223-Remembrance Part 1 Yashiro

When I woke up this morning, I felt a slight discomfort in my body.

A little feverish. And my joints hurt.
But I've always felt that way when I'm tired.

Lately, he's become more and more of a workaholic. ......

I think of a certain girl's face and let out a bitter laugh.
Well, well. Let's work hard for another day, shall we?

--And up to this point, it was just a normal day.

'Good morning, Yashiro-san'.
'Ah, ah. Good morning, ......'

Funny ......
What is it?
What's going on ......?

This is the kitchen of the Sunlit Pavilion.
I walked out of my room as usual, down the stairs, through the courtyard, and into this kitchen.
There, I saw the scene I had always seen.
A fire in the fireplace. A good smell. Food being prepared.
A warm smile like the sun greeting me with a smile.
I "know" all of them.

'Um, Yashiro-san?

Of course, I know this guy, too.
I know him well.
He's the manager of the sunny pavilion, he's a softie who knows no bounds, he's got the biggest tits in town, he likes Imagawa-yaki, he puts a lot of milk in his coffee when he's tired, and he always says 'please repent' when he says something naughty. I can't remember this guy's name.

I can't remember this guy's name.

'...... Ugh!

A violent nausea rose from the pit of my stomach.
I couldn't take it anymore, so I went down to the floor.
The world spins. ............ What the hell is this?What is it?

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.

The girl is calling for someone.
But I don't know who she's calling.

I can't make out the name. ......

'...... What's going on?

The always expressionless tiger-eared girl's half-lidded eyes widen slightly.
Yes ...... I know. I'm the only one who can clearly read the emotions hidden behind this blank expression. ...... but I don't know the name.

'Oh, dear!What's wrong with you, big brother?

I also recognize this one who's always making noise.
He has a lot of younger siblings, and although he's a bit of a tease, he's really more caring than anyone. ......
Yesterday, he said, 'I feel like staying over today! I don't know why I'm staying here,............, but I don't know what's wrong with my name. ...... ......

What the hell?
What the hell?

I'm so mad. ............ I feel so bad. ............ d*mn.... ...

I lost consciousness as I heard a voice that sounded like a scream calling my name and footsteps rushing towards me.

When I woke up, I found myself lying on Wara's bed, covered with a futon.
This was probably my room.

'Yashiro. You seem to have noticed me.'

The red-haired girl who had been peering at me let out a sigh of relief.
She has a neutral face, but lately she's been wearing a cute expression most of the time.

'How are you feeling?Oh, you don't have to get up.

A bewitching beauty with fox ears supports my body as I try to get up.
This faintly sweet, unique scent must be from leaf tobacco. This guy always carries a smoking pipe in his pocket.

'Oh, ...... ladybug, ...... are you alright?

A small girl with a large ladybug hair ornament on her head is looking at me in a reserved manner. I made that hairpiece and gave it to her as a gift.
She used to be extremely shy, but now she behaves normally in front of me.

'I'll go get the manager.

A young lady with a beautiful blonde face leaves the room.
'He's probably busy with the branch right now, is it okay for him to be here?

'How are you feeling?

A girl with green hair and glasses appears, weaving in and out of the girls around me.
Her unique way of speaking is a little nostalgic for me.

'Hey, you look a little dazed. Do you know where we are?
'............ is my room.'
'So, what's your name?'

'...... Oba, Yashiro.'
'Hora, what is our name?'
'What's wrong with you?What's my name?You want to tell me?

My head hurts again.
It's funny.
I'm supposed to know it.
I know his name, I know the names of everyone here, I know we've spent time together, I know ......, but somehow I just can't remember his name.

'Hey. Could it be that Yashiro has ...... amnesia?'

The red-haired girl asks the green-haired girl.
Her face was pale.

'I don't know ......, but I think I know my name and that this is my room .............'
'But ...... there's something wrong with you. You're kind of fuzzy. ......'
'Hmm...... doesn't look like a ladybug......, does it?

And then...
I heard a panicked noise in my eardrums.

--It was the sound of my heartbeat.

'Shh!My big tits are coming closer!I can hear them shaking!

At the same time I shouted this, the door of the room was opened and the girl with the big boobs I saw this morning came running into the room.

I'm so glad you're here, Yashiro!...... Thank God. You've been noticed. ......'

A very relieved, but still uneasy, fragile smile appears on her face.

'............ Hey, Yashiro. I'm sure you'll be fine.
'Yes, I think so. It seems that your special ability is still alive and well.
'Yeah, well, ...... might be very, very Ladybug-like ......?'

I wonder.
The expressions of the people who had been here from the beginning became 'pale'.
The anxious air of earlier is nowhere to be found.

No, only the green-haired girl has a more serious expression than before.

'...... This might be serious. ......'
'Yashiro's love of tits has always been serious.'
'No, it's not.'

The green-haired girl gives the dumbfounded red-haired girl a serious look.
The green-haired girl, whose normal thinking seems to have degenerated due to her constant joking around, is the only one who has the power to look at her seriously.
The red-haired girl was momentarily frightened.

'I'm going to have to talk to you about something serious.

Someone's throat rumbled .......
It could be ...... me.

The green-haired girl, wearing a pharmacist-like atmosphere, looked at me.

'Myself, can I have a word?
'Hey,......, what's up?
'I'm sorry, but are you showing me your ...... nipples?

Green hair flies in the air.
The red-haired girl and the fox-eared beauty hit the back of the green-haired girl's head at the exact same time.
The green-haired pervert crawls towards me.
Feeling threatened, I move away a little.

'No, no!You've got to be kidding me!I'm serious, I want to see your nipples!
'That's even more serious!
'There's nothing you can do about it!
'That's not why I'm here!Hey, if it were you, you'd understand, wouldn't you?You know how desperate I am!
'Oh, ...... you're so desperate to see my nipples, ............ honestly, it's disgusting.
It's not that!

Green woman scratching her head.
No, it's more like a nipple girl, this one.

...... Hmm?
I don't know.

'We can show each other as much as we want ......!

...... My hair flew in the air.

The fox-eared beauty's flue hit cleanly in the center of my deco, and as my head tilted backwards, the red-haired girl's knife danced.
The red-haired girl's knife danced as she sliced through the air near where my nose had been a moment ago, and cut off several strands of my bangs as well.

You were definitely coming to get me, weren't you?Seriously scary!

'So, what were we talking about? Chikubina?'
'Who's Chikubina?'The surprisingly cute Chicxbina!
'...... isn't that kind of a name for you, is it?

This red-haired girl, Chicxulubina and the fox-eared beauty will be like this for a long time to come. ...... Poor thing.
I'll try to stay out of it.

'Myself. You don't know our names, but you know who we are, right?'
'Huh?Oh, no, I'm not sure. ......'
'You're lying!That look in your eyes is like, 'I know you, but I don't want you to think I know you, so I'll just keep my mouth shut.I know what I'm doing!

d*mn. ...... You're a sharp pervert. You're a pervert.

'Oh, that ....... I'm not sure what happened to Yashiro-san.
'That's the thing. ...... If my prediction is correct, we're in for some trouble.
'Troublesome............Oh,......of course, it can be cured, right?There are medicines for this, aren't there?
'Well, well, well, calm down, manager!

The green pervert Chikubina stopped the big-boobed manager from pressing too hard.

'Hey, myself. Do you know the name of this store?

I thought for a moment and answered.

'............ sunshine pavilion'.

I don't know what it is. ...... It's a name I know for a fact, but it stuck with me for a moment.
I felt as if I were struggling to read the words on the faded ...... pages of a weathered book.

'What's this, then?

Cicubina pointed to her breasts.

'Big tits.
'Then what's this?

Then she pointed to the big-boobed manager's breasts.

'Big tits.
'So, what about those?

He points to the red-haired girl's breasts.

'............ error?'
'Whose breasts are the error?
'Fake tits.'
'I didn't put them in today!
'...... Good luck.'
'Don't encourage me!I'm doing my best!
'I'm doing my best!' '......, that's why'
'Oh, I don't understand what ...... you mean at all?

The big breasted manager's confusion seems to have reached its peak.
Then the green-haired pharmacist, Chikubina, spoke up with a crisp face.

'I haven't lost my memory. But there is a part missing. My guess is probably right. The proof is at .......'

Cicubina comes up to me.
Suddenly, she grabbed my clothes and pulled them up with great force.
The skin from my stomach to my chest is exposed.

'What the f*ck?

The big-boobed manager holds her face in her hands, her cheeks lightly stained.
In contrast, the absolute god of perversion, Chikubina Z, pinched her chin and poured her serious gaze on my chest.

'I knew it,.............'

Chikubina seemed to have realized something when she looked at my chest.

'Hey, take a look at this.

With my clothes rolled up, I show my skin to the girls in the room.

'............ Hmm. It's a beautiful pink.'
'It's true ......, it's even more beautiful pink than I imagined.'
'I'm not looking at your nipples!It's a little higher up.
'Up there is ............?

The tiger-eared girl and the tiger-eared girl are scolded by Chikubina.
Then the red-haired girl discovered something and shouted.
With a startled expression, she points to my chest with a trembling finger.

'There's something on ......!

At the words of the red-haired girl, the other girls in the room all peer at my chest.
And at the same time, they gasped.

'...... That's the cause of this.

The green-haired girl said this, and the air became heavy at once.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I walked through the courtyard to the cafeteria.
The sky is still dark. I woke up just before four o'clock, and it is now past five.

Despite the early hour, there were many people gathered there.

There was a beautiful silver-haired sister, a gentle mermaid, a beautiful bear-eared woman with a healthy body, a beautiful woman with dark hair and glasses in a serving uniform, and a girl with ears like a golden retriever on her head. And then there were the chickens.
There were many familiar faces in the crowd.
...... but I couldn't recall any of them by name.

And the green-haired girl said clearly to them.

'This is the work of a parasitic demon plant.

Parasitic demon grass.
I've never heard that name before, but ...... I can kind of imagine it. It's a very unpleasant imagination.

'That thing attached to my chest is a seed.

The green-haired girl says, pointing to the seeds attached to my chest.

There were 14 seeds in total.
I'm a little embarrassed that I'm letting my breasts hang out in front of all these beautiful girls .......

'The memories .......'

There was a buzz in the dining hall.
The manager of the Sunlit Pavilion looked pale, as if he was about to collapse.

'It's a nasty plant that likes to eat the memories that are important to the person. ...... The fact that the name of someone close to you is completely missing, even though you haven't lost your memory, is an early sign of this.
'So they recognize us, but they can't say our names. ......'
'No. It's a plant that grows by feeding on the memories of magical beasts, and is usually found in deep forests where magical beasts roam. ......'
'...... Probably, when we went through the city gate to the deep forest outside.

'That's when I played against the head of the Woodcutter's Guild. But there was nothing wrong with my brother at that time.
'The incubation period is long. It's a nasty plant that grows little by little so that the host doesn't notice it.

It seems I've been parasitized by something terrible.

'Then, why don't you just take the seeds?

The bear-eared beauty says with a slightly impatient expression.
I want to solve this problem as soon as possible. You can see the emotion on her face.

'That's not good. If the initial symptoms have begun to appear, it means that this species has taken root in your memory. If you take it out or crush it by force, you might lose the entire ............ memory.'
'Then what should we do?

The other girls flocked to the green-haired girl who was the only one who knew what was going on.
The manager of the sunny pavilion and the silver-haired sister were the only ones who stayed where they were, staring at me with stunned expressions.

'We have to wait.
'Wait ............ for what?'

The red-haired girl asks, representing the crowd of beautiful girls.

'Memory is not physically there. They're vague, invisible to the eye. Therefore, if you can firmly imprint those vague things in your mind, the parasitic demon plant won't be able to eat your memories.
'Memory retention?
'Yes. When you regain the memories that the parasitic weed made you forget with your own power, the parasitic weed will wither and be removed from your body naturally.
'The memories that were made to be forgotten are ...... our names, right?
'Yes. When someone calls you by your name, it's a sign that ...... your memory has taken root in his mind.

If I can remember these guys' names, ......

'Well then!Why don't you write my name on a piece of paper and call me by it?
'That's not good enough.
'Why not?
'It takes a lot of strength to recall a lost memory. If you try to interfere by forcibly opening the memory, you'll fall down and faint again like before.

At the word 'faint', everyone in the room fell silent.
These were the members who had gathered here when they heard that I had fallen and fainted. Perhaps they were trying to prevent me from making the same mistake.

'So you're saying that ...... we can't do anything about it ............?'
'No. But there is something we can do.
'What?Tell me!I'll do anything you want!
'I'm willing to help.
'...... That goes for everyone in this room.

The tiger-eared girl's words had everyone nodding their heads in agreement.
All eyes are on the green-haired girl.

'The only thing we can do is .......'

Then, the green-haired girl tells them.

'We can do what we normally do.

The people around her, who had been eager to do something, were completely taken aback and showed a dumbfounded expression.

'Memory is a delicate thing, you know. There are things you don't want to forget, things you don't want to remember.It's not right for those around you to just say, 'Don't forget that' or 'Remember this. Your memories should be your own.

There was no one who could argue with those words.
There was a strange persuasiveness that I couldn't fully digest, but I couldn't help but agree.

Then, the green-haired girl gave me a gentle smile.

'That's why, myself. I'll act as I see fit. I'm sure your unconscious mind, your instincts, will remind you of things you don't want to forget.
'Do what I want?

That's it. Once the memory takes hold, the evil plant will wither and the seeds will come out of your body by themselves. But if a flower blooms from that seed, ......'

If a flower blooms from a seed, ......

'I'll never get my memories back again.

You mean ...... proof that the parasitic demon plant has eaten your memories.

'Oh, um...'

The manager raises his voice with a worried look.
He raises his eyebrows as if to shake off the fear that is coming over him.

'...... If you lose your memory, ............ what will happen to that ......? What will happen?
'You'll have to start all over again.
'......Do it again............?
'No. We meet again, become friends again, make new memories again...... and start over.'
'............I see.'

A heavy silence falls over the cafeteria.

...... A do-over, huh.
That's all I'm saying.
It doesn't mean you'll lose your life.

If you forget something, you can remember it again.

Though, as a result of redoing, you may not be able to get back to normal.

'Don't look so 'dumb'.

The green-haired girl says in a strangely cheerful voice.
I guess she's trying to dispel the heavy atmosphere.

'This parasitic evil plant attaches itself to important memories. In other words, it means that you were thought of as important, right?
'...... That may be so, but...'

The red-haired girl tries to argue, but stops.
Instead, she glanced over at me.

'And...' This guy is .......'

He puts his hand on my shoulder.

'You remembered about the boobs, didn't you?That means that everyone here is considered 'more important than tits'. You should be confident.

She said such a subtle thing that I don't know whether she was encouraging or joking.
Where can I find someone who would be happy to be called 'more important than boobs' ......

'...... What is more than boobs to Yashiro?
'It's a national treasure!

............ What?

I'm not sure what to say.

'Take a good look. You should see how much you are valued. ............'

I could see the anxious faces of those who cared for me.
I force myself to smile, but it's a clumsy smile that doesn't take away the awkwardness.

'My memories are my own, but ...... memories are not just for one person.

'Then, everyone go back to your work. Don't think about making bad plans or forcibly digging up memories, just go about your normal lives. The usual scenery is the most effective way to bring back memories. The feeling of nostalgia is a sign that you don't want to forget it.

With that, I open the door to the cafeteria.

'Well, good luck to you.

With one last look at me, the green-haired girl exits the cafeteria.
I think 'good luck' means something like 'good feeling'.

'...... I've got to get some chicken eggs, too.
'Me too. I have to go home and make sausage for the hexenbiest.'
'I'll go to ............ and .......'
'Come on, come on, you're going home to fish. You've got to trust Yashiro.'

Saying these words, one by one, they left the restaurant.

They all look at me as they leave, and walk out the door.

And finally, the three of us from the sunlit pavilion who remained in this place also ......

'So let's get ready to open the store.
'...... Mm. I'll help with the prep work.
'Then I'll do the cleaning!

They set to work.

'Yashiro-san, please take the day off. Of course, you can work when you want to, so please do what you want.

The smile the manager gave me was very soft and ............

'Well, I'm going to go for a walk to clear my head.
'Yes, sir. It's still dark, so please be careful.

...... made it clear to me that I must not forget.
I have to take action. ......

I've got to make sure that none of these people--

I don't want to forget. I was sure of it.