurry.
But it seems that she can't skimp on the food and is in a hurry.

'...... Manager. In times like these, you should go into the "f*ck you" mode.
'What the hell is that mode?
'Okay, I'll try it!

I don't know what he knows or what he's going to do, but Jeannette clenched her fist and said, 'Mmm! She made a fist and said to the main beef.

''I'll show you how serious I am!
'When did you say that!When did I ever say that?
'There's nothing impossible about me!
'Yes, you do!There are a lot of things you can't do, you know?
'Well, ............, if you fall in love with me, I'll turn you into pork, beefy!
'I don't know what you mean anymore!What's that?I don't know what that means.

But her shoulders began to shake, and she finally erupted into a fit of giggles.

'Mmmm,......, please don't make me laugh,............, Yashiro-san,......, I'm in a hurry,............,' he said.
I'm not sure what to do.

It's a complete self-destruct!
It's also the type that lightly cuts into my heart!

'Oh, big brother, we're in trouble!

Suddenly, Loretta jumps into the kitchen.
What's going on?

'Masha-san got so excited about the popularity of the amuse-bouche that she started talking about fish!
'Don't skip the order!That's what we do before we chat.
'He said something like, "In the first place, humans and the sea have a deep connection.
'I don't need such a grand story!d*mn it!Delia, I'll go out first and stop Masha!You go stand by for the cake!Be ready to leave as soon as I get back!'
'Oh!You take care of Masha!
'Ah!Ginette, Magda, my sisters. You've got five minutes to get this done!
'Yes, sir!
'...... I know what I'm doing.'
'''Yes, sir!'''

I gave a shout out to the members of the kitchen and headed for the mermaid, who seemed to be a little blind when it came to the sea.

When I got to the floor, Masha was happily imitating a sea bream.
...... d*mn, that's kind of funny.

I was anxious to see how the audience would react, but ............ they were laughing.
Well, as long as it's popular, I guess.

'Hi, hi, hi, hi, everyone. The thing Masha was just mimicking is the sea bream, which is the ingredient of the amuse you just ate.

He stood next to Masha.
Then he groped Masha's side so that the guests could not see.

'Masha ............, we'll talk about this later, okay?

'Sorry, sorry, okay?No, it's just that, you know, everyone's reaction was so good that ...... the salmon roe was said to be delicious, and I just couldn't resist. ......... .........I'm sorry.

Well, if you're sorry, that's fine.

'Estella. Have you made a toast?'
'No, not yet.'

Estella lets out a chuckle at her old friend's outburst.
Lucia next to her is ...... Oh, I bet she'll forgive anything Masha does. He's got a big grin on his face.

'Well then, get yourself together!

Estella shouts.
And Lucia straightens her back.

'Thank you for spending this wonderful day with us. And congratulations on the start of your new family .......'

Estella and Lucia look at each other and raise their glasses together.


The guests follow suit and raise their glasses.

Now, let the party begin!

I quickly returned to the kitchen and went out to the floor, this time accompanied by Delia.


A huge cake as tall as a human being appeared, causing the audience to go wild.
After climbing over the steps of the counter, the cake was placed on a dolly, and from there it was carried safely to the front of the bride and groom.
Well done, Delia. You've overcome the most difficult obstacle of the day.

'Now, for the first time the bride and groom will be working together, we will have the cake.
'Here you go, ladies and gentlemen. Please move to a position where you can get a good look at it.

At Nephrite and Loretta's words, the guests approached the cake in unison.
The women's interest was tremendous.

Wendy holds in both hands the long, round-tipped knife that Norma made for her.
Theron gently places his right hand on top of hers.
They stand side by side in front of the wedding cake and quietly and gently insert the ...... knife.

At that moment, there was a round of applause.

I felt that they had been recognized as husband and wife. That's how I felt.

When I looked toward the kitchen, I saw that Ginette and Magda were watching the scene as well.
I looked at Ginette and she gave me a soft smile.
...... It's kind of embarrassing when people do that now, isn't it?
Oh, shit. Maybe it's because Theron and Wendy's loving aura is filling the air around here.
I might have to keep ventilating the whole day tomorrow.

Now, let's move on to the chatting. ......
First of all, a surprise for Theron is planned.
A dish that Wendy prepared without telling Theron was served only to Theron.
It was a very simple vegetable stew, and one could tell just by looking at it that it was delicious.
Of course, the boiled vegetables were not torn into pieces. They were just ordinary boiled vegetables that had been cut with a knife.

As soon as Loretta told him what had happened, he looked at her with coldness and jealousy.
While being subjected to such itchy stares, Theron tastes Wendy's homemade dish.

'...... Delicious. It's delicious, Wendy!

Theron, who has eaten Wendy's cooking before, can clearly see that. He could see how much Wendy's cooking skills had improved.

'Good ............, I'm so nervous!

The audience laughed as Wendy breathed heavily in a cute way.

I think it was a successful plan for the start of the show.
After watching the mood in the hall become more relaxed, we went into the kitchen.

Then the curtain came down on our battle.

Once the cooking began, we had no time to rest.
In a course meal, the next dish has to be served in a flowing manner.
The food must be heated in a timely manner, and the hot food must be served warm, and the cold food must be served cool.
This timing is really difficult. Or rather, it is a hassle.

My nerves, which I don't usually use in my work, have to work at full capacity, and the area between my eyebrows has been tingling.
I hope you don't get a fever tomorrow.

Never mind. I don't care about tomorrow.
Right now, we just need to get through this!

'Yashiro-san, please add some heat to this sauce!But please don't let it burn!
'I'll leave it to you!
'Don't let it boil either.
'Yes, sir!
'Magda, get the garnish!Your sisters, please arrange the plates!
''...... understood.''

'''Yes, sir!''' Ginette gave her instructions crisply.
She's starting to look like a manager, isn't she?

It's not the attitude of doing everything by herself that she had until now.

Trust and encourage others to create something together.

It is surprisingly difficult to rely on others.
In particular, it takes a lot of courage to entrust one's specialty to the hands of others.

Somewhere along the line, Ginette must have acquired that courage.

'Come on, we'll get through to the end!
'...... Mm.'

In contrast to the hellishly hectic kitchen, Natalia and the others on the floor were probably serving the guests gracefully, as if they were dancing.
That's fine.
The place where the guests can see them should be elegant.

'Grapefruit gelée, here we go.

Natalia explained the situation outside as she lowered the plates.
The grapefruit gelée is a palate cleanser after the fish dish.
After that, it was time for the main course.

The roasted bonakon is made from the meat of the bonakon that Magda had hunted in the forest outside.
The bonakon is surrounded by roasted beef. It is a luxurious dish where you can enjoy two kinds of meat.
I thought of duck, but the bonakon was the best.

'Thanks to Mr. Magda, I was able to make a wonderful dish.
'...... Mwah. '...... once-in-a-century Bonacon.'
'No, don't compete with the Lumberjack Guild's wood. ......'

'Sure, it's a nice piece of meat, but I'd believe it if you said once in a hundred years.

'Five more minutes until the main course is served.

After Natalia, Gilberta comes to the kitchen.
The serving is finished.
All that's left is to pour the sauce I heated up.

'Ginette, you're in charge.
'Yes!I'll show you what I'm made of!......Hmmm,hmmm......'
'Hey ......, is that really an imitation of me?

I'll show you how it's done!

'It's done!

Ginette smiled as she poured the sauce on the last piece.
What came out of her mouth was one of the most radiant voices in recent years.

'Please, Natalia, Gilberta.
'Yes, sir.
'I think I can handle it, I do!

And so, the main dishes were served one after the other by the two talented head waiters.
After finally getting over the hump, ......

'Well, gentlemen. Only dessert remains. Let's keep our heads up and do our best!

Everyone there nodded with all their might, even though they must have been exhausted.
It's almost over.
Mission complete.

After the main dish, we'll have dessert and coffee.
Somehow, I'm almost sorry it's over.

Theron and Wendy cut the wedding cake into small pieces, with only one slice cut.
A small, long, narrow plate is placed on the worktable.
The cut wedding cake and baked goods are placed on the plate.
The cake is served with macarons.

Normally, I would have gone for ice cream, but it's difficult in this world without ...... freezers.
Instead, I decided to serve colorful macaroons.
When I tried to make them, Ginette and Estella liked them very much, so I decided that they would be popular.

Pink and yellow-green macaroons next to a plain white cake.
Yes. The color scheme is nice.

'I love macaroons, don't you?

Oh, Delia's a girl.
Macaroons, Delia likes that kind of thing, doesn't she?

'...... I think Magda could have served it with caramel popcorn.'

That's what Magda might think, but ...... popcorn next to a cake is not ............

'Then I'll make some coffee.
'...... Magda will make tea.'

It's about ten minutes until the main course is finished. ......
In a city without an electric kettle, inconveniences are the norm.
To make a cup of coffee, you have to boil the water. It's a pain in the ass.


'Oh, ......, I can finally afford it.
'Mm-hmm. Thank you for your hard work.
'...... Yashiro is a bit weak. Magda will train him next time.'
'Oh, I'll go with you then.'
'I'm going to die if I'm squeezed by you two.

Even if it's a joke, it's a bad joke, and I'm afraid they'll try to make it not a joke.

Then, a few moments of quiet passed: ......

'Main dish, almost done.'
'I think it's time for dessert.

Natalia and Gilberta came into the kitchen to take down the plates.
All right. Let's do one last thing!

Once the dessert was finished, the work of the Sunlit Pavilion was complete.

'Well, everyone. Let's go.

Ginette said, smiling meekly as she held the tray with the cake.
At the end, everyone hands out the cake together.
We want to feel close to our customers and see their smiles. This service is in accordance with Ginette's management philosophy.

In other words, we want to see them. It's delicious! I want to see the faces of the customers.

You go out to the floor with the cake.
When the dessert appeared, the audience cheered and clapped for some reason.

'Yes!I've been waiting for you!

There was an out-of-place shout.
This is a drinking party!

The women were interested in the colorful macarons and were chatting with each other.

'How cute!
I've never seen anything like this before!

I hear such comments.
That's good. That's good.

'Aaah!Magda is so cute!Magda is wearing a different uniform than usual, she's a real angel!

...... Yeah. I'll just ignore that one.

I'll just ignore it.The bride and groom will be leaving for now!

Color change.
The bride and groom have been in their wedding dresses and tuxedos for the whole wedding party.
We'll have a change of attire here.
Uclines will do the changing.

We're supposed to have dinner while we're there.
And Natalia and Gilberta will take the front for Loretta and Nephrite. The MCs also change.
Loretta and Nepheli have the idolmeister.

There was a brief period of chatting ......, during which Percy complained, 'My seat is so far away! During this time, Percy complained that the seats were too far away, but I ignored him because he left out 'with whom'.

Magda and Delia also went to prepare for the idolmeister, and it was just me and Ginette at our table.

'It feels like it's been a long time. Just the two of us.
'Yes, it has. It's also been a long time since we've had dinner together like this.

Feeling a special atmosphere, Ginette and I tucked into an exquisite course meal.
I'm proud of myself, though.

About fifteen minutes later, the hall erupted in cheers.

'You're beautiful, Wendy.

Next to me, Jeannette let out a sigh.
Wendy and Theron, who had changed their colors, reappeared in the hall.

Wendy wore a classy blue dress that looked like the blue sky.
Theron also wore a slightly rough and friendly suit.

They are both holding a long torch.
They are going to hold a candlelight service at each guest's table.


But then they walk side-by-side to our table.
Our table is set up in the corner as a resting place for the guests, and we are not going to have a candlelight service.

'Hero-sama. Mr. Manager. The food was very delicious.'
'Thank you very much.'

Theron said, and Wendy bowed.
They're so ...... polite to come all the way here to say that.

'We've been talking about having the first candlelight service at your table. Hey, Wendy.'
'Yes, sir. I mean, I'm sorry to have taken the liberty of changing the arrangements.'
'That's okay. Well, since you're here, why don't you go ahead and do it?
'Yes. I'm glad.

Probably embracing Becko, candles were also set up on our table. Very well prepared, indeed.

'Now, if you'll excuse me.

Bowing together, Theron and the others headed for the candlelight service at the other table as planned.

'You must be surprised.
'Not at all. What are you doing surprising us?

But it's probably a good thing that Jeannette's having so much fun.
He's been working so hard. It wouldn't hurt to be rewarded a little.

After we finished our desserts and watched Theron and Wendy go from table to table, the speeches by the representatives of our friends began.

'And now, Mr. Oba Yashiro, to whom Mr. Theron, the groom, has been very kind. Please give us your speech.
'I'm not listening to you!

d*mn it, ......, I really don't want this surprise!
But I suppose I can't refuse if you're clapping for me.
I have no choice. I'll just say something safe. Like the story of the three bags.
...... What's that?I'm not sure if it's the nipple pouch, the .................. side boob, or the puffy boob.
I'm not sure.I don't know.

Well, whatever.
I'll just say what comes to mind.

'Theron. Wendy. Congratulations on your wedding. You've finally made it this far. I know it's been a lot of work, but it's going to be a lot more work from now on, so I hope that you and your wife can work together to get through this.'

Hmmm... It's safe.
It's not interesting at all.
Well, I guess that's what wedding speeches are for.

'Wendy. You have the blood of a half-naked man in your veins.'

He's shaking his head as hard as he can.
No, it's flowing, okay?Definitely, 50%.

'I'm glad you've made peace with your family. You should come home a little more often from now on.'
'...... Yes. I will.'

An embarrassed smile on Wendy's face.
Oh, shit. This is what it's like to be a married woman from this day forward: ............ frustrating and hateful: ......

'And Theron.
'Blast it.'
'Even here?

That's all I have to say to you.

But, uh, specially.

'Stay strong.'

That's all I'm gonna say.

'Yes!Thank you very much!

Stand up and bow deeply.
Don't be so formal.
I'm just me, you know?
I'm not much of a guy.
I'm so nervous.

When I returned to the table, Ginette gave me a quick 'thank you' for my hard work.
That's nice, I'm rewarded by that word.

'And now, Mr. Oba Yashiro, who has been a great help to the bride, Wendy. Please give us your speech.'
'No, that's enough!

How many times are you going to make me do this?
Let someone else speak!

In lieu of a speech from a friend, we have a gift of song from some of Wendy's closest friends. The Idolmeisters!

At Natalia's call, the Idolmeister members rushed from the kitchen to the floor.

'We've been waiting for you!
'Oh!How cute!
'Hey, let's go to the front!I want to see them up close!
'Mr. Norma!Shake it!Shake it, that I do!
'Shut up, Becko!

The men rise from their open seats and crowd into the floor.
Thanks to the quick protection of Natalia and Gilberta, the contact with the idolmeister had been prevented.
The space is about a meter wide.

A lot of people are not aware of the fact that there are many different types of idols out there.

'Well then, to Theron and Wendy, I present you with a new song!

The Hammies set up their instruments and the intro begins to play.
The tune is light and fun to listen to, in four-fourths time.
It's "Ladybird's Zilva".

Oh, God.
It's not like a wedding reception at all, it's more like a live music venue.
But that's all right as long as it's ...... fun.

I'm not sure what to make of it.

When the entertainment is over, the wedding party will finally reach its climax.
The bride's letter to her parents.
This is the highlight of the reception, and many people are moved to tears by its touching content.

'Oh, ............, Father, ............... ...'

Wendy's voice was shaky from the start.
Her shoulders shook slightly, and then ......


She blew out loud.
No, you'd better get used to it!We're parents and children!

The content of the letter was the usual 'thank you for raising me' sort of thing, but ...... Wendy was smiling half-heartedly the whole time, so it didn't register in my head at all.
Ew, d*mn it.
What have you done to me, Thibodeau?

What are you gonna do?
Just when I was thinking, "After such a big deal, it wouldn't look good if it ended like this ......"...


Nicca comes running in.
This guy was also helping out, wasn't he?

'It's ready. I'm ready when you are.'
'I see. Well then, let's get started, shall we?

Nikka nodded her head and quietly left the room.
The sky was completely dark, and it was already night.

'Theron, Wendy.'

I stood up quietly and pointed my finger towards the night sky.

'Look at the sky. You'll see something good.'

Almost as soon as I say this, there's a loud explosion and the night sky bursts into flames.

An original firework made from the scales of the Bug People, fire dust, and light dust.

Not just one, but two or three shots, lighting up the night sky and filling it with a moment of art.
Everyone looked up in silence at the fireworks being shot off one after another.
Surprised and even more moved, no one could say a word.

Just one word: ......

'...... beautiful'.

Looking up at the night sky, Ginette's words seemed to represent the thoughts of everyone present.

For about ten minutes, the fireworks continued to bloom in the night sky, mesmerizing the people, and they brought the wedding party to a splendid conclusion.
At the end of the show, the biggest fireworks of all were set off, and when they were over, everyone broke into applause.

It was as if they were welcoming the new technology that had been created by the cooperation of the Bug People and humans.

Seeing that scene, I was convinced.

We can do anything in this city.
I can be anything.

As long as we can look in the same direction and stare at the same things like we do now.

That's why I wanted to say it one last time, and say it clearly.

'Theron, Wendy. Congratulations on your marriage.

And so the wedding ceremony and reception, which had involved so many people, came to a close.