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The day after the wedding.
We spent the morning cleaning up.
We had more guests than we could handle.
In addition, there were stalls all along the main street. There was a lot of festivity here and there, and the fireworks at night brought the tension to the max. The city was in a pretty bad state.

'I've finished washing the dishes!
'I've finished collecting the trash here too!

Nikka and Carl, who had come to District 42 to escort Shiraha, were also helping to clean up the mess at the sunlit pavilion.
To be honest, it was a great help, since the Ham kids led by Loretta had been sent to clean up the church.

'Well, Siraha was also present yesterday, right?
'What are you saying, Desuka?She was sitting at a table around here!I'll make sure to remember that!
'Don't be absurd. I had my hands full yesterday. I can't keep track of everything.

It seems that Sirach was sitting at the same table as Lucia and the others.
Naturally, so was Orkio.

'I heard that Orkio was going to District 35 after all.
'That's right. Originally, Orkio-sama was also from the 35th district, so they decided that it was appropriate.

If that's the case, Ginette might be a little lonely, but ...... well, she said she'd come visit often, so I'm sure she'll be fine.

That's right. Nikka and the others began to use honorifics with Orkio.
Now that Orkio is going to live with them in Sirach's house, there will be more contact, but if they just see the past as the past, there won't be any problems.
At any rate, they are so straightforward and honest that it is ridiculous.

'From now on, please take care of Orkio, too. You can do it while you're with Sirach.
'That's impossible.

He rejected me easily and decisively.
Huh?Is there still a lump?

'I'm joining the Sea Fishing Guild, so I can't take care of Sirach-sama anymore.

The Sea Fishing Guild?

'Yesterday's sea bream carpaccio ...... was the first time I've eaten something that delicious!I'd love to catch the fish used to make it with my own hands!

I heard that he talked directly to Masha on the spot.
Seeing Nikka's interest in the sea and her passionate intentions, Masha would have said yes in a heartbeat.

'So, Karl, are you going to join the Sea Fishing Guild?
'I'm not joining.
'No, but you don't mind, do you?You won't be able to see ......?'

I'll just give you a little secret advice.
The Seafaring Guild sometimes goes fishing to distant seas. Sometimes we spend almost a month on the sea. Of course, that means you won't see Nikka.
I don't think Carl could handle such a life. ......

'I'm going to join a moving guild and become a firework maker!
'Anyway, there's a lot of things I'd like to point out. ...... Somehow, that's the right thing to do in this town.

If you want to be a pyrotechnician, you have to go to a moving guild!
That's what I've come to believe.
Kabriel says that just yesterday there was a rush of people wanting to join the guild.
I guess that's how big the impact of those fireworks was.

'Besides, I don't mind if I don't see you.
'Don't be so tough, kid. You'll get worried soon anyway. ......'
'I trust Nikka. I've promised to marry her, so it's only natural.'

What did he just say?
He couldn't even get me to go to the flower garden, marriage?

'You probably don't know that anchovy ...... Carl has been in love with me for ...... a long time.
'No, I knew it, but ...... how could you think of it?


''When I saw the wedding yesterday, I thought it was kind of cool.
''You guys are too easily influenced, aren't you?

Are you sure about the future of these guys?

'Well then, it's time for us to head back to Sirach-sama's place.
'You anchovies need to settle down where you can.

After punching me in the shoulder, Carl and the others left the sunlit pavilion.

...... Carl's a big man, isn't he?
The last time I saw you, you couldn't even go out alone without my support!


As I was staring at the doorway where Carl and the others had left, I suddenly heard Jeannette call out to me from behind, and I let out a Jacksonian cry.
What a timing, you're ......

'Oh, um,......, did I do something wrong?
'Oh, no. It's nothing. It's ...... Carl's fault. Totally.'

'Mr. Carl is?'

Ginette nodded her head .
Oh, my God!All those moves, oh my God!

'So, what's the deal?Do you want me to teach you the moonwalk?'
'No, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.

You don't understand.
You'll be surprised when I show it to you.

'Well, I'll ask you to do it later.

He asked me to do it. ...... Can I do it now?I used to joke about it in junior high school. ............ I'll practice a little later.

'I think I'm going to go to the sisters'.
'To the church?

Loretta and the others are over there, so I don't think I'll need any help.

'Since we've already finished cleaning up the Sunlit Pavilion, I thought I'd prepare dinner for everyone who worked so hard at the church.

She's still working, isn't she?

'Jeannette. Why don't you get some rest too?
'Yes, sir. I'll cook for you to relax.

I wonder if you're taking a break, that!

So, Yashiro-san and Magda-san can take it easy in their rooms. I'll take care of cleaning the floor tomorrow morning.

No, no, no. ......

'...... I know. It's Magda's job to support the manager. He carries the food and assists with the cooking.'
'Well, I'll sweep the floor and tables. Is that done?'
'...... generally. Now all that's left is to prepare the food for tomorrow.'
'............ Work never goes away, does it?
'Oh, no!You must be tired.

There are not many people who are more tired than you.
...... Rather than being tired, isn't Jeannette more possessed?

'So, when you're done, please come and have dinner with us. I'll make you something to cheer you up.
'That would be fun.'

I can't help but laugh at Jeannette's unconsciousness of being a corporate animal, now.

'If there are any customers, I'm sorry, but please tell them to come to the church.
'Don't you even want to take a break from the store, you ......'.

Even though the whole city is cleaning up today.
It's not just the forty-second ward. It's not just the 42nd ward, it's all the way up to the 35th ward.
...... Take a break, once in a while. Take it easy. Sleep till noon or something.

'...... Masha said. The shark, a sea creature, will ...... die if it stops swimming.
'Don't put Jeannette in the same category as that.

It's as close as we're gonna get.

I'm sure you're right.

It's past noon at ......, and it's almost 16:00. It's been longer than I thought.
If we cook food for dozens of people now, we won't be able to eat until around 6pm.

'Then let's invite Norma and Delia, and include yesterday's party.
'Yes. That's a good idea.
'At ......, Magda and Loretta will carefully select the invitees and call them together.'
'Hmm. Nice to meet you.'

And so, Ginette and Magda headed for the church with a cart full of food.
I'll be the only one left in the sunlit pavilion.
It's quiet.
It's like yesterday's commotion never happened. ...... I'm sure it's not just a lie in this town.

I look around the empty store.
Yesterday, Theron and Wendy were sitting by the back wall, weren't they?

'Marriage ......?
'Yeah. Are you interested in marriage, anchovy?'

Before I knew it, there was Lucia in the store.
Don't kill the signs!I screamed like an elephant!

'Hey, Yashiro.'

Estella peeks out from behind the door .
She's looking at the garden.

'I don't see any stalls, are you doing business somewhere else again?'
'Ah. That would be the church. Ginette's having a party for the people involved, she's really excited about it.
'Ginette, you're ...... tough, aren't you?

Estella has also been running around for the past few days ......, well, more than a month at any rate.
I think she's tired. The smile on his face was tense.

'You should come eat with us. With Natalia.'
'I'll do that. I still have some work to do, so I'll see you when I'm done.

There was only one reason Estella would come here when she still had work to do.
She probably came to eat Ginette's cooking.

'That's too bad. Ginette left by the skin of her teeth.'
'What?Oh, no, no, no. I didn't come here to see you, Jeannette.'
'What, you didn't?
'I wanted to see you. --Miss Lucia wanted to see you.'


I looked at her, and she took a step toward me.
...... There's something powerful about her, isn't there? I'm not sure what to make of it.

'For now, let me say thank you.
'Your ............, no, your work was great enough to deserve recognition. This is a fact that cannot be denied.

What's that?
Lucia is praising me?

'What's the matter, Lucia......, are you suffering from a serious illness?
I'm not going to give you any credit for the work you've done, but I'm going to give you credit for the work you've done. Guess what, lowlife.'
I've never heard you say that before.

That's the first time I've ever been called a 'lowlife'.

But I don't know why I'm so calm about this conversation.

'That was brilliant. The parade on Main Street, and getting rid of the old smoldering sore.
'I didn't do it alone. In the first place, it was done because their temperament is made up of fifty percent sycophancy, thirty percent curiosity, and twenty percent simplicity. If you're going to praise them, you should praise the residents of your ward.
'Hmph. That's quite auspicious for you.
'When you praise me, I can't help but think that there's more to it than meets the eye.

In the end, I settled on 'you' as the second person.
Lucia gave me a fearless ...... but happy smile.

Oh, ...... right.
I'm not sure what to make of it.
At the very least, the chances of us standing around talking for no reason like this will be greatly reduced.
It may never happen again.

After all, Lucia is the lord of District 35.
She has no reason or time to meet with an ordinary person from District 42 like me.

'Well, don't look so lonely, anchovy.
'Which one is it?

Lucia sniffed, .......
You're lonely too, aren't you?You don't have anyone around you who's as outspoken as I am.

'I'll make you an excellent offer.

Lucia spreads her arms out in triumph.
I don't know what you're trying to say, but your smug ............ face is already oozing condescension.

You can adopt me if you want to.

An unexpectedly high-pitched voice leaked out.
And next to me, the one who raised an equally high-pitched voice was Estella.

'Oh, um, Lucia-san, is that ...... adoption of a son-in-law?
'Is that a declaration of war, Estella?

Hey, come on.
I'm not sure what you mean by that.

'I'm only going to have that kind of relationship with someone I've decided on. But ......'

Lucia's eyes look at me.
Like the eyes of a mad scientist who has accidentally discovered a mysterious creature.

'This man is very interesting. Very interesting indeed. So interesting that it's not a bad idea to observe him.'

That's probably a compliment.
I'm sorry.

'So, yes, ......, you can be my brother. You can have the honor of respecting your sister and serving her like a servant.
'I'll slap you back in the face with a noshi.

Who's the servant?

'I see. You're not happy. ......'

Then Lucia's face twisted into a grin.
It's the meanest grin I've ever seen.

'Being my brother means you'll be a nobleman, you know?
'Other men might be happy with that, but unfortunately I'm not interested in nobility. I don't even want to be one.
'Is that so?If you become a nobleman, ......'

And then he uttered the most ridiculous words.

''...... Since your family background is balanced, you can even take Estella as your wife.

Another strange sound came out of my nose and Estella's mouth.

''What, what, what are you saying, Lucia-san?
'What is it Estella? You're not satisfied with anchovies?
'No, I'm not dissatisfied with ...... or ............!Why are you suddenly talking like that!
'Nah, it's simple.

At this point, Lucia showed a very aristocratic expression.

'I felt that keeping close ties with the 42nd district would be beneficial for the 35th district in the future. Especially, Estella. Especially you and these two anchovies.''
'Even if that's the case,............, you can't be so forceful,.......'

If I become Lucia's brother and marry Estella, I can make the connection between the two that Lucia wants.
I'm sure that's what you mean,............, but it's an outlandish idea, dude.

I'm sure Gilberta would be happy to have an anchovy come to her home.

Speaking of which, Gilberta is nowhere to be seen.
Just as I was wondering where she had gone ...... after leaving Lucia's side, Lucia called out to the garden.

'Come on in, Gilberta.
'Yes, I am.'

And so Gilberta came into the sunlit pavilion, wearing a lovely fluffy dress.

'I wanted to show you,' she said. I couldn't wear the dress yesterday because I had to work as a waiter.
'Isn't that strange, my dress?'

Gilberta asks with a slightly frightened expression.
This guy is ...... really.

'Gilberta. It's a good idea to ask, 'Does it look good on me? I'm not sure.
'Oh, really?All right, I'll do as you say, my friend Yashiro.'

And then he asks again, full of a sense of being unaccustomed to saying.

'Do you look good in ...... my, dress?
'Oh. It looks good on you. You look lovely.'

She gave a small gut-punch and spun around on the spot.
Her skirt flew softly, making the petite Gilberta look like a dancing fairy.

'If you are ready to adopt me, you can always ask. I won't give you Gilberta, but I'll at least give you the right to admire her.
'That would be a privilege of the highest order.
'Isn't it?'

With a grin, Lucia glanced towards Estella.

'Oh, .........'

I heard her say that, but I couldn't tell what she looked like.
I'm not going to look back, even if I have to.
...... If you show me your face like that, I'll be strangely conscious of you.

You can always come and talk to me if you need any advice, Estella.
'But, God!Lucia-san, you're teasing me, aren't you!
'Hmph. That's good. You're the first casual friend I've made.''

I never thought Lucia would say such a thing.
Estella's gotten better at diplomacy.
But maybe it's just because she's been giving Lucia a hard time.

'Lucia, Gilberta. Do you guys want to have dinner?'

I invited her to dinner at the church, but Lucia quietly shook her head.

'As much as I'd like to, I can't be away from the 35th district any longer. I want to be back by the end of the day.

We'll have supper and stay another night.
The forty-second and thirty-fifth districts are on the diagonal of the outer districts of All Bloom.

If we leave now, we won't arrive until midnight.

'Don't worry, my friend Yashiro. We'll be back to see you, me and Lady Lucia.'
'Mmm. The food Ginette makes is delicious. I promise I'll come back for it.'
'Well, I'll tell her that.

I felt that we had shared a very intense time together, but ...... parting was easy.

Lucia and Gilberta left the sunlit pavilion after a brief bow.
There was a carriage parked in the garden. The sound of hoofbeats faded into the distance.

'Truly ......, don't take it.

Estella says next to me, looking in the opposite direction.
............ I know.

'I don't really care about my family background. My parents are fine with it. ......'

Estella is talking about some sort of excuse. But ...... that's not really an excuse, is it?
Well, I won't go into it too much.

'And ......'.

As if that wasn't enough of an excuse, Estella went on to say more.
The only difference is that her voice had a somewhat sullen tinge to it.

'......Yashiro doesn't even want to be a nobleman, right?

...... What's with this prickly tone?
That's because you, you see, are trying to smoke Lucia out, or something. ............ Oh, God.


I make a conscious effort to keep my voice as neutral as possible.

'Let's go get some food.

We'll hold off on this.
I'm not ready to get married yet. ...... We are, all of us.

'...... Yeah. I guess.'

I'm sure Estella thought about it for a moment and came to the same answer I did.
There's nothing to be gained by mulling it over here and now.
Right now, I'm just cleaning up the events that have passed and looking forward to the launch that awaits me after I've finished even that. That's enough.

'Come on!Now I can finally take a break. I want to talk to Ginette slowly.
'Then I'll sit next to her and meditate on the inequalities and absurdities of this world, being very careful not to interrupt your conversation.
'Haha, I'll stab you once every two minutes, okay?

Do you even have a knife in your pocket at a time like this?
You're a dangerous guy.
I also have a knife hidden in my cuff in case of emergency. ...... I wonder how long I'll keep it. In this peaceful town.

'Let's go. Jashiro.

I was somewhat relieved to see Estella's usual fresh face as she turned to me and called out my name.

Dinner at the church was a real battlefield.

'I can eat more than you!
'I'm better than you!
'I'm a contestant in a gluttony contest!
'Me too!

Two people who both lost in the competition are arguing over trivial matters.
According to them, it's a game of 'who can eat the most takoyaki'.

...... This is stupid.

No matter how hard you guys try, it's obvious that Bertina will be number one.
A useless fight will only consume you.

''I want to make takoyaki!
''...... Unfortunately, this job can only be licensed after passing a rigorous practical test. I can't give it up easily.''

It seems that the takoyaki gluttony contest has already been decided, and Magda is burning with the will to fight as a takoyaki chef.
His sisters are hovering around Magda as if begging him.
It's not a product, so why don't we let him try?
The ones that fail can be fed to Umaro.

'The way to win is simple!The one who eats the most takoyaki wins!
'Oh!Don't make excuses later, like it was too hot!
'That's my line!
'This one's ............ "It was hot" excuse is Loretta's line, which means ......... ...Don't make excuses afterwards like it was hot!
I don't know.The situation has not changed, Delia!

...... I wonder if these guys are okay.

I'm not sure what to say.The winner will get a one-day date with my brother!

Wait a minute, Loretta.
What are you doing ...... on your own?

'Yes!I'm going to work really hard!

...... Oh, no. You can't tell Delia that you were joking.
Delia, that kind of thing makes her really depressed. ............ I can't help it.

'All right. Then I'll take you somewhere for the day.'
'Yes, sir!I've got his permission!
'I'm suddenly feeling more motivated. ......'
'I think I might be a little interested in ...... No, no!No, no, no!I've always wanted to try a lot of them.I've been wanting to try it for a while.

I've been wanting to eat a lot of takoyaki for a long time.

I've been wanting to try it for a long time, but I've never been able to do it.
'You can also have a home date, if you do, I'll be there too.
'''' home date?I'm not sure what to make of that. ''''

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

'I'm naked at home, but in that case, ......'.
'Hey guys, Natalia wants to go home already!
'I'm just kidding!I'll keep my clothes on!So please give me the right to participate!

Natalia, who's been flying around a lot lately, might need some hot moxa.
Anyway, I guess we have all the participants now. ......

'...... Sisters. You're on your own now. I'm sure you can make great takoyaki.
Hey. Are you going to join us, Magda?'
'...... I decided that Magda's participation would be the best way to show the true essence of takoyaki to those who are in a hurry.
'Oh, I see.
'...... By the way, when we have a date at home, I want to sit in the sun.
'Only if we win.'

Magda's eyes are sparkling.
I'm getting pretty good at reading his expression, too.

'Oh dear. That sounds interesting. I'll go with .......'
''''' No sisters! '''''
'Yeah, ...... why not?'

Well, ...... why not because you're a ............ pro, right?
The participants vetoed the proposal unanimously. Bertina will not be able to participate.

I'm not sure what to say.I want to participate too!
'It's rare for a manager to participate in something like this!
'...... dark horse'.

When Jeannette announced her participation, everyone in the room rolled their eyes.
Ginette doesn't often participate in such events, but perhaps she was caught up in the atmosphere of the wedding and the festival.

'If I win, I want to play with Yashiro-san and his dolls!

What the hell?

'All day, all the time!
'I'm in too!
Even your brother?

Of course, Loretta. ...... You can't stand to play with dolls all day.

'......If Yashiro wins, he'll spend the whole day ...... in Yashiro's room.'
It's not just a recluse, is it?I'm not sure what to do.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

Who's on Regina's level?
I'm going to win the championship and crush every one of your plans!

'Yashiro-san ......, if you allow me to participate, Ginette's plan will vanish into thin air, right?
'If Bertina wins, she's going to make me cook all day, right?I don't want a high-calorie holiday like that.

You, you stay out of the game and eat whatever you want.
I'm sure my sisters will continue to bake without complaint.

'''' Then, we'll cook more and more! ''''

My sister's voice made our faces tighten.
The rules are simple.
You eat them one at a time, and when you can't eat any more, you're out.
The winner is the one who stays until the end.

Unlike gluttony, where you can continue eating at your own pace, this is a terrible rule where the waiting time after eating induces satiety!

'Now, let's start the gluttony (game).

And so the Takoyaki Royale began. ...... After a two-hour battle to the death, Norma emerged victorious.

Well, it's too plain to talk about,...... but I don't want to see takoyaki for a while anyway.

Well, ......, if I'm going to Norma's house, I might as well get her to feed me something good.

'Oniichan, the powder is gone.
'Sister, they still want to eat!
'Put it in the wheat field, d*mn it!

Bertina would have enjoyed it even if it hadn't been ground into flour.

The flour and octopus occupied most of my stomach, even though Ginette had made it for me. ...... I don't know what I'm doing, really.

After that, after a long, long meal break, we all went back to where we belong.

I, of course, went to the sunlit pavilion.

'Magda, I've fallen asleep.

Night has fallen, and quiet has returned to the Sunken Pavilion.
It's been a while since I've felt this kind of atmosphere.

I'm sitting at a table in the dining room, drinking coffee across from Ginette.

Ginette had invited me to have coffee with her as soon as I returned to the sunny pavilion.
'Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?
I thought I was full from dinner, but now I felt strangely hungry, probably because I had only eaten takoyaki.
Ginette said she would make me something light, so I went back to my room and came down to the dining room.

I heard that Ginette was carrying Magda, who had been running around yesterday and today, to her room.
When she was with me, she said '...... is still fine', but her battery must have run out soon after that.
If he had told me, I would have carried him to his room.

So now it's just the two of us in the big dining room.
I wonder why. There are so many seats, but we always end up sitting in this corner at the far end.
I guess we're both poor, me and Jeannette.

'That was amazing.

That was the first thing she said to me when I took a break from my coffee.
Today Ginette's coffee has a lot of milk in it.
She must be tired.
Or maybe she's just trying to take care of her stomach.

'I didn't think Norma had the guts to do that.
'I guess in a chicken race like this, guts can overpower the capacity of the stomach. To be honest, I was expecting Delia to win, but I saw Norma's persistence in her eating.''

The final was between Delia and Norma, and in what could be called a battle of wits, Norma probably had the advantage because of her skill at bargaining.
Delia was very disappointed.

Incidentally, Loretta, who had been eager to fight Delia in the first place, was fourth from the bottom. ...... is such a humble position.
The order was Norma, Delia, Magda, me, Natalia, Estella, Loretta, Milly, Ginette, and Regina.
Because of her Kansai dialect, I had high hopes for Regina, but she retired after about three bites, saying, 'I'm full.
Show some guts!Don't you have any pride as a Kansai person?
Regina is neither a Kansai person nor a Kansai person.

'Ginette didn't do much either, even though she came forward.
'Oh, no, ...... I got full sooner than I thought I would. I'm sure you'll be full soon.
'That's why it goes down so quickly, though.
'Shall I make more?
'No, this is enough.

Jeannette served us boiled leafy vegetables and grilled fish.
They were leftovers from the supper we made at church.
It's good enough to poke around with.

'Oh, and ...... that's not it, is it?
'When I said it was great, I meant the wedding.'
'Oh, that one.

It's true that it was a big event with a lot of people in attendance.
This time, the event had a lot of publicity implications, which is why it turned out like this, but I can say that it was worth the splash.

'It's not easy for so many people to be moved by the same thing, isn't it ......?
'Well, this time I took advantage of the many emotions behind it. You can't do that very often.

The tragic love affair between humans and insects ...... is the result of such an unlikely feud.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation. It was a difficult problem that everyone wanted to eliminate, but no one could do anything about it.
However, if the majority of people want to eliminate them, then instead of someone taking action, everyone should do it together.
That's how the current fiasco came about.

A troublesome thing that we wanted to do something about is involved in such a big movement that makes us think that we can do something about it, and forcibly changes our consciousness.

If the result is to go in the direction that everyone wanted, then it will be exciting.

'It's not just about the words, it's really about the people of this city becoming one. ...... I felt like that.
It's not just a word, but it really brought the people of this city together.

If we no longer think that we are sub-species because ...... we are the same people living in the same city, we will lose the unnecessary disparity that was created during the conflicts of the past.

'At last, in the true sense of the word, the Bug People may have become a part of this city. There won't be any need to draw a stupid line between who moved here first and who moved there later.
Yes, sir. I think so. And .......'

-- and Ginette touched my hand gently.
She grasps my right hand gently, as if wrapping it in both of hers.

'There's no such thing as a "stranger" in this town,......, I'm sure of it.

Ginette's fingertips move slightly.
It seemed like a small movement to gather just a little ...... courage.

'Because this is such a wonderful city that welcomes everyone who comes.

This guy ......

Suddenly, the story of this and that replayed in my brain in sequence.
In the midst of it all, Ginette had shown many glimpses of an aggressiveness that she did not usually show.

She came forward and went to other wards, stayed overnight there, and actively made contact with strangers. ......

These actions may be ......

I'm not a stranger in this town.

Perhaps those actions were to prove that "there are no strangers in this town.
That's all I can say, and I can say it in a few seconds. ...... In order to convey my feelings that I can't express in words.

Because I said that I was a stranger,......

You're an idiot.
You can't keep worrying about it.
I'm going to make up my mind, become an employee here, and stay here. ............


...... But I'm sure there are some things that can't be conveyed without words.

'Thank you.'
'............ yes'

In a situation where I would normally say 'no', Jeannette said 'yes' firmly.
I guess she got my thanks.

Does this alleviate some of your anxiety? Your anxiety.
If not, will it make you feel a little better?
Time you can spend in peace. Nights when you can sleep peacefully without anxiety.

Hey, Jeannette.
You don't mind if I stay here, do you?

In your precious sunny pavilion.

Grandfather, Bertina. Zelmar and the other old regulars, and the current regulars that I know so well. I'm sure there's a seat for me in this place filled with memories of those people, right?

I was about to ask that question, but decided not to say it.
I felt the warmth of Jeannette's hand was answering me properly.

Instead, I'll say something like this.

'I'll make this my special seat.

At the far end, the place where I always sit.
For some reason, this is where I feel most comfortable.
It's the best position for a poor man.

Ginette chuckles when she hears my words.

'It's long overdue,' she says.

She giggles and slowly pulls her hand away.

I see.
I guess I've earned your trust enough that you won't disappear even if I let go.

Ah, d*mn it. ......
I'm getting a warm fuzzy feeling in the middle of my chest.

Tomorrow it's business as usual again.
This world's calmest black company, YODAMARI-TEI, is in full operation every day and every night.
That's why we have to go to sleep early at night. Your body can't take it.

But just for today, I feel like staying up a little later.
I just can't seem to sleep.

'Yashiro-san. Would you like another cup of coffee?'

Apparently, Jeannette feels the same way.

'I'll have one.
'Yes. Thank you very much.'

Thank you for what, 'keeping me company'?
'Yes, always, always, always.
He runs happily to the kitchen. As I stared at his back, a word suddenly crossed my mind.


........................ What?
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no!
I'm sure you're right.
You're jumping the gun.

I know.
If you're getting ahead of yourself because Theron and the others had a wedding, then you're no better than Nikka and Carl. My pride won't allow me to do that.
So, well, you know,............, as an option,............, well, It's a good option,......, but there is room for consideration,......, maybe?That's about it at best.

In any case, it's all about timing.
When the time comes, you will naturally take action.
Someday, when that time comes.

Yashiro-san. Thank you for waiting.
'You're here already!
'H............?Yes, yes. Coffee, sir.'

'Oh ............ Oh, coffee.'

Oh my God!
I'm so embarrassed!
I want to smack Umaro upside the head and take it out on him right now!

'Uh-huh. Do you have something on your mind?'
'No, ...... don't talk about me right now, just talk about ............ something else.'

I'm a little embarrassed right now, and I'm itching all over.
Just give me some air.

'Something else to talk about? ......Yes, that's right. ............'

Sitting across from me again, Jeannette put a finger to her chin.
It's a habit of his when he's thinking, and he often does this pose.

'Oh, by the way. I heard that Mr. Theron's proposal was well received.
'Oh, it seems so.'

That's right.
Wendy's words to her parents and her proposal at the wedding in the Garden of the Thirty-fifth District had spread like wildfire among the girls.
Even though it was yesterday, the whole town was talking about it.

'I heard from Estella that it's rumored that 'Theron's style' is good for a proposal.
'Well done, Theron!
'Huh?I'm sorry for startling you!

I'm sorry for startling you!
But I had no choice!

That's the point!
That's why I've been putting so much effort into the wedding this time!

When a person is greatly moved, he or she keeps that time in his or her mind.
We keep it in our memories, along with the sights, smells, and everything we felt at that time.

That's why, in a scene like this one, when the words of a touching proposal are born,......

I was sure that such a joke of a proposal as "Yashiro style" would be overwritten in an instant.

I wanted to erase it at all costs!
I wanted to get rid of all the "my kind of proposal words" that I hadn't even said!

Goal achieved!
I think I've won another great victory!

There are two major types of proposals going around: the Theron style proposal and the Orkio style proposal. They're two of the most talked about proposals in the world.
Not a single "Y" in "Yashiro style"!What do you think!You got me!Suck it!
From now on, I want Theron to say, "I proposed to you in Theron's style! You'll be in agony when he says that.

Coffee tastes so good when you're soaked in the afterglow of victory.
I inhaled the rich aroma into my lungs and sipped the bitter coffee.

But I still prefer ...... the 'Yashiro-san style'. If I'm going to be proposed to.

--And then he spewed out all the coffee he had taken in.

'Yashiro-san!Are you okay?

Jeannette, even if you ............ don't have any deep meaning, what you just said is a bit wrong.
It's like a--

It's like a distant request for a marriage proposal.

What a careless manager. ............

I'm sure you're right.That's right!

Ginette clapped her hands and her face lit up.

'Can you wait a moment?I'll be right back.

With that, she runs off to the kitchen.
Her footsteps pass through the kitchen and up the courtyard ...... stairs.
He seems to have returned to his room.

'.................. huh~'

What the hell.

Let's try to keep the atmosphere calm and soothing after this.
We'll talk a little more, go back to our rooms, sleep in our beds, and tomorrow we'll open the Sunshine Pavilion as usual.
Nothing will change, every day will come.

'Oh, that ...... Yashiro-san.'

That's what I was thinking. ......
I stood up and gulped.

'Actually, Wendy gave me this,......, and she was going to give me the bouquet, but I couldn't get it,......, so she gave it to me instead. ......'

What came in front of me was an extraordinary ......

'It's just a veil, but ............'

It was Ginette, wearing a wedding dress veil on her head.

'......That ............How about ......... ...that......'

She turned her head shyly and twirled her fingertips in front of her chest.

I'm not sure what to say, but I think it's a good idea. ......

'............ does it look good on me?

I couldn't find any other option than yes.
I'm not sure if this is ...... too cowardly, but it's a surprise.

It seems that the heart is holding a late-night athletic meet on its own. It's kind of frolicking around.

In order to quell this pulsating heart, ............

'............ Huh?

I stretch out my arm, and Jeannette lets out a short gasp.
Without a second thought, I gently grab the veil over Ginette's face with both hands.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for, but it's not always possible. ............

'Ha ............ hai'.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ............

'Let's work hard from tomorrow, too. The work of the sunny pavilion.

I fled to such unimportant words.

You can't!
It's impossible!
If I say anything even a little bit rude here, my heart will turn into a smoothie and come out of my nostrils.I'm confident I can do it!

So, let's go to bed!
I'm having a bad day. No!
It's probably because Theron and the others are giving off such a sweet aura here.
There's not enough ventilation!

So now I'm wondering if he's going to say something rude. ............ What the hell? Let's just put on a light air and go to bed today. You know what?You think so too, don't you, Jeannette?

............ Hmm?

'Oh ............ that .............'

Then Ginette cradled her head in her hands and let her rolled-up veil fall in front of her face again.
She then turns her back to you and makes a sound like a deaf parrot.

'Yes, yes, of course!

And then he takes a slow step away from me, moving awkwardly like an automaton that has run out of oil.

............ Hola?
Why is the girl so pointy?
Why is her hair coming out of her whiskers?

And why do you add just one word to my words, to make them so meaningful?

'Let's continue to work together from tomorrow. Like the work of the sunny pavilion.'

With the speed of a karakuri doll whose spring has run out, Ginette ran into the kitchen.

All that was left was me, a cup of coffee, and ......

'What kind of face should I make from tomorrow? ......'

These were the only difficult questions that I could not answer.

But I wonder why.
Maybe I'm quite ill, because I feel that even such feelings are somewhat comfortable and soothing.

I realized that this was the best proof that I had admitted to myself that my place was here, in the sunny pavilion.